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that being said I got this idea in my head while watching SVU. what if there was a bigger reason Bella hated her birthday and presents, something only her mom knows about, anyway, let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Want me to continue? Think I should keep my ass in the purely romantic section where it belongs? leave a review and let me know!

I swallowed thickly as I sat in the kitchen waiting for my dad to get home, it was four days before my birthday, all the Cullens were out hunting so I took the opportunity and decided to tell my dad exactly why I hated my birthday, and presents, it was completely psychological. an 'irrational aversion'. my therapist back in phoenix had called it.

It didn't matter though, no matter how many sessions we did I never lost my distaste for my birthday, I had come to grips with what had happened to me though, it was a trick Pam, my therapist, had taught me, she showed me how to compartmentalize unsavory situations and walk through my feelings, Her trick had truly helped.

After just six months working with her, I had taken leaps in becoming the girl I was before the 'Dark ages', as I called them. I found that it worked better than anything else. I was broken out of my musings by My dad coming in the door. "Bells?" He called.

"In Here dad. We need to have a talk." I said seriously. He walked in the door, eyeing me warily. "Uh Oh, this can't be good." He said gruffly as he sat down, I sighed. "No, dad. It's not good. I have to tell you something me and mom have been keeping from you for a while, I went along with it before, but You have a right to know." I said seriously.

"Bells, you're freaking me the hell out, what is this about?" He asked suddenly serious. I took a deep shuddering breath, no turning back now, I made my decision, time to stick to it. "How much do you know about the guy's mom saw while I was growing up?' I asked quietly. He sighed and scrubbed his face with his hand. "I don't know, not much, why? Bella. What. Is. This. About." he said sternly, punctuating each word.

I sniffed as I bit my lip trying to keep my voice steady. "When I just turned Five mom started seeing this guy, Daniel, he was cool at first, he would bring me and mom gifts, flowers for her, dolls and bears for me. Little things like that. He seemed normal." I said, Charlie's face suddenly hardened, having an idea where this was going, I simply continued to talk.

"Then, things got worse, mom and Daniel would fight, nothing too serious, just arguments, they started dating on and off due to their constant fights, then a month before my sixth birthday they were on-again, and Daniel seemed to be trying extra hard. Then the day of my birthday came, I was excited because mom had sprung for a bigger party,

she invited everyone in my class to the house, then towards the end, things went wrong, Daniel was carrying a bowl of punch over to the table and he tripped, I remember thinking that was weird because he never tripped. Or even fell, he got punch all over me, I was a mess and mom was panicking, worried about the party being ruined.

Daniel calmed her down, told her not to worry, then he offered to take me a bath. Mom was so grateful." I said, sneering the last sentence. "Once he got me in the bath he just poured soap in, then he started touching me, groping me, I knew what he was doing had to be wrong, I told him to stop, but he didn't listen, he told me that he was giving me a special present.

I told him to stop, that I didn't like it, but he continued, just touching me wherever he liked for half an hour, then when he was done he told me I couldn't tell anyone, that mom would be hurt if I told, i believed him. So I didn't say anything.

The year after that he did the same thing, except he waited until I was in bed, and came in under the pretense of reading me a story. I knew what he was going to do the minute he walked into the room and told me he had another special present. I just sat there, crying. He didn't care, but he still said mom would be hurt if I told, and that it would be my fault. I kept it to myself again,

Then on my 8th birthday, he slept over and came into my room while I was sleeping, I don't remember this one, apparently, he had slipped some cold medicine into a drink I had earlier, or at least that's what he admitted to. But mom woke up in the middle of the night, she said she went to check where he had gone off to, that's when she found him in my room, one hand down my pants and one up my shirt. She got a can of pepper spray she kept in her room and sprayed him to hell and back.

Then she called the cops, the rest was kind of a blur, I had to testify in court. Mom signed me up for therapy, she had the talk with me, along with a few other talks." I said as I wiped away the tears that had escaped without my permission. I sniffed and looked up, only to find my dad crying as well. before I knew it he had me swept up in a fierce hug.

"Oh Bells, I'm sorry, so sorry, why didn't you or Renee ever tell me? That Bastards in jail, isn't he?" Charlie demanded. I nodded against his chest, "He gets out in five years, at which point he'll have to register as a sex offender and he can't come within fifty miles of me. And mom didn't want you to think she was a bad mother, at that time she already had me reminding her to pay the rent and bills, she didn't really want you looking too close to her parenting, and I just agreed because I felt like I had to take care of her.

I love her, but she's really flighty and she was still a bit too fond of going off on whims, I thought that if I wasn't there for her then her life would kind of fall apart without anyone in the house to be the responsible one." I rambled.

Charlie sucked in a breath and hugged me tighter. "I'm sorry Bells. I messed up." He mumbled. "No Dad, It's not your fault, you couldn't have known. When you started visiting us we ate out most of the time so you wouldn't notice I was cooking dinner every night, and I always made sure the bills and stuff were taken care of before you came." I assured him.

He sighed. "Still, I should have noticed what was going on. I'm going to call Renee later and have a talk with her." He said. I nodded and stood up. "I'll be in my room, talking about this just tires me out," I said. Charlie nodded and gave me another tight hug, I sighed. One down, Seven to go… I thought to myself

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