The story takes place after 'First Time, First Fear'. In case you haven't read that story yet, I recommend looking at it first before getting ahead.

This will count as the first Ben 10/Transformers Prime crossover in my story boards. Just to be clear, the whole Autobot and Ex-Decepticon universe was all created by my user friend, GoldGuardian2418.

There are two characters named Jay and Eclipse who belong to EmeraldMoonGreen. Same with Jay's birthparents that make an appearance here.

Transformers Prime belongs to Hasbro. Ben 10 belongs to Man of Action and Cartoon Network. Sage belongs to Steelcode. The only characters that belong to me are Macy and Tommy.

Two Teens Walked into An Autobot Base

Sage yawned as he got out of the taxi and stood up stretching his arms.

"Okay. Seven-hour flight plus two-hour taxi ride equals large hot chocolate with extra caffeine please." Sage said grabbing his duffle bag from the trunk of the taxi.

"You said it," Macy yawned while grabbing her dark blue duffle bag, not before rubbing her neck. "I feel so tired and beat."

"Well, at least we have a chance to grab breakfast or brunch, before meeting this Agent Fowler," Sage said, as he looked around; soon spotting a small café. "Hello, food."

Sage and Macy had just arrived in Jasper, Nevada, an old town that was supposed to be more scenic than anything. They had been given the chance to pass on some information and gain some from the Autobots and Ex-Decepticons who were supposedly based near Jasper. Unfortunately, they couldn't go by Plumbers ship. So, they had to take a seven-hour flight, and then take a taxi to get to Jasper.

"Perfect. After that long trip, my stomach is begging for food," Macy said, hearing her tummy rumble. "See what I mean? And the sooner we fuel up, the sooner we find what we're looking for."

Ten minutes later, Sage and Macy were nursing hot caffeinated drinks and eating a small breakfast outside of the café.

"So, besides the higher ups, the local emergency works. And the school, along with some other residents, know about the Cybertronians. Apparently, this was one of the ground zero battlefields back in the day." Sage said, setting his napkin down on his plate. "Also, according to the file, we were given the fighting and such that has only been done for a year or two."

"Right. But it's best to be discreet, considering there might be others who want to destroy them and any who are looking or working for them. I can only imagine how they handle doing this," Macy said, eating some toast.

Sage nodded. "Apparently, some humans tried to go against them. Massive cult wanting to be machines from the file. Luckily, it seems like we're in the clear of those weirdos," he said, taking another sip of his chocolate coffee.

"That's a relief. Last thing we want is dealing with lunatics like them while being here," Macy remarked.

Sage nodded. "Don't need any surprises on this trip." he replied.


Sage looked at Macy. "Spoke too soon," he said, as he rushed towards the scream.

"You had to jinx it!" Macy remarked, following Sage by running after him.

Soon, the sounds of punching and kicking came to their ears. Without hesitation, Sage shifted to his wolf form in mid-stride, racing around the corner to an alley. The shifter came to the scene of a man and a woman in orange prison suits being heavily violent to a boy younger than himself. Snarling, Sage rushed towards the man, tackling him away and grabbing hold of his arm like a Police canine shaking and growling at him.

Before the orange-wearing woman can do anything, Macy jumped behind and trapped her upper body with a trash can.

"Time to clean the garbage off this street," Macy quipped while kicking the trapped woman away from the kid, causing the lady to hit a wall and fall.

Sage snarled, as the man punched him in the head; forcing his release before trying to take off. Instantly on his paws again, Sage rushed towards the man once more. This time, forcing his weight more so the man collided with the wall and knocked him out. Panting heavily, Sage shifted back to human form with his hands on his knees.

"Mace, you good?" Sage asked, looking to where Macy was kneeling by the boy who lay shivering in fetal position. "How bad is he?"

"He's bruised badly, but I think he'll live," Macy answered, placing a hand on the boy's forehead in concern. "We need to find a medic and get him patched up. Along with getting those criminals sent back to jail."

Sage nodded, reaching into his pocket, and handing over a bandana.

"Douse that in water and place it on his forehead. I left my phone on the table. I'll call the police," Sage said, standing up and turning about to leave.

However, before he could, the squeal of tires caught his attention and then the sight of two cars appeared. One yellow and the other red. They turned at the corner and transformed into towering robots before Macy and Sage.

"Freeze, human! Hands up!" the red one stated harshly.

"Step away from our brother!" the yellow one snarled, raising a weapon up.

"Whoa! The Cybertronians?! They look a lot bigger than I expected," Macy said in shock, after placing the wet bandana on the boy's forehead.

"Move another inch and you'll be doing your life in jail!" the yellow one snarled angrily.

