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Author's Note: This will be an AU story and the characters are OC. There will also be mentions of canon in this story. This is not a Time-Travel fic, merely one based in the past.

Hermione is a hormonal teenager & Abraxas enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, so there will be quite a few bedroom scenes. Will be MA/R rated (18+).

Rodolphus and Rabastan will be in the same year, this is due to Rodolphus being born after September, just like Hermione was in first year with Harry & Ron. Please remember this is to fit into my story, it's not per canon. Please also note Lucius, in this story has been born in 1951 along with Bellatrix and Hermione. Again, this is to fit into my story and is not per canon.

Summary: Follow the adventures of Hermione Dagworth & her friends as they begin their seventh year at Hogwarts, find love, suffer heartache & declare themselves to the rising Dark Lord. Hermione will be dark and slightly sadistic and Bellatrix isn't completely nuts. Mentions of Canon Pre-Hogwarts. OC & AU. The story begins in the year 1968.

Chapter 3

Sitting in the Great Hall the following week, Hermione sat chatting with Lucius and Rodolphus, "So Andy really is getting mixed up with the wrong crowd." Rodolphus muttered rubbing his forehead, "Yeah, the mudblood has somehow warped her mind into believing that he's a real wizard." Lucius glared across the Hall at the mudblood himself, "Mails here." Rabastan called just as a number of owls flew in through the open windows in the ceiling. A small light brown and white barn owl flew down and dropped an envelope in front of Hermione. Pulling the envelope closer, she tore the seal and pulled out the parchment;

My darling,

I hope you are faring well.

Lucius has sent word that next weekend is the first Hogsmeade weekend and I'd like for you to meet me at the Hog's Head Inn on Friday night.

I look forward to seeing you my love.


Smiling to herself, Hermione placed the note back into the envelope and tucked it into her inner robe pocket. "You look really happy 'Mione." Bellatrix spoke as she seated herself next to Hermione, "Mmm Hmm." Patting at her hidden pocket Hermione smiled. Bellatrix leaned closer and whispered in her ear, "Have you got a hot date on the weekend?" A faint tint touched her cheeks and she nodded, "Yeah, he wants me to meet him on Friday night." Whispering back, Hermione looked at Bellatrix who smirked in response.

"I'm pretty sure you're looking forward to that, right?" Hermione nodded and smiled dreamily. Bellatrix covered Hermione's hand with her own, "Come on, let's go. I can see Rab is getting impatient." Smiling at each other, they were soon interrupted. "You two better hurry up or we're going to be late." Rabastan called out to the two witches. Their first lesson was with Professor McGonagall for Transfiguration and they knew if they were late, they'd be in detention before they could say Quidditch.

What felt like an eternity later, they were able to relax for the rest of the afternoon and so the group of five decided to head down to the Black Lake to relax. "So now that we're out of ear shot, I got something to tell you all." Rodolphus said after checking that they were alone. Rabastan smirked and looked at the others, "What is it?" Lucius questioned curiously. "Our Father has introduced us to a new businessman, a wizard who wants to fix our society for the better." Bellatrix leaned forward with interest, "How does he want to do that? What is he wanting to do?"

Hermione waited for Rodolphus to respond but it was Rabastan who replied, "He wants to rid the wizarding society of the riff-raff, destroy the mudbloods and muggles. He's said that when he rules over the Ministry he'll have the blood traitors thrown into Azkaban and will make sure that Hogwarts never allows mudbloods back into its Halls. He is also recruiting followers, wizards and witches that are willing to work for him and his cause." Lucius smirked, Hermione grinned menacingly and Bellatrix was practically salivating as she exclaimed.

"Sign me up! Finally a world without those filthy beasts!" Rodolphus smiled at Bellatrix's enthusiasm, "I'd hoped you all would be eager to join. Father said as soon as you're all aware and prepared to join, he'll message his Lordship and request an audience with him for all of us to declare ourselves." Bellatrix grinned, "I'm definitely in." Hermione and Lucius both nodded in agreement, "Count us in too!" Rodolphus and Rabastan both smirked, "Excellent, I'll message him tonight. Perhaps it can be arranged for the Christmas break." Hermione and Lucius both agreed.

