The date on the calendar changed several hours ago, but the party at the Guild Hall is still going strong. Momo and I are the only people sober. I am because I'm not feeling the effects of all the alcohol people keep buying me, and Momo because she obviously isn't going to be doing any drinking due to her pregnancy. I've even seen Luna have a few drinks. It's hard to tell if she's drunk or not, but she keeps sending glances my way and blushing. I've been stoking her arousal with [Erotic Pierrot] every time she does though, so it may be that instead of the drinks.

Megumin is standing on a table, grandly recounting the tale of how she worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to weaken the General with her mighty Explosion spell, and how she and I had delved deep into his castle to strike the final glorious blow. The crowd around her, which includes Yunyun, is eating it up and cheering. Nevermind that she's told the same story a dozen times by now, with each telling growing more and more embellished.

Aqua is surrounded by her own crowd, though she's long given up on telling her version of events and is just entertaining the drunken adventurers using her party tricks. I still don't understand why her relatively simple tricks are so impressive, but they cheer each time she does a trick. I leave them to it, just glad everyone's having fun.

Momo and I are surrounded by our own crowd. I've been answering the same questions over and over as I repeat my story. I try to keep it fairly factual, though I admit I do throw in a few things to make it more exciting.

After my fourteenth telling of the tale, Momo gets up from the table we're sitting at. "I think I've had enough partying for one night," she says as she gives me a kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna head home."

"You want me to come with you?" I ask her.

She shakes her head. "No, I'm just a little tired, and we both know that if you came with me there won't be any sleeping."

I grin. That's true. Most nights we turn in early, but don't actually fall asleep until fairly late. "Alright then. I'll get Yua to walk you home. Or ferry you home." I use the familiar bond to telepathically contact Yua.

She rolls her eyes. "I have my own teleport spells you know? And I can take care of myself."

"Am I not allowed to want to protect my pregnant wife?" I tease her.

She smiles and gives me another kiss, this time on the lips. "You are," she admits. "Just don't forget that I'm not a porcelain doll."

"I know," I assure her. "I'm the one that's been training you if you recall. Go on ahead, Yua's waiting by the front door."

She nods and leaves, but I'm drawn back into the party by the excited crowd. The energy levels are still pretty high, though Momo isn't the only one to have called it a night. I noticed earlier when Kazuma left, and interestingly she did so with some other familiar faces. Dust, Lynn, and their two other party members. I guess they teamed up? I feel like it's kinda hypocritical of her to be willing to party with Dust and not me, but whatever.

Speaking of party members, there's something I still need to do. I make my way to Darkness and throw an arm over her shoulder.

"A-Axton?" she jumps a little in surprise, though she doesn't pull away. "W-what's the meaning of this? Have you finally lost your composure and you're here to take me? Are you going to force me to strip and put on a show while you ravish me?"

She's not even very drunk, but then again, she's like this while sober. "Maybe later," I say casually, which seems to catch her off guard but also causes her arousal to spike. I'm not sure how long I can hold out teasing her like this before I take her up on one of her 'offers'. But today's not the day I break.

"I was just thinking, and I remembered I made you a promise earlier," I continue.

"A promise?" Darkness repeats, clearly not remembering.

"I promised to punish you if you controlled Aqua," I remind her, and her eyes widen. I raise my voice so everyone around us can hear us. "You know, now that I think about it, were you even any help at all in taking down Beldia?"

"W-what?!" Darkness says, jumping in surprise. I can feel her heart hammering and [Empathy] reveals the mix of excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. "I- I was the one that barred the way to the room," she argues. "I did my duty as a proud Crusader and protected you and the others from his undead army."

I shrug. "I just told you to do that because there wasn't anything else for you to do," I say. "Momo could have easily used a spell to block the way. It probably would have been more effective. I mean, you didn't even kill any. You just stood there while everyone else did the work."

Darkness flinches and starts squirming, and I feel her arousal spiking even higher. The crowd around us starts muttering. They don't seem entirely convinced, and a few are shooting me glares. I ignore them and keep going.

"You weren't a liability like Aqua, but at least she made up for it when it came to killing the undead," I continue. "I guess you did an okay job as a wall, but none of your swings connected, despite the hall literally being filled to the brim with zombies who couldn't possibly dodge or block."

The murmuring of the crowd changes as she blushes. Her inability to hit anything with a sword was well known and one of the main reasons she had trouble finding a party before me. Most people could probably put up with her other quirks if she had more than zero offensive capabilities.

"And against Beldia, even I couldn't think of a job for you to do," I say. "There stood the natural enemy of any Crusader, a general of the Demon Lord himself, and you were the most useless one there."

+8 Affection for Darkness
For publicly humiliating her

She's panting now, and some of the people in the crowd are starting to pick up on the fact that this wasn't me being mean, but instead indulging her in her fetishes. Reactions to that are mixed. Some people are embarrassed, some amused, others excited, and a few more reactions besides.

That's probably enough. I finally take my arm off from around her shoulders and laugh. "But that's alright Darkness, you're our beloved party member. You'll just have to do better next time!" I give her a friendly slap on the back and the crowd cheers.

Another drink is shoved into my hand and I grin as I drink it. Normally I'd prefer to be with my girls, but celebrating like this isn't so bad every now and then.

The next day, while pretty much everyone else is passed out drunk, Tara and I [Void Travel] to a specific place I finally discovered with [Void Sight]. Though maybe 'place' isn't the best word to use to describe the massive roaming fortress slash super-weapon.

The Mobile Fortress Destroyer has the kind of name that does a good job summarizing what it does. It's a giant spider-shaped mech that roams the countryside armed with countless magical weapons and an extremely powerful magical barrier that protects it from all attacks. It was originally meant to be a weapon for a certain country, but it went berserk and started operating autonomously, and now it attacks whatever happens to be in its path.

Or it did until I got here. I haven't bothered to make use of most of my foreknowledge. Most things that will happen are things we can easily deal with, and I can even benefit from. But not all of them fall into that category, and this is one of those.

My team could handle it. They did in canon, though it required an Explosion from Wiz and Megumin and a Sacred Dispel from Aqua just to bring it to a halt, where they then boarded it. But it's so much easier and more convenient to take care of it myself. I ignore its barriers, teleport on board, and remove the Coranatite core, which shuts down the whole thing.

Legendary Coranatite Crystal
A crystal that has grown large by absorbing ludicrous amounts of ambient mana. Can be used as a mana power source.

"Perfect," I say out loud. "Tara, feel free to use this for your wards, that way you don't have to spend so long creating your own wardstones."

+6 Affection with Tara
For the valuable gift

"Thanks!" Tara replies excitedly. She pulls it out of my inventory and starts poking and prodding at it, examining it from every angle. The crystal is as big as she is, and probably a great deal heavier.

That Affection gain brings her up to 73. I've been trying to spend more time with her and get to know her better. I don't know her as well as Yua, in part because Tara is a lot more reserved than Yua. But also because I've been so busy since I made her my familiar.

She gets along well with Yua though, which is good, but I also really want to max out her Affection. She hasn't hit her level cap yet, but I'd like to be prepared for when she does. And more importantly, I'm hoping to get another familiar stone when she reaches max Affection. I have a third familiar in mind, one that will solve a few of my problems.

"Hmm. With this mana output I might be able to set up that big ward," Tara says, drawing me out of my thoughts.

"The one we were discussing a few days ago?" I ask, to which she nods. "That's a good idea. Do it." I pat her on the head as I give my approval. Because of the thick fur that covers her body, it's soft. She doesn't just look like moss, she feels like it too. It's impressive camouflage.

Tara has been working hard at improving her Wardcrafting, and she has a lot of options available to her now. But so far, the biggest hurdle to putting those options into place has been the wardstones. Wards need to be powered by mana. She can make them so they accept all manner of sources of mana, from people willingly or unwillingly giving it, to gems filled with mana, and even by pulling in ambient mana from other sources.

But there's only enough ambient mana in Konosuba to power a weak ward, and pulling it from people is inefficient unless you scale it up to more sacrificial levels. I have a lot of gems I don't use though, and the ability to turn them into mana batteries, so Tara has been making use of those for her wards.

They're still not perfect though. Wards take a lot of mana. Mostly because they operate nonstop. Even just five mana a second would burn through over four hundred thousand mana in a single day. My highest capacity gem can only hold 1,500,000 mana, an amount that would be burned through in less than four days. And it takes a long time to fill them.

The coranatite core solves that issue though. I don't know how much mana it has built up, but it leaks a significant amount of mana per second. Enough to power this massive superweapon, which is truly impressive. And it should also be enough to make a ward that covers all of Axel.

"We can get started on that later though," I say. "For now, we need to scavenge this Destroyer. We'll need to cut it into pieces and put them in my inventory. Try to keep any weapons systems or other components in one piece."

"All of it?" Tara asks in shock. "But this thing is so big...that's going to take forever."

I sigh. "Yeah, it sure is. But yes, all of it. We don't have to get it done today, but the sooner the better."

Truth be told, I don't need all of it. Hell, I technically don't need any of it. But the metal used is very useful. Lightweight, extremely durable, and highly resistant to magic. I'm not sure what I'll use it on, but I wanted all of it. My greed won't let me pass up such treasure.

I pause. Huh. Maybe using the Ender Dragon's blood in my Race Change potion gave me more than just wings. I shrug. Or maybe it's just my nature as a Gamer with infinite storage to hoard. Either way, I'd get all of it.

Thankfully I found it and stopped it in the middle of nowhere, far from any city or even commonly traveled path. That should reduce the chances of someone else finding it and reporting it before we can break it down.

Not wanting to waste time, Tara and I get to work cutting the massive machine into chunks, trying to figure out the largest size I can fit into my inventory. The answer turns out to be, quite large, but not as large as I would like. It's also a little inconsistent, but after some time, I feel I understand the rules.

I can't fit a twenty-foot by five-foot slab of the hull into my inventory. But I can store a cannon that is roughly the same size. It's like there's a soft cap of the maximum size of the object, but if that object is one cohesive piece, I can stretch that limit a bit. I can't fit a whole leg into my inventory, that much is far beyond my limit. But I can fit each leg segment into it, once it's been cut at the joints.

Cutting it up is difficult due to its magical resistance. I start by using [Void Beam] as a blow torch, but after some experimentation, I find that creating a spinning saw blade of the Power of Destruction works far better. It's also great training with the skill, which I've done none of yet. It would be annoying to reveal I can use it before getting back to DxD and having Rias showcase it for me.

Well, I guess it wouldn't really, now that I think about it. Momo is the only one that would recognize it, and she's loyal enough that I can say whatever and she would accept that explanation without batting an eye. But it would be slightly easier to explain by saying I copied it with my new magic copying skill, which I plan on making great use of once I get back to DxD.

With that trick discovered, Tara and I actually manage to get it done before the sun sets. I cut the pieces and she put them into my inventory. By the time it's dark, all traces of the Mobile Fortress Destroyer are gone. I wonder what people will think when it's no longer sighted?

I shrug. Not my problem, and it's not coming back. Tara and I [Void Travel] back home, ready to relax after a hard day of work.

We don't go out adventuring the next day either. We made a ton of money from the bounty on Beldia, and I declared that we should take the day off. I'm still going out with Megumin for our special explosion sessions, but I'm spending the rest of my time working on various other projects.

Today I'm finally trying out my new form of alchemy. [Alchemical Blood] says I can do 'special' alchemy still. Which I'm glad of, but I'm fully prepared to use a Crafting Skill Gem to regain Alchemy if I need to.

Thankfully, special seems to mean better in this scenario. For making potions, the process is more or less the same, except I have to use my blood as the base instead of water. With my HP regen and [Hemomancy], that's just as easy to get. I don't even have to keep cutting myself open. With [Hemomancy] I can use mana to turn a drop of blood into an entire vial, which is far more convenient.

It's a little macabre having a literal cauldron filled with blood in your workshop. [Telekinesis] and [Hemomancy] help with putting it into vials both efficiently and cleanly, but it still looks gruesome.

That's not the only change though, and it pales in comparison to the next step in the process. My potions now need one less ingredient to be made, which means minor potions only need a single ingredient. If that ingredient can make multiple kinds of potions, all I have to do is focus on the kind I want as I pour my mana into it.

With this, I'm finally able to make a potion I've never managed before. A potion using nothing but Void ingredients. Nothing happened before when I tried to make a minor, moderate, or major tier potion with Void ingredients, and I never had enough discrete void ingredients to try an ultimate tier one. But now that I need fewer ingredients, I do.

Inversion Potion
Has no effect on its own. Mix with another potion to invert its effects.

I immediately drink it so I can replicate it with [Alchemical Blood]. Mostly because producing it is expensive and I don't have enough ingredients to make much of it. But now I need to mix it with everything to see what the results are.

Much of the day passes in a blur as I make potions. Most aren't very surprising. The ones having to do with HP, MP, and SP reduce those pools in some way, poisons become antidotes, and so on. But there are some interesting ones.

Ultimate Potion of Blunting
Reduces melee damage done against you by 50% for INT seconds

There are a few different ways a potion that increases melee damage dealt could be inverted, and I'm pleased to see that it turns from an offense boost to a defense boost instead of lessening my melee damage or increasing the melee damage I take. I also have versions for projectile damage and magic damage.

Minor Potion of Memory Loss
Causes the drinker to forget the past hour

Another one that feels like a stretch of the concept of being the opposite, this one is made from an XP potion. I can see some logic there. The common theme behind the ingredients for XP potions seems to be 'history'. They're always old and used ingredients, such as scrap metal, rusted ancient coins, and so on. So if an XP potion uses the concept of history, of the past experience of items to boost your own, then inverting that results in something that removes history and experiences, which would be memory.

I make it a minor potion so I can try it later. I'll drink it after waking up tomorrow. The downside of learning potions using [Alchemical Blood] is that I still feel the effects of it. Normally I'd assume [Gamer's Mind] would protect me from something like that, but since it's a potion of my own creation, I don't think it will.

But being able to induce memory loss in others is so priceless that I'm willing to drink it anyway.

Ultimate Hex Potion
Causes a person to have disastrously bad luck for INT seconds

However, this one I won't be drinking. It's the inversion of a Luck Potion, which isn't too expensive to make, especially now that I need one less ingredient. I make a few though because there's a lot of applications for ruining someone's luck.

Ultimate Sterility Potion
Makes the drinker sterile for a year

This one I expected when I inverted one of my fertility potions, and I'm ever so grateful for it. No wonder I never figured out how to make them before. I don't add it to my list of [Alchemical Blood] potions though. They're literally dirt cheap to make, and they last a long time.

Random Potion
A potion with a random effect

This one is the result of mixing an Inversion Potion with another Inversion Potion. Honestly, I expected it to fail, but to my surprise, I got something interesting. And also possibly incredibly risky. Without knowing what sort of effects it could pull from, there's no way I'm drinking that myself. It could be limited to just what can be normally made by potions, or it could be a Random Reality Warp in a vial.

Speaking of random reality warps, I remember that I have some Gacha tokens to use. I'm a little worried about getting one of those reality warps again. It mostly worked out for me last time, but it also showed pretty clearly that there could be some fairly serious consequences.

But the things I get from the gacha are too good to pass up, and I'm not going to let the fear of pulling one of those stop me. Besides, the chances are low considering how long it took me to get one.

So with my mind made up, I use the four gacha tokens.

Companion Gem(Louise de la Vallière)
Crush to summon Louise de la Vallière to your side. Does not bind them to you, use at your own risk.

