I know you want to see the episode but there will be a spoiler in this special so enjoy reading.

Ova One: Where is Marcos?

On September 22, 2019.

Dylan, Bruce and Alex come to visit Marcos and the girls' house who brought something in the bag, full of sweets and sandwiches.

"I guess it's movie night where Prim and Ruu-Ruu plan on watching the horror movie ..."Dylan said he was wearing the 3-D glasses.

"On top of that, Ruu-Ruu was able to win some Korean Ballons by winning Wones money that bought a television with a curve so that we can watch 3-D ..."Bruce said he was wearing casual clothes with a blue jacket and a black shirt.


"Hello Morons!" Yells a female voice. The three men moan annoyed upon hearing an annoying voice.

"Guys, that voice is from a harpy or a witch?."Dylan said with an annoyed and somewhat annoyed tone where his facial reaction indicated that he is overwhelmed.

"I suppose it is ..." Alex said who was also pale upon hearing the familiar voice. The three of them look at where the female voice came from. that person is Emma with her red tracksuit and with an almost sympathetic smile.

"Good Evening, Gentlemen Moron"

"I'm surprised i didn't kill you or buried you alive. But you're lucky that Marcos still has mercy on you ..."Bruce said crossing his arms causing Alex to look at the federal agent.

"Did you really think that?" Alex said incredulously.

"He really wanted to do it ..."Dylan said remembering five months ago since Emma found out that there were girls from another world. "Don't tell me to report them for attempted murder?"

"Unfortunately I'm off duty ..." Alex said lifting

"I'm still your friend .." Emma said smiling while frowning "But don't forget that I'm the only one who knows about women's issues and that I'm the only one known who is a woman .."

"I hope you have not poisoned anything in the heads of our friends on feminism issues ..." Alex said stepping on the tile at the entrance but a car parks and two known people come out "But look who a married couple arrived ..."

"We are not the married couple" Grace said that she is dressed in a light brown jumpsuit and jeans "We are just roommates, right Klien-kun?"

"Yes..we are just friends .."Klien said that he is dressed in a white shirt with short sleeves and dress pants with black cloth and scratches his head in discomfort when listening to the little mockery of rookie detective Alex.

The five people approach the door and suddenly someone opens the door revealing that it was Ruu-Ruu dressed in an orange dress as she was frowning.

"It seems that someone is in a very good mood ..."Emma said laughing at the Loli outfit.

"In case you don't like it?" Ruu-Ruu looks up at Emma "you can go to the ogres' cave so they can fill you with turkey with semen sauces ..."

"With that mouth you kiss your mother Marcos ..."Emma said returning the Halfling's insult by stretching Ruu-Ruu's cheek.

"I'll bite your hand!" Ruu-Ruu yells angrily.

"Force me loli ..." Emma threatens Ruu-Ruu raising her clenched fist gushing out the vein. Ruu-Ruu freezes with fear when she sees the clenched fist. She knows that she is an expert in karate and preferred not to face her.

The five friends enter the house and find the others who were preparing the seats and this Stiven who was putting the glasses on the table.

"Ah hello my friends!" Stiven yells happily at five and then sees Emma "And hello Emma ..."he said dryly when he saw Marcos's bullying.

"It hurts me ..." Emma pretends hurt and approaches Olga who is sitting. "Hello, pointed ear ..."

"Hello ..." Olga said greeting Emma. "You brought the novel ..."

"Yes..here..."Emma passes the author's drama book that Olga likes the story of the author of Sthephen King and also other authors who do intelligence and suspense history.

"You won't be spending 50 shades of Gray ..."Klien said asking Emma.

"No ... and apart from that I don't read that shit, how idiotic is able to read the novel ..."Emma frowns back causing Claudia to nervously hide the * mentioned * book behind the shelf but was caught by Prim but she winks to know that she can be trusted.

"Hi I brought 3-D glasses and we also brought snacks ..." Dylan lifts the bag that was full of 3-D glasses and sets it on the table.

Alicia and Celestine get off together with Chloe and Kaguya who brought some cushions.

"Looks like we're having a pajama party ..." Celestine smiles a little.

"We are not children, we will only watch a horror thriller ..." Olga sits on the sofa.

"I thought we would play video games all night ..."Ruu-Ruu said somewhat disappointed.

"We are not so vicious with games. It is better to see something than to tease each other ..." said Emma who recently sat next to Olga.

"Like we did a game session of Among us ..."Stiven commented, remembering last month.

A month ago.

"Where found the body of Prim and Alicia?."Marcos said that he wore the avatar of a red suit with a police cap and asked Ruu-Ruu who it was that reported the two bodies.

"Prim and Alicia were in the cafeteria ..." Ruu-Ruu answered the question. Her avatar is orange.

"And what was he doing before he ran into the two bodies?" Stiven asked. His avatar is dark green.

"I did the missions starting to destroy meteorites ..." Ruu-Ruu said answering.

"Did you see someone?" Dylan said and his avatar is dark red.

"I saw Marcos passing through the corridors near the administration ..." Ruu-Ruu said making Marcos look angrily.

"Do you think I'm an impostor?" Said Marcos reluctantly. "I have a witness who is Chloe ..." Marcos points to Chloe.

"Marcos was with me in administration and we were on a mission of cards.." Chloe said seriously.

"Wait, why is Chloe defending Marcos!" Maia yells pointing at Chloe.

"I do it because I have to be a fellow quarterback on duty ..." Chloe defends herself and looks at Maia "It seems to me that you are against the human Marcos and I being the Marshals ..."

