The Fairly Odd Parents: Game Over

"Mail's here!" Cosmo announced to his wife, son and godson. Timmy looked below. Sure enough, the mail truck stopped by the Turner's mailbox. The 10-year old boy was excited about this, He grinnned from ear to ear.

"It came; it came!" He cried out with joy. "I've been waiting for a week and it finally came!" Timmy's fairies followed the excited child down the stairs.

"Wow, Timmy!" Wanda observed. "I didn't think you'd get this excited by a letter from Chloe. You know it was nice of you to lend her Sparky now that she's moving around the world with her parents."

"Not her." Timmy told her.

"Not her? You did send a letter, didn't you?" But the fairies didn't get an answer right away, for they had to stay upstairs for Timmy's parents were downstairs.

"Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" The boy greeted. The parents looked up from the mail to greet their son, then looked back at the mail.

"Son, there's a package for you." Mr. Turner said to him. "What did you get?" The boy hesitated and tried to think of a lie.

"Oh, uh, gee, Mom and Dad, I don't know." Mrs. Turner was suspicious about this.

"You seem to be overly excited over 'I don't know.' You're not hiding anything from us, are you, Timmy?"

"Uh, no? Can't I be overly excited over something that I don't know?"

"I suppose so. But it's still a bit suspicious if we don't know what it is."

"That's the beauty of a surprise, Mom. You don't know what it is. It could be something you don't care for or it could care a lot."

"I guess." Mr. Turner put in. "But why didn't I get anything? This isn't fair!"

"Sorry, Dad. That's just the way it is. You're just going to have to live with it." Mr. Turner crossed his arms over his chest. He was mad. He mumbled something under his breath. "Tell you what, Dad? If it's something that I don't want, I'll give it to you, okay?" Mr. Turner cheered up at this.

"Really? Promise?"

"I promise."

"Thanks son. This is why you're my favorite child."

"Uh, I'm your only child." Mr. Turner was confused.

"Really? Then who is the kid that says 'Daddy!' all of the time?"

"That's the kid who moved into Chloe's house. He is always calling you 'Dad' even though he already has a dad and they have a good relationship. He's kind of weird like that. Well, I'm off to my room to pla...I mean check out what I have. Don't come into my room." With that, he went upstairs leaving his parents with the rest of the mail.

"That seems righteously suspicious too." Mrs. Turner observed. "Honey, what do you think Timmy's hiding from us?"

"He said he wasn't hiding anything from us." Mr. Turner told his wife. "Now let's just look at the rest of the mail and do what he said even though it may have sounded suspicious and not go into his room."

"Well, we do need to get done checking over the mail."

"That we do!"

Up in Timmy's bedroom, Timmy opened up the box to reveal what he got. It was a video game, titled Zombie Plague. Timmy held it up above his head.

"Behold!" He cried. "The current greatest video game for the time being!" Wanda eyed the rating and was shocked at what it said.

"Timmy!" She scolded. "This game is way too violent." She pointed to the rating. "It's rated T. You're only ten. Too young to be playing this."

"Wanda said that T is for teenager." Cosmo piped up. "That's 13 and up. And I know for a fact that you're not 13 and up. You're ten and ten is less then 13, right?" Poof nodded. Cosmo cheered. "I'm right! Timmy, you better give your game to someone that's a little older and wait a few years."

"Nope, not going to happen. I paid for this game fair and square with my parents' money and I plan to keep it. Besides, Remy's eleven and he has this game. He says it's awesome. If Remy can have it, why can't I?"

"Because you're not Remy." Wanda stated. "And if Remy's parents knew it was too violent, they should know better not to buy it for him."

"How do you know that it's violent? Because of the cover and the fact that it's called Zombie Plague? Wanda, you shouldn't judge anything until you give it a chance."

"Yeah!" Her husband put in. "For all we know it is about unicorns making a rainbow army."

"A unicorn making a rainbow army?" Poof repeated. "Dad, do you know how ridiculous that sounds?"

"No I don't!" His father answered. Poof sighed.

"Well, just because Remy does something doesn't make it okay. I can't believe your parents let you buy that game."

"They didn't let me buy it. I knew they'd refuse to let me play it so I brought it without them knowing."

"You what?! No, honestly I'm not surprised." She ushered for him to give it to her. "Come on, give it here. You can wait until you're of age, or better yet, not play it at all and give it away."

