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Boiling Isles Darkest Night

Prologue: A Darkness Mage Comes to the Isles

Denver, CO. 1984

At a drive-in in Denver, Colorado there is a pale twenty-year-old whose brunet hair is a black coffee brown with eyes of a silvery blue with a face of not sleeping for months and having the look of misery. The young man's name is Isaac Nacht and he is going through a miserable existence.

Just at his third birthday both his parents were killed at the same time in different locations. His mother Abigale died from a robbery gone wrong at the grocery store and his father was killed when he was driving home when a drunk driver made a head on collision with his car.

The only person who was watching little Isaac while the parents were gone was his neighbor Michael who turned on the TV for him to watch Pink Panther. Once Michael received a phone call about the dreadful news it became the start of the nightmare that is Isaac's life.

He was moved from orphanages to foster homes and with each one being worst then the last with bullies in both school and in the orphanage. In the foster homes it was worst when the adults that run them were abusive and hateful.

Even if he tried to stand up for himself it made things even worst for him because the moment, he talks back he gets beaten to the point of having a broken limb. The only things that kept him from going into madness was his fantasy books that he loves to read in the local library.

It was his only forms of escape that kept him from falling apart and after graduating his closest thing to a friend is the local librarian name Maryann who gave him his favorite fantasy novels this was possibly the last time he will ever meet see his pal again. Then Isaac walk with only his high school diploma where almost every job available but all of them rejected him for his lack of education until that drive-in takes him.

He spend a good majority of years working their cooking the burgers and manning the register but all of it was not good enough for his boss who is the worst boss in his life who antagonizes him each and every day. He even does the graveyard shift at the city morgue where he can have peace and quiet while feeling at home with the recent dead in fact he feels like he is one of those dead bodies as well.

During those years while Isaac occasionally dozes off he was having these strange dreams where he stood on a platform made of stained glass with trials that involved with a sword, shield, and a wand. Those dreams gave him a small smile thinking that the books he reads were finally giving him his escape but sadly he has to wake up to the real world where things are terrible for him.

The next night he face some black creatures but all they do is simply stand looking at him with their lifeless yellow eyes that is when Isaac felt a small tug in his chest and apparently he can control the shadow creatures like they were his puppets that gotten him to smile but if only he has that ability to do that to his abusive boss.

His boss is a demon taken human form where he makes fun of Isaac's appearance calling him Dracula or corpse and what makes it worst, he takes a sum of Isaac's pay for his gambling nights with his poker friends. Right now, in 1984 he is twenty and he looks like he is about to give up his life.

Before it was time to close Isaac was given a call from the morgue saying that he earned the night off so he can sleep which he very thankful for. Usually Isaac is the last one to leave while locking the door to the kitchen and heads toward the next-door motel which is his only apartment that he can afford. Once he gets inside, he cleanses his body with only one bar of soap, brushes his teeth and head to his bed.

Before going to sleep Isaac looks at the ceiling of his room and prayed to anyone to get him out if this world where he could have a new life and be somebody who is not their punching bag. Once Isaac is asleep, he has returned to the stain glass platform but this time a voice spoke out to him in the black void.

You, young child of laughter have been touched by darkness. Beware. For within darkness brings out the worst of what of you inside.

Just when he was about to ask the voice what they meant a black portal appeared at his feet and Isaac sank into the darkness and once Isaac is out of sight the voice spoke one more sentence.

What was once broken shall soon be whole once more.

Boiling Isles

Isaac startles wakes up to the sound of a high-pitched roar and what he found himself is that he was sleeping on a dirt road in the middle of a forest. He looks around his surroundings and by the looks of the forest he can see that he is no longer in his world due the fact that he see a griffon flying across the sky and rock formations that look like bones above the mountains.

That is when Isaac hears galloping, he looks down the road and see a carriage being drawn by centipede like creatures pulling it while running towards him. Not enough time dodge Isaac braced for in the coming impact.

