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Author's Note: This will be an AU story and the characters are OOC. There will also be mentions of canon in this story. This is not a Time-Travel fic, merely one based in the past.

Hermione is a hormonal teenager & Abraxas enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, so there will be quite a few bedroom scenes. Will be MA/R rated (18+).

Rodolphus and Rabastan will be in the same year, this is due to Rodolphus being born after September, just like Hermione was in first year with Harry & Ron. Please remember this is to fit into my story, it's not per canon. Please also note Lucius, in this story has been born in 1951 along with Bellatrix and Hermione. Again, this is to fit into my story and is not per canon.

A/N: A few of the character's birth dates have been changed to fit into the story, not by a large number of years but noticeable enough, however do kindly remember that this story is AU & OOC.

Summary: Follow the adventures of Hermione Dagworth & her friends as they begin their seventh year at Hogwarts, find love, suffer heartache & declare themselves to the rising Dark Lord. Hermione will be dark and slightly sadistic and Bellatrix isn't completely nuts. Mentions of Canon Pre-Hogwarts. OOC & AU. The story begins in the year 1968.

Chapter 10

A day after they'd arrived back at Hogwarts saw Hermione, Bellatrix and Rodolphus walking along the hallway toward the Great Hall from their last class of the day when they see Andromeda in a lip lock with one Ted Tonks. Rodolphus grabs at Ted's robe and pulls him away from Andromeda, "What do you think you're doing? She's a respectable pureblood, not some lowly mudblood like you." Raising his hand, he smacked Ted again and again, only stopping when the other boy's lip had split. Bellatrix and Hermione had rounded on Andromeda after the first four smacks Ted received, both witches sporting angry expressions, "How dare you lower yourself to a mudbloods level!" Hermione leaned in close, holding Andromeda's arms tightly as she yelled at her.

"What do you think father would do if he found out about this Andy?!" Andromeda turned her angry eyes on her sister, "I don't care!" A loud screech filled the empty hallway and was followed by a resounding slap, "Well you should! He'll beat you; Merlin knows how badly you need a good beating by father for this insolent behaviour. You'd be lucky if he did beat you, the worst that he could inflict upon you would be to disown you and that would be devastating to our family, so you had better pull yourself towards yourself Andromeda." Andromeda in a fit of anger hits Hermione in the face, splitting her lip from the force of her punch. She then swings for Bellatrix but is stopped when Bellatrix smacks her instead. Hermione pulls Bellatrix back and tells Andromeda to sod off.

Bellatrix yells at Andromeda as she grabs Ted's arm pulling him away from Rodolphus, "You better start changing Andromeda or father is going to lose his temper with you." Ted and Andromeda hurry away from the three Slytherins, Bellatrix stews silently as she glares after her sister, only turning to look at Rodolphus when she feels him loop his arm around her waist, pulling her into his side as he drops a kiss to her head, "Stop stressing Bells, we've got time." She merely huffs in annoyance; her heated glare being redirected back to the retreating form of her sister. "She's going to pay dearly for her insolence, I guarantee it." Hermione comes to rest at her side, placing her hand upon her shoulder before squeezing it, "Rod is right Bella, we have time to fix this. Let's continue on our way to get dinner so we can put this horrid day behind us." Rodolphus gave his thanks to her in the form of a gentle smile and a squeeze of her shoulder, Bellatrix had her head resting against his shoulder as they walked down the corridor to where the Great Hall sat.

Hermione sat next to Lucius during their Potions class a few days later, both were listening to Professor Slughorn as he explained the properties of the Draught of Living Death, "The Draught of Living Death brings upon its drinker a very powerful sleep that can last indefinitely. This draught is very dangerous if not used with caution..." He looked around the room before continuing, "This is an extremely dangerous potion. Execute with maximum caution should you attempt to use it." Hermione wrote a few notes as the ingredients appeared on the blackboard along with the instructions on how to properly brew the potion. "'Mione, I've been meaning to speak with you, would you mind joining me for a stroll by the Black Lake after class?" Lucius waited until Hermione acknowledged his request with a quick nod of her head.

