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The story of Jason Todd and Raven from my other story 'Too Late'.


Music flowed through her veins, hips moved with the rhythm like water; her mind too far gone to care about her surroundings. She moved with such ease, such grace that for a moment every eye around her was on her. Some looked at her with envy, want and admiration while one of them was burning with desire, affection and the need to possess.

They had been playing this game for too long now, she had teased him enough. It was finally time to take action, to finally get the prize, her.

Their game of cat and mouse had been going on for almost three months now, he grinned remembering their chance meeting, his eyes unwavering from her.

It was a full moon night when he was wandering around the city as Jason Todd not the infamous Red X enjoying the peacefulness of the city to clear his head after a stressful mark and was heading towards his favourite spot in the city, the roof of the highest building in Jump City.

The cold, harsh wind greeted him as he reached the final step and he exhaled loudly, it felt like he was releasing all the stress from his body. There was just something about heights that exhilarated him. It was almost as if he could breathe clearly as he felt the city in its purest form. That was partly the reason he loved patrolling Gotham with Bruce.

He shook his head at that last thought; that was a dangerous can of worms to open.

He took slow steps towards the edge but stopped when he saw a figure sitting with its legs dangling off the edge and scowled. He wanted to be alone, was that too much to ask for? He was so not in the mood to deal with some civilian who would probably annoy him. Scratch that it would most definitely annoy him.

He took more purposeful steps, deciding to politely or maybe rudely tell them to vacate his favourite place in the city. But as he got closer he saw the unmistakably violet hair of who he now guessed was Raven.

Great, he thought, he had to deal with a titan now. But at least it isn't dickhead. He consoled himself. Out of all the titans Raven was the only one he couldn't understand and decipher. She was different, intriguing and –

"Are you going to stand there or go away? Honestly I prefer the latter." A smoky monotone voice called out, pulling him out of his thoughts and making him deepen his scowl, right an empath, he thought.

He stubbornly sat next to her and said with a smirk evident in his voice "Thanks I don't really care about anyone's preferences." He looked at her just in time to see her rolling her eyes and smirked as she looked ahead at the amazing view choosing to ignore him and he also sat in silence for a moment before saying in a mocking but filled with cockiness voice "Don't you have a crime to stop, oh great Raven of the titans."

They were silent for a couple of moments before she smirked and said "Don't you have something to steal, Red X?"

His eyes widened as he stared at her shocked and her smirk only widened seeing his expression before looking ahead as if nothing happened. As if she had not just uncovered the identity of one of the most trouble making anti- heroes in Jump City.

"How-what-?" he sputtered and she chuckled before looking at him and saying "Oh come on, I am an empath I can sense your emotions. I knew who you were as soon as you reached the final step to this roof."

"Aren't you going to arrest me?" he asked, his posture stiff and ready to bolt if she says yes. But instead she shocked him again by looking at him with a bored expression and rolling her eyes again as if very annoyed with his question and asked in a bored tone "Are you committing a crime right now?"


"Then even I am not arresting you right now…you need to be caught while stealing something and for all I know you are just Jason Todd right now and not Red X."

Now he turned a little white, she knew who he was, who he really was. Then she must also know that he was resurrected. Has she told the bats? But he can't see any of them right now so maybe she didn't tell them. Or are they waiting for a better time to show up?

She looked at him again and said with a sigh "No need to be so worried, I haven't told the bats. That's your truth to tell not mine, and to answer your other question I am a half demon so don't you think that I would know when somebody has been resurrected through the Lazarus pits. I know the trauma of being resurrected from personal experience.

I could feel your heightened emotions since the day you came back and I know it would take time for you to adjust again so I let it be."

He was speechless for a few minutes just staring ahead at the glittering lights of the city against the dark sky before he looked at her and said a soft "Thank you." This girl who had been called emotionless and cold by everyone was one of very few people who understood what he needed even if she had never met him before.

They sat together in comfortable silence when it was interrupted by the ping of her communicator, she took it out and whatever was on it turned her eyes glossy before she took a deep breath and tossed it as far as she could.

"Woah, what happened? Boy issues?" He laughed but then stopped when she turned to look at him. He saw her amethyst eyes welled up, showing what her face wasn't, vulnerability, hurt and sadness.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly and looked at the horizon before adding a couple of moments later "You can tell me, if you want." And when she gave him a look he raised his hands in mock surrender and added "Sometimes talking to strangers really helps and it's not like I am going to judge."

She stayed silent and looked back at the city for minutes and then said softly "I don't know why I am telling you this but here goes…I confessed my feelings and got rejected…with the very firm belief of his that it won't work out and now he is drunk and going around with fangirls of Jump City…goddess, I don't know why I am telling you this."

