BOOlia's Tales of Horror 8

You enter a door, but not just any door. A door to a dimension of pure imagination. A door of suspension of disbelief. A dimension of sight, mind and sound. A dimension where creepy and bizarre stuff happen. Stuff like: going to a ship that sank fifty years in the past, a dead animal haunting a zoo, the king of demons having to face his own fears and being trapped in an apocalyptic video game with zombies. You just entered into the eighth installment of BOOlia's Tales of Horror Zone.

SpongeBob Squarepants: A Shipwreck Trapped in Time

"And there we go." SpongeBob stated as soon as he was done clipping on Gary's leash. "We're ready for our walk. You ready to get some exercise in?" The snail meowed. SpongeBob petted him. "Me too, buddy." As soon as he opened the door, Patrick was on the other side with a flyer.

"Oh, hey, Patrick." The sponge greeted. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"Me either." The starfish admitted. "But then I saw this flyer for something I thought you'd love." This got SpongeBob excited.

"Really? Let me see!" Patrick gave his friend the flyer to read over. It had a shipwreck on it. This got the sponge even more excited. "Wow; a real life shipwreck and the first tour's free?" Patrick nodded.

"Pretty exciting, huh?"

"You bet it is!" He looked at the time that it started at, the time on his wristwatch and frowned. "Aw, but it starts soon and I promised Gary I'd walk him." This made Patrick frown.

"Aw, please SpongeBob?" He asked. "I walked all the way from my house when I saw it in my mailbox to show to you and you're telling me you have to walk Gary? You know Gary takes forever on his walks."

"Uh, he's surprisedly fast when he wants to be. You know this."

"Please? Don't make me have to walk all the way back."

"But I promised and I think family's a bit more important, don't you?"

"Please? I'm sure Gary would understand. It'll mean so much to me."

"But I..." SpongeBob then saw Patrick's pouty face, then at Gary, then back at Patrick. He sighed.

"Okay." Patrick cheered up at this.

"Meow?" Gary meowed. SpongeBob looked at him.

"Sorry, pal. I'll walk you afterwards, I promise. This is Patrick. You understand, don't you?" The snail did and did an annoyed meowing sound next. "I knew you'd understand." SpongeBob looked back at his chubby friend. "Hold on, pal. I'll just take off Gary's leash and we'll be good to go."

"I'll be standing out here." Patrick assured him as his friend closed the door.

Later, SpongeBob and Patrick were standing in line to see the shipwreck: The SS. S.O.S with a lot of other fish, ready to get in. Skeletons could be seen on the ship, including a skeleton behind a rusty steering wheel with a cobwebbed infested captain's hat on his head.

"Wow!" An impressed Patrick observed. "There are sure a lot of fish here."

"There sure are." SpongeBob told his friend. "I guess the words 'free first tour' really got them excited."

"Yeah, no kidding." Patrick was then confused. "Hey, what if there's too many to fit?" He then grew worried. "What if the boat sinks again?"

"Relax, Patrick. The ship already sank years ago. It can't sink again if it's already been sunk. That's why we're here, to look at it and imagine what it was like before it did." Patrick sighed in relief.

"Oh, good. I was scared for a second."

"However, there are too many fish. Sadly, only a handful can get in. The rest will have to pay it looks like. I hope it's not us."

"Yeah." Patrick was confused again. "A handful? There's so many fish here. I don't think we can all fit inside of a hand unless maybe it's an enormous hand. If not, we're doomed."

Squidward who was also in the crowd with Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Pearl spoke up.

"It's ironic that they would name a ship the 'SS S.O.S. It's like it was doomed from the start. It's like foreshadowing in a way. It's like calling a ship 'unsinkable' and the next thing you know, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean." A green fish then appeared in front of the ship. He talked into a microphone.

"Welcome ladies and gentlefish!" The fish began. "Fish of all ages and other sea creatures. Welcome to the shipwreck of the SS. SOS and before anyone says it, I know of the irony."

