"Geez, couldn't this place be any more crowded?" Nino complained as she avoid bumping into a passing student.

"Well, we are kinda standing at the middle of the street," Ichika pointed out, much to the former's annoyance.

"Nino is right though." Sliding down her headphones over to her neck, Miku gave the pair an odd look and said, "This doesn't look like the sort of school dad would choose as our first choice to attend. Probably not even the second or third."

"It's not so bad. I actually heard that it is sort of prestigious," Itsuki tried to reassure them despite not sounding very confident herself. "Th-though I admit, it looks much bigger than what I was expecting."

Yotsuba eyed the building with pure curiosity. "What was it called again?"

Nino shrugged in disinterest, "I believe it's called Shuchin or something like that."

"It's Shujin actually, but close enough," Ichika corrected. "Now that I think about it, what about our uniforms?"

"Papa said that we should be getting them by the end of the day," Nino responded before letting out a sigh. "Anyway, we should get going unless we want to be known for coming late on our first day."

"Y-yeah, that would be kind of embarrassing, wouldn't it?" Yotsuba laughed sheepishly before joining her sisters as they walked through the gate.

Prologue: Shujin Academy

"Ah, the Nakanos. I was wondering when you girls would arrive. Please, come and take a seat."

The five sisters did as they were told and sat down in front of a large desk. At the other side was of course the academy's principal, and as much as they wanted to stop themselves, they couldn't help but exchange some unsure looks as they felt somewhat uncomfortable by the man's general appearance.

Bald and overweight. Those were two of the words that first crossed their minds, no matter how much they wanted to avoid being rude.

The nameplate on the table revealed his name to be Kobayakawa.

"I must admit, after seeing the scores from your entry exams, I was a little skeptical about accepting you into this institution," he said with a stern look. "However, I owe Dr. Nakano a few favors, so hopefully you'll improve yourselves before the next exam in a couple of weeks."

Yotsuba and Itsuki looked somewhat embarrassed at the reminder of their latest test and failure. Ichika of course tried to laugh it off while Miku's eyes drifted away from the conversation—a clear giveaway that she too was embarrassed.

In Nino's case, it was a little bit different. While she was indeed annoyed for having the lowest score among her sisters, her thoughts were somewhere else.

Moving from their hometown all the way to Tokyo was a hassle. Leaving everything and everyone they knew, including whatever friends they had was difficult enough, but having to adapt to a whole new environment didn't make things any easier.

Was she upset? Most definitely!

But it wasn't like they gave their father much of a choice either way. After they got expelled from their last school, things got a little tough. No high-end institution would accept them, so their father had to settle with the best school he could find among those with a less economic standing—thus they moved to Tokyo.

At least that's what their father told them, but Nino knew better. She heard him talking with one of his colleagues through the phone the other day, though she didn't hear much other that it had something to do with the job he was currently involved in. She didn't know the full details, only that it was related to some of the incidents that have been going around lately or something along those lines.

"…having said that, I trust that you will behave properly," Principal Kaboyakawa told them, though Nino barely heard anything of what the man said. He reached across the table and grabbed a few papers. "Now then, these are the classes you will be attending, so read them carefully."

Taking one of the sheets, Itsuki gave them a look. "Hmm, looks like we'll be attending class 2-D," she mumbled.

Looking over her shoulder, Yotsuba yelped with enthusiasm. "Oh! We have PE!"

Nino leaned over the other side. "We have English too," she mentioned, feeling somewhat relieved to see one of her strongest subjects.

"And Japanese History as well." A subtle, excited smile reached Miku's lips as she said that.

"If you five have any questions, be sure to ask your homeroom teacher." He looked at the clock on his desk and frowned. "She should already be here actually."

The door suddenly opened, revealing a seemingly exhausted-looking woman. "S-Sorry for being late. I was busy dealing with a couple of troublesome students that I just lost track of time."

"There's always an excuse, isn't it?" The principal's frown remained. "I expect my teachers to be prime examples of punctuality. Remember that, Kawakami-sensei."