When Professor Slughorn had set them to work on creating the potion, he walked between the desks to observe the students' work. Correcting a few of the potion's that would have become hazardous if not cleared, he finally reached Hermione and Lucius' desk, peering into their cauldrons and finding them close to complete. Hermione's potion was turning a darker shade of lilac whereas Lucius' was slightly lighter and soon Professor Slughorn saw both their brews turn clear. "Excellent, now let's see if they're successful." He dropped a leaf into each cauldron and was satisfied to see them partially dissolve, "Good work Mr Malfoy, Miss Dagworth. Of course, I've not seen a student create the perfect brew but you both have done a sterling job, ten points to each of you." Lucius smiled and thanked the Professor, beginning to clear his portion of their work station, Hermione following his lead shortly thereafter.

The two of them walked along the corridor heading toward the Black Lake, "My mother has decided to marry the wizard she's been involved with for years…" Hermione looked at him and noted how he had a resigned look upon his face, "And how does that make you feel?" He turned to face the Lake with a soft sigh, "Honestly, I don't know…" Hermione moved to stand next to him, "Are you happy for her or not?" He nodded, his long hair falling into his face, "I am." She placed her hand upon his forearm and squeezed it gently. Breathing in deeply, she readied herself to tell him of her and his father, "There's something else I wanted to ask you." She paused, waiting for him to speak again, "This is a little harder for me…" She waited patiently for him to find his thoughts and re-centre himself, "It's regarding my father." Hermione felt herself freeze, watching as Lucius turned to face her, his eyes filled with nothing but thoughtful curiosity.

"I have a feeling that he's been seeing someone…" She gave nothing away, her eyes carefully guarded and mind blank, "Are you and my father a couple?" She felt her throat constrict, shifting with anxiety, she lifted her honey eyes to his silvery blue ones. A slow and cautious nod of her head, "Yes." His slow exhale and lack of response had her feeling nervous until he suddenly engulfed her body with a hug. His arms tightened around her shoulders as he rested his head atop her head, "Lucius?" He pulled away gently and gave her a soft smile, "My reaction must have made you feel a bit strange…" Hermione nodded slowly, "I apologise, I'm just glad it's you and not some other witch that we don't know." Hermione frowned, "How can you be so calm about this? I thought for sure that you'd be so angry with me that you'd not want to speak with me again." He chuckled, "'Mione, I'm that oblivious to my surroundings. I noticed how you both look at each other, how you interact with one another…" She blew out a puff of air and rubbed at her eyes, "I didn't understand at first but over Christmas break it finally made sense and everything clicked."

Hermione turned to face the castle, her mind whirling with her thoughts, she was confused beyond belief at how accepting he was, when he was so angry and upset over Christmas about the divorce. "Are you alright?" She turned at the sound of his voice, "I'm so confused…" He looked at her, "How can you be so accepting of this? You were so angry over Christmas with your parents divorce and yet you are practically jumping for joy at the confirmation of my relationship with Abraxas." He listened to her as she rambled, he understood how she would question his reaction, after all he had behaved horribly the night he was informed of his mother's departure from the Manor. "'Mione, I'm honestly alright with you and my father being together, you are a great witch and my best friend and if he makes you happy then I'm happy for you. I've had enough time to come to terms with this and I can swear to you that I've accepted your relationship."

Hermione felt her eyes fill with tears, turning away from him so that he couldn't see her, she desperately tried to wipe them away but he'd seen and had already begun to pull her into an embrace once more, "Thank you Lucius, you've no idea how I've struggled with this secret. Abraxas has been thinking of telling you for a while now but I've been so scared of your reaction." He chuckled and pulled her tighter against his chest, rubbing soothing circles on her back, "There will be a formal announcement on the latest update but we are also engaged." He pulled away from her to look into her eyes, smiling broadly, "The congratulations, when will the formal announcement be?" She shook her head and sniffled, "I don't know yet, your father will inform me when he's made up his mind." Lucius hugged her again before pulling away, "I'm truly happy for you 'Mione." She smiled, her eyes shining with joy and thanked him for his understanding and acceptance.

