Chapter 3: An Army Built, A Sacrifice Needed

In a different room within the Grant Mansion, Sage was teaching Franken-Amy and Tina-Patra some pointers on what to face.

"All right. Now, Vladats, like Macy, are going to take the high ground attack from the air and try to get control of you with corrupturas, Sage explained. "Now, you both can deflect them all day. However, if she decides to blindside you and get closer, hypnotism is going to be the play. The important fact is to focus on something else. If she's in front of you, look past her and focus on the single thing in the distance. Second offense is the greatest defense. Use an attack to push someone back and give you space. Tina, I'm going to come at you and you're going to make me stop and push me back. Got it?"

"Uh, okay. I'll do my best," Tina-Patra responded, having an uneasy feeling in her stomach.

"Sis, you got this. I believe in you," Franken-Amy encouraged, placing a comforting hand on her sister's shoulder.

"Tina, remember at this point, I'm not a friend. You have to stop me from reaching Amy." Sage said sternly, as he began to pace in front of her, giving small growls.

After a few moments, Sage finally raced towards her fangs revealed.

"EEK!" By instinct, Tina-Patra flicked her arm to get her tendrils to wrap Sage's muzzle plus torsos, spun around, and tossed him back very far from her.

Franken-Amy stared in amazement, very impressed by her sister's defense.

Sage growled, landing on his pads with a smile. "Well done. Next time, don't step back. That's showing submission. To a Vladat, that shows weakness. Also, keep your eyes on your opponents. It shows you're unwilling to back down. You are in control and you will fight back, if pushed. Think of it as a massive staring contest and the first one to blink loses."

"Right. Forgive me, Sage. I've never battled before. Going against scary things just makes me stress out," Tina-Patra explained.

"Tina, you're a lot braver than you think. You just need to channel it and let that feeling out," Franken-Amy reasoned, slowly getting an idea. "Think of something that upsets you or makes your blood boil and use it on your opponent. But don't overdo it,"

Tina-Patra thought about it and smiled. "Got it,"

Sage smiled. "If it helps, think of the passion you had when you snapped at me before. Oh, and by the way, from now on, no apologizing. Just as its your first-time fighting, it's my first-time teaching. So, we're equals right now."

"You do make an excellent point," Tina-Patra smiled. "And I seem to be doing all right, so far. Even before Snare-Oh coming to help out."

"Speaking of Snare-Oh, where is he?" Franken-Amy questioned.

Sage smirked. "Um, right behind you." He said, bluntly.

By instinct, Franken-Amy turned around and jumped in startlement away from the unexpected Male Thep-Khufan. When landing on her feet to the ground, a yellow shockwave formed that went a few inches around the female Transylian.

Sage and Snare-Oh chuckled. "Another advantage to being a Thep-Khufan, is that you can quietly sneak up on people."

"Now that is a very tremendous advantage," Tina-Patra replied happily.

"I'll say," Franken-Amy spoke, placing a hand on her chest. "You scared the electricity out of me."

The Male Thep Khufan chuckled. "Sorry, couldn't resist," Snare-Oh replied, before walking over to Sage and rubbing the back of his neck. "Frankenstrike told me what happened. How are you holding up?"

Sage sighed. "Alright, for now. I just want her back."

"And we will, Sage. That's a promise," Franken-Amy assured, walking over to place a hand on his shoulder.

"Now that we know what to do, how do we find Macy?" Tina-Patra asked.

Sage sighed. "Unfortunately, that's the easy part. See, because Macy is still wearing my gift, I can track her no matter where she is."

"Why would that be unfortunate? Don't we want to find her?" Franken-Amy questioned.

Snare-Oh, whom understood the situation, rubbed between his nephew's ears. "The problem is that, when you get closer, Macy will be able to sense him the same way. Which means, the element of surprise will be lost."

"Okay, that's definitely a problem," Tina-Patra spoke. "How can we get close without her knowing?"

Franken-Amy thought deeply, rubbing her chin to think. "Hmmm...What if we keep her distracted long enough that would make Macy lose focus on your connection? She will no doubt have victims under her control already, and she needs all her concentration to command them. I also might know another way to free the pawns Macy has rounded up."

Sage nodded. "The other problem we have is how to get her sedated? There's only one way I know of and its risky."

"And what exactly is that?" Tina-Patra asked the Wolfblood.