"No way! That'll take forever!"

"Timmy, you're 10 and the age that you can start playing at is 13. Do the simple math."

"You know I don't do that."

"And I don't do math either." Cosmo put in. "It's too hard, even the 'simple ones'. That's why I don't do it." Timmy walked to his video game system.

"I'm going to start playing and you can't stop me."

"Fine, but I'm going to take Poof with me. He shouldn't see such violence."

"But I can, right?" Cosmo questioned. "I'm old enough to see such violence." Wanda sighed.

"You can stay." Cosmo cheered at this. "Poof, go."

"But where am I'm going?" Poof wanted to know.

"Anywhere that makes you not see this game."

"Preferably you don't run away or expose yourself to Timmy's parents. Jorgen won't like the exposing part and we won't like the running away part. We would surely miss you."

"I know that."

"Good, just making sure." And with that Poof and his mom went off while Cosmo stayed behind.

"I finished the whole game!" Timmy announced after a week of playing. "Even with a few breaks like school, eating, bedtimes, and other 'important' stuff." Wanda smiled.

"Great!" Wanda said. " Are you going to put it away and tell your parents that you brought this game without their permission?"

"Nope! The game was so awesome that I think I'll start the game over!" Wanda groaned.

"Wow!" Poof observed. "That game must be really awesome to play it again."

"It is."

"I wish I could play it." He then thought of something. "Wait, the ratings are based on human years and I'm a fairy." He looked at his mom, "So does that mean I'm allowed to play it?"

"Absolutely not." Wanda repied. Poof pouted.

"Aw, but why not?"

"Because I'm your mother and I know you are a good little boy and do what I tell you."

"But, Mom." Poof saw his mom eyeing him and sighed with defeat.

"Fine, I'm a good boy and always will." Wanda smiled and flew off.

"Psst, Poof!" Timmy whispered to him. "If you really want, you can play when I'm at school and you have off from preschool. Just make sure you have another save file and your mother doesn't see."

"Really?" Poof asked. "Gee, that's so nice of you. Wait, you're not pulling my leg, are you?"

"Of course not. You're my god brother. We both have to have each other's backs." Poof smiled.

"What are you two whispering about?" Cosmo asked.

"Nothing!" Poof lied.

"Well, okay then!"

"You made me lie to my dad." Poof told Timmy.

"No I didn't." Timmy reminded him. "You did that yourself." Poof realized that he was right.

"Oh, I guess that's true, but I don't like it." He then smiled. "But I'm still going to not tell him the truth for my sake." Timmy smiled this time.

"You're doing good, Poof. You'll thank me later. You'll see."

"Thank him for what?" Cosmo asked again.

"Nothing!" Both boys said at the same time.

"Well, okay then!" Poof looked at Timmy.

"Happy playing!" He said then flew off.

Timmy played the entire game again and was done playing it at the end of the week, then played again. After he got through the entire game in a week, he kept playing it. The child was obsessed with it. He couldn't put it down, only for school, his studies and sleep.

When Timmy got home from school one day, he looked and looked in his room. But he couldn't find any of his controllers. He went to confront his parents about the issue.

"Mom? Dad?" He asked when he found them. "I can't find any of my controllers. Do any of you guys know where they are?" Timmy's dad began to sweat nervously. Timmy looked at him suspiciously. "Dad? Are you okay?"

"I'm f-fine s-son." He replied. But the boy knew he was hiding smething from him.

"Dad, I'm going to ask you again. Do you know where my controllers went?" Timmy's dad looked at his wife who gave him the death stare.

"I got to tell him." He told her.

"Don't you dare!" She hissed at him.

"But I have to. He's our son!"

"Tell me what?" Timmy's dad looked at him again. He was still sweating. "Dad?" Timmy's dad couldn't take it anymore.

"They're in our closet in our room!" Mrs. Turner did a facepalm. Timmy marched upstairs to his parents' room. Timmy's dad sighed in relief. He panicked when he saw his wife eyeing him.

"I'm sorry, honey." He told her. "I couldn't say no to him. He's our boy. I felt like he had power over me."

"No he doesn't. He's our child. We're his parents. We're the ones that are supposed to have power over him, not the other way around. We have authority over him until he's eighteen." Mr. Turner sighed in defeat.

