Chapter one

Harry Potter waited until the minister for magic stormed off after their argument before he began walking towards the lake. He knew what dumbledore wanted him to do, he knew that many believed he was the chosen one. But Harry was thinking about the world he found he was part of only at the age of eleven.

Harry had no idea about the magical world, not until Hagrid turned up on his eleventh birthday. At first Harry thought it would be brilliant to finally be a part of something that was part of him and that his parents were part of. Yes, he liked the fact he would get to leave the Dursley's for ten months of the year. But Hogwarts wasn't what Harry thought it would be.

Harry began thinking about his years at Hogwarts and how often he ended up in life and death situations. He knew some were caused by him, but some were caused by others. This was a school yet there was always danger and Dumbledore never helped, not until he, Harry, had got himself out of danger. Then he thought about how everyone treated him. One day he was a hero, the-boy-who-lived, the next day he was the next dark lord. He had Snape bully him, the man knew Harry couldn't fight back or he would have been expelled, but Snape didn't care. Harry wouldn't have cared if he was expelled except for the fact he would have to return to the Dursley's.

But what got Harry the most was how unhelpful the other teachers were and how the stood around and did nothing. Draco Malfoy cursed students, like Katie Bell and poisoned Ron, yet he was never given any type of punishment. To Harry, he should have been expelled then handed over to the aurors. Malfoy also tried to use the cruciatus curse on Harry. He then thought of the farce of a duelling club when he was in his second year. Malfoy conjured a deadly snake, yet he never got into any trouble. Again, the teachers allowed the blond pounce to get away with it. But he had the dark mark along with other students, yet there was no safety measures put into place to protect the innocent students.

As he was thinking about all the things that was wrong, he wondered why Albus Dumbledore never did anything to protect the students. Harry used to respect the old man, now he was glad Dumbledore was gone. Even though he had plans, he did hope that if McGonagall or whoever ended up head of Hogwarts, they would put their students safety first instead of allowing things to run they had been.


Harry turned to see Ron and Hermione, 'Hey.'

'What did the minister want?' Ron asked.

'The same thing he wanted before, for me to say that he is doing a good job. He wants Harry Potter to be his poster boy,' Harry growled, 'I told him to stuff it.'

'He's the minister,' Hermione squeaked.

'I don't give a shit that he's the minister. He could be the bloody king of England and I would still tell him to stuff it. I won't be used, by anyone, especially those idiots at the ministry.'

'So, what are you going to do now?' Ron asked.

'I'm still working on a few plans, but I will fill you in when I'm ready,' Harry was only fill them in to a certain limit. After Ron turned on him, Harry just didn't trust Ron anymore. He might care about Hermione, but she had also turned on him all because he used the halfblood princes' potion book. He had so many of his plans but was not going to be shared with his two oldest friends, 'Ron, you should go see if Ginny's alright, I broke up with her since I won't be back here and I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. But I also realise she's not right for me and I don't believe I'm right for her, so it was best to end it before we got more involved. While you do that I want to talk to Hermione for a minute. We'll fill you in soon.'

'It's not like Ginny could go off with you or off at all,' Ron looked at Harry then at Hermione before he walked off.

'You know we're coming with you.'

'That will depend on a few things. But I am not like Dumbledore where he wants to keep things to himself. Think Hermione, he died, but it was lucky that he told me what is going on. If he didn't, then Voldemort wins. So, I need to speak with a couple of people that are trustworthy then decide what I'm going to do. But there is something that can be worked out now. I need you to be completely honest with me.'

'I always am, you know that Harry.'

'Yeah, but this is different,' Harry ran his fingers through his hair before he grabbed Hermione's arm and moved them further away.

'What's going on?'

'I was suspicious in our fourth year, but I still wasn't positive that I was right,' Harry sighed, 'Are you in love with Ron?'

'I'm not sure I love him, but I do care about him.'

'Alright, what if I told you that I care for you, more than just a friend, what would you say?'

'Oh Harry,' Hermione went to take his hand but Harry moved back a step, 'I think of you as a brother, I've told you that.'

'You did but I wanted to get this out once and for all. Is there any chance you could look at me as a boyfriend type of way or are you serious about Ron?'

Hermione sighed, 'I can't see you that way, as for Ron, yes I would like to give it a go with him.'

