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Debut of the Fitzpatrick Sisters.

Boyfriend Meets Girlfriends

Macy was waiting outside the terminal with Sage next to the Jeep.

"I can't believe this is finally happening. My besties are really coming over here. It's been so long since we did anything together," Macy replied with tiny excitement in her voice.

She was going to pick up her best New York friends at the airport. They wanted to catch up on what has happened on their last meet. Which has been a very long while.

Sage smiled. "So, remind me again, how was it that you kept your big secret from your best friends?"

"I did mention before that we're usually busy doing our own things. Along with having my ways. And trust me, it is not as easy as keeping it from my parents...even though they kind of knew from the start," Macy answered.

"So how did you guys meet each other?" Sage asked.

"We actually met around freshmen year. I saw Amy getting picked on, I stepped up to defend her, she thanked me for the save, and we ended up becoming good friends. From there, around lunch, I sat by with Amy where she introduced me to her younger sister, Tina. I didn't know she owned a dress shop called Cardinal Boutique until Tina and Amy told me. After that, we became fast friends,"

"Well, just promise me that Tina won't try to give me ten different outfits and I'm sure we'll get along," Sage said, kissing Macy.

Macy chuckled. "Funny how you mentioned about her on outfits. Tina is actually on a fashion designers block, at the moment, and was hoping to get some inspiration while hanging out."

Sage looked at Macy for a second. "You mean, trust them with the Grant Mansion secret?"

"What?! No! Don't be ridiculous," Macy nearly shouted in shock. "Tina would freak and faint while Amy would have a panic attack. In case you forgot, Andy said that Amy is skeptical in anything not science related. If either of them knew, I might never see them again. I just want to take them to some of the pleasant parts in town with no crazy aliens involved."

Sage smiled with a nod. "So, they're staying at you place? How are you going to explain if they see my wolf form by accident? Loveable stray?"

"I came prepared for that excuse. I'll just tell them you're one of my neighbor's pets who likes to hang around my place," Macy said, folding her arms with a smirk.

Sage nodded. "Good thing my collar can hide under my sweaters. So how much longer till they get here?"

"Shouldn't be too long. I'd say half an hour or so," Macy guessed, checking the time on her phone.

Sage then looked up, spotting two girls walking towards them. "Uh, Mace? What do your friends look like again?"

"Well, Tina has long, wavy blonde hair and bluebell eyes while Amy has red straight hair in two ponytail form and wears violet-colored glasses under her emerald green eyes. Why?" Macy answered, still looking at her phone.

"Cause unless they were cloned, they're over there." Sage said, pointing to the two girls looking around.

Macy lifted her head to see what Sage was talking about. Eyes wide in realization and excitement. "That's them! Tina! Amy! Over here!" she shouted, waving her arm to get their attention.

The two girls hear her and smiled when seeing their friend.

Tina had on a magenta sleeveless shirt, blue jean like skirt with a pink dragon around and pockets, a brown belt tied around her waist, and pink flats.

And her sister, Amy, wore a purple and green t-shirt, a dark orchid knee-length skirt, and white go-go boots. Both girls hurried towards Macy and the three of them gave each other a bestie hug.

"Macy! It's so good to see you again!" Tina squealed.

"Yeah! Things haven't been the same without you in New York!" Amy agreed.

"I missed you girls, too," Macy chuckled.

Sage watched the three group-hugged from the safety of his jeep's hood.

"Eh, hem," Sage cleared his throat.

"Oh, right!" Macy ended the hug and stepped back. "Girls, I like you to meet Sage. He's my boyfriend,"

Tina gasped in shock. "Macy! How could keep such a secret about having a boyfriend from us?! Especially someone so ruggedly handsome?" she said, eyeing how cute he was.

"And the fact that you never date a guy in high school or any boy my sister keeps trying to matchmake for you, in that matter," Amy added, smirking.

Sage gave a smile, as he hopped down offering his hand. "Sage Jocklin. Nice to meet you."

"Oh, my! Such a gentleman, too," Tina giggled, as she accepted his hand. "Same goes for you."

"It's truly great to meet your acquaintance," Amy smiled, shaking Sage's hand. "I'm Amelia Elizabeth Fitzpatrick. But my sister and friends just call me Amy for short. You've already met my younger sister, Tina."

"It's nice to meet both of you. I've heard a lot from Macy, Tommy, and Andy."

"And yet, neither of them mention about you," Tina eyed Macy playful, placing her hands on her hips. "No wonder you keep asking me for some fierce outfits. They were all for your date with Sage. Should have known. Why didn't you tell us?"

Macy chuckled. "Well, you two were so busy running the dress shop and making new life changing breakthroughs with science, I barely have time to tell you,"

"Actually, now that you mention it, I think Andy told us about him a few times while visiting your little brother," Amy replied, thinking about where she's heard of Sage.

"Ah, yes! I remember now! He said how you live in the ghastliest house in Staybrook and couldn't stop talking on all the excitement of everything so spooky there," Tina pointed out. "Mentioned how haunted it was."