"Vladats are eaters. They need a large amount of energy to be mobile. However, if they eat too much, they basically go into a food coma. Kind of like on Thanksgiving when you want a nap, after eating too much." Sage explained.

"Still don't know where you're going with this," Tina-Patra responded, completely lost.

"He's talking about using himself as an all-you-can-eat buffet for Macy to drain and knock herself out," Franken-Amy explained.

"WHAT?! That's a terrible plan! You have no clue what that will do to you, Sage!" the Female Thep-Khufan exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm with Tina on this one. I don't agree with that idea either. There's got to be a safer way to get Macy in overloading her energy draining power without risking any lives," The Female Transylian stated, agreeing with her alien sister.

Sage shook his head. "There isn't. Listen, unlike most of my uncles and humanity, my kind are endless with energy. We recover faster than most beings. I promise, I'll be fine. It's part of the reason I let Macy pounce me before. I'll be perfectly fine."

The Alien Fitzpatrick Sisters looked at each other with concern, having doubt about this plan. However, Sage had a point. There didn't seem to be any other option. Reluctantly, the girls nodded before looking back at Sage.

"Okay. If you believe that it will work, then we're in," Franken-Amy answered.

"Alright, here's the play. You guys are going to keep her minions busy and free them from her control. I'm going to Macy. If I can't talk her down and get her to remember, I'll let her feed on me. No matter what, don't stop her. Not until she's flat on the ground asleep. Too soon, and we lose our chance to get her. If you run into trouble, use these to contact me." Sage reached under his leather collar and pulled two necklaces out. They were like Macy, Megan, and Tommy's. However, the bands on the chains were different; one light blue and yellow, while the other was dark green and ivory.

"Awww, you got our colors right for each of us!" Tina-Patra replied happily, taking the light blue and yellow necklace. "Thank you."

"Fascinating and practical! Thanks, Sage," Franken-Amy said, grabbing the dark green and ivory necklace to put around her neck.

Sage nodded. "If either of you get hurt, just hold onto them and you'll heal up, like I do. It also gives us a mental link which will help keep us in contact."

"Not sure about the healing bit, due to us as tough aliens, but the telepathic link would definitely come in handy," Franken-Amy pointed out.

"Let's hope we're not too late in stopping Macy from making too many victims for her army. I'm almost afraid to know whom she has chosen," Tina-Patra responded.

Distance away, Countess Macy continued searching for more aliens to recruit with her two victims following her. Thanks to some information she got out of Vamps and Way Big, her next targets were just around the corner working on their scare skills on bad humans. Countess Macy thought how ridiculous it was with the aliens in this planet being weak and not taking the action in enslaving all humans, good or bad.

"I hope these recruits are sneaky and tough to beat, like you both promised," Countess Macy spoke, still moving forward. "All this power plus fear, and what do we do with it!? Protect these feeble creatures called humans?! Pathetic! This world deserves to be ruled by me! The strong must rule the weak. They. Shall. Fall," her eyes flashed in rage.

Just then, she stopped talking when hearing something. Countess Macy signaled her minions to halt to get a better clearing on her targets.

"Please, let us go! Please!" A women's voice screamed, as she was shoved into a brick wall.

"Shut up! I think it's time we showed you a little fun," a voice sneered as he moved forward.

"Yeah. We'll show you a real good time," the second man sneered, as he licked his lips.

Suddenly, the alleyway became cold and foggy. The four people shivered, as the temperature dropped harshly.

"Hey...wha...what's go-going on?" one of the muggers said, his teeth chattering.

"So cold...I'm so," a wispy breath heavy voice said, as a figure wrapped in a clock appeared from the darkness.

"Hey be-beat it," the second mugger said, as he fought to stay warm.

"But I'm cold...need warmth...need...your heat!" Big Chill unfolded his wings and raced towards the muggers.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! MONSTER!" the two men yelled, running and slipping over themselves as they raced away. The two women were racing away, too, in another direction.

Big Chill sighed heavily.

"What's wrong, little bro? You did well," Rojo said, flying down from a roof top.

"Just wish they knew I meant to help them." Big Chill said.

"Well, maybe next time, it will be someone from the Mansion. Come on. Let's get home for some cocoa." Rojo said, taking to the air.

"Yeah, sounds good." Big Chill replied, taking to the air.

