It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was determined to spend it relaxing. I had a couple of things I wanted to do, but those required getting up, so they could wait. I was laying down on the largest couch in our sitting room, my head on Momo's soft lap, and I didn't want to move. Momo was running her fingers through my hair as she read a book, and Yua was napping on my chest. She was getting pretty big, but I barely noticed the weight. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the moment.

The door opened, followed by the sound of footsteps. "I've got tea!" the cheerful voice of Kuro Usagi called out as she approached us and placed it on the coffee table.

"Thank you, Usagi," Momo said. "Axton, do you want a cup?"

"That would mean having to get up, so no thanks," I replied without opening my eyes.

"You have to get up anyway, because I want tea and I'm not going to drink it with you on my lap like this," she countered.

I cracked an eye open to look up at her. Admittedly, my view was mostly filled with her boobs hanging right above me, but I could still see the amused expression on her face. "You would force me to wake up Yua like that?" I said.

Momo rolled her eyes. "You could dump her on the floor and she wouldn't wake up. Just shift her to your lap."

She had me there. Yua could be a very heavy sleeper, at least when it came to being moved. She'd wake up immediately if you called her name, but you could probably put her on your shoulders and run a marathon and she would sleep through it. "Fiiiiine," I said, jokingly overexaggerating my annoyance. "In that case, yes, I would like a cup of tea."

"Great!" Kuro Usagi replied as I shifted Yua to my lap, where she curled up into a more comfortable position, and I sat up. "How about you Miss Darkness? Miss Aqua?"

"Yes please," Darkness said from the other couch, looking up from the newspaper she was reading.

"Nah, I'm good," Aqua said, swinging an unmarked glass bottle in front of her. "I got all I need right here."

"Eh?" Kuro Usagi said. "Isn't it too early to be drinking so much wine?"

"Shut up, you!" Aqua snapped, a slight slur present in her words. "You're just a maid, you don't-"

"Aqua," I interrupted her firmly. "Be respectful or I'll cut you off."

Aqua turned to me, panic on her face. "But, but Axton-!"

"But nothing," I said. "Be nice to Kuro and Leticia or I'll stick you in a maid outfit and put you on toilet cleaning duty for a month. And, of course, booze will be strictly prohibited as well."

Aqua immediately threw herself onto the ground, prostrating before Kuro Usagi. "I'm very sorry for my rude words!" she apologized.

Kuro Usagi looked like a deer, or rather a rabbit, caught in the headlights; frozen and unsure what to do in this situation. Her eyes flicked between Aqua and me. "Uhh. It's okay?" she said, sounding supremely unsure.

Aqua shot up, any sense of apology or regret already gone from her face, and settled back onto the couch with a grin. I rolled my eyes and turned to Usagi. "To answer your question- yes it is pretty early. But Aqua is Aqua. And also that's my latest batch of wine, and she's helping me out by reviewing it."

"It's pretty good," Aqua cut in. "It's a lot stronger than normal, but it doesn't really taste like it. In fact, it tastes really good. Did you add in something? There's a sort of sweetness that wasn't there before."

"I didn't add anything new, no," I said. "But I did tweak the ratio of the ingredients a bit. You're probably tasting something that used to be subtle but is now prominent." I studied Aqua without obviously looking at her. She didn't seem any different from usual. A little tipsy, but that wasn't unusual either.

I had been grinding out my [Brewing] skill the past few weeks. At level 75 I had gained the ability to add certain magical effects to what I brewed. And so, in an effort to seduce Aqua, who had remained seemingly oblivious to any of my attempts to seduce her via supernatural or normal means, I had been giving her wine that would increase her arousal.

But none of them seemed to have any effect. The latest bottle, the one she was drinking, rivaled my strongest aphrodisiac in terms of potency. I was pretty sure it was another failure, but I checked with [Lewd Scouter] just to be sure.

Arousal: -
Perversion: -
Affection: 72
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: -

Obviously, I was going about this wrong. The values weren't zero or none, but instead almost seemed locked off. It wasn't her status as a goddess preventing me from seeing it- she was such a weak goddess that I had no problems affecting her.

On the bright side, there were a few positives to come out of the whole situation. For one, I gained a bit of Affection with Aqua when I started giving her all the wine I was making. The increase in both quality and quantity pleased her. But I also maxed out [Brewing], unlocking a very interesting feature.

[Brewing] - Level 100
The process of creating alcoholic substances by fermenting ingredients. Use the skill on fermenting alcohol to speed up the process using your MP. Magical effects can be added to brewed alcohol. Brewed alcohol is now capable of getting any being drunk despite any resistances or lack of digestive systems.

Being able to make booze that could bypass any resistance to alcohol was huge. For one, it meant I could sell it as high-end stuff to powerful beings that would normally not be affected by it, something I'm sure I could make quite a bit of money on. It was also why Aqua thought it was a bit stronger. It wasn't, it just bypassed her normal partial resistance.

But it also meant I could get drunk off of it, something I couldn't really do before. I hadn't done it yet, only had enough to get tipsy and confirm it was possible, but I liked that I had the option if I wanted to. I'm sure I'd have fun with that later.

Still, I wasn't willing to give up on Aqua. There had to be some way of making her horny for me. I was out of ideas, but there was someone who might know what was happening. As Kuro Usagi handed me a cup of tea I made a mental note to visit them later today.

"Huh," Darkness said out loud as we sat in silence. "Lord Alderp has passed away."

I very carefully schooled my reaction. "Who?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

"Lord Alderp," Darkness repeated, her eyes scanning the article. "He's a fairly important nobleman who is in charge of a nearby province. Apparently, he had a heart attack in his sleep and passed away." She shook her head. "Not surprising really. He was quite the large man, and he certainly wasn't very young."

"Oh?" I said, a grin growing on my face. "You talk like you've met him before. What's a girl like you doing rubbing shoulders with nobility?"

Darkness froze before awkwardly raising the newspaper to cover her face. "I- I don't know what you mean," she said. "I just happened to see him while I was traveling on an adventure once. A-and it's important to keep up to date with these kinds of things."

"I see," I replied. "Well, how about it then? Are there going to be any problems because of this? Anything we need to watch out for?"

She lowered the newspaper just enough to glance at me, unsure if I bought her excuse. The grin on my face probably made it clear that I didn't, but I wasn't pushing it either. "It shouldn't," she said slowly, choosing to continue on normally. "He was quite close to the Royal Family, but his son is of age and more than prepared to take over his father's duties. O-or so it says in the article."

I considered calling her bluff but decided against it. If Darkness wanted to continue hiding the fact that she was the daughter of the local Lord then she was free to do so. Plus, that did sound like something that might be included in an article like that. "Well, that's heartening to hear," I said, leaning back and taking a sip of my tea.

Though the most heartening part was that my ploy had worked, and people didn't suspect that Alderp had been assassinated. It was pretty easy to hide my tracks, but it was even better if no one was looking for them in the first place.

Two nights ago I snuck into his home and force-fed him two potions. One was a sleeping potion, to make sure he stayed asleep, and the other was a special potion made by mixing a Debility Potion with a Life Drain one. The result was a potion that induced heart attacks and other natural causes of death, making it the best assassination tool. Granted, it was a bit less helpful against people who could survive a heart attack, but I wasn't worried about that with Alderp.

I killed Alderp for one simple reason; to prevent some annoying things from happening. He was a pretty messed up dude. He had a demon locked up in his basement and had an item that allowed you to swap bodies that he planned on using to swap bodies with the princess of the country, Iris. He also wanted to marry Darkness to his son and swap bodies with his son instead, as a backup plan.

I had no intention of letting him do either of those things and decided to take a pre-emptive measure to head those off rather than handle it when it came up. Alderp died, the demon in his basement went home, and I pocketed both the Demon Summoning Staff and the Body Swap Amulet. I didn't have any immediate plans for them, but they were both useful and powerful magical items, and I was sure I could get some use out of them.

The afternoon continued without anything of note happening. I relaxed with my companions and enjoyed my tea. But as Aqua got drunker and drunker but never even slightly hornier, I decided that I couldn't laze about all day. I transferred Yua to Momo's lap, gave Momo a kiss, and told her I'd be back for dinner but I had to run into town to take care of an errand.

A quick teleport to the guild and a few minutes of walking later I opened the door to Wiz's shop. "Axton!" she greeted me cheerfully.

"Hey Wiz, how you doing?" I replied with a smile. "Get anything new and interesting?"

"Please don't encourage her," another voice said as someone stepped out from the back room. "Even with your occasional patronage, it is a full-time job to keep her from wasting all of our money."

Wiz blushed. "You don't need to tell him that Vanir!" she scolded the well-dressed Devil. "Besides, you have to spend money to make money, right? I'm just buying things to sell."

"That only works if you purchase things that will actually sell," Vanir retorted with no small amount of exasperation. "But all you buy is junk created by a madman, and no one is buying them."

"Axton buys some of them!" Wiz argued.

"To use as scrap and material and because he wishes to share your bed," Vanir said with a roll of his eyes.

But rather than back down, Wiz just crossed her arms. "So? He still buys them. And he's welcome in my bed whenever he wants." She was blushing as she said it, but I could tell she meant it. With 99 Affection she was basically smitten with me. Though getting that last point of Affection had proven difficult.

I cut in there, interrupting before things got more heated. "As much as I would like to take up Wiz's offer and spend some quality time with her, I do have a couple things to take care of today. Actually, I came here to consult with you about something, Vanir."

"Oh?" he asked, turning to me with a grin. "The mysterious, all-knowing, and womanizing adventurer seeks the aid of the very Demon he defeated?"

As a demon, when I had defeated Vanir by snapping his mask in half, all I had accomplished was destroying the vessel he puppetted here on this world. Back in Hell, or wherever he lived, he was perfectly fine, and it was a simple matter for him to create a new mask, this one with the roman numeral for two on the forehead, and send it back here.

Thankfully, when he came back, he did so as a free demon, and not as a General of the Demon Lord's army. So, for the purposes of my quest, he was dealt with. He also held no hard feelings for our fight, as he considered conflict between Adventurers and Generals a natural and expected thing. Instead, he moved in with his friend, Wiz, and made a deal with her to raise the funds to create his dream dungeon. It wasn't going well.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll pay you," I said, ignoring his barbs.

"Very well," he accepted. "I shall lend you my expertise." He turned to Wiz. "Since he is here as a customer, and since he is practically your only customer, make yourself useful and prepare some tea for us."

"O-oh, right!" Wiz said before scampering into the back room. Vanir then walked out from behind the counter and the two of us sat at the small table Wiz had there.

"Before you tell me what aid you seek, let it be known that what I charge you will depend on what aid I give you, but also that I pride myself on fair dealings and will not charge more than it is worth," he said. "Now, if that is agreeable with you, then tell me how Vanir the All-Seeing can help."

"You know the true identity of the blue-haired member of my party, right?" I asked, getting straight to business.

Vanir instantly scowled. "The petulant and irksome goddess Aqua, yes? She has come by a few times to harass Wiz and chase away customers."

I blinked. I thought I prevented her from finding out what Wiz was, but apparently, she found out anyway. Dammit. "I'll try to keep her on a tighter leash," I promised.

"If you can manage it, I will gladly give you a discount on my services," Vanir said. "But yes, I know what she is. Though not why you put up with her."

"You don't have any guesses?" I asked. "I thought you had me figured out?" It had turned into a bit of a game between us. I was immune to Vanir's normal ability to analyze and predict people, but the people around me weren't, providing him an indirect way to unravel my secrets. I had kept Momo away from him though, as that would make it too easy for him.

"Ah, of course," he replied with a knowing smile. "You wish to bed the goddess? I suppose it's only natural for mortals such as yourself to reach for such lofty goals. While I do not feel any sexual urges myself, I suppose I can understand the desire to sully someone like her. But no doubt you've run into an impassable roadblock."

"So you do know why my normal methods aren't working," I guessed, leaning forward.

"Of course!" he replied dramatically. "After all, gods and goddesses such as her are my sworn enemy, so it is only natural that I'm aware of every facet of their beings. I know the exact cause of your problems, and I know how to overcome that obstacle. On top of that, I believe we can come to a mutually beneficial deal." His smile turned conspiratorial.

"Oh?" I asked, a matching smile growing on my face. "I'm listening."

"Normally I would charge quite a bit for information such as this," he started. "After all, information about the workings of divinities is a rare and precious thing. However, seeing as how you intend to use it, I will gladly give you this information for free. After all, no amount of gold could compare to seeing a goddess such as her corrupted by sexual desires and becoming dependent on a mortal. The shame of a goddess such as her would be a feast unlike any other."

"I think we're going to be very good friends Vanir," I said. "I'll accept that deal, I have no reason not to since it was what I planned on doing all along."

Vanir nodded. "The best deals are the ones where both parties benefit," Vanir agreed. "The information you lack is this: Aqua is rather young by the standards of the Gods, created when this world was and put in charge of it. And young divinities lack a sex drive entirely."

I blinked. That…made sense. I couldn't make her aroused because she just couldn't feel arousal. "But there are definitely gods who are horny," I countered. "I've heard too many stories of gods descending to bone a mortal." Mostly Zeus.

Vanir nodded. "There are, of course, exceptions, such as those who see over domains related to love and sex," he explained. "But even outside of those exceptions, their lack of sex drive is only their initial state. It can be unlocked, so to speak, through one of two methods. The first, and by far the most common, is to have them fall in love with a mortal. In doing so, they will grow to know sexual desires for the first time. And they will never forget it afterward, even should they fall out of love, or the mortal in question passes away."

I leaned back, contemplating his words. I hadn't ever heard of anything like that but it made sense. Those who were born divine didn't function the same as those born as mortals, and without a need for sex to procreate, it being an optional or locked thing wasn't a crazy concept. But the problem was…

"What's the second option?" I asked. Getting Aqua to fall in love with me? With her personality? I couldn't even imagine how I would accomplish that. She was at 72 Affection now, above the limit of what I could artificially increase using a Heart Crystal, and I certainly wouldn't describe her as even having a crush on me.

"There is a rare flower that can accomplish the same feat," he explained, causing me to breathe a sigh of relief. That sounded much more doable. "For mortals, it has some minor medicinal properties, but due to its comparative rarity, very few mortals use it. But the petals of the flower, when worked into anything they digest, will cause their sex drives to unlock, and even act as an aphrodisiac."

"That sounds perfect," I said. "And also convenient."

"Quite," he agreed. "Unfortunately, I'm afraid there are some rather inconvenient parts. For one, while I can describe the flower for you, or even draw you a picture if you'd like, I'm afraid I do not know where you could acquire one of these. They are exceedingly rare, to the point where I would wager there are less than a handful of them in the world. Second, they can grow in any sort of environment, so long as it's a world overseen by the gods, so I can't narrow it down to a location either. You will be on your own when it comes to tracking it down."

I sighed. "Unfortunate, but I can figure it out. Even with that, it'll probably be easier than the first method. If you could draw a picture of it and provide me with as much info on it as you can, I'll come up with a way to track it down."

"Very well," he agreed, pulling out a piece of parchment and a pencil before starting to draw.

Wiz chose that time to enter the room, a tray of tea in hand. Idly I noted three cups on the tray. Sure enough, she took the chance to sit down at the other chair of the table, joining us. She smiled at me before pouring a cup of tea and placing it in front of me. I nodded to her and picked it up to take a sip, which seemed to please her. She then turned her attention to Vanir and what he was drawing.