"Tina, come on! It's not haunted," Amy groaned, rolling her eyes. "Things like ghosts, spirits, and zombies aren't real. I'm sure the owners of that house wanted to keep the look to scare off intruders who want to steal or do horrible damage."

Sage stiffened as he listened to Tina and Amy talk about his home. He knew they were right and that the home had a good reason to look less than appealing, but it still angered him to hear people talk about it.

Macy looked at Sage with concern and quickly decided to change the subjects. "Ah, hey! Why don't you two get in the jeep so we can help move your things in the back?" She quickly suggested.

"Sure. Just a heads up, they're extremely heavy," Tina warned, getting inside the vehicle.

Amy just sighed. "She's not kidding," the spectacle girl deadpanned while following her sister.

Sage gave a smile before putting a bag on his shoulder, two under his arms, and two in his hands, as if they barely weighed anything. Sage looked at Tina and Amy.

"I thought you said these were heavy?" Sage asked, as he put them into the back of the jeep.

The Fitzpatrick Sisters stared with their mouths opened in bewilderment.

"How could you possibly be carrying those all at once without a sweat?! That's not even physically possible!" Amy exclaimed, adjusting her glasses after they slightly fell off further down her nose.

"Strong, too? I question if he has a brother that's similar to him and is available to date," Tina thought out loud, really impressed.

Sage chuckled as he closed the tail door. "Sorry. Only one of me and it belongs to my moon, Macy Monroe," Sage replied, going to Macy and kissing her.

Tina smiled gratefully. "Aw, well. No matter. I'm more happy that my best friend finally found someone who is her true love,"

Macy giggled, now away from Sage. "Me, too."

"Seriously, is no one gonna question about how Sage manage to lift nearly a hundred or more pounds of suitcases filled with Tina's clothes, shoes, extra fabrics, emergency fashion kit, and my personal things?! He shouldn't be able to lift those things simultaneously!" Amy continued rambling in disbelief.

"Oh, relax, Amy. I'm sure Sage does a lot of heavy lifting at home and at the gym," Tina assured, waving her hand to brush it off.

"Well, I do help with groceries and help with over a dozen kids," Sage said. "Now, ladies, as the designated driver, I am pleased to say 'Your carriage awaits," Sage said, as he opened all of the doors.

"Thank you, Sage," Tina politely said, already going in the back and sat by the right-side window. "Come on, Amy!" She sang.

"I'm going," Amy shrugged, taking the back-left side of the seat.

Macy took the passenger seat next to Sage. She, along with her friends, already buckled up.

After driving out of the parking lot, Sage started up the conversation.

"So, Tina, Macy was telling me you've been having a case of fashion inspiration block?" Sage asked calmly, looking in the rear-view mirror.

Tina sighed. "Yes. That is all true. I have tried everything to think of a new design! Classical music, walks in central park, eating my favorite food! The muse has left me!" She dramatically said, raising her head and putting her backhand on her forehead in distress.

"Excuse my sister. She can be a bit dramatic sometimes," Amy replied, folding her arms while rolling her eyes.

Sage smirked. "Hey, we all have our bumps in the road. You'll be getting it back, and it's okay with the drama. I have some at my house almost every day."

"I bet it's not half as bad as Tina when working," Amy remarked.

"I am not that dramatic!" Tina defended. "Speaking of home, what is your family like, Sage? We should at least know you better."

"Well, first off, I'm adopted. As is my sister. My mom and dad, Sasha and Drake, adopted me a little over a year and a half ago. Dad works with a high-tech protection service and my mom works on files for a large contract company. My little sister, Megan, is about seven years younger than me. My Aunt Rachel and Uncle Rook own the Grant Mansion. They have three kids of their own. Most of my family are adopted and have found their love at the Grant Mansion. I guess you could say, the Grant Mansion has become their safe haven of sorts," Sage replied. "I'm in the same college as Macy, studying arts like photography, painting, music, sculpting and all that. I'm actually running my own side business called 'Pack Pics 'where I photograph weddings, family photos, and animals."

"Sounds like a big family," Amy replied.

"And I thought my sister and I are super busy," Tina said, very impressed by Sage's story. Just then, a thought came to her. "Oh! I don't suppose you know any clients that require new outfits for the following in your 'Pack Pics', do you? Because I have a lot of clothes that should be donated and my boutique needs some space to clear in new soon as I think of new ones."

"Well, you could donate them to the shelter my uncle owns. Also, what do you think about helping with some wedding dresses?" Sage asked curiously.

"Wedding dresses?!" Tina gasped with excitement. "I would love to!"

"How do you feel about over fifty wedding dresses?" Sage asked inquisitively.

"Oh, pfft. Is that all?" Tina scoffed, as if it was nothing. "I design ten outfits a week. If not more."

"It's true," Amy nodded her head.

Sage chuckled, as he looked at back in the rearview mirror before his eyes turned hard.

"Mace, you notice those black Tahoe's following us for the last two miles?" Sage asked calmly.

Macy looked at the rear-view mirror. "Yeah, actually. Aren't those the same vehicles these Forever Nutjobs use?" She asked in a whispered tone.

