Chapter 9

I was really reluctant to make the Family Day chapter but this had to be done.

Sunday had finally come and the gardens outside the school was packed with tables and parents of almost every student. Myles noticed Aziz and Jordan chatting with their parents: Aladdin and Jasmine along with Genie and Eden (in human form) respectively. Unfortunately for the young mage, they noticed. "Yo, Myles!" Aziz called and waved him over.

With an exhausted smile, Myles walked with his dad's cane in stride as he approached them. "Hey, hope you're all enjoying yourself" he said as Genie grinned, putting his arm around him "weeell, not much sand, cool weather, people wearing shoes … I think we'll endure it" he said earning a smack on the arm from his wife. "What my husband means is: It's a very impressive set up, Myles" she said as Jordan tried to hide her giggles.

"Now you know what I deal with during the summer" Jordan muttered, making Myles smirk. "So what's with the cane? Didn't get hurt did you?" Aladdin asked with some concern but Myles only shook his head, he was glad a lot of the royals were starting to distance themselves from the Roses after word about what Audrey did surfaced. "No not this time. It's my dad's and he figured I needed it more than him, not like he honestly needs it"

Upon hearing this, all six of them realized what the item really was and looked in shock. However before they could speak, the Glee Club started vocalizing a familiar tune which made Myles wince slightly. "Oh … no they're not-"


Ma cherie Mademoiselle,

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure

That we welcome you tonight

And now, we invite you to relax

Let us pull up a chair

As the dining room proudly presents

Your dinner!


Be our guest

Be our guest

Put our service to the test

Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie

And we'll provide the rest


Soup du jour

Hot hors d'oeuvres

Why, we only live to serve

Try the grey stuff

It's delicious!

Don't believe me?

Ask the dishes

Just when Myles didn't think it could get any worse, all the guys came up and started rapping with Ben, especially Doug who beatboxing.


They can sing, sing sing

They can dance dance dance

After all, Miss, this is France

And the dinner here is never second best

Go on, unfold your menu

Take a glance and then you'll

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest

C'mon, yeah be our guest, guest guest


We tell jokes

I do tricks

With my fellow candlesticks

And it's all in perfect taste

That you can bet


Come on and lift your glass

You've won your own free pass

To be our guest

If you're stressed

It's fine dining we suggest

Be our guest

Be our guest

Be our guest

Be our guest

Be our guest!

The singers finally ended with a suave posee as the guests applauded. All but Myles and Jane which Ben noticed and gave an awkward shrug. The meaning was obvious 'Wasn't my idea'.

It was at that time the five VK's showed up which Myles decided would be much better to go greet. "My god, how much of that did you guys hear?" Myles muttered as Mal tried hiding her smirk. "Something about jokes? I think it was near the end" Carlos said as Jay nodded in confirmation. "You guys shoulda took your time then" Myles muttered as all five just laughed.

After a few minutes, Myles walked around with Megan making sure everything was going smoothly when Megan tapped his arm and pointed. Looking in that direction, he saw Carlos and Jay had found the chocolate fountain and were being … well, Carlos and Jay. "I swear those two are five year olds most of the time" Megan said with a chuckle while some guests looked at the VK boys with repulsion.

Noticing this, Myles went over to said guests with his best diplomatic smile "pardon them, chocolate isn't exactly a thing they can get where they're from" he said which seemed to get the reaction he wanted: shock, concern, then shame. That is until one of them smiled and ran over to the boys and put a marshmallow on one of the skewers and let the chocolate cover it and smiled at them.

Getting the idea, they tried it themselves and instantly became friends with Queen Anna of Arendelle with their love of chocolate.

"Did you know that would happen?" Megan asked as the rest actually seemed interested in the exchange students, even Rapunzel was talking with Mal about her artwork much to Ben's enjoyment. Myles only shrugged with a smirk as Jane came over looking mortified.

"Mom was dancing … next to me" she said as Myles had a grin forming on his face and patted his sister's shoulder, nodding in understanding. "Can i hang with you? I'd rather keep some dignity" she said as Megan just smiled "no prob, Jane"

Smiling gratefully, the fairy looked over at the chocolate fountain to see Queen Anna had brought her son, Kris, over who was hitting it off with Carlos and Jay. "Meddling again?" She muttered to her brother which Megan noticed but didn't say anything. "The opportunity presented itself" he replied as he noticed Snow White and her husband King David come over with their ten year old son, Neil.