"Hey, it is okay I completely understand. He has always been like this, commitment phobic and anti- oh come on don't give me that look. It's obvious that the guy is boy wonder…. and hey, I know from first-hand experience that dick sometimes really justifies his name." he shrugged, anyone could see from seeing their interactions that the dark beauty had feelings for the titan leader and he didn't know why a pang coursed through him thinking about the empath and his older 'brother' together but then he heard the most wonderful sound, her laughing and he forgot all his previous dread.

He turned and took this time to fully study her. He didn't think that he ever saw her fully, clearly, either she had that hood covering her or her team had her attention.

She had beautiful amethyst eyes, her straight violet almost black hair touched her waist, her rare and precious smile made his heart skip a beat. She had a small, petite frame that even while sitting she reached his shoulder and his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he saw that she didn't have that cape to cover her, she was sitting in her leotard with her legs bare in this cold wind. Must be that demon heritage, he thought to himself as his eyes lingered on her bare legs, a wave of desire coursing through him but he forced his eyes away and thanked the gods above that it was dark so that she couldn't see his blush clearly.

After that chance meeting, they met on that same spot almost every night, sometimes sitting in silence and other times talking about anything and everything. She was someone he could open up to and he always felt lighter and happier after talking to her. They started hanging out together, visiting various places, having fun and just behaving like normal humans who were not burdened like they both were.

Slowly her feelings for the Boy wonder began to fade away and something new, something different, something intense began blooming for her new and unexpected companion.

And now here they were in a club together and tonight was the night, when he would make her his. He gulped his drink in a single sip and walked towards her with strong, purposeful steps, his gaze never moving away from her.

The light touches, the inside jokes, the flirting and the way his heart starts beating like he had just ran a marathon when he was near her. He felt like himself when he was around her, not like Red X, or like a Gotham street rat, or someone who was trying to fit in with the high society, but like Jason Todd, who he was in his purest form without his demons weighing him down, making him something he was not.

It was funny that a half demon empath was the one who freed him of his demons. But he wouldn't have it any other way.

He felt happy, free and like he could breathe more clearly, like oxygen was rejuvenating every cell of his body, now he was alive. And it was all because of the empath that he wanted to call his.

His eyes raked over her entire being as she moved her hips, while biting her lip. An action which drove him wild, sending shocks of desire through his entire body as she weaved a hand through her tresses and her body moved to the beat. Her eyes locked with his, inviting him, teasing him with her body.

He finally reached where she was and walked around her as she danced, examining her entire being when he suddenly pressed his front to her back, trapping her between his strong and protective arms and moved their body together with the beat.

Their hips joined and she melted into him as she rested her head on his chest and reached back to rest one of her hands around his neck and pulled his face closer to hers while the other rested on his which were holding her waist to his.

No words needed to be shared; they spoke through their eyes, their bodies as they moved together. He pressed himself close to him softly breathing in her ear as she felt the splendour that Jason Todd and what splendour it was. Both of them forgetting where they were, feeling like the only two people present in this moment, this moment which was theirs.

She could feel the warmth of his touching burning through her dress from where they were splayed on her waist almost like leaving a mark on her body, telling her that she was his. Conveying to her that he was here to claim, to put an end to the game they both were playing.

He leaned down, his breath tickling her neck as he whispered "Don't you have a crime to stop, Raven?" Reminding her of their first meeting and she smiled as she leaned further into him and replied "Don't you have something to steal, Red X?" making him wrap his arms tighter around her and started placing feather light kisses on her neck, making her head roll back as she suppressed a moan when he paid more attention to her sweet spot all the while their hips never moving.

She suddenly and with swift movements spun around taking him by surprise but he was quick to regain his senses as he pulled her closer to him, pressing their entire beings together. Her flushed face from the dancing and her red bitten lips making his groan as she teasingly lifted her leg slightly, loosely wrapping it around his thigh and pulled his neck down. But with quick movements he shifted making Raven wrap her leg tighter around his upper thigh, making both of them feel everything.

He dipped down, taking her with him. Her hands wrapped around his neck with one of her legs wrapped around his. His one hand wrapped around her waist and the other supporting her neck as he further leaned down and said feeling her hot breath on his face and their chests heaved together from all this dancing.

Their noses were touching and he struggled to control himself when he saw her half hooded eyes filled with desire and affection looking at his lips and then in his sea green ones. He pulled her even closer and said with his eyes mirroring hers "Only if it's your heart Raven…nothing else interests me anymore, nothing else that I want to possess, treasure and cherish. You have bewitched me."

She smiled and leaned up to capture his lips with hers. And he lost all his senses, as white hot electricity flowed through their veins making them gain all their senses but at the same intoxicating them as both of them lost themselves in each other. He knew at that moment that he would never ever let her go.

A fire burned through them both threatening to leave nothing in its wake and they were happy to be burned. Their bodies pressed so tightly together that they more or less melted into each other not knowing where one began and where the other ended, they were one.


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