Chapter 5: Last Stand Before the Nightmare Ends

Sage and his friends plus family stayed close when hearing the sounds of loud stepping from a giant...Which is exactly what is coming their way! Although they freed Vamps and the Necrofriggian Brothers from Vladat Macy's control and knocked out the Mistress of the Night herself, her last alien under her power remains at large. And if he spots his mistress in the hands of her enemies, things will get way worse and the heroes might end up crushed like ants.

Sage growled, handing Macy to Vamps. "I'll take care of this. Uncle, please get her to the Mansion. Amy, Tina, I'm going to need your help."

"We'll help, as well." Big Chill said, only for Sage to shake his head.

"No. You both have been in a battle, and that's enough. We'll deal with this. Just get Macy to Frankenstrike...keep her safe." Sage replied, giving a pleading look.

"Are you sure? I mean, we just freed your uncles and we could use all the help," Tina-Patra reasoned.

"Especially this big problem," Franken-Amy pointed out.

Sage shook his head. "We can do this. I have a plan."

"Okay, then," Franken-Amy replied. "Lead the way, Sage."

Sage stood calmly. "Amy, when he comes into view, create a repulse to give us some space. Tina, stretch your body between those two trees. We're going to make a sling shot."

"On it!" Franken-Amy responded, punching her fists together to create small yellow sparks.

"Shouldn't be a problem. We just finished doing something like that with your three uncles," Tina-Patra pointed out.

Sage nodded.

"This time, we're aiming for the head. Oh, and I apologize for any clawing." Sage said, as he went to Tina.

"What clawing?" Tina-Patra asked.

"I think you're about to find out, Sis," Franken-Amy gently said.

Sage nodded, as he watched Tina stretch between the two trees before getting on her bandages.

"Sorry, Tina." Sage said, standing on top of her.

"YIPE! ...Not a problem. Just go and save your uncle already!" Tina-Patra replied, mustering as much strength from getting painfully poked by Sage's claws.

"We have to wait for the right time...perfect shot." Sage said, hunkering down as they waited for Way Big to appear through the trees.

"Just how big is your uncle?" Tina-Patra questioned.

Suddenly, they felt tiny earthquakes that sounded like giant footsteps.

"I'd say...THAT big!" Franken-Amy pointed.

"Alright, get ready." Sage said, hunkering down, as Way Big came into the clearing.

"Mistress?" Way Big called.

"Hold it...not yet." Sage held, still waiting.

"Sweet sugar cookies, that is the most enormous alien I've ever seen," Tina-Patra squeaked quietly, trying her best not to scream loud in horror.

"Sage...?" Franken-Amy spoke, seeing the giant getting closer plus feel the quakes becoming bigger.

"AMY, NOW!" Sage ordered.

Not holding back, Franken-Amy created a very large repulse with the help of her two conductors on her back.

"TAKE THE SHOT!" Franken-Amy exclaimed.

"Okay, Tina. Aim for his forehead." Sage said. Tina moved into position with Sage on her. "FIRE!"

The Thep Khufan slingshot the wolf, causing him to fly towards the To'Kustar being.

"ZETSU TENRO BATTOGA!" Sage shouted, going head over heal as he sliced through the corruptura. Landing on a tree branch, Sage watched as Way Big come to himself, holding his head with a moan.

"What...what happened?" Way Big asked, looking around.

"WAY BIG! DOWN HERE!" Franken-Amy shouted, waving her arms to get his attention. "ARE YOU OKAY?!"

Way Big carefully knelt down before activating his sizing device, where he shrunk to the size of Vamps.

"Iā€¦think so. Though, I have a bit of a headache." Way Big said.

"Yeah, that's probably either a side effect from Sage's signature move in the corruptura on your forehead or the hypnotic trance Vladat Macy put on you," Franken-Amy explained.

Tina-Patra finally turned herself solid once more and stretched her back. "Phew! I don't know how Snare-Oh manages to handle such a spine-breaking experience like this...that is, if his kind does have spines."

Sage laughed, as he hopped down from the branches.

"Hey, at least we got the shot, right?" Sage said, leaping down to the grass where he stretched his body out.

"Oh! Sage, are you okay? Also, is that all of evil Macy's henchmen she controlled? Or is there still more we're missing?" Tina-Patra questioned with concern.

"I'm pretty sure that's everyone," Franken-Amy assured.

Sage smiled. "I'm good. Believe me, you get thrown into walls enough, you soon barely feel them." Sage said, wagging his tail. "As for your other question, we're good. I didn't catch anyone else's scent in the area. How about we get to the Mansion and get you two back to normal?"

"That sounds absolutely perfect!" Tina-Patra exclaimed.

"But maybe we should start with Macy," Franken-Amy suggested.

Sage wagged his tail. "Hop on! It'll be faster."

Way Big smiles, taking the head position.

Franken-Amy jumped behind Way Big with her sister following.

"Frankenstrike, come in. We got Macy and heading home," Amy replied with her comm link.

A beep on the other end sounded an acknowledgement.

Half an hour later, Sage sat on the floor, staring at his still unconscious love, as Frankenstrike finished the final preparations on the device.

"Now, this should reverse the crystal's effects." Frankenstrike said calmly, pressing buttons on the crystal's expander.