"You're looking for a flower?" Wiz asked as she placed another cup in front of Vanir.

"For a potion I want to make," I answered before Vanir could say anything. I didn't really want to tell Wiz why I actually needed it. "Unfortunately I don't know much about it, so I asked Vanir, and he knows a bit more. But not where to find it."

Wiz studied the picture of the flower Vanir just finished drawing and was writing below. "Hmm. I don't recognize it, but if it's a rare flower you're looking for, then I know someone who probably can lead you to it."

I turned to Wiz in surprise before I remembered that, once upon a time, Wiz was one of, if not the top adventurers in Belzerg with a lot of experience under her belt. "Who?" I asked.

"I don't know his name, because he's not very friendly, but there's an old druid that lives deep in the forest on the border of the country," Wiz explained. "If anyone knows where you can find it, it'll be him."

"That's a great lead," I said. "Do you know where exactly he lives?"

But she shook her head. "As far as I remember, he doesn't exactly have a home. He lives in the woods and wanders around them. But there is a nearby town that he sometimes visits. If you ask around there you can probably find him."

Of course he did. I sighed but nodded. "Thanks, Wiz, I'll make sure to do that."

Her expression immediately brightened and she pressed her hands together. "Of course Axton! I'm glad to help. Do you want me to join you in looking?"

"Absolutely not," Vanir cut in as he finished writing and handed me the piece of parchment. "You have a shop to run here, and we have a lot of work to do to get back out of debt."

Wiz deflated a little, so I patted her shoulder comfortingly. "I appreciate the offer, but your business should come first," I said. "Besides, I have a party to rely on for things like this. Searching for this will make a fun trip." It would probably be faster on my own, but that would be a waste. Rather than do the same boring extermination requests all the time, an outing like this could be fun.

Wiz seemed to accept that. "Yes, going on adventures for rare items is an important bonding activity for any adventuring group," she agreed. "In that case, I'll wish you the best of luck."

I glanced over the parchment Vanir gave me, memorizing it, and nodded before putting it in my inventory. "Thanks, Wiz," I said as I got up. "And once more, thanks Vanir for the info. I'll put it to good use, I promise you that."

+6 Affection with Vanir
For striking a fun deal with him

"I look forward to the results," Vanir agreed. "If I can be of any more assistance, do not hesitate to seek me out."

I paused, and then took a pouch of Eris out of my inventory before tossing it to Vanir, who caught it with a look of surprise. "Here," I said. "A tip, and for the extra information Wiz provided."

A knowing smile grew on Vanir's face. "I see. In that case, I'll gladly accept."

I said my goodbyes and left the shop. After making a quick stop to set some things in motion I headed home and had dinner with everyone. Afterward, I had to fight the urge to go back to relaxing or pull one of my girls into my lap for some fun. That sort of thing could wait a bit. There was something I needed to do that was long overdue.

I headed downstairs to the basement, where I typically did my crafting. There was a quest I planned on completing right here and now.

The Fragments Reforged
Objective: Collect all seven Excalibur's and combine them back together
Reward: True Excalibur, 100k Hunie, 1 million Class XP

It was a pretty simple quest, but not an easy one. I had been given it after acquiring just a single Excalibur after all, and getting all of them, most of which were owned by the Church at the time, was no small feat. Not to mention that [Alchemy] hadn't had a method that could combine them. The only option I had for combining items were the ritual circles that required five items, no more, no less.

But [Alchemical Blood] was a different matter.

[Alchemical Blood] - Level 100
Turn your bodily fluids into Potions. Potions must first be learned by drinking it. You have a 100% chance of learning the potion upon consumption. You can learn up to 44 potions this way. Special Alchemy can be performed by using your blood as a base.

When I first read the last line of the skill description I assumed it meant that I would be able to do the same exact item-combining as before, just using my blood to draw the ritual circles. But the other day, when I went to try it, I discovered that wasn't the case, and the skill was giving me very different instructions. Instructions that were more appropriate to the new theme of the skill.

On one of the several tables was a large block of copper, something I had prepared once I discovered the new nature of my alchemy skill. I placed my hand on it and used [Shape Metal] on it, willing it to shift its shape. Soon it went from a solid block to a long trough, six feet long, eight inches wide, and a foot deep.

Then I grabbed a knife, put my arm over the trough, and slit my wrist, spilling my blood into it. I used [Hemomancy] to help speed up the process, pulling the blood out of my body faster. It was still a slow process though, and a few minutes into it someone knocked on the door to the basement. I quickly checked to see who it was, and was mildly surprised that it was Leticia. Her expression was unreadable and [Empathy] didn't work from this range, so I wasn't sure why she was here.

I shrugged and opened the door with a bit of [Telekinesis]. "Come in!" I shouted, using [Sound Domain] to make sure she could hear me. She hesitated for a moment, but soon stepped past the doorway and started descending the stairs. I kept filling the trough with my blood, waiting for her

She entered the basement and looked around for a moment, her eyes taking in all the equipment present. Most of it was stuff I used to make potions. Her eyes caught on the water tree sapling and widened in recognition and surprise. Ah, right. That was an item from Little Garden, her world, wasn't it?

"What's up?" I asked her, turning my head to look at her. She then looked at me, finally noticing what I was doing, and her eyes grew even wider. But to her credit, that was her only reaction, and she approached me only slightly cautiously.

"I smelt a lot of blood, so I was worried," she admitted, her eyes drawn to the large amount of it in the trough. "That is…a lot of blood. Are you okay?"

"Honestly I'm healing it faster than it's coming out," I admitted. [Hemomancy] was the only reason the slash on my wrist hadn't closed.

Leticia blinked. "I see," she replied. "That is…rather impressive."

I shrugged. "Sorry about the smell," I said. "I didn't realize it would spread out of the room."

She shook her head. "No, I doubt anyone else will be able to tell. I'm just particularly sensitive to the smell of blood, especially right now."

I frowned, looking at her. "What do you mean right now?" I asked.

She froze for a moment before looking away, fidgeting slightly. "I'm just a little hungry, that's all."

I sighed. "You know, I wasn't sure if you needed blood or not, but you never mentioned it, so I assumed you didn't. You should have told me. You can feed on me anytime you need."

She jolted in surprise and looked at me. "What?" she asked. "Do you even know what you're offering?"

"Do you see how much blood I'm casually collecting right now?" I rebutted. "I think you would burst before you took enough to hurt me, and if I recall correctly you have to give some of your own blood to turn the other person, right? So there's no risk for me."

"That…is true," she admitted slowly.

"Let me finish this, I want to get it done before I get distracted again, and then we'll get you sorted out, deal?"

She still felt unsure, but her eyes were once again being pulled to the massive amount of blood in front of her. She nodded slowly while biting her lip. "What are you doing with this much blood anyway?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Something special," I said vaguely. Judging that the trough had filled as much as it needed to I stopped pulling blood from my wrist and let my natural regen close the wound. "Tell me, do you have a weakness to Holy power? If so, you might want to take a step back."

This seemed to alarm her even as she shook her head. "No, that's a myth, at least for Little Garden vampires. But what does blood have to do with Holy power?"

"Directly? Nothing. But I'll be using it to combine these." I waved my hand on the table next to the trough and dropped the seven Excalibur fragments onto it one by one. Leticia stiffened under the presence of the aura of power generated by the seven powerful artifacts.

"Those are-?" Leticia asked, her sentence trailing off.

"Long ago an incredibly powerful sword was made through the powers of magic and alchemy," I explained. "It was named Excalibur and was wielded by a great king." Leticia nodded, most likely familiar with at least one version of the legend, since Little Garden was a sort of central hub for mythology. "It was broken, and since the original method of creation had been lost, they weren't able to repair it. But they took the seven fragments and turned them into individual blades. These are those blades."

"And you're going to put them in there?" she asked. "That seems…" she trailed off, apparently not able to find the word to describe it.

"Due to a recent breakthrough in my crafting abilities, I believe I can use my blood as a medium to combine different magical items into one," I said. It was more than a belief, it was literally what the skill was telling me to do when I tried to use it. It seemed overly macabre, but also appropriate for the new form the skill had taken.

Leticia once again felt unsure, but she didn't say anything as I grabbed the swords one by one. Destruction was first, as it was a massive two-handed blade that just barely fit into the dimensions of the trough. The level of the blood rose quite a bit as I lowered it in. My hand was also covered in still-warm blood up to my forearm, but a quick application of [Hemomancy] cleaned it up.

Next was Mimic, which took on the appearance of the Ka-bar knife I used to use whenever I held it. Then Rapidly, which appeared to be a plain but high-quality katana in a simple sheath. Nightmare, a black rapier with a menacing aura, was next. Transparency was another dagger, this one made of crystal, and it went into the trough as well. Blessing, a short sword with a large guard so it was proportioned like a cross, followed it. And last but not least, Ruler, another greatsword almost as large as Destruction, but far more regal and ornate, was lowered in.

I probably could have done that in a better order, but they all fit, albeit barely. The blood, displaced by all the weapons I had filled the trough with, had risen to just below the lip of it, threatening to overflow if I put anything else in.

Thankfully, that wasn't necessary. Instead, I put my hand over it and then started pouring my mana into it, like I was making a potion. But this required far more mana than any potion I had ever made.

Leticia felt equal parts nervous and curious as my blood greedily drank every drop of mana I poured into it, demanding more. The room seemed to dim as the blood itself began to glow with a deep red light. Both of us watched it, transfixed, as we felt the magical power within it grow and change.

We watched as the glowing blood then started to seemingly drain out from the trough. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say it was being absorbed. Either way, it emptied rapidly, quickly revealing that the swords that were previously stacked inside of it were no longer present. But as the blood got lower and lower, the power emanating from within the trough only grew stronger.

Finally, as it neared the bottom, a shape appeared. Leticia and I both peered down into the trough as the last of the blood disappeared and the reforged Excalibur was revealed. I reached inside and picked it up.

It was a hand-and-a-half sword, also known as a bastard sword, one that could be wielded either with one hand or two, making it more versatile. Its blade was plain steel, but it gleamed with a luster that I hadn't ever seen matched, and even looking at the edge made me feel like I was in danger of being cut. The hilt, guard, and pommel were all similarly constructed, putting function over form, but with small details and with high-quality materials that made it shine and stand out.

True Excalibur
The ultimate form of the Excalibur Fragments, reforged by an unparalleled master of alchemy. It is capable of unleashing powerful waves of power when swung, changing its shape and form, increasing the wielder's speed and strength, creating powerful illusions, rendering the wielder and itself invisible, boosting the Holy power of the wielder, enhancing holy rituals, and subjugating beings and objects.

Unable to wield True Excalibur properly due to lack of Faith

Quest Complete!
The Fragments Reforged
Objective: Collect all seven Excalibur's and combine them back together with [Alchemy]
Reward: True Excalibur, 100k Hunie, 1 million Class XP

I could practically feel the change as my Adventurer class jumped up almost thirty levels, not only granting me a third of the strength I had given up in coming here, but also thirty levels of new stats. In fact… I pulled up my own stats.

Level: 472
Class: Adventurer(72/100)
HP: 155,700 (11,833 per second)
MP: 216,230 (18,596 per second)
SP: 175,740 (13,356 per second)
CON: 2595
STR: 2929
DEX: 3058
INT: 3089
WIS: 3004
CHA: 2477
LUK: 2561

Sure enough, my stats were now higher than they were when I left DxD. I still had 28% of my stats to reclaim, but the growth from this class had bridged that gap. I grinned. In the end, it had been a pretty small price to pay for a class like Adventurer. I had gone into it knowing that it was a long-term investment for a short-term cost, but I hadn't expected the short-term cost to be so short or easy to handle. Then again, I had come to a world where I could have done pretty well with just 5% of my stats, so perhaps it was more of a case of being completely overpowered.

I made a mental note to finish leveling up the class soon and put finished True Excalibur into my inventory. It would make a great gift for Asia when I got back.

"I've never seen anything like that before," Leticia said, snapping me back to the present. "I've seen powerful swords forged and repaired, and I've seen all sorts of rituals and spells using blood as a power source or medium. But I don't think I've ever seen it used like that, to forge a sword."

"I'd get used to that feeling if I were you," I said with a grin as I reshaped the trough back into a copper block. I'd reshape it into something else next time I did this kind of alchemy. "Stick with me long enough, and it doesn't matter how old you are. Your concept of 'normal' is going to get all screwed up."

"I see," she pondered. As she did I pulled a comfortable wooden chair out of my inventory and sat down on it. She looked at me curiously before stiffening as I took my shirt off. "Sir?" she asked, unsure.

"It's your turn now," I said. I patted my lap and tilted my head, offering her my neck with a teasing grin. "Don't be shy, dig in."

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she caught on. There were a dozen other ways she could drink my blood, but I was inviting her to do the most intimate one, with her on my lap drinking straight from my neck. And my grin made it clear to her that I knew exactly what I was doing.

She was, of course, free to insist on one of those other options. And I would gladly do so, albeit a little sad that I didn't get a chance to get a bit more intimate with her. But in the weeks since I had summoned her, we had developed a very specific relationship. One where I lightly flirted with her, and she teased me back, both of us carefully toeing an unspoken line of not going too far with it while trying to get the other to commit more, or to get a reaction out of them.

Of course, it was a game where I had the advantage, and she knew it. But she played nonetheless, knowing how it would end up. But with this scenario, I was forcing her to choose a path. She could back down and ask for another method or even just walk behind me to reduce the intimacy that would come from being on my lap. And it would be a clear sign that I pushed too far, which would be a point for her.

But it would be a setback in the game, and in our relationship. Things had been progressing bit by bit, and we were both enjoying the slow escalation. In a way, while I would lose a point for pushing too far, she would also lose a point for reaching her limit in our game.

My grin widened slightly as she thought over her options. All of which meant that, in terms of the game between us, all of her options were roughly equal. So the only other consideration was just her own feelings. Did she want to accept this minor escalation, to speed things up between us? Or did she want to slow it down?

I had also done it to help get her over her hesitance to feed on me. I wasn't an idiot, I could tell she was clearly unsure about doing so. I didn't know if it was because she was ashamed of needing to, if it was because I was her boss-slash-master, or if she had some other reason. But by turning it into part of our game, she could ignore that hesitation.

It only took a couple heartbeats for her to realize the situation I had placed her in. I could see it in the minute changes to her expression and the flashes of emotion I picked up from her with [Empathy]. But after considering it, she straightened her back and met my eyes.

+15 Affection with Leticia Draculea
For your generous offer, and for letting her choose

Perk upgraded for 50 Affection with Leticia Draculea
[Siren Blood] - Increases Affection gain with those that drink blood by 40%

"I thank you for your offer," she said to me as she curtsied, every inch the perfect maid. Which made it especially nice when she climbed onto my lap, her relatively small form settling comfortably there as her hands grabbed onto my bare shoulders.

I considered putting my hands on her, but there was a trace of nervousness in her emotions, and I decided that I had pushed her far enough for today. "I'm ready when you are," I told her. "Don't worry about taking too much, just get what you need."

