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Chapter 1

"Once upon a time.

That line gets used a lot, huh?

Well let me tell you: it's like saying 'hello', it's that repetitive. You got the heroes, you got the villains, magic curses, good prevails and the villains die or get their comeuppance. Happily Ever After.

For the Heroes.

Don't get me wrong, my dad is one of the best good guys out there. The world's most powerful wizard; Merlin. And I'm his son, Myles.

Yeah, weird name but my mom named me that, dad wanted to go with the bird theme. I could have been called Hawk or something.

Though while the name is one thing my dad and I disagree on, what we don't is what happened after 'Happily Ever After'. Particularly to the villains. See, about twenty or so years ago, King Adam married Queen Belle and united the neighboring kingdoms and became High Rulers of the newly formed nation of Auradon. It was no Camelot but dad was happy the rulers could get along, at least till King Beast made his first declaration as High King.

Remember those villains who i said died? Well he thought death was too good for them so he asked the Fairy Godmother to bring every last one of them back to life and banished them all to a tiny little island off the coast of Auradon. Hades, who ruled the Underworld, went up to complain about it but apparently Olympus decided he belonged there too.

To make sure they didn't escape, there was a barrier surrounding the Isle to keep them all in which meant no magic, no wifi, not even decent food! All they got was a weekly load of scraps and garbage from the kingdoms.

Now you might be thinking that 'they made their bad choices so why should they deserve any comfort' then you'd fit right in at Auradon. They took one look at a life with no villainy and thought themselves the betters. They didn't even care when the villains had kids and had to practically struggle to survive!

Okay okay, sorry. Just this whole thing always got on my nerves, especially since dad told me that his half sister was on the Isle and she had a daughter. Call us sentimental but we care about our family, even the bad ones. Though dad never told anyone, his reasoning was 'they only see the bad, until they understand the good then for now best keep it secret'.

And I did, even to my best friend: Prince Benjamin Florence. Though he always preferred just Ben. Which I could respect, I mean 'Myles Ledrith Ambrosious' wasn't exactly the best name either.

Though we weren't always friends, not that he was a bully but we just never talked. I was a loner and the geeky kid, plus I practiced magic which was sort of a dying practice so yeah, I was the shunned one pretty much. That all changed one day after I turned ten and Ben was eleven.

Ben was scaling one of the many walls of their castle when my dad and I came to once again argue with the royals when I saw Ben. And no one else did, which was bad because he lost his grip as he was almost to the top and fell to the ground. His mother finally noticed and screamed in horror and ran to try to save him but I was too quick, summoning a gale of wind to make him hover above the rose bush and shifted it so he landed on the grass.

Ben was grounded for a week but Queen Belle asked me if I could stick around for a bit. She didn't agree with our viewpoints but considering i saved her son's life, she felt like Ben and i could probably be friends.

And we were, so much so that when he officially became crowned prince he asked me to be his royal advisor. Partly because I was the smartest kid in school, but mostly because he felt that I would keep his ego in check given I cared little about hierarchy and titles.

I only saw people and their hearts. Eventually Ben started to see that too. And his heart looked out to that tiny island."

/ / / / / / / / /

It was about a month till Ben was to be crowned the new High King of Auradon when Myles caught him staring out the window again as the tailor was fitting him with a new suit. Blue of course. Everything was blue.

Though he could talk, his wardrobe consisted of a dark blue long coat over a blue and silver suit with a blue tie studded with silver stars. Blame him dad for that, but at least the coat made him look more buff than he really was; the typical scrawny nerdy guy with glasses. Looking in the mirror, he flattened his slightly messy dark brown hair and looked back at Ben, clearing his throat which got the prince's attention.

"Myles! I didn't hear you come in" he said but his friend just chuckled "would you rather i wore a suit of armor?" He asked but only got a half smile out of Benawho then looked back at the island out the window.

"Do you think they deserve it? The children I mean?" Ben asked. He knew what the answer was, heck Myles said it constantly, so to be asking this; he knew he had to be up to something.

