Chapter seventeen

As the newt's and owls got closer, many students needed to visit Madam Pomfrey, usually for a calming draught. Harry thought it was strange. He wasn't stressed at all, even though he was studying a lot ready to do his final test at Hogwarts, he was actually very calm. He put it down to the fact that there had been no danger, no Snape, no Voldemort and no Dumbledore.

It was a gruelling two weeks and when the headmistress announced the test were finished, everyone cheered.

'So now we leave our education and go into the work force,' Susan said as she lay against Harry who was leaning against one of the trees near the black lake.

'Our official education is finished, but I like the idea that we will continue to learn things throughout our lives,' Harry said.

'Yes, that's true. But we can learn when we want and what we want. There are so many other subjects we can learn if they interest us, we just have to decide which ones. But the best thing about finishing our proper education, it means no homework.'

Harry laughed. He pulled Susan around so he could kiss her. They spent a good hour talking, mainly snogging but they did talk about their future.

'Tonight before dinner, we find out our results and how the individual point system worked. It made me curious who will win.' Harry said.

'We'll find out soon. We should get in. Dinner starts soon and I am hungry.' Susan said.

Harry and Susan kissed again before they finally made their way inside. Their table, as that's what people called it, and no one ever tried to sit there. Ginny had tried once, until Harry along with his friends all got up and went to another table. Ginny was left alone. She ended up so embarrassed she ran out of the great hall. She never tried again.

'I would like to start by saying that this year has gone down in Hogwarts history. From the moment the points system started, whether it was house points or individual points, we've never had so many students earn points and only five students who kept losing points. Usually, all students will lose some points sometime during the year. Not this time and I would like to thank all of you for making this year a quiet one for the staff.'

Many students laughed as they clapped. But it was like they all felt it, felt that there was no more danger, no more people trying to cause trouble. They finally had a good school that allowed the students to study without having to worry.

'Now to the top three points earners,' Minerva gazed around the room. She could see two students who looked expectant, 'In third place with two hundred and twelve points, Hermione Granger.'

Hermione's loud shout of what was heard by all. She never moved from her seat and one thing everyone noticed, she looked furious. There was a light smattering of applause for Hermione who just kept glaring.

'In second place with two hundred and sixty three points is Daphne Greengrass. The applause for the Slytherin was louder than Hermione got. Normally Slytherin's weren't liked, but that all changed once most of the death eater families were gone.

'And in first place with three hundred and four points,' Minerva paused as she smiled, 'Neville Longbottom.'

The applause for Neville was loud, but so were the cheers. Hannah ended up snogging him as he sat there in shock.

'Yes, congratulations to all three points winners. I will hand out your prize money after dinner. Now it's time for our seventh years to receive their newts. But I would like to announce the five students who scored the highest marks.'

'Daphne has to be one, I think Susan will as well,' Hannah whispered.

'I think you're right, Hermione and probably Padma as well,' Harry said.

'In fifth place, Justin Finch Fletchley,' Minerva and everyone applauded for the quiet Hufflepuff, 'In fourth place Hermione Granger,' again Hermione yelled in anger so the applause was quick and light, but it did shock a lot of people. Many thought Hermione would take first or second place.

'In third place Susan Bones,' Harry ended up kissing his girlfriend right on the lips as everyone applauded.

'Congratulations Babe.'

'Thanks Harry, but I'm shocked. I didn't think I would make the top five, top ten, yeah, not five.'

'In second place, Daphne Greengrass,' another loud round of applause. Then it went quiet. Everyone wanted to know who ended up number one, especially when Hermione and Daphne were fourth and second. Everyone thought one of those two girls would get the top spot.

'The student with the highest scores in their newts was a bit of a surprise. All the staff knew he could do more than what he showed, well, he finally did. I have to say I saw a lot of his parent's in him this year, who were two of the brightest students to ever come out of Hogwarts.'

Everyone was looking around at every student. All they knew so far was the winner was male.

'In first place I have to say a big congratulations to…' Minerva paused making many of the students moan, 'Harry Potter.'

'What?!' Harry yelled then he was being kissed by Susan, slapped on the back by Neville and hugged by Hannah, 'Um, are you serious Professor?'

'Very. Your defence score alone is the highest ever recorded, but you earned an o or o + in every subject you took. So even if a few students took more subject than you, none earned o's in all, or even matched how many you made, which was ten subjects. Congratulations Mr Potter.'

'Thanks Professor,' Harry was shocked he stared at his friends and girlfriend who were all beaming. He always figured Hermione or daphne would have been top. He never even believed he would make top ten. He glanced at the table that Daphne was sitting at. She gave him a small smile and a nod. He nodded and smiled back. He then turned to Hermione, who was glaring at him, until she hurried from the great hall.

'Even though I knew you would do well Harry, Hermione is being a bitch. She also showed she never believed you could do as well as you have,' Susan said.

'She's a sore loser,' Hannah said.

'Yeah, she is, even daphne smiled and nodded at Harry,' Neville said, 'She's a good sport.'

'She is and I still can't believe I got ten o's, and o +. I know after all our training I found spell casting easy. I also noticed I was able to study easier and retain information easier.'

'I think it will take Harry a while before it sinks in,' Neville smirked.

'I think you're right Neville,' Susan said then put her arms around her boyfriend. She knew part of Harry's problem had always been Voldemort, another was Snape, but Dumbledore was also a problem. Susan knew there was one more person who she believed kept Harry from showing his true potential and that was Hermione Granger. Harry had explained how Hermione would nag all the time for him to do his work and when he asked for help, she would use all these big words and complicated explanations. Now, Harry was able to study without danger, without worrying about what might happen and without Hermione nagging him all the time. Susan also knew that Harry was able to study better now because the soul had been removed. There had been no proof that it affected Harry, apart from blocking a bit of magic. Ever since he had that removed, he retrained information easier.

'Harry never believed he was as smart as others, now it's been proven he is. You see Harry, if you put your mind to achieving what you want, you'll get it.' Susan grinned.

Harry smiled at his girlfriend, 'I think you're right. We…all of us helped win the war. We finally have a world that works for all of us. I have the woman I love living with me and soon she will be my wife. Now all I have to do is work out what I want to do for a job.'

'It's not like you can't take your time Harry. You're like me, we have money, but we still want to work. All you can do is take some time now you'll be leaving Hogwarts and work out what you want out of life. You have your personal life worked out, now it's just your professional life,' Neville said.

'That's why Harry and I are taking a few months to travel and have a real holiday. No worries of wars, school, or work, at least for a while.'

'I think that's exactly what I need. To get away from here, see some other countries. It might just let me know what I want to do. I have time but the most important thing is I've already got everything I want,' Harry smiled at Susan who smiled back. Neville and Hannah just grinned at their two friends. They knew there was no use talking to Harry and Susan right now. When they got lost in each other, they didn't take any notice of what was going on around them.

Harry knew what he said was true. He did have everything he wanted. Susan was going to be his wife and one day she would be the mother of his children. After Godric's Hollow, Harry still felt his parent's and Sirius. He knew they were still with him, somehow. He had a family, it might be unconventional, but it was his family. It was something he had wanted since that Halloween night. Harry Potter finally got the life he wanted and he couldn't be happier.

The end: