Veronica and Logan made no effort to get out of bed. They always had the suite to themselves in the morning because Dick was barely around. Partying all night, he was never awake before noon and even then he would only come out to get something to eat, annoy her, then go back to his room to shower and change before heading out to do it all over again. So she took her time with her boyfriend in the mornings. He would call for their breakfast, ask them to leave the cart in the main room before heading off to take a shower. He was the diva in their relationship and spent copious amounts of time in the bathroom. Some mornings she would join him, but usually she would roll over onto his side of the bed reveling in his scent on the sheets, drift back to sleep for a little longer.

It's her stomach that forced Veronica out of bed. She never waited for Logan to emerge from the bathroom. She sauntered out of his room and headed right for the room service cart, lifted the lid off the first dish to find only half the serving of pancakes they usually got. She moved on to the next lid and there were only crumbs of bacon. Another lid revealed remnants of random fruits that used to be her fruit medley. Drops of coffee on the cart and only a single plate? Veronica nibbled on the fruit that was left and poured herself a cup of coffee. It was at that moment, Dick's door opened and he wandered out of his bedroom carrying a coffee cup and an empty dirty plate.

"What are you doing?" Veronica questioned with irritation dripping from her words. Was that the evidence of her missing breakfast?

"Morning Ronnie," he greeted her without answering her question.

"Morning Ronnie? Why are you up before noon and was that my breakfast?" She continued to interrogate him still waiting for an answer to the first question.

Dick looked at the dishes in his hand. "Oh, uh." he stumbled, "I'll call down for more." He picked up the phone and requested another delivery. He gave Veronica a shy smile and rushed back into his bedroom without another word.

An hour later, having satisfied the beast in her belly, her irritation had subsided. When Logan joined her for breakfast he found her cursing Dick, becoming skilled at distracting her from Dick induced rants it wasn't long before they were back to their usual Saturday morning activities. Logan was centered on the couch playing a video game and Veronica was curled up on the end reading. It's one of her favorite ways to spend their mornings together. Rather domestic, not that she liked to think of it that way. Their bubble was invaded when Dick emerged out of his room, plopped down on the couch between them and began to shake his shaggy wet head with a towel, getting water droplets everywhere. Veronica had enough. Unsuccessfully wiping the droplets from the pages of her book she slammed it down on the ottoman and turned to face Dick.

"Are you fucking kidding me Dick?" She yelled at him.

"It's only water, Ronnie." he said, fanning the towel over his head to cover his hair.

"I understand it's instinct for a dog to shake, but couldn't you have done that in your bathroom instead of here in the living room? What is wrong with you?" Her irritation has returned and has now escalated.

"Me? What is wrong with you? I replaced your damn breakfast this morning. Are you PMSing or something?" He vollied back.

Without even thinking about it Veronica reached behind herself, picked up the throw pillow and smacked him with it.

It felt good to hit him. Dick stood up, moving just to the side of the couch. "Hey! Chillax Mars."

"Chillax?" She took a deep breath, taking a stand in front of him, she pointed to his room. "Get out Dick! Go! Back to your bedroom and leave us in peace."

"You can't tell me to leave. I live here." He said despite moving in that direction. Veronica took a few more steps towards him and Dick stopped. "I don't get why Logan can't quit you. You're toxic. Rich. Dude. Kryptonite."

Veronica saw red. She picked up the nearest thing she could grab and threw it at him. The glass vase shattered against his bedroom door. Dick put his hands up in defense and Veronica went to grab the next object within her reach when she was jerked backwards.

"Unnecessary roughness!" Logan announced as he picked her up off the ground, arms and legs flailing as she tried to break free from his grasp.

"Excuse me?" Veronica protested as she tried to get away from Logan. She was not done assaulting Dick Casablancas.

"You are not killing Dick for sport." Logan explained to her as he carried her to the other side of the couch putting as much distance between her and Dick as he could. Logan turned to Dick still holding onto Veronica from behind, trapping her arms to her torso.

"Dick, do you mind giving us a minute?" Logan asked with sincerity in his voice. "Don't leave, just hideout in your room for a bit."

Dick nodded his head and turned, as he pulled his door open the broken glass dragged over the carpet clearing his path. Ignoring it he slammed the door shut behind him.

Once Dick was out of sight Logan relaxed his grip on her but didn't fully let her go.

"Veronica, I'm going to let you go but you need to promise no more violent outbursts."

