He was a servant of the Golden a faithful servant of the dark powers striding into battle in black and gold-enameled plate, his pauldrons were layered for added protection, all his fastenings were gilded, His armour was thicker set than most Knights of Westeros and looked incredibly old. For all its age, the armour had obviously been reverently treated – delicate flutes of beaten metal winked in the morning sun. Its large circular rondels are enameled gold-and-black, in the shape of sunburst protecting the vulnerable juncture of arm and breast. A skirt of lobstered metal covered him from waist to midthigh, while a solid gorget encircles his throat stamped upon the metal is the mark of the smithies of Armenelos under this he wears a black satin tabard enchanted with spells of warding and protection. His tower shield is massive oak-and-steel bearing the sigil of the kings' men a great golden tree on a field of sable surmounted by seven stars. While traveling the lands of middle-earth he wears a cloak of satin, in the black and gold of the king's men, is fastened by a clasp of obsidian and gold in the shape of a great seabird a token of affection from Ar-Pharazôn. He also owns a magnificent warhorn it was fashioned from the bark Nimloth wrapped in glittering iron bands. It is said to be a thousand years old gifted to Jon by Sauron to show favor to his most ardent champion this fell horn will cause madness in the minds of all who hear it a cruel weapon but nonetheless effective. His helm is equally splendid wrought of fine gold eagle wings sprouted from the temples of his helm Finally came his sword sheathe and belt both fashioned from the finest lambskin of the Harad the belt itself was studded with yellow topaz and obsidian while the sheathe was wrapped in bands of glittering bronze with each cross-section stamped with a great eye lidless wreathed in flame. Jon also own a mighty spear, an ancient artefact brought to Numenor from Middle-Earth. It was crafted from blackened wood inlaid in gold, and its head was inscribed with horrid spells in the black speech of Mordor deaavh agh tarbam "death and fury". Jon wielded this spear as if it were but a sword, skewering his enemies and throwing them to the ground with contemptuous ease. his weapon was equally resplendent Goenir the sword of Sauron a cruel weapon, first gifted to Ar-Pharazôn and then passed Jon as a reward for destroying the white tree. It was forged from the heart of a great meteor and was quenched in the heat of the Orodruin. As Jon wielded this blade, it would catch the sun's rays, dazzling his enemies as he charged into battle. Jon is a master of the horse often being compared to a Noldorian Knight when astride his great mount Delgarachon, His charger is a stallion with its own blackened armor. The destrier has a blanket with enameled black scales and gilded crinet and chamfron, as well as golden silk barding's decorated with the livery of the king's men many who witness the charge of this great horse to be no mortal creature, but fey he seemed as a god of old bore by the great beast into countless battles smiting all foes of the faithful. Of course, this is untrue, but Jon likes to foster the impression all the same. He trained the great steed in the surf along the Southern shores of the Nindamos, giving rider and beast great strength and endurance unmatched by all save perhaps the steeds of the of the sycophantic elves.