"Yes andif I were an impostor, I would definitely kill Ruu-Ruu first when she is alone ... "Marcos comments smiling. Everyone looks at Marcos." Don't tell me they're going to vote for me? "

A minute later.

Marcos was not the impostor.

"I guess that went well?" Maia said smiling causing everyone to look at the one who commented. "Son of a B-"

Maia was not the impostor.

"Whoever comments the most will be expelled ..."Dylan said looking at everyone but he found the dead body of Stiven near him. "It wasn't me!" He yells.

Dylan was not the impostor.

"I guess that's what we have left ..."Chloe said looking at Olga, Celestine, Ruu-Ruu and Emma but suddenly there was a power outage. "Shit..."


The light is restored and she finds Olga and Celestine drenched in blood and they both look at each other and then look at Emma killed.

" I did not do it"the two elves yell at the same time.

"I definitely have the scanner!" Yells Olga showing her proof. "I can identify the suspect, so let's skip the vote!"

the last four crew members went to the infirmary but the power cut interrupted again and later found Olga murdered.

"OLGA-SAMA!"Chloe screams worried and looks at the two who are the suspects "One of you is the suspect!"

"Chloe, I would never kill Olga ..." Celestine said with a kind and innocent tone.

"But if at first you wanted to defeat her in Eostia ..."Ruu-Ruu questions her goddess.

"Then we will vote ..." Chloe decided to vote but was hesitant to vote and had no choice but to vote.

Celestine was not the impostor.

"What?" Chloe said petrified.

"Muahahahaha, that's right. I was an impostor all the time!" Shouts Ruu-Ruu, laughing maliciously. "I killed them all humans and elves hahahahah!"

"Hey Loli, turn down the volume!" Yells Marcos angrily while on the cell phone.

"I'm surprised that Loli knows how to play that traitor game!" Emma yells sarcastically.

"That's part of the tactic ..." Ruu-Ruu said seriously with a look of pride coming out a star in her eyes.

"Who taught that Loli to be a High-class Gamer ..." Klien said with an incredulous tone causing Stiven to whistle in a sneaky way.

"Well and don't forget a VR game, we play gladiators .."Kaguya said that she recently came out of the kitchen and brought some popcorn.

"That made us feel like we were at home but in Virtual Reality ..." Alicia said feeling nostalgic as she brandished the swords against the NPCs.

"But they killed you four times, I didn't suppose you were an expert in swords ..." Dylan smirks but Alicia throws a pillow in his face.

"Shut up." Alicia complains reluctantly.

"Well let's start watching some movies ..." Claudia said sitting next to Bruce.

"What movie are we going to watch ..." Bruce said putting on a 3-D lens. Stiven was going to turn off the light but something stopped and looks back where everyone is present but someone is missing.

"Where is Marcos?" Said Stiven realizing Marcos's absence.

"What?"They all said and looked at Marcos' place, which is empty.

"Ah ... oh no ..." Emma said realizing it and looks at the calendar that was hanging on the fridge and showed the month of September 2019.

"What happen?"Stiven said following Emma's point of view.

"A question to everyone ..." Emma looks at everyone. "Did you see Marcos act strange this September?"

Everyone looks at Emma until one raises the hand that would belong to Prim.

"Marcos-dono acted something strange since the first day of September began ..." Prim said answering the question. "I was in the kitchen making sweets while the others went with Stiven, Dylan and Klien, I heard something that Marcos was discussing with someone on the phone .."

September 1, 2019.

Prim was in the kitchen but Marcos was in the garden as he walked in a circle.

"I'm telling you no!" Marcos yells answering on the cell phone "No. You know I have limits and I don't want to ruin my dignity by doing that!" "If I do that ... I'll kill you and the other bastards ..." Marcos said threateningly and looks at the glass but Prim hides behind the couch. "Well I'll do that but I want to ask you a favor that you owe me ... it will be all secret ..."Marcos said seriously and he enters the living room and grabs his tracksuit. "I will be at your house and we will start the operation: Called Surprise Attack in Puerto Madero ..."

"Did Marcos really act this way?"Alice said looking at Prim.

"Marcos would never be a thief ..." Stiven defends his friend. "If he were a thief. He would certainly steal Celestine's crown just to have extra money ..."

"Ehhhhh ..." Emma looks to the other side.

"Don't fuck . you stole the golden crown?" Dylan said pointing at Emma.

" if I borrowed it from her and I had outstanding bills to pay, you don't understand the big debts that my damn father, who I never knew him, cheated people who were Fiat customers! "Emma yells defending herself"But I didn't steal it and Celestine was asked ..."

"Yes. Since Emma explained little to me, I had the faith to help her ..." Celestine explains little.

"We're getting off topic ..." Alex pauses a bit and looks at Prim. "Was that just that?"

"There are things that Marcos did something two weeks ago ..." Maia said commenting. "A strange package arrived with his name .."

September 8, 2019.

Maia opens the door to reveal a postman with a strange package.

"A package for Marcos Quinteros ..." The Postman said smiling at Maia "Just sign here ..." Maia proceeded to sign the paper and received the package. "You have a good day..."

"Thanks ..." Maia had a mere curiosity and puts the package down and opens it revealing a black suit with a folded orange shirt. "A suit?" Maia put on a confused expression and noticed something at the bottom of the package was a gas mask. "Gas mask?"

"Maia?" Said a familiar voice causing Maia to be shocked and she puts the mask back in the package and snaps it shut.