"Sounds good to me, I'm sure my Father won't mind." Bellatrix said as she scratched the underside of her chin. After discussing the ongoings of the wizard that wanted to change their society for the better, they finally decided that they would try and fix Andromeda by getting rid of the stupid Ravenclaw mudblood, Edward 'Ted' Tonks. "We'll make sure Andy is back to normal before we finish our seventh year." Rabastan said with a smile in Bellatrix's direction. "Thanks Rab." Before long, the small group were once again heading back into the school for dinner.

"Well my friends, I think we're going to have a good year." Lucius said when they stepped into the Entrance Hall. Hermione turned to face the others, "I cannot wait to rid this world of the scum with all of you." Rodolphus smirked, Rabastan nodded and Lucius smiled, "I couldn't agree with you more." Bellatrix grinned as they all made their way to the Slytherin table.

Midweek saw Bellatrix prowling down the corridor in search of a particular Ravenclaw, slipping into an alcove when a group of Hufflepuff's came out from the Charms classroom hallway. When the group disappeared, she slid out from behind the pillar and hurried down the hall. Eventually she spotted her target and with a grin, snuck up behind him, covering his mouth with her hand, she pulled him back into another alcove and silenced it. "Now little mudblood, I want you to listen to me." He glared up at her and went to speak but her backhanded slap silenced him again.

"No. You don't speak, you're not worthy enough to speak to me." She slapped him again, "You are not worthy to be around my sister, mudbloods don't play with purebloods, they play with pigs." Kicking his legs, she continued, "Stay away from Andromeda or I'll put you in the hospital wing." After kicking him again, she left. Stalking back down the hallway and disappearing through a secret passage that took her down to the second floor. Hermione was leaning with her one foot against the wall in the Entrance Hall, talking with Rabastan and Rodolphus when Bellatrix found them.

"Ah there you are, where did you disappear to?" Flicking a loose curl from her shoulder, she turned to look at Rodolphus, "I had to sort something out." He nodded, "We've received word back from our Father. It's on for Christmas break." Hermione turned to smile at Bellatrix, "How exciting is this, I'll speak to Lucius when I meet him in Charms later." Rabastan shook his head, "No need, we caught him this morning and told him." Hermione hummed. "Alright what are we doing for the rest of our free period?" Rodolphus shrugged, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Not a clue, Bella?" She gave a half shrug, "We could always sit out in the courtyard, isn't our next class Care for Magical Creatures?" Rabastan nodded, "Then outside we go." Turning, the four of them made their way down to the courtyard, soaking up what little sunshine they could before their next class. "Well well, what have we here? The gay bros and their dyke bitches." Turning around, Hermione found the Prewett twins, Fabian and Gideon. "Ahhh, the ginger minges." Bellatrix growled, "Keep your bitch on a leash Dogworth."

Rabastan and Rodolphus stood up and towered over the twins, "Watch your mouths Screw-it twins." Hermione flicked her wrist and suddenly both ginger haired boys were silenced and bound. "One day, you two are going to pay for the constant annoyance you've been in our lives. You're going to suffer pain you've never known and that cute little blood traitor sister of yours is going to suffer just as much." They tried to struggle but the binds only tightened, "Don't bother struggling, those ropes will only tighten more." Reaching down to patronisingly slap their cheeks, Hermione grinned.

"This is your final warning boys." Turning, Hermione pulled Bellatrix aside and motioned for the Lestrange brothers to follow. The four Slytherin's descended the stone stairs to where they would have their next lesson. "Bloody blood traitors, always sticking their large noses into our business." Rodolphus grumbled. Professor Kettleburn who had been having some extremely bad luck since his encounter with a Mackled Malaclaw had decided to teach his students about them. "This wizard is nuts." Bellatrix muttered under her breath, "He's teaching us nothing but rubbish." Professor Kettleburn turned his sharp gaze upon Bellatrix.

"Miss Black, what happens to a wizard or witch who consumes the flesh of a Mackled Malaclaw?" Rolling her eyes she quipped back with a retort rather than an answer, "What idiot would want to eat that thing?" Rabastan chuckled quietly, "You think that's funny Miss Black, five points from Slytherin." Rabastan stopped laughing and glared at their Professor. "Can anyone answer correctly?" Hermione could see Rodolphus nodding and so she raised her hand, "Yes Miss Dagworth?" She smiled and replied, "If one were to ingest the flesh, they would come down with a fever and then would develop a horrid green rash." He nodded, "Correct, five points to Slytherin."