By mid-January, classes were fully underway and students were beginning to fall back into their usual groove. The seventh years were also starting to study later into the nights in preparation for their N.E.W.T's and thus finds Hermione with her nose buried inside a book in the library, Lucius and Corban Yaxley alongside her. As Lucius stands up to collect another book for his Charms assignment, they hear the sounds of laughter filter across the large room. Hermione and Corban look up and over to where the noise had come from with matching frowns, "Such disrespect." Hermione mutters, eyes falling back to her assignment. Corban followed Lucius to collect another book himself when a small group of third years came stumbling past their small area. Hermione looked up when an even louder sounded resounded around them, only this time it was in the form of one highly energised and loud dark-haired witch, "Bellatrix, shut up before you get us kicked out." Corban hissed on his way past her.

"Piss off Yaxley, I'm not in the mood." Dark eyes swivelled to where Hermione sat, "Pet, I need help before I murder my own flesh and blood." Hermione could see the burning anger in her eyes and so immediately began packing away her books. Hurrying after Bellatrix's retreating frame, Hermione caught up to her breathing hard, "What's happened this time?" Bellatrix paused and turned to face Hermione, "I caught that filthy pig with his hand down her pants, she even had the audacity to tell me to piss off when I threatened to remove his dirty hands." Hermione's jaw dropped and she turned at the sound of Rodolphus' booming voice, "Bella, did you see what that dirty mudblood has been doing to Andy?!" Bellatrix turned around and hissed, "I've seen enough, I'm going to kill him!" Hermione tried to calm the situation by first clearing her throat and then speaking, "I think we need to keep Andy with us at all times, perhaps Lord Riddle would have a better way of dealing with her?"

Her honey eyes land on Bellatrix who narrows her own, "No." Hermione's eyebrows raise, "But Bella…" Bellatrix shakes her head, "I said no…" Hermione turns her gaze upon Rodolphus who shrugs, "Bella, Lord Riddle will sort her out…" Bella glares at Hermione, "And I said no, she's my sister and I'll do everything I can to protect her and I will not have Lord Riddle touch her until we've separated her from that filthy scum." Hermione sighs and rubs her forehead with a gentle shake of her head. Rodolphus in a way to calm Bellatrix, begins to rub a line up and down her spine, kissing her atop her head again. "It's merely a suggestion love, Lord Riddle will be a last resort. I too wish to destroy that mudblood but we must be careful whilst in school." Bellatrix turns her head to face Rodolphus which prompts him to place a loving kiss to her forehead before he pulls her into a tight hug. Hermione watches as Bellatrix visibly sags against Rodolphus' body, mumbling as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Okay, fine but I swear if I find them together again, I will cause them to bleed."

Hermione's and Rodolphus' eyes meet and they share a knowing smirk, "I can feel you smirking." Their chuckles echoed out around the corridor at Bellatrix's mumbled words only to be interrupted by Andromeda and Sirius' voices, "She then tells him that she'll take his hands from him if he doesn't stop touching me, I swear Sirius, she's becoming more insane with each passing month." They came to a stop when they saw three furious seventh years glaring at them. "You crazy lunatic! How dare you threaten Andy and her boyfriend!" Sirius ever the Gryffindor immediately started yelling at Bellatrix. Rodolphus steps forward and glares menacingly at the younger wizard, "Careful to whom you speak blood traitor." The sounds of shoes on stone echoed around them as James Potter and Lily Evans appear, "Ah look at this Roddy, the mudblood and the blood traitor have decided to join the party." Hermione said with a snarl.