She nodded and opened her mouth. Her teeth were usually pretty normal, with her canines maybe being a little more pronounced. But as I watched, they quickly grew sharper and longer, and I was very willing to admit to the thrill of excitement that sent through me.

It didn't really hurt when she bit down on me, clamping on to the spot where my neck met my shoulder. I wasn't sure if it was something to do with her bite, such as a mild anesthetic or just being sharp enough to not hurt, or if I was just used to minor amounts of pain like that. Either way, I wasn't complaining.

Almost immediately I felt a strong wave of shock from the girl sucking my blood accompanied by a fainter sense of enjoyment. She pulled back from my neck, putting some space between us as she fixed me with a glare. "You…are human, right?"

"Mostly?" I said. "I mean, I was human to start out with, though I admit I've added some other stuff into my DNA. Is that a problem?"

Her expression was flat, but I could still feel the surprise from her, even as it slowly diminished. "It's not…a problem," she said after a moment. "I was just surprised. Your blood tastes weird, but in a good way."

Huh. I wasn't even doing anything to it. I assumed my blood wouldn't be that different, but in hindsight, that was maybe a dumb assumption. Between my abnormal race, my Void-tainted nature, and the different skills that I frequently used to affect my blood, it having a unique taste, or even unique properties, was only to be expected.

"I wasn't aware my blood would be so unique," I replied. "But I'm glad it's good. Sorry for the surprise."

She shook her head, dismissing my apology, before leaning forward to bite me once more. This time when she drank the feeling of enjoyment was the prominent one, and the surprise was absent.

+15 Affection with Leticia Draculea
For your delicious blood

The feeling of blood leaving my body was a pretty familiar one to me by this point with how often I had done it myself in my crafting. But this wasn't me pulling my blood out of my body with [Hemomancy]. A cute girl was sitting on my lap, her lips around my neck, and she was doing it this time. The situation turned me on more than I expected.

But even more surprising was Leticia's own rapidly rising arousal. Even with our games, and even with this situation, the speed at which she was getting horny felt abnormal. I wasn't doing anything to her, was I? Unless…my blood did more than just taste different?

A low hum escaped her throat as her grip tightened on my shoulders. She pressed herself against me, the relatively thin fabric of her maid uniform the only thing between us. I could feel the subtle and soft sensation of her rather small breasts pressing against me. Her hard nipples that poked into my chest were a much less subtle sensation. She had gone from nervous to extremely turned on in just a few moments.

It was when she started grinding herself on my lap that I decided not to question it too much and just go with the flow. She didn't react when my hands rose to grab her by the hips, nor to my stiffening member in my pants. Unless shifting her movements to more accurately press her crotch against the bulge and letting out a muffled moan counted as a reaction.

Just as I was wondering how far this was going to go, and just how much blood she was going to drink she suddenly pulled back, jumping off of my lap. She landed on her feet, legs spread in a defensive position. Her eyes were wide and a little wild and her chest heaved as she gasped for breath.

"Leticia?" I called out, a little concerned. "You okay?"

"I-" she started, seeming to calm down just a little bit. "Your blood. It was…" she trailed off.

"I noticed," I said, understanding what she meant. "Sorry, if I knew that was going to be the case I would have warned you. You're the first one to drink my blood though." At least in its blood form, and not the form of some kind of potion.

She relaxed a bit more. Her arousal wasn't diminishing, but it was being tempered by her slowly rising embarrassment. She was doing a good job hiding it in her expression, but the way she avoided my gaze gave it away, even with [Empathy]. "It's- It's fine," she said.

"Did you get enough?" I asked. "If not-"

"I'm fine," she cut me off, her voice not panicked but certainly firm. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to turn in for the night." Without waiting for a reply from me she turned around and quickly headed back up the stairs.

I contemplated what had just happened as I put my shirt back on and started cleaning up. My blood was, apparently, a powerful aphrodisiac. Did that apply to just vampires? I'd have to find a non-vampiric but still blood-drinking race to find out. The bigger question was why it was like that. A coincidence of all the different things that affected my blood? Maybe, but I considered that unlikely. It felt like it was too fitting.

I thought back to the Perk that got upgraded when Leticia hit 50 Affection earlier. Siren Blood. Did the perk do more than just increase Affection gains, and did it make my blood actually call out to those who drank it?

I made a mental note to ask Kyu later. She would know. Hopefully. Not that the 'why' mattered overly much. Now that I was aware of it, I could take advantage of it. Leticia had fled, but it wasn't because she hadn't enjoyed it, but instead because it was embarrassing and it had scared her how fast it had gone, and how little control she had over it. Which was very understandable, and I wouldn't have expected anything less from her.

As much as I was willing to go with the flow with her sudden arousal, it was probably for the best that she had stopped. She had left me horny as hell, but that was still better than her regretting it later and ruining my future chances with her. Losing the battle to win the war was an acceptable outcome.

On the bright side, I wasn't the only one feeling blue balled. A quick check-in with Leticia showed that she had fled to her room and was under the covers of her bed, touching herself. After a moment of watching her, I throbbed with need.

Thankfully I had plenty of other girls that would be more than willing to help me out. Deciding to shelve the Leticia issue for now and wait for the next time she needed blood, I teleported up to my room, where Momo and Kyu already were. I appeared in front of them, naked with my erection standing tall. The two girls looked at me and smiled before they started removing their own clothes.

It was a while before we got to sleep that night.

Leticia avoided the dining room the next morning, giving Kuro Usagi an excuse about needing to take care of something and immediately leaving the mansion. Breakfast was normally a big group affair, with all of the residents of the house getting together for a meal, but she couldn't face Axton right now. Not when the memory of last night was still so fresh in her mind.

She felt a blush creep up her cheeks just thinking about it. In all her years of life, she had never felt like that. She wasn't sure why, but his blood may as well have been ambrosia for how good it tasted and how much of her strength it restored.

All at the low cost of causing her to throw away all of her shame and modesty.

The feelings it roused inside of her were unlike anything she had experienced. She hadn't gotten drunk off of it, her mind had remained clear. And it was more than just her arousal being inflamed. She had used aphrodisiacs a time or two, and it hadn't been like that.

The closest thing she could compare it to was her own vampiric need for blood. Every swallow of his blood slaked her thirst but deepened her need and desire for sexual release by an equal amount. And she got so caught up in the moment she hadn't even considered how to react to that. She just did.

When she finally snapped back to her senses she had immediately wrenched herself away from him. But she still wasn't sure whether or not that was the correct move. On one hand, it wasn't like she was against the idea of sleeping with Axton. It was a little fast and she still had some reservations about her new master, but she could use the relief. And how many other options was she likely to have? Especially with her young-looking body? She'd heard enough stories about their life back home from Momo, and she knew that Axton's life was far enough removed from normal human standards that it was easy for him to see past her apparent age. After all, he had never even slightly treated her like a child. But most normal and human men that would be willing to pursue her were the kind she'd rather not interact with.

On the other hand, she didn't want it like that. She didn't want to sleep with him just because she had lost control of her lust, like some animal in heat. She cringed as she remembered the embarrassing way she had grinded herself on him, still drinking his blood despite her thirst being sated. No. If she was going to have sex with Axton, she definitely didn't want things to go like that.

She wasn't sure what to do about blood in the future though. Namely, whether or not she would drink his again. It was delicious, but the effects were a pain to deal with. The desire hadn't gone away when she came to her senses. In fact, by the time she made it back to her room, it almost seemed worse. She had stripped down and tried to take care of it herself, masturbating fiercely for the first time in a very long time.

But one orgasm wasn't enough, and Kuro Usagi had entered their shared bedroom before she could climax a second time. She cursed her decision to share a room with her bunny-girl friend. She pretended like she was asleep, controlling her breathing perfectly. Usagi had seemed concerned that she was asleep so early, but she hadn't said anything.

Leticia then lay there for an hour, a deep ache pounding her core, filling her with need and desire. But she didn't dare touch herself, knowing that her partner's hearing was sensitive enough that it was a miracle the other girl hadn't realized what Leticia was doing before she came in.

When she was sure Usagi was asleep, and when she felt herself approaching the limit of her ability to refrain from touching herself, she quietly slipped out of the room, headed for the bath on the other side of the house, ran the water to cover the noise, and then fingered herself to multiple orgasms over the next couple hours.

By the time her lust died down, she was lying face-up on the bathroom floor, naked and covered in both sweat and water as her chest heaved. Her pussy was red and raw from her rough ministrations, throbbing no longer with need, but with a dull ache. With tired and trembling limbs, she had washed herself up, made her way back to her bedroom, and immediately fallen asleep.

A smile of amusement tugged her lips slightly upward. If nothing else, it was a good sleep aid. Even after hundreds of years of forcefully making herself sleep at night so she could be awake while the sun was out, it was often difficult for her to fall asleep at night.

But her smile left her face as she began to contemplate the question that had been hanging over her since she woke up. Had Axton done it on purpose? Had he been aiming for that situation last night? He certainly went with the flow easily enough, though that didn't mean anything by itself. He was a man who had been flirting with her, and while he was generally a good person, she had a feeling he would have been fine with taking the chance to have sex with her, altered mindset or not.

But was he the kind to arrange that? She was less sure about that. He was most likely capable of it. Between his potion-making skills, the hemomancy that he had taught her, and whatever other tricks with his blood he knew, it wasn't impossible for him to do something like that.

But just because he could, didn't mean he did. He had seemed genuinely surprised, but then again, she had no idea how good his acting skills were. Spiking his own blood with an aphrodisiac seemed unlikely though, especially when he didn't know beforehand that she was going to be down there, or even that she would need blood. Unless he lured her down there with the scent of blood on purpose, guessing it had been a while since she had fed. He knew she was a vampire, and while he claimed to have not known if she needed blood, she had no way of being certain of that.

Not to mention that the idea of a vampire not needing to drink blood, even a little bit, to survive, sounded preposterous to her. He had also claimed that she was the first to drink his blood, but that was more unverifiable information. There was too much about her new master that she couldn't be certain of, with her only evidence being his words and the ones close to him.

But the biggest point in his favor was that he had made no attempts to prevent her from ending things, not even trying to use words to convince her. Not that she had given him much of a chance, but there had been time for him to try to change her mind. If his goal had been to maneuver her into position to have sex with him, then he would have.

In fact, the entire thing didn't make sense as a ploy. She wasn't sure about a lot of things when it came to Axton, but she knew he was smart, and that he understood people. The Game they played with their flirting made that clear, especially with how well he maneuvered himself into a strong position with his offer last night, while still giving her control and a choice that wouldn't cost her either way.

So he should have been aware that tricking her into fucking him like that would have been a poor move in the long term. He may have gone with the flow, but in the context of not knowing exactly what was going on, and the fact that she knew for a fact how lustful and weak to sex he was, she didn't blame him for that.

She sighed as she entered the town properly, the hustle and bustle of the early morning crowds filling the street around her. She wasn't completely sure, but she doubted he had done it on purpose. The facts just fit better in the context of him telling the truth.

But that didn't answer her original question, of what she would do for blood from now on. After a feeding like that, it would be some weeks before she would start feeling hungry again, but it would happen eventually. And as much as she didn't care for the after-effects, his blood was by far the best she had ever had. She wasn't sure she would take any pleasure from normal blood anymore, not after experiencing that.

She grimaced but pushed the question out of her mind. She had time until she had to answer it, and her emotions were still too much of a mess to come to an answer right now. She'd decide later if it was worth it or not.

The next morning, I walked into the Adventurer's Guild with my party as usual. Also as usual, we headed immediately for the Quest board, where all the jobs that needed to be done were posted. But before we got there, we were stopped by Luna, who waved us over to the counter.

That wasn't too unusual of an event, as Luna sometimes set certain quests aside for us that she wanted us to personally take care of. So no one batted an eye as we detoured to go talk to her.

"Good morning Luna," I said, flashing her a smile. "You've got something for us today?"

She smiled back, a bit of actual warmth behind it, rather than being purely professional. "Something special, and a bit unusual," she started. "You have been specially requested for a job. Normally, that's not something we allow. But they were quite insistent, and they're offering quite a bit of money as the reward." She pulled a piece of paper out from a stack on her desk and pushed it across the counter towards us. "It's a little unorthodox, but we agreed to at least give you the first chance at it. You are, of course, free to decline it, and some other party will be able to pick up the quest. But I recommend doing it, as it seems straightforward enough and within your capabilities."

I looked down at the paper and saw the familiar drawing of and information about the flower that would unlock Aqua's sex drive and hid a grin. Ariel worked fast. Last night, after talking to Vanir, I swung by the Succubus Cafe and told her to put in a request with the Guild for me to find the flower, giving her a large amount of money to fund it with. I didn't want to just ask my party to come with me to help find it. Then I'd have to answer questions about why I wanted it. It was better if they didn't think it was for me, or that I would have it.

I glanced over at Aqua. There was always the chance that she'd recognize it too. But I shouldn't have worried, she showed no reaction to it as she peered over my shoulder to get a look at it.

But I felt concern emanating from Momo. "Why would they request us specifically?" Momo asked. "Searching for something like this is something we can certainly do, but it's not like we're known for it."

Luna sighed. "If you're worried about it being a trap, it's possible, but I don't consider it likely. Rather, they seemed like an…eccentric person who had more money than she had sense. I was the one that met with her personally, and she gave me the impression that she simply wanted to be able to say that she had a quest done by the up-and-coming Axton and his party. After that situation with the second Demon Lord's general, stories about you are starting to circulate even outside of Axel. You are rather famous now." Her expression was passive and business-like, but her emotions were an odd blend of pride and jealousy.

More interesting were my companions' reactions to Luna's words. Momo still seemed a little nervous, but not as much as before, accepting Luna's judgment. Megumin was equal parts proud and nervous, no doubt glad she was achieving the fame she wanted, but getting a bit of stage fright knowing she had the spotlight on her. Darkness only felt proud, most likely glad to be accomplishing her goals as a Crusader. And Aqua felt vindicated, as if this was the expected outcome.

"Well, if someone wants to pay us extra to do a quest we probably would have done anyway, I don't mind," I said with a shrug. "And if it is a trap, we'll just make them regret it." I felt agreement from the rest of my party as they nodded.

"In that case, the quest is yours," Luna said. "As you can see, there is not much information about where you can find the flower. But the client did have one lead. There's an old druid who lives in the forest in the southern part of Belzerg. There's a town called Elwin that borders that forest, and they may be able to point you in the right direction."

I nodded as I folded up the piece of paper that had the drawing of the flower. "We can work with that. We'll be back within a week or so." Even on a wagon, it would take two days to reach Elwin. With any luck, we'd find it on the first day and be able to immediately teleport back. But I knew better than to account for everything going to plan.

"Good luck!" she said with a smile that showed no signs of worry. After all, we had taken more dangerous jobs and ones that took us even further away from Axel without issue. This job would be the same, right?

It took us two days to reach Elwin by hitching a ride with a traveling merchant. It then took most of the next day to even find a hint of a lead. There were only a handful of people in town that knew of the druid in question and none of them knew how to find him, only that he popped into town once in a blue moon.

That was, until we found one old farmer who lived on the edge of town.

"The druid fella?" the old man said. "Yeah, I know where he is. What's it to ya?"

"We're trying to find him," I explained. "We need his expertise to help track down a certain flower."

