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Chapter 20: The All Important Epilogue

Harry Potter:

Y2: Second year saw the introduction of Hogwarts new Cooking Instructor, William Bainbridge, after he was tempted away from his other teaching role at Paris' Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. Professor Bainbridge's soft-spoken French accented English made him one of the more popular topics of discussion (and a few fantasies from the older girls.) After witnessing one of Harry's weekend cooking demonstrations, he began making plans to tempt the Second year into undergoing an apprenticeship. Harry wanted to wait until he spoke with his aunt but gave his tentative approval of the idea. Rumors of Slytherin's Monster circulated through the school though no definitive proof was ever presented. Hermione had the brilliant idea to speak with Daggerclaw and Harry about the latter's Parseltongue ability; she suggested that Harry use the school's PA system to call the monster to a secluded space within the Forbidden Forest. Harry tried her idea but there was no response; he even enlisted the aid of the elves but they couldn't find any sign of the monster either so the experiment was dropped.

Y3: After a Ministry-ordered inspection of Azkaban Prison, the duplicity of the prisoner transfer guards with the escape of Peter Pettigrew from their custody was discovered (the guards were fired from their positions) A nationwide man-hunt was called for and notices sent out to the ICW with the escapee's information. A notion to use the Dementors of Azkaban was put forth to protect the major institutions like Hogwarts, St. Mungo's and the Ministry but was just as immediately shot down. It took the better part of the year to determine that Pettigrew was no longer in the UK. At Hogwarts, Harry began taking his elective classes for Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Creative Writing and French language class. He also started dating Hermione. Both had made a pact that no matter how their dates went, they would still always be friends first and foremost. His 'Yes, Harry Potter Cooks' shows remained wildly popular with the students and staff.

Y4: The TWT comes to Hogwarts but instead of the bread and circuses blood-sport that someone like Albus would've come up with, it's more of a carnival atmosphere. There were the three official Champions but now there were additional 'sub-champions' for the smaller events based on school subjects and particular talents (like Harry's cooking or Hermione's flying skills). The three main Champions picked were Victor Krum of Durmstrang, Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons and Slytherin House's own Adrian Pucey of Hogwarts. The First Task involved a herd of Mountain Trolls and a Golden Egg that needed to be retrieved. The Second Task involved retrieving a valued personal item from the Centaurs of the Forbidden Forest (It was originally going to be in the Black Lake but Madam Pomphrey nearly hexed the planning committee into oblivion for that idiocy.) The Third Task was a gauntlet of traps, puzzles, creatures to be dealt with in order to reach the Champion's Trophy at the end.

Harry took part in the Culinary Competition and smoked the challengers from the other two schools. His final recipe of a 'Double Barrel Shotgun Prime Rib with Bone Marrow Butter,' dry roasted fingerling potato boats and green beans almandine was capped off with a batch off with his magically made Peppermint Ice Cream. (One judge was heard saying that the ice cream made his toes tingle.)

The Winner of the TWT was Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons by a hairsbreadth of a mere half inch when in a final sprint for the Cup against both Krum and Pucey. The tournament was held up to great acclaim by the Daily Prophet as well as the international press for being a shining example of what intramural school competitions were supposed to be about.

Y5: It was OWLs time for Harry and his yearmates. Stress from the upcoming exams caused Harry and Hermione to almost split up but their relationship was saved by Tiny and the other elves when they locked the two humans in a small room and refused to let them out until they worked out their differences. (Tiny was particularly adamant and stubborn about what she viewed as 'stupid human hormone dances.') Harry passed his OWLs with an assortment of EEs and Os with only one Acceptable in Mundane History. That summer, Harry accepted a summer temp kitchen position in a magical restaurant located in Diagon Alley at the behest of his Cooking Professor, William Bainbridge.

Y6: With their relationship stronger than ever, Harry and Hermione start fooling around only to get slapped in the face with reality of consequences. Hermione thought she had fallen pregnant after several episodes of morning sickness. She started to panic but Harry calmed her by saying that he was taking her to Madam Pomphrey for a test and even if it were positive, it didn't matter as he loved her and promised to make an honest woman of her like they'd always planned. (It turned out to be a false positive brought on by a urinary tract infection.) Despite the negative test results, Harry still quietly proposed to Hermione in front of their close friends and family and gave her a Promise Ring (with Dan's permission as per tradition.)

