California Visit

Kate's cousin is getting Married in California. Kate is in a bind, she needs to bring a plus one, she needs a man to keep the family off her back. Who can she ask?


The card came to her at the 12th, it was big bright white. She knew what it was without opening it. It was a wedding invitation from her best friend in school, and her cousin Sondra. She stayed in California after school and became a professor of history, at Cal-State Long Beach. Inside was a handwritten note.


Dear Katie, I sent an invite to your home address, but it was returned, unopen. I have no idea how to find your father, sorry about your mother very belatedly. I wanted you to be my bridesmaid, but you did not answer. The wedding as you can see is in two weeks. I still want you in my wedding, that from me and Mike. If you could come in the next few days a gown is waiting, also please bring your boyfriend. The one who we see you with in the newspaper. Please call me with an answer

702 666 ####

Still love you


This brought tears to her eyes, she and her cousin had been awfully close, almost twins. The death of her mother changed everything, Kate withdrew from people and built walls around her heart, and feelings for self-protection.

She wanted to go, but she knew she would need someone to help her thru what she knew was going to be a hard time emotionally.

Her first thought was her father, but he already said he wanted to go alone so if it got too emotional.

The last thought was Esposito, or Castle. When she spoke to Lanie yesterday she and Esposito were planning a date so in the finial thought Castle was it. Before she asked him, she needed to check a see if she could get the time off. She calls her captain to ask. He told her she had more than enough time, in fact he told her to take three weeks starting Friday.

Sitting on her bed she called Castle, she wanted to ask him in person not on the phone.

"Hello detective, what can I do for you."

"Castle I need to talk to you, could we get together for a few minutes?"

"You want to come over here, or me to come to you?"

"Let's meet a Remies I have not eaten yet."

"Not eaten yet or at all?"

"Your right I missed my lunch, just coffee."

"I'll see you in ten minutes OK?"

"Can you make it longer; I have a few things to do here."

"OK, I'll see you in thirty [30].

"Thank you, Rick."

Rick's phone went dead, but not his mind. She called me Rick, not Castle, something is up he was sure. Wasting no time Rick changer his outfit. He knew Kate loved the light purple dress shirt, and dark slacks, he skipped a shave he looked good.

Kate also wanted to look good for Rick, in her mind she never stopped loving him. She was extremely nervous about this meeting and asking this favor of him. He had no need to grant the request, and a thousand reasons to not.

She chose her purple mini dress that show a lot of her legs, one of her best features. A pair of matching heels and some bling and she was off for the meeting.

As she entered Remy's front door Rick was sitting at the booth they use to sit in long ago. Her heart surged the moment she saw him just like long ago, oh how she wished it were long ago.

Rick saw her come to the door and enter; he saw her before she saw him. His mind, and heart went back in time, oh how he missed her, but the past was not a friend of either of them.

Rick stood up and calls her.

"Kate, over here."

Kate hurries over to the booth.

"Your always early Rick, I'm early. Did you come straight here when you ended my call?"

"Almost I was on edge about this meeting, sorry."

"I'm sorry that I have not been a better friend and kept in touch with you."

"The last time we spoke, you and motorcycle doctor were talking about getting married. I do not see a ring on your finger or around your neck? So, no marriage, yet?"

"I took his ring and we made plans, then he decided that 'Doctors Without Borders' was more important than our wedding plans. He wanted me to elope with him.

Rick I never wanted a big wedding but elope never. I always saw my dad walking me down the aisle, sorry for venting on you.

Wait your laughing at me."

"Kate! I am not laughing at you, but the idea, that he did not

know you, well enough, to know that you would never, ever elope. I knew you never wanted a big wedding, but a

wedding for your family and friends yes. If you had married

me, that what you would have gotten.

"RICHARD CASTLE, you're a SOB, you never asked me to marry you, so how was I to know you were even interested in marriage, or me?"

"You're a detective it was your job, to know those things."

"Rick you are still a creep. So maybe I will not ask you to be my plus one, at my friend's wedding."

"When is the wedding?"

"In two weeks, but I have to go out early to get fitted for the dress."

"You're in the wedding?"

"Yes, I'm a Bridesmaid, so I am leaving tomorrow for California."

"So, we need to leave tomorrow for California?"

"Yes, I do, but you do not have to come tomorrow, just me."

"But I want to go with you. I go tomorrow or no deal."

"OK, you win I'll call the airline and try to get you a seat."

"Let me call, you know I am famous and sometimes it works."

"OK, go get ego, mad just call me and let me know what up ASAP, please."

They had a hamburgers and a frappes the left separately. Later that that night Kate's phone rang.

"Kate, you still awake?"

"Castle it only midnight."

"Sorry, but I got tickets for us for tomorrow. The flight takes off at eleven am [11am]. So, I will pick you up at seven thirty."

"I could take a cab."

"No need to, I have the limo, lets share it."

"OK, Rick see you at seven thirty."

At seven thirty on the dot Rick was at her door.

"Are you ever late, or early?"

"Never when it's you."

"Your still full of it Castle, let's get going."

They hurried to the car and got in as they sat down, Castle turned to her and said.

"Coffee Kate?"

"Need you ask? Always."

They enjoyed small talk about the 12th their families and they were at the airport in no time. The skycaps took their bags as Rick told them the airline. They went to the check-in and Rick took over.

"Good morning I'm Rick Castle I have a reservation for two for the eleven am[11am] flight."

"Yes Mr. Castle here are your tickets you can wait in the Admirals lounge till the flight is called."

"Castle what is the Admirals lounge?"

"It's a more private waiting room."

They walked to the Admirals lounge entered the door and Kate almost fainted. There was a full breakfast setup eggs to odder, waffles made to odder, everything.

"Castle I'm going to kill you. What is this?"

"This is frequent flyer first class. I need two seats and the only two open together were first class."

"Castle this is more like a private club. The food is first class and so is the service, I'm so out of place here Rick."

"Pretend you're my wife and see what it's like without the strings attached."

"If I wanted to be your wife, I want the strings attached to you."

"Just say the words dear."

"What words Castle?"

"I DO"

Kate almost passed out she paled and needed to sit down. Her mind was awash with thoughts. Was he pulling her chain, or was he serious? Did he want a serious answer, or a joke? What if he was serious? But a joke could end their whatever they were. What in hell did he want for an answer. Throwing caution to the wind she played her heart.

"I DO when you are ready. I'm ready now."

This stop Castle in his tracks. He turned faced her and said.

"Kathryn Beckett will you marry me."

"YES, Richard Castle I will."

They jumped into each other's arms and kissed and embraced till the lounge people asked them to find a room.

"I never thought you would ask, but I was ready."

"I was chicken to ask with your boyfriends flocking around."

"I was trying to make you jealous."

"It worked so I backed off."

"We are a pair, I was trying to get you worked up, but all it did was made you pull back. I'm so sorry Rick, I love you."

"I'm a fool if I just spoke my mine."

"Let us talk on the plane, maybe we will have a surprise for