Huh, another companion gem. On one hand, it's been a while since my last one. On the other hand, I still have two I haven't used. Hmm. You know, I think I can actually change that. I'll take care of it later though.

Louise is an interesting get. A petite tsundere that is actually kind of a bitch at first, but I don't really hold it against her. It's a product of how she was raised and the pressures she was under. It's also easy to deal with and get her to be nicer. Far more interesting is the fact that she's a Void Mage, and once again I find myself wondering just how random the gacha is.

Collar of Edging
A magical collar that increases the wearer's arousal and sensitivity, but prevents them from cumming. Can only be taken off by the person who put it on.

Another magic sex toy, huh? Well, I certainly won't turn it down, and I can think of a dozen fun ways to use this.

Pilot's Operation Manual(Pilatus PC-12)
A general informational manual for use by pilots flying a Pilatus PC-12 single-engine aircraft.

I pull the book out of my inventory and my bemusement turns to shock as the massive tome drops onto my lap. I flip to the last page and see that it's over 1000 pages long, and a quick skim shows that it's primarily filled with procedures and diagrams for every imaginable situation.

Interesting, but not very helpful. It's not even a general pilots manual, it's for a very specific type of plane, or so I assume. I have no idea if it's a common one or how much applies to other single-engine planes. I shake my head and shove it back into my inventory.

Ring of Potential Protection
A ring with a clear gem embedded in it. Does nothing in its current state, but if struck with elemental damage, it will permanently transform into an item that protects against that element.

The first thing I do is take it out of my inventory and try to disenchant it, but nothing happens. I curse. I would have been able to get resistance for every single element like that. I'd have to settle for just one.

But which one? I already have fire, ice, electricity, light, and dark protection enchantments. That left things like water, earth, air-

I blink. I'm an idiot. I hold the ring in the palm of my hand and use [Void Call] on it. Reality is torn as a small spherical section of it is cut away by the void, only to reinstate itself a moment later. When it does, the ring has visibly changed.

Ring of Void Protection
Provides complete protection against Void

Wait, complete protection?! Most of my protection enchantments max out at 50%. I'm hesitant to even disenchant it for fear that I won't be able to make anything as good. But no. It's never screwed me over like that before. And I need more than just one of these.

I disenchant it and immediately open my menu to look over my list of enchantments. It's in there, and interestingly, it can only be applied as an Ultimate tier enchantment, but it has the same effect of completely negating Void damage.

While it's not the only enchantment I know that can only be used at the Ultimate tier, it is the only Protection one that is like that. In fact, it's different in another way too, in that I can only apply it to accessories, and not armor.

Still, that suits my needs just fine. I don't need Void protection for myself, nor do I need it to protect my allies in combat. The number of enemies I'm likely to face that wield Void is extremely low, and I'm already fairly resistant. Even the Ender Dragon didn't use Void for all it was resistant to it.

No, I need it for a very different thing- [Mentor]. When I first tried to teach a Void skill to someone that wasn't a familiar of mine I received a warning that doing so is dangerous, and someone without the appropriate affinities or resistances could be hurt just by using Void skills.

My plan for resolving that up until now has been to use Race Change potions to give each of my harem members a Void affinity. But I'm honestly not fond of the idea. It's hard to say how each of them would react to having Void shoved into their DNA like that, and it feels heavy-handed.

This? This is much better. A single enchanted item and they can safely use any of my Void skills. I quickly create a prototype using the metal from the Mobile Fortress Destroyer.

Void Shield
An enchanted ring made of magical metal designed to protect. Negates Void damage. Negates curses. Can return to the owner at will. Self-repairing. Can store up to 400,000 MP.

I threw in a few more things because I had room and I don't see the point in handing out enchanted items that aren't fully enchanted. I didn't add a Soul Storage to this one even though most of my items contain it, because I don't want this to be taken off by anyone, ever. Having them get into the habit of being able to use the Void skills I teach them only to forget they need to wear a ring to do it? I can't risk that. If I had an enchantment that made it so you physically couldn't take them off, I would use it here. Hmm. I should look into that.

But first, I need to make sure this works like I want it to. I'm not confident enough to say for certain that the Protection from Void enchantment will work against Skill backlash. It should, but I still want to test it to be sure.

But how to test it? I could test it myself, but I'm so Void attuned I don't think I'd trust the results of that. The only way I would be able to is if I deliberately tried to damage myself with backlash like what happens when using other Void skills with [Void Blood]...except I got rid of [Void Blood] and merged it into [Alchemical Blood].

So I have to test it on someone else. I grimace at that thought. The two options for that are to test it on someone I care about, and risk hurting them, or worse, or test it on someone I don't care about, and give them a Void skill that could potentially be dangerous. If it were any other element, I'd be fine with that. But Void? I don't like the idea of handing those kinds of skills out. I could test it on some scumbag and then kill them. I have a few Void skills that wouldn't pose a threat to me.

I don't like that idea much either. I certainly don't mind killing for a decent reason, but this doesn't feel like a decent reason. Honestly, it feels kind of like a dick move. Still, I'm willing to do it if I can't think of something better. My Void skills can protect my harem members, and that's more important than anything else.

But there is a better option. Wiz. I can trust her with Void skills, and even if they do hurt her, she's a lich. So long as her phylactery is fine, she'll be fine. Or so I assume. I don't remember a phylactery being mentioned in the novels, but if she's a lich, then surely she has one, right? I'll ask her and confirm.

I [Void Travel] from the basement of the mansion to a spot on the path leading to town that I know is deserted and start walking to Wiz's shop. It's not a long walk, and soon enough I'm pushing open the front door to her shop.

"Axton!" she greets me cheerfully from behind the counter. "Congratulations on taking down Beldia! I didn't even know he was nearby."

I pretend not to notice the familiar way she referred to Beldia. I 'discovered' that she's a Lich last time I was here, but I have no way to explain how I know she's a General for the Demon Lord. Not that it really matters, she's a General in name only. She helps maintain the protective magical barrier around the Demon Lord's castle and has a non-aggression pact with him in exchange for the Demon Lord agreeing to not harm innocent civilians.

She doesn't have any personal loyalty to him, and in fact, understands that it is the prerogative of Adventurers to fight against the Demon Lord. So even if she did like him, she wouldn't mind that I took out Beldia.

That being said, I also know that Beldia was a pervert who wasn't as honorable as he portrayed himself, frequently 'accidentally' rolling his head down to Wiz's feet so he could peek up her skirt. So I'm confident she has no issues with Beldia's demise. Too bad it didn't earn me any Affection with her.

"Megumin and I accidentally stumbled on his hideout," I explain as I walk up to the counter. "After that, it was just a matter of storming it and taking out his undead. Aqua has her faults, but she was indispensable for that." Not that I'd ever tell her that, it would go straight to her head.

"You should be proud," Wiz says with a smile. "You've only been Adventurer's for a short time yet you've taken out a Demon Lord's General."

"And got paid handsomely for it," I reply, changing the subject. "Which is what brings me here."

"Oh?" Wiz says. "But I haven't received any new stock yet."

I shake my head. "No, I'm after something a little different," I explain. "A little bit of personal help from you." If I'm going to ask her to risk her health for me, I may as well offer a great deal of money upfront.

"You mean Skills?" Wiz asks. "I thought you learned all the ones you wanted last time? Unless you changed your mind?"

"No, I'm still good there," I say. Momo is going to teach me the handful of Advanced Magic spells I'm interested in. "I was actually hoping you could help me test something. It's something I'd like to try on my lovers, but I need to make sure it works first, and your body is perfect for this kind of testing."

"O-oh!" she exclaims, blushing. I can tell with [Empathy] that she's embarrassed. Weird, I thought she was fine with being a Lich, but maybe that's not the case. "I-I don't know…"

"Of course, I'm willing to pay you a handsome amount," I say. "I understand that it might be a bit of a sensitive thing, but I trust you and I can't think of anyone better suited for this."

+7 Affection with Wiz
For caring about her and trusting her

Huh. Killing Beldia gets nothing, but saying she's the best candidate to run my experiments on gets me Affection? I thought I understood Wiz, but now I'm starting to doubt that knowledge. It's working out pretty well for me though.

"I- well- if you say it like that…" she stammers before sighing. "Okay, I'll do it. Can you lock the front door of the shop? I don't want anyone walking in while we're...busy."

"Smart thinking," I say as I turn around and head for the door.

"I'll be waiting in the backroom," she says meekly. She steps away from the counter and goes through a door leading further into the shop. I've already looked it over with [Void Detect]; half the space is taken up by storage, and the other half is a humble living area that's little more than a bed, a desk, a small kitchenette, and a few pieces of furniture.

By the time I lock the door and flip the sign in the window to say that it's closed, Wiz is in her bedroom. I turn around to join her before I stop. She's...undressing? I didn't imply that she needs to undress, did I? In fact, I don't think I even really described what I need her help with.

Understanding dawns as she continues to undress and my mind replays our conversation. Lacking any context, it definitely sounded like I was asking her to prostitute herself to me, didn't it? After all, I asked her for her body to help me test something for my lovers, and she has no way of knowing I meant I plan on teaching them dangerous skills to protect them.

But instead of panicking, I just grin. She thinks I want to pay her for sex, and she agreed. Well, it wasn't originally my goal for today, but I don't mind changing tracks. I'm certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to fuck Wiz. I'll have to come back tomorrow to test out the Void protection thing.

I quickly look through my inventory and my skills before deciding what it is I want to 'test' on her. If I remember correctly, Wiz is a virgin, so I want to keep things simple. Thankfully, she doesn't know what my sex life is like, so I can use just about whatever I want and pretend like it's new.

That being said, I am interested in seeing how far I can push [Touch of Pleasure] and [Increase Sensitivity]. Most of the time I keep them on a relatively low level when I use them, not wanting to push them too high. However, this is the perfect opportunity to see the upper limits of their strength.

I strut into the backroom with a grin on my face and find Wiz sitting awkwardly on her bed. She has stripped down most of the way. My eyes roam over her, taking in the sight of her plain purple bra, overflowing with her rather sizable breasts. Her panties are similar, plain and purple and making small indents on her soft and squishy flesh. The pattern continues for her socks, which reach well up her thigh.

"I knew you were beautiful, but I didn't expect your body to be this amazing," I say. It's a lie, I fully expected what I see now. But seeing is different from knowing.

She blushes. "Y-you think so? I think I'm kind of plain-looking…"

"If anyone has ever called you anything but beautiful or sexy, then they were either blind, not interested in women, or lying," I insist, which causes her to blush harder. "Before we get started, is there anything you want to prohibit me from doing?"

She seems surprised by my question, but her brow furrows for a moment. Then she looks back at me nervously. "Can-can I ask that there's no kissing? I want to save that…"

Ah, the cliche of seeing kissing as more romantic or intimate than fucking. "Sure," I agree easily. I don't mind skipping it this time. She'll want to kiss me sooner or later, and I don't mind waiting. "Could you take off your bra and panties? Or would you like me to?"

"I'll do it!" she insists, panicking. I watch with a small smile as she shyly reaches behind her back to unclip her bra. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised they have such modern bras in this world. Some poor girl who got reincarnated here probably kickstarted the women's fashion industry so she could wear decent bras.

I'm the kind of man who appreciates all breast sizes, but there's something undeniably eye-catching and hypnotizing about the sight of such large boobs being freed from their constraints. Wiz blushes and avoids looking at me as I stare and she sets aside her bra on top of the pile of her other clothes on the floor.

She then stands up and slides her panties down her legs, carefully stepping out of them and also putting them on the pile. Then she stands there, awkwardly, her hands clenched together in front of her crotch.

Hmm. She's far more nervous about this than I would like, truth be told. I need a way to help her relax. "Why don't we start things off with a massage?" I say. "Lay face down on your bed, and I'll help you relax." It's been a while since I've given a massage too. Usually it's skipped in favor of more fun activities.

Thankfully, she seems a little relieved at the suggestion, and she nods, laying down as I instructed her to. I'm delighted to discover her ass is just as nice as her boobs, and it's hard to keep my hands from instantly groping them as I approach her. I restrain myself though. There's an order to things, and skipping to the 'good' part would ruin it.

I strip down, leaving me in just my underwear. It won't preserve my modesty for long; I'm already hardening at the sight of Wiz's erotic body. But I need to soften her up some before I can press my dick against her ass as I massage her. I need that extra layer, for now at least.

She tenses slightly as I straddle her, but I pretend not to notice. "I'm going to put some massage oil on you," I warn her. "It's normal stuff, nothing special, and not what I'm here to test."

"What are you going to test?" Wiz asks as I start rubbing oil into the smooth and creamy skin of her back.

"Eromancy," I explain. "I discovered a type of magic related to sex, and I wanted to try it out."

"That-!" Wiz exclaims, surprised. "To use magic for such things!"

"Is it really so weird?" I ask, hands rubbing sensually into her back. "You're running a store with magic items, no? Surely you've come across some bedroom aides of a magical nature."

"M-maybe a few…" she admits. "I don't stock them though."

"Using magic directly is just like that," I continue. "I only know how to do a couple things. One of them is pretty simple. It just makes my touch feel really really good. I want to see how well it works."

"I see," she says a little shakily. "I can see how that would be appealing. It does feel really good…"

I grin in amusement. "Just to let you know Wiz, I haven't started using the skill yet," I say. "I've just been massaging you normally."

"O-oh," she says, embarrassed. I can see how she would make that mistake, what with my [Massage] being level 100.

"I'm going to activate it now, and slowly ramp up the intensity, alright?" I tell her. "Don't hold back any of your reactions. I won't feel it, so I need to rely on you to understand how well it's working."

She nods, so I activate [Touch of Pleasure] and [Increase Sensitivity], both on low levels. She immediately tenses, only to quickly relax and melt under my touch. "Ooooh," she lets out, her voice breathy.

"Can I ask you a question about your body?" I say as I continue massaging her. "I've never really gotten a chance to talk to a Lich before, so I'm curious about how your body feels so much like a normal one. It's made of mana, isn't it?"

"It is," she says, sounding much less nervous and much more relaxed. "But it's not something I constructed consciously. It's based on my soul, which remembers being human, so the magic naturally forms into the same shape."

Impressive. And useful. "So it's just the same as a physical body?" I turn up the strength of both of my lewd skills.

"Mmmmm," she moans. "Mostly. I can go without food, water, or air, and I sense more as well."

I open my mouth to ask if there are any downsides, but a stray thought stops me. Bringing up negatives could bring down the mood, which is the last thing I want. I'll get more details later. "Convenient," is all I say in response before following it up with another increase in intensity. "How does it feel now?"

"Amazing," she breathes. Any sort of nervousness has completely left her, and she's just enjoying the massage. I'm not sure that'll last, I think it's only because she's been distracted from the fact that she's naked and this is a sex thing.

She stays relaxed, even as I up the intensity of both skills and move downwards, my slippery hands sliding over her plump ass and thighs, my fingers sinking into her soft flesh. My hands move in slow and sensual patterns, drawing lines across her supernaturally sensitive skin and digging into muscles, loosening knots and inducing pleasure. I increase the intensity of my skills again, pushing them higher than I ever have before.

Her breathing grows heavier, and I perk up in interest as I hear it. I can tell from the way that she's reacting that she's close to orgasm. I've made girls cum by playing with their boobs before, but not from just giving them a massage.