Bellatrix elbowed her side gently and she chuckled, "Nice one." Smiling back, Hermione once again faced their Professor who was then rambling on about the creature. He was just turning the creature around to show the rest of the class when it bit into the webbing between his thumb and forefinger causing most of his students to burst into laughter. "Looks like he's going to continue with his unlucky streak." Rabastan said with a laugh, Hermione, Bellatrix and Rodolphus all laughed along with him, "Class dismissed."

The four Slytherin's turned and started walking for Hogwarts, still laughing. Walking along the path and heading up to the school, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a group of Gryffindors. "Lookie what we have here, a couple of snakes out of their pit." A spell shot through the air and connected with Bellatrix's midsection, sending her tumbling to the ground, Hermione reacted on instinct and threw her own spell back and missed her shot. Bellatrix was groaning on the floor, Hermione came to her aid and Rabastan and Rodolphus came up behind them, both taking up an offensive stance.

"Awe, is poor little Bella unable to take a hit." Hermione glared at Gideon and began to subtly move her hand and fingers. "Screw you." Snorting in derision, Gideon smirked at Bellatrix and Hermione. "You know Prewett, I can clearly recall us telling you that we would end you and your brother if you continued down this path." Rodolphus said while he and Rabastan stepped out of the way of the thick vines that came from a nearby willow tree, thanks to Hermione. "Idle threats mean nothing from the likes of you Lestrange."

Hermione glanced at the ginger twins and smirked. "No one said anything about idle threats Prewett. I warned you and by hurting Bellatrix, you've gone too far." Flicking her hand, Hermione directed the vines to launch at the group of Gryffindors, tangling around their feet and legs. "No, that was no idle threat, that was your absolute final warning." Suddenly the group of Gryffindors were being suspended by their ankles, shouting and fighting to free themselves, Hermione stepped forward and raised her wand. Rabastan walked between each Gryffindor and took their wands from their hands, each one giving a good fight in their attempt to keep them.

Rodolphus began silencing them, with one hit at a time, he broke their jaws and sneered when tears swam in their eyes from the pain. Hermione looked at the twins, raising her wand, she shot a few stinging hexes at them and then blinded them temporarily. When she'd obliviated the Gryffindors, she along with Rabastan and Rodolphus stunned each of them. "We'll leave them here, but first I must make good on my threat." She turned Fabian's neck to the side and burned a wonky 'X' onto his neck and then did the same to Gideon. "What's that for?" Rabastan questioned, "Marking them will help us identify them in the future." He nodded but still looked perplexed, "Yes, but why?" Hermione rolled her eyes and was about to reply but it was Bellatrix's pained whisper that answered, "To kill the bastards."

By the time they got Bellatrix to the infirmary, she'd passed out from the pain. "What's happened?" Madam Pomfrey asked the second she saw Bellatrix in the arms of Rodolphus. "Attacked on the way back from Care of Magical Creatures." Motioning for her to be laid onto one of the beds, Madam Pomfrey stepped up to Bellatrix and immediately started waving her wand over her. "Do you know what spell was used?" Three heads shook in the negative. "No Ma'am, all we saw was the spell hit her." Hermione watched as the diagnostic spell brought up results when it hovered above Bellatrix's chest. "Right then, away with you all."

Shooing them away, Rodolphus turned and stopped. "Madam Pomfrey, what is wrong with her?" Poppy looked at the boy and sighed, "Broken and fractured ribs, easy to fix but I must hurry. You can return tonight." He nodded and left with Rabastan and Hermione, the three of them headed for the last few classes of the day, explaining Bellatrix's absence to each Professor that asked. Lucius found them in their last class of the day, Charms. "What in Merlin's name happened?" Hermione tuned out his and Rodolphus' conversation in favour of listening to their Professor. "In today's lesson we will be learning about the gouging charm, it's a charm that helps Herbologists and Curse Breakers with their work."

Hermione smiled to herself before turning to Rabastan, "Guess we have a new spell to play with." He smirked in response, "Miss Dagworth, Mr Lestrange, would you both be willing to come to the front of the class to perform this charm?" Hermione stood and nodded, which prompted Rabastan to do the same, "The incantation, Defodio and wand movement is thus" Moving his hand down, then to the left and then down, Professor Lepos showed them what to do. "You may begin." Hermione stepped toward the large boulder the Professor had conjured, she aimed her wand and recreated the wand movement whilst intoning the charm, "Defodio."