"You're right, honey." He agreed. "I wasn't strong enough like I should be over my kid."

"Yes, you were weak against our only son. Now, come on. We can still stop him." Mr. and Mrs. Turner went upstairs.

The Turner parents found their son get down from a little purple stepladder in their closet. Timmy was carrying all of his controllers.

"Timmy," His mom started. "We're sorry we hid your controllers from you, but we felt like we had to. You're too obsessed with this game. You been playing for weeks. You have to stop." Timmy looked at the both of them.

"I can't help that I'm obsessed." He admitted to them. "The game's fun and I enjoy it. You can't take it away what I love."

"Ooooh!" Mr. Turner piped up like an excited child. "If the game's that fun, can I play?" He saw his wife eye him again and looked serious at his son.

"Son, we're your parents and we forbid you from playing that game."

"What?! That's totally not fair. I go to school, do my homework and do my chores. All I ask is to play my game. Is that too much too ask?"

"Well, no. I suppose not." His wife eyed him yet again. "I mean, yes, yes it is if you play too much of it."

"We're not saying not to play it ever again sweetie." Mrs. Turner assured her young son. "Just take a break. Maybe play a different game or watch some TV or excercise."

"No way! Now, out of my way. I'm playing the game."

"Oh no, you're not."

"Oh, yes I am." The Turner parents tried to block him, but he managed to sneak away past them with the controllers.

"Darn it; he oversmarted us again. Don't you hate that? When your kid outsmarts the parents? How embarrassing!" She changed the subject. "By the way, where did that purple stepladder ome from? We don't own a purple step ladder.

"Especially not one with a crown and eyes." Mr. Turner added, then was confused, "Do we, honey?"

"No, we don't. Wait, it had eyes and a crown too?"

"Yeah, like one of his goldfish. See?" But by the time the parents looked at where the ladder was, it was gone. "Huh? It disappeared. I swear I saw it."

"No, honey. I saw it too." She then shrugged. "But let's just forget about it and go about our day." Mr. Turner was confused.

"And what about the video game thing?"

"What about it? We should get on with our lives on that too. He is just going to disappoint us again and find a way to play it. Gosh, I feel like that's bad parenting, but who cares? It's our lives. We can parent the way we want to."

"When you're right, you're wr...I mean, right!" Mrs. Turner shut the closet door and walked away, going on with their lives.

"Poof," Wanda told her son when he poofed back into Timmy's room. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Poof stated. "What about?"

"I think you know what about."

"I don't think he does." Cosmo piped up. "That's why he's asking." Poof sighed.

"I'm sorry I helped Timmy get his controllers back." Poof admitted. "I had to help." Wanda sighed and smiled.

"That was very sweet of you to help him sweetheart, but there's a reason why his parents hid his controllers away from him."

"Yeah, to take away what he enjoys doing. It's not fair. You are just on his parents' side because you and Dad are ones." Wanda was about to say something when Timmy came in with his controllers.

"Thanks for poofing into a step ladder in order for me to get my controllers, Poof." Timmy thanked the fairy child. Poof smiled at him.

"No problem. Us god brothers have to stick together, you know?"

"Yeah, no kidding! But you know it would be easier if you just poofed them down for me." Poof realized that he was right.

"Oh right, well, I'm just a kid that can't think that much. Cut me some slack. Why didn't you just wish up your controllers?"

"Hello? Because I'm a kid that can't think that much. Cut me some slack."

"Touchee." Timmy walked up to plug all of his controllers back into his video game system. He looked up at Wanda when done.

"You can't tell me not to play and I shouldn't have done what I have done. So don't even think about it."

"You're free to do whatever." Wanda said to him. "I'm not your mom." Timmy was surprised.

"Really? Because this seems like something you'd be mad at me about." He then realized something. "Wait, what's the catch?"

"Nothing. I can't make you do what you don't want to do. That's it. I'm done, I'm not going to interfere."

"Well, that seems suspicious, but okay! I like this new Wanda."

"Wanda's not new." Cosmo spoke. "She's still the same naggy wife I fell in love with." Wanda eyed him. He smiled nervously. "And loving!"

"Nice save, Dad." Poof complimented him. Cosmo smiled at his son.