I up the intensity one more time. I'm nearing the cap of how much I can do it, but it's not there yet. She lets out an actual moan of pleasure, and I feel her tense beneath me as her body shudders and she cums. I continue to massage her as she does, drawing out every bit of pleasure I can from her orgasm.

+7 Affection with Wiz
For giving her a mindblowing orgasm

It ends eventually though, leaving Wiz panting into her pillow as she recovers from it. My own dick is throbbing and stretching my underwear painfully, so I just remove them, leaving my dick hanging free. I climb off of her and get off the bed, turning off [Touch of Pleasure] and [Increase Sensitivity] as I do so.

"I'd say that's pretty effective then," I comment after a moment of letting her catch her breath. She buries her face into her pillow, the tips of her ears reddened from her blushing, but she nods. There's some embarrassment there, but not too much. "You ready for round two?"

She lifts up her head and looks at me. "We're continuing?" she asks, half nervous, half interested. Her blush grows more intense as she looks down and realizes that I'm naked, her eyes locked onto my erection.

"I've got two more things I want to try," I say. Honestly, the list of things I want to do to Wiz is a lot longer than that. But I don't want to push things too much right now. She'll be craving the pleasure she feels today and will come back to me. "Roll over so you're laying on your back."

She hesitates for a moment, still staring at me, before she manages to tear her eyes away and she nods wordlessly. I wait patiently as she flips over, her hands covering her nipples. They don't do much though, and in a way, it makes the image more erotic.

She watches me as I approach the bed, growing more nervous and more aroused as I do so. Those feelings only spike when I once again straddle her, this time my legs on either side of her stomach, though there's some confusion there as well. I take out a bottle of lube from my inventory. "Now I want to test using those skills less directly during a sex act that is primarily meant to pleasure me. See if I can't make you feel just as good as I do."

She remains unmoving as I pour a healthy amount of lube over her breasts, focusing on the space between them, only flinching slightly as the cool liquid hits her skin. "A-and you'll be doing that how?" she asks.

"A titfuck of course," I reply easily.

Wiz just blinks in confusion. "A…what?"

Huh. I guess porn isn't quite as widely distributed here, so it makes sense she doesn't know all the positions. "It's exactly what it sounds like," I say as I position my dick between her boobs. "Just push your tits together, and I'll take care of the rest."

"People do this?" she asks as she follows my instructions. I lose sight of my dick as it's enveloped by her voluptuous breasts. My dick twitches in the soft embrace. I've gotten titfucks before, but never from someone with such large tits.

"Definitely," I say as I brace my hands on the wall above her headboard. "And with boobs as amazing as yours, there's no way I'm going to pass up this chance." She blushes and looks away, but I can tell she's a little pleased by the compliment.

"I'm going to activate my spell again," I say, barely preventing myself from thrusting my hips. "I'll start it out higher than I did before, but not as high as I can go." She nods in understanding, only half paying attention as she stares distractedly at her own chest. There's a look of curiosity on her face, and her hands move her boobs slightly as if she's toying with my dick.

I turn both skills on at about half power and Wiz gasps, her mouth opening in shock as she's suddenly hit with pleasure. Her fingers reflexively squeeze down, sinking into her own boobs and bringing her even more pleasure thanks to [Increase Sensitivity].

I can't hold myself back any longer and I start thrusting my hips, my dick sliding against her well-lubricated tits. I close my eyes and let out a groan. Fucking a girl normally is nice; it's intense and tight and the pleasure is sharp in the best of ways. Fucking her tits is very different but just as good. It's a softer touch, one where her flesh easily wraps around me instead of tightly gripping me, but the smoothness of it makes up for that, and the softness is comforting rather than disappointing.

Neither of us speak as I continue to fuck her tits. I increase my speed whenever I increase the intensity of my skills, slowly drawing moans from her as the skills ensure she feels as much pleasure as I do. She starts to get into it, moving her boobs in time with my thrusts and squeezing them tighter together. Again, her nervousness fades, replaced only with arousal and curiosity as she explores this new facet of pleasure. She's even forgotten about hiding her nipples, her fingers splayed wide to grip herself better and revealing her large areola with inverted nipples.

It doesn't take me long to hit max intensity on both [Touch of Pleasure] and [Increase Sensitivity], and by the time I do, Wiz is letting out moans so intense that you would think that I'm actually fucking her. I'm impressed by how effective the skills are, though I suppose the fact that it's two high-level lewd skills being combined has something to do with it.

I thrust rapidly, a smacking sound echoing through the room as my hips slap against her boobs, and I watch, entranced, as each thrust of mine sends ripples through her tits. The pressure in my groin is massive, and I can feel my orgasm ready to burst, but I hold it back. I have an overwhelming desire to see her cum first.

The seconds are drawn out into what feels like minutes, but soon I get my wish and she tenses, her moan turning into a high-pitched squeal as a wave of shudders passes over her. Her face scrunches up in ecstasy as she cums even harder than she did before.

I let out the breath I had been subconsciously holding and release my hold on myself, letting my orgasm crash over me. My body twitches and my balls churn as my mind is lost in a haze of pleasure, burst after burst of semen shooting from my dick and filling the space between her breasts, a few strands spurting upwards to her neck.

I take a moment to catch my breath, my hands still against the wall, as I look down. I don't normally bother holding my orgasm back, especially not for so long. I can cum enough times that it doesn't matter, I can cum and keep going if I want to make the girl feel better. And usually, thanks to my skills, if they haven't cum by the time I do, they almost always do in reaction to my climax.

The effect from holding it back was a little more intense than I expected, and it seems it caused quite the mess. Wiz, curiosity and wonder suffusing her emotions, looks down at her chest as she pulls her boobs apart. They're a sticky mess, the cum forming webs that make an audible noise as she peels her boobs from each other and from around my dick. The sudden exposure of open-air is cool against my dick, causing it to twitch in response.

"That spell of yours is amazing," Wiz says in a voice filled with wonder. She's not breathing nearly as hard, but then again, she wasn't moving as much. Her eyes are locked on my dick. No, they're looking at the mess it made. She lets go of her boob with one hand, her finger dipping into her cleavage to run a finger through the mess, and her knuckles brush against my shaft as she does so, though she doesn't react to that.

I watch with keen eyes as she collects some semen on her fingertips and brings it closer to her face. She looks at it, almost playing with it between her fingers as she examines it. I stay silent, watching and waiting to see what she'll do. After a moment, she does what I hope, and she sticks it into her mouth.

She immediately makes a face, causing me to chuckle. I didn't change the flavor of it, not wanting to reveal one of my 'sex spells'. And she's obviously not a fan of the natural taste. But my light laughter draws her attention up to me, and her eyes widen as she realizes what she just did in front of me. But instead of shrinking back and hiding out of embarrassment, as I expected, she just pouts and turns her head while blushing. "I was curious.." she mutters.

"Of course," I say with a grin. "It's only natural."

That just makes her pout more. She's going with the flow of this surprisingly well. It's almost a shame, I kind of liked the embarrassed Wiz. Though a nymphomaniac Wiz is also pretty appealing. "I've heard of oral, so I thought maybe it tasted good," she further justifies herself.

"I've heard it's an acquired taste," I comment. "We can experiment with that later. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to move on to the main event." My dick twitches, emphasizing my point.

The nervousness comes back then, but just a little. "I- yes. Yes, I think I want that."

Excellent. I get off of her, shifting backward until I'm kneeling over her ankles. "Then get on your knees, facing away from me, and bend over."

She blushes, even as she pulls her feet up and starts to move. "We're going to do it like that? Isn't that…embarrassing?"

"You said no kissing," I reply as I watch her get into position. My eyes are on her ass in particular. "And I don't trust myself to stop myself from kissing you if your lips are within reach of my own."

"O-oh," she replies. She doesn't say anything else, but I can feel how pleased she is by that. She's in position now, and I get my first clear view of her pussy. It's glistening with the evidence of her arousal, and I run a finger along her entrance. She cries out in pleasure, and I realize my lewd skills are still at maximum intensity.

"What do you say?" I ask her. "Do you want me to turn down my magic? Or do you want to feel it from the max, right from the start?" I rest my hands on her hips and get into position, lining myself up with her, though I'm careful not to touch her pussy again.

"I…" she starts before trailing off. A few moments pass as she thinks about it, and during that time I entertain myself by running my fingers along the soft skin of her hips and ass. "Don't turn it down, please," she finally answers.

I grin. Oh yeah, she's hooked. "Understood," I say. "You might want to prepare yourself then."

"Prepare?" Wiz asks, but, with a quick application of [Imbue Elasticity] to make sure I don't hurt her, I thrust my entire length into in one go, my hips only stopping when they come into contact with her ass.

Wiz rears her head back and screams in ecstasy as she's slammed by intense pleasure from the sudden insertion multiplied many times over by the two skills used. Her body shakes and shudders, and her insides writhe around my intruding shaft, rapidly tightening and loosening as she orgasms.

I don't move, letting her ride it out. It takes longer than her previous orgasms, but that's not a surprise. By the end of it, her arms collapse and she falls face forward onto the bed. Her back gently moves as she breathes heavily, catching her breath.

"Prepare for that," I say with a teasing grin. She makes a noise, but I can't interpret it, and her emotions are a scrambled mess except for the solid foundation of pleasure. "By the way, to properly test this, I'm not stopping until I cum too." Before she can reply, I pull out a few inches and slam back into her.

She cries out again, less intense this time, and she doesn't cum, but she definitely felt that. I don't stop, falling into a slow rhythm as I rock my hips, pushing in and out of her. My movements are relatively slow, but her reactions are far stronger than they normally would be. Her back arches, she's gasping and moaning, her hands desperately cling to the bedsheets, pulling at them, and she loses herself entirely to the pleasure.

I think she cums a few times as I maintain that slow and steady pace, but it's hard to tell. There's so little distinction between which reactions of hers are the result of normal pleasure, and which are the result of an orgasm.

I decide to pick up the pace, for her sake really. It will take me ages to cum at this rate, and I don't know if she can last that long. Once again a slapping sound echoes through the room as my hips slap against her ass, but it's drowned out by her moaning.

It only grows more difficult to tell if she's cumming or not as I increase my speed. From the somewhat strangled noises she's making, I'm starting to suspect she's constantly climaxing. Her cunt is writhing around my shaft, squeezing it rhythmically as she bucks and shudders.

Thankfully, for her, it doesn't take too much of this before I reach my own orgasm. I don't hold it back this time, letting it wash over me as soon as I can. I grunt and thrust as deep into Wiz as I can as my balls churn once more. My dick twitches inside of Wiz as shot after shot of cum fills her insides.

She clamps down even harder in response, throwing her head back and howling as she climaxes one final time. We stay suspended in that moment for a few heartbeats, riding out our mutual orgasms, before it ends, and we both collapse onto the bed. I turn off my skills, no longer needing them.

+14 Affection with Wiz
For the almost mind-breaking sex and orgasm

I slip out of her as I fall onto the bed on my side. Her legs splay out, so she's laying face down next to me. We both lay there, catching our breath. I only feel a little exerted, but Wiz's breathing is heavy and gasping like she ran a marathon. My mind wanders, pondering how that works for her when her body is made of mana.

I'm pulled from my thoughts by Wiz finally moving. She doesn't speak, she just turns to face me and looks at me. After a moment she moves towards me and captures my lips with her own. I'm surprised, but I quickly lean into it, eagerly returning the kiss.

It ends all too soon with Wiz pulling shyly away. "I…changed my mind," she says. "And I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime."

I grin. "I'll definitely take you up on that offer," I say. "I have a few more bedroom spells I'd like to try." She blushes, but I can sense the small spike of excitement and anticipation she feels as I say that.

I kiss her again, and we stay like that for a few minutes; laying naked, sweaty, and covered in fluids as we kiss. But eventually, she pulls away and pushes herself to her feet.

"I- I need to wash up and then open the shop back up," she says. "I'd invite you to join me in the shower but…it's too small."

I wave her off, sitting up. "It's fine, I'll teleport home and wash up," I say. I'm definitely introducing [Clean Body] next time. "I had an amazing time. I'll leave your money on your bedside table."

She frowns at that. "I…I don't want your money," she says. "I had a good time, I enjoyed it. To be paid for it…feels wrong."

"I said I would," I insist. "But if that's how you feel, how about this? It's not payment, it's a gift, my way of helping support you. Spend it on you, spend it on the shop, give it to charity, do whatever. And then next time, it won't be a business transaction. Sound good?"

"I don't know…" she replies, unsure.

I stand up and step up to her, placing my hands on her waist and pulling her against me as I kiss her again. I use [Touch of Pleasure] again on a low level, transmitting it through every point of contact. My hands on her waist, my lips on hers, her breasts pressed against my chest, and where my still hard shaft presses into her stomach.

She melts and relaxes under my kiss, though I pull back after just a moment. "I insist," I tell her in a soft voice. She opens her mouth, looking for words, before she just closes it and nods. "Good." I step back, letting go of her. "In that case, I'll see you tomorrow. I have something else I want to talk to you about, but it can wait."

"Okay," she says before smiling at me warmly. "I look forward to seeing you again."

I put my clothes back on as she enters the small adjacent room. I drop a sack of Eris on her bedside table and then teleport home, casing [Clean Body] on myself as I do so. I didn't accomplish what I came here for, but that's fine. I made a lot of progress in another way, making Wiz absolutely smitten with me and lusting for me. The Void resistance can be tested tomorrow.

I lean back and relax in the bath. For once, I'm alone here, which hasn't happened in months. Momo and I usually bathe together, and the past few days we've gotten Megumin in here with us. And back in DxD, I almost always bathed with at least one other person.

Though, in this case, I have a couple reasons to be alone. First, because I'm testing the effects of mixing potions in bathwater to see if they work like that. Generally, my potions have to be ingested to work. The only two that work when applied to bare skin are the aphrodisiacs, which arouse, but the effect seems lessened, and health potions, which only work if they're applied to a wound.

But herbal baths are a thing, so I thought maybe it would work. I decided to first test one of the two potions I know work for more than just ingestion. I can't test the health potion without being wounded, so I've poured several vials worth of aphrodisiac into the bathtub.

From my erection and vague itching desire I feel, I can say it's definitely working, though it's hard to tell if it's working better or worse than just drinking the potions. Then again, this could also work on multiple people. The bath is large enough to comfortably fit three, and easily double that if you're willing to get a little intimate with each other.

I hear the sound of the door into the bathroom, the room that leads to this one, open and then close, causing me to smile. There's my second reason for bathing alone, and my second reason for putting aphrodisiac in the bathwater.

I lean back and relax, pretending not to notice anything is amiss until the door to the bath area opens to reveal Darkness standing there. The only thing preserving her modesty is the much too small towel that she's clutching against her chest, the fabric barely enough to cover her nipples and fall down far enough to hide her crotch.

"Hey there Darkness," I greet her casually, as if her walking in on me in the bath was totally normal. "Did you need something?"

In truth, this is a situation I engineered. For the past couple of days, I could tell that Darkness wanted to try to make another move on me, but she's been hesitant to do so with the others around. So I got Kyu to rope Momo and Megumin into something, and Aqua is out spending her reward money, leaving just Darkness and me alone in the house.

After that, all I had to do was 'casually' tell Darkness I was going to take a bath and to look for me there if she needed something. A burst of arousal through [Erotic Pierrot] as I do so, and there's no way she passes up that chance. She has to escalate too, after I ignored her while she was naked. And joining me in the bath is a good step up from that.