"Listen, we didn't hurt this kid okay. We heard a scream and found the two traffic cones beating down on him. All we did was intervene," Sage said, calmly keeping his hands up.

"Why were you walking away then?" the red Cybertronian asked sternly.

"To get my phone, call an ambulance and the local authorities. Along with getting help while my girlfriend stayed with the boy," Sage replied back. "Can I lower my hands now, please?"

"He's telling the truth! You got it all wrong! We came to save this kid from the two matching Scumbags over there before things got worse!" Macy exclaimed, pointing at the two knocked out adults.

The red Cybertronian looked at the two unconscious adults his eyes narrowing on the man's face.

"Sunny, that's Jay's bio dad!" the red Cybertronian snarled.

"What?!" the yellow Cybertronian exclaimed. "Then the one in the can must be his bio mom."

"Uhhh," the boy named Jay groaned, as he came to a little. "Daddy?"

"Look, we can compare notes and things later. The kid needs help, now!" Sage said sternly. "Agent Fowler told your leader that we were coming to talk."

The red Cybertronian looked at the yellow before transforming into their vehicle modes.

"You'll ride with me and Jay. Your lady friend can ride with my brother," the red Cybertronian said strictly, Sage nodded and carefully scooped the boy, Jay, into his arms.

"Cool! Always wanted to drive an actual car besides my bike," Macy smirked, while getting in the yellow Cybertronian.

"You won't be driving no one! Just sit back and make sure not to scuff my seat," the yellow Cybertronian stated gruffly.

Sage sat down in the red Cybertronian's front passenger seat. "Mind if I get your name?" the red Cybertronian asked.

Sage smiled. "I'm Sage, Sage Jocklin. My girlfriend is Macy Monroe." Sage replied.

"I'm Sideswipe," Sideswipe said, sounding calmer.

"Nice to meet you both. And don't worry, Sunny, I'm not gonna scuff your seat. Promise," Macy calmly said.

"My name is not Sunny. It's Sunstreaker," Sunstreaker grumbled.

"Omega Outpost One, this is Sideswipe." Sideswipe said calmly.

"Sideswipe, what's your situation?" a gruff grandpa-like voice asked over the radio.

"Ratchet, prepare med-bay. Jay's hurt! We'll be at base bound in three minutes." Sideswipe said. "We're also bringing guests."

"Med-bay is ready, and... guests?" Ratchet asked.

"We'll explain when we arrive. Sideswipe out." Sideswipe said worriedly.

Sage ran his hand through Jay's hair. "Poor kid."

Three minutes later, after a very quick drive, Sage watched as they came to a large mesa and were not slowing down.

"Yo, are you nuts?!" Sage asked as he stiffened ready for impact.

"Uh, Sunstreaker?! Shouldn't we be stopping or slowing down!?" Macy questioned in panic.

The two Cybertronians kept going forward, even increasing their speed.

"Guys?!" Macy nearly shouted, almost ready to scream and braced for impact by bringing her arms up to shield her face.

"Mother of Moons, save us!" Sage shouted, before an astonishing sight came before him.

The mesa opened, revealing a ramp like an underground parking garage leading into the hill.

"Are we dead yet?" Macy questioned, slowly peaking her eyes to notice everything was dark and different.

"What do you think?" Sunstreaker remarked to the Brunette. "Amateurs."

"Uh, Sage? Mind loosening your grip?" Sideswipe chuckled.

Sage blinked, as they entered the tunnel before looking at his hands and the death grip he had on the door and seat. Letting out a held breath, Sage eased up.

"You two are loco!" Sage said angrily.

"Okay, I know you guys are very secretive about your base, but would it kill you to give us a heads up about going ramming speed to a giant rock?!" Macy argued at the vehicle she's in.

"Sheesh, you humans are so dramatic," Sunstreaker muttered.

Soon, they came into a massive room where more Cybertronians stood. Sage gulped a little at the sight of so many Cybertronians.

"Oh, boy. Now I understand what people say when commenting on 'out of the furnace and into the fire'," Sage said, body tensing a little.

"Sweet Lady Liberty. And I thought dealing with the To'Kustar Brothers for the first time was frightening," Macy said, totally stunned and baffled.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker came to a stop in front of the other Cybertronians; popping open their doors. Sage, without questioning, got out while bringing a cradled Jay in his arms.

"Jay! Son!" one of the largest Cybertronians exclaimed.

"Daddy," Jay said weakly. A white and orange Cybertronian stepped forward lowering his hands.

"I'm a medic. Give him here to me," the medic ordered.

Sage stepped forward and carefully set Jay down into the Cybertronian's cupped hands. Soon, the medic was gone with Jay. Sage looked at the Cybertronians watching, as each one evaluated him and Macy as she came to his side.