Sage nodded, as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Amy, Tina, are you buckled in tight?"

"Yes. We both are. Whatever for?" Tina questioned with her sister looking confused on that question.

"We're about to have a rough ride. Hang on and keep your heads down. Mace, call my family and tell them we're heading for the twins' house with trouble on our tails." Sage said, as he focused on the road.

Not liking the sound of that, the Fitzpatrick Sisters ducked their heads and held on to dear life.

"On it!" Macy said, grabbing her phone while holding on.

"Macy, Sage, what's going on?" Any asked.

Sage sighed. "Have you ever heard of Forever Knights?"

"You mean those ruffian guys in medieval armor?" Tina replied.

"Armed with high-class, advance weapons and up to no good?" Amy added.

"Yeah, let's just say that they have a beef with me and my family. The jerks are currently behind us and they'll mean business, once they figure out their made. So just keep your head down and hang on," Sage said, as he watched the two Tahoe's sped up.

"Just when we thought we'll get a break from something crazy happening in New York!" Amy replied.

"Tell me about it," Macy muttered under her breath.

Abruptly, one of the Tahoes slammed into the back end of Sage's Jeep, jolting them forward.

"Oh, horse piles! There trying to fish tail us!" Sage shouted, as he sped up.

"Do I even want to know what that means?!" Tina asked in panic.

"Best if you didn't, at the moment," Macy replied, quickly looking at Sage. "Any ideas on getting out of this?"

Sage growled. "Maybe, but it's going to be risky... Mace, check under your seat. You'll find some of your gear."

"Are you sure? There's got to be another way," Macy whispered.

Of all the times to go as Black Rebel, now in front of her friends isn't the best time.

"Look, I would do it, but I'm driving. Mace, we need to slow these guys down to save your friends," Sage growled.

"Wait...I think I have a better idea," Macy turned her head towards her friends. "Amy, you wouldn't happen to have brought any of your inventions, would you?"

The red-haired girl lifted her head a little on that question. "You kidding me? Just like Tina doesn't leave without her fashion stuff, I was able bring some of my science equipment."

"Do you have anything that can help us?"

Amy went into her bag and pulled out a handful of metal spheres. "How about these electro-magnetic pulse bombs?"

Sage looked in the rearview mirror. "A what? Did you actually just say bombs?"

"Relax. They're small enough to fire any nearby devices and vehicles when I activate them," Amy explained.

"Well, how far do I have to be before those fry my Jeep?" Sage asked worriedly.

"I'd say as far away from them as possible. But we need to slow the Forever Knights down long enough for us to get away from range," Amy answered.

"Tina! Do you have any of your emergency glitter and very heavy lipstick ink?" Macy asked.

"Sure do," Tina answered, getting them out from her purse.

"If you can combine those two together, we can use them as blind ink on their front windows to slow those creeps down,"

Sage growled, as he watched the cars put on speed. "Do it fast! I'll try keeping them off us, but it may take some stunt driving."

"Tina, Amy, open the windows and put the plan in motion!" Macy shouted.

The Fitzpatrick Sisters nodded while doing just that. Combining her makeup together, Tina tossed one behind and got one fast van with Amy doing the same. The team saw the Forever Knights slowing down a bit.

"Amy, now!" Macy exclaimed.

The Smart Girl activated her bombs and tossed it out the window.

"If you wanna go, now would be the best time!" Amy shouted.

"You heard her, Sage! Hit the gas!" Macy replied.

"HANG ON!" Sage yelled as he smashed the gas pedal into the ground smashing the sisters and Macy into their seats.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" The girls screamed.

In the nick of time, the two cars on their tail short circuited from the magnetic pulse bombs and gave the heroes enough time to give their opponents the slip.

"Woohoo! Now that's some awesome teamwork!" Macy exclaimed with excitement.

"Never underestimate a good accessory," Tina responded happily.

"Looks like my bombs worked perfectly," Amy noted with a smile. "Glad I finally had a chance to test them out on the field."

"Let's not celebrate just yet. We're not out of this mess just yet," Sage reminded, as he kept the speed going until they were on the outskirts of town. "Okay. It's going to get bumpy for a bit. So, just hold tight" he said, as he turned onto a dirt road.

"Like we have a choice!" Macy, Amy, and Tina said at once.

Sage rolled his eyes, as they went up the dirt road for half a mile before Sage pulled off ducking into the trees.

"Alright. Macy, get branches. Tina, Amy, help her hide the Jeep. I'm going to scout around. Once you're done, we'll head for the house," Sage said getting out.

"You got it," Macy replied, grabbing her bag under the seat with her gear before leaving.

"I believe I packed some of my camouflage pattern fabric in the back. I'll go get it," Tina replied, getting out of the vehicle.

"And I should still have my cloaking device in my suitcase," Amy added, following the others.

Sage nodded, before grasping Macy's arm. "I'm going to shift and check things out. If I'm not back in ten minutes, go to the house and keep them safe."