"Marcos, I have a package for you ..."Maia said hiding and getting up walking towards the garden that Marcos and Stiven were setting up a pool for Ruu-Ruu and Prim.

"For me?" Said Marcos and noticed the package. "Wow .." Marcos grabs the package and looks at Maia. "Thanks, could you help Stiven ..."

"Okay ..." Maia joins Stiven in setting up the sink but looks askance at Marcos who had a serious expression and makes an annoyed face.

"Wait wait ... we are talking about Marcos' moron, that he would not be able to rob a bank. Nor would he be able to steal a candy from a child ..." Ruu-Ruu complained little and doubted Marcos.

"But if he needed money ... why didn't he tell us before?"Bruce said crossing his arm.

"There must be several reasons ..." Stiven said concerned.

"Debts?" Alicia comments.

"No..Marcos has no ties to lenders ..." Emma said denying.

"Is he doing it because of his greed?" Maia commented.

"He's not too greedy ... and he doesn't ask so much .." Celestine said denying as well.

"He has terminal illnesses?" Alex said commented.

"Marcos is very healthy, if he was sick he would tell us ..." Stiven refuses too.

"He's selling his own organ to invest his credits ..." Bruce said commenting.

"I don't think so. Marcos is so smart that he would refuse to have his vital organs removed ..." Klien also refuses.

"Perhaps. He needs money to buy a gun to kill his father. Os * [Spoiler] "Chloe comments.

"No. He's not that murderous in this ..." Bruce comments in denial. .

"Soon he's paying a prostitute he owes money ..." Dylan commented. the women look at Dylan. Alicia look at the two elves that would be Celestine and Olga petrified upon hearing Dylan's comment.

"He would never be like this paying for this service!" Celestine shouts nervously and looks at Olga. "Marcos is a good person, isn't Olga-san?"

"Yeah, Dylan must be talking bullshit to make us mad ..." Olga said trying to ignore Dylan's comment.

"I'm serious ... I saw Marcos walking with a woman who was busty and Brazilian ..." Dylan said seriously.

"Hahhaaha ... good joke Dylan. Now we're talking about Marcos being a hunk ... hahaha." Klien laughs a bit but puts on a serious expression. "Are you really fucking serious?"

"I saw it a week ago, at the Abasto ..." Dylan proceeded to explain.

September 19, 2019.

Dylan was in the cafeteria and noticed Marcos alone at the table. He was thinking of saying hello but was interrupted by a female voice.

"Hi Marcos!" Yells a brunette woman with long brown hair and has a white ruffle with long sleeves.

"Hi Carol ..." Marcos said smiling. Dylan's expression was shocked to see that Marcos was picking up a strange woman. "How's everything..."

"I bem ... and how is my favorite boy ..." said Carol smiling. Dylan had to get up and look askance where Marcos had a smile as the Carol girl spoke happily.

"Really ... that woman was fiery ... as if she were the singer Rihhana with a well formed back ..." Dylan explained but Alicia stopped him with the gesture.

"Enough ... Celestine-sama?Alicia said looking at Celestine who is looking at the ground with a shocked expression.

"Marcos with a woman ... Marcos kissing a woman ..." Celestine muttered in a low voice and then she laughed slowly "Hehhehehe Marcos is dating a woman ..."Celestine faked a smile as she laughed slowly causing Alex to worry.

"Celestine ... control yourself ... reality returns ..." Alex said trying to react to Celestine.

"That human Marcos is dating someone ... well at least he has someone to calm his libido ... right Olga-sama?" Said Chloe looking at Olga who was very frozen and didn't say anything.

Olga's imagination.

"Olga.I'm sorry, I'm dating someone ... bye Olga ... "Marcos walks away from Olga.

"Marcos, wait ... I, I, I ..."Olga babbles and fear to be abandoned by someone dear and new feeling that she developed during a year living with him. "Do not leave Me..."

"I don't allow that!"Yells Olga denying reality causing everyone to look at the one who shouts. "Dylan. Are you telling the truth ?!" she yells, insisting that Dylan explain more. "Did they hug, did they kiss, or did they do kinky things where babies are born ?!" she yells in paranoia.

"No ... they didn't do any of that" Dylan said a little nervous at Olga's panic and paranoia. "I didn't follow those two ..."

"Wait .. you don't think we're doubting Marcos .." Stiven interrupts the conversation."He gave you a roof and gave us confidence to support ... he would never betray us in this way, he has our loyalties so none of these things are true and it will never really happen .." Stiven defends Marcos.


Sativen received a message from Marcos and opens the cell phone and reads in silence but put on a shocked expression.

[Stiven. Warn the others. I will sleep at the hotel in Puerto Madero with a relative. The day after tomorrow I'll be back in four days. See you...]

Stiven ends up reading a message and closes the cell phone and looks at Bruce. "Bruce tracks the cell phone and we will stop the assault and prevent him from making a big mistake ..."

Two days later.

in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires.

Klien and Alex were in the black Peugeout car and they were in front of the hotel where Marcos would be sleeping with a relative.

"Here the Nightroad and The Police in position of the front entrance of the Hotel ..."klien communicates by radio. Alex used the binocular looking at the entrance of the hotel and then looking at the door where the two people in black suits would be Stiven and Dylan who had black briefcases.

"Here the Religious and the Dynamite ar at the door of the Hotel ..." Stiven said communicating on the headset and looks at the security camera at the door and gestures.