"Um, Wolf Boy? I know that I wanted to meet these Cybertronians to not only get some info and possibly the crystal for my suit, but I didn't expect them to be nearly the size of giant skyscrapers who can crush us!" Macy whispered to Sage in a slight terrified plus irritated tone.

"Easy, Macy. Just breathe," Sage said calmly, before stepping forward. "My name is Sage Jocklin and this is Macy Monroe. I believe Agent Fowler spoke to you of our visit."

The tallest of the Cybertronians came over to Sage, kneeling calmly. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Ex-Decepticons. You have my deepest gratitude for helping my son." Optimus said, his voice deep and calming.

"We're just glad that Sage and I came in time to stop those two Orange-wearing Adult Creeps from going any further with Jay. And truly hope that one of your guys gives him the medical attention he needs," Macy said, calmly and honestly.

Sage nodded looking at Sideswipe. "You mentioned earlier that Jay was...familiar to those two?"

Sideswipe snorted. "Yeah, he's familiar with them to the point that he almost ended up not being part of this planet."

Sage grimaced, his muscles tensing as his hands clenched. "I'm sorry. I understand his life hasn't been great either."

Macy couldn't help but look at Sage with remorse, giving a comforting hand on his shoulder and nodded in response.

The next tallest Cybertronian in grey armor stepped forward kneeling beside Optimus. "I am Megatron. We received photos of the scene a moment before you arrived and something does not fit with your description of the incident," Megatron said sternly.

Sage moved in front of Macy protectively. "What's wrong?" he asked

"Yeah. What do you mean by that? We already told you the story. We heard a scream, ran out to investigate, saw Jay in danger, kicked butt, and then Sideswipe and Sunstreaker came in, thinking we did this but explained what happened. End of story," Macy reasoned.

"Except Mr. Jackson has evidence of a dog bite and, yet, there were no dogs around," Megatron stated, showing the bite marks on the male prisoner's arm.

Macy stared at the evidence, realizing what Megatron meant. They didn't know about her boyfriend having the ability to shapeshift into a wolf.

She leaned to Sage and whispered to him, "Do you wanna tell them or should I?"

Sage sighed, stepping forward. "What I'm about to show you will answer your questioned," he said calmly, before shifting to his wolf form. Opening his eyes, Sage found the shocked faces of the Cybertronians all around him.

"I know, right? Exactly the same expression I made when seeing you Cybertronians for the first time," Macy said, totally cool while folding her arms.

"How is this possible?" a white Cybertronian asked, stepping forward before something sizzled and he toppled over.

"Prowl!" a yellow and black Cybertronian said, going to the white one's side. "Well, he's going to be out for a bit."

"Did I do that?" Sage asked his ears going to the back of his head.

Optimus carefully reached forward and stroked Sage's back with a finger.

"Prowl has a hard time dealing with impossible situations which causes him to glitch," Optimus explained.

"Well, he seems to be taking it better than I thought," Macy said. "Same with all of you. You'd think that giant mechanical beings who can turn into vehicles wasn't crazy enough. It's like you guys have never seen a Shapeshifting Skinwalker before."

"We were not aware humans could do this," a darker blue Cybertronian with a screen for a face came forward.

Sage stepped back a little, feeling uncomfortable with all the Cybertronians coming so close.

"Technically, not all humans can do that. Just some," Macy explained. "Me? I'm not a Skinwalker. Just a regular human teen. Also, could you all please backup from my boyfriend just a bit? You all are kind of making him uncomfortable," she pointed out.

Noticing Sage's discomfort, all the Cybertronians stepped back.

"We apologize for invading your space. We're just really curious about you," Megatron apologized.

"No problem," Sage replied, giving a small wag of his tail before shifting back to human.

"All Cybertronians to Med Bay, please." Ratchet's voice came over the intercoms.

Optimus's face went to utter worry, as he hurried to the med bay.

"Let's hope the kid is ok," Macy said, following Optimus.

Sage nodded, before following at a light jog with Macy beside him. Entering the med bay, they found a worried Ratchet standing at a large medical berth.

"Ratchet, how's Jay?" Optimus asked in concern.

"Physically he'll recover, however, he is caught in a harsh flashback that seems to have a death grip on him." Ratchet stated. Optimus stepped forward and looked at Jay who lay whimpering and crying.

"Jay can you hear me?" Optimus asked in a soft warm voice.

Sage looked at Macy, heartbroken at the sight.

"Come on, Jay. Please snap out of it and see that your father is here. You're safe from harm," Macy said in a low tone, deeply worried.

Sage looked at Macy, for a moment, before his eyes widened, as he shifted and went between Macy's legs before jumping up onto the large berth.