"Did he say ironing?" Patrick asked. "I don't see any ironing going on, do you?"

"Shhh." SpongeBob whispered to him. "And he said 'irony'".

"Oh, I don't get that either."

"I'll tell you later."

"Good call. Want to listen, huh? I hear you."

"Anyways," The fish continued. "My name is Jack Rose. I don't know why I gave you my first and last name, but I did. What are you going to do about it?" He cleared his throat. "Anyways, I'll be your tour guide. Unfortunately, there can only be thirty of you on my tour today. The rest of you will have to wait for another tour and pay since the first tour is free. Now let's see here..." He scanned the audience. He pointed his fin into the audience. "The first row and a half, congratulations! Your tour is free, come with me." Everyone in the first row and a half all cheered and went towards the shipwreck.

"That's us, buddy." SpongeBob told his buddy. "We're in front."

"Really?" An excited Patrick asked. "We are?" SpongeBob nodded.

"Uh-huh, we sure are. Come on." Patrick cheered at this and the two walked to the gangplank.

Once on the ship, SpongeBob was excited to see his other friends were there as well.

"Hey, guys!" He said, going to them with Patrick following. Squidward groaned.

"Oh, boy!" He said in sarcasm. "It's not enough that I have to work with SpongeBob and be neighbors with him and Patrick, now I have to go on this tour of this shipwreck with them. Will I ever win? Sadly, no. No, I won't. The Bubble Bowl was my only shot at happiness."

"SpongeBob!" Sandy said when she saw him. "I didn't expect to see you and Patrick here."

"Neither did we." SpongeBob admitted.

"Hey!" Patrick snapped. "I didn't give you permission to include me, but yeah, neither did I."

"Anyways, I'm just as surprised as you are, but seeing you here makes it a whole lot better." SpongeBob looked at his boss, confused. "What are you doing here, Mr. Krabs? I thought you didn't like free things." Mr. Krabs looked offended.

"I like free things." The crab replied. "As long as I'm not giving away free stuff at the restaurant that I closed just for this. What kind of moron would deny free stuff?"

"I agree." Plankton agreed. He was on a little hover platform. "And don't worry, I came here for the tour, not the Krabby Patty. I swear."

"Hmmmm, now you have me suspicious, but whatever."

"Oh. Don't tell anyone this, but I'm the 31st one on here. I snuck on. That's one of the advantages of being exceptionally small. No one can see you come in or out." Mr. Krabs looked at his daughter who was playing on her phone. "Put that away, Pearl. We're about to start soon." Pearl looked at her dad, annoyed.

"I'm getting my camera ready, Dad." She told him. Mr. Krabs was puzzled.

"There's a camera in your phone?" Pearl sighed.

"Yes, there's a camera on my phone. It's been in there since I got it."

"Really? You don't use a regular old camera?"

"No. Get with the times. Gosh!"

"And that concludes the tour of the SS. S.O.S." Jack concluded. "Are there any questions?"

"Is there a bathroom that I can use Mr. Rose, sir?" SpongeBob asked when called on. The sponge was hopping in place. Jack nodded and gave him directions. "Thanks." And with that, the sponge ran off.

"Hope he falls in!" Squidward said to himself. He meant to say it to himself, but said it out loud instead. He quickly covered his mouth, but it was too late. He was heard by his friends and they weren't happy.

"Squidward!" Mr. Krabs scolded. "What a terrible thing to say!"

"Yeah!" Patrick added. "What if he actually falls in? I like toilet humor as much as the next guy, but that was too far!"

"It was a joke." The octopus lied.

"Well, no one's laughing, are they?" Mr. Krabs asked.


"Well, it wasn't very funny then, was it? It's not nice to laugh at mean spirited things like that. You have to think how others may feel about it, otherwise you're a cruel jerk."

"SpongeBob had to learn about that the hard way." Sandy said.

