The Path Of The Chosen One I: The Phantom Menace

Disclaimers: Starwars doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to George Lucas, the writers of the old canon and the movie companies.

Warnings: This book series is going to cover everything from Anakin's apprenticeship all the way to the end of the war and the final and total destruction of the Sith and the Old Republic is reborn as the New Republic.

Chapter 1: Changes, Deals And The Race

Preparations And Changes- Anakin's POV Continued:

"Good point and I was born a Jedi, but we change that part in your fight with the Zabrak and I got both of you." Anakin said to that and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement to his thoughts. "I may not have been the biological father, but didn't matter right now, I kept coming back as often as I could. And you been in lightsaber training, since you were 5." Qui-Gon said to him and Anakin nodded in agreement to his thoughts.

"Me or Cliegg, you had two fathers and two mothers, brothers and sisters normal and Jedi you had a life and nothing was taking you away from it that fast." he said and Anakin nodded in agreement to that. "A second shot, and I'm whatever you call yourself, you and the girls, but that's what I am, time to make sure of it now, but another trip to Melida/Daan and you're just asking for trouble, that I need that balance."

"But we all got our memories back and we can fix this, but you better move me into Ben's quarters when we get back. As we had a family group stationed in father's apartment right now, and before someone or something destroys the door next in the apartment at the moment. You remember Toojay's issue with the wall or the launchpad, you had to put her down till I fixed her." he said and Mace nodded with a bemused smile then.

"Yes and that's the you we will know, patient, kind and honest, you could do no wrong in our eyes now after this." he said and Anakin nodded smiling gently at the remark gently at that. "Better get the jealousy under control, I've been exercising my powers for the entire trip back to Coruscant now, so expect, once we got our memories back, then so does our equipment now, the remote." he said and Yoda nodded bemused at that.

As they started laughing at the memory then. "What's so funny?" Lando asked and they smiled. "He had a connection with the equipment we used to train in lightsaber training that when working out they go to blaster mode. And started shooting at us, till he told the one he used the most to switch off and it collapsed in answer to that." Damon said and they all started laughing at the explanation and he nodded.

"I hope we get our memories of this moment back, because I want the memories of this, and with it, a chance to fix our own lives, before we meet as adults now." Han said and he nodded gently at the remark then. "You will Han, but it's starting soon, for you 10 hours, so wherever you were heading for next got called off now." he said and they nodded. "See you on the other side guys." he added and they nodded as they all disappeared then...

Tatooine-The Boonta Eve Classic Race-Anakin's POV:

As a flash blinded the group of Jedi and the Rebel leaders, Anakin woke up to find himself in his quarters then. "Whoa, I'm back in my house at home, when, what time is it?" he thought gently as he moved to the deck and saw his podracer that was just painted then. "That's it, mom, I got to make a visit to Jabba, I'll be back, before it's time to leave for the arena." he said and his mother, Shmi Skywalker nodded to him gently at that.

"What the, I don't remember..., right, your father gave you a training lightsaber." she said and he nodded. "Still in training, and I've got another 18 months, before I create my first, but even then, I still have so much to learn right now." he said and she nodded in agreement. "Yes and I know he's taking you with him right now, so that helps now." she said and he nodded as she gave him a hug then at that.

Grabbing his lightsaber, he mentally disassembled it and then removed the crystals, as he looked at them. 'Not evil, I control the evil in my heart and I am a guardian, guardian, I control the evil in my soul and I am a guardian.' he thought gently as that did it as they changed color and turned purple and he nodded as he put it back together then as he tested his lightsaber, turned it on and saw amethyst and smiled.

"Okay, test check." he said as he mentally shouted it. 'Master Windu you hear me?' he called out and heard Mace immediately answer him then. 'Yes Anakin I hear you, what is it?' he asked and Anakin said it to him. "The test on my training lightsaber, just confirmed it, I'm like you, I'm also purple.; he called out and heard a smile in his tone. 'I got to train you to control it then.' he said and Anakin nodded to that.