"Macy, take out your necklace and dangle it above Jay's head," Sage instructed, as Macy jumped off.

"You got it, Wolf Boy," Macy replied, walking over to Jay and did what Sage told her to do. "I hope this works."

Sage nodded. "Optimus, if you'll lay your hand on my back," Sage asked, as he stood close to Jay.

Optimus didn't hesitate to do so. Closing his eyes, Sage sought out the bottle and poured warmth and comfort into it till a warm glow like a nightlight began to illuminate the space. Very slowly, a pulsing beat began to fill the light like a heartbeat; pulsing with the light. Optimus watched, as Jay slowly calm down, before grumbling and opening his eyes.

"Daddy?" Jay questioned.

"Jay!" Optimus said, as he carefully scooped the boy up.

Sage breathed out a sigh, before collapsing to the ground in exhaustion and relief.

"Sage!" Macy exclaimed, hurrying over to his side and went down on her knees with concern. "You ok?"

Sage nodded panting heavily. "Just... took a lot...out of…me." Sage said, in between pants while laying his head down.

Macy just stared in concern, petting him gently around his back.

The medic stepped up to the berth, running a laser over Sage's body.

"He's exhausted. His energy reserves food and rest should help," Ratchet said, moving over to the Twins and motioning to Sage, which the two nodded and moved out the door.

"Guess I should have eaten and gotten more sleep," Sage chuckled, his breathing a little easier now.

Macy chuckled a bit. "You're not the only one," she said, with a smirk.

Sage laughed a little, noticing Optimus and Megatron come over with Jay now in Megatron's hands.

"Sage Jocklin, Macy Monroe, we are in your debt for helping Jay, as you have." Optimus said with a smile.

Sage raised his head and rolled to his stomach. "I'm glad to help. Jay won't have to worry about nightmares from now on. I implanted the sound of your heartbeat into his mind so, at night, he will feel and hear it, as he sleeps," Sage replied.

"It was no problem, Optimus. Helping those in need, like Jay, is kind of what we do," Macy said with a grateful smile.

Jay looked over Megatron's hands at Macy and Sage. "T-Thank you...for helping." Jay whispered, as he shook a little.

Sage gave a soft wolf smile, before shifting to human form. "No worries, Jay. Just relax and be with your dad. I'm a lot like you, Jay. I have been raised by someone else because of my parents not being around. I won't go into detail, but I can tell you this. You have an amazing father watching out for you," Sage said, getting to his feet though his legs wobbled a little.

"Why are you here?" Jay asked curiously.

"We came to compare our notes on the Cybertronians, since our text and research on them is very low. Especially the minor detail about you guys being enormous," Macy explained.

"Also, we were wondering if you might have a certain crystal that supposedly comes from your planet...Cybertonium." Sage added, looking at the Cybertronians.

"Why would you need Cybertonium?" Soundwave asked, coming closer.

"Macy and I are a part of a group that help keep our families safe. She's been adding improvements to her suit, but she can only manage a couple changes before her systems overheat. The Cybertonium, as a power source, would help rectify it," Sage explained.

"Hmmm...we would have to think about the Cybertonium and what information we give you on our kind," Optimus finally said. "We have seen humans at war and you would do more harm than good with some of our technology."

"Fair enough," Macy responded calmly. "So, while waiting, can Sage and I rest somewhere? We did come a long way getting here, after all."

Optimus nodded with a smile. "We have a spare room set up for you two. Soundwave can take you."

Soundwave stepped forward, offering his hands to them. Taking a hunch, Sage stepped forward before sitting down on Soundwave's hand.

Macy followed her Wolf's lead by hopping up and sitting down on the other hand. "Thank you for the lift, Soundwave," she politely said, before facing Optimus Prime and the others with a smile. "And thank you all for the hospitality. We'll see you after a nice, long nap."

Optimus smiled. "If you need anything, any of the Autobots or Ex-Decepticons will help you out."

Soundwave lifted his hands towards his chest, before leaving the med bay and heading down a large hallway. Sage sighed; his muscles relaxed as he felt his extreme exhaustion creep up on him again with a large yawn.

Turns out, his yawn was contagious to his girlfriend, as she yawned very long, too. Macy felt her body tire out, laying down on her side and her eye lids becoming extremely heavy.

Feeling the gentle swaying of Soundwave's steps, Sage quickly followed his girlfriend into dreamland. Soundwave smiled, as he put them down in their room; laying Macy next to Sage, as he slowly shifted to wolf form curling around her.

"Have a good nap, you two." Soundwave whispered, before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Later that afternoon, Sage woke up feeling refreshed. Opening his eyes, Sage found Macy curled up in his fur hand, clutching his shoulder fur. Smiling, Sage nuzzled her neck, giving her cheek a small lick.