SpongeBob exited the bathroom when done, But as soon as he exited, he was surprised by the scenery. It wasn't at all like a shipwreck anymore. Nothing was decaying or in ruins. It was like the inside of the SS S.O.S as if it was in that picture frame that Jack showed them earlier.

Hmmmm, this is queer. He thought to himself. Oh well! Got to meet up with my friends again, then we can leave this creepy looking place. As he walked on, he was shocked to see humans instead of sea creatures. Hmmmm, now that's odd too, I don't remember any humans here before I used the bathroom. He then bumped into someone.

"Hey!" That someone shouted. "Watch where you're going!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." SpongeBob apologized. He was shocked that it was another human. This had the man concerned.

"What? You look like you've seen a ghost." SpongeBob stood up.

"Now, this may sound silly to you, but does everything seem weird to you? Ever since I got out of the bathroom, it's like I got transported to somewhere new, but I know that's just silly." He then realized something and panicked. "Wait, this is still the SS. S.O.S., right?"

"Correct. Are you okay, buddy?" SpongeBob sighed in relief as he was helped up onto his feet. While the man was helping him up, he noticed his hand. It wasn't his spongy hand; it was a human hand! He screamed. He looked at his other hand. He screamed again. He looked at his whole body. He screamed and screamed. The man plugged his ears each time.

"Are you quite done yet?" SpongeBob looked at him.

"I guess so. Sorry. I'm a sponge, not a human. I'm not used to seeing me this way." The man was clearly annoyed.

"Okay then. Bye, see you later. Or never. This is a big ship and we have a few days left on this cruise, so who knows?" He was about to leave when SpongeBob spoke up again.

"A cruise?"

"Yeah, what do you think I said? That's why you're here. That's why everybody's here!"

"But isn't this a tour of the shipwreck of the SS S.O.S? Oh, I get it. This is one of those reenactments, right? You're doing a terrific job acting by the way."

"What? Reenactment? Shipwreck? You're acting like this ship had sunk."

"But it did, did it not?"

"Wow! You're completely out of it. No. This ship had not sunk."

"Really?" The man looked annoyed.

"Yes, really."

"What's today's date?"

"Don't you know? But because you've gone crazy, I'll tell you. It's September 19th, 1970."

"1970?! September 19th?!"

"That's what I just said. Now, I'm going to go now so I don't have to hear any more craziness from you. Goodbye." With that, he walked off.

"I got to get out of this place and find my friends!" He ran off again. This is not happening; this is not happening! This is all a dream. He pinched himself and screamed again. This isn't a dream. I'm really a human!

"Aw, you must be SpongeBob Squarepants." SpongeBob heard someone say. He looked at him and immediately SpongeBob recognized who it was. It was Bernard Edwards, the captain.

"Hey, I know you. You're Captain Bernard. But, how did you know my name?"

"I know everybody's name. You had your picture taken before you got on like everyone else did as that's protocol." SpongeBob gave out a nervous laugh as if he knew that.

"Oh, right." It then hit him. This date. September 19th, 1970 was when this ship sank fifty years ago.

"Well, I'm going to greet everyone else at the restaurants. I assume you're running to your stateroom to change into something proper."

"Sorry, Captain. You can't go."

"And why not?"

"Captain, this ship is going to sink in..." SpongeBob looked at his watch and gasped. It wasn't his normal watch. It was more fancy. But that's not what bothered him. He looked back at the captain again. "In two hours! We need to evacuate everyone on here and fast!" Bernard laughed.

"And how do you fathom that?"

"I know this sounds silly to you, but I swear it's true! The reason I know this is because I'm from the future, fifty years to be exact."

"Get out of here! No seriously, move out of my way. I need to greet some passengers, some sane passengers!"

"While you greet the passengers, are you going to warn them about their upcoming doom?"



"No! Now, kindly get out of my way."

"But...but..." Bernard sighed and brushed pass SpongeBob himself. SpongeBob grabbed him by the hand. "Sir." Bernard quickly withdrew his hand away from him.