Darkness is blushing and looking away. "N-n-n-no," she stammers out. "No," she says again, more steadily this time. "I just- you mentioned a bath, and I decided that- it sounded really good, and I wanted to- I was wondering if…can I join you?"

Her speech is halting, like she's rephrasing her sentence every few words. Though for all she's nervous on the surface, [Empathy] reveals that she's by far more aroused than anything else.

I smile. I have a different game plan for today. Just ignoring her won't do. She'd lose interest eventually, and too much ignoring could actually turn her away, wounding her pride in a way that isn't part of her fetish. I have to keep a careful balance of seeming interested, but not acting on it. I need to tease her with my interest, and just tease her in general.

"Of course you're welcome to join," I say happily. I push myself up to my feet, and her eyes are instinctively drawn to me at my movement. "Would you like me to wash your back?" I offer.

Her eyes are wide as she stares at me. Due to standing up, the bathwater only comes up to my knees, which means my massive erection, thanks to the aphrodisiac, is on clear display for her. I hit her with more [Erotic Pierrot], slowly increasing her arousal as she continues to stare.

After a few moments of giving her a free show, I clear my throat. "Darkness? Did you hear me?"

"Huh?!" she says, startled. She finally tears her gaze upwards from my cock and looks at my face, her expression almost dazed. It quickly turns to embarrassment though, and her blush deepens as realization dawns. "N-no! No thank you! I can handle that myself!" she insists, panicking.

Ah, guess it's a little too much for her. I don't let my reaction show, and instead I just shrug and sit back down. "Suit yourself. Feel free to join me. It feels especially nice today." I lean back, relaxing as I let my body sink into the water.

She nods wordlessly and sits down on a stool, sitting perpendicular to me. I carefully school my reaction, deliberately not looking at her as she lowers her towel and starts to wash. When she does, I start 'sneaking' glances, looking at her while trying to make it look like I don't want to be caught doing so, except I do want to be caught.

She pretends not to notice me looking, or tries to at least. Every time she does, she tenses ever so slightly and her face gets a little redder. More importantly, her arousal spikes slightly whenever it happens, all by itself. I stop using [Erotic Pierrot]. It's not needed for the rest of this.

Her washing of herself gets a little more sensual as she tries to put on a subtle show for me. She angles herself so I can see more of her body, which is divine. Like Wiz, Darkness is large and has nice big assets. But where Wiz is all softness that you want to sink your fingers into, Darkness is fit, smooth, and toned. Her thighs don't jiggle, but they're still big from sheer muscle and just body size.

That's not to say Darkness is muscular, because that's not right. She's fit, yes, and she doesn't have much body fat outside of a few places, like her boobs and her ass. But her muscle definition is fairly subtle. She's no bodybuilder, but her figure is definitely athletic.

Neither of us speaks during this, I just enjoy the time sneaking glances at her body as she washes. Eventually, she finishes and she stands up, her towel forgotten on the ground, and walks over to the bath. I openly watch her as she climbs into the bath, and she doesn't try to hide herself. She settles in across from me and a little to the side, so we're diagonal from each other.

She makes a small whimper, barely audible, as she lowers herself into the aphrodisiac spiked water. Her face grows more flushed, though whether that's due to embarrassment, arousal, or just the heat of the water, I can't tell. She sinks into the water and sits down, the water barely coming up high enough to cover her nipples.

Though that doesn't matter much when the water is clear and easily seen through. I can definitely see her body, and she can see mine. Her eyes are drawn once more to my manhood, and she seems to have trouble looking away.

"How have you been?" I ask, making small talk. Once again she tears her gaze away from my crotch at my words to focus on me. "I feel like we haven't gotten much of a chance to talk lately." Especially since we haven't been questing lately. In the absence of that, I spend most of my time grinding skills, making progress with new people, or spending time with my lovers.

"I have been fine," she replies smoothly. Small talk is a safe area with her, something she knows how to handle. "The break from adventuring has been nice, though I admit, I'm looking forward to it once more."

"Yeah we'll start doing quests again soon," I promise. "We may not need the money much anymore, but it's good exercise."

"And it's our duty as Adventurers," Darkness adds.

I casually wave my hand. "Sure, yeah. That too." My eyes roam over Darkness's body, and I unsubtly turn away when she notices me looking. My dick twitches in arousal. I'm playing a dangerous game, with the aphrodisiac affecting me just as much as it is her.

After a moment, Darkness speaks up. "I-I know you explained it the other day…but do you really have that many lovers? And is Momo really okay with that?"

I shrug. "The culture back home is pretty different here," I say. "There, powerful men, whether that power is magical, physical, political, or financial, are expected to have multiple wives. It's the norm, and the ones that restrict themselves to one wife without even having any concubines or mistresses are the strange ones."

"I-is that so?" Darkness asks in surprise and excitement. She's squirming slightly, her thighs and hands rubbing against each other.

"Yep," I reply. "On top of that, Momo is the daughter of a rich businessman and she serves Sona Sitri, who is essentially nobility. So she's known growing up that she would be married to someone powerful, which means not being their only lover, and she's fine with that. I think she likes it, actually. She sees it as expanding her family."

"And Megumin…?" Darkness asks.

"Is the newest member of our family," I reply with a shrug. "Though I admit, the relationship right now is more…physically focused, if you know what I mean." She squirms harder at that, blushing slightly. "That's not to say there's no emotional connection there, because there definitely is, but it's still developing."

"So you're just a beast who only cares about satisfying his lust on as many women as possible," Darkness concludes. But her tone isn't one of condemnation. Instead, she sounds excited, hopeful, and aroused by the idea.

I chuckle. "Well, I do enjoy satisfying my carnal desires," I admit. "Speaking of which…" I stand up, once again exposing myself.

Darkness's breathing grows heavier as I step towards her, her eyes flicking between my erection and my face. I can feel her arousal reaching higher and higher as I reach her, coming to a stop right in front of her. My erection is right in front of her face, and she's shivering in anticipation.

I look down at her with a smile. "I have business I need to attend to, so I'm getting out now."

"Yes," she breathes. And then she blinks as she processes what I actually said, and not what she imagined I said. "Wait, what?"

I turn away from her and step out of the bath, water dripping off of me as I grab a towel from the wall. "I'll be back in an hour or two," I continue casually. "I hope you enjoy your bath." With that, I step into the adjoining room, closing the door to the bath behind me.

I stay there for a moment, wanting to observe her reaction. For a few moments, she just sits there, stunned, only to explode into frustration and embarrassment. She places her face in her hands and sinks deeper into the water, kicking her feet in frustration.

Is it still called blue balls for women? Because I know I gave myself blue balls with that little stunt, but it was so worth it to get her worked up only to yank it away at the last moment.

And she's definitely worked up. Shortly after I dry myself off, get dressed, and leave, the aphrodisiac in the water and the teasing catches up to her. I spy on her with [Void Sight] as she starts furiously masturbating in the bath, fingers plunging in and out of her snatch as her other hand roughly squeezes her tits.

I entertain myself by watching her as I walk into town. I can't hear it, but it's a good enough show with just the sight of it. For all that Darkness is a pervert, I wasn't sure if she's the kind to masturbate, considering her noble upbringing. She doesn't look like this is her first time, though I'm not exactly an expert on amateur female masturbation versus experienced female masturbation.

Spying on her has the downside of keeping me rock hard as I enter the town, but that's a small price to pay. It's not super obvious anyway, you'd have to look closely at my crotch to notice it. Besides, the sun has already set, making it harder to see. And for what I plan on doing, having an erection is just fine.

She climaxes before I arrive at my destination, her back arching as she thrusts her hips upwards and out of the water, before falling back down with a splash, breathing heavily from her exertions. Once again I realize that I'm playing with fire by teasing her like this, and there's a very real chance of me giving in to the temptation sooner or later. But I don't mind. If it happens, it happens, and I'm sure I'll come up with other ways to play with her.

I stop spying on Darkness and focus on the building I've arrived at. This morning I headed back to Wiz's to actually test the Void Shield ring. I used [Mentor] to teach her [Void Teleport], my new Skill.

Skills [Void Travel] and [Teleport] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Void Teleport] - Level 35(90%)
The Void connects everything. Use that connection to teleport between locations. Variable MP Cost.

I finally had Momo teach me Teleport earlier specifically so I could make this skill. The downside of [Void Travel] was that I needed to move to use it, which made it awkward. But combining it with Teleport eliminated that need. The only downside so far seems to be that it made the skill slightly more mana expensive, but I'd take that trade any day of the week.

Wiz was eager to learn it, and the ring worked like a charm, completely protecting her when she teleported and preventing any damage or negative side effects.

Discovering this opens up a lot of doors. Mostly it means I can make my harem safer with the overpowered Void skills. Granted, it's not as perfect as that. I have several perks and traits that increase the effectiveness of the skills and decrease their cost. Wiz noted that, for her, [Void Teleport] is fairly mana expensive, more so than [Teleport]. It's the opposite for me, which just goes to show how important those perks are.

Still, it's better than nothing, and I gave the rings the ability to store mana for a reason. Until I get enchantments that increase the effectiveness of Void spells and decrease spell costs, it's the best I can do.

But beyond just empowering my harem, it also gives me the bargaining power I want for an idea of mine. With a grin on my face and an erection in my pants, I push the door open and enter the succubus cafe.

I'm greeted by a wonderful sight of over a dozen supernaturally beautiful women, all with amazing figures. They're all dressed in skimpy black and pink lingerie, and they all look like sex personified. Which, as succubi, they basically are. Most of them are attending to customers, tempting them into filling out forms and taking money from them. I recognize quite a few of the men in here.

By day, this cafe is a normal cafe, albeit one with a reputation for its very cute waitresses. But by night, they reveal their true identity as succubi, and it becomes a place where men can come and offer some money and a bit of vitality in exchange for extremely detailed dreams of any scenario they wish.

"My my, I don't think I've seen you around here," a sultry voice from my side says. I turn to look at one of the succubi approaching me. She's tall, only a couple inches shorter than me, and her curves are perfectly shaped. "Is this your first time?"

"It is," I admit as my eyes roam up and down her body, something she smiles approvingly at. Her hands trace the curves of her body, traveling around her breasts, down her waist, circling around her thighs towards her crotch, and back up her stomach. "Though I didn't come here for a custom dream," I say as I tear my gaze away.

"Oh?" she says with a coy smile. "I'm afraid we don't offer our services more…directly. It's bad for business, and we prefer it when our customers can enjoy our services more than once."

"Tempting, but that's not why I'm here either," I say. I don't miss the implication that sleeping with a succubus results in death, but that's for normal people. I'm sure I can go a few rounds with one, no problem. "No, I'm actually here to see your boss. I have a business proposition for her."

The barest hint of a frown flickers on her face before she schools her expression, maintaining her previous smile. "Not even a customer and you want to see the manager?" She clicks her teeth and shakes her head teasingly. "Surely you understand why I can't allow that."

I glance around the room to make sure no one, or at least none of the men, is looking. Predictably, they're all rather distracted by the succubi. I turn back to the one in front of me. "Oh, I think she'll be interested in seeing me." With that last word, I very briefly pull on my soul to enter my Void Form, flickering to become something visibly inhuman.

None of the adventurers notice, but every single succubus does, all of them reacting at the same time. Some stiffening slightly or twitching, a few actually turning to look at me. I wasn't entirely sure what kind of reaction I would get from a stunt like that, and it seems as if maybe they aren't sure either because the succubus I'm talking to seems caught off guard as she struggles to maintain her mask.

"It appears our information on you was…lacking," the succubus says carefully. "Why don't you have a seat? I'll speak with our Mistress, and tell her you wish to bargain with her."

"Thank you, I would appreciate that," I say politely. She nods before signaling to another girl. I take a seat at a nearby table and stare at her ass as she walks away, slipping through a door that [Void Detect] tells me leads upstairs.

Another succubus slides next to me, sitting close, and pulls my attention away. "So, what are you?" she asks. I actually recognize this one. It's hard to differentiate them, and I don't believe their names are mentioned in canon, but this is definitely the smaller succubus that gets caught trying to infiltrate Kazuma's mansion in canon.

"A bit of this, and a bit of that," I say. "All steeped in Void." I don't see any reason to hide what I am from them. Succubi here in Konosuba are devils, which means something different here than in DxD. They're beings from an actual Hell, where their true bodies are. At least, that's the case for greater devils. I'm not sure it's the case for weaker ones like the succubi.

"Void? Really?" the loli succubus says, inching closer. "That's amazing! That place is tricky for devils like us. I never would have thought there would be a human who could handle it. Is that why you feel funny?"

"Generally people have trouble sensing me at all," I say. This succubus is cute. Was she always this excitable? I guess canon didn't show her off much, just the short period where she was caught by the wards Aqua set up.

She tilts her head, thinking about that. "I guess I can see why that is. Us succubi would never have that problem though. You're hard to sense, but we can feel your Lust." She grins. "That shines pretty brightly."

I lean in, getting within a few inches of her. "Would you like to feel it directly? I'd be more than happy to share some of it with you."

She giggles but shakes her head. "Sorry sir, but this establishment is a No Touching zone. Contact is strictly prohibited. Things could get…messy."

"I'll accept that, for now," I reply, sitting back up so I'm no longer right in her face. "But don't think you can make me give up that easily." She giggles at that, and I suddenly realize that my First Impressions perk never activated for her. Why is that?

Before I can puzzle it out, the succubus that I first spoke to comes back down and approaches the table I'm sitting at. "Our Mistress has agreed to see you," she says. "If you'll follow me?"

I grin. "We'll continue this later," I tell the smaller succubus, dropping a hand on her head as I get up. Her reaction is a little mixed. She just told me I'm not allowed to touch after all, though the implication was touching in a sexual manner, and this isn't that.

I follow the other succubus as she leads me through the back door and up the stairs. She then leads me to a simple door before knocking on it. "Enter," I hear from the other side, and the succubus leading me opens the door and the two of us enter.

My first impression of the woman inside is one of surprise because she's not what I expected from a leader of succubi. I was expecting a big, buxom woman who exudes sex. The woman in front of me isn't that. That isn't to say she isn't attractive, because she definitely is, but not in the way I expected. She's slim, with a small chest and a slender build.

Her clothes are similar to the succubi's uniforms in terms of how little it covers, though they're obviously clothes instead of lingerie. She's wearing a simple black tube top around her modest chest with a gold chain pendant hanging down from a choker. She's wearing black gloves that reach halfway up her bicep. I can't see below her waist, but [Void Detect] tells me she's wearing hotpants about as tall as her tube top and black socks that rise to just above her knee. There's a feathery cloak hung up nearby, and on the desk next to her is a simple golden crown.

My second thought is that she's familiar. It takes me a moment to place her, but by narrowing it down to isekai series, I finally realize that I'm looking at Ariel, the spider Demon Lord from "So I'm a Spider, So What?".

She looks at me with serious eyes, scanning me up and down. "Why don't you have a seat?" Her eyes flick to the succubus. "You can head back downstairs." As I sit in the offered seat facing her desk, the succubus leaves, closing the door behind her. Ariel returns her gaze to me. "Show me," she demands.

This isn't the vibe I was expecting to walk into, but I'm capable of adapting. I once again switch into my Void Form, holding on to it this time. The way I perceive the world changes, and I don't need a mirror to tell that I've become a hole in the world.

Oddly enough, she relaxes after I switch forms. Her reaction has me very curious about what that form means to them, but I'm hesitant to ask. It feels like it's something she would expect me to know, and asking would reveal my ignorance and lose me whatever edge I've gained with it.