"My Moon, my soul, and more," Sage whispered softly.

Macy dozily chuckled, still asleep yet felt something soft tickling her neck.

"My Moon, I think we should get up now." Sage said, licking her temple.

"Mm...Five more minutes," Macy said, drowsy.

"Wish I could, my love, but if you don't get up now, you won't sleep tonight," Sage replied, nuzzling her a little firmer.

"Don't care," Macy muttered.

"Okay, I guess if you want your suit to overheat, it's fine by me," Sage said with a smirk, as he laid his head back down and closed his eyes.

Groaning, Macy opened her eyes and got up agitated. "Fine. Where do we go?" She grumbled.

"Oh, so you want to get up now?" Sage asked, not opening his eyes, as he pretended to sleep. "Too late. I went back to sleep."

"SAGE!" Macy yelled in anger, not amused by the Wolf's dirty trick.

Sage looked up sheepishly, nuzzling Macy's cheek. "Sorry, Macy...that was pretty rude," Sage apologized, his ears going back in sadness.

Growling, Macy rolled her eyes and just walked out of the room. "Just five more minutes of napping. That's all I asked. Is it too much?! With no wacky shenanigans?!" She muttered to herself.

Sage got up and shifted to human form, following Macy while looking a little disheartened. As they walked the long halls, an odd sound started coming to Sage's ears.

"Macy, do you hear that? It's almost sounds like a large balloon popping," Sage asked, as he stopped while trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.

"It's probably one of the Cybertronians practicing their moves or weapons. Maybe doing some race," Macy guessed, not looking at Sage.

"Okay...but why does the air feel like electri…AAAAHHHHH! OUCH!" Sage suddenly found himself being tackled out of nowhere by a black dragon the size of a horse.

"Sage?! What was-?!" Macy quickly stopped and turned around to see a dragon on top of her love. She gasped, glaring at the being. "Hey, you! Get your scaly claws off my boyfriend!" She demanded, lunging at the creature.

"Daddy!" the dragon yelled, leaping off Sage and huddling into a curled ball whimpering.

Sage got up and had a hold on Macy's sleeve. "Macy, wait! She's just a kid," he said, looking at the cowering dragon. "I don't think she meant to pounce me."

"A talking little kid dragon?! In the Cybertronians' Secret Headquarters!? Wha-how? Why?" Macy asked, shocked, and baffled on the discovery.

Sage stepped over to the black dragon and carefully stroked her back.

"Hey, it's okay. We're not going to hurt you," Sage said, soothingly, "You just startled us a bit. Are you a Cybertronian?"

The black dragon looked up, giving a small nod. "Yes. I'm a technorganic," the dragon said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sage and this is Macy. We're visiting the base for a few days," Sage said, calmly continuing to stroke the dragon.

Seeing the Technorganic Dragon as just an innocent child, Macy looked at it thoughtfully and slowly walked up to her. "It's okay, sweetie. We're not gonna hurt you. I'm so sorry for scaring you. I thought you were gonna hurt my boyfriend," she said, petting the dragon. "Do you have a name?"

"I'm Eclipse," Eclipse answered, getting up onto her feet.

Sage smiled. "You're a cute Night Fury, Eclipse," he said, scratching underneath her chin that made Eclipse purr in appreciation.

"Awww. You're not a mean dragon at all. You're just an adorable, little sweetheart," Macy cooed, nuzzling on her face.

Eclipse smiled, wagging her tail. "Want to play?" she asked, looking like a dog in a playful bow.

Sage looked to Macy for her input. "I don't mind a little playing. You?"

Macy chuckled. "As if I turn down a little child's request for playtime. Let's do it!"

"Okay. So, how about we do a quick race?" Sage said with a smile.

Eclipse jumped around happily. "Yeah! Let's race!"

Sage smiled. "Okay, but I need to change, first."

Eclipse cocked her head at what Sage said, before watching Sage shift into wolf form.

"You can transform, too?" Eclipse asked curiously, as she walked circles around Sage.

"Yeah, he's a Skinwalker. Sage can switch from human to wolf and vice versa," Macy answered with a smile.

"Wow! How fast are you?" Eclipse asked curiously.

Sage smiled. "Pretty fast. Ready to race?" he asked both Macy and Eclipse.

Eclipse nodded rapidly. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Sage chuckled, as he lowered his front half down so Macy could climb aboard.

"Oh, this is going to be so much fun," Macy smiled, while hopping aboard her Wolf. "After the first race, can I ride with you, Eclipse? I always wondered what it would be like to fly. Especially on a Technorganic Dragon."

Eclipse looked at Macy. "I've never had anyone ride me before. What if you fall?" she asked worriedly.