'I can wait til you think I'm ready to create the real one, still fun and games right now, but once training is over, it gets dangerous, but at the moment. I look forward to meeting all of you face to face finally.' he said and he heard a gentle smile in the voice of Yoda at that. 'You too padawan, see you soon when you come here, good luck with the race.' he said and Anakin nodded smiling at his remark then.

'Thank you master, may the force be with you.' he said and he heard that repeated in 12 voices from his childhood council then gently. 'You too padawan, may the force be with you.' they said together at that as he refocused at that. "Mental conference call with the council, I'm going to Jabba to let him know we had company coming by here right now, so I'm their official guide." he said and Shmi nodded smiling at the remark.

'Anakin, Anakin, can you hear me?' he heard and he quickly answered the voice then gently. 'Yeah Siri loud and clear right now, what's wrong?' he asked and she explained it to him. 'The council is preparing to send me on my mission to deal with Krayne, I leave next year, and you deserved to know this, before you see me acting like a pirate.' she said and he nodded to the news as he quickly answered her.

'Yeah alright, and thanks for the warning, I'll see you next week sis, may the force be with you.' he said and hear a smile in her tone. 'You too and good luck with the race.' she said and he nodded as they ended it at that. "Siri is going undercover as a pirate, Krayne." he said and Shmi nodded in shock to the news. 'Gods baby, be careful right now, he's dangerous." she said with a sigh at the news and he nodded.

"He's mine when the time comes, but not vengeance, justice, but rule of a Jedi, I'm waiting till he seals his fate." he said and she nodded. "As I said, it's a terrible thing to be a slave on Tatooine, but it could be far, far worse for us, you know what you are. But never strike out in anger and violence never solves anything Annie, so with that, when the time comes wait for it." she said and he nodded to her gently as he said it then.

"Alright I'll tell the boys and Padme where you are honey." she said and he nodded as he got dressed and headed for Jabba's palace, knocking on the door, a ball shaped speaker appeared. "I am Anakin Skywalker, I wish to speak to Lord Jabba." he said and it opened gently at that as he walked in then as Bib Fortuna appeared. "What may I ask is this visit for, young Skywalker?" he asked and Anakin smiled gently as he answered him.

"That is something I wish to speak to him about Master Fortuna." he said and the twilek nodded and lead him to the audience hall. "Good morning and Greetings exalted one, I come before you on behalf of the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn." he said Jabba the Hutt straightened at that. "Jedi here, why not ask for assistance?" he asked and Anakin explained that to him gently as he knew Qui-Gon would accept his way of doing it.

"I took care of that for you already Master Hutt, fact of the matter is that Selbulba got into it with one of Master Jinn's subjects. And a fight broke out, so I nominated myself as your personal guide to them." he said and Jabba nodded gently in acceptance to the news. "Should have seen that coming and did it ever occur to him that he was being protected by a Jedi and not a farmer." he said and Anakin chuckled and nodded.

"Indeed yes, but I made it clear, you hear this and he was being diced, and I would hate to see this before our last race together right now. But that's what I came to talk to you about right now, the race is late entry, but I am force sensitive you know what the Jedi are. But I am a cub padawan, I'm 9, so youngling padawan to Master Jinn." he said and the hutt nodded to the news as he got it then as he said it.

"This explains why you came out of each crash unscathed, you are one of them?" he asked and Anakin nodded. "I am, but it gets better, you remember when Master Jinn came through 10 years ago?" he asked and Jabba nodded gently. "Well he and my mother fell in love, he's my father, so he came back for me, but I wish to make an alteration to the deal Master will make with Watto, it's not only me, but my mother, I wish to free my mother."

"And with her the entire network, I win the race today, and everyone goes free, as this stops attacks from Krayne all at once now. The T'surrs are dangerous we all know this right now, but to protect everyone in town from another, I wish to do it for one last time. And free everyone in town right now, but as normal your other marketing is still operational right now." he said and Jabba nodded smiling gently at the offer.