The people controlling the creatures pulls back the rope to slow down the carriage to a stop right in front of Isaac.

"You their peasant step aside and bow when you are at the presence of the Emperor," said the coachman wear a bird like mask.

Then a quiet yet demanding voice spoke through the carriage, "What is the holdup coachman we have meetings to attend to."

"Not to worry my liege it just a simple peasant being at the wrong place at the wrong time as usual. Step aside and bow," said the coachman replying to what Isaac may know is that the Emperor of this land is inside that carriage and being ordered again to move out of its way.

Isaac is still trying to process what is happen around but that was interrupted with a punch to the by one of the guards.

"Disobeying orders is a punishable offence young one," said the guard making a circle in the air in which made a flaming sword appear on their hand.

"And the punishment is death."

Isaac too weak to fight back but struggled anyway the moment his bare hand touch the flame sword wielding guard's face he felt a surge of energy like he take a good thirty minute power nap and the guard feeling tired all of a sudden dropped the flame sword stepping away from the hand.

"What did you do to me," said the guard before other guards were about to punch Isaac due to the thought if this commoner being a threat.

"Enough," said the cold voice which all the guards stopped what they were doing.

"Bring that young man to me," ordered the voice.

"Yes, Emperor Belos," said the guards dragging Isaac to the carriage door and forcing him to kneel.

The only thing Isaac is seeing so far is just the dirt that the road is made of so he does not know what is happening around him but at the sound of two steps taken Isaac can make out a white fabric in his peripheral vision.

"This guy maybe a priest of some sort," thought Isaac to himself.

"Lift your head," ordered the cold voice and when Isaac did looking up from the white robe to the emperor's head which from the feet up this guy's clothing looks similar to a pope with a gold-like armor padding covering their chest and shoulders while his face is covered with a golden mask with both a beak pointed down to his chest and at the top of the mask are two antlers.

Isaac would have a face of awe if it were not for the piercing blue eyes through the mask's eye holes giving a look similar to seeing a demon ready to take his soul with his hand reaching to his face.

Scared Isaac did not look away from to not invoke his wrath that is when the emperor grabbed his face looking at each cheek while seeing Isaac's round ears and finally looking at the twenty-year old's eyes.

Right now, seeing the glowing blue eyes looking at his silver blue eye Isaac feel a cold wave flowing inside his soul until something stopped it just right at his chest which somehow peaked the Emperor's interest.

"Most interesting. Let him go," said Belos to his guards which surprised them.

"But Emperor-"

"Are you defying my orders," asked the emperor in a voice so cold like back in Colorado during winter.

"N-no. No sir," said the guard lowering their head.

"Good. Now come with me human I have both information and an offer to give," said Belos getting back inside the carriage while the guard let go of Isaac and takes a step back.

Isaac is having a hard time processing all this at first, he was about to kill by royal guard for not bowing and now this world's monarch wants to talk to me. This is becoming overwhelming for him.

"Today human," said Belos calmly but Isaac he knows that the emperor is not very patient so he gets inside the carriage taking the available set in front of the emperor whose elbows are resting on his legs with his fingers crossing together to make it look like an x.

Once Isaac is inside the red creature next to Belos twirled their finger making a purple glowing circle in the air which amazes him but got him surprised even further was the carriage's door gained a purple aura and the door slammed by itself. The carriage continued with their path with the guards behind them.

It has been a minute, and no one spoken a word or even cause any form of action during the ride. Isaac grows anxious from the silence granted he is very thankful for the emperor stopping the guards do anything worse to him.

"First order of business," began the emperor breaking the silence.

"I would like to extend my apologies for what my guards have done you. As the Isles Emperor I have gained a certain number of enemies, enemies who would do their best to end my royal rein if that is understood?"

Isaac cannot pick the appropriate words as a response to the emperor's kindness, so he simply nods his head.

"Good and now I have a proposal for you human and by observing you I see magic flowing inside you. Without a bile sac to help you," what the Belos says surprises the red creature with their yellow eye widening but they do not say another word to not cause any problems.