"I see," she muses. "You can drop it now." I do as she says. I can only keep it active for so long outside of combat after all, though a few minutes isn't an issue for me at this point.

"Didn't trust your girls?" I ask.

"They're young, they've only seen so much," Ariel replies. "They might have an inkling of what you are, but not enough."

"And what, exactly, am I?" I ask in an amused tone, deciding to risk asking.

"An impossibility," she says flatly. But then she smiles. "But that just makes you interesting. My name is Ariel, Countess of Hell."

"Axton, Voidwalker," I reply, coming up with a title on the fly. I almost said "Shade Lord," but I haven't earned that yet.

First Impressions perk activated
+10 Affection with Ariel

So it's working still, I just didn't get it for the succubi downstairs. Was it because I didn't introduce myself? I feel like that hasn't been an issue in the past, but maybe.

"So, you have a business proposition for me?" Ariel says, bringing me out of my musings.

"Yes I do," I say. "I'll be straightforward. I'd like to be your benefactor."

She raises an eyebrow at that. "Our benefactor…? What exactly can you offer, and what do you want out of it?"

"I'm sure you heard of my recent defeat of Beldia," I start, to which she nods. The succubus downstairs had implied they paid attention to notable people. "In truth, I could have done that ages ago. As you might have guessed, I've been hiding my abilities. This world is young, and the threats here are a lot less than I'm used to facing."

"That's nice and all, but a strong combatant isn't particularly useful to us," Ariel says.

I hold in a sigh. I said I was going to be straightforward, and I was failing that. "Combat isn't my only forte," I say. "Here's what I can offer you."

I pull a sack of money out of my inventory. "Money. I was rich before I took out Beldia. I could cover the monthly costs of this establishment a thousand times over." She opens her mouth, but I don't give her a chance. "I know money isn't very important to you. I'm not talking about increasing your profits. I'm talking about offering insurance in case of accidents or disasters. Or it could be money used to upgrade your facilities, purchase a new building, hire non-succubus help, do whatever you need to without having to increase your prices."

Ariel thinks on that for a moment, mulling it over before slowly nodding. "I admit, I can see the value in that."

"Of course, that's not all I have to offer," I continue. "Just the most basic thing. I'm willing to offer you three more things that no one else can." Her eyes sharpen slightly. "First, my protection. Humans, devils, monsters, natural disasters, whatever. I'll protect you from them all. Second, enchanted equipment. I'm a talented enchanter and can offer high-quality equipment with useful enchantments. Third, I can offer abilities I'm sure you would find very useful."

She raises her eyebrow at that. "Abilities? What do you mean?"

"I have the unique ability to teach any skill I know to anyone I want," I explain. "And I have many skills, with my most useful ones being focused on stealth and infiltration." She perks up at that, so I decided to give a demonstration.

"Teleportation," I say from behind her after teleporting there, causing her to jump. "Completely unrestricted as well, no need to set certain points you are forced to teleport to."

"That's-" Ariel started to say, but I keep going with my demonstrations.

I activate [Void Shift], disappearing. She looks around for me, clearly expecting me to have teleported again. Instead, I reach down and grab her crown. Or at least I try to. The downside of intangibility is an inability to grab things it seems. Fortunately, I can put them in my inventory just fine it seems.

I do so with the crown, which she notices, her eyes snapping to where it just was and narrowing. I quickly stuck my hand into a drawer on her desk and deposited the crown in there.

"What are you doing?" Ariel demands.

I sit back down and turn off the skill, reappearing. "Invisibility and intangibility," I explain. "Expensive, but invaluable. Check your bottom left drawer."

Her mouth, which was open as she started to ask me a question, snaps shut. She glares at me before pulling a key from her boot and using it on the desk drawer. Her annoyance turns to surprise when she sees the crown in there.

She schools her expression though and turns to me. "Is that it?"

I shrug. "Those are the flashy ones," I admit. "I have a few more I can teach. I do have a limit though, I can only teach five per person. If we come to a deal, I'll work with you to determine which girls get which skills."

She nods. "Very well. And the fourth thing you're offering?"

"A different kind of insurance," I say with a grin. "I'm assuming your biggest concern is keeping your girls fed?"

"That is the most important thing, yes," Ariel confirms.

"Then, should something happen, I can provide that," I say. "It's just vitality, right? I'm confident you couldn't suck me dry if you tried." My HP Regen is actually insane, and with [Alchemical Blood] to catch any status effects or other problems, or just to boost my healing, I have no worries about sleeping with succubi directly.

She laughs at that, a short burst of amusement. "Oh, I've heard that one before," she says with a grin before shaking her head. "No, no, I know you're different. Have you ever been fucked by a succubus before though?"

"Not yet," I say. "Some pretty horny Devils, but not succubi specifically."

That seems to surprise her, and her amusement fades. "Hmm," she muses. "Well, we can figure that out later. I've heard what you have to offer, and I admit, it's a lot. But that just makes me wary of what you want in exchange."

"I don't want too much," I say. "Mostly little things that won't disrupt your business. I might have a request for you every now and then for you to perform a task that I don't want to be traced back to me. Nothing illegal, don't worry. Just a little aid in setting up my own schemes. Also, I'd like access to your information network."

Ariel makes a non-committal hum. "Those are things I'd be willing to trade in," she confirms. "But it's not the main thing you want, is it?"

I nod, not bothering to hide it. "I want two of your succubi to work for me directly."

She narrows her eyes slightly at that. "And what would they be doing under your direction?"

"My primary goal for them is to use them to manipulate the dreams of specific people," I say. "Instead of giving them the fantasies they want to see, I want them to dream specific things to help me manipulate them." [Erotic Dreams] is good and all, but I have very little control over what it shows. And dreams can be used for more than just making girls horny for me.

"My secondary goal is to expand my harem with some genuine succubi," I freely admit. "I'm a lustful man with varied tastes, and it's a shame I don't have any succubus lovers yet."

+11 Affection with Ariel
For being entertaining and true to your desires

She actually laughs at that, a smile on her face. "Confident, aren't you?" she asks in an amused tone. "Well, I don't dislike that. Anything else?"

"For the ones I plan on taking? Nothing in particular. Other jobs as needed I suppose. Nothing that would put them in danger, and nothing they won't consent to."

"While that's good to hear, I meant what else do you want?" Ariel says.

"That's it," I say with a shrug. "Your assistance in a few small tasks, information, and two succubi to serve me directly. In exchange, you'll get money, equipment, skills, and my support. Not a bad deal, no?"

She crosses her arms to think about it. It really is a deal that is in her favor, which I don't mind. I feel a kinship with the succubi, we're both inhuman beings who strongly desire sex. Because of that, I'm okay with giving more than I get, because it means helping them out. I don't want much anyway. What I told her is all I want. Succubus harem members, dream manipulation, and access to an information network. I don't have any experience in setting up one of my own, but I'm great at delegating and making convenient alliances.

"I'll agree to this deal, but I have some conditions," Ariel finally says.

"Name them."

"First, that this deal is non-permanent," She says. "Either party can break it off whenever they desire."

I frown. "That seems unfair to me. You could break the deal as soon as I teach your girls the skills, and I'd have little to nothing to show for it, while you have a permanent gain."

"Then you'll have to make use of our services before that point," she says. "I assure you, as a Countess of Hell, that it's not my intention to try to cheat you, but simply a precaution to prevent me and my girls from being caught in a bad deal. If you'd like, we could change it so that either of us can call for the deal to be renegotiated instead, with an option of that renegotiation being to dissolve the agreement."

I mull that over for a moment before nodding. That's fair, and I respect her for looking out for her girls. It's what I would do in her place.

She continues. "Second, I'll allow you to choose which succubi you want to take, but they must agree, and they are free to leave when they want. If they do, you can take another willing girl to replace them."

"And if none are willing?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes. "I very much doubt that will happen, but if it does I'll pick them myself and have them attend you anyways."

I nod. "That's fine with me. How about the two I've talked to? The one that brought me up here, and the smaller one I talked to downstairs. The two of them contrast pretty well." One loli-esque and the other with larger assets and more pronounced curves, and both very sexy.

She raises an eyebrow. "Most men prefer one over the other."

"I prefer variety," I reply with a shrug. "Big, small, and everything in between."

+11 Affection with Ariel
For having tastes she approves of

Weird reason to get Affection, but I'll take it. "I'm sure they'll agree," Ariel says. "I'll call them up here in a minute. I have two more conditions. I want you to teach me one of your skills as a freebie, to prove that you can and that they'll be useful."

I nod slowly. "That is…fair. Right now?"

"Right now," she confirms. "Unless you're unable to?"

"No, but there is further explanation needed," I say. "My more useful skills use the power of the Void, which is dangerous to most people. To counteract that, I can, and will, provide enchanted equipment that protects against that. So if I teach you a skill, I'll need to give you one of those first."

She pauses. "That equipment…does it protect you only from using the skills, or from the Void entirely?"

I frown slightly as I reread the description of both the Void Shield rings and the enchantment. "It should be any form of the Void," I say.

+11 Affection with Ariel
For giving her a greater gift than you realize

"I see," she says with a blank face, but I can feel her excitement skyrocket. Is Void such a big issue for them? Then again, the succubus downstairs did mention that it's 'tricky' for them to deal with. Do they have to pass through it to get here? I don't know much about how Devils work in this world, but it seems plausible.

"Are there any other requirements for these skills?" Ariel asks.

"I need to touch you to give you the skill," I lie. But it's a believable one, and even if it's not sexual, I'll gladly take the chance to touch as many succubi as possible. "And second, they'll be weak at first. You and your girls will need to dedicate a lot of time into training them before they're efficient, especially the Void ones, which tend to cost a lot of magic."

Ariel nods. "The need for training is fine, the time invested will be worth it. But when you say touching, what exactly do you mean?"

I shrug. "I need to place my hand on your skin," I specify. "Doesn't matter where, so long as it's skin-to-skin contact, and more than just a couple fingers worth." I won't be satisfied by just poking them after all.

"Very well, that isn't an issue. The enchantments, do they come in just rings? I'm afraid they don't fit our uniform very well."

"I can put them on any accessory," I assure her. "Bracelets, anklets, chokers, rings, necklaces, and earrings. I can't place it on clothes though."

Ariel nods. "That is fine. Some of the girls will have their own preferences on which they'll want, but any of those can work."

"And your final condition?" I ask.

"It's more of a test, really," she says with a grin. "You've claimed multiple times to be able to withstand having sex with a succubus without harm. I wish to see that for myself. Agree to my conditions and survive a bout of sex with any succubus of your choosing, and I'll agree to your proposition."

"Deal," I reply with a confident grin. "And here I thought you were going to ask for something difficult."

She eyes me with amusement. "I'm genuinely interested in seeing how much of your confidence is bluster, and how much is deserved. Pick a succubus, any you want, whether it's one of the ones you plan to take or one of the others. I assure you, any of them will jump at the chance to feed more directly on a man."

A thought occurs to me, and I glance at my Affection menu. I lean forward, placing my hands around knee level, where she can't see due to the desk blocking her line of sight. I then pull out a Super Heart Crystal and use it before I look at her in the eyes. "I want you."

+20 Affection with Ariel

Perk rewarded for 50 Affection with Ariel
[Succubus Snack] - Increases Affection gain with succubi by 20%

Her smile widens and her eyes sparkle. "I was hoping that would be the case." She gets up and walks around her desk. I lean back as she approaches me and I realize why the chair I'm sitting in doesn't have armrests as she straddles me.

I grin and start to reach for her when she raises a hand, stopping me. "Teach me the skill first, then we can have some fun," she says teasingly.

I roll my eyes, but the grin remains on my face. I place my hand on the side of her bare stomach. My other hand pulls out a Void Shield ring and offers it to her. "Put this on first, and never use the skill without wearing it."

She nods and puts it on. As she does, I add her to my party, since she needs to be in it for [Mentor] to work. When she has it on, I activate [Touch of Pleasure], causing her to hum in contentment. No, this isn't necessary, but it's fun, and I don't see a reason why I can't pretend that transferring a skill requires skin contact and it feels really good.

I use [Mentor] to give her [Void Sight]. It's probably the most useful skill I can give her, and while I'm pretty confident that we'll remain allies, especially as I work on getting her Affection up, it's also the safest skill to give someone who might end up an enemy. The worst she can do is spy on me with it, and [Void Detect] will pick up on the small disruption of Void if she does use it near me.

After a few moments I turn off [Touch of Pleasure] but I keep my hand on her waist. "There, you have it. I gave you a skill that allows you to see distant places. Right now its range should be fairly short, but still long enough for you to see downstairs if you want to see how things are doing down there."

She blinks in surprise before her brow furrows. I sense the way the Void twists slightly, opening a hole near the ceiling downstairs, and her eyes widen. "It does work," she says. "This is an invaluable skill." The distortion disappears, and she sags slightly. "You were not kidding about these being expensive though. I doubt I could keep that up for more than five minutes before I needed to rest."

"That will improve with practice, and I'm working on enchanted equipment that will help make it more efficient," I explain.

She nods and then grins. "Now all that remains is your final test," she says in a sultry tone. She lifts a hand and spins it. A massive number of thin strands of some kind appear from her fingertip and wrap themselves around my chest. So she's a spider-themed succubus? My arm is pulled from her waist as the strands tighten around my torso, and they're bound to my side.

"You could have just asked, I don't mind if you want to take the lead," I quip.

"Then be a good boy and let me work my magic," she purrs, hands reaching for my pants. Her dexterous fingers make quick work of the button, and soon she has my quickly stiffening member in her hands. "Well, you're certainly bigger than average, but it'll take more than that to withstand me."

Her gloved hands run up and down my shaft, quickly encouraging it to grow to full size. She scooches closer to me so there are only a couple inches between us. My dick is pressed against her crotch and stomach, and I feel the heat coming off of her. She looks at me with a teasing grin. "It's been a while since I've been able to feed on a human. I hope you don't disappoint."

"Funny, I was thinking something similar," I shoot back. "I've been with a lot of different kinds of girls, but never a succubus. I hope you can live up to the hype."

"Oh, I'm not worried about that," she says as stops stroking me long enough to reach behind her back. A moment later the tube top she's wearing falls off, revealing her modest and perky breasts. They're not the best pair of tits I've ever seen, but they're close, and there's something so alluring about them.

She wraps her arms around my head and hugs me, pulling my head in towards her chest. I accept her invitation eagerly, my tongue reaching out to the closest nipple as I start teasing her. Her hand runs through my hair, almost as if she's petting me. Without my hands, I can't do everything I want to her, and my dick throbs with need.

"All ready to go, are you?" Ariel whispers in my ear as she grinds on me, her wet pussy lips pressing against my shaft. Wait, when did she take off her hotpants? How did I not notice? With her holding my face against her chest I can't look to see. I could use one of my skills, but I shudder and put it out of my mind as she grinds herself on me again. It's not important.

"So are you," I reply. "So let's get started already."

She laughs. "So impatient. But I don't wish to waste any time either. Brace yourself." That's my only warning before she lowers herself on me, smoothly taking my entire length inside of her in one steady movement.

My hips buck as I enter her. My words earlier were accurate. I've slept with a lot of different kinds of girls, most of them not human. I've slept with Devils and Fallen, and I even fuck a Love Fairy on a regular basis.

Ariel's pussy feels like a mix of a Devil and a Love Fairy. It feels as if it's made just for my use, and it's only goal is to bring me greater pleasures. It tightens around me, gripping me in all of the right spots and ways.