"I… I understand." The teacher responded before releasing a weak sigh. She didn't seem to take the harsh comment well, but her demeanor appeared to shift as soon as her gaze moved on to them. "You girls must be the Nakanos, right?"

They all nodded simultaneously, though they couldn't help but take a moment to appreciate the teacher's looks. She had a somewhat messy long black-brown hair and there was a certain vibe of maturity in her appearance. She was probably nearing her thirties, though despite her age she still looked fairly young for a teacher.

"I'm Kawakami Sadayo, I'll be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year," she introduced herself, trying her best to look cheerful despite her tired looks.

With their business at the principal's office now concluded, Kawakami-sensei lead them all to their new classroom. She didn't say much—though she did mention something about having to deal with too many transferred students. It was an odd thing to say, but neither of them thought much of it as they continue their walk down the corridor.

"I wonder if anyone will have any trouble distinguishing us, like you know, with the five of us looking so alike," Itsuki muttered nervously. "It always gets too confusing when everyone starts getting our names wrong."

"I really don't care as long as they don't start being a bother," said Nino. "Honestly, getting lots of random questions thrown at us for being quintuplets always gets annoying."

Miku choose to remain silent, though she nodded in agreement.

Ichika on the other hand grinned. "It isn't so bad. I always find the look on people's faces when they find out that we're quintuplets quite hilarious."

Yotsuba's ribbon twitched with excitement. "I really don't mind as long as we all get along."

"I guess that's the best we can hope for." Itsuki smiled at the thought. Out of the five of them, Yotsuba was always the most positive, so it was always reassuring to have her alongside them at times such as this.

Nino sighed in contempt. "Let's just get this whole thing over with," she said, not at all looking forward to the next couple of hours.

Take Your Time

"Alright class. I'd like to introduce a couple of new students that'll be joining us from today on, so be sure to treat them well," Kawakami-sensei spoke loudly enough for the entire classroom to hear.

Everyone's gazes rested on the five individuals that stood at the front of the class, and it didn't take a genius to see that they weren't anywhere comfortable with all of the attention that they were getting.

"I… I, uh…" Itsuki's mouth opened and closed multiple times as if trying to force herself to speak, but no words came out. Having everyone's eyes on her made her feel too uneasy that even her hands began to sweat.

Fortunately, Yotsuba has no qualms with all of the attention and presented herself first, much to her sister's relief. "Hi everyone! My name is Yotsuba, its nice to meet all of you!" she said with a bright smile.

Following her initiative, the eldest of the sisters gave the class a short wave. "Name's Ichika. Let's all get along," she greeted as she flashed a smile of her own.

The headphone-wearing girl, wanting to avoid any further attention, was the briefest with her introduction and simply said, "Miku."

"I'm Nino," she spoke with as much delicacy as she could muster, if only to preserve her own social image.

"A-and I'm Itsuki!" The red-hair finally said, feeling much more at ease after her sisters' introductions.

Murmurs traveled quick throughout the classroom, followed by comments that were one way or another related to the new arrivals.

"Hey, those girls are the new transferred students, aren't they?"

"Woah, they look so alike. Do you think they're related?

"I think they are. Hopefully they are better than the last guy."

"Yeah. Though they sure look kinda cute, don't they?"

"That's enough everyone," Kawakami-sensei raised her voice high enough for all noise to cease. Nino had to admit, their teacher may look young, but she certainly knew how to handle her class.

Once everyone settled down, Kawakami-sensei continued, "Alright then, fortunately we have a couple of empty spots left, so why don't you girls go ahead and take a seat. I'll make sure to put you up to date with the current subjects once class is over."

They all took a seat at whatever space they saw available. Both Itsuki and Yotsuba got to be somewhere in the middle while Ichika unsurprisingly opted for a place in the back. Nino however, got a spot two rows next to the window while Miku took the seat behind her.

"Ask whoever is seating next to you to share their text book," Kawakami-sensei instructed. "Today we'll review what we saw last week, so if any anyone has trouble understanding, feel free to ask."

And so Kawakami-sensei began her lesson.