"The offer I will be giving you is a once in a lifetime opportunity with a time limit as well. I am offering you a place in my Coven where you can have a roof over your head, food to eat, and be given an education on how to use your magic to it greatest levels. Sounds fair human," said the emperor's offer.

Isaac has gotten curious about how the emperor knows how he is homeless, so he asks, "How do you know I was homeless?"

"Ah, the human does speak, good. To answer your question I can see that you were put through the worst things in life that and I have seen people your age having more meat on their bones then you as of now with the added fact that if you lean back right now you will fall asleep," said the Belos's observations.

"Well…you are not wrong and it is true life back "home" has not been fair to me to be brutally honest back there is nothing but an endless nightmare for me," said Isaac while doing finger quotes on home.

"But what do you even mean magic? I did not even casted a spell or what that red creature just did," said Isaac to Belos about magic while the red creature taking offense that description.

Belos points his finger at Isaac saying, "You do possess magic human albeit an odd form of magic in comparison to us witches here in the Boiling Isles. I have you not felt it when you were weakening one of my guards?"

Hearing that question Isaac remember that odd feeling when he touches that one guards face, "As a matter of fact sir I did felt something when I touched that guard's face. I do not know the proper words for it but when my hand touched him, I started to get more energized like I just had a good cup of coffee. Is that what you mean? Uh. Lord Belos?"

"Belos will suffice for the time and yes what you may possess is a similar ability to that of a Greater Basilisk to take the magical energy of other magic users," said the emperor explaining the details of Isaac's ability.

"So I am like a vampire that drains magic that actually sound amazing just thinking about it to be honest but please bear with me but if I agree to your offer wouldn't I be a hazard to your empire? I mean having someone like me with an interesting ability at your side sounds good on paper but look at me," said Isaac gesturing his whole body.

"I am a weakling I never gotten into any fights and that incident with the guard is pretty much the first time I did magic. What if I touched somebody and I killed them? I cannot in good conscious want to do that on accident let alone on purpose," said Isaac.

Belos hummed and hand under his chin then he got a hypothesis to try out, "I had touched your face earlier but why not you touch my hand and see how much damage you can do."

That is when the red creature next to Belos finally said something, "My Emperor you clearly jest. Letting this…this parasite touch your greatness. I will not have it."

"Calm yourself Kikimora this is simply a test and from what I can already tell that by one quick touch will not drain me completely so be at ease," said the emperor easing Kikimora.

Which it worked but she only glares at Isaac and giving a message through her body language saying, "Do anything to him and I will destroy you."

Both the emperor and Isaac continued the test with both their index fingers. Once both fingers touched each other nothing happen. There is no energy going into him and Belos appears fine as will.

"As I thought it would appear that your ability works through skin contact so as long as there is a form of material get between skins nothing will happen. Does that ease your worries Isaac, the human," said the emperor look at the gauntlet that covers his hand.

The got Isaac to calm down and says with a sigh of relief, "Yes and that also means I may need to invest in gloves."

Belos mildly chuckles in amusement, "I believe I got that one covered so Isaac will you accept my offer?"

After a second of thinking a small smile appeared on his face and it was years since after high school that he actually smiled and says, "When and where will we start."

"First thing tomorrow morning and believe me by the end of a year or two you do great here in my kingdom," said Belos happily about Isaac's response and offered his hand to be shaken which Isaac excepted.

Eight years later after that agreement with emperor Belos and Isaac is starting to become quite adapt to his magical abilities. What he learns from the years in the emperor's coven is that his way of accessing through magic is different from the witches and warlocks in the coven. How they got to use their magic is through their biology with the bile sac that is attached to a witch's heart and by first glance at see the sac Isaac spewed his own bile at the closest trash can.