Y7: It's a relatively quiet year for Harry; he was requested to appear by the Department of Mysteries. They had completed their search for Voldemort's Horcruxes as well as running a smear campaign to make sure that the public no longer feared the public image and mystique of the man or his message of hate. He was directed to float the Amber-encased body of 'Quirrellmort' and the Horcruxes through the Veil of Death. Once that was done, the Unspeakables checked the status of the Prophecy sphere and found it darkened. Harry was now freed of that thrice-damned Prophecy! He eventually graduated from Hogwarts with high honors and married Hermione in a modest ceremony combining both magical and mundane elements surrounded by their friends and family. He eventually opened his own restaurant in the famous Greenwich Market in Greenwich, London. The Specialty of the House is the 'Sinful Seafood Sampler' all freshly caught and prepared fish and seafood (he hired elves to do the retrieval work. They loved it.) The Potters have two children, both girls, Lily Emma (affectionately known as 'Bunny' for her tendency to bounce on her toes whenever she got eager about something) and Poppy Iris (affectionately known as Pip.)

Hermione Granger:

Y2: Began the new school year by assisting Madam Hooch teach the incoming firsties how to fly a broom. She worked with Dean Thomas and fellow muggleborn Hufflepuff house-mate Justin Finch-Fletchley to get a couple of football teams started, 2 for each House; starters and reserves respectively. The teams are known by their House mascots (Lions, Ravens, Badgers, and Snakes.) She figured out early on that Slytherin's rumored monster had to be some kind of snake given that House's mascot and the legends that surrounded the Founder. She suggests to the Headmaster that since Harry is a Parselmouth, he might be able to summon it. There was no response after repeated attempts using the school's PA system.

Y3: Hermione's electives were pretty similar to Harry's in that she took a Spanish language class, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and Advanced Flight School. Madam Hooch tested her out of the last choice but kept her on as her unofficial assistant. Late in November, she discovers the Hogwarts Elf Nursery and volunteers to help care for the elflings. As a result of testing out of Advanced Flight Training and after considerable examination of the other electives, decided to take up a Dance elective.

Y4: She's chosen to be the Hogwarts Flying Champion during the TWT and smokes the competition. The challenges included a speed race, obstacle course and acrobatics. No one was able to come close to matching her abilities. (One judge remarked that maybe they should check her for performance enhancing potions or even Polyjuice to make sure that she wasn't a professional ringer! 'As if!' She was heard to grumble.) She was scouted by the National Quidditch teams but politely turned them all down saying that the sport just wasn't her thing. During the times between the events, she worked with Tiny and the other elves to figure out what they would want most if they were given the opportunity to get better working and living conditions. She originally suggested they be freed but after sitting through an Elf History lesson where she learned that the bond between magicals and elves was symbiotic, quickly changed her mind. Thanks to their efforts, Hermione founds the Society for the Protection of Elvish Welfare. (Neville clued her in later that the initials read out as 'SPEW' so now a quick name change to the 'Magical Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elves' or 'MSPCE' was born.) The early goals was the raising of awareness that elves were powerful beings in their own right and deserved the rights normally afforded to humans.

Y5: It's OWLs year and as usual starts stressing out about the upcoming tests. She's mortified that it took the stubborn guidance by the school's elves to get her and Harry to realize that they still loved each other despite the heightened emotions going on then. Later in the year (after Yule), she gets scouted for a summer intern position within the Sports and Games Department within the Ministry which she graciously accepts. She passes her exams with mostly Os and only a couple EEs in Potions and Arithmancy (Her Dance elective wasn't graded per se, just a simple pass or fail mark.)

Y6: After the pregnancy scare, Hermione vowed to be more careful; even going so far as to research pregnancy prevention spells and enchanted a necklace to ward against Harry's 'essence' during their subsequent 'fun times.' The MSPCE catches the notice of one of the Squib administrators within the RSPCA. They work out a deal to route any elves dumped or found at their shelters to the facility being set up in Hogsmeade for healthcare, reeducation and reassignment. Hermione remained as the Chief Administrator and primary contact but leaves the day-to-day running to a team of sympathetic townspeople.

Y7: Hermione graduated with the highest honors, married Harry and became a part-time staffer in the DS&G in the Ministry while simultaneously running the MSPCE. She introduced a pilot program to include more muggle sports and games like football, tennis, rugby, cricket, etc. When the biological clock topic came up, she decided to take some time off from both positions to start a family with Harry. Their twin daughters, Lily Emma and Poppy Iris surprised everyone when Lily had her mom's bushy hair and her father's eyes while Poppy had her father's hair and her mother's eyes.