"You know I never did" Myles said, standing next to him to look out there "not even their parents deserve that life" he said with a stern face then looked towards Ben who actually looked shocked. "People can change, Ben … might take time and the right way … but even a beast can be seen as a man" He said with a sly smirk and the analogy making Ben actually chuckle this time.

"You're right … listen, i need you to do something for me" he said as Myles looked at him curiously "i decided to make my first proclamation as king; i wanna invite the children of the Isle a chance to live here, to Auradon. It'll be a small group at first- say five" he said which only made his friend smirk. The fact Ben was even considering this was a sign that maybe villains weren't the only ones who could change.

"Who do you have in mind?" Myles asked, waving his hand to make a pen and paper appear in his hands in a puff of blue smoke.

"Their parents are Cruella DeVil ...Jafar … Evil Queen … Maleficent … and Morgana Pendragon" he said with the last one quickly coming out of his mouth. Myles' pen broke at the last name and looked up at him with horror.

Everyone knew Maleficent was the worst villain on the Isle, but the worst one in history was Morgana. She was the one who betrayed Arthur and nearly caused Camelot to fall if his son, Artie, hadn't been there to pick up the pieces.

"M-Morgana? I-I mean i understand the others but Morgana! Ben, not even dad will agree-" "please … you said it yourself, people can change … and her child isn't Morgana" he said, causing Myles to hesitate and then sigh. 'Curse him for turning my own words against me'

"Fine … have you told your parents?" Myles asked as Ben winced slightly "you haven't told your parents" He said deadpanning before rubbing his eyes and sat down in a nearby chair.

"I figured if you made the preparations ahead of time … mom could help me convince dad?" He asked with an awkward shrug and slightly faltered seeing the glare his friend sent his way "so a 'better to seek forgiveness than permission' moment?" He asked, making Ben nod.

With a long sigh, Myles got up and put the paper in the inner pocket of his coat. "I'll get things ready, should be able to get them here by this afternoon" he said as Ben's face lit up with a smile "I knew I could count on you!" He said but Myles just rolled his eyes "yeah well, I guess i should sort of tell you something-"

"Ah!" King Adam exclaimed, walking in with Queen Belle "how is it you're gonna be crowned king next month?" He asked as Myles got out of the way, avoiding the royal parents as they bantered with Ben.

He really wanted to tell Ben his secret, he really did. But unlike him, his parents would see Myles in a different light, and not in a good way.

Because of the five names on the list, the one he picked, besides the daughter of Merlin's number one worst enemy, was his cousin.

Mal, Daughter of Maleficent.

/ / / / / / / / / / /

Mal smirked as she and her gang caused mischief and trouble in the streets. With her dark purple hair flowing in the breeze, she spray painted her logo of green flames with the words 'long live evil' in the center. As she met up with the other members of her crew, she couldn't help but smirk.

Jay, the son of Jafar was on the rooftops, jumping from building to building before sliding down a metal ramp and doing a front flip and straightened his red beanie cap over his long black hair. "Nice, you're getting better." he said, pointing to her graffiti.

Mal just rolled her eyes and tossed him the spray can as she walked on as the other two of her crew arrived; the blue-haired beauty daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie and Carlos … the slightly wimpy child of Cruella DeVil. Though you could never tell, only if there was a dog nearby. "So, what should we do today?" Carlos asked with a mischievous smirk as Evie giggled.

"Well i thought we could-" Mal started to say but then stopped upon seeing her mother stroll over to them looking like she just won a grand prize. Instantly, Mal reached over and grabbed a lollipop from a passing carriage and presented it to her "hi mom" she said as Maleficent frowned at her.

"Stealing candy, Mal?" She asked but Mal just shrugged "it was from a baby" she said as Maleficent just shrugged and took it before handing it back to the mother "while normally i would say you have much to learn, i have come to some information that is quite … beneficial" she said with a smirk. "You five have been chosen to go to a new school in Auradon" she said as Carlos, Evie and Jay tried to run but Maleficent's goons stopped them.