"Indeed I can accept that, you are good boy and a kind child, if you wish to do this, you have no objections from me now, I will be at the arena at noon, so I will see you then." he said and Anakin bowed. "Thank you my lord Jabba, I thank you, if you ever need Jedi assistance, send for me, I can deal with it, aside from this race, I will be at the games, so we can see each other again with my fellow racers."

"But for now, see you soon my lord and may the force be with you." he said and Jabba nodded in acceptance of his decision then gently. "And with you, young Skywalker." he said and Anakin left and drove back to town at that. 'This just keeps getting better and better, Master Yoda, Jabba has a direct line to you through me, in case of emergencies in the future now.' he said and he heard a bemused smile in Mace's tone to that news.

'Got it, alright we'll see you when you arrive.' he said and Anakin nodded smiling. "Master, we're all set, I took your warning to Watto, if he refuses to release me and mom, right to Jabba." he said and heard a gentle tone. "Thank you Annie, I'm ready to set the trap, I will see you at the arena." he said and Anakin nodded as he headed for his apartment as his wife, Queen nee' Senator Padme Amidala came to him then.

"What was that about?" Padme asked and he smiled as he said it. "You know I'm force sensitive, but Watto doesn't, Padme, I just sweetened the deal, Jabba knows you're here, but I nominated myself as your guide under his protection." he told her and she nodded in relief. "You're all that matters to me, I'm making sure you got a way off the planet, but it's not just me, but I did the entire network." he said and she nodded in shock to the news.

"So we free you and you in turn free others and why would that be needed?" she asked and Shmi, who over heard that, said it. "We get attacks by slave traders every now and again, Amee's mother was taken two years ago." she said and Padme nodded to her then. "His little nudge went to full force, check this out." he said as he lifted up the table and they nodded in shock to the reaction as Padme smiled in delight at that.

"Obi-wan's my mentor, but Qui-Gon is my parental mentor, I'm matched to them now." he said and they both nodded. "In other words instead of a duo, it just became a trio?" Padme asked him and he nodded to her. "Right, so though a racer, I've been crashing on purpose till they get too cocky, and today's the big one, I'm free after this now." he said and they nodded smiling at the news gently at the remark then.

"Hold on." he said and activated the spare com-link to Obi-wan. "Obi-wan, you read me?" he asked and heard Obi-wan say it to him gently at that. "Loud and clear Annie, what is it brother?" he asked and Anakin said it to him gently at that remark. "I got the trap baited and set in the case of both Sebulba and Watto, but Watto releases us both, or we're taking it to Jabba, he knows you're here right now."

"But I nominated myself your guide right now, Captain are you listening to this?" he asked and heard the voice of her head of the guards. "Yes son I am, so you're our young protector, nice to hear your voice finally." he said and Anakin smiled. "You too Sir, Sebulba doesn't realize I'm a Jedi, so Jedi undercover, that's why my unit came to me, it's a trap for whoever the federation is working with." he said and they heard a stern tone.

"We think that your senator is a Sith, though he is, and this is all a Jedi trap to wipe us out, we're waiting for him to reveal himself to us. But his apprentice is here right now, brother." Anakin said and knew he nodded. "Stay close to her till we get back on board Annie, but you better start packing. As your training is at a level I'm ready to take over, as Master and I both do it now." he said and Anakin nodded to the orders gently.

"I'm just repeating that son, stay close to her, till you get to Qui-Gon and he takes over right now." Dack Panaka said and he nodded to the orders gently. "Got it, and she's safe with me right now, I maybe in training mode with the lightsaber, but I got it on full blast, till I create the real one. Though Sebulba does try to sabotage me, he's in serious trouble with you." he said and he heard a bemused tone to that.

"And that's an understatement, I'm close to knight status, but you're my baby brother, he messes with you, he's got me on his head right now. But see you in a few hours brother, and good luck, may the force be with you." he said and Anakin nodded smiling. "May the force be with you." he said as he hung it up at that. "You think Palpatine is our Sith, he's after us both?" she asked and he nodded to her gently at that.

