Jon strides into battle in black and gold-enameled plate embossed upon the surface of the breastplate was the dragon of Targaryen each head set with ruby eyes. His armour was thicker set than most Knights of Westeros and looked incredibly old. For all its age, the armour had obviously been reverently treated – delicate flutes of beaten metal winked in the morning sun. Its large circular rondels are enameled gold-and-black, in the shape of sunburst protecting the vulnerable juncture of arm and breast. A skirt of lobstered metal covered him from waist to midthigh, while a solid gorget encircles his throat stamped upon the metal is the stars of the seven. His round shield is massive oak-and-steel bearing his personal sigil. The dragon of house Targaryen quartered. While traveling he wears a cloak, in the red-and-black colors of the Dragon lords, is fastened by a clasp of obsidian and gold in the shape of a winter rose a token of affection from his late mother. He also owns a magnificent warhorn it was fashioned from a dragon's fang wrapped in glittering bronze bands. It is said to be a thousand years old gifted to the Archons of Valyria by the great god Vhagar in recognition for their mastery of the mighty dragons. His great helm is equally splendid crested with a dragon wrought in gold Finally came his sword sheathe and belt both fashioned from the finest lambskin of the free cities the belt itself was studded with rubies and obsidian while the sheathe was wrapped in bands of glittering bronze with each cross-section stamped with the dragon of his house. Astride his great beast in the full panoply of war Jon was akin to an ancient god. Jon also owns a mighty lance, an ancient artefact brought to Dragonstone from distant Valyria. It was crafted from pale wood inlaid in silver, and its curving vamplate guard had been carved in the likeness of a dragon's head. Jon wielded this lance as if it were but a sword, skewering his enemies and throwing them to the ground with contemptuous ease. his weapon was equally resplendent Blackfyre the sword of kings a mighty relic weapon, first gifted to the Targaryen's by the Archons of Valyria and wielded by many heroes of Freehold's. It was forged from the finest Valyrian steel and was quenched in the heat of the 14 flames. As Jon wielded this blade, it would catch the sun's rays, dazzling his enemies as he charged into battle. In lieu of a horse Jon rides a mighty dragon known as ērinnon his name meaning victory in the old tongue the beast is a marvel with powerful muscles and heavy barding of gold and Valyrian steel styled in the ancient traditions of the Freehold so his mount bore the colours of Targaryen a magnificent crest even among the costly liveries of his Westerosi brothers astride his trusted companion Jon was as noble and fair as an lord of Pentos, as strong as the warrior, as wise as the father, as venerable as an Archon of Valyria, and as kind as the winds of spring.