"Well, your experience certainly isn't lacking," Ariel muses softly, still whispering into my ear. "Maybe I'll get some enjoyment out of this after all."

I snort. If I were less experienced, I would have been hard-pressed not to cum right then and there. As it is, I'm significantly closer than I normally would be from just the insertion, but I'm not in danger yet.

She loosens her grip on my head and turns my face up. I briefly see a flash of her sultry expression before her lips meet mine and I lose myself in pleasure. My awareness shrinks down to just me and her; the taste of her lips, the heat of her insides, and the way her body presses against me.

I've had sex that felt better than this, but never has it felt so all-encompassing. I almost feel drugged, with all my non-sex-related thoughts feeling hazy and unimportant. Gentle hands caress my mind and pull it down into a world of bliss.

My climax builds slowly and steadily, and my anticipation grows alongside it. Ariel doesn't speed up though. In fact, it feels like she gets slower, though I'm not certain if she actually does, or if my own desires are just making it feel that way.

I tense as I get close to that edge, to the point before the point of no return. I hear her hum contentedly as time seems to freeze with me there, aching for that release.

And then she slams her hips down into mine, shoving my dick into her deepest parts with greater force than she's used up until this point, and I gasp as I cum. My entire body twitches as I unleash my load inside of her, expelling everything I built up since I got into the bath and started teasing Darkness.

My head clears as the last spurts of semen fill her, and I remember to check my status. I certainly feel okay. Sure enough, a quick check shows that my HP, SP, and MP have all decreased, but by less than 10%, and are all already rapidly refilling. They're doing so slower than normal, but it still only takes a few seconds for them to fill up. I spot a status condition that I barely have time to read before it disappears.

Drained - Your vitality has been sucked away, and your HP/SP/MP regen rates have been halved. Effect clears when lost HP/SP/MP is regained.

"Is that all?" I ask out loud. "I was expecting more."

+12 Affection with Ariel
For impressing her with your vitality

Ariel's eyes widen, but it transitions into a smile. "It seems you weren't all talk after all," she says as she gets off of me. "With that, I'm much more willing to form this deal with you. In fact, I'd even say I'm eager. Our method of relying on dreams and taking only a small amount indirectly works, but it's a slow process. If I can have you feed some of my girls every now and then, they'll grow much faster."

I blink, still tied to the chair. "Wait, is that it?" I ask. "You get one orgasm out of me and call it done?"

She looks at me, confused. "That's what I said I would do. Are you not satisfied with just one? I see you're still hard, which is impressive, but going again would be dangerous for you."

"I've already recovered everything you took from me," I dismiss. Her eyes widen just a little, but I continue. "And I'm used to still being hard by the time I stop having sex. No, what I'm unsatisfied with is the fact that you didn't cum."

She relaxes at that. "Oh, is that all?" She shakes her head. "Don't worry about that, many mortals have tried, very few have succeeded. Don't worry, the girls are young, you should be able to make them climax if you work at it."

"That's the thing, I didn't get a chance to try, did I?" I say hotly. "I'm not a prideful man, but I do take pride in my ability to make my girls feel good." I'm more worked up than I should be. It's not like me to be so frustrated with such a small slight. Then again, most slights against me are about things I don't care about. This is one of the things I do care about. I may be selfish in my desire to bed as many women as I want, but I'm also not satisfied until they're satisfied, and I take pride in that. Pride that I won't let even a succubus step on.

Whatever she's about to say in response dies in her throat as I call upon my Void Form again. I flex slightly, and the thread binding me snaps, allowing me to stand up. I walk up to her, getting extremely close. With both of us standing up, I realize just how short she is, nearly a full foot shorter than me.

"You say few men can make you orgasm?" I say, my voice distorted by Void in a way that sounds like music to my ears. "I demand my chance to try." I step forward again, and my dick presses against her stomach. Just like the rest of my body, it's made of Void instead of flesh. But it still feels like a dick in every way that matters.

Ariel seems a little off-balance, but I can feel her arousal steadily growing. "Well…" she starts, unsure. "If you insist, I'll give you a chance."

My movements are swift, and they aren't gentle. I lift her up and place her face up on the desk, shoving my dick into her waiting cunt as I do so, [Touch of Pleasure] turned on max. Papers and other paraphernalia are sent to the floor as her body shoves them aside, but neither of us are concerned about that.

She moans as I enter her, and I grunt, the pleasure once again washing over me. But it doesn't sweep me away this time. It's still as intense, but my mind stays clear. I don't know if it's because of my form, or if it's because I'm the one in control, but it doesn't really matter.

The difficulty of the task I've set for myself immediately becomes clear as I start fucking her. [Touch of Pleasure] is on max, but she's reacting like I'm not using the skill at all. A max strength [Increase Sensitivity] helps, increasing the pitch of her moans, but it's not enough.

My body is strange when I'm in this form. During my fight with Freed, I learned that it's more than just a layer of Void over me. The entirety of my flesh and bones are replaced with void-stuff, and how it acts is peculiar and seems mostly tied to my will. By default this form is almost soft, though pressure on it causes it to compact and harden, creating the feeling of a soft layer over a hardened core.

My will was enough to make my dick feel and act like a normal dick, though it still looks like a hole in the world to my normal senses. Still, that means this form is pliable, especially if I combine it with [Shapeshifting]. Instinct guides me and in moments my body shifts and changes.

My second cock, grown right below the first one, penetrates Ariel's asshole as I speed up my thrusts. Her surprise and pleasure both skyrocket as I pound both of her holes simultaneously, and I grunt as the doubled pleasure grows too strong for me and I cum, filling her up more.

I don't slow down though, and my pace only increases as my orgasm ends. My dicks tingle as I power through the post-climax pleasure and keep fucking her.

I lose myself again, this time not to the soft and pillowy sensation of the pleasure she wrung out of me before, but to the animalistic desire I feel to fill her every hole with my seed. A flash of memory, a flick of thought, and another use of [Shapeshifting] causes black tentacles to sprout from my back.

My hands remain on her hips, guiding my rough thrusts into her, while my tendrils travel up her. I couldn't do something like this in my normal form, but the Void is flexible and holds infinite potential. It can be anything, including tentacles that induce pleasure and are just as sensitive as my dick.

They wrap around her legs and wind up her, tasting her soft and amazing body as they travel. One small tendril seeks out her clit, stimulating it as I fuck her, but the rest continue upwards. They grasp every part of her, cupping her breasts and latching onto her nipples.

One tendril, the largest of them, goes all the way up to her mouth. It presses its phallic head against her lips, and she instinctively opens her mouth, allowing it access.

I cum again as the feedback of having a third dick in her throat rushes over me. The stimulation is nearly overwhelming. Not only do I feel it in full clarity as I simultaneously fuck her pussy, ass, and throat, but every inch of the multiple tendrils wrapped around her thighs, stomach, and breasts are all providing the same level of feedback as they rub against her skin and gently squeeze her. My semen fills all of her holes and even shoots onto her bare skin. I idly note that, even in this form, my cum looks normal.

I push through the pleasure though, my stamina allowing me to power through and keep fucking her. My movements grow rougher as my pleasure grows, my thrusts frenzied as I slam deep into her. My void tentacles slither over her body, rubbing back and forth as they stimulate her breasts, and as one buries itself deep in her throat. Her hands clutch at them, rubbing and teasing them as much as she can.

My effort is paying off though. I can feel her pleasure rising at a rapid rate, and her muffled moans of pleasure grow more and more intense. I redouble my efforts, cumming again and covering her with more of my seed before I finally get the satisfaction of making her climax.

Her back arches and her throat vibrates with a muffled cry of pleasure. Her cunt and ass writhe around my cocks and the sensation of pleasure I get from her skyrockets, extracting yet another orgasm from me.

Her body falls limp and I lose my strength as well. I extract my tendrils of Void from her and step back before sitting heavily in the chair. The Void recedes, leaving me panting as flesh and blood once again. I check my soul. Keeping up Void form for that long without a way to regain Soul cost me nearly a quarter of my capacity. That explains why I feel winded, none of my other pools fell below 70%.

+12 Affection with Ariel
For the best sex she's ever had with a mortal

That qualifier on there grates a little, but then again she's a literal sex demon. I'll take my win and come back better prepared next time.

"I hope none of the customers heard that," Ariel says as she slowly sits up. "It'll get their hopes up." She looks a little winded, and cum cakes her stomach and tits, but otherwise looks totally fine.

I shake my head and start pulling my clothes back on. "One of my skills, and one I'm willing to teach, offers complete control over sound within a certain radius of me. I made sure it didn't travel too far. The only person that heard it is the masturbating succubus with her ear to your office door."

Ariel freezes, and so does the succubus I had noticed earlier. It's the succubus that brought me here, she hadn't actually gone downstairs after leaving. Instead, she remained here and tried to listen in.

Ariel sighs. "Get in here," she calls out towards the door. There's a pause, and then the door slowly opens, revealing the flushed succubus. Her panties are soaked and the inside of her thighs glisten, obviously wet. "How much did you hear?"

"Only the sex, I made sure she couldn't hear what we talked about," I answered in place of the succubus, who nodded. She doesn't look ashamed exactly. Maybe a little apologetic, which I suspect is mostly based on getting caught not following orders rather than masturbating to the sound of us having sex.

Ariel crosses her arms. "Go get the girl Axton was talking to earlier. We've made a deal and you two are potentially involved."

"Oh my," the succubus says with a quickly growing smile. "That sounds exciting. I'll bring her right away." The succubus bows, an act that looks amazing in her revealing clothes, and then turns around and actually heads downstairs.

Ariel shakes her head. "Honestly, having to manage a couple less of them will be a load off my shoulders."

"Sounds like I should be the one charging you for it then," I joke.

She chuckles and saunters towards me. "Well, if you're ever feeling stressed, you're free to drop by my office again. I'd be glad to help relieve you." She pressed her body against me, her hands on my chest. "I'm honestly impressed. Not only did you make me cum, but I've never felt so full before. I could get used to it."

I grin and reach down to cup her ass. "Well, we're going to be business partners, are we not? We'll need to have weekly business meetings."

Ariel hums low in her throat, making a noise of satisfaction, before pulling it away. "Later though. I'm stuffed, any more and I might get sick." She steps away and gathers up her clothes, starting to get dressed. To fill the silence, I decide to ask something that's been on my mind.

"Do the succubi not have names?" I ask.

She turns to look at me, still topless, confusion written clearly on her face. "No, of course not. Why would they? Have you only dealt with named devils before?"

"Something like that," I answer vaguely. "Home is…different."

She seems surprised by that, but she shrugs. "Devils don't get names until they reach the rank of Baron or Baroness. My succubi are all fairly young. That's why I brought them here, to help them grow."

Hmm. "That sounds…inconvenient and confusing."

"For humans, maybe," she says casually as she finishes getting dressed. "For us, it's strange that you all have names you expect everyone to remember. And they're so frivolous too." She shakes her head and sits down behind her desk, which is now messy due to our earlier actions. Half the things that were on there before are now on the floor.

"Should I avoid naming them then?" I ask as I sit down.

She shakes her head. "No, if you find it more convenient, feel free to give them a name to refer to them, they won't mind." There's a knock on the door. "Enter," she orders, and the two succubi I asked for come inside. "Come take a seat with Axton, and we'll explain what's going on."

There's only one seat in front of Ariel's desk, so I'm not overly surprised when they approach me from either side and each claim one of my legs as a place to sit, their knees between my legs. I wrap an arm around each of their waists.

Two succubi on my lap, a greater succubus lusting after my cock, and the promise of my goals being furthered? Life doesn't get much better than this.

My steps echo on the wooden stairs as I descend into the basement of the mansion. I've officially claimed the basement as my workshop, and it's where I do most of my enchanting, alchemy, and brewing. One wall is lined with wooden barrels that have lids with giant gems embedded in them. Those gems are enchanted to imbue the wine inside of them with mana, aging them rapidly, so long as I regularly fill them with mana.

I'm not down here to craft though. Dinner was a couple of hours ago, and everyone else is relaxing in the living room or their bedrooms. Megumin and I have already done our Explosion trip for today. In short, I'm free right now, and I've decided to take care of something long overdue.

Getting the Companion Gem for Louise from the gacha the other day reminded me of the other two that I've had for ages now. One for Kuro Usagi, and another for Leticia Draculea. Both are girls from the same series, one of those isekai ones with an overly long title. Problem children from another world, or something like that.

Both are powerful and beautiful, and honestly, it's a crime I haven't summoned them yet. The only thing I can really blame is how many different plots and projects I'm usually juggling, and the fact that there hasn't been an imminent need or use for them like I did with Sakuya and Wilhelm.

Still, better late than never. I pull out both gems and crush them simultaneously, summoning two pillars of light. The two of them are old friends, and I have no idea what circumstances I'm summoning them from. I know it's willing, but I can only think of a few scenarios where the two of them would be willing to leave their home of Little Garden, and none of them are good.

Sure enough, when the pillars of light disappear, two girls in ragged clothes are left behind. On the left is Kuro Usagi. Despite her name, there's nothing black about her, though I know her outfit is normally black. She's a rabbit girl, with two blue bunny ears poking up from her blue hair. Her eyes, which are darting around the room, are ruby red. She looks like she's in her late teens, though I know she's significantly older than that.

On the right is Leticia, who looks like a young girl in her middle to early teens, though I know she's far older than even Kuro Usagi. She's not a bunny girl but instead is a pure-blooded vampire. Her hair is long and a bright blonde and her eyes are also red, though they resemble the color of blood rather than any gemstones.

Both are dressed in rags that barely preserve their modesty and are on edge. But they almost immediately spot each other and throw their arms around each other.

"Leticia!" Kuro Usagi shouts with relief.

"Usagi!" Leticia responds, her voice less urgent but no less emotional.

"After what happened, I didn't think I'd see you again," Kuro admits as she holds on to her friend. "I'm- I'm sorry I wasn't good enough to save you." I watch as her hair turns pink, the color spreading from the roots until her hair and ears change. Her hair color changes to pink when her emotions are running hot, though I don't know if it's just cosmetic or comes with other changes.

Leticia shakes her head, her face buried in Kuro's chest. "He didn't play fair." Leticia pulls away and gives Kuro Usagi a sharp look. "You shouldn't have tried though. You should have left me."

"There's no way I could have done that!" Kuro protests. "Once I heard I had to-"

"What about the others?" Leticia says, cutting her off, and Kuro flinches. "Jin and the other kids? What will happen to them?"

Kuro's eyes fall. "Shiroyashi will make sure they're taken care of…" she says sadly. "They might have to be separated, but they'll be okay."

"So...that's it?" Leticia asks, downtrodden.

Kuro nods. "We tried our best but...I guess we couldn't pull off the impossible."

It's at this point that I clear my throat, causing both of them to stiffen and look at me. They're both on edge and wary, but I don't take it personally. "Would you girls like some better clothes?" I take two bundles of cloth from my inventory and offer them to the pair. "They're simple but better than what you're currently wearing."

They're wary, but they grab the offered bundles and unfold them. Recently, in the rare moments when I decide to level my [Tailoring] up, I decided to make a variety of clothes. I have a large number of girls in my harem after all, and rather than power leveling, making suitable replacement clothes for them strikes me as more useful. Due to that, I have a lot of different types of clothes in different sizes hanging in my inventory.

