A slow day at the Spiral Mountain.

"Do you think this hat looks good?" Bottles asked while adjusting his glasses.

Mumbo yawned. "For what, you haven't told Mumbo what you're doing."

"I have a secret date." The mole responded.

The shaman squinted his eyes through his mask. "A date, with who?"

"It's a secret. Duh."

"Well I'll tell you this; don't do anything Mumbo wouldn't do."

"I think I crossed that line when I got a date."

"Now that's just mean! Mumbo Jumbo have so had dates!" Mumbo snapped while rubbing his staff. "Mumbo broke a few hearts..."

"...Yeah because you showed up." Bottles chuckled while cleaning his glasses.

"Will you stop it?"

"Face it you're about as wanted as hot coffee in a scorching desert-"

"Screw this abuse, Mumbo outta here!" Mumbo screamed and then transformed Bottles into a pumpkin.

"What the hell happened? Can't an old bird get some sleep?" Kazooie squawked while angrily walking out of the room within the house.

"Mumbo just ran away." Bottles responded while tugging on his vest.

Kazooie yawned and flapped her wings. "Good riddance; I hated him anyway."

"You don't have to be rude about it!"

"Hey you were the 1 who brought up boney boy anyway, goggle eyes!"

Bottles raised his arms and shook about, deciding to forget about it since he knew Kazooie would keep on pestering him about it.