"We do, but this is hostile takeover, he's trying to get enough power to wipe out the order, to create a dictatorship right now." he said and she nodded to him. "But this just got worse, I seen you when you go to full battle mode, but whoever messes with you where I'm concerned. And they're in for a serious shock as you're better then they think right now." she said and he nodded to her smiling as he said it.

"Time to go." he said and they nodded as he geared up then as he got to work as they arrived in time for whatever the fight was. "You better stop your friend's gambling or I'll end up owning him to." he said and Anakin said it with a warning tone. "Not friend Watto, he's my father." he said and the Toydarian paled at the remark as Qui-Gon smiled at the title then. "Nice touch son." he said and Anakin nodded smiling gently at him.

"You remember him coming through here 10 years ago, before I was born?" he asked and Watto swallowed as he looked at Qui-Gon and paled at that remark then. "Nine years and nine months later, my birthday is in three months, I'm turning 10." he said and Watto nodded in shock to the news then. "That's the piece you forgot, I'm no normal farmer, the small toss, little difference, don't count on it Watto, we're force sensitive."

'But you should have seen this coming, but some of us have bent the rules and had a family out there, my counterpart Jedi master has a family of his own, as do 5 others in the order. And his mother is my mate, but if she gets remarried that's fine, but where my son is it concerned watch your step, so watch it." he said as he exposed his lightsaber and everyone in the hanger nodded quickly in shock to the remark as Anakin said it.

"But does this make a point?" he asked as he pulled a miniature version to the lightsaber hanging from Qui-Gon's belt and they nodded in shock to that as they got it then. "Jedi youngling in training for use of the real one, so I believe you know what this means so touch my racer, Sebulba, and your's is losing. Said a few gadgets after the amount of crashes you caused over the last 3 years now." he said sternly and they all nodded quickly.

"Don't know my family history, but he left the planet, because he had gotten called in to train my brother, and before our opponent laid eyes on me. But he had to deal with my brother, before he came back and when he did, he learned from mom that she was pregnant with me. So he came back to get me and free us both right now, but time is up now, as I met who was now my future wife." he said and Padme smiled at the alibi then gently.

"Gone for 10 years, but he came back in time for me to hit this point, before we got company arriving next." he said and they nodded in amazement. "Good or bad?" Padme asked and he crossed his arms as Qui-Gon said it for him gently as he looked at her then gently. "Bad, our alter ego just resurfaced right now, they're here, and they're still looking for you right now." Qui-Gon said to her and Anakin nodded in agreement.

"What this was is can a Jedi live in the real world and grow up in it, and I passed that test, but loss of temper is not a big thing at this age. It happens, but older then 12, then you got to be careful, I'm their first attempt at a padawan growing up outside of the temple. So I get lessons they don't learn till after they activate, my rival has a lot to learn, make friends easily, and make a lot of them, I can sense deception."

"And I'm good at peace keeping, as you got a taste of that after Jar-Jar got into it with Sebulba two days ago. But failure to do something, or not to do it, is a fear born in weakness, but the first joint mission is not my test, but the trio's test. I'm just there for the ride, as he learns he's the younger of the two of us in training, been active since I was 9." he said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement to that remark then gently at that.

"And that just goes to show you been listening to me way too much son, but you're right on all counts right now at the moment here now. But we either got another dark Jedi, Dathomir started again right now in that or worse, they're back, running loose around here." he said and Anakin nodded as he felt a cold chill run through the force. "Yeah I can feel it, the darkside surrounds the town." he said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement.

"We're Jedi, our alter ego is the brotherhood of the Sith, supposedly gone extinct, and they made a comeback in the last 50 years. But our new one's mentor was here a couple weeks ago, before you arrived." Anakin said to her and she nodded to him gently at the news. "After seeing this one, you made your choice in advance, it's Jedi, always?" she asked and he nodded to her gently and Qui-Gon smiled at his remark.