Behind the camera he had been hacked by the coca cola truck that is the Complete Spy team and there was Bruce along with Ruu-Ruu and Prim who was wearing headphones.

"Here The Willy, The Pinkgirl and the LoliGirl, we have them in our sights the Religious and the Dynamite ..." Bruce said naming his code name.

Returning with the Religious (Stiven) and Dynamite (Dylan) he proceeded to enter the hotel and found the large main room.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen, what are you offering?" Said a brown haired woman in a red suit and black pants.

"You can take us the briefcase in room 307 ..." Said The Religious (Stiven) giving the briefcase to the brown haired girl.

The brown haired girl proceeded to use the elevator and her right ear has a hearing aid.

"Red Girl ... bringing the team to zone A ..." Said Maia who was disguised as a Maid "Purple Girl and Blonde Girl saw the Target (Marcos) leave room 307 ..." She said

the Purple Girl and Blonde Girl would be Olga and Celestine who were disguised as janitors.

"he hasn't come out yet ..." Celestine said looking at room 307.

"We would not be better and go in to catch him and force him to explain us ..."Olga said, looking at door 307, her eyes had no shine.

"We are not sure if he is capable of initiating the robbery ..." Celestine said answered and doubted her human friend a lot.

"He is capable of having a relationship with a woman ... he's just a pervert ..." Olga replied coldly. Door 307 is opened by someone and it was Marcos dressed in a black suit and combed back, "Why is he dressed this way?"she said looking at the appearance.

"Here he comes ... we'll pretend we're cleaning ..." Celestine and Olga start cleaning the hall while Marcos takes out his cell phone.

"Yes Carol. I'm going to the Hotel cafeteria ..."Marcos spoke and walked by without looking at the two elves. Suddenly Marcos stops "Olga and Celestine?" Marcos goes back to where the two janitors were and looks where there are two janitor men cleaning, Marcos lets out an annoyed sigh. "I'm sure I care a lot about them ... I should go home and tell her everything ..." Marcos said putting his hand over his mouth.

"See. He plans to tell us the truth, he's a good person and faithful to his friends ..."Celestine said convincing the others by speaking on the radio.

"Hmmm ... maybe I'm not going to tell them anything, that will cause losses and a waste of time ..." Marcos suddenly changes his mind.

"YOU ARE AN IDIO-!"Olga was going to scream but Celestine covered her with her hand covering her mouth. "Hhmmmm!"

"What the fuck was that ?!" yells Marcos, returning to where he was the two janitors who were still cleaning. "Hmmm, Olga will never scream like that ... now to follow my destiny" Marcos kept walking whistling.

Celestine kept covering Olga's mouth with her hand while both elves were hiding in another corridor.

"Olga, I know you're upset but we don't know anything behind what Marcos is doing ..." Celestine said whispering to her friend. "Marcos would never have a girl ..."

"Stay out of my business ..." Olga pulls away and frowns.

"It's my business too ..." Celestine said seriously, Olga's eyes snapped open.

"Don't tell me ..." Olga said in shock looking at Celestine. "When we finish this ... we will talk about this ..."

"The Target is coming to the cafeteria ..."it was Stiven's voice.

Marcos arrives at the cafeteria and walks in but does not realize that one of the waiters is a blonde and brunette woman with a ponytail hairstyle and thick-rimmed glasses.

that woman is Chloe dressed as a waitress and she was supporting Stiven and Dylan sitting at the other table when they found the Woman (Carol) who was waiting for Marcos.

"Hi Carol ..." Marcos greets his acquaintance.

Dylan and Stiven look at Marcos waving to his acquaintance.

"I'm surprised that Marcos is flirting with a hot woman ... but why didn't he mate with Olga. She's hotter than that Carol ..."Dylan said as he looked at Marcos's table talking but they couldn't hear anything.

"Good moment, Bruce gave us that ..."Stiven takes out a small ear gun as a remote microphone and points to Marcos and the woman to listen to the conversation. "Let's hear what they say ..."

"How do you feel comfortable being in a hotel ..." Said the Woman asking Marcos.

"Since I stayed in a hotel. I felt comfortable and calm ..." Marcos answers smiling.

"How was it the first night?"

"Very rich and relaxed ..." Marcos replied with a relaxed smile as he craned his neck.

Alex and Klien widened their eyes a little when they heard what Marcos said.

"He's fucking lucky ..." Klien said incredulously.

"Enjoying doing that ... that's crazy ..." Alex said surprised.

"What did Marcos-dono say?" Prim said confused by what Marcos said. "Did he eat something?"

"I don't want you to know that ..."Bruce said taking out the hearing aid while looking at the computer screen watching the live recording of the camera in the hotel cafeteria and looking at the woman's face. "Hmmm Klien do you know Silver?" He said speaking into the radio.

"Yeah .. he's a fucking son of a bitch .. why are you asking me?" Klien said.

"Can you have me do a facial scan of that lady ..." Bruce said looking at the girl's face.

"Yes .. I'll make a quick call ..." Klien said accepting.

"I'm sending you a screenshot ..." Bruce said sending Carol's photo.

Where is Olga and Celestine both were trying to open room 307 that Marcos left but Maia (Disguised as a Button Box) brought the briefcase.

Maia places the briefcase on the ground and opens it revealing a kind of drill called the thick wick hammer.

"Let's open the perverted lord's door ..." Maia said with a smile. "I always wanted to use a tool .."