Macy chuckled. "Don't worry. If that ever happens, you or Sage can catch me. Or I'll figure out a way to slow down my mid-air drop. Not my first rodeo," she assured while placing her hands on her hips confidently.

Eclipse still looked concerned; Sage smiled.

"Eclipse, how about Macy rides on your back while we run? Then, she can get used to her movements and you can get used to a person being on your back." Sage suggested.

Eclipse smiled. "Yes, please."

"Yeah! Let's ride and fly!" Macy exclaimed, jumping off Sage and front flipped over to hop on Eclipse.

"Yay!" Eclipse squealed happily, as she bounced a little.

"Okay. Let's get this show on road, everyone!" Macy exclaimed.

Sage nodded. 'I'll just stay underneath her shadow. That way, if Macy falls, I can catch her,' he thought to himself. "All right, on your marks," he finally said, leaning back onto his hind paws.

"Get set," Eclipse said, happily her tail wagging.

"GO!" Macy said, holding on tight.

Sage hung back a little, as Eclipse instantly took to the air and flew down the hall. The shifter smiled, as he caught up and ran underneath her shadow.

"We're winning!" Eclipse said happily.

"You're doing great, Eclipse! Keep it up!" Macy cheered.

Sage smiled, as he ran right underneath her with his muscles stretching with his gate.

"Keep going, Eclipse," Sage said happily.

Eclipse looked underneath her and smiled at Sage. "This is Fun!" she exclaimed.

"Totally! And I knew flying would be the same, too! Woohoo!" Macy said, having the time of her life.

Very quickly, they reached the main hub of the base and Eclipse was forced to land. Sage held back to give the Night Fury enough room to land safely.

"WE WON!" Eclipse said acting like a bucking bronco in happiness.

"Yes, you girls beat me fair and square," Sage said with a smile.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" Macy exclaimed, super amped on the experience while getting off. "You were amazing, Eclipse! Seriously, it's like you've done this before! Having a human ride you, and we flew together!"

Eclipse blushed but nuzzled Macy. "It was really fun because I had a new friend with me!" she said smiling.

"And I'm happy to be friends with a Technorganic like you. We had a great time!" Macy hugged Eclipse.

"Eclipse, have you been behaving?" the white and orange Cybertronian, Ratchet, asked when stepping into the room.

"Yes, daddy." Eclipse said hopping into Ratchet's arms.

Macy giggled and waved hi to the Autobot. "Hey. Your daughter was indeed well-behaved. Sage and I even played a racing game. She won, obviously. And, by the way, Eclipse is such an awesome flyer! Riding her was the best thing that's ever happened to me!"

Ratchet stood open mouthed. "You rode on her back? She could carry your weight?" Ratchet asked in surprise.

"Yeah! She was strong enough to win us to victory!" Macy explained, still excited and happy.

Ratchet smiled down at Eclipse. "That's my girl! I was coming to get you to let you know that dinner is ready. We have also obtained dinner for you two, as well."

Sage smiled. "Thanks, I'm starving." Sage replied shifting to human form.

"I can eat," Macy agreed.

"Yeah, let's eat," Eclipse said, jumping down to walk in between her new friends.

Later, after a dinner of Chinese takeout, Sage and Macy found themselves in the main hub again surrounded by the Cybertronians.

"Sage and Macy, we of Cybertron have discussed about your request of Cybertonium," Optimus said calmly.

Macy gulped on her food. "And...?"

"We have decided that you may have a crystal and more. Once it fails or is damaged, however, we ask that you swear that this crystal will not fall into the wrong hands. You and you alone may see to it and use it. No one else," Megatron said sternly.

"Of course. We'll make sure that the crystal doesn't end up in the clutches of anyone who could use it for bad purposes," Macy promised, keeping calm.

Sage nodded. "If ever it seems that the crystal would become a danger to revealing you, we will return it and, hopefully, you'd help us with a different solution," the Wolfblood said calmly, his eyes showing no fear as kept eye contact with Optimus Prime.

"You are our friends and allies now. So, if you need us, you may ask," Optimus said with a smile.

"Thank you again for accepting our request. I just wish there was more we could do for all of you to show our gratitude," Macy said.

Eclipse smiled. "Happy Family Time!" she exclaimed.

Optimus looked to his niece and smiled. "What a great idea, Eclipse," he said, rubbing her head.

"Yes, it would definitely fit the bill," Megatron added, as the other Cybertronians nodded.

"Uh, 'Happy Family Time'? What is Eclipse talking about?" Macy asked, a bit confused.

"During the times that one of us is upset or has caused trouble, we use a method native to Earth to make things better," Ratchet said smiling.