"Queen Snow White" Myles said in surprise but the woman just rolled her eyes in a smile "It's Snow, please … sorry for dropping in like this" she said as Myles leaned on his cane in interest "the grounds aren't restricted to different families, your highness" he said with a smirk "though you seem to be missing someone" Myles said in an afterthought

"Emma is around here somewhere" David answered with a nod. Myles never met the first born White but he knew she was around the same age as them "actually, the reason we're here is … um … Snow wanted to meet Evie" he said in a slightly tensed manner while Snow looked nervous. "It's ok Qu- Snow-" Myles said, correcting himself. "Evie is nothing like how the Evil Queen was" he said as Snow smiled sadly "I know Myles … evil isn't born, it's made" she said before going off to look for the blue-haired girl as Jane and Myles looked at each other in confusion before both looked at Megan who only shrugged in equal confusion.

/ / / / / / / / /

Evie was enjoying herself at the party as she picked up a blueberry and popped it in her mouth. "I hope I'm not intruding" a voice said as Evie turned around and saw a woman in her late forties come up with a timid smile. Evie wasn't sure who it was so she glanced around to see if she meant someone else before shaking her head "n-no not at all" she said with a smile and sat down with the woman.

"You look just like her … your mom. Well except the blue hair but i think if she had the chance-" the woman said with a chuckle as Evie suddenly tensed up in realization and started to get up "n-no please don't!" Snow said, reaching for her hand "I just … i want to talk … and apologize" she said as Evie glanced at her in confusion. Getting back in her seat, Snow began her story.

"I was a child when I first met your mother, she called herself Regina then. She saved my life when my horse got scared and took off with me on it. My mother died and my father wanted to remarry so we were looking throughout the kingdom for someone my father might consider wedding. He chose your mother, but she loved someone else" Snow said before some tears fell and wiped them away. "Her mother was controlling and wanted Regina to marry my father, so she planned to run away with the one she loved. I found out … she begged me not to tell her mother but she … her mother tricked me. I told-" she said before covering her mouth to stop a sob from escaping.

Evie however understood what she was trying to say, her heart started feeling heavier and heavier. "I was only ten … I didn't … I only wanted Regina to be close to her mother … I never would have imagined …" Snow said sobbing, looking at Evie with watery eyes. "she killed him … didn't she? My grandmother?" Evie asked as Snow closed her eyes to continue crying. Neither of them saw they were getting attention.

"She may have given me the poison apple … but I created the Evil Queen … I turned Regina into Grimhilde" Snow finally said as Evie looked emotionless at her. She was the reason her mother became like that?! "I don't expect her to ever forgive me for what i caused … or you … but you deserve-" Snow started to say until Evie got up abruptly and went over to the queen. Everyone expected an attack but no one expected a hug.

Evie wanted to hate this woman, she wanted to so badly. But something inside her made that feeling break apart. "It's okay …" Evie gently said as Snow sobbed again and embraced Evie, her sister. "I forgive you, even if my mother won't" she said.

/ / / / / / / /

Ben and Myles stood to the side, watching Evie hug Snow as the crowd dispersed and King Adam and Queen Belle came over "what happened? What-" Belle started to say before noticing Snow and Evie embracing. "Oh my word …" she said, putting her hands over her heart.

"Almost thirty years of blood feuding settled in one action" Myles said before looking to the royals but Adam didn't seem as moved. "What is Queen Snow White doing here?" He asked in an accusatory manner, looking at Myles in particular "well it is Family Day after all" the wizard said, gripping his cane at the top "and they are family" he said with a raised eyebrow before smiling.

Belle could tell things were going to get tense so she decided to distract her husband. "Come on, let's get a photo" she said as Ben nodded and both of them moved his dad to the archway.

"You nearly got mauled" Jane commented as Aristotle and Alette (Jane's sparrow) landed on their companion's shoulders. "Well of course he did, I've been around for a few weeks at least and even I find that common" Aristotle said as Alette chirped with a nod. "He's right you know" the bird said, hopping on Jane's shoulder "honestly both of you seem like you could be troublemakers" she said as Jane scoffed at that.

"Well … looks like things are going great this year" Jane said but Myles smacked her arm "don't jinx it!" He said as Jane smacked him back on his arm. Eventually both of them were having a slap fight with their hands that caused their mother to come over to break up with an amused look on her face. "Haven't seen you both act like that since you both were seven" she said as Myles frowned.

He still wasn't sure he should allow public knowledge that he was the son of Fairy Godmother as well as Merlin, even though he knew eventually that would bite him back one day. As he went off to search for Megan, he had no idea that day was today.

/ / / / / / / / /

Descendants is practically a giant crossover story by itself so might as well have the Once Upon a Time storyline for Evil Queen and Snow White. Yes I will bring in Emma but only in Book 2.