"Hey, wouldn't it be better to open it with a key ..." Celestine said. "That thing could make loud noises and it might draw attention ..."

"It'll just be quick, no one will notice ..." Maia insisted on doing it. Olga sighs annoyed and turns the knob like that and opens it normally.

"How did you do that?" Celestine said in surprise.

"Knowing Marcos. In a hurry he almost always forgets the open door ..." Olga said entering.

"You sure were watching ..." Maia said with a mischievous smile causing Olga.

"Come in now!" Olga yells insisting that Celestine and Maia enter the room immediately.

Chloe made an annoyed face when she heard what Marcos said.

'Olga-sama. I don't know why you're interested in that good-for-nothing ... I know he looks like a good person's face but he's absolutely scum ... 'chloe thought as she glared at Marcos0 "Your human. you not deserve the respect of my queen ... '

"Why do I feel someone who is looking at me with daggers?" Marcos said sweating as he muttered without noticing Chloe's presence.

Stiven and Dylan looked at Marcos but a voice interrupted the observation.

"Hi, how are you guys?"said Luis dressed in a black suit causing Stiven and Dylan to get nervous and both grabbed his shirt collar forcing him to sit next to them.

"Doc, what are you doing here?" Dylan said in a whisper.

"I am in a job because two days ago a patient of mine suffered a fall from the stage and I am a personal doctor ..."Luis said answering and looks at Marcos who is together with a strange woman and suddenly he turned pale when he recognized the woman. "Oh no..."

"Do you know her?" Dylan said curiously.

"Yes ... but him is the patient of another surgeon ..."Luis said sighing.

"How 'Him'?" Stiven said.

"He is Trans ..." Luis said.

"... WHAT ?!" Stiven and Dylan yell after the little silence causing Marcos to look behind the noise.

"Stiven?" Said Marcos when he recognized the voice. But what was on the table was Doctor Luis sitting alone. "Oh, what's up, Doctor?" said Marcos, greeting his doctor.

"Ah, what up Marcos?"Luis said waving and looks down where Stiven and Dylan were hiding under the table but luckily it was covered in white table cloth.

"Do you know that doctor Luis?" Carol asked Marcos.

"Oh, he's an acquaintance and he's my doctor since I had some health problems but thanks to Luis who keeps me healthy ..."

"I see dear ..." Carol said smiling.

Stiven and Dylan put on an expression of disgust, you know * Carol * is naturally a man but calling Marcos 'sweetie'. It is absolutely strange..

"What, He is man!" Shouts Bruce hearing Klien's response.

"Exact..Silver identified the facial face and was originally a male two years ago and changed his name. His male name was Carlos and is currently Carol. He passed all the medical tests: Psychological Test. Blood Test. Tissue tests and other types of surgeries ... "Klien explained since he sent Carol's photo a long time ago." Silver answered me so quickly when he recognized her face ... and on top of that there is another news ... "

"Which one?"

"That his Ex..."Alex said looking at the original photo of * Carol * hugging Silver. "I'm surprised your chaos employer is homo ..." Looking at Klien who is shaking a bit.

"I didn't realize he's gay ..." Klien said incredulously. "It doesn't look like anything ..."

"What is Gay?" Said Prim knowing the term Gay.

"I don't want to be homophobic ... Prim when you grow up, your Religious boyfriend will tell you ..." Bruce said pressing his nose fountain.

"No no we are not Boyfriends!"cries Prim with a nervous blush moving her hands in denial.

"Let's get on with the mission ..." Bruce said focusing the cafeteria camera. "Wait minute. where are Dylan and Stiven. Girl-Brown and Girl-Bar do know where the Religious and Dynamite are ...? "

"The Religious and Dynamite are hidden at the table where they are sitting with two objectives and an acquaintance of ours who is Dr. Luis ..."Claudia said that she is dressed as a cook from the cafeteria and looks at Grace dressed as a Barman who attended another client and then there is Chloe (Waitress)

"Chloe make Marcos leave the table ..." Grace said whispering.

"I got this..."Chloe puts the kettle of hot water on the tray.

"What are you planning to do?" Claudia said looking at Chloe.

"By Olga-sama ..." Chloe said venomously.

In Room 307.

Maia was curiously looking around the room in 307 which looked luxurious.

"It's almost like one of the guest rooms in your castle, Celestine-san ..." Maia said whistling as she looked around the room.

Celestine looks at the shelf where there was a familiar backpack that belongs to Marcos and checks it by taking out a kind of card with code bars.

"Hey I found a card is from the hotel but it is for the upper floor ..."Celestine said looking at the card that said Event.

"Event ... don't tell me they're going to rob the event ..." Maia said and began to imagine.

Maia's imagination.

someone kicks the door revealing that it is Marcos in a gas mask with his pistol together with the three men in gas masks.

"Everyone hands up!" Marcos yells shooting into the air. "It's an assault!"

"Marcos wouldn't be able to do that ..." Celestine said looking at Maia. "You played too much Payday ..."

"But think of it as real life ..." Maia said removing the doubt. Olga looks at the bed that is somewhat messy and looks at the garbage can. "Hey jealous queen what are you looking for?"

"Who do you call Jealous Queen ..." Olga said with a frown.

"You should look for clues, not a garbage can ..." Maia said crossing her arms. Olga takes out a piece of paper with something written on it.

"That counts as a clue ..." Olga said looking at the paper that is Marcos' handwriting. "It says something ..." Olga read something that frowned more reading that. "That damn human ... who thinks it, he's the poet ..."