Bellatrix was glaring holes into Sirius and Andromeda's heads, Rodolphus slipped his arm over her shoulder, pulling her into his side. "Such a shame that two members of the Noble House of Black are sullying their great name with such riff-raff." Hermione muttered as she moved to stand beside Bellatrix. Bellatrix and Rodolphus both nod in agreement. "Why don't you dirty dark magic lovers sod off, we don't need you sullying our purity with your rot!" Hermione laughs loudly at Sirius as does Rodolphus but Bellatrix was the one whose cackling had the small hairs at the nape of their necks stand on end. "You?! Pure…" Bellatrix cackles even louder, "You're reaching for the stars Sirius!" Hermione was shaking with her laughter but managed to speak her thoughts, "You have a warped sense of purity Sirius…" Rodolphus looked at Evans as he spoke the next words. "You are aware that you have a mudblood in your midst or has that brain been so badly addled?"

"What brain Roddy, that buffoon doesn't have a brain in that thick skull of his." Bellatrix growled just as James jumped forward to defend his best friend and Rodolphus moved forward in an intimidating way, a deadly glare aimed right at him. "We have purer magic than any of you put together Lestrange!" Hermione shook her head and snorted, "Potter, you wouldn't know pure magic if it slapped you in the face." Sirius jumped forward pointing his finger in her face, "You have no right to speak to my friend like that Dogworth!" Hermione battered his hand away from her face and sneered at him, Bellatrix moved forward with the intention of hitting Sirius but Rodolphus stopped her. "Don't speak to your superior that way Sirius, you have no right and neither does Andy. The both of you lost that right when you began screwing the enemy, you're practically mudbloods yourselves!" Andromeda pulled herself to her full height and glared at her sister, "Better a blood traitor than an insane blood supremacist!"

Hermione and Rodolphus both grabbed Bellatrix by the arms, her shriek still reverberating off the walls. When Andromeda and Sirius had moved away, taking James and Lily with them, this of course left a furious Bellatrix. "Let me go!" Hermione released her but Rodolphus pulled her into his front and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly. "Calm down Bella, now is not the time." Her hisses and snarls got louder and louder the longer he held her, "We need to get to the Room of Requirement, Bella needs to let off steam Rod." He nodded in agreement with Hermione's words. Together they began leading Bellatrix toward the upper floors so that she could release her anger upon the Room of Requirement. After a few more minutes, they reached the seventh floor, Hermione walked in front of the empty wall three times and soon after they were entering the room that held practice dummy's that were Andromeda and Sirius look-a-likes. Bellatrix was quick to fire off a blasting curse which was followed by a Reducto and then an Incendio, she fired off spell after spell, curse after curse until she tired herself out.

Days had passed since the incident and soon Hermione was seated alongside her fellow housemates for the second last Quidditch match of the year, Slytherin vs Hufflepuff and so far, Rabastan had been hit twice in the back by the other teams bludgers, Slytherin led by thirty points. Hermione was yelling for her friends as they flew around the pitch, Hufflepuff had possession of the quaffle, Bellatrix hot on their tails. "Go Bella! Go Bella!" Hermione screamed, hands over each side of her mouth to increase the volume. Storm clouds had begun rolling in, rain beginning to pelt the grounds just as Hufflepuff scored their thirteenth point. Hermione continued to yell for Bellatrix and the others on their house team. "Hufflepuff scores another ten points, that puts them in the lead by twenty points."

Hermione and the rest of their house began chanting for Slytherin, "Bellatrix takes possession of the quaffle, swooping in low to avoid Charlie… That's gotta hurt" Hermione along with the rest of Slytherin house all gasp when they see Bellatrix land and roll along the soaked grounds of the pitch. Her scream pierced the air when she pushed off from the ground, limping to her broom and re-mounting it to get back into the game. Bellatrix flew into the Hufflepuff that had knocked her from her broomstick, shoving him when he reached for the quaffle. Rodolphus and Rabastan both knocked a bludger away from Lucius and Bellatrix. The rain became heavier which made the match all the more dangerous but this did nothing to stop Bellatrix from flying with aggression toward the goal posts, her arm looped around the quaffle, Lucius hot on her trail.

