She ran on, hoping against hope itself that they were safe.

She ran on, even though the icy rocks tore at her feet.

She ran on, knowing she had to get to her children before they did.

It was cold. Her breath hotly filling the air in front of her with steam.

They were closing behind her. Already a bloody wound tore at her side.

She had to escape. She had to get to them. She had to.

Dodging between the element-sharpened boulders of the foothills, she slipped for a moment as two of her pursuers suddenly appeared from behind the boulders in her path.

She howled in rage. Her fierce eyes burned with an intense, argent glow as the control on her magic slipped when her bloody paw touched down.

The very shape of reality twisted and warped as every spilled drop of her blood came alive and sped impossibly fast towards the attackers in her way.

The two men, wrapped in the furs of their previous kills, didn't have time to even realise what happened. Time stopped. Space warped. Matter tore. The very atoms their bodies, clothing, and weapons were made from were disintegrated into subatomic constituents.

She ran on. Another member of the group behind her nearly ended the chase but the flint head of the arrow only cut her flank deeply instead of imbedding in her back.

Just over the rise, she saw the familiar ground of home. She had almost reached the edge of The Fold over the low rise when she looked behind her and saw they had almost overtaken her.

She ran on, knowing she couldn't make it - that they would kill her and her children.

She sensed the spear in his hand reaching out to her in the same moment she sensed her pack mates.

Her pack sister howled out in anger and fear and, as her paw slammed into the ground, the hunter with the spear disintegrated in a blast powerful enough to throw the remainder of her enemy off their horses.

She ran on, even as her pack mates joined up with her, revitalising her energy levels.

They ran together over the rise, down the small gully, stopped at the edge of The Fold, and turned to face their pursuers.

The hunting party confidently rode over the rise but even their horses stumbled at the sight before them.

The trio they had been hunting for years was standing, waiting for them. The alpha male, glowing green eyes boring into their very souls; the wounded female with glowing silver eyes on the alpha's left, panting from her exertions; the alpha female, glowing golden eyes staring at them with rage and a deep, burning hatred. As they watched, the wounds on the smaller female closed.

As one, the men surged forward to end the chase.

As one, the wolves howled.

The power of their combined magics rushed away from them faster than the volley of arrows could reach them.

Their enemy watched in horror as the arrows disappeared in midflight and they could see their doom coming too quickly for them to react.

She lay down on the snow in exhaustion. She closed her eyes and relaxed. She knew from her pack mates' actions that their cubs were safely confined within The Fold.

Her alphas roused her with their nuzzling. She had, in her brief nap, changed back to her human form while they chose to remain in the form they preferred.

She stood and stretched before turning towards home, a hand each resting on their closest shoulder. Had anyone been watching, it would appear as if the trio simply faded away like ghosts as they stepped to the cliff's edge, crossed the threshold of The Fold, and entered into their home range.

Inspired by David Guetta's official video for "She Wolf"