A scowl appeared on the old man's face. "A flower? Bah. You don't need to be botherin' him none over a stupid little flower. The man don't like people much. He deserves some privacy."

My eyebrow twitched. Between the lack of people that knew the druid and the fact that my searches of the local forest with [Void Sight] did not bear any results, this search had turned out a lot more frustrating than I thought it would be. I was not going to let the first actual lead we found slip by for a reason like that.

But as I was about to say something, I felt Momo's hand touch my arm. I glanced at her and she gave me a reassuring smile before stepping closer to the old man. "I understand that, and I think it's good of you to make sure he's not bothered more than necessary," she said in a kind tone. "I assure you, we wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important. The flower we're looking for is important, and it just might be able to save a child's life. Isn't that worth just a moment of his time?"

I schooled my expression, hiding my surprise that Momo would spin a lie like that. Then again, if you paid attention to her wording, you would notice that she only very heavily implied that it was for the sake of healing a sick kid or something along those lines. She didn't know what it would be used for though, so really her words were just a guess; one of several possibilities presented as fact.

Also, she was both a Devil and the daughter of the CEO of a rather large business. It was easy to forget that sometimes. Even if Sona and Rias were pretty chill and kind for being Devils, this level of manipulation was certainly not something they'd shy away from.

The man's face softened a bit at her words, but not completely. He looked away with a snort. "Well, if it's so important, I might be willin' to tell ya," he said, tone still grumpy but lacking the bite it had before. "But only if you do somethin' for me first."

I held back a sigh. Well, that much was to be expected for this kind of quest after all. "What do you need?" I asked.

The old man points to a nearby wall where an old and batter scythe, the kind used for farming, hung. "I need that repaired," he said. "Nothing too hard to do, ol' Cletus can take care of it, he always has. But my knees aren't what they once were, and the trek across town would be hard on 'em."

"We'll make sure it gets done," Momo assured the old man. "And we'll bring it back as soon as we can, okay?"

"Feh," the old man replied. "Just don't go runnin' off with it. Not that it'll do ya any good."

I rolled my eyes as Darkness grabbed the scythe, and we left to head across town to find Cletus. I briefly considered fixing it myself, as [Shape Metal] could restore the chipped and cracked scythe to working order. But I put the thought aside. I had decided to make this a group thing for the fun of it, and as annoying as detours like this were, they were part of the questing experience. No need to ruin that by 'cheating' my way through it.

We would run one quick errand, bring him back the scythe, and then continue on with the information we needed. Easy.

"Hmm," Cletus, a middle-aged man with a scruffy beard, hummed as he looked at the scythe we handed him. "Jensen needs his scythe repaired? I'd like to help, but I'm afraid I can't."

"It's not too broken to be repaired, is it?" I asked. I wasn't an expert on metalwork by any means, but it didn't seem that bad to me.

Thankfully, he shook his head. "Nah, it ain't that," he said. "It's just that I've run out of coal for my forge. I can't so much as make a nail right now."

"We can go get you some coal, I'm sure," I offered.

But he just scoffed. "Not in town you can't. Me and a few others normally get weekly shipments from a mine a few hours east o' here. Problem is, it's been three weeks since the last shipment. We sent a runner, seems they're having some sort o' issue preventing them from getting more coal. They also said they would be up and running again soon, but we ain't heard from them since."

"Is there nowhere else you can get coal?" Darkness asked.

Cletus shrugged. "Nowhere close, we all get it from that mine. Might be able to get some in Axel, but not enough to matter, and it'd be too expensive to ship it from all the way there."

"We'll try going to the mine then," I said, already accepting where this was going. "See if we can't figure out what the problem is."

Cletus nodded at that. "A lotta people would appreciate it if you did, myself included. You bring me back some coal, and I'll fix that scythe up in a jiffy."

After getting some direction to the mine in question, we headed off for it. It was still early afternoon; with any luck, we could get some coal and get back by tonight.

"Please tell me you're from the Adventurer's Guild," a stressed-looking man with glasses pleaded as we approached the mine.

"We're adventurers, yes," I answered him, a little unnerved. "The Guild didn't send us though. A blacksmith in Elwin-"

"Nooooooooo!" the man cried out as he fell to his knees.

"Jeez, it's not that big a deal," Megumin replied. "We heard you've got problems and we came to see if we can help."

But the man just shook his head, even as he slowly forced himself back to his feet. "No, I can't let you in there. I put in the request to the Guild already and they were very clear that no one was to go in unless they were given permission from the Guild."

"Isn't it your mine though?" I asked. "Whatever it is, I'm sure we can take care of it. You don't even need to pay us, we just need some coal."

"And risk the consequences of disobeying the Guild?" the man replied. "I wouldn't dare, no matter how much danger my business is in. Please, just go to the Guild, get them to assign you the request, and come back. If you do, I'll give you all the coal you can carry on top of the reward I already paid them."

I let out a heavy sigh. There wasn't a Guild building in Elwin so… "Where did you place the request?" I asked, giving up on changing his mind.

"Norbik," he said, relief filling his emotions. "It's just a few hours north of here. The road will bring you straight there, you can't miss it."

I sighed again. There went any chance of getting this detour done tonight. Once again, the thought of shortcutting it and just stealing some coal crossed my mind, but I ignored the temptation. Annoying or not, it was just a bit of extra time lost. No big deal, right?

"I'm sorry, but I can't approve that quest right now," the male receptionist at the Norbik Guild Hall said.

My eyebrow twitched and I forced myself to take a slow and deep breath before speaking. "And why not?" I asked, struggling to keep my calm.

The man gulped, my obvious annoyance making him nervous. "It-it's not because you're not qualified sir," he replied with a slight stammer. "In fact, we'd be honored to have a party who defeated two of the Demon Lord's Generals take care of this. B-but we're in a state of emergency right now. A massive army of wolves keeps attacking the city every night. We think they're being led by a demonic beast, but we need every hand we can get to defend the city." The man glanced at the time. "Actually…we need to start preparing for tonight's defense right now. The attacks have been getting worse."

"So if we kill the wolves, you'll give us the quest?" I asked.

"I-" he started, caught off guard by the question. "Yes, I could, but-"

"You four, you help defend the city," I barked at my party, interrupting the receptionist. "Darkness and Megumin, you two work together to draw aggro, try to pull a big group away from the city walls, and then blow them up. Aqua, you stick with the defenders, healing and buffing duty. Momo, you're in charge of coordinating them and using your abilities as you see fit."

The girls, almost as annoyed as I was by this chain of detours, eagerly nodded, glad to finally have an actionable plan that didn't involve going to a different place to do something else for someone. Exterminating wolves was simple and easy and we were all sure it was the end of the chain.

"What will you be doing?" Aqua asked.

"I'm going to find their leader and kill it," I said. I turned back to the Guild receptionist. "Give me all of the information you have, now."

The sun rose the next morning to reveal wolf corpses scattered all around the city, cut apart by the magic and blades of the defending Adventurers. Rather noticeable was the large crater caused by Megumin's Explosion spell, but it had done the trick.

Even better, after delivering the Demonic Wolf's head to the Guild, they signed off on the request for the coal mine, and we hoofed it back, ready to slay more monsters to clear out the mine so that they could continue their operations.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as simple as that.

"Please, we mean no harm!" said the high-pitched voice of the lizard-like being in front of me. It had black scales and stood on two legs, but it was short, only coming up to my shin. But there were a lot of them, all huddling around us and filling every square foot of available standing space.

"Dwellers!" Darkness exclaimed in surprise. "Axton, we can't kill them!"

"They don't look so tough," I said, eyeing one warily, my mood still soured by all the delays.

"That's not what I meant!" she insisted. "Dwellers are an intelligent and peaceful species. They're important to the ecosystem and help restore natural resources. They typically live in empty caves, and wherever they live is eventually blessed with coal and iron. Then they move on to another empty cave and repeat the process. Nearly every country has strict laws against harming them."

The little Dweller nodded eagerly, but I narrowed my eyes at it. "So why are you here, in a very active and coal-filled mine?"

"We were chased out," it said in a squeaky voice. "A wraith came across our home and started hunting us, taking it over. We ran, but this was the only cave we could find before the sun rose."

I tilted my head in confusion and looked at Darkness. "Sunlight is deadly to Dwellers," she explained.

I sighed. I could try to find them a new cave to live in, or just kill the thing that drove them out in the first place. The second option felt easier. "Where is this old home of yours?" I asked wearily.

The wraith was, thankfully, easy to deal with. I didn't even have to do anything. It came straight for Aqua as soon as we stepped into the cave, and she just blasted it with a holy spell of hers, disintegrating it in seconds. Idiot or not, she was a damn good priest. It helped that she was actually a goddess. You probably couldn't get a better synergy than that.

Of course, we actually had to wait until nightfall before the Dwellers could actually vacate the coal mine and go back home. It was actually kind of neat to see them stream out of the cave and head off into the distance.

Thankfully, the foreman of the mine was just as eager to get things back into operation as I was, and they had miners ready to go as soon as the mine was clear. We still had to wait until morning, but when we left, we did so with two large sacks filled with coal and a promise that more would be shipped out to all of the normal places within a few days.

The blacksmith was happy with both the coal and the good news, and did exactly as he promised, fixing the old man's scythe in just a couple hours. When we brought it back to the old man, he grouched and complained about it taking too long, ignoring our explanations of the coal shortage issue we had to solve first. But he gave us directions to a spot in the woods where he had visited the Druid once.

I took his poor mood in stride though, finally glad to be back on track, even if we were several days behind schedule. Still, as we walked through the woods, following the old man's direction, I hoped that we would be able to wrap this up today, and by this time tomorrow, I'd have Aqua's lips around my dick.

That thought must have been why the universe decided to punish me.

We found the druid where the old man said he would be, and he looked every inch the part. Patchwork hide clothes, a gnarled wooden staff, and he smelled like he hadn't bathed in a year. A brown and disheveled beard hung from his chin all the way down to his stomach.

"I know the flower," he admitted as I showed him the paper with the information written on it. He hadn't been pleased by us showing up at his house, which was more of a hut, albeit a fairly nice one, but he had listened to our request. "I even know where to find it. But I'm not going to tell you for free."

"How much Eris do you want for the information?" I asked, resigned.

"Keep yer money," he said. "It's no use to me. No, I've got a task that needs doing, and it would be perfect for a young and spirited group like yourselves."

I froze and felt the others do the same behind me. I was far from the only one frustrated by the hoops we had been forced to jump through for this quest. For a moment, I feared I would snap, lunging at the old man in some untold mix of frustration and aggravation.

But the moment passed, and a wave of fatigue and apathy consumed me instead. "What favor?" I asked, tone despondent.

"Oh, it's nothing too bad," he replied casually. "It should only take a few hours."

Three days, a missing goat, a murder mystery that turned out to not even be a murder or death of any kind, a series of competitions against children at schoolyard games, and an infestation of goblins later, we finally returned to the Druid, meeting him once more outside of his hut. Morale was low, but we kept crawling forward, eyes on the end of the tunnel.

"Ah, my missing pipe," he said as I handed him the object in question. He dug in a pouch on his belt and grabbed a pinch full of some sort of ground plant matter. "When you didn't come back that night, I thought you gave up and left."

My eyebrow twitched. It had been doing that a lot. "No, we just…ran into difficulties," I said, not willing to elaborate. I watched as he lit his newly reacquired pipe and took a pull. "The plant?"

"Hmm?" he asked, blowing out a ring of smoke. "Oh, right. Hold on." He walked into his hut. I didn't even bother watching to see what he was doing, too drained to even care.

I immediately perked up when he came out a couple moments later carrying a clay pot filled with dirt and the very flower we came here looking for. He held it out, offering it to me. "Here you are. It's rare alright, but only because most people don't care about it. It's pretty easy to grow, and it's a gorgeous flower, so I've got a garden full of them."

I just stared at the flower he was offering me, my mind not comprehending. We- we were done? There wasn't anything more? No surprise detours, no last favors, no problems to solve? He was just giving it to us?

I reached out with nervous hands and took the flower from him. It felt so small, this object I had spent nearly a week chasing. The druid was right, it was a very pretty flower, with large pink petals that reminded me of a lily, but longer.

I turned to my party. "We- we did it guys," I said, my voice shaking with disbelief. "We got it!"

All of them cheered, our shared frustration bursting free with our long-awaited success. Tears of relief slid down Megumin's face and Momo was putting up a tough front but I could tell she was barely holding it together. Aqua just collapsed to the ground, too tired to emote much even in victory, and Darkness looked so at peace that I thought she might ascend right then and there.

"'s just a flower," the Druid mumbled behind us, watching us with a shake of his head. Most likely deciding we weren't worth the trouble, he went back into his home, firmly closing the door behind him.

We collected ourselves after a few minutes, and I turned to Momo. "Take us home Momo," I said. "We're done."

She nodded, relief clear on her face, and the magical circle denoting a teleport spell appeared beneath our feet. I held on to the plant carefully and reminded myself of why I did all of this. All in the name of getting Aqua, the stupid but stupidly hot goddess, in my bed. It'd be worth it all. I just needed to wait a little longer.

As we appeared home, I turned to the others. "You girls go ahead and rest up. I know we all need it after the past week. We'll be taking the next few days off." They all sagged in relief at that. "I'll go turn in this flower and get our payment."

The girls nodded, and Momo gave me a kiss, before they trudged off deeper into the house, heading for the bath. I wanted to join them, but the sooner I turned in this flower, the better. Besides, I had another idea for the best way to unwind and destress.

I let out a long sigh of contentment as the twin pleasures of a skilled shoulder massage and a masterful combination blowjob and titjob slowly drained the tension that I built up over the quest. After turning in the flower and completing the request, I immediately headed for the succubus cafe. Ariel had to go to the Guild herself, in disguise, to pick up the flower to bring to me.

In the meantime, I was spending some quality time being pampered by the two succubi that worked for me as part of our deal. Neither had names, apparently not being a high enough rank to have earned them, and therefore I didn't earn Affection with them. But I had taken to mentally referring to the buxom and curvy one as the sexy succubus, and the cuter and smaller one as the petite succubus.

After a nice and erotic bath where both of them used their bodies to wash me, we were back in Ariel's office, waiting for her while my two succubi continued to service me. The petite succubus was standing behind me, her fingers expertly digging into my shoulders. The sexy succubus was between my legs, her boobs enveloping my shaft as she took the tip of it into her mouth. Honestly, of the three of us, I was pretty sure she was enjoying this the most. The fact that I had [Touch of Pleasure] running at a fairly high level probably helped.

This wasn't the first time I had slept with my two succubi, but it wasn't something I did as often as I would like. The need to keep their existence quiet made it difficult to arrange meetups with them. Especially when I was so busy with so many other girls.

At least with my stats back to what they used to be, I had more than enough stamina to handle my entire harem. And with those same stats, I barely even noticed the vitality that the two succubi drained from me every time I climaxed.

As I felt the pressure at the base of my groin grow, I reached down and put both of my hands on top of the sexy succubus's head. She looked up at me in askance, but I didn't answer. Instead, I roughly pushed her head down, forcing more of my cock into her throat. She made a noise of surprise, the sound vibrating her throat around my member.

I then grabbed her by the hair and started using her face like a sex toy, taking over as I pushed and pulled her up and down. Behind me, the petite succubus just giggled, abandoning her shoulder massage and instead planting kisses on my neck as she hugged me from behind.