So I'm gonna have to ask for help to a complete stranger? Nino thought, doing her best to hide her own irritation. Her eyes wandered briefly before they met those of a black-haired boy seating next to her. His blank expression barely showed any emotion. The two found themselves staring at each other for a moment before Nino forced her eyes away. Wh-what's the matter with this guy?!

Perhaps she was better off looking for someone else to partner with, or so she thought before the same guy actually went ahead and offered his own text book to her. "Here," he said, putting it on her desk. "I already took notes, so you can use it for the rest of the hour if you like."

Nino blinked at the unexpected action. "A-ah, thanks…" she reluctantly accepted.

"No way," she heard someone say. "Did she really had to partner with that guy?"

"Damn, I feel bad for her, like…for real."

"Isn't that guy like a thug or something?"

"M-maybe I should offer my text book to Nino-san instead."

"Don't even joke about it! That guy will probably kill you if you make him angry!"

"Yeah," a girl agreed. "You don't get a criminal record just for nothing."

She ignored most of the gossip that was going around, though the last comment got her attention. Criminal record? Just what are these people even talking about? Nino pondered, looking at the rows of students whispering to each other.

Take Your Time

The rest of the hour went as expected without much happening.

All the while, Nino's eyes couldn't avoid sending the occasional subtle glance at the frizzy-haired teen. If she had to describe him, she would have to say that he was pretty average. He wasn't bad looking but neither did he looked impressive in any way.

He definitely didn't seemed particularly interested in class and barely listened to Kawakami-sensei's lecture. In fact, he was staring out the window thinking about who knows what while his gaze would occasionally wander to his phone before turning back to the window.

Academics are probably not his thing. Nino didn't thought much of him at first, but she could at the very least appreciate that he was letting her have her own space instead of attempting to converse or even flirt like most guys did.

Realization then hit her, as she was reminded of the ongoing class. "Tch," her teeth clicked. She turned her attention back to the lecture, but only managed to hear something about some important old guy or whatever.

Nino had a hard time keeping up to most of what Kawakami-sensei was saying.

Sparing one look at her sisters, it was easy to tell that they weren't faring any better. She briefly considered asking the teacher, but she dismissed the thought almost instantly. She couldn't bring herself to do something like that, as it would be far too embarrassing for her to do so in front of everybody.

Her hands unconsciously reached for her head while her face acquired a healthy tone of red. T-this is so infuriating! She thought with a quiet growl.

"Its the Edo Period."

Nino nearly jumped off her seat in pure surprise. It was the frizzy-haired boy who suddenly spoke as if having sensed her own distress. She gave him a puzzled look. "Eh… What?" It took her nearly a whole minute to understand what he was talking about.

"The Edo Period," he repeated. "It's the period in which Ieyasu Tokugawa unified the country and became the first shogun," he said, pointing at the page from the now open text book that he let her borrow. "Its right here."

She looked dumbfounded at him, surprised by how smoothly he said that. And here I thought he was the sort that doesn't care about school. The most shocking part was that the whole time he was looking at her with a flat stare.

"…Th-thank you." Nino's reply was weak and could barely be heard. It wasn't out of shyness, but she was still taken back by the guy's passive gaze.

Surprisingly enough he was able to hear her, as he offered a nod back before directing his eyes back out the window, confusing Nino even further.

At this point she no longer knew what to make out of the frizzy-haired teen. His personality was completely different to his looks, and that confused her even further.

Huffing in frustration, she did nothing but spare him one last glance before turning her attention back to the still ongoing class—though the sight of something moving caught her attention.

Call her crazy, but she could swear that she saw a glimpse of a tail moving around under his desk.

Take Your Time

Even though they were given a break before the last period, many of their classmates decided to approach both her and her sisters to asks all sorts of questions.

While Nino wasn't exactly in the mood, she still made an effort to try and be friendly with some of her female classmates. However, her gaze would occasionally wander back and forth to the now empty desk next to her.

The guy from before was gone the moment the bell rang—she was honestly perplexed by how fast he was able to go through the crowd of students without bumping into anyone even once. It seems like he had somewhere to go and fast.

She actually took this chance to ask one of the girls she was conversing with what she knew about the frizzy-haired boy; what she heard however, was not what she was expecting at all.