"Five?" Mal asked as the others looked as confused as she did. There were only four of them. "Yes .. five .. you four … and her" she said unfolding her left hand to her side as a girl, fifteen years of age with flowing raven colored hair and fair skin approached them wearing a green and gold blazer with matching pants. It looked regal but still had the 'Isle' feel to it.

"You all remember Megan Pendragon" she said as both Mal and Megan glared at each other.

"I am not going to some preppy boarding school with preppy pink princesses! Especially with her!" Mal said as Maleficent glared at her daughter and their eyes glowed. After an intense staring contest, Mal finally blinked.

"Whatever rivalry you two had in the past, you can bury it, because for this plan to work, all of you will need to work together" Maleficent said with some finality in her tone, silencing any more objections the others had.

"Fine, what is this plan?" Mal asked, finally caving in.

/ / / / / / / / /

All five of the kids were back at Maleficent's lair with their parents there as well hearing the plan from Maleficent; to steal Fairy Godmother's wand and lower the barrier. Of course each of the parents had selfish reasons why their kids couldn't go, except for Morgana who honestly just looked bored.

Contrary to how Maleficent felt, Morgana didn't want revenge. She tried it and it caused not only her death but so much more suffering. She actually was one of the few parents on the Isle who cared for her child, unlike her father Uther.

Megan was actually secretly excited. Outside the barrier she could use the magic she was born with but could never use. In fact the very reason she and Mal were rivals was because of the magic thing but neither could back it up. Still though, she had to wonder, why them?

Her train of thought stopped when she saw Maleficent pull out a spellbook out of the 'safe' which was actually a freezer. Even with all the technological changes, Megan and her mom kept up with how things worked, unlike Maleficent who had a hard time opening a freezer door. She momentarily glanced over at Mal who looked back and smirked before remembering they were supposed to hate each other and looked away.

After giving Mal her spellbook and threatening to ground her for the rest of her life if she screws it up, Maleficent ushered the kids off to get packed. Luckily they all got done just as a beautiful black limousine came to pick them up. As the five were about to get in, Mal looked back up to her mom who gave her the 'I've got my eyes on you' gesture before smiling.

Inside the limo was a ton of brightly covered stuff that looked like food. Looking at one that looked like children covered with some kind of powder, Megan hesitantly tried a yellow one and instantly took a liking to them. "This is great!" She exclaimed as Evie couldn't help but smirked and offered her a brown bar that smelled good "try this" she said, eating some herself. Morgan did and instantly her eyes went wide "what is this?!" She said as a voice spoke up that was in front of the window to the driver.

"Chocolate" said the voice as all five turned and yelped in shock seeing a skinny boy with brown hair and a blue suit with silver stars embroidered on it smirking at them with his fingers folded. "I figured that you lot might enjoy something that's not … second handed" he said as they started to calm down from their startle but kept their guard up.

"Who are you?" Jay asked as the boy just kindly smiled "Myles … I'm the royal advisor to the prince" he said as Jay looked at him in interest "like my dad was?" He asked as the boy just eyed him in amusement and sat back against the seat.

"More or less a glorified secretary, but occasionally i do give him advice, whether or not he listens to it ... well that's another story" he said before grabbing one of the powdered sweets Megan was eating from "i see you like the Jelly Babies, might get along after all" Myles said before popping an orange one in his mouth.

Megan was going to ask what he meant when Jay said they were going to run out of road. "I knew it! It's a trick you're going to kill us!" Mal said glaring at Myles who just had a calm smirk on his face and popped another Jelly Baby in his mouth. As the five started to back away to the back and started to scream, Myles cackled and the driver activated a button that created a magical golden bridge that kept the limo afloat.

When they realized they weren't dead, they all looked to Myles who still was chuckling and wiping the mirth from his eyes. "Y-you did that on purpose?!" Carlos asked as Myles just let out an amused sigh "sorry … i got mischief in my blood" he said as Mal couldn't help but notice that's exactly what the four of them always said. Even Megan seemed to furrow her eyebrows at that.

Myles only smirked before turning to the driver and spoke to him as the five looked at each other. "Guess this place won't be so boring after all" Mal said as Megan smirked "for once, Mal, i agree with you"