Isaac's use of magic is similar to a towel absorbing water, through his parasitic touch the energy from the magic bile sac get syphoned to Isaac through the cells in his body which apparently thanks to that he a slight regeneration due to the magic energizing his cells to work faster. He tested his touch of other creatures as well when he was out on the field tagging along a senior member of the coven on certain search mission.

To describe Isaac's attire, it similar to the members of the coven but his is a mixture of the colors of blacks and greys with a little extra bit of armor for protection. Isaac wear a black mask with no eyehole on it due to the surprise is that Isaac can see through blindfolds, his eyelids, and even the dark. This ability is starting to make him think that he really is a vampire that and the bed he is sleeping in a use coffin in a cheap price but can blame him for the coffin being soft as memory foam.

At the time he is not on a mission he has gone through intense training in both his physical body and his magic use. Thanks to all the hard-earned work he had gone through Isaac's body changed for the better. Once stood was a lanky young adult close to death both physically and mentally now stands a healthy lightly muscular athlete ready to put up a fight and casting spells.

In his use of magic, Isaac learns shadow manipulation spells where through concentration he can turn a target's own shadow against them by turning into a black binding to detain the target with an added bonus is when Isaac crafted his own wands that allowed him to his shadows into black swords and on occasion shadow whips. This surprises all of the members of the coven including the emperor himself. Spells that control shadows was unheard of in the Boiling Isles and Belos was thinking on having Isaac's shadow magic as the next coven to his nine others but that is a question for future Belos.

In these years of training at first the members either ignore him or pretend he did not exist due to them believing that Isaac was just a commoner who got lucky with the emperor so like before they start bullying Isaac. Too bad for them because thanks to his parasitic touch a few seconds of touching someone's face gets them close to death's doorstep and they left Isaac be out of fear but at least Isaac can finally have some peace.

In days of sparring Isaac fights occasional members but the fights that gets his blood pumping is sparring against warden Wrath due to his shapeshifting arms and fire breathe. Neither of them like each other but thanks to each fight they grew a form of respect for each other. They may never be friends, but they are respectful rivals.

Isaac also became quite famous through the isles due to not just have a unique form of magic at his side but also being a firm but fair officer of the emperor's law and to wild magic using witches as well. Isaac best believe that they are poor fooled individuals that just needs a firm hand to get their heads straight. Thanks to his recent fame he posed for posters and gain a number of fans from his exploits especially at the magic schools through the Isles.

As of today, Isaac is assigned to sign in magic school students who want to participate on joining the emperor's coven with another member of the coven with him. Hexside is the school he is assigned to and on the bright side he knows the principle due to helping his pixie infestation at the school, so he knows where to go at the school.

Throughout the day many students wanted to join and at just half of the day almost all positions to join were filled. Then out of nowhere two redheaded sisters who were begging to join and honestly their enthusiasm puts a smile to his face until the member he is assigned with told them the bad news.

"There is one spot available. You duel tomorrow. The winner will join our rank," said the coven member and the girls left with sour faces.

"You know you should not have to be harsh with those girls," stated Isaac.

"This is the best possible way for one of them to join our ranks and this is a good way to see what these girls can do," said the older member.

Isaac can see the logic, but he still does not like the idea at all. When the day for the duel arrived, the sisters stand at their respect sides of the arena raising their fists signaling that both girls are ready. Both Isaac and the senior member sitting at the rafter to spectate the fight.

Isaac turned to the senior member saying, "If things go too far, I am intervening."

"Fine by me. But at that point forward your actions will be your responsibility," said the senior member with a shoulder shrug.

Just barely a second in the fight and the wild yet not curly haired sister forfeit the fight. What Isaac see from the sister's interactions that the younger one did it for her older sister. Isaac was heart warmed from that action she did for her sister. The one walking away has a good heart she may not get into the emperor's coven today but maybe later in the future she could be a great member.