"That guy did what?" Nino repeated, not sure if she misheard the last part.

The girl nodded and said, "Yeah, I heard that the guy assaulted someone with a knife or something along those lines."

Another classmate added, "I actually heard that he stole a car."

"Pfft, that's nothing!" The first girl scoffed. "I heard that he has ties with the yakuza!"

A-are these girls being for real? Nino thought with a dumbfounded expression.

While she didn't really believed that they were purposely trying to lie to her, there was just no way that any of what they said was actually true. Shaking her head, she decided to head back and check on her sisters—most of their classmates already left, so it should be relatively easy to join them.

"Nino!" Yotsuba called to her excitedly. Itsuki was at her side too, though she was busy writing something inside her notebook. "Over here, we're over here!"

"Yes, yes. I can see you just fine," Nino retorted with a roll of her eyes. "And stop waving your hand like that, it's embarrassing!"

Yotsuba laughed awkwardly. "S-sorry."

"Done." Itsuki closed her notebook with an exhausted sigh. "Honestly, that was a lot to take in for just one day," she mumbled. "What about you, Yotsuba?"

"I…" Yotsuba's gaze lowered. "I didn't do too well."

"There, there," Ichika reassured her while patting her on the back. "No need to worry too hard about it. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon enough."

"Is that so?" Nino gave her sister a skeptical look and asked, "Does that mean that you had an easier time than the rest of us?"

Her question got nothing but an awkward laugh from Ichika. "I wouldn't go so far as to say that," she responded before sending her sister a mischievous look. "Though I'm more interested to know about how you did."

Nino raised a brow. "What do you mean?"

"Ahhh, c'mon! There's no need to play coy with your big sister," Ichika said playfully while waving her hand dismissively.

Now all of the attention was on Nino, though she was quick to respond, "I… Alright, yes. I guess I did got some help." She crossed her arms and looked away. "But that's none of your business!"

"Oh, you mean that cute boy with the glasses and the messy hair that I saw you looking at for most of the lecture?" Ichika teased. "That's the one, isn't it?"

"That's the one," Miku responded, earning an angry look from Nino. "You were seating right in front of me. I would have to be blind not to see it."

Nino's face flushed, though she did her best to not let it show. "I-It was nothing like that! Besides, from what I heard that guy is delinquent, so stop making things up."

Yotsuba tilted her head. "But Nino, aren't you always the one saying that bad boys are your type?"

"Th-that has nothing to do with this!" She retorted, pounding her fist in frustration.

"Nino isn't lying though," Miku said with a nonchalant look. "Everyone is saying that he's on probation and everything."

"P-probation?" Itsuki stuttered. "Wh-why does the school have someone like that here?"

Nino simply shrugged. "How should I know that?"

Ichika stifled a laugh, though it didn't lasted long before she spoke up, "Anyway, putting all that stuff aside, I've actually been digging around and I heard some nasty rumor that has been going around," she said before her expression turned serious, which got her sisters attention. "Apparently the other day a student jumped off the school's rooftop."

"Wh-what!?" Once again Itsuki couldn't hold her own voice down. Nobody blamed her though, as pretty much all of her sisters were thinking the exact same thing. "B-but… But why?"

"Nobody knows," Ichika responded. "I was only told that it happened last week and that she's still in the hospital, though the teachers are trying to keep the incident under wraps."

"That's… I don't know even know what to say to that, but that is seriously messed up." Nino mumbled, and even Miku couldn't help but agree with a subtle nod.

The Nakano siblings remained silent. Neither of them knew what to make of what they heard—they couldn't really fathom what it must be truly like to experience something so terrifying.

"A-anyway, what do you all think about what dad told us?" Yotsuba began, trying to change the subject.

Itsuki blinked a couple of times before she send her sister an odd look. "Oh, you mean the new tutor that he hired for us?"

She nodded enthusiastically, "Yep! That's the one!"

Nino scoffed at the idea. "Honestly, that sounds like a total waste of time," she complained with a roll of her eyes. "We don't need a stranger to come and tell us what to do. I'm sure we can handle the upcoming exams own our own."