"Okay. But if anything else happens, I'm going and helping you out," Macy whispered.

Sage shook his head. "Your friends are the priority, right now. I'll be back. Remember, ten minutes," he replied before shifting and running into the forest.

Macy sighed. "I hope you're right," she said, grabbing some more twigs.

Sage shifted, as he leapt into the woods, sniffing at the ground as he moved forward. As he reached the road, Sage quickly ducked behind a bush spotting the two Tahoe's they're ten men around of the cars. Sage gave a small growl.

"Remember, the two targets are to be captured alive," a commander ordered.

"Yes, Sir!"

Meanwhile, the girls just finished hiding the jeep and were on their way to the secret house.

"Macy, are you sure we should be moving without Sage?" Tina asked, getting a bit worried.

"Yeah. Why did he run off?" Amy questioned.

"I told you, he went to make sure no Forever Knight goons followed and should meet us there along the way," Macy explained.

"Still, I know he's strong and bold, but aren't you worried about him getting hurt? Or worse, tortured?" Tina continued questioning, gulping at the thought.

The Brunette, although she didn't want to admit it, was a bit concerned. And, as much as she wanted to be part of the action, Macy promised to look after her besties. "Don't worry, Tina. I've known Sage long enough that he can fight his own battles,"

"Sounds like you two have a lot in common," Amy pointed out. "No wonder he's your boyfriend,"

Macy sighed lovingly. "You don't know the half of it,"

Creeping back into the bushes, Sage took off ahead of the knights with his paws moving faster than before. Reaching the Jeep, Sage sniffed the ground in finding their tracks before hiding them with a sweep of his tail and taking it off towards the house. As he followed the scent, he began to catch subtle sounds of the girls ahead of him, shifting as he ran. Sage soon came upon to them.

"They're back. About three quarters of the way." Sage said, as he stood beside Macy.

"Sage!" Macy exclaimed, jumping a bit before giving him a hug.

"Oh, thank heavens, you're still okay!" Tina replied.

"Where have you been?! What did you find?" Amy questioned, adjusting her glasses.

"Like I said, the knights are about three quarters of the way back down the road. About twenty and all heavily armed. However, they're only after me and Mace. Which is both good and bad." Sage said.

"What?! Why? Why would they be after you and Macy?" Tina asked in shock.

"Yeah, what is going on here?" Amy glared, folding her arms. "Why would high-tech knight super villains have such a grudge on your family, along with Macy? What is it that you're both not telling us?"

Macy looked a bit worried. She wasn't sure if now was the best time to explain.

Sage sighed. "Because I'm a shape shifter. A Wolfblood. And I ticked them off a few times."

The Fitzpatrick Sisters just stared at Sage as if he lost his mind.

"Uh...Come again?" Tina questioned.

"He said that he's a Wolfblood Shapeshifter and has fought them a bunch of times," Macy clarified, her face regretful.

"...Okay, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. That would make you, what, a werewolf? There is no such thing as Wolfbloods!" Amy denied in a shout, looking at Macy. "And how could you possibly know any of this?! What else have you been lying or not telling us about?!"

"Look, Amy, it's a long story, but we need to keep moving before those creeps find us," Macy replied.

Sage sighed. "Amy, Tina, I'll prove to you what I am. However, I need you to remember it's me. Okay?"

"Uh, okay," Tina replied, seriously confused.

"Fine, whatever," Amy said.

Taking a deep breath, Sage shifted to wolf form in front of the girls with his eyes opening to reveal the warm yellow that he was proud of.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET SCIENCE?!" Amy nearly shouted, unable to process any of this. "Ho-ho-how did you...What?!"

"You really are a werewolf...Macy's boyfriend is a werewolf..." Tina said, seriously close to fainting but was hyper ventilating instead.

"Tina, please don't faint while we're still in eminent danger," Macy said.

Sage's ears perked, as he heard a twig snap. Growling, Sage turned towards where the sound emanated from. His ears upright as his fangs were bare. A warning snarl coming from deep in his belly.

"We need to move. Now!" Macy grabbed one arm from each of her friends and ran to pull forward. "This way!"

"Whoa, hey!" Tina exclaimed.

"Yah!" Amy yelped.

Sage brought up the rear, keeping things moving as they caught sight of the twins' old home.

"Macy, get them inside and hidden. I'll stay out hear and hold them off," Sage said calmly, though his tail was high up in an Alpha position.

"Got it!" Macy shouted, not stopping until she reached the inside of the twins' old home and let her friends go. She took a moment to catch her breath while closing the door shut.

"Macy, darling, I respect you as a friend, but this is beyond anything I could understand," Tina replied softly.

"Yeah! How is any of this possible?! None of this should be happening!" Amy shouted. "It's just not logical or relevant!"

The Brunette sighed, rubbing her temples. "...Yes, it is. There's a lot of things you two don't know. Both New York and Staybrook related. Ever since I first met Sage, I discovered so many crazy yet incredible beings plus things here. Some good, some bad. And the one thing I know about all this madness is that it's dangerous,"

Outside the house, Sage gave a growl as he caught the glint of armor flashing in the sunlight. Acting on instinct, Sage moved to the porch and leaped on top of a rain barrel before leaping to the covered porch roof when he hid in the rafters.