Leticia is around Koneko's size, and Kuro Usagi is just a little smaller than Momo, so I give each of them a simple, but nice, sundress. It's temporary and just needs to be comfortable, cover them up, and be something they can still move around in.

I turn around to give them some semblance of privacy, though I keep watching with [Void Sight]. "I'm sorry I can't offer more right now, but we'll fix that issue soon, hopefully."

They share a look with each other, some sort of wordless communication passing between them. Leticia shrugs, causing Kuro Usagi to slowly nod. "Thank you," she says to my back. Her tone is guarded, but polite and grateful.

First Impressions perk activated!
+10 Affection with Kuro Usagi
+5 Affection with Leticia Draculea

Damn, so much for my luck with this perk being broken. Have I ever gotten as little as 5 Affection from it before? I feel like the lowest I've seen is 10.

The two of them change, then and there, quickly shucking off their rags. I don't get much time to ogle their bodies as they're quick to pull on their dresses.

+8 Affection with Kuro Usagi
+13 Affection with Leticia Draculea
For making them comfortable clothes and being kind

Thirteen is a prime number, which means that it has to be her base Affection growth. Honestly, that more than makes up for Leticia's small initial gain. Eight isn't too bad either. Well, either way, I need to find out what their circumstances are. I have a decent guess, but it's one filled with questions and gaps, and the details will influence my approach for both of them.

"I think I have a rough idea of your circumstances based on what you said, but could you tell me what happened before you arrived here?" I ask.

"Why don't you explain first?" Leticia says in a flat voice as she finishes dressing.

I hold back a sigh. It only makes sense that they're wary. "I have a rough idea of who the two of you are, and the world you come from," I explain. "You are Kuro Usagi and Leticia Draculea, members, or former members from the sounds of it, of a community in Little Garden that lost its name and flag some years back."

Little Garden is a sort of multiversal hub, a massive plane of existence where people from across the multiverse gather. Powers there are called Gifts, and they can be earned, lost, given, or received. Most things there are settled by games called Gift Games with agreed-upon stakes.

Communities are exactly what they sound like; groups of people banding together under the same name and flag. Most inhabitants of Little Garden belong to one Community or another. A Community losing either their name or flag is a big deal, and losing both is basically a death sentence. In canon, they desperately clung to life until the protagonists showed up to turn things around, but it seems as if things didn't go so well here.

"I don't know what you went through, but I do know why you're here," I continue. "I have an ability not unlike the practice of inviting others to come to Little Garden." I don't know the details of that process, but I do know that Kuro Usagi did it in canon, and invited the protagonists, who all came from alternate Earth's, to Little Garden.

"Like that ability, I can summon willing people from across the multiverse to my side," I explain. "At least, they've been willing so far. Unlike that ability though, mine is more specific. I randomly receive the ability to summon specific, willing, people from across the multiverse, instead of sending out a general invitation."

Kuro relaxes slightly, but Leticia tenses. "Are we no longer in Little Garden then?"

"You are not," I confirm. "Don't worry, I know the sun is deadly to you. You're not the first vampire I've met." Actually, I think she is. Gasper and Valerie are dhampirs. But whatever. I pull an item out of my inventory and toss it to her.

Umbral Shield
A ring made of magical metal. Protects vampires and vampire-like species from the effects of sunlight. Massively reduces Light and Holy damage. Massively reduces Fire damage. Massively increases HP Regen. Self-repairing.

"When you're wearing that ring, you'll be protected from the effects of sunlight," I explain. "It improves some of your defenses and healing as well." Again, only one of those enchantments is necessary, but if there's room, I'll fill it up.

"Is this...a Gift?" she asks, eying it warily. I can hear the capital G on the word Gift.

I shrug. "Outside of Little Garden it's hard to quantify what is and isn't a Gift. It's a magical item that I made that empowers the person wearing it, if that's what you're asking. And I'm giving it to you, free. I could make a thousand like that easily."

I feel shock from both of them. "Are you some kind of amazing magic craftsman?" Kuro Usagi asks.

"No, crafting is more of a side thing for me," I deny. "Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Axton, and I'm a Rogue who controls the power of the Void, the space between worlds. I'm a multiversal traveler and I have no limits to how strong I can grow. I summoned the two of you because I was granted the opportunity to. I would like it if the two of you agreed to work with me, but I have no way or desire to bind or force you, and I'd be glad to give you some supplies and let you decide on your own what you want to do. But first, I'd like to hear about your circumstances."

The two of them exchange looks again. I can tell they still don't know if they can trust me. Leticia still hasn't put on the ring. They've been through a lot, so I can understand it, even if it's a little annoying to have to convince them to trust me. I'll do what I said, I'd let them go elsewhere if they chose to, but I'd really rather they didn't. I need them for a specific reason. And also, they're both very cute. Having them in my bed would be nice as well.

I take a quick look at my inventory. I have Heart Crystals to spare. I take out two Large ones and surreptitiously use them, increasing my Affection with both of them by 15. That puts them both at 33, which should push them to the point where they're willing to trust me a little.

Sure enough, after a moment, Leticia gives Kuro Usagi a small nod. The rabbit girl then turns to me, wringing her hands. "You said you know of Little Garden, and you know about our...former Community."

I nod. "I don't know the details of what happened to it, only that there was a conflict with a Demon Lord and in the process you lost your name, flag, and practically every individual capable of participating in Gift Games, leaving just you and some children."

Demon Lord's are a special class of being in Little Garden that can force people to join a Gift Game of their making. The game does have to be winnable by the participants, but they can, and almost always did, stack the deck heavily in their favor.

Kuro Usagi nods. "It was difficult to get by after that. But then, one day, I heard rumors of a vampire matching Leticia's description that was to be sold and transported outside of Little Garden."

Hmm. That does match up with the beginning of canon, though it's missing the appearance of the canon characters. Did things happen faster for this version, so she never got a chance to try? Or did she try and was denied? Either way, I can guess how the rest of her story goes.

"So I approached the guild and found Leticia there, chained up and imprisoned," Kuro Usagi continues. "I had finally found one of my precious family members...there was no way I was going to leave without her. Unfortunately, the only way I could get that man to agree to give her up was to participate in a Gift Game. Even worse, I was forced to wager away everything I could. All of my Gifts and my freedom." Her eyes fall to the ground and she goes quiet.

Yeah, that's roughly what I expected. Her race, the Moon Rabbits, have a tendency to metaphorically, or literally if it's applicable, throw themselves into the fire if it means saving the ones they care about. "And then you failed," I guess.

She nods morosely. "Leticia was sent away, and I took her place as his possession. For me, that was yesterday. He said tonight I would be forced to...attend to him, in his bedroom." Kuro Usagi shivers. "It was as I was dreading that I felt something pull on me. I could have resisted it, but I decided to take the chance and let it take me, hoping for something better."

Leticia's hands are balled into fists, and her anger is written clearly on her face. "When Usagi lost, I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. I think he was scared of me escaping. I could have if I moved earlier. He was ready for it though, and I was also stripped of my own Gifts. When she lost, I was sent away. I felt the summons as I neared the border of Little Garden, and hoped that wherever I ended up would be better." Her mouth twists in a grimace. "I was expecting to be summoned to somewhere within Little Garden though, where I could still walk under the sun."

I sigh, this time not holding it back. "I know you have little reason to trust me, but that ring will work," I say. Little Garden is mostly occupied by a massive city, the scale of which is difficult to comprehend. And the entirety of that city is covered by a special glass ceiling that allows vampires to walk around in the sunlight without fear. But since Leticia was being shipped outside of the city, that ceiling wouldn't have protected her.

Leticia makes a non-committal noise of acknowledgment, still turning the ring over in her fingers. "You said you wanted to work with us...could you explain more about that?" she asks instead.

"First, a bit of background, so you understand," I start. "As I said earlier, I am a multiversal traveler. I have knowledge of hundreds of worlds, though I've only been to a few. In the world I call home, I've recently risen in fame producing potions and providing other services. More than that, I'm in the final steps of forming the beginnings of a global alliance of different supernatural factions, with the three largest of them, ones that were previously at war, being the first members. However, before we announced that, my first wife became pregnant."

"...first wife?" Kuro Usagi asks with a tilt of her head.

"And currently my only wife," I clarify. "I have many lovers though. I admit, I'm a pervert and I'm greedy. I openly love many women, something I can do because of their agreement, and my own strength. Don't be mistaken, I care for all of them equally. I'm not some playboy who's tricked a dozen girls into his bed."

Leticia is giving me a flat look of disbelief while Kuro Usagi has her arms over her chest. "Is- is that why you summoned us!"

I sigh again and shake my head. "No, it isn't," I say. "You two are beautiful, and I'll probably flirt with you, but if you're not interested I'll back off," I assure them. Thankfully, I'm very persuasive. But they don't need to know what. "No, I'm actually hoping to hire the two of you as bodyguards. Or maids. Or both."

They look confused, and I take a moment to hit them with [Observe].

Kuro Usagi
Level: 314
Race: Moon Rabbit
HP: 10,200
MP: 7,200
SP: 15,600
CON: 255
STR: 312
DEX: 874
INT: 144
WIS: 178
CHA: 405
LUK: 101

Leticia Draculea
Level: 384
Race: Vampire
HP: 26,280
MP: 30,700
SP: 16,620
CON: 438
STR: 554
DEX: 412
INT: 614
WIS: 587
CHA: 87
LUK: 66

Yikes. The power scaling of Little Garden is pretty intense, so I definitely expected both of them to be stronger than this. But this fits with what they told me about losing their Gifts, their abilities and equipment. Without those, they're little more than just normal versions of their races. Which is still quite formidable, but it pales to what they could have been.

They're still significantly stronger than pretty much anyone here in Konosuba. And they're even stronger than the Devils of the youngest generation in DxD, even the ones I've trained. Which means they're more than strong enough for what I need.

"Allow me to give more detail" I continue before they can ask questions. "My homeworld is a fairly dangerous place. After an attack on my home and town, I decided to take caution and bring her here for the duration of her pregnancy. This world isn't exactly pristine, but it's far safer than our home and safer than any of the other worlds I could have gone to at that point."

"But not that safe, correct?" Leticia guesses.

I nod. "This is a world with many sentient races, and a being that is also known as a Demon Lord." They both stiffen, but I continue. "Unlike the ones of your world, here they're just the leader of the Demon faction, and they're waging war on the rest of the world. There are also various kinds of dangerous monsters. That being said, both me and Momo, my wife, are stronger than most people and monsters here. And you two are stronger than Momo, and in fact, any native to this world. The two of us are Adventurers, and we take on requests to clear out monsters. Fighting against the Demon Lord is mostly left to the armies of the various countries, though Adventurers are often hired to help as well."

They both nod to show that they're following along and understand, so I continue my explanation. "I'm not too worried about that. We do that as a group and I'm there to protect her, and even that is rarely needed. But there is something I'm worried about. Or rather, someone. An assassin by the name of Clementine."

Kuro Usagi gasps lightly, and Leticia's gaze sharpens a little. "Are they after your wife?" Kuro Usagi asks.

"Yes and no," I say. "Truth be told, I ran into Clementine last week when she tried to kill me. She failed, obviously, and I ended up talking to her for a bit. And then I let her go."

Leticia's eyes narrowed at me. "Why would you do that?"

I chuckle. "Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I feel like she's redeemable," I lie. I don't exactly want to tell them it's part of my plan to seduce her, but I need some sort of explanation. "She's been misguided and has a lot of anger, but I think there's something worth saving there. Unfortunately, it's not something I can do just by sitting her down and talking to her. I need to wear her down until she's willing to listen. So I guess you could say I started a little Game with her, one where she focuses her anger on me and tries to kill me, and one where I rebuff her attempts."

Neither of them look very convinced, but they do look understanding. Like they get why I'm doing it, but don't agree with the decision to go through with it. "So you're worried they'll go after her instead," Leticia guesses.

"A little, yes," I admit. "Truth be told, I've been keeping an eye on her with the help of my two familiars, making sure she doesn't get up to any trouble." It hadn't been hard to find her with [Void Sight], and once I did, I enlisted the help of Yua and Tara to rotate who was keeping an eye on her.

There was one moment where it looked like she was stalking someone and was going to kill them. But as I was debating whether or not I would stop her from doing so, she suddenly stopped and left, frustration on her face. [Empathy] doesn't work through [Void Sight], so I'm not completely certain about what she was feeling, but I took it as proof that my manipulation worked, and she was obsessed with me and me alone.

"I believe she's taken the bait and is focused on me, but she might try to get to me through the people I care about," I say. "Even with both of my familiars, I can't keep up a 24/7 watch on her. And if I'm sufficiently distracted, I might not respond in time."

"But didn't you say your wife is strong?" Kuro Usagi pointed out. "Isn't she stronger than this assassin?"

"She is," I confirm. "But I know exactly how good Assassins are at taking out people stronger than themselves. Momo is stronger than Clementine, but Clementine is still a threat."

"Hence you wanting us as bodyguards," Leticia concludes. "But what was that about maids?" Unless I miss my mark, there's a hint of interest in her eyes. Truth be told, I only mentioned it because I remember Leticia becoming a maid in canon. I wonder if there's something more to that. Out of curiosity, I use [Lewd Scouter] on the two of them.

Kuro Usagi
Arousal: Very Low
Perversion: Very Low
Affection: 33
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: None

Leticia Draculea
Arousal: Low
Perversion: Moderate
Affection: 33
Orientation: Bisexual
Fetishes: Domination, Submission, Maids

Ah, it seems Leticia isn't as innocent as she seems. Right now she looks like a young girl, though I know she has an older-looking form as well. She has a fetish for maids though, huh? I guess that explains why she so easily became one, and why she's interested now.

"Right now we're in the basement of my mansion," I say. "This is where I do my crafting. It's night right now, but I thought I'd play it safe when I knew I was summoning a vampire." Leticia nods in appreciation, her eyes glancing at the ring still in her hands. "I don't own the mansion, but after we helped the owner out, he agreed to let me, my wife, and the rest of my adventuring group stay here. Momo and I have been doing the upkeep so far, but at this point, we need some help. The place is honestly a little too big for us, and we're struggling to keep it all clean."

I'm exaggerating a bit, but Momo and I have been contemplating the idea of getting maids. So getting these two to be maids would be even better, especially if they double as bodyguards.

"If we accept, how would you pay us?" Leticia asks.

"Money, of course," I say. "But also just about anything you want. Given enough time, I'm capable of just about anything. I could make you two as strong as gods, bury you in riches, provide you with any unique item you want. In short, name your price."

"Could...could you bring us back home?" Kuro Usagi asks. "Could you help us restore our Community?"

Could I? I think on it for a moment before nodding. "Yes, though I can't say how long that will take," I say. "Right now, my ability to travel the multiverse is more or less random. So either I need to travel to enough worlds until I stumble on yours, or I need a more accurate way to travel. Speaking statistically, the latter is more likely to happen first. I'm not sure how long that'll take, but I'm hoping it'll only be a few years."

Kuro Usagi bites her lip. "Do- do you know what the relative flow of time is between here and Little Garden?"

"Not at all, but I wouldn't worry about that if I were you," I say. "My method of traveling has me arriving at convenient points in the timeline. If my goal in going to Little Garden is to help you two rebuild your community, I'm sure that we'll arrive shortly after you left. A few days afterward at the most."

She looks a little unsure still, but she nods in acceptance. I look between the two of them. "Is that what you want, then? Obviously, during your time as maids and/or bodyguards, I'll pay you the normal rate, provide housing and food, and all the things that come with it. But I'll also promise that, when it is in my ability to do so, I'll accompany you back to Little Garden and help repair your Community. Deal?"