"No, enough! Look, this ship is not going to sink. It's in good hands, okay? It's not going to happen, so stop this nonsense and leave me alone."


"Security, take this lunatic away!" A couple security guards grabbed a protesting SpongeBob and dragged him away.

"No! You're making a huge mistake! You're all in danger! NOOOOOOO!" Bernard passed by a mother in a dress and a scared little kid in a tux.

"Don't worry, kid." Bernard assured him. "That guy's a wacko. The ship will be fine. You have nothing to worry about. You can trust us." He then left, The mom pulled on the kid's hand to go so they did as well.

SpongeBob decided that if the captain wasn't going to believe him, maybe the passengers will. He knew what he was going to do. He was going to room to room, knock on the doors and warn the people of the upcoming peril. He'll also warn them in restaurants. But for now, as many staterooms as possible. He walked in a row of staterooms and knocked on a door. When no one answered, he went to the next room and the next room. Is everybody in this row at dinner?

Finally someone opened their stateroom door. It was a man.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes." The transformed sponge answered. "You and others that may be in here needs to evacuate. The ship is going to sink soon." The man's eyes widened.


"Yes, I'm afraid so." The man sighed and muttered to himself.

"Aw, man! And on our honeymoon too! Is this a sign?"

"Who's at the door?" Someone asked from inside the room. The man looked behind him to answer.

"It's someone saying we need to evacuate." A young woman came to his side.

"Evacuate? Why?"

"He said that this ship is going to sink soon."


"Yeah." SpongeBob answered. "I'm going door to door, warning everybody or trying to anyway." The woman looked at his husband.

"Let's get out of here."

"Good choice." SpongeBob agreed. "I promise you that you won't regret it." The door closed. As SpongeBob was about to go to knock on the next door, he saw another kid in a tux waiting outside his door for his parents.

"Want me to help you warn people?" He asked.

"Sure." SpongeBob told him. "That'll help a lot. Thanks."

"My name's James.

"My name's SpongeBob."

"SpongeBob? That's a strange name to name someone." SpongeBob laughed.

"Actually I'm a..." But he decided not to get into it for it'll be too confusing. "Yes, it is a strange and unusual name to name a human being. James' a better name. I like James."

James and SpongeBob went from room to room, warning everybody. They even had help from more kids. They were about to go and warn people in the nearby restaurant when SpongeBob saw that it was foggy outside from one of the sliding doors.

"Oh no!" SpongeBob said with panic in his voice. He remembered Jack telling them that it was foggy out when it sank. "We have to move quick!" James was confused.

"Why are you so concerned about the fog?" The boy wanted to know. "I mean, sure, it fogs up the amazing views from outside, but isn't there so much more important things to worry about?" He then thought of something. "Does this have to do with the ship sinking? As a matter of fact, how do you know about the ship? Can you see the future?"

"Trust me, kid, you wouldn't understand. Let's just continue warning everybody as quick as a sea bunny."

"Do sea bunnies exist in the future? You know what? I'm not going to question it. We have a job to do." SpongeBob smiled as they ran to the restaurant.

In the Seashell Lounge, one of the many lounges on the ship, everyone was gathered around the captain, talking all at once.

"People settle down!" The captain cried out. "I assure you, the ship is not going to sink. That man is lying. He's very sick and needs help asap. No need to panic."

"No need to panic?" A woman asked him. "Sir, my son is helping him warn others of the upcoming doom and you're telling us not to panic? He may be a stranger to us, but for some reason, I believe him with my very soul. My husband and I both. Why would anyone lie about an awful thing like this?"

"Because, like I said before, he's very sick."

"Sir," A man piped up. "I'm a history teacher at a high school that was voted number one in the state five years in a row and my grandfather died on the Titanic. They said that the ship was unsinkable and I hope you know how that turned out."

"First of all, I do know about the Titanic, everyone does. So how dare you accuse me of that lack of knowledge and second of all, ever since cruise ships have learned about that tragedy and put stuff in place to make sure everyone on board is safe."