While succubi were more flexible when it came to their fetishes than even I was, they still had their own preferences. And it hadn't taken me long to discover that the sexy succubus preferred being treated a little roughly.

With one final push down I fully sheathed my cock inside of her throat, all ten inches straining to fit inside of her. She made a muffled choking noise, but I didn't let her move as my balls churned and I climaxed, shooting my load deep into her throat.

It took several seconds for my orgasm to finish, and the sexy succubus' face was impaled on my cock for the entirety of it. Her throat gulped, working hard to swallow the semen flooding her throat even as she struggled to breathe. I continued to hold her there for several seconds after I finished cumming before finally letting her go.

She pulled back, gasping and coughing as soon as she regained her breath. As she did, I took a moment to wonder if succubi truly needed to breathe, or if this was a show she put on to appeal to a certain kind of fetish. Or perhaps both? She needed to breathe not because her body demanded it, but so she could satisfy certain breathing-related kinks? It was an interesting thought.

Just as I was about to start worrying that maybe I went a little far with the sexy succubus, she suddenly looked at me with an expression of uncontrolled lust and leaped into my lap. She then quickly grabbed my cock, lined it up with her entrance, and slammed down, taking me to the hilt in one quick motion.

"No fair, it's my turn!" the petite succubus on my back protested, but the other one ignored her in favor of bouncing on my lap, moaning in ecstasy.

"Seems that someone is getting a little greedy," I agreed with an amused grin. I firmly grab the sexy succubus' ass and stand up, lifting her with me. Her moans increased in volume as I turned and stepped forward, the movement causing my dick to shift inside of her, pressing against her at different angles. Her legs locked around me, holding us closer, and her hands clutched at my shoulders, where the petite succubus was forced to let go.

It was only a few steps to my destination though, and I soon placed the sexy succubus down on the edge of Ariel's desk. I looked her in the eye. "Lay flat on your back," I ordered her in a commanding tone.

She gave me a sultry and satisfied smile. "Yes, Master," she replied as she slowly leaned back, the movement fluid and somehow eye-catching. Leave it to a succubus to be able to make the simple act of laying back look sexy and alluring.

I looked over my shoulder to the petite succubus, who had followed closely behind. "I've prepared a seat for you, to wait while I take care of this greedy girl," I said to her with a grin. She tilted her head in confusion, so I pointed at the sexy succubus' face.

The petite succubus gave me a mischievous grin as she understood what I meant. She wasted no time in clambering on top of the desk to straddle the sexy succubus, her own dripping slit right above the other's face. The sexy succubus realized then what was happening, and I saw her smile widen before it was hidden under the petite succubus' crotch.

The petite succubus moaned as the other one got to work, and I took a moment to appreciate the sight. The petite succubus was facing me, her top and panties absent, though she still wore her black stockings and garter belt with pink frills. Her body was lithe and her skin was creamy and smooth. Her boobs were modest and small, only a little larger than Megumin's. Her hair was a very pale pink, nearly white at the roots and transitioning to a light pink near the tips.

The sexy succubus that I was currently fucking was her opposite. She was dressed in the same stockings as the petite succubus but lacked the garter belt. Her figure was curvy though, with wide hips and a decently large bust. I couldn't see her head beneath the petite succubus, but I knew she had pink hair and pointed ears.

Her legs clamped tighter around me, clearly begging me to start moving. For a moment I considered teasing her by continuing to sit still, not moving inside of her. But my desire to make myself feel good won over my desire to tease her, and I quickly started pumping my hips.

The sexy succubus's moans were muffled the petite one's snatch, but the smaller girl made up for it with moans of her own as her fellow succubus pleasured her. I grinned. One of my favorite aspects of having a harem was watching the girls indulge in each other as I fucked one or multiple of them.

I leaned forward, reaching out with my hand to the petite succubus. She quickly understood my intent and leaned forward as well, letting me pull her face closer to mine so I could kiss her. Due to her small stature, it was a close thing, but we were able to position ourselves so I could keep fucking the sexy succubus while I made out with the petite succubus without the petite one's crotch leaving the other's face.

The petite's succubus' lips were soft and sweet, her kisses ever so slightly timid as she allowed me to take the more dominant role. My tongue quickly invaded her mouth, claiming her tongue as my own as I roughly slammed my hips into her sister succubus.

The petite succubus let out little gasps of pleasure as [Touch of Pleasure] did its work, turning my make-out session with the petite succubus into something that felt as good as normal sex. Of course, that also applied to the sexy succubus, and her hips and insides writhed in continuous orgasms as the pleasure she received from getting fucked by me was amplified by the same amount.

I didn't bother holding back my climax when it came, eagerly thrusting deep into the sexy succubus as I gifted her with another load of semen and a fraction of my vitality. She came again, more strongly this time, as I filled her, practically screaming out in pleasure into the petite succubus' cunt.

I broke my kiss with the petite succubus and straightened my back. The petite succubus whimpered at the loss of pleasure, especially since the sexy succubus went slack under her. A quick check showed she wasn't unconscious, but she certainly wasn't very responsive.

My dick twitched in arousal at the sight. The first time I had fucked these two, I had decided to try seeing how much they could take and turned [Touch of Pleasure] up far higher than I normally did. Normally I kept it relatively low, enough to enhance the experience without going crazy. Too high and it could lead to an overload of pleasure, and worse, make normal sex not be nearly as satisfying.

But with the succubi…well, there was something just immensely satisfying about fucking one into a mind broken and comatose state, to have overwhelmed a literal sex demon using only sex. Granted, I was cheating, but so were they. I was just cheating harder.

She barely twitched as I pulled out of her, my shaft glistening with her sexual fluids. No semen coated it though, nor did it drip out of her. As a succubus, she had absorbed it all as nourishment.

"My turn!" the petite succubus said, causing me to turn my attention to her. She had changed positions, now facing away from me as she bent over. The position offered me a perfect view of her pussy, which was so wet her inner thighs were slick with arousal almost down to her knees.

I grinned and grabbed her by the hips, pulling them closer to me. The sudden movement caused her to let out a small yelp of surprise and her hands to slip out from under her. Thankfully, the soft cushion of the sexy succubus' boobs was there to prevent her face from hitting the desk.

The petite succubus started lifting her head from where it landed between the other's breasts, but before she could regain her bearings I pressed the tip of my penis against her entrance and then thrust forward.

She let out a strangled and muffled scream of pleasure as I suddenly filled her incredibly tight insides. Befitting her small stature, her pussy was one of the tightest I'd ever felt, even from girls smaller than her. Benefits of being a succubus I supposed.

The petite succubus didn't have a specific fetish for rough sex, but I was already in that mindset because of what I did with the sexy succubus and I wasn't satisfied yet. So I dug my fingers into her hips, securing my grip, and rapidly thrust my hips, fucking the smaller succubus hard. And while it wasn't her specialty, she was as flexible in her role as a succubus should be, and she welcomed the rough treatment with moans of delight.

Sweat collected on her back, glistening with exertion as I pounded her pussy. Her moans turned to strangled grunts as each of my thrusts into her caused her enjoyment and satisfaction to spike enough for me to pick it up with [Empathy].

As I fucked her, something caught my eye. I took one hand off of her, slowing my thrusts so I could grab the Polymorph Phallus from my inventory. Since I had started using Void Form to shapeshift myself extra dicks, I hadn't used the magic dildo much. But I didn't feel like shifting right now, so a dildo that linked its sensations to me would have to do.

I reached around to run it along her inner thighs, lubing it up with the arousal that dripped down them. Just as the succubus started to stir and recover enough cognitive function to ask what I was doing I pressed the tip of the lubed-up dildo against her asshole and quickly pushed it in.

She screamed, her back arching as her tight ass accepted the copy of my own penis. And there was definitely an emphasis on tight. It wasn't just the pleasure that was linked to me from the magical sex toy, but the crushing pressure as well. Her ass was significantly tighter than her pussy, making it by far the tightest hole I'd ever fucked.

With the sensation of fucking a succubus twice over, I knew I wouldn't last long. So I let go of the dildo with my hand so I could grab her by the hips again and started rutting her from behind faster than I had been before. As I did, I used [Telekinesis] to fuck her ass with the dildo, timing it so the dildo pushed in as I pulled out and vice versa.

Her noises of pleasure turned incoherent at the dual attack. Both of her lower holes spasmed as she constantly orgasmed. I hammered away at her for as long as I could, but soon the pressure became too much to bear and I came as well. I didn't stop thrusting, even as my semen shot from both my penis and the dildo to fill both of her cavities.

The petite succubus passed out from pleasure before I could finish cumming, though it didn't stop her from continuing to orgasm. That only stopped once I finished cumming myself and extracted myself, and my dildo, from her. She fell with a slump onto the still passed-out sexy succubus, her smaller form resting comfortably on the other. Both of them seemed to be asleep, though the sweat glistening on their skin and the smell of sex in the air dispelled any chance of misunderstandings of what happened here.

Which is, of course, when the door opened and Ariel walked in. She stopped short as she caught sight of the two freshly fucked succubi on her desk with me standing next to them, still erect. But rather than get angry, a pleased smile grew on her face as she closed the door behind her.

"I see you've been treating my girls well," she said approvingly as she approached. "Here, take your plant." She shoved the potted plant that I had turned into the guild an hour or so ago into my hands.

"At first I was just looking to relax, but I ended up having a little too much fun with them," I explained casually. I double-checked that the plant was the same one and it was in good condition before I put it into my inventory.

"So it seems," she says, closely examining the passed-out succubi. "You practically filled them to the brim. They'll grow quite nicely from a meal like that."

I made a mental note to get some succubus blood later. An increase in power each time I fucked them? There had to be something I could do with that in a Race Change potion. Though I still needed to find out if I could change the race of my Devil harem members without fucking up their Evil Pieces.

"Anything you need from me while I'm here?" I asked her as I started getting dressed.

"Not really, though I did have a question for you," Ariel said, turning to me. "You were in a rush when you came last week so I couldn't ask. What do you need the plant for? Why the subterfuge? Surely you could have just obtained it in secret."

"To answer your second question first, the subterfuge was because I thought it would be fun to go on a quest to find it with my party," I said with a shrug. "Turns out I was wrong, it was a massive pain in the ass, but I didn't want them asking me why I wanted the plant so bad. As for what it does…" I grinned. "That right there is the secret ingredient that will unlock the sex drive of a goddess."

Her eyes widened. "That's what the flower is? I've heard of such things but never seen one for myself. But why? I admit, it's a valuable thing to have, but coming up with a way to give it to a goddess is no small feat."

"Oh?" I said as I finished getting dressed. "Have I not told you? The annoying Arch-Priestess in my party is actually the goddess Aqua. And she's already practically addicted to the wine I make. It should be a simple matter to slip it in and finally start seducing her. She'll be the first full divinity in my harem."

Ariel stared at me, eyes wide and jaw slack, her face the perfect picture of incredulity. But it slowly shifted into a smile, and from that smile, she broke out into laughter.

+12 Affection with Ariel
For impressing her in more ways than one

I watched her, amused, as she continued to laugh. She was laughing so hard she was bent over and had to put a hand on her desk to keep herself from collapsing. I quickly checked her Affection and saw that it was at 99. So close to max, but getting it up higher would be pretty difficult.

It took her almost a full minute to stop laughing and stand up, wiping a tear from her eye.

"So, you approve of my plan, I take it?" I asked.

"That would be putting it lightly my friend," she said, still smiling widely. "If you can turn that idiot pain in the ass goddess into a slut addicted to your dick I would gladly swear myself to you. Mortals with the ambition, guts, and ability to accomplish something like that are very rare indeed."

I perked up at that. I was enjoying our partnership, but having a powerful succubus as a servant? For the low price of doing something I was already going to do? "I won't forget you said that," I promised her.

"And I'll stand by what I said," she replied easily. She walked up to me, her hips swaying, and pressed herself against me. "I know how to spot a powerful and useful man, and you've already been a great help. I'm a succubus, my domain is lust, not pride. I'll gladly attach myself to you if it means growing stronger and raising my girls."

"Is that so?" I asked as I put my hands around her waist. "Well, I'd gladly accept and feed a wonderful succubus and ally like you." I bent down slightly and kissed her. She leaned into it as she wrapped her arms around it, and I could feel the lust and amusement radiating off of her.

"You know, I can feel how aroused you still are," she said in a sensual whisper after our lips separated. "I wouldn't mind giving you a hand with that."

On one hand, I had the flower I worked so hard for, and even with mana speeding up the process, making wine took some time, so the sooner I got that going the better. On the other, sex with an insanely hot and powerful succubus.

Instead of giving her an answer, I kissed her again, this time deeper, my tongue pushing past her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth to me as her hands eagerly started stripping her clothes off.

It was several hours before I got home, exhausted but completely satisfied.

Kazuma wrung her hands as she walked through town, heading towards a certain place. She had given Lynn and the others an excuse that she had something to take care of today and headed off on her own. It wasn't even a lie, really. She just didn't want to explain what she was doing.

It didn't take long for her to find the place she was looking for, and soon she was standing in front of it. A shop that sold magical items, ran by a beautiful and busty woman named Wiz. Kazuma was a frequent window shopper there, though she rarely wasted her Eris on anything there. Wiz was easy on the eyes, but everything she sold was either junk or had some sort of terrible drawback. Or, in the case of a few sinister-looking weapons and sets of armor, were ridiculously expensive.

Still, she had gone over enough to have gotten to know Wiz pretty well and had learned an interesting fact about her. Wiz was actually a retired adventurer, and though she seemed too modest to admit it, from what Kazuma could piece together, she was a pretty good one too.

Kazuma's fingers traced along the now-familiar lines of the bracelet she wore. Aphrodite's Gift. As much as she was enjoying the benefits of being seen as a girl, and her time with Lynn, she'd rather go back to her previous body.

But that was easier said than done. She had no knowledge of these kinds of things, and her more subtle attempts to find out more had all led nowhere. Cursed items just didn't seem all that common, and information about them was scarce.

She had little choice but to make more overt moves to find out more. Which meant explaining why she wanted to know more. Hence, her nervousness and why it had taken her so long. The thought of explaining her situation to someone was extremely embarrassing.

But with Wiz, she thought she could do it. Wiz was nice and kind and wouldn't judge her or make fun of her. On top of that, she was an experienced adventurer and a wizard. She was confident that Wiz would be able to at least point her in the right direction, and she would be kind about it.

Kazuma took a deep breath and pushed open the door to the shop. On the bright side, the store was almost always empty, so she didn't have to worry about anyone else overhearing-

"Welcome to our store, dear customer," a voice that was definitely not Wiz's called out. "How can I be of assistance?"

Kazuma froze in the doorway as she stared at the unexpected presence in Wiz's shop of a man wearing a butler-like outfit and a strange monochromatic mask. He was standing behind the counter where Wiz normally was, but there was no sign of her.

"Uhh," Kazuma replied, suddenly much more nervous and unsure. "Is Wiz here? I was hoping to ask her about something."

"The esteemed shopkeeper is currently out on other business," the man replied. "She won't be back for several hours."

"Oh," Kazuma said with disappointment. She sighed and turned around. "Well, never mind then, I'll just come back later."