"We'll be where we always are when you're playing this violent video game." Wanda exclaimed. "In our fish castle. Come on, fam." She and Cosmo left. Poof stayed behind.

"You never told me what this game's about." He said.

"You never asked." Timmy said back. "Anyways, the back of the case tells you what's it about. Read it." Poof picked up the case and looked at the back of it, trying to read it. He looked at Timmy again.

"Can you tell me anyways? I'm only in preschool." Timmy sighed.

"So, there's on outbreak and the citizens don't listen to the stay at home and social distancing rules. They then turn into zombies and that is where you come in. You play a doctor's intern named Ken Carter. And your job is to cure all of the zombies by giving them a vaccine that'll turn them back into regular people when he promotes you to doctor when he is dying in your arms."

"Okay, don't know if that how it really works, but whatevs. Don't tell me anymore. I just wanted to know the synopsis before I play."

"Well don't wait too long. This is an awesome game."

"So I've heard from you a million times."

"Sorry. I can't help it. It's just so awesome."

"I know. Well, I better head to the fishbowl before my Mom gets reallly mad at me."

"You do that." He was about to go when Timmy spoke up again. "You know I like this game so much that it'll be pretty cool if I'm inside of the game. In fact..." He looked at Poof. "I wish I was inside of Zombie Plague!" Poof looked back at Timmy.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"You're not going to have any regrets?" Timmy shook his head.

"Not in this awesome game."

"I don't believe that, but, okay. Your wish is my command." He raised his rattle and poofed his god brother away. "Timmy, you're in the game, right? Did my magic work?"

"Oh, it worked all right." Timmy said who was now on the TV. "It worked beautifully. You go to your mom now, Don't keep her waiting. I'll look for zombies or whatever."

"Okay. Be safe in there."

"I will." Poof poofed away as Timmy went off to find what he could find inside of the game. Timmy then heard a groaning sound. He turned and saw a zombie coming towards him. The boy then saw another zombie and another and another, all coming his way.

"Cool!" He observed. "I mean, 'ahhhhhh!" He began running as fast as he could. The zombies followed him. "I'm being chased by zombies in a video game! This is both awesome and frightening at the same time!"

Timmy ran behind a pillar of a grocery store. When the zombie came close, he threw himself onto the zombie. The zombie shouted in surprise.

"Got you!" He was about to run off when the zombie pulled at his leg. "Hey! Let go of me!" He tried kicking the zombie off of him to no avail. He gulped. He was starting to regret this. He screamed for help as more zombies approached him. "I don't want to die in a video game! I don't want to die in real life either, not yet. I'm too young. HEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!" Then, all of a sudden, the zombie cried out in pain. Timmy looked to see that he was stabbed by a syringe. He looked and gasped. It was the hero of the game standing in front of him. "Ken Carter? Oh my gosh, you're the Ken Carter" Ken held up a finger.

"Hold that thought, kid." He said as he dodged the zombies' attacks and stabbed them all until they collapsed. "Okay, you were saying?"

"I can't believe I'm meeting you. I mean, duh, I knew. This is your game that I'm in after all, but...I can't just believe it." Ken looked at Timmy, confused.

"Game?" He wanted to know. "You're not making much sense. What are you talking about? And why do you know my name? You watch the news? Kids like you should be watching kiddie shows, not the depressing stuff on the news. You should be someplace safe like at home."

"But I want to be a zombie hunter like you." He shook his head. "Please? You can teach me." He shook his head again.

"No, too dangerous. When you're older maybe, much older, but not now. Wait about 10 years or so, then we'll talk."

"But that'll take forever!"

"No, it won't. It'll take ten years or so."

"You know what I mean."

"Look, I have enough problems as it is. I don't have time or the patience to deal with a kid."

"What if I help you? There's millions of people that turned into zombies in this town and your mentor just got killed by one of them and he promoted you to doctor as he lay there dying. I don't know if that realistic, but it is here." Ken was shocked about this. "Please, admit it, you need all the help you can get."

"How do you know about my mentor? Again, watch more happy, cheesy, cartoon shows, not the depressing news. Those kinds of stuff are for your parents."

"I know because that's your tragic backstory of this game."

"Here's this game nonsense again. What does it mean?"

"I don't really know if I should tell you this, but I'm going to do it."

"Tell me what?" And so, Timmy told him.