She took a few deep breaths and relaxed. He loosened his grip a little more and spun her around in his arms. She was still upset but she wasn't as tense.

"You wanna tell me what brought that on?" He brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Dick brought that on. He's an ass!" Another deep breath escaped her.

"I think it's time you two hashed this out." She was about to tell him they were before he stepped in, but he continued, "Not a grudge match, more of a verbal sparring."

"That's not going to be much of a contest." she half joked. Logan ignored her and called for Dick to return.

"Sit. Both of you on opposite ends of the couch." Veronica walked around the edge of the couch and sat down. Dick walked across the room and flopped down on the other end of the couch. Logan walked to the spot of equal distance between the two of them and sat on the ottoman facing both of them.

"Okay, Dick, there is something you need to know, but it's not mine to tell." he turned to Veronica, "You have to tell him Veronica." Logan reached behind Veronica and grabbed a pillow. "You can only talk if you have the pillow. No talking while it's the other person's turn." Logan looked back and forth between the two of them, then handed the pillow to Veronica. "Okay?" He asked. Neither of them respond to him. "At no time will you react violently towards each other." Logan's voice was deep and stern toward the end of that statement.

"What if one of us does react, violently?" Dick asked as he glanced at Veronica.

Logan sat quietly for a minute before he answered. "You're red carded and you get a cool down in opposite rooms" He stated, pointing to each bedroom. "Agreed?" He asked.

They barely glanced up at each other before they both nodded their agreement. Logan, already looking at the two of them for acknowledgment, nodded as well.

"Okay Veronica, you're first. Talk." Veronica played with the corner of the pillow. She didn't want to get into this. She didn't think Dick deserved to know the reasons she was so angry with him.

"Veronica, tell him what happened." Logan wasn't going to let this go. She looked to Logan then back to the pillow in her arms.

"You treated me like shit in high school." She started off easy. She looked up at Dick and tossed the pillow to him.

Dick had a look of bewilderment on his face. "Seriously? So did Logan." He gripped the pillow, twisted it in his grasp. "Who cares, that was high school. If we're gonna hash the past, you wrecked my surfboard." Dick tossed the pillow back to her.

Logan nudged her knee with his. Veronica didn't want to tell him about that night so she continued to be vague. "You treat women like sexual play things." The pillow flies back to Dick.

"How is any of that relevant to you? It's not like I did it to you. They are all willing participants." Dick tossed the pillow at Logan, "This is bullshit."

Veronica watched as Logan sighed and turned towards her. He leaned forward, elbows rested on his knees, he offered her the pillow. "You need to tell him V. You can't keep punishing him for something he has no clue even happened."

"Yes I can." She stated matter of factly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dick asked, confused.

Veronica felt Dick fidget, his foot bouncing, but refused to look at him. This whole situation was pointless because he didn't care. He doesn't understand his actions had consequences. He doesn't get to know that he hurt her. She wrapped herself around the throw pillow.

Logan gripped her wrists, untangled her from the pillow, embracing her hands in his. She refused to make eye contact with him either. Why was he making her do this? Logan gave her a squeeze to get her attention but she wasn't giving in. Then she heard the pain in his voice. "He's my family V. You're my family. The two of you are all I have. I can't keep playing referee." She glanced up at him. "Please?"

She saw the look in his eyes. She knew what was there, but even Logan didn't know the whole story. It was the other reason she chose not to tell Dick about that night. Veronica started to cry. The more she thought about what Logan was asking her to do the worse she felt. Logan remained beside her, his thumbs rubbing the back of her hands. He was patiently waiting her out. Veronica closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she exhaled she glanced over to Dick. He was just sitting there staring at them. Through gritted teeth she told him. "Your brother raped me."

She'd done it. She ripped her hands from Logan's grasp and took off to the bedroom and shut the door, throwing herself on his bed.

She didn't know how long she had been in there. She wasn't even sure when she stopped crying, but she heard a soft knock on the door. Logan must have felt he had left her alone long enough. "Come in." Her voice quivered. She heard the door open and waited to feel his weight on the bed.

"Ronnie?" That wasn't Logan. She pulled the pillow down further under her chin. The last thing she wanted was for him to get close to her but when he spoke again, his voice had kept it's distance.

"I'm sorry. I didn't...I never thought...Shit. It's all my fault. I didn't know. I need you to know that. I'm sorry you paid a penalty because of my fucked up life."

Veronica heard him leave. Not wanting to deal with this anymore she relaxed her hold on the pillow, closed her eyes, then slept.