Disclaimer - (Cause fanfiction is tricky ground and I hope not to offend the creator of the original story and get sued)

This is a fanfiction, a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, non-canon alternate story based on BBC's (I think) story "Merlin". Most of the media - such as the images and video's used in this fanfiction - are from the web. Thus, most of them aren't mine (because I really, really can't draw) unless mentioned. To fit the story, images are also edited by a photo editor. So they aren't mine, just edited. P.s. I also ask that you do not copy my work and publish it onto any other website (I jump around on a lot of fanfiction websites...)

What if Merlin wasn't alone when he came to Camelot? What if he had his little sister with him? If she was there, would she be able to convince Morgana to join them once again? The one who's in Kilgharrah's words destiny was to be the chalice that would carry Arthur's bloodline. (Arthur x Merlin's sister oc) (Merlin x Morgana) (Gwaine x Gwen)

"He will be the great Warrior King, and you, his Strategist Queen. Of course Merlin will be his Sorcerer Brother in arms. Only together can you three unit all the kingdoms. Only then can there be an Albion."

~ Kilgharrah

"Why are you so loyal to him?"

~ Uther

"Blood may be thicker than water. But the bonds you willingly create, are thicker than blood."

~ Minerva

"I only did what was needed."

~ Merlin

"NO MERLIN! WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG! Now because of you! She may never trust again."

~ Minerva

"How can you understand! You know nothing about what I went through!"

~ Morgana

"I know everything about what you went through! I know everything about what you're still going through..."

~ Minerva