"Men, search the area," the commander ordered, as the sounds of feet came closer.

Meanwhile, the girls were barricading every known opening the baddies could try to get in. Macy used a big chair plus desk to block the front door, Amy created some force field barriers around the windows with a spray can, and Tina used a bookcase and table to cover the back.

"Okay...I don't know how long my force field in a spray can will last, considering I barely tested it," Amy admitted.

"It will have to do. Right now, we need to keep safe," Macy replied, sitting down on the floor.

"I hope you're right," Tina whimpered, rubbing both her arms in fear while sitting down. "I can't imagine how you stay brave from something so drab and dark. Not to mention a bit dusty,"

"Well, I've been through worse. Compared to all the other things I did, this is nothing," Macy chuckled.

"And what kind of 'other things' have you gone through?" Amy asked, still suspicious.

"Oh, you know, being locked up in a dungeon, nearly getting poisoned by a psycho-cat girl, practically flirted and almost forced to marry an alien vampire, that sort of thing," Macy remarked.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute...You mean to tell us that you have actually done all of this for the past several months?!" Amy questioned in disbelief.

"And you were almost married to a vampire?!" Tina asked, completely stunned.

"Technically, alien vampire, and yeah," Macy answered. "I've done a bunch of exciting stuff here...nearly as much as what I've done in New York,"

Amy raised an eyebrow on that last part. "What do you mean you've done lots of thrilling stuff here just as much as New York?"

Sighing, Macy grabbed her bag and pulled out some of her weapons and costume on the floor. The Fitzpatrick Sisters picked up some of this, their eyes growing wide in shock.

"This is Black Rebel's gear..." Amy said, looking at the shurikens.

"And her costume," Tina added, picking up the jacket and mask.

"Uh, huh..." Macy nodded her head, lowering it a bit.

"I don't believe it...Either you're a huge fan of Black Rebel or..." Tina slowly started.

"You really are Black Rebel!" Amy nearly shouted.

"You got it," the Brunette said.

Meanwhile, Sage stared at the knights as they approached staying hidden in the rafters the grey and white wolf waited for the perfect moment before striking.


Sage slammed into the first knight throwing him over his shoulder having him slam into another knight. The Wolfblood howled loud and clear, blowing the knights back.

"Wolf, you will pay for throwing your rider," the commander spat.

Sage smirked. "I'd be more weary, if I were you." he warned, as he caught familiar scents.

"The Forever Knights fear nothing," two knights shouted.

"Not even when you block heads failed to note that you stepped into a den site," Sage growled.

Snarl. Growl. Bark.

Soon, one by one, the Grant Mansion dogs came out along with Blitzwolfer, Wildmutt, and Ultimate Wildmutt.

Back inside the house, things were getting a little intense.

"How could you keep this from us?!" Amy shouted, nearly angry as she stood up. "I thought we were friends!"

"Amy, you need to understand. I couldn't risk putting my friends in danger if I told you from the start," Macy said.

"That's your excuse?! To avoid us and push us away, even though we could have helped you?" Tina questioned, hurt of this secrecy.

"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry,"

Macy looked at her friends in sadness. She felt bad for keeping her identity a secret for so long. And Macy feared that this may be the last she'll ever see them again.

"Tina...Amy...What I did was no excuse," Macy said, being reasonable. "I wanted to tell you for so long. Believe me, I did. But you have no idea what I've been through. I experienced so much pain and regret as Black Rebel that I was afraid to let it happen again. The Incursean War was the most horrifying event I ever battled, and you both know why,"

Amy and Tina looked at each other in remorse. They knew exactly what Macy was talking about. It was when Macy's Uncle Bishop died while defending her as Black Rebel. Even though they had no clue she was Black Rebel back then, they saw how broken Macy was and tried cheering her up.

Tears began to form and go down Macy's face, clutching her fists. "I couldn't stand losing another person I cared about. I was afraid that if I told you...I might end up losing you in the process...And I understand why you're mad and hate me...I really am a terrible friend!"

The Brunette sobbed, placing her hands on her face. She was too ashamed to even see them. Of all the things she's encountered, this was the most the difficult one.

Just then, she felt two pairs of arms wrapping around her. Looking up her teary eyes, Macy was surprised to find Tina and Amy hugging her.

"You're not a terrible friend. You're a great friend. And we would never hate you because your heart was in the right place," Tina replied, smiling gently.

"We're in this together. Even if you kept such a huge secret from us, we support you, no matter what," Amy added, smirking.

Macy couldn't help but cry more. Not because she was sad, but because she was happy that her friends don't hate her. The Brunette just continued hugging her besties.

With the girls making amends, Sage was taking his stand against the Forever Knights.

"You dogs don't scare us," the commander stated. "We shall finish you!"

"I don't think so, knight!" Sage looked up at a tree, seeing his father Whampire and Uncle Vamps. "We're all family, and we look after our own!"