A soft green light flew from her wand, striking the stone and then dissipating, leaving behind a galleon sized hole in its wake, "Well done Miss Dagworth, five points to Slytherin." Rabastan stepped forward and did the same as Hermione, "Defodio." After his spell struck the boulder, a crater appeared on the side of the boulder, earning Rabastan a cheer from his Housemates, "Well done Mr Lestrange, ten points to Slytherin." Returning to their seats, both Hermione and Rabastan bumped fists. After Professor Lepos had assigned them homework, he released the class. Hermione turned to face the boys, "I'll meet you all at dinner, I'm going to visit Bella."

They nodded and left her to meander down to the hospital wing. Stepping into the infirmary, she spotted Bellatrix leaning against her pillow with a book. "Hello Bells." Looking up from her book, Bellatrix smiled, "Hello pet." Letting Hermione take a seat on the bed opposite her, she reached forward to take Hermione's one hand in her own, "How are you feeling?" Bellatrix shrugged, "Nothing I can't handle, Father's beatings hurt worse than this." Hermione chuckled, "Yes, even my own Father's punishment was worse than a few broken ribs." Bellatrix smirked, "What's the worst you've received?"

Hermione hummed as she thought, "I think it was the one I received when I was six, I'd been out with Mother and Father in muggle London and this girl came up to me and offered some of her sweets, sweets I'd never seen before and so naturally I was curious." Bellatrix leaned back slightly and frowned, "I took a small handful of these colourful looking buttons, they each had a letter M stamped onto them. I couldn't understand why, but again curiosity won out and I put one in my mouth and chewed." Bellatrix's eyes widened, "And then what?" Hermione chuckled, "Well surprisingly, it was filled with chocolate and they tasted really good. I was going to eat another one when my Father saw me, a stinging hex hit my hand and sent all of the sweets flying."

Bellatrix watched as Hermione's arms moved to re-enact the past. "He then took me by the shoulder and marched us back to a hidden alley where my Mother was waiting." Stretching her legs out, she leaned down onto her elbows, "When we got home, I was taken into his study and given a talking to, told how disgusting the mongrels were, how it was unsanitary to take food from the beasts. He had taken his belt to my backside, whipping me as he lectured me on how dirty muggles were. When I cried and asked him why it was so bad to eat their sweets, it was then that his whipping turned into a full on beating. By the time my Father was done, I think I represented a prune more than a six year old child. Thankfully Mother was a Healer so I didn't need to go to St. Mungo's."

Bellatrix nodded, eyes wide. "He broke nearly every bone in my body and I'll be forever grateful to him for it, he saved me from turning blood traitor to our family." Bellatrix nodded again, "Father did the same with me, his beating was shattering my legs to prevent me from ever trying to ride the muggle broom-cycle. Some stupid muggle boy saw me and Andy walking down the street and decided to show us how to ride the broom-cycle and when Father saw us he went crazy. Shattering my legs was his way of teaching me a lesson and it worked, he chose to spare Andy and look how that turned out, a bloody mudblood lover."

Hermione cringed, "Thank Morgana for our Fathers, I would hate to have fallen into that trap." Both witches shuddered at the thought. "Ah Miss Black, I'm glad to see you awake, how are you feeling?" Madam Pomfrey came into the room and smiled at both girls, "Much better thank you. Will I be allowed to leave tonight?" Walking over to the bed, Madam Pomfrey ran another diagnostic spell, checking that all was in order, "You're nicely healed but I'd prefer you to spend the night and tomorrow morning you may leave."

Bellatrix groaned and Hermione pouted, "Don't worry Miss Dagworth, she'll be out of here soon." Poppy winked at the two girls and left them once more, "I guess I should get some dinner and when I'm done, I'll bring the boys passed for a short visit" Leaning forward she gently hugged Bellatrix, pulling away after a few moments and looked into her eyes, "I'll be back soon." Standing up, Hermione fixed her outer robes and headed for the door, "'Mione, sneak something sweet back here for me." Smiling at Bellatrix, she nodded and disappeared around the corner, heading back to the stairs.

After finding a seat between Rodolphus and Rabastan, Hermione leaned closer to the table so that Lucius could hear, "Bella wants us to sneak some sweets into the infirmary for her." Rodolphus laughed, "Good 'ol Bella, of course we'll sneak her some sweets." Spooning some potatoes onto her plate, Hermione grinned at Rodolphus. The boys all continued to chat with each other until they'd all finished their meals, informing Hermione that the Prewett twins and their goons had been found and taken to the Headmaster, of course, none of them could remember how they'd landed up hanging by their ankles. "You should have seen the little chit's face when she found out about her brothers, it was redder than her hair."