"Are you sure?" the man asked, something off about his tone. "Whatever aid you sought from Wiz, I'm more than capable of giving as well. Especially for problems related to cursed items."

Kazuma froze once more before spinning back around and slamming the door to the shop closed behind her. "How did you-?" she started to ask.

The man smiled, smug and amused. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vanir, and there is very little I do not know." She couldn't see his eyes, but she could feel him staring at her. "And you are quite the interesting customer indeed. Would you prefer I referred to you as Miss or Sir?"

The way he spoke and the smile on his face had her absolutely convinced he was a devil. She didn't even know if devils were a thing in this world, but if they were, this man in front of her had to be one. And she liked to think she knew better than to deal with the devil. But, after taking a moment to steady her nerves, she stepped deeper into the shop rather than retreat.

"Can- can you tell me how to get rid of it?" she asked. She didn't know how this guy, Vanir, he said his name was, knew what was going on with her, but she was actually grateful for it. At least this way she didn't have to explain it.

"If by 'it', you mean the cursed bracelet that has transformed you into a woman because you angered an angel so she tricked you into receiving it? The very same cursed item that has allowed you to fulfill your secret perverted desires, but doing so fills you with a pang of guilt you can't define, so now you turn towards finding a way out of it, only after months of using it?" he asked.

All feelings of gratitude fled from her head as a blush erupted on her face. "Y-you! If you know, why did you say it! It's embarrassing!"

Vanir's smirk grew bigger, but he otherwise continued on as if she hadn't said anything. "I may be able to help, but I would need to examine it first."

She glared at him, but he showed no signs of remorse. He simply held his hand out. Kazuma sighed and pulled up her sleeve, revealing the bracelet. She then offered her hand, allowing him to examine the cursed item. This guy might be pissing her off, but he already knew, and he was her best shot at getting it off.

Vanir grabbed her by the wrist, surprisingly gently, and brought it closer to his face, examining the bracelet in detail. "Aphrodite's Gift, is it?" he mused out loud. "It's not a unique item, but it's very rare indeed. There are two versions, you know? The non-cursed version does the same thing but can be readily put on and taken off. Though many who seek it out put it on and never remove it. The cursed version that you wear is also sometimes called Aphrodite's Wrath. It was made to punish men who treated women poorly. A lesson in empathy, supposedly. But with goddesses of that sort, it's mostly just a sadistic punishment."

Kazuma wasn't the most well-versed in mythology, but even she knew enough to know how messed up the Greek gods were, at least in the stories in her old world. If there was any degree of truth to them, she could see what Vanir meant. But his words contained a ray of hope. "If you know it, do you know how to break it?" she asked as he let go of her hand.

She didn't like the way his smile twisted at her question. "As an item made by a powerful Goddess, I'm afraid I can't break it myself. Fortunately for you, there is a built-in way to break the curse. But I do not think you will like it."

Kazuma's instincts were telling her he was probably right, especially in light of the item being made by a Greek goddess. But she took a deep breath to steady herself. "Please tell me."

Vanir spread his hands out, like a priest giving a sermon. "You must lay with a man and reach climax as you take his seed inside of you. Only then will the curse break."

Silence filled the shop as Kazuma struggled to comprehend what Vanir just said. She repeated his words in her head over and over, her mind refusing to believe that she was parsing them correctly. But her inability to accept it was slowly worn away, and she felt the heat of a blush crawling up her face.

"W-w-w-w-what?!" she stammered as she stepped back.

"Do you need me to repeat myself?" Vanir asked, the smirk on his face unchanged, but now looking much more malevolent to her eyes. "It is a cursed item devised by the gods after all. They have a certain flair and love of irony. And what more ironic punishment than to force a man to become a woman and take another man's seed while experiencing the pleasure of a woman?"

"Stop!" Kazuma cried, covering her ears. "Stop, stop, stop! I don't want to hear it! I don't want to imagine it!" Though it was too late to prevent that. For reasons she couldn't begin to guess, despite spending most of her life as a guy, it was all too easy to picture a man above her, his body pressed up against hers as he-

"Nooooooooo!" she yelled, frantically shaking her head. It was bad enough that she was picturing it, but of all the guys she could have imagined, it had to be that one playboy normie that tried to trick her into his party.

"I warned you that you would not like it," Vanir said, smug satisfaction radiating off of him. "But now the question is: does the idea displease you so much that you would rather remain a woman?"

Kazuma bit her lip, her thoughts anxiously going over the question. Would she? This wasn't the body she was born in, but it would be a lie to say she hadn't gotten used to it. And thanks to it, she had gotten closer to Lynn, even if the thought of deceiving the other girl made her guts squirm in an unpleasant way sometimes.

She wanted her body back. She wanted her dick back. Having boobs was actually kinda nice- she shook her head. That train of thought led to dangerous places, the kind of places where you stumble onto it late at night on the internet and you're not really sure if you're turned on or not. She decided it was better to keep it simple, and between choosing the body of a man or a woman, she wanted to be a man.

But she didn't want to have sex with a man way more than she wanted to be one. It wasn't a choice she was happy with, but she could live with being a girl. But she couldn't imagine herself enjoying having a guy do…that to her.

She sighed, all of the shock and other strong emotions draining out of her as she accepted her fate. "At least, for now, I'd rather remain a girl," she said, turning around. "Maybe I'll change my mind later though." Mumbling to herself, she walked back out the door, ignoring Vanir in her depression, missing the way his grin widened at her words.

Vanir didn't mind her rudeness though, even if she hadn't thanked him. After all, the entire conversation had gone exactly as he had envisioned it.

The door behind him opened, and a sleepy-looking Wiz stepped into the room, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Did I just hear a customer?" she asked groggily.

"Someone who refuses to purchase anything cannot be called a customer," Vanir replied, though his tone lacked any actual annoyance. "They were looking for advice on magical items. I gave them as much help as I could, but I'm afraid they stormed out before I could finish explaining."

"Was it something they needed to know?" Wiz asked, a small amount of concern present in her tone.

"They did not like the answers I gave, and proclaimed they were scrapping their plans," Vanir explained. "The information is only relevant if they change their mind." After all, telling Kazuma that there was a time limit to break the curse didn't matter if she didn't plan on breaking it, right?

Wiz, in her sleepiness, missed the anticipatory, almost predatory, smile that grew on Vanir's face. "Well, that's fine then," she replied with a yawn. She returned to the backroom, letting the door close behind her, and leaving Vanir alone with his satisfaction.

It would take some time before anything happened, but he had long since learned the value of patience. You must wait for the fruit to ripen before you harvested it. And Kazuma's shame and disappointment when she realized her mistake would bear the most delicious of fruits.

It took me a few days to come up with a plan and make the wine I needed for it. And then it took a few more as I waited for a night where most of the others were busy. But once they were, I invited Aqua and one other person for some wine tasting. And that other person was the key to my plan, and someone I hadn't been spending enough time with lately- Kyu.

Of course, Kyu spent every night in my bed, joining in on the nightly orgies, but I rarely spent any time with her during the day. In fact, I had no idea what she got up to most of the time. She didn't like coming along on quests with us, as monster-slaying or escorting held little interest for her, especially since we often camped outside and I very rarely had sex.

When I asked what she did she merely said she wandered around town most days, disguised as a human, and "looked for hotties for you to seduce", and refused to explain further. Considering she hadn't brought any hotties to my attention so far, I assumed that meant she was either getting distracted or just slacking off.

Not that I minded, really. Because her only real job was helping me get laid, and when I explained my plan for how I was finally going to get Aqua, she agreed immediately and helped me figure out the details. She already knew Aqua, as the two of them sometimes hung out together around the mansion. It turned out that Kyu was into "dumb but hot", and she took Aqua's resistance to being aroused as a challenge.

Though she was just as surprised as I was when I told her about the lack of sex drive. It wasn't something she was aware of, considering she served and was born from Venus, a goddess all about love and lust. She was practically offended at the idea that some goddesses just didn't want sex, which was a big part of her motivation in helping me with my plan.

The plan was honestly pretty simple. I had made a lot of wine, spending most of the time I normally reserved for training my skills making it, and even enlisting the help of Tara and Yua to supply the mana for the fermentation process. I made my wine by the barrel and then had to bottle it myself, which wasn't a difficult task. Using telekinesis on a liquid took some effort, but was very good training for the skill. And I bought wine bottles in bulk from a glassblower a few towns over.

I had a bunch of bottles of what I dubbed the 'Divine Cherry Popper' wine. For fun, I actually tracked down cherries and used those instead of grapes. I only planned on using one or two tonight though. According to the information I got from Vanir, even diluted like this, the petals from one flower were enough for a whole barrel of wine. And, of course, I went all out on the cherry wine. I made it my most powerful batch and gave it a magical aphrodisiac effect strong enough to make a monk forget his vows.

I also had a variety of other kinds of wine with different kinds of fruit bases and other factors tweaked. With Kyu acting as my wing-woman for the night, I invited her and Aqua for a "wine tasting party", supposedly to get feedback on different kinds of wine I made. But Kyu and I had other aims.

"What are you waiting for Axton, bring out the booze!" Aqua said excitedly. The three of us were in one of the several sitting rooms the mansion had. This one was a bit smaller, and a bit more cozy. While I wasn't planning on hiding my seduction of Aqua, the less variables I added into the mix, the smoother tonight would go. Especially when those variables consisted of the chaotic individuals that made up most of my party. Of course, Momo wasn't included in that.

"Yeah, let's get this party started!" Kyu excitedly agreed. Both girls were dressed in their default outfits and were sitting next to each other on the couch across from me. Their blue and pink themes paired together in a way that was visually pleasing and made me excited for what was coming.

"Alright, alright, hold your horses you two," I said with an amused smile. I pulled out three wine glasses, large ones, and placed them on the table between us.

"What's this pussy shit?" Kyu asked. "Glasses? We don't need glasses, we can drink straight from the bottle, right?"

Aqua fervently nodded in agreement. "You have to drink a whole bottle by yourself to properly appreciate wine," she said.

"That's an awful lot of wine," I protested, though it was a weak one.

"You made enough though, right?" Kyu asked, grinning at me.

I sighed, and put away the wine glasses. "I was hoping to have some left over, but I suppose I'll just have to make more later."

"Hehe, good thinking," Aqua snickered. "Besides, this way you only make more of the good stuff."

"Oh don't worry about that," I said as I pulled three bottles of wine out of my inventory and placed them on the table. "They're all 'the good stuff'."

"That's what I'm talking about!" Kyu said as she grabbed a bottle, Aqua only a second behind her. The corks I used were designed to come off easily without the use of a corkscrew, so the two girls soon had the corks off and were taking their first sips.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not sure I should be enabling a couple of alcoholics such as you two like this," I said, slowly opening my own wine bottle. "You didn't even wait for me to explain what that one was."

Aqua lowered the wine bottle, a third of it already gone. "The only thing that matters anyways is the taste," she explained. "So you don't really need to explain. Though this one is pretty interesting."

"It's a peach wine," I said, taking a pull from my own bottle. The sweet taste of peaches mixed with the sharp and distinct taste of alcohol created quite a nice flavor. "I've been experimenting with different fruits."

Not starting with the Divine Cherry Buster wine was a deliberate choice. Vanir hadn't been able to give me details about exactly how Aqua would feel and react when she drank it, but he assured me it wouldn't be drastic. Still, that left room for it to still be "very noticeable", so I wanted her drunk before it happened. And if she still noticed it, then I could write it off as a freak coincidence of one of the ingredients I used having that kind of effect on her.

"It's nice and sweet," Kyu commented. "Just how I like it."

"I thought you might," I said with a nod. "Most of the wines I made lean more towards the sweeter side, though I've got a few that are more sour for variety."

Aqua, who had been chugging the bottle I gave her while we talked, suddenly removed the bottle from her lips and let out a breath of satisfaction. "Ahh! That's the stuff!" she said, pleased. "Next one please!"

"Not until Kyu and I are ready," I told her. "This is a tasting, not a competition. There's no need to chug it so fast, you should take a moment to enjoy it."

"Yeah yeah, whatever," she said, uncaring. "Just hurry up already!"

I exchanged a glance with Kyu and rolled my eyes, but Kyu just looked amused. Well, as bratty as she was being now, she'd receive her 'punishment' for it by the end of the night, so I guess I could let it slide. For now.

We continued like that for an hour or so, going through a handful of bottles of wine apiece. Even if it could make me drunk as well, my CON stat, now significantly higher than it was when I first reached level 100 in [Brewing], made it a slow process. Though it helped that I wasn't drinking the entirety of each bottle, and neither was Kyu. There wasn't much point to this if I got too drunk.

Aqua, on the other hand, had emptied each of her bottles, and she wasn't exactly a heavyweight in the first place. Compared to a normal human, maybe. But by the standards of supernatural beings, and especially divine ones? She got drunk super easily.

As she finished her sixth bottle of wine, Aqua stood up. "I'll be right back, hehe," she said with a stupid smile on her face, swaying slightly despite standing still. "Gotta visit the little goddess' room."

Kyu and I watched Aqua stumble out of the room, unsteady but not in danger of falling over. Once she was out of earshot, I turned to Kyu. "I guess even goddesses have to pee when they drink a lot," I commented with a laugh. I wasn't drunk, but I was definitely working on getting there. I'd have to slow down a bit.

"You should probably bring out the cherry stuff next," Kyu said. She was a little drunker than me, or so I guessed. "Get her before she fills up again. Unless you want her to piss on you while you're fucking her?"

I rolled my eyes. "Watersports isn't exactly my kink, no," I said. "Not really something I want to explore either."

"Oh I'm sure you'll try it sooner or later, even if it's an accident," Kyu said with a laugh. "You're an immortal who has sex with a ton of women nearly every day. You're gonna explore every kink out there sooner or later."

I sighed, because she was probably right, but didn't respond because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction. Instead, I pulled out three bottles of Divine Cherry Popper wine and put them on the table, collecting the partially empty ones as I did. I could afford to waste a couple bottles on me and Kyu. A single barrel makes a lot of bottles, and now that I knew where to get the flowers, it would be easy to get more.

Not that I thought I would need to, not for a very long time. Even in the insanity that my life had become, it was a rare occurrence for me to run into a goddess that I wanted to seduce but hadn't ever fallen in love. Granted, there was at least one more in this world, Eris, but I wasn't even positive she needed it. I hadn't checked her with [Lewd Scouter] the one time I ran into her.

That was a concern for another time though. It only took a couple minutes for Aqua to come back and sit back down next to Kyu. She didn't even say a word as she grabbed the bottle of wine on the table and opened it, chugging it as she had the rest. I struggled to hold back a smile.

Kyu and I exchanged glances again and grabbed our own bottles. "This one is made from cherries," I explained. "And let me tell you, tracking down enough cherries was annoying." It wasn't, not since I could teleport all over the country. But the flower had been annoying.

And Aqua had already drunk half of it by the time I took my first sip. It was sweet, sweeter than any other wine I had made, and also far more arousing. Vanir had said that she would be especially susceptible to becoming aroused when her sex drive was first unlocked, so while all the wine had been enough of an aphrodisiac to make me itch with desire, this one was significantly more powerful. I could feel myself slowly starting to harden, and I could see Kyu's expression shift to something more anticipatory.