Draco Malfoy:

Draco's time in Hogwarts was comfortably uneventful, at least in his opinion. Sure, there was the thrill of the TWT in his fourth year and anytime he was working with his homemade observatories was just peachy but for the most part, his life there was smooth sailing. He still listened to the comings and goings of his fellow housemates and reported back to his father about potential business deals or undercuts. He signed up for every class available that would lead him to his ultimate goal of becoming an astronomer. He started an apprenticeship with Professor Sinastra in his fourth year which had him running star chart calculations and tracking along with assisting in grading papers. Upon his graduation from Hogwarts, his mundane science teacher suggested that he also apply for a spot within the muggle universities and continue his education. He applied for and got into Oxford where he went on to earn his Master's Degree in Astrophysics. He eventually got a job with the UK Space Agency where he remains to this day.

Ron Weasley:

Ron managed to pull himself together for the most part. His interaction with his Housemates remained rocky but was no longer adversarial like it had been in the early days of first year. After receiving all that praise for assisting with the Spring Social as well as working with Professor Kettleburn and Hagrid with gamekeeping duties during the school year, he decided that he'd found his true calling. It would never be as glamorous as Harry Potter's life (he still nursed a minor grudge against Harry for rejecting him) but the outdoor life suited him in that he would be able to avoid major interactions with the famous Puff. It was just after his OWLs year (he'd barely passed with mostly A's) when Hagrid suddenly decided to retire from Hogwarts and return to the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary. He talked it over with his dad, Daggerclaw and his Head of House about the possibilities of taking over the role of Gameskeeper. Professor Kettleburn had doubts about remaining as well since he kept losing pieces of himself but agreed to at least remain in town in case Ron had any question and until the boy found his stride. At first, his assignments were in line with the Class X-XXX creatures but by the time that he would've reached his seventh year; he was qualified by the WEA and Department of Beast Control to handle the 'heavy hitters' so to speak.

While Ron never became as popular as Hagrid as a Gamekeepeer; he did come up with some creative detention assignments for those sent to him by assigning them back-breaking manual (no magic allowed) farm animal tending, just like he'd suffered so many years ago.

Albus Dumbledore:

After that burst of magic back in 1992 and the memory of him being a headmaster of some school resurfaced; he and his therapist worked to see if they could unlock anymore hidden memories. Unfortunately, they were successful…

While hidden away in the safety of his room at the retirement home after the recovery of his memories; Albus plotted his return to Magical Britain. He quickly realized that like any grand plan, he needed money. To that end, he remained in his current position as door-greeter for Wal-mart. He still recalled everything about his new life so it wasn't that difficult to integrate the two. He spoke with his supervisor about enrolling in whatever training programs that were available to him. After the paperwork went through, Albus Dumbledore entered the supervisory training program. He passed his tests and was placed in charge of the household goods department.

Flash forward to 1995 and Albus is surprisingly still working for Wal-mart. He still has his grand plans for his triumphant return but ironically has found his new career much more satisfying and fulfilling than striking out to recover his old glory. (His minions…er, staff, decent pay and the comfortable conditions at the retirement home may have had something to do with his reticence to go back to England.)

It was during the summer after Harry graduated from Hogwarts when the two adversaries would meet again. Harry and Hermione were honeymooning in Orlando to visit Disneyworld and stopped in at the store where Albus worked. They stared at each other from across the aisle, making no attempt to get within arm's reach, then turned and went their separate ways never to acknowledge the existence of each other again. Albus eventually died at the supposed age of 98 (in reality he was closer to 135.) When his apartment was searched by the American Unspeakables, they discovered his journals outlining his Grand Plans for the Greater Good of Magical Britain. What was written within has never been made public though they were sealed under the International Secrets Act and forwarded to the British Department of Mysteries to deal with.

Dolores Umbridge:

Things did not go well for Dolores after she was slapped in the face with the reality of her banishment. Locked away on that tiny island with her magic bound down to the level of that of a first year student coupled with those blasted amulets the villagers wore plus the isolation from any sort of contact with whom she considered 'pure;' Dolores Umbridge succumbed to her paranoia and growing insanity. When her mind snapped, she went on a killing spree; she may not have been able to cast an Unforgivable but the cutting curse and lethal poisons worked just as well.

She killed off what passed for the local government (four islanders) and enslaved the rest. Anyone who resisted was tortured then killed in the most brutal way her diseased mind could think of. When the supply ship couldn't raise the island on its monthly run, the captain grew worried and so contacted the South African authorities. They in turn contacted their magical counterparts who finally dumped the situation into the hands of the ICW Peacekeepers. After witnessing a 'purification ritual,' it was decided that the island and what remained of the inhabitants needed to be quarantined indefinitely.