Hermione and Lucius laughed when Rabastan imitated her expression, holding his cheeks and pretending to scream, their laughter filled the Great Hall and had a few heads turning in their direction, "Let's get to Bella before Madam Pomfrey bans us." Hermione snagged a few pumpkin pasties and Lucius took some Drooble's. Rodolphus and Rabastan each grabbed two handfuls of Bertie Bott's Beans and the four of them left the Hall. "What else happened when they were found? I'm sure Molly's reaction was funnier than that?"

Hermione said while walking up the flight of stairs. "Of course, but let's wait until we get to Bella, I'm sure she'll enjoy this just as much." Lucius and Rodolphus rolled their eyes and Hermione pouted, "Alright Rab, but it better be good." Rabastan only smiled cheekily in return. Stepping through the doorway, the four friends found a very bored Bellatrix, "Did you really have to destroy the pillow Bella?" Turning her head at the sound of Lucius' voice, she found her friends standing in the doorway and smiled, "I was bored, what else did you expect me to do?" Lucius chuckled, "Annoy the Hogwarts elves." Rodolphus said in response.

Shrugging she merely smiled, "Did you bring me any sweeties?" They nodded and came closer to her bed, conjuring more chairs to sit on and a large plate for the assortment of sweets. "Right, Rab, you do have a story to tell us." Hermione said with a smirk, "Oh? I assume this is about the Prewett twins, yeah?" He nodded, "Indeed my dear Bella. Sweet little Molly nearly blew a brain cell." He stood up and moved to stand in front of the bed, "Oh, Fab, Gid, what happened? What happened to you?" His voice changed to one that was meant to sound like a high pitched Molly Prewett but ended up sounding more like a squawking seagull.

His friends and brother all laughed at his flailing arms and horrified expression. "Oh my sweet brothers! Who did this to you?" He stopped, facing his friends, bent his knees and raised his arms skyward, mouth open in abject horror. More laughter filled the infirmary as his voice changed to an even higher squawk, "What happened to your necks! Oh goodness, who would do such a thing?" Hands covered his mouth as his eyes widened, "I'll go and get the Headmaster." His hand shook as it stretched out as if to touch something invisible, eyes still wide as he let out what sounded like a squealing pig, "My poor brothers." Bellatrix had her arms wrapped around her midsection, bent over with her laughter.

Hermione was wiping the tears away from her eyes, Lucius was wheezing with his own laughter and Rodolphus was much the same as Bellatrix as he too laughed. Rabastan sat back down with a laugh of his own and told them of the last part that he'd seen, "The best part was that she actually forgot to cut them down from the ceiling before she ran off in search of Dumbledore." That had them collapsing into laughter all over again.

Friday came with a flash of ice cold wind and a constant drizzle, Hermione stood inside the Entrance Hall with Bellatrix, "Well, shall we go?" Bellatrix nodded, pulling up the hood of her cloak, she stepped outside with Hermione and the two girls walked along the courtyard and down the path to Hogsmeade. Once inside the village, they walked around Zonko's Joke Shop before heading over to Honeydukes Sweet Shop. Hermione picked up a small carry basket, placing a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a small packet of Drooble's, a few Liquorice Wands and a packet of Glacial Snow Flakes.

Bellatrix picked up a packet of Ice Mice, Sugar Quills and a few Blood-flavoured Lollipops. After paying for their sweets, Hermione led them over to the Three Broomsticks, "What can I get you ladies?" Madam Rosmerta sauntered over, looking at Hermione first, then Bellatrix. "Two Butterbeer's please Rosmerta." Nodding the blonde witch disappeared to get their orders. Hermione turned to face Bellatrix, "I'll be meeting him after we're done, would you be okay to take my stuff back to the dorm?" Bellatrix nodded in agreement.

"Here we are, enjoy girls." Rosmerta appeared with the two drinks and left them again. They were soon giggling about some of the pranks that were occurring in the school. Bellatrix was giggling when she spoke, "They're unknown, apparently they've been causing mayhem for a few days. This last one has caused the Professors to become distressed." Hermione chuckled, "I know, Professor Slughorn still hasn't managed to brew the counter potion for McGonagall's hair, the poor lion is stuck with that green mane for a while." Bellatrix was giggling and looked at Hermione, "I like her with green hair, but not as much as I enjoyed seeing Slughorn's moustache turn into a snake that bit his nose in the middle of class last week."