"Let's hope it works," Tina-Patra responded.

After another flick of a switch, light fills the room, blinding the occupants, once again.


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, NOT AGAIN!" Tina and Amy screamed together.

Frankenstrike turned off the machine, making the light dim instantly.

"Uh, man. That was bright. At least there wasn't any noise." Sage said, rubbing his eyes with his paws.

"I'm too afraid to know if I'm back to normal or not! Somebody, please, tell me if it worked!" Tina asked, covering her eyes with her hands.

Sage smiled, wagging his tail. "Oh, your back to normal, but...the thing gave you antlers."


"Tina, you don't have antlers. Sage is just messing around," Amy explained, giving an unamused look.

The blonde teen stopped panicking and opened her eyes to see that her sister was right. She and Amy were back to their normal, teenaged selves...and had no antlers.

"Oh, thank Lady Liberty! I'll never complain about my body ever again!" Tina exclaimed happily, hugging herself.

Sage, meanwhile, had turned to see Macy back to normal. Shifting to human form, the teen took her hand in his while stroking her head gently.

"My Moon?" Sage whispered gently.

Macy lightly groaned, slowly opening her eyes. "W...Wolf Boy?"

"I'm here...I'm here." Sage lowered his head, nuzzling her face and hair, lovingly.

"Macy!" Tina and Amy exclaimed together, hurrying in delight to see their best friend.

"How do you feel?" Amy asked.

Macy sat up to see her besties better before placing a hand in her forehead. "My head hurts like crazy, but other than that, I'm doing okay."

"Macy, look at me, please." Frankenstrike said, walking over and going into doctor mode.

The Brunette did just that, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Follow the light," Frankenstrike said, moving the light up and down, then, side to side. "Well, no concussion, and no other ill effects seem to be present."

"Mace, what's the last thing you remember?" Sage asked with concern.

"Well, last time I checked, I tossed that transfiguration crystal thing from creating more damage and something about you asking me what was our secret hangout place...that's all I recall," Macy answered, following the light Frankenstrike is moving for her to check any damage. "Why you ask?"

"Uh...It's a bit of a long story," Tina sheepishly responded, rubbing her arm.

"Let's just say that we were able to learn more about a female Vladat's behavior and how to fight her mind-controlled minions as a Transylian and Thep-Khufan," Amy explained.

"Wait, what?!" Macy responded, looking at her friends in disbelief. "When did that happen?! How long was I out!?"

Sage squeezed her hand. "My Moon, you weren't yourself, but it's over. Just a bad dream now."

Macy facepalmed and let out another groan. "Oh, no. Don't tell me..." she knew instantly what her Wolf was telling her.

"Yeah, the crystal only changed Tina and I's outer appearances from a distance while it changed you completely and made you believe that you were a dangerous, power-hungry Vladat which ended up controlling four of Sage's uncles in destroying all of humanity," Amy explained to Macy.

Tina gave a light glare to her sister. "Do you have to make the matter worse? Macy is already overwhelmed as she is. Even I'm still shocked about the whole event!"

Sage turned Macy to face him. "My Moon, I promise nothing happened. You're safe and back. And that's all that matters."

"But...I almost hurt my friends. Everything and everyone I cared about. I became my own worst enemy...and nearly tried to destroy my home planet," Macy replied, looking down in guilt.

"Macy, listen to me. That wasn't you, and you know why. Because the real you was fighting on the inside. You stopped yourself, before any danger could arise." Sage said, kissing her forehead. "It's part of the reason why I love you. You stand for justice and right."

Macy looked up with a warm smile. "Thanks, Wolf Boy. I'm lucky to have you as my boyfriend," she said, before hugging Sage.

"Awwwww! So cute together!" Tina squealed. She, then, elbowed Amy before saying, "Told ya they were meant to be,"

"Yeah, yeah," Amy rolled her eyes in response, lightly shaking her head with a tiny smile.

Sage nuzzled her, before pulling away. "Now, I don't know about you, but locking up that hunk of junk and having a large slice of my parents' Dutch apple pie sounds like an amazing idea."

"Same here. After what happened, I need a long break," Macy agreed, before looking at the Fitzpatrick Sisters, "What about you two?"

"I can definitely go for Dutch apple pie," Amy answered.

"Me, too. After being an alien mummy with those bandages feeling super thin plus the excitement I've been through, I think a nice dessert will calm my nerves," Tina responded.

Sage smiled. "Hey, Amy and Tina. I want to say thank you again for stepping up to the plate, earlier. I know it couldn't have been easy."

"It was no problem at all, Sage. We wanted to do nothing more than to help get Macy back," Tina responded modestly, blushing.

"We also have you to thank, as well. Without you, we still be lost and ended up as Vladat chow," Amy added with a smile.

Macy chuckled. "I might not know what happened, but I'm definitely curious to know how my own best friends handled without me. You seriously got to catch me up,"

Sage smiled. "I'm sure Tina will tell you all about it."

Tina chuckled. "I most certainly will! But only if you and Amy agree to be in on the storytelling, too,"

"Deal," Amy nodded her head.

And so, the four teens walked out of the lab, happily celebrating for some sweet Dutch apple pie. A night they will surely never forget.

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