Aqua…didn't visibly react. Though with how drunk she already was, with her face somewhat flushed, it was hard to tell just based on looking at her. Thankfully, I had a more reliable method of finding out how she was feeling, in the form of [Lewd Scouter].

Arousal: Moderate
Perversion: Low
Affection: 72
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: None

I stamped down the thrill of excitement the window sent through me. It worked! Aqua didn't seem to notice anything amiss, but she was just as susceptible to becoming turned on as any other person now. I met Kyu's gaze and nodded, and Kyu's smile widened. Everything was going according to plan.

"You know," Kyu started as she subtly shifted closer to Aqua. "This might be my favorite one yet. What do you think, Aqua?"

Aqua slammed the bottle down on the table, just having finished drinking the entire thing. "Absolutely!" she agreed. "It was the bestest! Just like the last one, but better!" She giggled, very obviously drunk.

"I'm glad you liked it so much," I said while I used [Erotic Pierrot] on her to increase her arousal. It was extremely satisfying to feel the skill finally work on her. And it was crucial to my plan to increase her arousal every time I talked to or interacted with her.

"Well, I think this next one will top it because I saved the best one for last," I said as I pulled out a single bottle of wine. It was neither my best wine nor even the last of what I made, but Aqua didn't need to know what. "The only problem is that I only made one bottle, so we'll have to share."

"Fuck sharing!" Kyu exclaimed, the perfect picture of a drunk and overly excited college girl. "Gimme the bottle, I'll drink it myself!"

"No, it's mine!" Aqua predictably protested, rounding on the other girl. "I'm the goddess here, if anyone should get the last bottle, it should be me."

"Now now, no need to fight," I said. "We'll just split-"

""No!"" both of them said in unison, turning to look at me. Though when they realized how in sync they were, they returned to glaring at each other. I really had to commend Kyu's acting skills.

I sighed. "Well, I really don't know how I'm going to choose who to give it to then," I said with feigned worry.

That was Kyu's cue. She turned to me with a sultry smile on her face and gently floated over the table to straddle one of my legs. She pressed her boobs against me as she wrapped her arms around me. "You should give it to me of course," she said seductively. "I'll definitely make it worth your while."

"Hey!" Aqua protested. "That's not fair! You can't just seduce it from him!"

Kyu turned to her with a grin. "Why not? It's not like you can, so I might as well."

Aqua's face twisted in a few different expressions in rapid succession before finally settling on stubborn determination. "I can do that too!" she proclaimed, scrambling over the table to take a spot on my other leg, mirroring Kyu as she pressed her chest against me as well. She looked up at me. "I'm a beautiful goddess, so of course you'd rather give it to me, right?"

I couldn't hide my smile. It was so very nice when a plan went off without a hitch. As far as plans went, getting Aqua drunk, getting her horny, and then using Kyu to make her competitive was fairly simple. But simple was best, and it was working.

"I'm still not sure who to pick," I admitted with a smile. I stopped using [Erotic Pierrot] on Aqua at specific moments, since she seemed to be going along with things. Instead, I started using it to slowly but consistently push her arousal higher.

"Why don't I help you decide?" Kyu said. She leaned back from me and reached behind her back. In a moment, her top was undone and she was tossing it to the side, leaving her basically just in a pair of panties and a pair of white gloves and socks. Kyu's boobs were pretty moderately sized, maybe a touch on the small side if compared to DxD standards, but I never got tired of seeing them.

Kyu looked at Aqua with a smug grin and a wink before looking back at me. She then pressed her arms together in front of her, squeezing her boobs in the process, before shaking her chest from side to side, making them swing enticingly. "Do you know who you want to give it to now?" she asked in a playful tone.

"Me, of course," Aqua cut in, causing both of us to look at her and discover she was topless as well, having taken her top off while Kyu distracted me. She proudly stuck her chest out, emphasizing her sizable boobs. She was sitting pretty firmly in the "large" size group, albeit at the lower end of it. But they were surprisingly perky and oddly beautiful in a way I couldn't describe. Was this a goddess's natural beauty, perhaps?

"Hehe," Aqua snickered smugly as I drank in the sight of her boobs. "See? My boobs are much bigger and much better. I'm obviously more deserving of the wine than she is."

"Size isn't everything, you know?" Kyu said, unphased. She grabbed my hand and put it on one of her boobs, and I instantly gave it a squeeze. The feeling of Kyu's boobs in my hands was familiar at this point, and I know just how she liked to be touched. Of course, [Touch of Pleasure] was already active. She let out a short moan, biting her lip as I touched her, then turned to Aqua. "How they feel is just as important."

Aqua predictably took the bait, instantly grabbing my hand as well and putting it on her chest. It was almost disappointing how smoothly this was going, though such thoughts were soon forgotten as I marveled in the sensation of sinking my fingers into the soft flesh of Aqua's boob. Aqua breathed in sharply as I touched her though, clearly not having expected it to feel so good, and I was treated to the sweet sound of her moaning.

"H-hey, why does that feel so good?" she asked, a little nervous but with her hands still tightly around my wrist, preventing me from letting go. Not that I had any intentions of doing so.

"Haven't you ever gotten your tits groped?" Kyu asked, slowly rocking back and forth on my leg as I continued touching her. "Getting laid feels better than anything else, even better than booze. Especially if it's Axton doing it- he's really good."

"Really?" Aqua asked. She didn't sound quite convinced, but she was getting there. "I guess it feels pretty good…"

"Oh, this is only the start," Kyu said. She reached down between my legs and started moving her hand up and down, rubbing my quickly growing erection. "The real pleasure comes from this." She looked at me and winked. "Now, take off your pants, mister. I'm going to show you just how much I deserve that bottle of wine."

A flick of thought left me suddenly naked, my clothes stored in my inventory. Aqua starts in surprise, both at the feeling of my bare skin pressing against her bare crotch, because she doesn't wear panties, and at the sight of my erection suddenly springing upwards. Kyu, on the other hand, was ready to catch it, and she started slowly stroking me.

Kyu turned to Aqua. "I doubt a virgin like you could beat me at making Axton feel good, not even if you gave him a blowjob."

Aqua turned her nose up though. "I'm a goddess, I wouldn't do something like that for a mortal."

Kyu smiled. "I guess I'll be getting that wine bottle then," she said in a smug tone. "And I'll get to taste Axton's wine-flavored cum too."

She wasn't even being subtle anymore, but she didn't really need to be. I could feel how aroused Aqua was through [Empathy], [Erotic Pierrot], and the growing wetness on my thigh where she was straddling me still. That, plus her drunkenness, made her easy to manipulate.

Aqua paused and turned to me. "You can do that?" she asked.

"I can make it taste like whatever I want," I said. "And I really like Kyu's idea. I'll gladly give the last bottle of wine to whoever can make me feel the best."

"Then you'll be giving it to me!" Aqua declared. She reached down to grab my dick, pushing Kyu's hand out of the way. Kyu let her, not putting up a fight. That was the plan after all. Aqua started roughly copying what Kyu was doing.

It didn't feel bad, but her movements were rough and careless. On a mortal, it would probably hurt, but my dick could take a lot more abuse than your average guy. So it just felt a little rough.

"You'll never make him feel good like that," Kyu chastised her. Kyu stood up and pulled Aqua off of my leg before making her kneel between my legs. "Put those divine tits of yours to work, he'll love it."

Aqua hesitated, more out of confusion than anything else. "Like this?" she asked, pressing her chest forward so her boobs pushed against my dick.

"No, like this," Kyu said, reaching from behind Aqua to grab the goddess' tits. She then positioned them correctly around my dick and started moving them up and down. "Seriously, aren't your worshippers the biggest sexual deviants on this planet? How are you this much of a virgin?"

"It's not like I watch them do this kind of stuff!" Aqua protested. "Though…maybe I should have if it was this much fun." Aqua was dumb, but she wasn't completely braindead, and she soon got into the rhythm of things, moving on her own, without Kyu's guidance.

I let out a small groan, more to encourage Aqua than out of actual pleasure, though it was actually starting to feel pretty good. Kyu let go of Aqua's breasts but remained clinging to her back, sticking close to the other girl as she gave me a tit fuck. Kyu's role was to encourage and guide Aqua, not be the main participant.

Though, as much as I enjoyed receiving a boobjob from an actual goddess, dry skin on dry skin wasn't the best at making me feel good, and at this rate, it would be ages before she made me cum. I made eye contact with Kyu and saw that she realized it too. But this was one I could take care of myself.

I took out a half-empty bottle of wine, one of the ones I didn't finish in our earlier drinking, and suddenly poured it on my dick and her breasts. I wasn't sure if wine would make a good enough lube, but it didn't matter. Aqua made a noise of protest, most likely at the thought of wasting booze, and squeezed her boobs tighter together, trying to catch as much of the wine as possible between them. She then leaned down and started licking the wine, starting with the tip of my dick.

Kyu shot me an approving grin and then put a hand on the back of Aqua's head. "Oh, you're going to try for a blowjob after all?" Kyu asked as she pushed down, causing Aqua to take the first couple inches of my dick into her mouth. "That's smart thinking, that'll work much faster."

Aqua protested at first, making muffled noises of complaint, which really just served to vibrate her mouth around my cock, which felt nice. But as her tongue lapped up my shaft and she tasted the wine there, her focus shifted to trying to get deeper on my shaft, reaching for more of the wine I poured on it.

"Enjoying yourself, Aqua?" I asked her, amused. She didn't reply, too focused on her task. Though she reacted when Kyu reached down, snaking her arm around her waist. I felt Aqua moan around my dick again as Kyu put her hand under her skirt.

Kyu raised her hands, spreading her fingers to show the strings of a clear liquid that bridged between them. "I would say so, look how wet she is," Kyu said with a smile. She put her drenched fingers in her mouth, licking the liquid on them, and let out a moan of her own. "Fuck, that's the good stuff," she said, her tone rapturous.

She reached down again and collected more on her finger, her hand staying under Aqua's skirt for a moment longer, causing her to moan a little harder around my dick. Kyu then brought her drenched and glistening fingers up to me, offering them to me. "You have to try this shit," Kyu said. "Goddess nectar just hits different."

I raised an eyebrow at Kyu but decided to indulge her. I opened my mouth and leaned down, wrapping my lips around her fingers. The taste hit my tongue immediately, and I blinked in surprise, my dick twitching in Aqua's mouth. I was pretty used to the taste of girl cum by this point, and I was jokingly expecting Aqua's to taste like nothing, goddess of water that she was.

But instead, it was…I wasn't sure how to describe it. There was no mistaking what it was, but it had another dimension to its flavor that defied description. All I knew is that it tasted good, and it was arousing as well.

I put one hand on Aqua's head, joining Kyu in pushing her further down on my dick. My other hand grabbed Kyu's wrist as I licked every last drop of Aqua's arousal from Kyu's fingers. The familiar heat of arousal pulsed through me, reverberating through the fog of my slight buzz as I licked more of Aqua's arousal from Kyu's fingers.

I was vaguely aware of Kyu removing her hand from Aqua's head, entrusting me to make sure Aqua kept blowing me, so she could slide it into her panties and start masturbating.

The enhanced pleasure ensured that it wasn't long before I felt my orgasm approach, and I did nothing to hold it back, thoughts filled with what I planned on doing to Aqua next. I pulled Kyu's fingers from my mouth, sure that I had licked them clean, and used [Alter Flavor] to change the taste of my cum to the Divine Cherry Popper wine before cumming.

Aqua's made a noise of surprise when her mouth was suddenly filled with my seed, and she tried to pull back at first. But I held her down until she registered the taste. Once she did, she stopped trying to retreat and switched to eagerly drinking all of my cum, making sure to extract every last drop.

Despite her amateur skills, it felt amazing to have her so desperate for my cock, and my load was significantly larger than it otherwise would have been, and it lasted for longer. But it eventually ran its course, and I slumped back, letting go of Aqua's head. To my amusement, that didn't stop Aqua from continuing sucking my dick.

But as much as I was enjoying the service, there was more I was looking forward to. "Enough," I said, pulling her off of me.

Aqua blinked, coming out of a daze. "Did- did I do a good job?" she asked.

"You did great," I assured her. "You'll get the bottle of wine, you earned it." She perked up at that, excited. "But first, I have another reward for you in mind."

She frowned in confusion, but Kyu, the lovely fellow pervert that she was, knew exactly what I wanted next. Kyu moved out from behind Aqua and then pulled her onto the coffee table. Aqua allowed herself to be guided by Kyu's hands, emanating a vague sense of anticipation.

Then I slid off of the couch, knelt in front of where she was sitting on the table, spread her legs, and dived right in to start eating her out. Her anticipation quickly turned to surprise, and then to pleasure as my tongue, enhanced as it was by [Touch of Pleasure], split her lower lips and delved into her entrance.

The sweet and arousing taste of Aqua's love nectar filled my mouth as I enthusiastically went down on her. It was like an aphrodisiac and ambrosia rolled into one, and I wanted more of it. Aqua's plentiful thighs reflexively clamped tight around my head, and her hands tangled in my hair as she moaned. There were no words to it, she didn't call my name or give me instructions. She just enjoyed the moment.

I took a quick moment to use [Void Sight] so I could appreciate the view myself and discovered that I wasn't the only one making her feel good. While my head was between Aqua's legs, Kyu was behind her, groping her tits with a gleeful expression on her face. Aqua wasn't protesting it, so I decided to leave it alone and refocus on my own efforts.

Aqua's first orgasm came suddenly and without warning. Her thighs squeezed even tighter against my head and she let out a loud cry as her body shuddered. I had heard Aqua whine, yell, cheer, and make all sorts of noises. But hearing her cry out as she orgasmed was new, and it was music to my years.

Rather than backing off after she came, I redoubled my efforts. Somehow, when she came, the taste of her got even better. So I needed to make it happen again, for science. My thoughts grew more clouded as I ran my tongue over every single one of her folds, memorizing the shape of her entrance. Where wine struggled to affect me, intense arousal did its job but better.

My senses and awareness fell to the wayside, reducing my understanding of the world to the sound of Aqua's pleasure, the warmth and softness of her thighs, and the sweet taste of her pussy. Nothing else mattered.

Her second orgasm was just as sudden as the first, and it was again accompanied by an increase in the intensity of her nectar. But as Sherlock Holmes said, once was happenstance, twice was a coincidence, but three times was a pattern. So I didn't stop my efforts until I made her cum a third time.

Only then did I push her legs apart and pull my head out from underneath her skirt. Aqua was leaning back against Kyu, her chest heaving as she strove to catch her breath. Kyu gave me an approving wink as I gazed upon my handiwork.

"Wow…" Aqua breathed after she had recovered her breath a bit. "How come no one ever told me sex felt this good?

I resisted the urge to repeat Kyu's comment about how her followers were literally the most perverted people in this world. Of course, that was due more to Aqua's laid-back decree of "do whatever you feel like doing", and the deviants were just taking advantage of that. It's not like she told them all to fuck, that was just human nature.

Instead, I got up and sat back on the couch. My dick stood tall, throbbing in arousal, and Aqua's gaze was instantly drawn to it. "But Aqua, we haven't had sex yet," I said with a grin. "This has all been foreplay. Surely you know what actual sex entails, right?"