"My father was on business and he came back to free my mother and me." Anakin told them and they all nodded in shock to the news. "I never saw that coming, so what is he?" Kitser asked and with one fluid motion, Anakin lifted the engines off the floor and the dug racer paled at that. "Me cub Jedi Sebulba, so chesko, chesko." he said and the dug nodded quickly as he quickly focused on his own racer and Qui-Gon started laughing at that.

"Nice scare tactic, Annie." Wilhelm Farcloud called out through his laughter at that. "Final race and it's the entire network this time, so time is up now." he said and every slave listening to the conversation smiled in delight at the news then. "Gods, after this, it's going to be every few months that I come back to see you, but no more racing after this, I'm going to miss you guys." he said and Will and his daughter nodded gently at that.

"Just stay in touch and come back as often as you can, son." he said and Anakin nodded as he gave them both a hug and they tightened their arms around him then as he gave Padme a hug and she hugged him tightly then. "I just sweetened your deal with Watto, father, not just me, but mom." he said and Qui-Gon nodded smiling at the news gently as he looked at Shmi then gently at that.

"You definitely been listening to me way too much, but your mother's right, you over do it you're going to get hurt, son." he said and Anakin nodded. "Where's Obi-wan?" he asked and Qui-Gon smiled at that. "He's with the crew." he said and they nodded. "Honey, you're busted." he said and Padme smiled. "You saw through my decoy attempt, didn't you?" she asked and he nodded to her smiling and Will covered his eyes then.

"You're not a handmaiden, you're the..." he started to say and she nodded to him. "Yeah I am, but my planet is on the edge of the Outer Rim, a day's flight from Naboo to here." she said and he nodded. "That was not a coincidence, nothing happens by accident right now, but the force chose at random and Obi-wan came right to me." Anakin told her and she nodded with a bemused smile at the news then at that remark.

"It was the will of the force for your brother to come get you, and I just picked your brother 12 years ago." Qui-Gon said to him and he nodded to that. "And he's not ready to let you go anymore then I am." he said and Qui-Gon nodded smiling as he ran his hand through the hair at the back of his head. "Well one last time and you can put this behind you now." he said and Anakin nodded to him gently at the remark then.

"Yeah this and the games and it's done, I'm retired after that." he said and Qui-Gon nodded smiling to that remark then. "Whoops almost forgot, we're Jedi, so I put in a handicap into those engines, I'm giving him a head-start then catching up to him." he said and they smiled sternly at the news. "Well that makes the game more fun right now." Qui-Gon said with a smile at his news and he nodded in agreement to that remark.

"Malastare's one thing, it's even worse here, but he's on the assumption of there being no rules, but cheating is illegal in podracing." Shmi told her and she nodded sternly. "Lovely, and this time it's not just you and Annie, but the entire network, but that's my plan as he gets a stern lesson in cheating and playing honestly next, as I only told this to the sextet, but not him." Qui-Gon said with a stern chuckle at the remark then at that.

"Senia, Ratts, Gas, Xelbree, Loren, Ody, Ben, conference." Anakin said and other 7 racers moved to him gently at that. "What's wrong Annie?" Ben Quadrinaro asked him and he explained that. "You better wait and let him get a head-start, you remember the last few crashes right now?" he asked and they all nodded. "Trying to protect us, before someone ends up dead this time." Ratts said to him and he nodded to him gently at that.

"Bingo, I'm a padawan youngling, in training, so trust me, for your sake, it's best if you let him get a head-start and we all leave at the same time, together." he said and they all nodded. "And there's the you we know right now, but these idiots finally got too cocky right now, that for the first time, if not us, then we want it to be you Annie." Ody said and he nodded to him gently at that remark as they exchanged looks then.

"Come on we got to check your power couplings in case it goes finally." he said and Ben nodded as they went to his and he found it. "Yeah there's a disruption in the circuit, it goes and it could hit someone after the link gets disconnected." he said and Ben nodded as he carefully fixed it then. "Check it now, Ben." he said and he nodded as he activated it and it turned on instantly and they smiled then.