Sage then noticed his Uncles and Aunt Rachel, along with his mother, come out of the forest. All of them creating a crescent shape in front of the cabin.

Sage snarled, as he took the head spot. "Leave now!" he said flashing his fangs with a growl.

The commander looked around before giving a growl. "Forever Knights, retreat!" Quickly, they left. However, the commander paused before leaving. "This is not over! We shall return!"

Finally fed up, Sage gave a loud howl, making the wind swirl and gust that blew the Knight head first into a tree.

Turns out, that howl was loud enough to catch Macy, Tina, and Amy's attention plus end their hug.

"Is that...howling?" Amy asked.

"What does that mean? Is Sage in trouble?" Tina questioned in worry.

Macy looked out the window and smiled. "Nope. Just the opposite. Check it out, quick!"

The Fitzpatrick Sister hurried to see the Forever Knights being pushed by a hard wind and landed on a tree.

"Sage did that?! Have I mentioned how lucky you are having a wolf for a boyfriend and how super jealous I am of you?" Tina replied with a smirk.

Macy chuckled. "No. No, you haven't."

"Well, I am seriously considering it," Tina replied, making the Brunette laugh.

Sage sighed, after howling, before quickly moving to the cabin.

"Macy, Tina, Amy, are you all right?" Sage called worriedly.

"We're fine, Sage!" Macy shouted.

"Yeah, we're totally good!" Tina called out.

"We should probably move all the objects that we placed on all the entrances and exits!" Amy replied.

Once they cleared the door, Sage leapt at Macy and shifted so he could hold her close.

"Oh, Macy..." Sage looked at Macy's wet cheeks, growing concerned. "Macy, what happened? You've been crying."

"I'm fine, Wolf Boy...Just had a lot to tell," Macy answered, smiling.

"She told us everything," Tina replied gently, walking out with her sister.

"About being Black Rebel, going on adventures, and why she kept it all a secret to us," Amy furthered.

Sage nodded. "Macy told me every day how it's hard to keep secrets and believe me, I've seen what secrets can do to the people you care about. She did all she could to keep you safe so you wouldn't be targeted because of who you were friends with."

"We know. Although it angered us, at first, we soon realized that she was just trying to protect us," Amy replied, rubbing her neck in slight embarrassment.

"Seeing Macy beat herself up on her intentions made us feel bad. And that's the last thing we wanted on our best friend," Tina said.

Sage smiled. "Well, fair warning. Hurt her again and you'll be meeting my pack."

"Your pack? ...You mean there's more of you?!" Amy questioned in slight shock.

"Please, don't let them eat us! I'm too avant garde to be devoured!" Tina shouted dramatically, falling in her sister's arms.

Amy just gave a deadpanned look on this while shaking her head lightly. "Every time,"

Sage chuckled. "Technically, I'm the only one in Staybrook, but... there is my family to contend with."

"What about your family?" Amy asked, raising a curious eyebrow while letting Tina stand back up herself.

Macy smiled. "Yeah...there's a few more things I haven't told you yet about Sage,"

"Sage, Macy, are you all right?" Whampire and Vamps called, as they raced onto the porch.

Sage smiled. "All good. No injuries."

"AAAAHHH!" Tina lightly screamed, after gasping sharply while pointing at Whampire and Vamps, and then fainting to the floor.

"Sweet Mother of Science..." Amy muttered, her glasses falling slightly down her nose as she stared in complete shock. "Are those...?"

"Alien vampires called Vladats. One of the many aliens that are part of Sage's family," Macy smirked, folding her arms.

"Hello. You must be the friends that Sage said were visiting Macy." Whampire said politely, showing a fanged smile.

"Watch it, dad. Mom sees you flirting and you're in the dog house with no kisses for a week," Sage said jokingly.

Amy chuckled. "Don't you think we're a bit too young for your dad? Especially when he's married?" she questioned.

"Just be glad you don't have to deal with Lord Transyl. That Evil Vladat nutcase couldn't stop flirting with me, even though I was already taken by Sage," Macy remarked.

Tina groaned, slowly trying to get up and recover from that fall.

"Tina, are you okay?" Sage asked, as Vamps got down to help her.

"I'm okay. Just thought I saw a va-" Tina started, only to see Vamps close to her and just fainted again.

"I told you that Tina would faint if she knew plus saw your family," Macy said to Sage.

"Sorry. My sister can be very dramatic, sometimes," Amy apologized, now going down and lightly shaking her sister's body. "Tina, wake up!"

Sage chuckled. "It's okay. My dad and uncle have made a few people faint, especially my mom."

"Yes, but she faints out of love because I swept her off her feet," Whampire said, as Vamps helped fan Tina.

Eventually, Tina woke up again and was nearly close to fainting again when seeing Vamps close to her.

"Tina, please don't faint again!" Amy quickly said, grabbing her sister's shoulders. "These are Sage's family. They're cool," she assured.