"And so no matter what you do, when the game starts over you will have to go though all of that again and again to the end of time." Timmy concluded. "Or unless this game becomes obsolete and no one picks up your game ever again, but that'll be sad because then players won't know how great your game is." Ken couldn't believe it.

"So, that's it, then?" He asked. "If this is all a game and I will have to keep doing this forever and ever, reliving the pain of losing my mentor over and over again, I should give up."

"Precise...wait, come again?"

"Well, my life is meaningless then. Think of it, you don't want the same stuff happening over and over again? That's boring."

"You mean, like school? Yeah, I hear you. But no, your life is not meaningless because you bring joy to the people that enjoy your games. You can't quit, not now, not ever." Ken thought this over.

"You're right." He decided. "My life is not meaningless. Every life matters. I'm going to do what you say kid and never give up." Timmy smiled.

"Alright. That's what I'm talking about."

"And I could have some help with the zombies I suppose." Timmy beamed at this and was hopeful.

"You mean I get to help?" Ken nodded.

"Sure. There's millions of zombies in this town. I can't get to them all." He handed him the syringe. "But there're still dangerous. How about I attack them and you poke the syringe into them." Timmy frowned and sighed. He grinned again and happily took the syringe.

"It's not exactly what I had in mind, but anything if it means working with you, Ken. I won't let you down!" This time, Ken smiled.

"Glad to hear it. Now, come on. The sooner we cure all of the zombified people, the better."

"Right!" The two then ran off.

Mrs. Turner opened Timmy's door, mad. She held up his latest school assignment, It had a big red F circled on it.

"Normally, this wouldn't surprise me." She began, not realizing that he wasn't in the room. "But I blame this F on the constant game playing that you've been doing lately." She noticed that her son wasn't in the room and the TV still had the game on. "Oh, you're not in here and I just talked to myself."

"Talk about embarrassing!" Mr. Turner said who just passed by. She eyed him and he continued on his way. Mrs. Turner went into Timmy's room. "And now to end this game for good." Poof, as a goldfish in the fish bowl, saw that she was about to shut off the game system when he spoke up, doing his best Timmy impression.

"No, Mom!" He cried. "Don't turn off my game. I'm just in the bathroom. I'll get back to it in a minute!"

"Honey, enough of this playing. It's not good for you to play all the time."

"Mom, I'm not at a saving spot. Please, just keep it on."

"Well, when will you be at a save spot?"

"I don't know." Mrs. Turner was shocked.

"What do you mean you don't know? You played this a lot. You should know this in and out,"

"Uh, I do. But, it's like a new experience every time I play. The save spot isn't in the place that it was in previously. It changes. Keep things fresh and unpredictable, you know? That's just the way I like it."

"Poof?" Wanda asked who swam up next to him in the castle as a goldfish. "What do you think you're doing? Where's Timmy?" Poof gestured her to be quiet.

"Okay." Mrs. Turner spoke up again. "I'm leaving. But once you find a save spot, come down immediately. We need to talk about this whole situation."

"Okay, Mom!" Mrs. Turner left the room. Poof saw his angry mom with narrowed brows.

"Uh-oh!" Cosmo, who passed by in fish form, observed. "When your mother gives out that look, it's not a good sign. Good luck!" He swam away into the castle.

"Well!?" Wanda demanded. "Are you going to answer my question? Where is your god brother?"

"Like I told Timmy's mother, in the bathroom."

"Why don't I feel like that's the truth?" Poof sighed and hung his head in shame.

"Because it's not. I'm sorry, Mom."

"Aha! I knew it! Your father and I has been with Timmy and past godchildren. We know when they're lying, or at least I do. So, where is he really?"

"You promise you won't get mad?"

"I have a feeling I will since you asked me that. It's too late now. Better get it over with, Poof." Poof sighed and told her.

"Timmy wished to be in the game and so I poofed him in." Wanda was horrified by this.

"You what?!

"Why are you so shocked about this? This is what Timmy would do. It's what he's known for."

"You're right. This is Timmy and he would do this. And so I'm not shocked. I'm outraged. You didn't talk him out of it?"

"No, Mom. I'm not you. I did ask if he was sure about this beforehand and he said that he was."

"Come on then. We need to be by the game in case he changes his mind and wishes himself out." Wanda poofed out of the fishbowl. She was back into being a fairy.