Sage gulped, having an idea about what this "method" was.

"TICKLING!" Eclipse said happily.

"Oh, sweet Vladat. I had to ask," Macy deadpanned, making a run for it.

Sage chuckled, as he watched Macy dashed off; earning a curious look from Eclipse.

"Why did Macy leave so fast?" Eclipse asked, looking at Sage. "Does she not like tickles?"

Sage sighed, but gave a friendly smile. "It's not that she doesn't like them. It's that she doesn't understand why she's tickled so much. See, my adoptive family are big on tickling, as well. They do it to cheer up others and so people aren't afraid. Macy has recently been getting a lot of tickles,"

Eclipse giggled. "Challenge," the Technorganic said, as she jumped down and was followed by Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Leaving Sage to the mercies of the other Cybertronians.

Meanwhile, Macy continued running until she took a turn on a corner so she can catch her breath.

"Just when I thought I could get away and take a break from tickling, they pull me back in," Macy retorted.

"Macy! Wait up!" Eclipse called, as she raced after her.

"Yeah, wait up!" Sunstreaker said, hot on Eclipse's heels.

Hearing the familiar voices, Macy kept running.

"No way! I am not getting tickled again!" Macy exclaimed, moving as fast as she can.

"Macy, Happy Family Time!" Eclipse exclaimed loudly, as she moved forward.

"Yikes! No thanks! I'm good!" Macy shouted back, trying to find a way to get out of here.

"Pretty please?" Eclipse said, giving big puppy eyes and a small pout.

"Yeah, please?" Sunstreaker asked with a smile.

"With cherries on top?" Sideswipe said from behind Macy.

"I'm sorry, but my answer is no!" Macy refused.

Sage, meanwhile, was being tickled tortured by the other hysterically laughing because of the Cybertronians vibrating fingers.


"Please, Macy?" Eclipse said, wagging her tail a little.

"For the last time, no thank you! I am not in a tickly mood! Not now, not ever!" Macy shouted, getting tired from running.

"No choice. IT'S TICKLE TIME!" Sideswipe announced laughing, as he scooped Macy up and went for her shoulder blades.

"EEEK! NO!" Macy squealed, keeping her mouth shut and her eyes closed, resisting super hard on the urge to laugh. Especially on her very weak spot.

"Come on. Let us hear those sweet laughter tickles," Sunstreaker said, moving forward as he began tickling her ribs and stomach.

Macy sputtered a few giggles and a smile, but still kept strong. She was not gonna break, yet.

"I know what to do," Eclipse said, wiggling her tail under Macy's knees while her claws went for her feet. "Coochie, Coochie, Coo, Macy-Boo," Eclipse said laughing.


"Macy, it's Happy Family time!" Eclipse cheered.


"Okay," Eclipse said, stopping with her uncles.

Macy took a moment to breath, unable to speak, at the moment. "Seriously?... Just like that?!" She asked.

"You said 'please'," Eclipse said smiling, as she nuzzled Macy.

The Brunette couldn't help but chuckle. "Guess that makes sense."

"Are you okay? We didn't go overboard, did we?" Sunstreaker asked, gently rubbing her back.

"No, I'm good. I've been tickled longer and worse than that," Macy assured. "Um...if it's not a bother...You can know...I mean...that is, if you all still want to..."

"Do you want more tickles?" Eclipse asked curiously.

Macy blushed with embarrassment, shushing the dragon. "SHHHHHH! Not so loud! I don't want Sage to know! If he hears about that, I'll never hear the end of it!" She said. "I'm usually not the type to admit that I like getting tickled. I have a rebellious rep."

"Macy, you know reps don't hide who you are. Sage probably knows that you love being tickled. Has he ever made fun of you, since you met?" Sunstreaker asked. Among the Autobots, he was the one known for the most reputation to be held.

"No... not really," Macy answered, honestly. "Even after getting tickled by his family, he just comforted me so I wouldn't feel embarrassed from what happened."

"Oh, ye of little faith, my Moon," Sage's voice sounded. Looking down, they found Sage in his wolf form sitting comfortably. "I've known for a while that you love being tickled,"

This shocked the Brunette. "WHAT!? When!?"

Sage smiled. "You had your tells, just like anyone. Bottom line, I would never tell anyone that you love being tickled, if you didn't want it. I've kept this secret for you, just as I'll keep my promise of my love for you," he said, shifting to human form.

Macy blushed in response. She was very happy to have a guy like Sage. "Okay. Thanks."

"Why isn't there a spark?" Eclipse asked curiously.

Sage looked at Eclipse questionably. "What spark?"

"Yeah, what spark?" Macy asked Eclipse.

"You two love each other, so, there should be sparks coming from your eyes," Eclipse explained.