"Yeah, well, obviously not enough." Bernard grew red in the face.

"For the last time, that man is nothing but a liar that just wants attention. The ship is not going to sink. End of discussion! Go back to whatever you were doing." The PA system then went on.

"Attention! Due to the fog, the ship just crashed into the island above Bikini Attol. That crazy man is right. The ship is going to sink. I repeat the ship is going to sink. The first lifeboat is out now on the left side of the ship. We encourage everybody to go out on either side if they want to survive. I repeat again. The first lifeboat is out now on the left side of the ship. We encourage everybody to go out on either side if they want to survive." Mad people looked at Bernard who gave them a stupid grin on his face.

"It seems like I'm mistaken. But hey, mistakes happen. We should forgive and forget, am I right?" He got no answer. "Am I right?" People then began running out of the lounge. Bernard sighed. "Oh, why this did need to happen and when I'm the captain too?" With that, he too, ran out of the lounge.

"James, honey!" His mom shouted for him. "We need to go now; the ship is sinking! You want to see your thirteenth birthday, don't you? Get a move on!"

"Coming, Mom!" James called back to her. He looked at SpongeBob. "Thank you for warning us of the future sinking."

"Oh, don't mention it, kid." SpongeBob said to him. "A life is very important to have, human or sea creature. I couldn't just ignore saving people's lives when I knew of the upcoming danger, could I?"

"No, you could not. I'm going to miss you."

"Me too, James. Even though we just met, in this bizarre dream of mine. Happy early birthday by the way."

"Oh, my birthday is in April."

"Oh, well, it's still early by seven months." James shrugged.

"I guess so." James' mother called again and he ran off but not before waving goodbye. SpongeBob did the same thing. When he was out of sight. SpongeBob sighed heavenly.

"I'm truly going to miss that human kid." Bernard then came up to the transformed sponge.

"I must apologize for my behavior to you earlier." He began. "I thought you were crazy but you weren't. You were just telling the truth." SpongeBob shook his head.

"There's no need to apologize, Sir. Just doing what my dream told me to do and save all of you on this date in history, September 19th, 1970 on this magnificent ship, the SS S.O.S." Bernard was confused.


"Yeah, it didn't exactly tell me to do it, because dreams can't talk, but I knew what it was saying."

"Uh, this isn't a dream. Your on the SS S.O.S. on September 19th, 1970." SpongeBob's eyes widened. Before he could say anything else, he screamed as did everybody else as they all fell down as the ship tipped. The screams continued as he and everybody rolled to the back of the ship. They all grabbed onto something for dear life.

"Hold on, Captain!" SpongeBob said to him. "Whatever you do, don't let go! We'll get though this together just don't let go!"

"I'm trying!" Bernard answered. "It's not as easy as you think. I'm going to slip off eventually!"

"Well, can you try not to? This is life or death."

"I'll try but no guarentees."

"Told you!" The captain said later.

"Told me what?" SpongeBob asked.

"I'm slipping."

"What?! Don't do that; hang on with all of your might. You're strong, remember?"

The captain tried to hang on, but couldn't. He began to fall to the ocean below. "I'M SORRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!" SpongeBob yelled down to him.

"CAPTAINNNNNNNNNNN!" SpongeBob then noticed that he was beginning to slip. "No, SpongeBob, don't slip...don't slip..." He hung on with one hand now, Before he could grab on again with the other hand, he slipped and fell to the ocean below, screaming all the way down.

"SpongeBob!" Patrick shouted to his unconscious friend. "SpongeBob!" SpongeBob woke up, surrounded by his friends. He was confused and looked around. He was back in the present on the shipwreck of the SS. S.O.S. in front of the males' bathroom. Patrick sighed in relief. "You're alive! I thought you were dead."

"What a pity." Squidward said, then saw Mr. Krab's face and immediately changed his mind. "I mean what a relief because I'm a responsible adult and will never, ever wish death or harm to someone who I hate. That wouldn't be right and is wrong on all levels."