They continued giggling and chatting with each other until it was time for Hermione to meet with Abraxas. "So, I'll see you either tomorrow or Sunday depending on how it goes." Hugging Bellatrix and pulling away with a small smile. "Do you want to take anything with, before I leave?" Bellatrix offered. "I'm just going to take one of the Liquorice Wands." After taking one from her bag and securing it in her robe pocket, they parted ways with a small wave. Making her way down the street, she walked over to the Hog's Head Inn. Once inside, she shook out her hair and robes to dislodge the rain. Hermione spotted a hooded figure, broad shouldered and tall from what she could see.

As if the hidden wizard had sensed her stare, he turned around and she saw that it was Abraxas. He waved her over with a smile, she headed over to him and the moment she reached him, he stood up and wrapped his arms around her. "It's so good to see you my dear." Hugging him tightly back in return she breathed in deeply, "I've missed you my darling." He pulled away and held her at arm's length, "Come my sweet, I've rented a room. Throw your hood up and follow me." He turned away and led her to the room upstairs. When they were safely secured in their rented room, he disrobed, hanging his travelling cloak on the clothes hook behind the door.

When he was standing in only his slacks, shirt and waistcoat, Abraxas turned to look at her. "You've no idea how much I've missed you my love." He pulled her close, kissing her deeply. His tongue sought entrance and she gave it to him immediately, moaning when their tongues swept along each other. Pulling away when air became a necessity, Abraxas kissed at her jaw, enjoying the feel of her hands tangling themselves in his long hair. When they next separated, Hermione went over to the armchair and sat down. Summoning her Liquorice Wand from her robe, once the sweet was in her hand she opened it slowly. Bringing it to her lips, she started sucking on it suggestively, watching as he swallowed. "My lovely witch, if you keep doing that, then we won't have time to talk."

Pulling it from her mouth, she ran her tongue along the tip and then smiled at him. "But I'm enjoying the flavour." Sucking on the Liquorice Wand again, she closed her eyes and hummed softly. "Darling, come over here, if you're going to toy with me like that then you can do it from the bed." Abraxas, patted the spot next to him with a smile. Standing up, she slowly sauntered over to him, stripping down until she was only in her underwear. Biting onto the Liquorice Wand to make sure she didn't drop it, she crawled up his body. When her legs were either side of his waist, she pulled the sweet from her teeth, "Open up dear."

He opened his mouth as requested and allowed her to place the untouched portion between his teeth. Closing his mouth, he watched as she slunk away until her bottom was resting against his still covered feet. She leaned up and smiled at him, making sure he was watching her as she removed her bra. When her breasts were free, he lifted his hands to touch them but she swatted them away, "No. No touching." Hermione smirked at his pout. With a flick of her wrist she bound his hands to the top of the bed. "Relax and enjoy my darling."

He nodded and shifted into a more relaxed position, making sure he didn't lose the Liquorice Wand in the process. Hermione shifted to straddle his shins, taking hold of his pants, she undid the button and pulled the zipper down. Seeing him watching her had her feeling her arousal spiking, especially at the desire that shone in his blue eyes. Leaning closer to his freed erection, she kept her eyes on his. When her lips descended upon his hardened member, he groaned deeply, smirking around him she slowly ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft. After bobbing her head a few times, she released him with a smile, "Mmm, I think you're nice and ready." He nodded.

Lowering her head back down she licked at his tip, gliding her tongue along the rim before sucking him deep into her mouth. Beginning a steady rhythm, she dragged her tongue along his veins, letting her teeth graze his tip, she repeated this action a few times until he began bucking into her mouth. His grunts were egging her on, moving her hand until she was holding his balls, she massaged him and hummed against him, "Oh my love, I'm getting close." She continued humming and massaging him as her head bobbed up and down, it brought him closer to his release. His hips bucked up and his hands gripped the binds holding them to the bed, "Oh, yes!" Hermione grinned once she'd moved away from him, watching as his seed shot over his shirt.