Sage chuckled. "The sparks of love...Eclipse, there isn't a literal spark. It's just how two people seem when they look at each other," Sage explained.

"What my Wolf said," Mact replied, blushing a bit.

"Oh," Eclipse said, before jumping into Sunstreaker's arms. "So, more tickles?"

"Um...Yes," Macy answered sheepishly.

Sage smiled. "Hey, secrets safe with me...unless you want me to join in as a tickler," he said, with a glint in his eye.

"Uh..." Macy said, not sure how to answer.

"No judgement, Mace. If you want this to be private, I'll go and talk to Optimus and Ratchet. They wanted to know more about shifters and how we helped Jay," Sage replied, shifting to wolf form, and turning around calmly.

"No, wait! I actually...enjoy your company," Macy replied to Sage. "You make me feel happy. Whether being tickled or not."

Sage turned around and smiled. "Just tell me if you want me as a pillow or a tickler, and I'll be next to you in a flash?" Sage asked with a smile.

Macy smiled. "Surprise me."

Sage smiled, jumping into Sunstreaker's other hand, where he began nuzzling and licking Macy's neck and ears.

"Heeheeheehee! I love you, too, Sage," Macy giggled.

"My Moon, you have no idea," Sage whispered into her neck, before switching to affectionate short puppy licks.

Macy continued giggling with glee.

"So cute!" Eclipse said, as she began on Macy's feet and back of her knees.


After a while, Sage called for a cease fire and the tickling stopped. Nudging Macy up, Sage let his Moon rest on his furry back.

"I really enjoy being with you, Sage. Even when we're in a different place, in or out of Earth," Macy admitted, tiredly.

Sage smiled, as he walked. "No matter what, you are my path to always guide me. And I will always stand and protect you," Sage replied.

A few paces behind, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe smiled.

"They're cute," Eclipse said.

"That they are, sweetling. That they are," Sunstreaker said, calmly.

Two days later, Sage and Macy found themselves outside the airport, looking at the holoforms of the Autobots. They may appear human on the outside, but they were clearly still Cybertronian on the inside.

"Thanks again for your help," Sage said, shaking Optimus' holoform's hand.

"Will we ever see you guys again?" Macy asked, shaking Megatron's holo-hand.

"We hope you'll come to visit," Megatron said with a smile.

"If ever you need help..." Optimus started.

"Or you," Sage interjected with a smile, which made Optimus smile back.

"Or that, we'll be there," Optimus agreed.

"Same here, my friend." Sage replied.

"We're really gonna miss you," Macy admitted. "Thanks for everything. You all are awesome. I hope you keep protecting this town. It needs heroes like you."

"We shall, for this is our home now," Optimus said.

"Now boarding for flight 590C Staybrook, California," a voice over the intercom said.

"That's us. Take care, you guys," Sage said, hefting his duffle onto his back while heading into the access tunnel.

"Until next time, Cybertronians," Macy smirked, grabbing her bag while following her Wolf.

Ten minutes later, Sage and Macy sat on the plane.

"Well, that was a success," Sage said, as he stretched before takeoff.

"I'll say. We not only got more info on Cybertronians and the crystal for my suit, but we also gained very powerful allies. Along with new friends," Macy said.

"Yeah, it was a great trip. Learned a lot and taught a lot. But I got to say, I'm happy to be going home," Sage said, smiling.

"Please, fasten your seatbelts. We'll be taking off soon," the flight attendant said from the front.

"Same here," Macy nodded her head.

"Wonder what new adventure will happen next? Moreover, what trouble Tommy got into while we were gone?" Sage said with a smile.

"I'm hoping that he didn't do anything stupid while we were gone. Especially with Gliss," Macy said.

"Let's hope not," Sage said, settling down as the plane took off.

A few hours later, Sage and Macy walked into the Grant Mansion, finding a sheepish looking Tommy.

"Hey, guys. How was the trip?" Tommy asked, acting like everything was fine but wasn't.

"Uh, it was good," Macy started, raising an eyebrow. "What about you? Anything exciting happened while we were out?"

"No. Of course not. Just another, uneventful time," Tommy answered, smiling widely. "Maybe not as thrilling as my big brother and sisty."

Now Macy knew something was up. He would only call her sisty when he did something bad and gets nervous.

"Tommy...What did you do?" Macy asked sternly, crossing her arms.

Sage soon spotted an empty turtle tank.

"Tommy, please say you didn't just make it possible for your sister to erupt like a volcano?" Sage asked, knowing Mount Macy was about to erupt in full fury and worry.

"I might have...sort of...accidentally...misplaced Gliss?" Tommy gently said, laughing nervously.

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Macy screamed in rage.

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