'Hmmm…They're not Ectonurites, but they will work perfectly for my plan,' Countess Macy thought, smiling evilly when watching the whole thing. "You two, stay here and remain silent until summoned. I got my next victims right where I want them," she whispered to Way Big and Vamps, before taking off.

As the Necrofriggian Brothers were taking into the skies, something fast and blurry past by that made them spin a bit in mid-air.

"Whoa...what in the name of Jocklin was that?" Rojo asked as he regained his balance.

"I don't know. Let's find out," Big Chill suggested, following that Quick-Shadow Figure with full speed. "Come on!"

The Necrofriggians race after the shadow like figure around many of the buildings into the night sky, before losing it past the water tower. Hovering in midair, the two look around.

"Hey, where did it go?" Rojo asked in confusement, as he stared at the night sky.

"Try looking up," spoke an amusing voice.

Both look up to find a red female Vladat hovering above them. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads at her beauty.

"Who are you?" Rojo asked first, flying up.

Countess Macy chuckled. "My friends call me Vladia," she answered, stroking Rojo's chin that sent chills inside him. Her touch felt so angelic. So cold, yet, warm…with a hint of danger in her eyes.

"What are you doing here? We haven't seen you before." Big Chill asked, on edge something was off here.

"That's because I just got here. I'm new in these parts and, while I was doing a little midnight flight, I couldn't help but notice two cool guys doing some impressive terror action," Macy aka Vladia answered, flying down towards Big Chill with a grateful smile. "And I must say, you both did good scaring those humans."

Big Chill sighed. "Thing is, I only meant to scare the men, not the women."

"Well, that's humans for ya. Always running away without saying a simple thank you," Countess Macy shrugged. "They're just ignorant and blind to know the real you. Even if those female creatures will never get what you were trying to do, I will."

Big Chill eyed her suspiciously. "You seem to have a real grievance with humans. Makes me wonder why your here on a world full of them?"

"I keep asking myself the very same question, too. Just makes your mind go hazy on that subject, doesn't it?" Vladia smirked, sneakily activating her swirly hypnotic-eyes on the blue Necrofriggian.

Big Chill flew backwards in retaliation, dragging Rojo with him.

"Who are you?!" Big Chill stated firmly.

"Already told you. The name's Vladia. There's no reason for us to be enemies nor be afraid," Countess Macy reasoned, flying closer with a fanged grin on her face. "We're all on the same side. Very powerful aliens, underappreciated by humans, aren't you just sick of it!? What better way than to team-up and show them who's boss?"

"We protect them. Humans are part of our family!" Rojo hissed angrily.

"You guys, too? Ugh, why does every alien here live with humans? It's getting super old and annoying," Countess Macy groaned. "Aw, well. Boys, restrain these Necrofriggians."

"Yes, mistress." Vamps said, coming up behind Big Chill and his brother.

Way Big slowly grew behind them till he towered above all of them. "Yes, my lady."

"Rojo, fly!" Big Chill yelled, as he shoved his brother before tackling Vamps.

Rojo flew frantically around Way Big, only to end up with his wings pinched between Way Big's fingers.

"Vamps, snap out of it!" Big Chill snarled at the Vladat.

"Mistress. I fight for mistress." Vamps hissed, as he struggled with Big Chill.

"I tried playing nice, but you Frosty Twins are too predictable in listening, like every inferior I've met," Countess Macy spoke, flying up to get close to Rojo, grabbing his face with both hands so he could look at her, and activated the typical swirling hypno-eyes on him. "Allow me to help you see the light in my point of view," the Vladat Female smirked evilly.

"NO!" Rojo yelled, breathing out a blast of fire-ice breath at her.

Countess Macy hissed from that freeze-burn attack while going back a few feet. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and cracked the ice on her like it was nothing. "Feisty, aren't we? Keep this up and I might consider you my next meal," she smirked, before lunging back and fired her Corruptura.

Rojo growled, as he tried fighting off the control. "You won't get away with this."

Big Chill hissed. "Our family will stop you!"

"I'd like to see them try," Countess Macy sneered, already firing another Corruptura at Big Chill. With the Necrofriggian Brothers taken care of, the Villainous Vladat Lady flew down with a hand on her hip and sinister grin. "Now that I got my army, it's time we pay a certain Human Dog a little visit,"

Vladat Macy has what she needs. Get ready for the epic battle. Hope you all enjoy.