"What's wrong?" Celestine said looking at Olga's reaction.

"For my friends of the soul. Sometimes you find in life a special friendship: that someone who when entering your life changes it completely that someone who makes you laugh incessantly; that someone who makes you believe that there are really good things in the someone who convinces you that there is a door ready for you to open ... "Olga dictates the poem written by Marcos"And many scratches and several misspellings ..." Olga looked bitterly but her eyes came out a small tear but she rubs her eye drying the tear.

"Are you crying?" Maia said seeing that.

"No ..." Olga said seriously.

[Chloe don't do that!] Was Bruce's voice.

[AHHHHHHHHHHH MY BALLS!] Yells the familiar voice.

Marcos was screaming running and enters the bathroom suddenly. "Burning Burning!" Yells Marcos taking off his pants. "Damn waitress!"

A few minutes ago.

"Well, how are you at home?" Said Carol asking.

"Me more or less. Studies, my ex bothering me and some annoying that my life becomes almost hell ..."Marcos said without looking back as Chloe takes a false step and the kettle of hot water falls over her crotch. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH MY BALLS!"

"Sorry I'm sorry, I'll bring a handkerchief!"Chloe shouts in a different voice but inside her she laughed at Marcos' suffering and then she ran away.

"What's wrong!" Marcos yells angrily with pain and runs up to go to the bathroom.

"Bring a bucket of ice!"Carol yells in alarm without noticing that Stiven and Dylan get out under the table and run away.

"I'm going to see Marcos ..." Luis followed Marcos.

"That bitch ..." Marcos moaned in pain.

"Marcos I brought you ice cubes ... you want me to bring you new pants ..." Luis knocks on the bathroom door.

"Yes ..." Marcos answers with pain.

Stiven and Dylan walked out of the back door cafeteria along with the one that nearly ruined the spy mission.

"Friend, I know you're angry that Marcos is having a relationship with this * Miss * there was no need to pour hot water on his cake ..." Dylan said scolding Chloe.

"He deserved it ... and secondly; why is Doctor Luis with Marcos ..." Chloe asks hostilely towards Stiven and Dylan.

"He had other business about his work ..." Stiven looks back where Claudia and Grace left.

"That was reckless and quite damaging for Marcos ..." Claudia said as she closed the door.

"But we found absolutely nothing ..." Dylan said annoyed, "that was a waste of time ..."

"Wait, Olga and Celestine are in Marcos's room and maybe they found a clue ..." Stiven said remembering the others.

[We found the clue ... we know where it will act. He will attack the event on the top floor of the hotel ...]Maia said on the radio. [He will attack tonight ..]

"We will meet at Marcos's house ..." Stiven said "We will plan now ..."

Time: 10:10 p.m.

In the grand entrance of the hotel there were some people in elegant suits and they all had VIP cards of the event. But when a black limousine appears parked in the wax of the street, 12 people dressed in elegant suits come out. 5 men and 10 women. Stiven was dressed in a black suit and a yellow tie. Dylan in a red suit with a dark red tie. Bruce in a dark blue suit and Klien in a black suit with a black tie and white shirt, and Alex in a gray suit and a black shirt.

The girls used the dresses but of different colors. the men began to look at the hottest girls.

"Who are they?" Said a woman looking at Celestine and Olga who are dressed in long dresses. Olga with purple and Celestine with white.

"They look like they are foreigners ..".said another man looking at Maia and Prim. "Look at their hair they seem to have stained color ..."

"If my profession doesn't lie to me. They seem natural ..." Said another man but with an effeminate voice while looking at the women's hair.

"On top of that she has huge breasts ..." Said a man looking at Celestine's breasts but that caused Alex to look bad with a dog face causing him to turn away.

"I think those men tied us up ..." Maia said with a frown.

"Everyone take your partners" Ruu-Ruu said before choosing a partner but unfortunately. "Stiven!"

"Sorry I'm going to go with Prim ..." Stiven said sincerely.

"Bruce?" Ruu-Ruu said.

"With Claudia ... I'm sorry little girl ..."Bruce said being with Claudia.

"Klien and Alex?" Ruu-Ruu said.

"Nope ..." Klien said standing with Grace.

"I'm sorry. As a volunteer I'll be Celestine's partner ..." Alex said being with Celestine. Ruu-Ruu was going to look at Dylan.

"I'm not interested in Loii ..." Dylan said denying. Ruu-Ruu put on a blank expression.

"Hey mister officer. Those five strangers are saying weird things about my body ..."Ruu-Ruu said speaking with the raising officer while pointing his finger at the five who refused to be Ruu-Ruu's couple.

"Wait a minute, it's a misunderstanding!" Dylan yells.

"I am a Police / Agent!"yells Alex and Bruce showing their badges.

"There's a Policeman!" Yells a white man with glasses who had dust white(Cocaine) on his nose. "Let's get out of here!" He yells, getting the car up and starting.

"A federal agent!" Shouts an Iraqi dressed as a waiter. "Oh why ALA bringing me disgrace!" He yells jumping out of the car window.

The two law enforcement officers recently looked at what happened recently.

"Are they on duty?" Asked the Officer.

"No ..." Both agents answered sincerely.

The group enters the hotel and goes to the elevator using the VIP cards on the top floor. When they reach the top floor.

"Wooow ..."The Women said looking at the wide place with tables and big lights as if it were a luxury restaurant and there were many people but they found a person known to them.

"Hmmm hi..you are on the guest list?"Marcos said in a friendly tone.