Then out of nowhere the sister who forfeited started grunting in pain and all of a sudden the little girl turned into some bird like creature by his opinion she looks adorable by Isaac's eyes but to the rest of the crowd they were horrified. They started throwing rocks and garbage at her. Isaac tries to stop them, but his words were told to deaf ears and the little girl turned bird creature ran away.

The curly haired sister attempted to got after her sister but was stopped by one of the senior members congratulating on joining the coven.

"Kid whatever happened to you I will do my best to help you but for now work take priority," said Isaac glumly for the unfortunate sister but now he has to deal with this new recruit.

After Lilith joined the coven Belos assigned her to Isaac as her trainer/ward to get he in good fighting shape. She is fair better than what Isaac has been through but thanks to her help Isaac learns some new spells which are black fire, black lightening, and his personal favorite is his shadow port which is a teleportation spell that works only the day through the use of the shadows.

When night came Isaac heads to his coffin bed going to sleep with a smile on his face being happy to know that Lilith is doing great as his apprentice.

"You know I am happy that my wish came true. Now all I am miss is a wife and I am all set," said Isaac closing both the coffin's lid and his eyes while still smiling when everything fade to black.

I the dark there are a voice of a woman cry and the grunts of struggling by the sounds of an older Isaac with the rattling of chains.

"Gailia, Gailia, look at me. No matter what happens I will everything I can to get you back. I swear it."

"*sniff* *sniff* I know you will. You're too persistent to-. AAaaaah," said the now named Gailia with a sad but hopeful voice only to be cut off by the sound of blast cut her off.

"Gailiaaaaa! *huff* *huff* *growl* Belos, I solemnly oath to end you and your reign as long as I draw breathe. You take everything from me and I will be sure to do the," said Isaac in pure rage.

"*chuckle* I will more than happy to see you try but the one issue is how are you getting revenge when you're dead," said Belos mockingly.

Then the dark void became flashes of red and orange fills the void with the sound of a beam being blasted and searing pain spread across Isaac's face.

Isaac gasped awake looking at his surrounding only to see that he is in the catacombs where Isaac's base of operations takes place.

"Hello sir, I see you are awake…its that dream again isn't it sir," said a man wearing a courts jester costume with hair dyed purple and yellow has a concerning face.

"Yes, but that is my problem not yours. What is it that you need me Connor," said Isaac wearily.

Connor nods his head and says, "Well we found more wild witches who want to the guild sir."

Isaac smile at the news, "Good I will be their momentarily get them situated for my entrance."

Connor nods and heads out of Isaac's room while Isaac gets his mask. His last mask covered only the upper half of his face, but this black sac covers his whole face with no eye holes. Once his puts of his black cloak with a jester mask with the right half of the mask is black with kind joyfulness while the left being white with a sinister look this is the symbol of this organization that Isaac has made.

"Show Time," said Isaac to himself head out of his room to another it is a room full of bunk beds where only one sixteenth of them are occupied by sleeping members and to the next room is similar to a mad scientists laboratory with beakers and fluids being boiled, filled, and stirred to be mad as smoke bombs and other forms of potions.

Then to the room the room that he is needed is a training area that is spacious with training dummies and at the middle of the room are a small group of wild magic users silently talking to each other. Conor notices Isaac's arrival and gives a smile of both joy and excitement.

"Ah, master Night here are the new recruits. Have any words to say to them," asked Conor with both his hands together touching his left cheek while maintaining that smile.

Isaac nods, "I do. Thank puck you may leave."

Conor nods and summersaulted out of the room like an Olympic athlete get the gold medal.

Isaac shakes his head. Conor is a good man, but his excess energy gets tiresome at times. Back to the task at hand Isaac looks back to them group and makes his announcement.

"Welcome lost souls of the isles to the Guild of Court-less Jesters," said Isaac proudly to these newer members.

Isaac is now at his fifties and while he is old, he is well experienced through the everything that the isles. He will use this knowledge and with the help of his fellow members of guild to put an end to the emperor's rule and if he does not succeed on stopping then member someone out their will help his cause while possibly get his wife back.