'Then you won't be coming with me, either of you. I doubt we could handle stuck together when I want more than what you're willing to give. But also, I couldn't trust either of you. Ron has turned on me so many times and only a few weeks ago you called me a liar and a cheat. So even though I tried to stop my feelings for you, I couldn't, but I still could never trust you. Go with Ron, get your parent's out of here then work on some other plans. I will need those books though, then I'll get Remus to look through them.'

'I'm sorry for what I said to you, I was angry about the book. But I'm sure we can put our feelings aside for this Harry, we're about to go to war.'

'I couldn't be close to you knowing that nothing will come of it. There's just no way would I handle that. Then I would always be watching you and Ron to see if you wanted time alone. It's best to separate now so you two can work on your own plans. Now can you leave those books on my bed but make sure no one else can tell what they really are. Use the map password on them. I need to go now to speak with McGonagall and Remus before he disappears.'

'Harry, please.'

'It won't work Hermione, so please, just let it go,' Harry turned, 'It's up to you what you tell Ron but tell him it won't be the three of us, not anymore,' he hurried away back towards the castle.

Hermione wiped away the tears that were running down her face. She knew she would need to explain to Ron, otherwise he would keep asking questions. But she also knew if they did end up together then she had to be honest with Ron. She cast a charm to clean her face before she slowly walked towards the castle. She never thought it would come to this when she realised she had feelings for Ron. She thought Harry would always remain her best friend and maybe even her brother if he eventually married Ginny. By the way he spoke about breaking up with Ginny and how he admitted he cared for her more than anyone knew, Hermione realised Harry's feeling for Ginny weren't that serious so there was no hope they would end up together. She wanted to give a relationship with Ron a go and see what happens, if she did, it would just mean losing her first ever friend. She did wonder if she would ever be close to Harry as she used to be.

Harry was standing in front of the headmaster's desk staring up at the picture of Albus Dumbledore. He was still asleep, which Harry preferred; he wasn't in the mood to talk to the old man. He came here to leave a note asking to speak with McGonagall and Remus. He knew the students will be leaving soon but he wasn't going to take the Hogwarts express. He needed to go to Gringotts then he needed to figure out where he would be staying while he went searching for Voldemort's horcruxes.


Harry turned, 'Professor, sorry, I was leaving you a note.'

'It's fine, Albus did say that you were welcome here any time, since you would probably need to talk to his portrait. Now since I am here why don't you tell me what you wanted?'

'I need to speak with you and Remus, and I would rather do it somewhere more private. Even portraits can talk when they shouldn't.'

'Remus is still here at the moment. If you wait in the staff room for me, I will go get Remus.'

'Thanks professor.'

Minerva watched Harry leave before she sent her patronus off to Remus. She knew he was here, but she had no idea exactly where in the castle he might be.

Harry stood at the window in the staff room. He could see many of the guests that came to Dumbledore's funeral still out on the grounds, but he could also see many parents and students heading towards the gate. When he heard the door, he turned to see McGonagall, Remus and Tonks. He forgot that Remus and Tonks were now dating. He figured she was an auror, she could be filled in.

'Alright, there are no portraits, and this room is charmed to prevent anyone hearing anything. Why don't we sit and you can explain what is going on,' Minerva said.

Harry nodded then sat down, but he pulled the fake locket out of his pocket along with the diary and the broken ring that had cursed Dumbledore's hand. He placed the items on his lap before he looked up at the others.

'What I have to tell you is extremely dangerous if the wrong people found out. Dumbledore explained to me, but no one else. Now though he's dead and I'm the only person who knows why Voldemort,' Harry sighed when two people shuddered at the name, 'didn't die and how he was able to return. It's dark magic, one of the darkest and I have a feeling that you might have heard of this Remus. But why I am telling you three is, I'm not like Dumbledore where I believe things should be kept secret. Since he died, I believe I'm right because if he hadn't told me then Voldemort wins. But if something happened to me, then no one would know. Now we know that Voldemort wants me dead and yes there is a prophecy about us. I will share that with you soon, if you want, because Voldemort is still trying to find out what it said. He only heard the first part, which Snape told him, Snape was caught before he heard all of it and kicked out. But we'll get back to that,' Harry pointed to the three items.

'That's the diary that possessed Miss Weasley.'

'Yes Professor. It was to possess someone so they will open the chamber but it's also something else.'

'Harry, just tell us what this is about,' Remus said.

'Do any of you know what a horcrux is?'