"They're v-v-va-va-v-v-vampires?!" Tina stuttered to say, her eyes wide and shivering. "And me without my scarf,"

Sage chuckled. "Unless your neck has chocolate on it or belongs to my aunt or mom, you're safe. Plus, remember, my family may look like monsters, but they're all big teddy bears."

"And by monsters, you mean they're all just extraterrestrials from different planets and galaxies. Considering that mythical monsters and magic are nothing but nonsense," Amy retorted, adjusting her glasses.

"Seriously? You just saw Sage and heard him say he's a werewolf Shapeshifter! How could you still deny all of this?" Tina replied, slowly getting back up on her feet.

"Oh, come on. There's always a scientific reasoning on everything. For all we know, Sage could have been injected with an experimental serum that gives him the ability to change from human to wolf. Or he was bitten by a wolf that got out as a test subject from some psychotic scientist whom was planning something evil. It's not like we haven't seen stuff like that before. Remember the Dinosaur Rampage incident?"

"I do! One of the most insane adventures to go through," Macy raised her hand, smiling at that memory.

Sage shook his head. "Okay, Amy, step outside and tell me the reasoning for the rest of my family."

"Gladly," Amy spoke, stepping out.

"Oh, boy. You had to challenge her," Macy muttered to Sage.

"Hey, at least, Way Big isn't out there. Although, Alien X is." Sage replied.

"Should we be worried about my sister taking such a difficult yet strong dare?" Tina asked, feeling a bit concerned.

"Eh, she'll be fine. Besides, since I've met practically all of them, I'm curious to see on how Amy handles this one," Macy answered.

Sage did get concerned, for a sec. "Uh, Mace, Tina...she's careful with her words, right? I mean, my family is patient an all but...they can only take so much, if they think the rest of the family is being insulted."

"Oh, relax, Sage. I've lived with Amy long enough to know that she is not one to be rude. Like me, she is very careful and nice in her words," Tina assured.

"Yeah. Amy is the most well-behaved person both in and out of school. She would never insult anyone. Not even your family," Macy agreed. "I mean, you heard her when talking about the Grant Mansion. She didn't say anything bad about it. Just the reasons plus theories on why it looked spooky."

Sage nodded. "Okay. I just know how protective each and every one of my family can be. Well, we've left her for a few moments. Shall we see if her bottom jaw is on the floor?"

"I'm actually a tiny bit worried that I left my sister alone in dealing with Sage's family. Maybe I should have come with her," Tina spoke, rubbing her hands together in slight worried.

"Let's not jump to conclusions yet. But yeah, let's go check on her," Macy said.

Coming outside, they soon found a sight that made Sage smile.

"Coochie, Coochie, coo!" Blitzwolfer said

"Tickle, tickle, tickle." Snare-Oh added.


Turns out, the Smart Redhead was being tickle tortured by Snare-Oh and Blitzwolfer. Snare-Oh used his bandages to not only restrain her, but also use his free tendrils on her neck and exposed stomach while Blitzwolfer used his claws on the back plus top of her knees and his tail on her exposed feet.

The young Blonde stared in disbelief. "Is this actually happening or am I imagining all of this?"

Macy chuckled. "It's happening. Sage's family have been known to be very mischievous in giving their friends and family a nice tickle torture. You be surprised how often that has happened to me since I got here."

"It's our way of welcoming people into the family and for making others feel good," Sage said with a smile.

"So that means Amy is being welcomed to the family?" Tina guessed.

"It looks that way," Macy replied, watching the two aliens switch spots in tickling Amy silly.

Sage chuckled. "Then, you'll be next."

"Sage, are you all right, hun?" Sasha asked worriedly.

Sage smiled. "All good, mom. The knights never laid a hand on me."

"Oh, you must be Mrs. Jocklin. It is nice to meet you," Tina politely said. "Sage has mentioned about you and your husband, Drake. You really raised such a great son."

Macy held back a chuckle, wondering how long Tina would realize that Sage's father is a Vladat.

Sasha looked confused, for a moment, before smiling. "Oh, you must mean my Whammie-Kins."

Sage grew red hearing when his mom's pet name for his dad.

"If that's the nickname of your love, then yes. Not to be a bother, but why do you call your husband 'Whammie-Kins'?" Tina asked.

Sage snorted. He held back a laugh with a covered hand, as Whampire came forward and kissed Sasha on her forehead, eyes, and mouth.

Tina looked gob smacked.

"Tina, meet my father, Whampire." Sage introduced, still trying to hold back a laugh.

"He's a va...a va...a va..." Tina try to say, hyperventilating.

"Breathe, Tina," Macy instructed, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Sage decided to help Tina out. "Tina, watch."

Sage went over to his father and exposed his neck. Understanding what his son was doing, Whampire smiled before leaning forward and biting Sage on the neck.

"AAAAAAHHH! OH, MY STARS, HE'S BITING SAGE!" Tina screamed in panic, on the verge to stop this madness.

"Whoa, calm down, Tina!" Macy said, holding her best friend back.

"CALM DOWN?! How could you be so calm about your boyfriend being bitten by his own father?! We have to save Sage before he drains him dry!"