I would have boosted her arousal with [Erotic Pierrot], but I found that it was extremely difficult to do, so I gave her another look with [Lewd Scouter].

Arousal: Very High
Perversion: Moderately High
Affection: 72
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: Oral, Food Play(Alcohol)

Huh. Her arousal was nearly maxed, her perversion had shot straight up, and I'd given her two new fetishes. All that made sense considering she was somewhat of a blank slate before tonight, but it was still nice to see the fruits of my efforts laid out like that.

"Of course I know what sex is!" Aqua protested, crossing her arms under her chest, which pushed her boobs up nicely.

"Then what do you say?" I said with a grin. "Wanna feel even better?"

"Hmph. You're getting awfully cocky for a mortal," she said in a haughty tone. But she stood up and then climbed on top of me, straddling me on the couch. "I'll show you just what a goddess is capable of."

I grinned and put my hands on her waist. "I'm looking forward to seeing your greatness, oh goddess."

She looked pleased with my 'correct' attitude, but then she looked down and a touch of nervousness showed in her expression. "You're kinda big, aren't you?"

"Don't worry, it'll fit," I assured her.

"O-of course it will!" she agreed. "I can easily handle a dick this big. I was just giving you a compliment."

She was a terrible liar, but it was amusing and cute, so I didn't call her out on it. "Of course," I agreed easily. My fingers sunk into the soft skin of her waist as I slightly tightened my grip on her. "Whenever you're ready," I said, giving her the initiative.

Which I mostly did because I wanted to see her newly awakened libido in action and because it was her virginity I was taking. So far I had been taking the lead, even aggressively so at a few points. But I wanted this part to be done of her own initiative and volition.

She put her hands on my shoulders, steadying herself as she raised her hips and shifted slightly. I subtly guided her with my hands, making sure she lined it up correctly, and cast [Imbue Elasticity] on her.

Both of us tensed when the tip of my penis spread her wet lower lips. Aqua shivered in pleasure, and I mentally readied myself to fuck a goddess for the first time.

Aqua started slowly lowering herself, and my cock finally penetrated her tight entrance. I let out a grunt as I entered her, her inner walls squeezing my member like a vice. She stopped a couple inches in with a gasp, taking a moment to steady herself and get used to the feeling.

I decided to let her take all the time she needed and instead directed my attention to her tits, which were practically shoved in my face. I couldn't resist an invitation like that, so, without taking my hands off of her waist, I caught one of her nipples in my mouth.

She jumped a little in surprise, which caused her to slide a couple more inches down my shaft, pulling another lewd moan from her. I grinned, her nipple caught lightly in my teeth. I was almost halfway inside of her now, and gravity was slowly pulling her further down.

Aqua seemed to realize it as well, and as I continued to suckle on her nipple, she took a deep breath and then pushed herself downwards, taking the rest of me, inch by inch. She moaned with each moment, the sounds of it muffled as she bit her lip in an attempt to contain them.

I could feel her inner walls twitching, and the deeper I was in her, the tighter she got. And both of those only increased tenfold when she finally took all of me inside of her, cumming as soon as she did. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she pushed herself against me, pulling her boob out of my mouth, as her body shuddered and shook with her orgasm.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Aqua let out in sheer ecstasy. I stiffened as well when a sudden searing heat of arousal slammed into my dick, setting every nerve ending alight with pleasure. I realized that, whatever fluid she produced on orgasm, it didn't just taste divine, but it felt it too.

Driven by this new knowledge, and now that I was fully inside of her, I decided to take charge once more. I used [Increase Sensitivity] on Aqua to make it easier for her to cum, tightened my grip on her waist, and then started bouncing her on my lap.

Aqua didn't protest for a moment. In fact, she almost immediately fell into rhythm with me, moaning as she rode me. I rewarded her for her enthusiasm by picking up the pace and leaning forward enough to capture her lips with my own, finally kissing her.

It was an intoxicating feeling. Aqua's body was divine, and I wasn't just talking about her status as a goddess. Her pussy felt amazing, her boobs were just the right size to squeeze comfortably against my chest, her lips were soft and sweet, and her moaning was like a choir in my ears.

I had gotten used to fucking supernaturally perfect women, but there was something different about Aqua. Maybe it just was the fact that she was a goddess, whether that caused a literal difference or one that was just in my head. Whatever the reason was didn't matter though. All that mattered was continuing to enjoy it.

I pushed my tongue into Aqua's mouth and picked up the pace once again. Aqua climaxed again, moaning into my mouth as I was treated to another sharp spike of pleasure, one strong enough to push me to the brink of my own orgasm.

I held it back, letting the pressure build as I roughly fucked Aqua. I was forced to stop kissing her, the rough motions causing her to bounce too strongly to keep our lips together. She continued to cling to me though, her nails digging into my back as my face was pushed into her cleavage.

A few moments that felt like ages later, I felt her cum once more, and the dam broke. As she moaned and shuddered I let out a groan and buried my dick as deep inside of her as I could. My balls churned as I pumped my seed into her.

When our orgasms ended, we both went slack, panting from exertion. Normally just one round of sex wouldn't be enough to tire me like that, even temporarily, but I felt more drained than usual. I recovered quickly though, even as Aqua remained slumped against me.

A strangled noise from elsewhere in the room drew my attention to the opposite couch, where I spotted Kyu with her back arched, fingers deep in her snatch, mid-orgasm. I was so distracted by Aqua that I hadn't even noticed Kyu masturbating, having forgotten her existence entirely.

Kyu also went limp, tired from her orgasm. My dick twitched at the sight, still buried inside of Aqua. Aqua made a small noise, more of a murmur, in reaction. She seemed tired though, and I knew she wasn't going to last much longer.

Well, that was fine. After what I had accomplished tonight, I had no doubts I had done everything I needed to, and more, to have her begging for more. I now had a whole future of goddess fucking in front of me.

But before I could call the job completely done, there was one thing left to do.

I slowly slid Aqua off of my lap, causing her to shudder as I pulled my dick out of her, letting a small trail of cum ooze out of her pussy. But she didn't react as I repositioned her so she was on her knees on the couch next to me, her ass in the air and facing my direction. I knelt on the couch cushions behind her, lining myself up with her as I grabbed her hips once more.

Aqua finally stirred as I did, and I felt a spark of anticipation and excitement as I made to keep going. She turned to look at me over her shoulder with a smug grin and wiggled her ass side to side, enticing me further, and I grinned. She was definitely in for a surprise.

Instead of going for her pussy again, I decided I wanted to take all of her virginities tonight. So instead, I pressed the tip of my penis against her puckered asshole. There was a brief moment of confusion in her emotions and on her face, and then I was pushing forward, sliding my cock into her tight ass.

Aqua let out a strangled moan, half pleasure, half surprise. Thankfully there was no pain present. My dick was lubed up enough by her own arousal, and [Imbue Elasticity] made sure she stretched without damage.

I grunted as my hips pressed against her ass, my dick fully inside of her. Her anus contracted in random bursts around my shaft, and Aqua gripped the arm of the couch tightly enough to make the wood groan under the pressure. It was easy to forget that most adventurers were slightly superhuman, and Aqua's stats may have been low for a goddess, but she was still stronger than a normal person.

I sat there for a moment, unmoving, to let her catch her breath. "You missed!" Aqua said in a shaky voice. "You put it in the wrong hole!"

"What are you talking about," I asked in faux confusion. "Don't you know what anal sex is? Some people think it's even better than normal sex."

"And who gave you permission to do that!" Aqua protested. But she wasn't moving.

"Doesn't it feel good though?" I asked, increasing [Touch of Pleasure] by a small amount.

"It- it does," she admitted.

"So it's fine, right?" I asked as I started slowly pumping my hips, pulling out of her at a glacial pace before pushing back in.

"Ooooooh," she moaned. "Yeah, keep going," she agreed, her protests already forgotten in the pleasure she was feeling.

I grinned and did as she asked, ramping up my speed as I started to fuck her properly. Before long, Aqua's moans once again filled the room as I fucked her ass. It was different from her pussy, and there wasn't any pleasure-inducing girl cum, but her ass was still ranked as one of the best I'd ever fucked.

I suddenly felt the familiar sensation of a naked body pressing against me. "Axtooooon," Kyu whispered in my ear, her voice hungry and desperate. "Please, I can't take it anymore. I need you."

I glanced at Kyu, who had pressed herself against my side and was looking at me with desire burning in her eyes. I hadn't seen her like this before. I could only guess that Aqua's ambrosia-like bodily fluids had a stronger effect on her than they did on me. She was a Love Fairy after all. It would make sense for her to be more sensitive to things like that.

I took one hand off of Aqua's hips and slung it around Kyu, holding her tighter against me as my fingers squeezed her ass cheek. "It's Aqua's turn right now," I told her in a soft voice, even as I continued to thrust into the goddess. "You'll have to make do with my fingers."

She nodded eagerly before floating up so she could kiss me. It also put her in a better position for me to finger her, my hand able to reach her pussy from behind without having to support her weight. She moaned into my mouth as I slipped my middle fingers into her tight folds.

Thankfully, to make up for my lessened grip on Aqua's hips, she had started moving as well, moving in time with my thrusts so I could impale her harder and faster. Her face was pressed against the couch cushion as I railed her.

She came twice as I fucked her in the ass. It was harder to tell since there was no accompanying spike of pleasure on my end, and her anus was constantly clenched around my dick, but I had gained enough experience to pick up on the more subtle signs. The way she stiffed, the change in her moans, the slight dip in her energy as she came, only for her to redouble her efforts once her orgasm ended; all clearly indicated that she had orgasmed.

And it wasn't long before I felt my own climax approaching. I held out for a minute, keeping it at bay even as I sped up my movements. I distracted myself by slipping another finger inside of Kyu, fingering her more vigorously. But soon my desire to fill her ass with my cum won out.

I broke my kiss with Kyu and stopped fingering her as I pushed my hips forward, burying my dick in Aqua's ass as deep as it could go and pressing her face even harder against the couch. And then I came, painting the walls of her anus white with my cum as it shot inside of her.

I made a few light thrusts as my orgasm started to end, making sure to get every last drop of my seed inside of her ass, before finally pulling out of her.

Aqua slumped over on the couch, coming to a rest on her side, barely conscious. She was definitely too tired for another round. But my cum leaked out of both of her holes, slowly trailing down her thigh.

"There you go Kyu," I said with a grin and a wave of my hand. "You need more? There's some fresh cum, mixed with the ambrosia of a goddess, ready to be consumed."

Kyu flashed me a smile and gave me a wink. "Kinky," she said as she separated herself from me. "Which means I absolutely approve." With zero hesitation, she quickly shoved her face into Aqua's rear and started greedily eating my cum from Aqua's pussy and ass.

As she did, I sat back on the couch and finally acknowledged the System windows that had popped up while I was having fun with Aqua.

+10 Affection with Aqua
For showing her a wonderful new world of pleasure

I snorted. That felt like an understatement. Still, I was glad for it. Gaining Affection with Aqua had slowed down a lot. Now she was at 82, and I had no idea how I was going to push it higher. Maybe I'd do something for her followers, or I'd make a holiday for her. I vaguely remembered a sub-plot like that from the books. I shrugged and decided to leave it for later, closing the window so I could see the next one.

Achievement Unlocked!
[Goddess Tamer] - Added a Goddess to your harem
Rewards: 10 Affection with Venus, [Goddess Tamer] Trait

I blinked in surprise. An achievement for getting a goddess? I guess it made sense, though the rewards surprised me. I was under the impression that Venus was 'immune' to my Affection system. So did that mean she had personally noticed and approved of my actions? Or was it more automated than that?

And then there was the Trait itself.

[Goddess Tamer] - Basic qualification for ?

I considered asking Kyu about the mysterious trait, but her tongue was currently buried deep in Aqua's snatch, and she seemed distracted. Plus, Aqua was still conscious enough that she might hear it. I shrugged and decided to figure it out later. In the meantime, I was still horny, and Kyu looked like she still had plenty of energy.

I slid behind Kyu and quickly pushed my dick into her wet and ready pussy. Kyu moaned into Aqua's crotch, appreciating being filled with my dick, and I was soon rutting her as she continued eating out the exhausted goddess.

All in all, it was a pretty fun and successful night.

The next day was business as usual, at least until evening. After dinner, all the members of the household usually ended up relaxing together in the main sitting room. Aqua was drinking wine of course, while also doodling on a piece of paper. Megumin and Momo were both reading books while Darkness was reading the newspaper. I was practicing with [Telekinesis], raising the skill level and improving my fine control by making ball bearings rotate in complex orbits around a central one without hitting each other.

I noted Aqua finishing her bottle of wine and looking around for another one, only to not find any. "Axtooooon," she whined. She didn't sound drunk. "I'm out of booze. If I have sex with you again, will you give me more?"

Silence descended on the room at Aqua's question. I put a stop to my [Telekinesis] practice and looked around. Megumin looked surprised, but contemplative. Darkness looked utterly shocked, but I could feel with [Empathy] that jealousy was her strongest emotion. Momo was just looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged. "We came to an understanding," I told her.

Momo just shook her head and then turned to Aqua. "Well, if it's like that, you might as well start sleeping with us at night," Momo said.

"You mean I can have sex every night?!" Aqua exclaims in surprise before quickly reeling herself in. "Uhh, I mean. I guess I can do that. If you beg me."

"If you don't want to, you don't have-," I started.

"No, no, I'll join!" Aqua said desperately.

"Great," I said casually. I pulled out a bottle of wine and tossed it at her. She fumbled to catch it but managed to not drop it. "Here, have some more wine."

"Woo!" Aqua cheered, already opening the bottle. I rolled my eyes.

"Umm," Darkness spoke up. I looked at her and saw that her face was red and her gaze was directed at the floor. Her hands were also in her lap, and she was squirming slightly. "Do you think- maybe it would be possible- could I also join you in your bed tonight?"

"Nah, it's fine," I said casually, almost disinterestedly, as I went back to training my [Telekinesis]. "We've got plenty of people in ours, you can sleep in your own bed."

Darkness made a strangled noise and I felt her arousal spike. "Ooh," she quietly muttered, her breathing growing heavy. "To be tossed aside, even when he's taken everyone else…what a feeling."

Megumin inched away from the other girl, though, like the others, she was well aware of what I was doing to Darkness. Momo just shook her head and went back to her book, used to this kind of play now. Aqua didn't even notice it, too preoccupied with her wine.

I smiled in amusement. Darkness would get her turn as soon as she stopped enjoying being spurned. Or when my patience broke, whichever happened first. But for the time being, I contented myself with the other girls, and the goddess I had finally seduced, after months of work.

If you had told the me from before all of this happened that I would end up in the void between worlds, be rescued by a character from a horny puzzle game I played once, live out my wildest power fantasies, and seduced a goddess into my massive harem, I would ask you what drugs you were on, and if you were willing to share.

But here I was. And there was nothing in the world I would trade it for, and nothing I wouldn't do to protect it.

Momo put a hand on my arm, and I turned to see her giving me a look. I relaxed, not having realized I tensed up, and shook my head before I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to me. She leaned into it, resting against my side as she returned her attention to her book, satisfied that I was okay.

I was on vacation, here in this relatively peaceful world. I could worry about the threats that faced me back home later. For now, I'd just enjoy my time with my girls.

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