"Maybe," Ichika said with a shrug. "But good luck with trying to convince father otherwise."

No one could argue against that. Once their father made a decision, changing his mind was next to impossible.

"The tutor will come meet us at our apartment after school, right?" Miku asked after a while.

Nino send her an annoyed look, but answered none the less. "That's what papa told us, yes."

Yotsuba's ribbon twitched. "Well, since he's gonna be there to help us, I say we give him a chance!"

"I-I agree with Yotsuba," Itsuki said with a nod. "We should at least try to learn whatever we can. And if the turns out to be no good, then I'm sure we can convince papa to replace him with someone else."

Nino seemed to consider for a moment. "I guess I can get behind that idea."

"Sounds fair," Miku agreed.

"If everyone agrees, then I…" Ichika stopped to suppress a yawn. "…then I guess it's fine."

Itsuki nodded at her sisters, having already made up her mind. "Then it's decided then," she said as the school bell finally rang.

Take Your Time

It was later after school when the five decided to head back to the new residence where they were staying.

The department complex that their father had them accommodate after moving to Tokyo was quite expensive and spacious, as it was located on the building's upper floors. Although unsurprisingly, their father didn't stay with them, as his work schedule at the hospital was always too full for him to spend any time with them, so he rarely came to see them.

Nino was currently seating at the living room, looking at her phone while chatting with some of her friends from their last school.

Both Yotsuba and Miku were seating on the couch as well. The former was watching some boring show where they were talking about a high school detective or something along those lines, while the later was listening to some music with her headphones on, completely ignoring the world around her.

Ichika was upstairs in her room as usual, probably sleeping.

Itsuki was the only one out of the five who was trying to do some actual studying, getting ready for when their tutor arrives. If Nino had to guess, she would go as far as to say that her sister looked excited—though she knew that she would never admit that.

Nino still wasn't happy at the prospect of a stranger basically barging into their home just so he can tell them how worthless they are. It's not like they needed to pay someone to know just how dumb they all were. She had enough of that crap already to last a life-time.

Even talking to her friends from their last school did nothing but remind her of their failure and just how big they messed up, and that annoyed her even further. Just what exactly will a damn tutor do to help us that we can't do ourselves? Nino thought as she angrily threw her phone into the sofa.

At the same time, the bell at the door suddenly rang, though it seemed like she was the only one who heard it. Yotsuba was too engrossed with the TV that didn't even hear the bell ring—and it was the same for both Miku and Itsuki.

"It always has to be me who does everything around here, doesn't it?" Pushing a groan back, she headed to answer the door. "It's probably that new tutor that papa hired, so I'm definitely gonna give him a piece of my mind for even daring to come..."

The moment she opened the door however, her eyes went wide as she stood frozen in place at the sight of who was standing at the doorway.

"Excuse me, is this the Nakano residence?"

"N-no, no way..." Her mouth moved before she could even realize what she was saying. "Th-here's no way that you're our tutor…" she mumbled in disbelief, receiving a curious look in return.

It was the same guy with the frizzy dark hair and glasses from school—the one who had the criminal record. He looked at her for a mere second before his eyes lit up in recognition.

"Didn't we meet at school today?" He asked before shaking his head and adding, "Sorry, I should probably introduce myself properly." He held out his hand and smiled. "My name is Amamiya Ren. I'll be your tutor for the rest of the semester."

At that moment Nino's entire world stopped moving. For a whole minute she couldn't hear him even when he asked if she was alright, nor the voice of her sisters calling out to her in concern.

She definitely didn't hear the meowing coming out of the guy's bag either.

Prologue End

So this is an idea I wanted to try out for quite some time. I've seen that there aren't that many crossovers for Quintessential Quintuplets, which is quite disappointing to be honest.

I hold a special place for this series, and I was quite satisfied with the ending it was given even though my favorite girl wasn't chosen. Still, I'm sure many of you are probably wondering how a crossover with Persona will even work.

Well, I have a couple of ideas in mind, so I guess all will be revealed in time. In the mean time, I hope anyone who actually took their time to read this enjoyed it, and I wish you all a wonderful day.