"He's not getting his blood drained. See for yourself," Macy assured.

Sage smiled. "Tina, come closer and look where my dad is biting. Tell me what you actually see."

After getting released by Macy, Tina let out an audible gulp before slowly walking over to get a better view of the situation.

Sage gave a smile, showing he was okay.

Tina looked carefully and soon became surprised. Whampire's fangs were not breaking the skin, just lightly moving on his skin. There was no blood, no screaming, no anything. In fact, Sage seemed quite relaxed.

"So...your father doesn't drink blood?" Tina asked curiously.

"Nope. He's just an alien vampire called a Vladat." Macy explained.

"Vladats normally eat energy from other aliens, but my dad and his family have found a substitute for that: sugar. Gives just enough power similar the way energy does. As for the biting, his teeth sometimes itch or he's helping one of us relax. Believe me, when he first tried calming me down like this, I freaked out. But then I learned it's a Trust Bite where Vladats bite to show that they would never hurt their loved ones. Now, when I'm upset, I ask dad, Uncle Vamps or my grandparents to do it to help me settle down." Sage explained, as Whampire released him.

"My son is correct. Our fangs may be scary, but we never harm children." Whampire said, holding Sage close.

"Oh. That's actually remarkable. Terribly sorry for my behavior earlier, Whampire. I shouldn't have exaggerated. I truly hope you forgive me," Tina apologized, rubbing her arm sheepishly.

Whampire smiled. "No harm done. It takes a while to get used to our secret. Although, there is something that can remedy this situation."

Sage wiggled out of his father's grasp, knowing what was coming.

"What do you mean by that?" Tina asked.

"Oh, boy. You're about to find out," Macy said, taking a few steps back.

Whampire smirked before rushing forward tickling Tina's stomach and ribs.

"Coochie, coochie, coo!" Whampire said tickling her with his claws.


Sage chuckled. "Get her good, dad."

"Tickle, tickle, tickle. Who's a ticklish girl? Is it you? Is it you?" Whampire teased, as he continued tickling her while blowing raspberries into her neck.


"Say you're not afraid and I'll stop." Whampire bargained with a toothy smile.


Whampire gently set her against the rail of the porch, smiling at her.

"Good to know. Looks like your sister isn't skeptical now either." Whampire said, as Snare-Oh brought Amy over.

"Are you two okay?" Macy asked.

"Other than losing some oxygen from that interesting encounter, I'd say yeah," Amy answered, her glasses being adjusted again.

"Same here," Tina gently raised her hand, still breathing.

Sage smiled. "Let's get you to Macy's so you can relax," he said, picking up Amy and then Tina into his arms.

"Wow, you are very strong," Tina smiled.

"He sure is," Macy replied.

"This still doesn't change my mind about myths and magic being real," Amy muttered, folding her arms.

"Then, it will be interesting when you meet my other uncles." Sage said with a smile.

"Are they all aliens, too? Because this doesn't prove anything," Amy remarked, smiling. "Extraterrestrials are scientifically proven to be real, but not stuff like ghosts, unicorns, and zombies...not unless they were aliens from another planet. That's what I figured, after meeting Snare-Oh and Blitzwolfer."

"You'll just have to wait and see,"

Macy couldn't help but smile. "This should be good,"

Sage smiled, as he placed them in the back seat. The two sisters already drifted asleep as they were settled in. Tip toeing over to Macy, Sage kissed her.

"So, they found out." Sage stated.

"Yep," Macy responded.

"How do you feel about that? I mean, this wasn't exactly the best situation to open the subject with..." Sage asked calmly, holding Macy close.

"All the action that just happened? Yeah, I know," Macy shrugged. "To be honest, I expected that they were gonna be mad at me for keeping this a secret from them. But not that they would forgive me like that."

Sage looked at her questioningly. "Why wouldn't they forgive you? Your choices were made out of love."

"But I pushed them away and kept lying to them. I took advantage of their trust. Just seeing their faces after telling the truth made me guilty," Macy admitted.

Sage held her tight. "Mace, I'll admit, it will take a while, but I think the trust between you girls will be a lot stronger now. Just like how our trust in each other grew."

Macy sighed and smiled back a little. "You're right. Now that they know, maybe things will be different and better than before. Amy is smart and inventive when it comes to making different gadgets. Tina has a keen eye for detail and amazing at creating cool outfits. Maybe they'll fit right in at the Grant Mansion. Of course, there's still one issue."

Sage looked at her questionably. "What's that?"

"Who's gonna tell Tina and Amy that their own cousin was in on the secret, too? Along with Tommy and Marcus?" Macy smirked.

Sage smirked back, holding up his hands. "Hey, have Tommy do it. I am on vacation the rest of the day."

The Brunette just let out a chuckle. "Good call."

Sage smiled, as he looked at Macy's friends asleep in his back seat.

"So, those are your best friends," Sage stated.

"Yep," Macy smiled.

"They're good ones." Sage said kindly.

"They sure are," Macy agreed, happy to have friends like the Fitzpatrick Sisters.

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