"Marcos we know what you're up to ..." Stiven said seriously.

"Marcos?" Marcos said confused but realized "Are you Marcos's friends?"

"Hey, don't be an idiot. Of course we're your friends. You fucking traitor!"yells little Dylan annoyed.

"You have the balls to get smart with us" Maia said clenching her fist.

"Hahahahaha!" Marcos laughs out loud, confusing the others.

"How funny you are!" Olga yells angrily.

"Friend#?s. I'm not Marcos, I'm his twin brother, Carlos ... "Carlos said, wiping his tears because he laughed so much.

"Don't fuck with us!" Alex yells angrily.

"Wait ..." Stiven looks at Carlos's face. "Are you not Marcos?"

"Don't tell me you're going to believe him?" Bruce said incredulously but Klien intervened.

"Different eyes, combed to the side, rebellious type, that is not absolutely Marcos ..."Klien said, identifying Marcos's characteristic. All the women look at Carlos, who makes a sympathetic expression.

"Hey, don't look at me ... I'm married ..." Carlos said smiling.

"Married ?!" yells all of Marcos' friends.

"Carlos?" Said a female voice. They all look at a young woman who looks 24 years old and was carrying a four-year-old child in her hand. "Do you know those people?"

"They are Marcos's friends. Dear Laura ..." Carlos answered.

"Dear?!"yell all of Marcos's friends.

"Papa. Elf Ears!" Yells a child pointing to Olga's ears that she recently hides with her long hair.

"Papa ?!" everyone yells.

"Hey why so much screaming at the Twins party?"said a familiar voice where everyone looks at Carol dressed in a light red dress. "You must be Marcos's friends ... come with me my loves!"he yells touching Stiven and Dylan's shoulders that they both get disgusted inside but seeing that Carol is a good person, everyone else followed Carol going to the table and there was a sign that said.

Marcos guests *

"Marcos never told us that he would invite everyone and even beautiful women ..." Laura said surprised. "Just in case, we added a table for 15 people and a doctor came on top of it ..."

"Who?" Chloe said.

"Hello friends ..." Luis said approaching the group.

"Luis, what are you doing here?" Said Alex asking the doctor.

"I was invited by that lady ..." Luis takes a sip of drink.

"What are you celebrating?" Olga said looking around the party.

"The birthday of Carlos and Marcos, they are both 25 years old ..." Luis said answering. Klien, Bruce and Stiven are little shocked.

"Marcos's birthday, oh god how could I forget!" Stiven yells, clutching his head.

"Being a fan and friend of TheAutorArgentina forgetting his birthday ... that was a low blow for Marcos .." Bruce presses the source of the nose.

"Wait wait before we make more misunderstandings, is that Mr. Carol related to Marcos?"Dylan said looking at Luis.

"I would never have an indecent relationship with my husband's son ..." Carol said offended who was behind Dylan.

"Wait?" Celestine said looking at Carol. "Are you Marcos's father's wife?"

"I'm like his second mother for Carlos and for Marcos he takes me as a friend ..." said Carol smiling.

Olga felt some relief and at the same time strange that Marcos has her twin brother and a strange stepmother who changed gender. all felt guilty and ashamed of their own friend's misunderstanding and doubts.

"Everyone sit down. The waiters will be here in a while ..." Carol said, going elsewhere.

"Marcos never told us his exact birthday ..."Alice said somewhat offended.

"If we are her friends and we have rights to know the date ..." Prim said looking around.

"But Marcos had a reason to hide it ..." Stiven said looking at his friends.

"Wait why would he bring a gas mask at his own party?" Maia said.




They heard gunshot noises coming from outside and there was a paintball field that had guests with gas masks shooting targets.

"Paintball games?" Bruce said looking at the field. Olga was looking for Marcos but noticed that there was a person who is sitting on the roof of the hotel with a red gas mask.

"Surely it's Marcos ..."Maia said looking at the ceiling where Marcos was standing.

"Don't tell me he's planning to kill himself .." Dylan said sarcastically causing Alicia to slap him on the head.

"Marcos always isolates himself on his own, since he doesn't like his party so much ..." Carlos said approaching Marcos's guests table.

"Why?" Said Olga looking at Carlos.

"Well ... in his childhood, he invited everyone from the school with the emotion that he would have friends ... but since no one came, except mine, that depressed my brother a wanted to make friends on his own but since high school had Bullyings that excluded himself and ignored making friends, distrusting everyone while he focused on his studies And he doesn't like the party so much and his own birthday ... "Carlos explained little about his brother's past.

"Why did he come?" Celestine said.

"Our biological mother was going to come but her job wouldn't let her. She was absent and that left him a little sad ..." Carlos said with some discomfort. "Mama always supported Marcos but now that they both have different purposes ..."

Everyone felt a bit sad that Marcos didn't want to celebrate his own birthday. Olga gets up and takes a sip of the drink and walks over to where Marcos was.

His friends looked at each other and he also got up following Olga. Stiven looks at the lit candle and a piece of sandwich.

Marcos was sitting on the roof while having a soda drink and his mask was on his side.

"Happy birthday Marcos ... bah pure bullshit ...Carlos is a charismatic and I am a grumpy person afraid of being the mockery of people ... I should not have come but why does God force me to celebrate my birthday ... "Marcos said looking at the sky and sighs a little sad ."Why I'm not so honest with them ..." Marcos looks up and raises the written paper "I'm not good at expressing my feelings to my friends!" He yells with injustice while reading a written piece of paper that is a poem. "Why I had to listen to Carol's advice!" He yells at the sky and falls his arms out "I guess I'll leave the party and buy a pizza to forget that day ..." He said looking at the view of the city.