"Wait," Leticia says. "You've talked a lot about how strong you are...but how do we know that's the truth? I won't accept until I'm sure you can back up your end of the deal."

Annoying, but fair. "Would you like to test me yourself then?" I ask. "Have a little Game? I'd be fine with taking both of you on."

Her eyes flash. "That's exactly what I was thinking, yes. Something simple. A modified game of tag. Instead of having to touch the other person though, you have to take their headband."

I shrug. "Sure, I'm fine with that. Rules?" I already have a dozen ways to instantly win this in mind.

"We'll need a large arena," Leticia starts.

"There's a forest nearby filled only with low-level monsters," I offer. "Too dangerous for normal hunters, but not dangerous to us. At this time of night, no one will be there, so we don't have to worry about interference."

Leticia nods. "All three of us will wear the headbands. They have to be on our heads and cannot be covered with hair, clothes, or other means. Kuro and I are on a team, and you are on your own team. You can keep fighting until your team loses. A team loses once all of their members have had their headband stolen."

"Stacking the deck in your favor, huh?" I ask. "Well, that's fine. What about using my abilities?"

"I want to see them, so that is allowed," Leticia replies.

I shake my head. "Then the game will be over before it even begins."

She shrugs. "That would just mean you are as strong as you say you are."

"No, trust me, you wouldn't be satisfied," I reply. "Why don't we do two rounds, and I have to win both to win? If I lose either of them, it's your win. The first round I'll use my abilities, and the second round I won't."

Leticia thinks about it for a moment before nodding. "Very well, I'll agree to those rules."

"Me too!" Kuro Usagi adds excitedly. "I hope you're ready to eat those words though. I'm pretty fast you know?"

I grin. "I'm no slouch either." I offer them my hand. "Come, I'll bring us to where we'll play. Leticia, the sun has set, but it might be safer if you put on that ring now. Don't worry, none of the enchantments on it will help you with this game."

She gives me a searching gaze, but nods and slips the ring onto her finger. She then looks at her hand, flexing it a bit, a faint sense of shock emanating from her. I don't know how good her ability to sense things like magic is, but she's definitely noticing some aspect of it.

She gives me another look, this time with a blank face and emotions muted enough that I can't read them, before placing her hand in mine. Kuro Usagi does the same, and with a thought, I teleport us to the nearby forest.

The space around us blinks and I feel my ears pop as we change from the cramped space of my basement to an open forest at night. I glance at Kuro Usagi and Leticia, and they seem a little surprised at the sudden change in environment, but not overly so.

The two of them let go of my hand as I pull out a bolt of black wool and cut a few strips from it. I hand the strips to them and start tying one around my own head. "We'll start ten meters away from each other, I'll throw a coin and the signal is when it hits the ground?"

The two of them nod and leap backward, landing exactly ten meters away from me. They raise the strips of cloth to their heads and start tying them tightly on. Not that it'll help them. I pull a coin out of my inventory and have it ready.

When the two of them are done, I flip it upwards, sending it arcing into the space between us. Both of them are tense and ready to move as their eyes follow the coin. I don't tense at all though, I simply wait.

The instant the coin hits the ground, all of us move. Kuro Usagi starts to leap further backward, but Leticia rushes straight at me. I understand their strategy immediately, and it impresses me. Leticia is the aggressor, the one to aim to get my headband. All she has to do is take mine and she wins. Meanwhile, with Kuro Usagi staying away, even if she loses her own headband, her team is still in the fight.

It's a good strategy, so it's a shame it does nothing to prevent me from executing my own. Still, that's why I insisted on two rounds. Maybe next round I'll see how it works out for them. Before either of them can travel more than a few feet, I raise both of my hands.

"[Take]!" I exclaim, activating the skill. And just like that, both of their headbands are in my hands. I see their eyes widen, and both reach up to their heads to confirm that I have their headbands. They come to a halt, looking at me with surprise.

"And that's why I wanted two rounds," I say. "I do believe I mentioned that I'm a rogue, yeah? I specialize in stealth and stealing, and you challenged me to a game where we're trying to take something from the others. I could have turned invisible and plucked them from your heads without you realizing I was there." In fact, that was my backup plan for if [Take] failed. I haven't leveled it up much yet, so it still has a chance of failure.

Leticia grimaces. "I see. I underestimated your claims. I won't do so again in the future."

"Good," I say, crossing my arms as I float their headbands back to them with [Telekinesis]. "Now get back in position so we can do round two."

Once they're ready and back in position, I toss the coin again, and just like before, everyone bursts into action the second it bounces off of the ground. They stick with their strategy from before, and this time I rush forward as well. But I ignore Leticia, focusing on speed as I dart past her. I can't let Kuro Usagi get away.

Leticia reaches for me as I pass her, but speed isn't her specialty and she isn't able to get a grip on me. Her fingers barely scrape against my shirt as I escape out of her range, her momentum only serving to widen the gap between us.

I hear her curse and I hear the ground being torn as she screeches to a halt, the dirt giving way to the force of her momentum, but I ignore that as I zero in on Kuro Usagi. I have to admit that she's fast, faster even than her stats would suggest.

But I'm still faster. I catch up to her in no time at all, and her eyes widen. She tries to duck out of the way, but my hand whips out to grab her headband, and her own attempt at evasion causes it to slide off, leaving it in my hands.

Behind me, the coin hits the ground again after its first bounce.

Kuro Usagi is still in this though, so I grab her by the arm and I throw her deeper into the forest. I don't want to risk a two versus one situation. I turn around to see Leticia once again coming to a stop. Her expression is calm, but her eyes flick between the headband in my hand and Kuro Usagi's airborne form. I can see the mental calculation in her head. Should she run and swap roles with Kuro Usagi? Or should she continue the offensive?

She rockets towards me, eyes focused, and I grin. As I expected from her, she made the right choice. She's slower than Kuro Usagi, and trying to run away would result in the same thing that just happened. It's a better move to approach me and rely on her superior experience to keep me occupied until Kuro Usagi can make it back and turn things in her favor.

And fortunately for her, that gamble is my best move as well. I could potentially try something more complicated, try tricking her in some way. But there's no need. I have Kuro Usagi's headband, and now I need Leticia's, so I'll focus on her.

I let Leticia approach me as I stuff Kuro Usagi's headband into my pocket. We never discussed what could be done with taken ones and if they can be stolen back to be put back on. So I compromise by putting it in a secure place that would be difficult to get to, but I keep it possible by not putting it into my inventory. I don't mind if they try to take it back, and in fact, I can use it as bait.

Leticia doesn't go for it though, and instead jumps at me, her hand darting for my headband. A blitz attack in the hopes of ending it? It leaves her own headband open, but maybe she's going for a draw? I tilt my head slightly to avoid her lunge and raise my own hand to grab her arm. Her eyes shine with satisfaction though, not the surprise or frustration I was expecting, and I realize that her lunge was a feint.

She uses her other hand to grab onto my arm, having already been moving before I grabbed her, and she uses that leverage to twist her body, turning her lunge into a spinning kick aimed straight at my face. I try to pull my arm to throw her off, but she lets go, already having obtained the momentum she needs to complete the kick.

I try to step back, but I feel resistance around my ankles. I don't have time to glance down, but it feels like something is wrapped around them. I feel something splinter and break as I force my way through, but they do their job in slowing me down, and a shockwave shakes the trees around us as the heel of Leticia's bare foot slams into my cheekbone.

My head whips to the side, but I force myself not to reel from the blow. I generally avoid getting hit, but even then, I've definitely taken worse hits than that. I reach up to grab her ankle before she can correct her positioning, and I see her eyes widen as my hand clamps around it.

I idly note that, with this positioning, I can see up her skirt, but I ignore that. There will be plenty of chances to appreciate such views later. Right now, all my focus is on making sure I don't choke this.

My eyes glance down to see broken wood around my feet and two abnormal tree roots. My memory flashes back to watching the anime she's from as I remember her ability to control tree roots. I assumed that ability was some sort of minor Gift, not something inherent to being a vampire. Thematically, it doesn't quite fit. But still, I should have expected it.

My ears pick up the sound of Kuro Usagi landing on her feet some distance away, and I decide to finish this. Leticia reaches out to the only thing she can reach as she's dangling from my grip, the headband in my pocket. But I drop her before she gets close, and she starts falling to the ground.

Before she can hit the ground, I thrust both my hands towards her head. My right hand knocks aside her arms, raised to block me, and my left grabs her headband and yanks upwards, roughly pulling the headband off of her.

She lands on her back with a thump, and the game is over. I let out a breath and allow myself to relax. The rest of the world comes into focus, and I realize that they managed to push me more than I expected, so much that I was hyper-focusing on them. No wonder I didn't notice the tree roots snaking around my ankles.

Kuro Usagi arrives as Leticia pushes herself up from the ground. "And that's round two to me," I say. "And to be clear, I insisted on me not using my abilities because of your lack of Gifts. If you two were even slightly equipped, I'm sure I would have struggled a lot more there."

Kuro Usagi smiles. "Don't sell yourself short, you were very impressive! Leticia did a good job balancing things."

Leticia finishes getting to her feet and brushes some dirt off of her. "Usagi is correct, I took that into account. Though after our battle, I'm curious how things would have gone if I had my Gifts."

+8 Affection with Kuro Usagi
+13 Affection with Leticia Draculea
For impressing them in the game, and being a good sport about it

"Well, with this, you'll agree to work for me, right?" I ask. "I can't replace the specific Gifts you lost, but I can provide you with skills and equipment, and will gladly do so."

Leticia nods and smiles at me. "Yes, we agree. In return for payment, equipment, and your future aid in restoring our community, we will serve as bodyguards and maids for you."

"That's right, we'll protect- wait, and maids?" Kuro Usagi says, turning to Leticia in surprise. "I thought we were just going to do the bodyguard thing!"

"Doesn't being a maid sound like fun?" Leticia asks with a confused tilt of her head. "If you don't want to, I can do it by myself."

"No no no! I'll help!" Kuro Usagi insists. Then she sighs and turns to me. "Okay, bodyguards and maids it is. But I expect the maid outfits to be appropriate!"

I grin. "Don't worry, the standard outfit for my maids is perfectly professional and appropriate. The slutty version is completely optional."

This doesn't seem to reassure her much, and she wilts. "Ooh, I feel like I'm going to regret this." I laugh, but I don't miss the slight interest in Leticia's eyes when I mention the slutty version.

I clap my hands. "Then it's settled! Come on, let's get back home. I'll introduce you to Momo and my adventuring group."

I keep smiling as they grab my hand and I teleport us back home. I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun with these two, and having them there to protect Momo will be a massive weight off of my shoulders.

Yua looked at the hustle and bustle of the room with pride. All around her cats of various colors and sizes were all working on one thing or another. Any normal person would look on with mouth agape from surprise as the cats worked together to perform tasks that should be far beyond the mental and physical abilities of cats.

Three tabbies, two brothers and a sister that Yua rescued a couple weeks ago, worked together to paint a section of the wall where they had done repairs yesterday. The brothers used a pulley system, created by Tara, to lift their sister high enough to reach the section of wall that needed painting.

An old scarred tom cat worked to drag a small box filled with food as a younger cat took the food out and placed it on small plates, where a group of kittens crowded around. Despite their age though, none of them rushed the food and waited until all the food was handed out before starting to eat.

Various cats ran around the edges of the room, participating in an obstacle course that Yua had created, and more still sparred with each other, claws sheathed, all of them learning how to protect themselves.

Yua had worked hard to teach all of them. She knew from watching her Papa that you couldn't just take care of people. You could, a little, but you also needed to make sure they could fend for themselves. And Yua had taken on that goal with fervor, teaching everything she could to the cats, old and young, that she took in.

And they learned really well, which made Yua so proud. Tara told her that the rate they learned was abnormal, which means that she was doing a good job. Though Tara had sighed when she had replied with that, which confused her, but she didn't think about it too much.

Whenever Yua wasn't with Mama, Papa, or watching the orange-haired lady, she was here, taking care of and teaching the cats. She had done most of it herself, though Tara helped a bunch as well. And best of all, she'd barely had to ask Papa for help. Only for a few specific supplies she couldn't get herself.

A black-furred cat strutted into the room and up to Yua before meowing and swishing its tail.

"Great!" Yua responded cheerfully. "I'll get it right now. Thanks a lot!" The black cat meowed again and then trotted into a corner before curling up and going to sleep.

Yua looked around the room again to make sure everything was fine before she disappeared, appearing outside of the house, behind a bush. There was a box filled with food. She put it into Papa's magic pocket before teleporting back into the house and taking the box out again. A group of cats swarmed it and immediately started pulling the food and other bits and pieces out of it, bringing it to a storage area.

Yua knew that the house she had taken over to give her charges a home was abandoned. But she also knew that, if they were discovered, they'd be chased out. Which didn't make sense to her. If no one was using it, why couldn't she?

She could have asked Papa to buy it, but she was actually quite proud of what she had accomplished on her own. Or at least with minimal help from her Papa, and only a moderate amount from Tara. She wanted to keep trying on her own.

So she took precautions. None of the fixes she had made to the house were on the outside, so it looked rundown still. They didn't use many lights, but that wasn't a problem for the cats who could easily see in the dark anyway. All the windows were boarded up too, and Yua made sure they couldn't be seen through.

Except one. In the back, leading to a small room, one of the windows was cracked open. It was small, barely big enough for a cat to fit through. To counteract that, she made sure to leave that room rundown and empty. It provided a way for the cats to enter and leave, but anyone peeking in would just see an empty house. She'd also made sure the window couldn't be forced open.

Of course, that being the only entrance meant that cats couldn't bring stuff into the house. But Yua figured a way around that too. She hid a box behind a bush near the back of the house. Cats would go out, steal some food, and put it in the box. When the box was full, Yua would bring it in herself.

Once the box was empty Yua pocketed it and brought it back outside again. But before she could enter the house again, her ears flicked as she heard a strange noise. She sniffed at the air, tasting the scents. She recognized one as one of the older cats she took in, but the other was…a dog?

It didn't sound like they were fighting, so after making sure no humans were around to see her, she headed in the direction of the scent. They were close by already, and she only had to turn the corner to find them.

The old cat was slowly leading a puppy almost as big as him. The puppy was excitable and distracted though, and it kept stopping to sniff at things. The old cat would allow it for a few moments before pushing the puppy onward. When the two of them spotted Yua the puppy rushed for her, excited. The old cat followed at a more sedate pace.

Yua had met a few dogs, though she couldn't say she was used to them. She usually didn't pay them any mind except when they decided to try to bother her. Though very few had ever since she got big. This puppy didn't care about any of that though and leaped up to put his paws on her stomach and to try to lick her face. She forced it down and tried petting it, which it seemed content with, before looking at the old cat. "Why?"

The cat looked at her and flicked its tail at the puppy, and Yua looked closer. His fur was dull and matted with mud, and his ribs were clearly visible. Yua's expression softened. He wasn't a cat, but the poor thing was just as alone and hungry as any of the others she had taken in.

"Okay, we'll take care of him," Yua said out loud. "I'll get him into the house. But you have to teach him to behave and to use the litter boxes, okay?"

The old cat purred, pawing over to Yua and rubbing against her before continuing towards the window. Yua picked up the squirming puppy in her arms before teleporting back into the house, wondering how this new addition to her home was going to turn out.

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