Hermione watched as the Slytherin and Hufflepuff seekers flew past after the snitch, her gaze followed them for a few minutes until she focused back on Bellatrix who was throwing the quaffle to Lucius for him to score. When he had the quaffle in hand and turned to throw he missed the goal post as a bludger had careened into his front, knocking him from his broom. His yell sent a chill down Hermione's spine, Rodolphus raced after his rapidly descending form but was too late, Lucius collided with the ground with a horrifying thud leaving the entire student body in shock. "We need Madam Pomfrey on the pitch!" The amplified voice of Rodolphus echoed out around the oval shaped Quidditch pitch. Hermione hurried to the stairs, running as fast as she could to get to the pitch itself. She could hear the voice of Professor McGonagall reverberate through the stands, "The match has been paused momentarily, it will continue once Mr Malfoy has been safely moved to the hospital wing."

Hermione's heart hammered in her chest as she reached the grounds. Madam Pomfrey had begun levitating the stiff form of Lucius with Rodolphus circling the area to make sure no one came too close to the Medi-Witch. Hermione rushed to Madam Pomfrey's side and nodded to Rodolphus, who returned to the Slytherin's further up. "Miss Dagworth? What are you doing here?" Hermione smiled at Poppy, "I'm here to help Madam Pomfrey." Poppy reluctantly nodded and ordered Hermione to begin moving Lucius toward the castle. The two made their way through the dense foliage of the Forbidden Forest and eventually through the hallways of the castle until they reached the infirmary. "Place Mr Malfoy on that bed, I'll begin running the diagnostics. You can collect a pain-relieving potion as well as the Skele-Gro." Hermione nodded and made her way over to the cabinet that held all of the potions for the hospital wing.

After a short while Madam Pomfrey had finished working on Lucius, turning to face Hermione with a small smile, "He'll be just fine, he's very fortunate." Hermione looked at her friend before glancing back to Madam Pomfrey, "What injuries did he sustain?" Lucius lay so still upon the hospital bed that if it weren't for his chest moving, Hermione would have thought him dead. "Well fortunately we got him just as the injury took place, otherwise I'd be sending him to St. Mungo's." Hermione's wide eyes found Poppy's calm ones, "He sustained a few broken ribs and a minor fracture to his sternum but I've fixed him up and now he must rest." Hermione moved over to his bedside, "You can stay for a little while, when I come to check on him again you will need to leave." Hermione shook her head, choosing instead to head back to the common room to await the return of her housemates.

Moving through the corridors until she reached the common room, Hermione moved over to the girl's dorm room, descending the stairs that would lead to her dorm. Walking across the dark wood flooring until she reached her bed, having decided to continue reading about poisons and their different uses… Using Belladonna can be most rewarding when your enemy suffers in their death, of course, it will depend on their state of being when the potion has been administered. Some known cases have been recorded where the victim has a heart rate that is uncontrollably high and some have severe hallucinations… Hermione's body gave an involuntary jerk when her arm spasmed in pain, she jerked again when Lord Riddle's voice filtered into her mind.

"Miss Dagworth, I have contacted you in such a way as I wish to convey my congratulations to you on your engagement to Abraxas. A fine pairing the two of you make with your prestigious family names." Hermione felt her cheeks burn with her embarrassment, replying to him mentally so as to not appear rude. "Thank you Milord, that is most kind of you." His chuckle was all she heard as he retreated from her mind, her forearm burning slightly before the pain dissipated, leaving her a bit confused as to how he'd managed to connect to her mind from such a distance. Looking around the dorm to make sure he hadn't magically appeared, she slowly edged back to her bed. Sitting on the side of the bed, she shook her head, lifting her legs up and stretching out, deciding to close her eyes for a few moments to find some semblance of peace once more.