"I don't know if he'll change his mind on this right away, Mom. He said that this game was awesome."

"He will and I don't want to miss it if...I mean when, he does. Come on out and wait with me." Poof was shocked about this.

"I can watch this violent game?" Wanda nodded.

"Yes, you can. Now poof out with me before I change my mind." Poof cheered and poofed by her side, he too in fairy form. "Have I ever told you when your parents and Timmy were in a video game before?" Poof was confused.

"No, you didn't."

"It all happened before you were born. Your father had a much more mature voice then." Poof was even more confused.

"What the heck does that mean? You know what? Tell me later. Tell me the story."

"I will later. Right now, we need to get your god brother out of that video game."

"You mean, try to!" Wanda just looked at her son.

"You want to come or not?"

"Oh, most definitely!"

"Then just follow me without complaining!"

"'Kay, but I wasn't complaining."

"Whatever." They looked towards the TV, but Timmy wasn't on screen. "Where's Timmy?" Poof shrugged.

"How the heck should I know? Probably curing some zombies with that doctor guy."

"Well then I guess we'll wait until he's on screen."

"How long will that take?" This time, Wanda shrugged. "No, that could take forever. I have a better idea."

"You do? What?"

"We need to poof in there and get Timmy ourselves."

"Oh no. I'm not letting my baby go in that game with killer zombies."

"Then you go in! Please, Mom. It's the only way. This might be just a one player mode." Wanda sighed. She cracked her knuckles.

"Okay, you can come, but be careful." Poof cheered to himself. "I guess we'll doing this thing then. We're going in." She was about to poof them both in when Poof spoke up suddenly.

"Wait, what about Dad? He won't know where we are."

"Oh, you're probably right. And if he sees this thing on, he'll play it and will most likely screw things up. One of us should stay behind." Poof sighed.

"It'll be me, won't it?" Wanda nodded. "But please, Mom, I'll be absolutely careful. Ou just agreed that I could come. I'm magic so I can…"

"Poof, no arguments. Plans change, sometimes in an instant. We don't have time for that. I'm going and that's that." Poof sighed.

"Fine!" Wanda kissed him.

"Thanks for understanding."

"Mom, you're procrastinating. Just go. I'll watch Dad and make sure he behaves himself."

"Love you."

"Love you, too." Wanda poofed into the game. Poof watched his mother on screen as she flew off somewhere.

Timmy pinned down every zombie that came their way as Dr. Carter stabbed the syringe into their necks, making them scream for a second before relaxing and going back to normal. The now returned citizens all stood back up, thanked Timmy and the doctor and went on their ways.

"Are you getting tired of this kid?" Ken asked with hope. "Do you want to go back home to your parents? 'Cause you probably should."

"Are you kidding!?" Timmy said. "I'm having way much fun to go home now. I'll never get tired of this." Dr. Carter sighed.

"But aren't your parents worried?" Timmy sighed.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Ken smiled. "I'll go home after a few more zombies."


"Yeah, whatever." Ken turned serious for he knew it that the kid was lying.

"I need you to look me in the eyes, kid. Do you absolutely promise me?" Timmy looked Ken in the eyes.

"Yeah, I absolutely promise. Five more."

"Okay." Timmy then panicked as he saw a zombie heading towards Ken.

"Dr. Carter, look out" But it was too late. The zombie tackled Ken to the ground, He fought with the zombie as the syringe flew out of his grasp in the bushes nearby.

"I need you to go in the bushes kid and retrieve that syringe!"

"I'm on it!" Timmy went into the bushes and found the syringe right away. He held it up. "I got it!"

"Good job! Now stab the syringe into the zombie's neck." Timmy was shocked.

"What?! But that'll mean getting close to it."

"I know. I would do it, but I'm preoccupied at the moment."

"But...but…" Timmy began to shake with fear. "I'm used to curing zombies when I was playing in the real world controlling you, not in here with me inside of the game, where it all seems real and the zombie could kill me."

"Oh, don't tell me that you're chickening me out on me now? You said that you wanted to do this with me. You are tackling them without a sweat, so why now?"

"I did...but….but...I'm sorry. I'm too scared. I know I'm tackling zombies like a pro, so me chickening out isn't making sense. But I still can't do it. I can't explain it, I just can't. Can you do it?" Dr. Carter sighed and muttered to himself. He managed to kick the zombie off of him and stood up like a bolt.