"Last race here, and I'll see you at the games, guys." he said and they all nodded. "Then it was an honor racing with you, my young friend." Senia said to him and he nodded as he hugged her and the others followed suit at that as he looked between them gently at that. "You too, my friend, and I'm going to miss you guys, but I'm leaving for Coruscant after this race." he said and they nodded to him gently at the news.

"Dad's taking me with him and I'm meeting my brother, his older padawan, directly after this." Anakin told them and they nodded, as they separated at that and Qui-Gon smiled at the title he gave him then gently at the remark. "This is so wizard Annie, I'm sure you'll do it this time." Kitser Banai said to him and Padme looked between the."Do what?" she asked and he said smiling then as he went over it.

"Finish the race, of course!" he said and she said it in shock then. "You've never won a race?" she asked and he sighed as he said it then. "Well...not exactly..." he said and she tried to be clear on that. "Not even finished?!"she asked and he said it gently to her. "Honey, I've been delaying for this moment, so I can prove you can win by playing and racing honestly, it's a Jedi rule, you hide your true abilities till the right moment."

"May not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, ...but Kitster's right, I will this time." he said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement to that. "Of course you will." he said and she sighed, knowing her issue with him was at the very beginning then gently. "Honey, this is who we are, show we're not carrying much, but let them get cocky, and they blow it." Anakin said to her and she nodded as she gave him a hug at that remark.

At the same time this was going on, the probe droid that Darth Maul had sent flying around town was checking out the rest. As everyone in town was at the arena, as they settled as the announcers were doing the announcements, as head one was speaking in it's native language. Head two was speaking in basic, as everyone in the stands was listening all of the racers were working on their pods as they got them prepped then,

"Toogi! Toogie! (Greetings) Toong mee cha kulkah du Boonta magi! tah oos azalus ooval Poddraces. (We have perfect weather today for the Boonta classic. The most hazardous of all Podraces.)." he said as the other head of its body translated for everyone that spoke basic then as he smiled as he looked forward to this race and what would be a very good competition in his eyes then.

"That's absolutely right. And a big turnout here, from all corners of the Outer Rim territories. I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid." he called out then as they watched everything from their position then as they saw what was going on, on the track then. On the left side of the tracks across from the grandstands, a line of Podracers emerged from the large hanger, surrounded by several pit crews.

And while the pods were being pulled by a wide variety of eopies and were led by aliens carrying the pilots stood facing the royal box then. "La Yma beestoo (Yes, there they are!)." he called out as his partner head said it gently at that. "I see Ben Quadinaros from the Tund system." he said as the other heard gave out another name in response then gently at that as they took turns this

"Eh Gasgano doowa newpa Ord Petrovia! (And Gasgano in the new Ord Pedrovia.)." he said as the other head gave the next name "Two time winner, Boles Roor..." he called out as they took turns then. "Poo tula moosta, woe grane champio Sebulba du Pixelito! Splastyleeya bookie ookie! (On the front line the reigning champion, Sebulba from Pixelito. By far the favorite today.)." he called out then as his partner said it.

"And a late entry, Anakin Skywalker, a local boy." he said and the other head said it gently at that. "Wampa peedunkee unko ( I hope he has better luck this time.)." he said and Anakin smiled as he said it mentally then. 'Don't worry I will Ren, this is not a one time thing, but permanent right now, I'm a padawan, and this time I'll pull it off now.' he said to himself at that as he relaxed then completely.

As the character called out an announcement to them gently. "O grandio lust, Jabba Du Hutt, amu intoe tah parena. (His honor, our glorious host, Jabba the Hutt has entered the arena.)." he called out to them and they nodded as they watched Jabba arrive then and as the crowd cheered as following him, along with humans and aliens of his entourage then.

"Chowbaso! Tam ka chee Boonta rulee ya, kee madda hodrudda du wundee. (Welcome!) Sebulba tuta Pixelito..." he called out as Sebulba, who is was standing next to Anakin, stands and waves to his fans. A small pep band plays as his fans wave and cheer. And as Kitser attaches the giant engines to Anakin's Pod with a long cable, and as Shmi gives Anakin a big hug and kiss as she looks him right in the eye.