"Somebody was naughty." Looking at her, he cocked his head to the side, "How so?" She looked to the side of his neck and back to his eyes, "You dropped my sweet." He smiled sheepishly, "Sorry love, but a gorgeous witch was sucking on my cock and I couldn't help it." She smirked and crawled back up his body, "Then I think it's time we divest your body of its clothing." He nodded and tugged at the binds, "But first my darling, these must go." Waving her hand, she released the binds. He grabbed her waist and pushed her over, twisting their bodies until she was beneath him, completely ignoring the forgotten sweet, "Ah now this is a much better position." She bit at her bottom lip, "Such a gorgeous woman."

Bending down, he started kissing her, tongue tracing her lips before delving into her mouth to dance with her own. Resting his body against hers and leaning onto his one elbow, he ran his hand over her breasts softly. Tracing his forefinger around her areola until he felt her nipple begin to harden. A moan broke free of her chest as Hermione arched into his hand, loving the attention he was paying her breasts, he palmed her flesh before moving his hand to pinch and twist the hardened buds. Breaking their kiss, he licked at her jaw and neck, sucking on her flesh hard enough to bruise, all the while she kept her hands tangled in his hair.

"As much as I love feasting on your flesh, I must remove the rest of my clothes." She groaned at the sudden loss, but was soon appreciating his physique as he teased her with his movements. Tearing his shirt away from his body, he showed off his broad shoulders and muscled upper body. Abraxas was enjoying the way her eyes roamed over his body, pausing in approval of his erect member. Walking closer to her, he took her hands in his and placed them on either side of his waist. "You're going to love every moment we share my beautiful witch." Licking her lips when he stepped closer to her. He hummed in appreciation when her wet lips kissed his tip, tongue sliding through his slit. "Now, now love, you've had your fun. It's my turn now."

Nodding, she lay back down at his insistence. "Open those pretty legs and let me see your glorious heat." Slowly spreading her legs, she watched his eyes roam over her, this of course had her already soaked core pulse and his hard cock twitched. He moved to kneel between her legs, his hands now resting on her thighs, pushing them apart even more. Abraxas positioned himself against her entrance and kept his eyes on her face, moving his hand between their bodies, he gently took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and then with his other hand, he took hold of her one nipple. Her eyes found his and he could see the questions in their depths, he merely smirked.

Keeping her in suspense for a moment longer before he thrust into her slick centre, twisted her nipple and pinched her clit all at the same time, this had the desired effect of her squealing at the combined sensation. "Oh Abraxas yes!" Head thrown back and back arched, her hips jerked against his. Sliding out of her until only his tip was inside her warmth, he repeated the action, over and over, and over again. Her cries were pure ecstasy to his ears, they spurred him on as he drilled into her deeper than before. Her hands were gripping the sheets tight enough that her knuckles were white and he grinned, "That's right love, tell me how much you want this."

Twisting her clit gently as he spoke, he heard her mewl, "Yes Abraxas!" Thrusting into her a bit harder, he groaned at the feeling of her walls tightening from the overload of pleasurable sensations he bestowed upon her body. "Harder!" Obliging her request, he thrust into her harder and faster, penetrating her deeper still. Her legs were soon wrapping around his waist, pulling him closer and impossibly deeper into her core. He could feel her pulsating against him and knew she was close, he continued his assault on her nipple and clit and with the feeling of her walls trying to milk him, he leaned down to capture her untouched nipple between his lips, softly biting at the rosy bud. With the added sensation, she screamed her release, crying out his name over and over.

He continued his assault on her body, not yet ready to release his load, of course this only brought her a second orgasm and it's what did it for him; growling against her breast, he shot his hot seed into her. His cock still buried deeply enough that it touched her cervix, he knew her pleasure filled cry was due to the feeling of his load pumping into her. "Oh dear Circe, Abraxas, that feels so good!" Riding out his climax until he went limp inside and atop her, he slipped out of her heat and felt his heavy eyelids close. "Merlin my love, that was exquisite." With her chest still heaving from her double climax, she could only giggle between breaths.

"What you did just now, Merlin above, you must do it again, the feeling of your hot seed filling me was glorious." He smirked against her chest, kissing at her breastbone, he spoke quietly, "Believe me love, I will repeat that for eternity if you'll milk my cock like that again." He breathed heavily against her when her hands began massaging his scalp and neck. "I love you Abraxas." Wrapping his arms around her waist and tangling their legs together, he smiled, "And I love you my beautiful Hermione."