"Give me the syringe, kid." Timmy looked at him and handed it over.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Carter."

"I know you are. Don't worry. This'll all be over soon." Dr. Carter looked at the zombie that was charging back at him, he charged at the monster as well and stabbed it with the syringe. The zombie returned to normal. Timmy gasped. The woman looked like Mrs. Turner.


"What did you say, kid?" The woman asked him. "I have no children." The boy shook himself and realized she was right. It wasn't his mom at all.

"Sorry." The woman left. Timmy sighed as he watched her go. "Dr. Carter? I know I promised five more zombies, but I like to go home now." Ken pretended to be disappointed.

"Aw, man, really?" He faked. "Are you sure? I feel like you and I were having fun and bonding. Weren't you having fun and weren't we bonding?" Timmy nodded.

"We were. I had the most fun that I had my entire life, but I'm also a little boy who fears for my life. I like to bond with my parents now if you don't mind."

"Well if you really want to, I guess I can't stop you. Okay. You can go home. Uh, where exactly is your home?"

"Out there in the real world in Dimmsdale, California."

"I still don't know what you mean. Is that a real place?" Timmy was about to say something when he heard Wanda's scream. "Wanda?!" He gasped and ran towards her scream. "Wanda!" Ken ran after the boy.

Timmy stopped in his tracks when he saw the frightening sight of a zombie on top of his fairy godmother. Her wand laid a few feet before them. "Wanda!"

"Help me!" Wanda screamed. Timmy picked up the wand and was about to make a wish.

"I wish…" He began.

"No!" Wanda cried. "You can't work my wand. Only I can."

"But how can I save you then?" Ken stopped behind him.

"Allow me." He said. He was about to attack the zombie with the syringe when a second zombie that seemed to come out of nowhere, tackled Ken to the ground, Ken dropped the syringe. Timmy gasped.


"You're on your own, kid. You know what to do."

"But I can't! I'm scared remember? And this is even worse, now there are two zombies that I have to deal with, not just one." Ken sighed as he tried to fend of the zombie, but couldn't.

"I can't kick this zombie off. It's stronger then the last. You'll have to be brave and do it."


"Kid, you have to learn how to face you fears."


"Timmy!" Wanda shouted.

"Kid!" Ken shouted as well. The zombie picked up Wanda by the shirt. Wanda tried to fly away, but couldn't. The zombie then slashed her on the cheek. The zombie then threw her on the ground. It was about to body slam on her when Timmy grew determined.

"NO ONE MESSES WITH MY FAIRY GODMOTHER!" Timmy screamed as he charged towards the zombie. The zombie looked as Timmy threw the syringe into its neck. The zombie screamed and tumbled to the ground. The zombie then turned human again. Timmy grabbed the syringe and did the same thing to the other zombie. It too returned to normal.

"Thanks, sport." Wanda thanked her godson.

"Don't mention it." He just said. "I'm just glad that you're okay. You're my one ticket home. Oh yeah, here's your wand." He gave her her wand back.

"Mom? Dad?" Ken asked when the now humans stood back up. He smiled as he hugged them both. "Mom, Dad! I thought I'd never see you guys again!" The parents smiled and hugged their son back.

"We never thought that we'd see you again." Mr. Carter admitted. "We were mad that you became a zombie hunter because of your deceased mentor."

"But now we know it was to cure people of this awful virus." The mom concluded. "And we couldn't be any prouder then we are now." Ken had happy tears in his eyes.

"I love you, Mom and Dad."

"We love you, too." The parents said at the same time.

"And I know that I haven't been spending much time with you guys. But I promise that'll change whenever all of the zombies have been cured."

"We can hardly wait." Mrs. Carter spoke.

"Well, this is a beautiful reunion and all." Timmy began. "I'm going to go home now." Ken looked at Timmy, as well as his parents.

"Thanks for overcoming your fear and saving me." Ken thanked him, "I know it wasn't easy. It never is, but you did it. You must feel so proud of yourself."

"Yeah, well, it helps knowing that your loved one is in danger. Did that come out wrong? I feel like it did."

"Not at all. I know what you mean. Love ones are important and we'll do anything to keep them safe, even if it means taking down a mob of bloodthirsty zombies."