Dolores tried multiple times to get off the island to get her revenge but failed each time, growing more and more unstable. It finally reached the point where it wouldn't be long before a tragedy might occur in the form of a crashed airplane or stranded muggle boat. It was thus decided by the ICW and partnered with the South African Magical Air Force to bomb the island from the face of the map. Several MOABs later and only the steaming bedrock remained of what was once a sub-tropical island.

The rest of the characters:

Hagrid: After over fifty-five years working as a Gamekeeper for Hogwarts, Hagrid decided it was time to retire. He spoke with the Head of the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary to see if there was room for him. They couldn't get the paperwork completed fast enough to hire him. It turned out that because of his size and strength, the dragons preferred working with him and were rather restless when Hagrid returned to Hogwarts after his 'working vacation.'

Millie B: Talked to her Head of House who helped her find a trainer in her seventh year. After a couple years of hard training, she managed to rise up in the ranks and placed 6th on the National Fitness Circuit. Eventually retired from competitive training and opened her own women only fitness center in Diagon Alley, the first ever in Magical Britain history, with her friend and former housemate, Tracy Davis.

Tracy D: Co-owner of a women only fitness center alongside Millie where she taught water sports and swimming safety. She handles the books as Millie never really had a head for it but enjoys the work.

Daphne G: Took over the family shipping business after her father retired. Happily got married to Dean Thomas after a rather steamy and sensuous romance that started in their sixth year at Hogwarts with a Line Continuance clause in the pre-nup. They have 2 kids with a third on the way.

Fred/George W: Both received their start-up capital from Remus and Sirius after graduating with mainly EEs. They worked part-time at Zonko's Joke Shop in Diagon Alley as agreed upon (they realized it was a LOT more work than they'd originally envisioned.) By 1998, Weasley Wizarding Wheezes was open and doing a booming business.

Neville L: Became Professor Sprout's apprentice starting after he passed his OWLs and later became Assistant Herbology Professor. He continued his Gardening Club even after his elevation. He met and fell in love with Luna Lovegood during his 2nd/her first year. Her quirky yet brutally honest nature always made him laugh and warm his heart. It also helped when both realized that they were two sides of the same coin. She was the embodiment of Fauna while he was the same with Flora (this realization caused no end of hilarity amongst their friends.) They began dating when she reached her third year and when she graduated, they got married in a lovely ceremony attended by their friends, family and the tamer creatures and plants. While he was working as a Herbology professor, she got her qualifications to work as the new professor in Care of Magical Creatures.

Daggerclaw: Served as Headmaster for a further 25 years and was credited with ushering in Hogwart's most recent Educational Golden Years. Subjects that had either fallen by the wayside or cancelled under Albus' idiotic Greater Good manipulations were brought back and modernized. Prior to this, a prospective student might only have a dozen or so elective options. By the time he retired, there were close to fifty, both mundane and magical classes. The school also now had at least four teachers per core subject; one would teach the first and second years, another would teach the third and fourth years while the third teacher would teach fifth to seventh years. The fourth teacher was there to act as backup or if one of the primaries had an illness or something that needed to be dealt with. Heads of House were now dedicated jobs (Minerva was saddened but at the same time grateful to give up the position.) With the discovery of the jewelry and other valuables in the RoR, the school's finances had never been better.

Sirius/Remus: Continued to make Wolf's Bay Campground a family destination. Woolsey remained a central figure of the farm and was even mated to a female (they had a couple of kids.) Harry and Hermione put in a good word within the Ministry and school which increased their popularity amongst magicals looking to 'get away from it all.' The Potters regularly visit as well teaching their children to fall in love with fresh fish and seafood.

Petunia/Vernon/Dudley D: Petunia took up the role of media relations manager to Harry when his cooking talents landed him several television appearances. When Harry opened his restaurant, she became his financial and office manager. She loves the work and being able to contribute to something worthwhile. Vernon continued at Grunnings as a Senior VP until his retirement. Although Harry is no longer living at home to provide him with exquisite brown bag lunches; Vernon did learn how to make his own after watching a couple of instructional videos his nephew put together for him. Dudley made a name for himself with his beloved guitar by becoming a music teacher at his old primary schoolteacher. He even put out a somewhat popular R&B single that can still be heard on the radio occasionally.

The others in Hogwarts had their own lives and adventures but that's another story to tell…



Double Barrel Shotgun Prime Rib with Bone Marrow butter (YouTube, mention only)

Green beans Almandine (YouTube, mention only)