"Where am I?" SpongeBob asked. "What happened?"

"You slipped on the floor in the bathroom." Mr. Krabs answered. "You hit your head. Patrick found you and dragged you out here. And now here we are. We've been shouting your name over and over, but you were completely out of it."

"How long was I out."

"A couple of minutes."

"A couple of minutes? I don't understand. I was on that ship for a couple of hours, not minutes." Sandy was confused.

"This ship here?"

"Yeah, only it was real with real life humans, even I was a human. And it was a lot less cartoony looking."

"I don't get it."

"Finally, someone who gets me!" Patrick said.

"Can you explain?" SpongeBob nodded and explained everything. After his story, his friends were even more confused.

"Well," Squidward began. "...the good news is that SpongeBob is feeling better again because he is spewing nonsense like what is expected of him." SpongeBob shook his head.

"No, it's true." He said. "All of it."

"Sure it is, lad." Mr. Krabs told him. "Sure it is."

"Did you meet my uncle?" Jack asked. They all looked at him.

"Who's your uncle?" SpongeBob wanted to know.

"James Leonardo. He was twelve when the ship sank. He said he and a strange man who was from the future, told everybody that the ship was sinking. He said that you saved his life. Too bad about the others, like the captain. If you want to read the book he wrote on the topic, it's in the gift shop. Well, I'm going to get ready for my next tour. Good day to you all!"

"What that guy said was weird." SpongeBob stated. His friends all looked at him again. "I don't remember going to a ship fifty years in the past, well I do remember because I just did. But not in 1970, except when I went to 1970. Does this makes sense to you, guys?" They all shrugged.

"Sorry, you lost me." Patrick said. SpongeBob sighed.

"Anyway, you'd think I'd remember a thing like that. In a matter of fact, I wasn't even born yet."

"Yeah." Patrick agreed. "Weird."

"Well, I think I'm going to go home guys and take Gary for that walk I promised him. But before I do, I think I'm going to that gift shop and purchase that book he mentioned."

"Me too." Sandy agreed. "If what you claim is true, sounds like a heck of a story."

"I'm not." Squidward said. "I get too much of you everyday. I don't need to read about you too."

"Can you read it to me?" Patrick asked.

"Sure, I'd love to." SpongeBob replied. "Just another perfect, reasonable excuse to have my best friend over."


"Pearl?" Mr. Krabs said to her. "Before we go home, I'm going to see if the Krabby Patty's safe back at the Krusty Krab." Pearl sighed.

"Honestly, Dad!" She began. "It might be fine. Plankton has other interests then stealing the formula."

"That may be true, but you can't be certain of these things. He can't be trusted. I should have just kept my eyes on him. Come on, it'll be quick, unless you know he stole it, then who knows how long."

"Whatever." And so, Squidward and them went off the ship as the others headed to the gift shop.

"See?" Pearl said as they went out of the Krusty Krab. "I told you it was safe."

"You're right." Mr. Krab admitted. "He didn't steal it. But I feel so much better on checking. Funny, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to send Karen or his amoeba dog to do it."

"Maybe he just didn't think of it."

"Because he's a dummy?"

"N...sure, Dad."

"Ugh!" Plankton cried out in frustration at the Chum Bucket. "While I was on the tour, I should have sent you or Spot to steal the Krabby Patty. SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and Squidward were there, so the restaurant was closed. It was a perfect opportunity. I'm such a dummy."

"But you had fun, right?" Karen asked.

"I guess."

"Then it doesn't matter, as long as you had fun."

"I guess, but I really wish I..."

"Spot, I think Daddy needs some kisses." She told the ameba dog. Spot barked, ran up to his tiny owner and licked him repeatedly, making Plankton laugh.

"Oh well, I'll get the Krabby Patty next time. Stop, Spot, stop!" But the ameba didn't stop so Plankton kept on laughing.