"No kidding." Dr. Carter then noticed a pink rabbit beside him and was confused. "Where is she?"

"Where is who?"

"That short lady with pink swirly hair with wings and floating crown above her head? She probably should be checked out at the hospital."

"She probably is on her way there now." Ken was about to add something when Timmy beat him to it. "I know my way. I saw it before I bumped into you. I can get there myself." Ken grinned.

"Glad to hear it, kid. Now, bye-bye! I'm going to keep saving lives and spend some quality time with my parents like you should."

"Will, do! Goodbye, Dr. Carter." And with that, the doctor left with his parents. Timmy turned to Wanda. "Let's go home, Wanda. I wish for us to get out of this video game and back into my bedroom." Wanda raised up her wand as it glowed.

"Wish granted, Sport." The two poofed back into Timmy's room and Wanda was once again a fairy.

"You two are back and all in one piece!" Poof observed as he and his mom hugged.

"And I'm glad to be out of there." Wanda admitted. "So, any troubles with your father?"

"He did try to play." Poof admitted, but I told him not to and now he's playing a board game by himself or trying to anyways, or doing who knows what." They all looked at Cosmo who was poofing from one side of the board to the other.

"I have 19999, illegal, I mean, legal, unicorns." He said. Poof. "Hey, you can't have that many and unicorns didn't exist in the 12th century America, maybe Scotland because they are the symbol of that nation, but not here." Poof. "Oh yeah? Show me proof. Poof. "Uh, I can't. It's not the 21st century. Poof. "Oh yeah, good point. Here's your bag back." He then saw that Wanda and Timmy were back. "Oh hey, Timmy. Hey, Wanda. Want to play? I just gave myself 19999 unicorns to myself." He laughed to himself. "They were all illegal. I fooled myself. Sucker! But shhh, don't tell myself that."

"Sure!" Timmy said, which surprised his godfather.

"Really? You're not going to play your violent T rated video game?" Timmy nodded.

"I played too much. I'd rather spend time with you guys now."

"Awe, you're going to lose you know."

"Not if you lose first."

"Dream on!" Wanda cleared her throat first. Timmy looked up at her as she pointed to the TV.

"Turn the power off first to save electricity." Timmy sighed.

"Fine, I would say that it was alright, but whatever. I don't want to argue." He went to turn off the system and the TV. Wanda smiled.

After the game, Timmy wrote a letter to Chloe and Sparky. He then went down to put it it the mailbox outside.

"Timmy," His mother said to him. "Vicky's coming over to babysit while your father and I are going to do some errands."

"Can I come with you and you cancel on Vicky?" Timmy asked. Both of his parents were shocked.

"Really? We're just going grocery shopping and a few other places. We were going to eat at a restaurant and order takeout for you since you'll be upstairs on your game."

"Nonsense! I'll just get this letter in the mailbox and we can go. If it means being away from Vicky, the better! Not that, I don't like her to come over because I do. I just want to give her a break as well as for my video game playing." Mr. and Mrs. Turner were touched by this.

"Giving your babysitter a well deserved break from babysitting as well as spending quality time with your parents! How thoughtful!" Mr. Turner tried hard not to cry. He sniffed sadly.

"I'm not crying, you are!" He then broke out sobbing. "Okay I am, but I can't help it! See? Grown men can cry. I'm doing it right now!" As Timmy's mom comforted her crying husband, Timmy continued his way outside to the mailbox. Timmy then saw his friends, Chester and AJ drive past on their bikes.

"Hey, guys!" He greeted. "What do you guys have plans for besides riding your bikes?"

"Well, we were going to ask you if you wanted an extra ticket for that Catman movie." AJ stated. "But then we remembered that you would rather play that video game all day then hang out with your friends."

"Are you kidding me?" Timmy said. "I would love to see the latest Catman movie with your guys. I'm just going to hang out with my parents first." Chester and AJ looked at each other, then back at Timmy.

"Uh, sure! Just give us a call on when you get back."

"Will do, guys!" He watched as his friends pedal away and he slipped the letter into the mailbox. The boy then walked back to his house.

Timmy was planning to give his thumbs a well deserved break from video game playing. He was doing it for his friends, family and for his overall health. He loved video games and always will, but he loves his friends and family more and will try his hardest to not take them for granted ever like that ever again, but knew that he probably will.