Marcos sighs as he closes his eyes but he hear some applause and makes an annoyed face. "They sure are singing without me ... well time to go-



~ Happy birthday to you ~

Marcos hears the song that came from behind his back.

~ happy birthday to you ~

Marcos turns slowly to meet his friends who have put into his life making it a complicated situation but they have had good times and worse times since the women of Eostia came with the problems of the black dogsthat have already been male friends helped him and they became trustworthy and loyal people.

~ Happy Birthday Dear Marcos~

Everyone sang and applauded while Stiven brought a crumb sandwich together with the lit candle.

~ happy birthday to you~

They all stopped singing as he looked at Marcos surprised that his friends came to his party.

"What are you doing here?" Said Marcos, surprised.

"This month you acted strange ..." Kaguya said first to speak. "That worries us about you ..."

"But it was very bad that you didn't tell us that today was your birthday .." Celestine said scolding Marcos.

"I know we've been through complicated things but you playing proud that won't work ..." Klien said crossing his arms.

"We thought you had things to do. We thought you were ..." Grace said with a concerned tone.

"Greedy .." Maia said causing Marcos to frown slightly.

"Perverted.."Chloe said that Marcos frowns more.

"Thief ..." Alex said that Marcos left him confused.

"Drug dealer ..." Bruce said.

"And Gay ..." Dylan said causing Marcos to put on an incredulous expression hearing every comment from his friends.

"But at the end of it all. None of these bad things are true, you showed us that you worry a lot of others and that you don't worry about yourself ..." Claudia said with a calm tone.

"At least love yourself ..."Prim said smiling. "So we know that you are happy inside ..."

"Who am I to you?" Said Marcos putting an uncomfortable expression.

"You are Marcos. You are our great friend and also our benefactor ..."Celestine said smiling.

"We are your great comrades ..." Bruce said smiling. "We can be ..."

"Accomplices ..." Klien said smiling.

"Panas(Best Friends)..." Dylan said smiling.

"Soul brothers ..." Stiven said smiling.

"And Nakamas nishihsi .." Alex said laughing but stops laughing. "Excuse me for that ..."

"Marcos ... don't despise yourself and don't distrust us ..." Olga said calmly. "You were the one who forced me to reconcile the friendship of Celestine and the others ... look at your progress as proof of your own actions ..." Marcos looks at his friends. His eyes fell a tear causing Ruu-Ruu to point.

"Marcos is crying!" Yells Ruu-Ruu.

"I'm not crying, damn Loli!" Marcos yells, tears falling out of his eyes. "I'm not crying at all!" Marcos rubs his eyes drying the tears. Stiven spreads the crumb sandwich with the lit candle.

"make your wish?" Said Stiven smiling. Marcos looks at his friends and puts on a happy smile and blows out the candle causing everyone to clap loudly.

"Good time Malteada (Milkshake) ..."Luis said commenting causing Marcos to turn pale upon hearing from Doctor.

"Milkshake?" Said All the women along with Bruce confused.

"Milkshake means they hit each one the birthday boy ..." Stiven said smiling. "It is the Argent tradition ..."

"Then we will hit Marcos!" Yells Ruu-Ruu and Chloe at the same time interested.

"I'll be the first to hit Marcos!" Dylan yells that he was going to hit but Marcos fled down the stairs.

"He escaped..."Olga said seriously.

"Hey don't run away. It's your birthday!" Yells Dylan running.

"I'll be the first!" Ruu-Ruu yells running after Dylan.

"Wait!" Chloe yells also running.

"Come on Prim it will be fun to watch" Stiven runs along with Prim.

"Wait for me!" Cries Prim running.

"I guess I should help beat Marcos ..." Bruce said coming down the stairs.

Alex was going to invite Celestine but Olga intervenes ..

"Alex would you mind if I take time with Celestine ..." Olga said looking at Alex.

"Well ... enjoy the party, I'll be with Marcos ..." Alex leaves with Luis and the others, leaving only Olga and Celestine.

"Celestine, it's true that you have feelings for this human Marcos?.." Olga said seriously as she looked at Celestine. Celestine opens her mouth giving a direct response to Olga and she curtsies and steps off the ladder.

Olga looks at the moon and also the landscape of Buenos Aires. "The view looks beautiful ..." She said admiring little but Olga remembered something about The person who commented on Marcos' strange activities "Where is Emma?"

Emma was in the cafeteria alone waiting for someone but one person sits down and makes a funny face.

"I guess you taunted the police again .. No Mr. Viktor ..."Emma said looking at the man with the gray hood with Hollins spots who was most wanted in Buenos Aires.

"Why Emma?" Viktor said seriously as he looked at Emma.

"Did I change something in your book?"Emma said smiling causing Viktor to take out the old red book and open it.

"A little ... but don't intervene from what I do ..." Viktor said reading the red book. "It's my business, not yours ..."

"Yes for now I got into this matter just for the sake of my ex ... "Emma said shrugging her shoulders.

"and if you are going to intervene my way I will ..." Viktor said.

"Or what?" Emma said looking at Viktor.

"I could kill you ..."Viktor threatens Emma that she takes a drink from her coffee. she puts on a mocking look with her smile.

"You can not. because I'm in this fucking book ... "Emma responds to Viktor's threats.

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