With a Yo Ho Ho

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He hadn't felt this mist around him in two years. He hadn't expected to be able to feel again in general, after what had happened. A sharp pain rang out through his skull. No, it would not do well to dwell on it.


Was that his voice? It was.

"Where…am I?"

Looking around, it was pretty clear where he was. The question was when he was. He looked around and gasped. As he suspected, he was on the Rumbar Pirates' ship. What made gasp was that he knew when he was. He knew this because the corpses of the Rumbar Pirates were still on the ship, and last time putting the corpses into coffins had been the first thing he had done.

Knowing this, he realised that he had been transported 49 years ago, to when he had first come back to his body using his soul. He had somehow managed to come all the way back here...that was surprising. Brook didn't know he could go this far back. So it had worked… for all the good it had done. Feeling tears flowing down from his eye(holes), he quickly wiped them away. Enough mourning had been done already.

Though it wasn't a bad thing. He could change things so they could be as they should be, once again. He had another chance now, and he had to use it.

Noticing the skeletons around him, Brook sighed, and began putting his crewmates' corpses into coffins again.

(He still wondered when they had gotten coffins in the first place, before realising they were just large wooden boxes.)

Running back onto the ship from where he was below the rudder, he leaped back on and tried to steer the boat to where their Eternal Pose to Water 7 was pointing. They had received said Pose as a measure for whenever they needed to fix their ship or get a new one, when the Rumbars had landed there.

A few hours and a lot of steering later he had made it out of the Florian Triangle. He turned and sat in a nearby chair before realising he wasn't the only one there.

It was Yorki.

(On further recount he had no shame recalling that he had tearfully screamed to the almighty heavens about what the unholy hell was going on.)

He then realised it was simply a transparent projection of Yorki and calmed down before once again wondering how on the Grand Line a transparent projection of Yorki was on his ship and was speaking to him.

"Not that I'm complaining Brook ol' pal, but if I died, then how am I speaking to you right now? Also you happen to look just as good as a skeleton as you were alive." Yorki questioned.

Brook ran through every single possible explanation for how this could have happened, most of them regarding his Devil Fruit. Then he facepalmed and replied, "I may have an explanation for how this has happened. You know how my Devil Fruit allows me to come back from beyond the grave? Well I'm pretty sure that since I have now been to and back from the underworld, I may or may not have become a spirit medium."

Yorki adopted his famous 'thinking' pose that simply consisted of him pinching his brow. "Well," he started, "seems like a perfectly plausible explanation. Think you could get the rest of the crew here too?"

Brook was internally laughing with joy about his new ability, but then stopped to consider this. He once again tried to reconnect with that other side from so long ago, looking for the familiar feeling of his friends' souls.

"I think I might have found them, give me a second…"

Slowly out of the air, more of the Rumbar Pirates appeared as transparent apparitions. Most, if not all of them still held their instruments. Once they had all appeared Brook blinked a few times, as if trying to convince himself that this was still happening. When he had, though…

"Yohohohohoho! This is quite a nice surprise! I never thought I could do this!" he exclaimed.

"Glad to see you back, Captain." one of the crew who had been with Brook in the Triangle greeted. "Oh wait, uh, First Mate." he hastily corrected upon seeing Yorki.

"Don't worry your socks off, mate. Let's just celebrate this occasion with some songs!" Yorki shouted.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going through many of the Rumbar Pirates' songs.

Later, as the party was wearing down, Brook asked Yorki, "How did you appear anyway? I didn't have to pull you out."

Yorki shrugged. "Guess my connection to this world is greater than I thought."

It was evening when Brook was once again solitarily making his way to Water 7. He remembered how he had handled telling Yorki and the crew about his time-travelling escapades. Thankfully, they had fully believed him, saying repeatedly that they were happy for him, and glad that he could see them again, albeit through manipulation of his Devil Fruit. Tired after his overuse of his Fruit, Brook decided retiring to bed would be a good option.

He once again checked the Pose, before retiring to bed for the night, hoping to have a good sleep.

Of course that was when a Sea King would attack him.

"Gah! That shock nearly gave me a heart attack! But of course I have no heart. Skull joke! Yohohohoho!" he exclaimed before remembering there was no one there. Oh well, he thought, drawing his sword. Let's get this over with.

(The chill of the underworld was a surprisingly good way to keep Sea King meat fresh, he thought as he stuffed meat into a fridge.)

It was after a couple days, islands and Sea Kings when he finally made his way to Water 7. Checking the beris he had on him, he docked in a nice spot and made his way to a nearby ship-building company. It took several minutes to explain to all the people why he looked like—scratch that, was a skeleton.

A few minutes later he walked out with a couple hundred thousand beris missing and with the permit for a new ship. It wasn't as big as his old one, since he was only sailing alone so far, but it would do. The ship didn't have a name yet, so he decided he would bring back memories and call it the Rumba. The crew agreed it was a good name.

He took out the maps his crew had found and the Eternal Pose to the Twin Capes and set sail. He was off to find Laboon and Crocus to explain what had happened to the Rumbar Pirates.

Laboon...he'd finally get to see him. After fifty years...it brought tears to his eyes, or rather, his eye sockets! Yohohoho!

After that, he was unsure what to do. He would probably recruit Laboon, and gather a new crew until the Straw Hats arrived. He was smiling just thinking about them. Then he stopped and remembered that it would take many, many years to get to the Straw Hats' era. He was so far back in time that he was even before Roger's… era.

Huh. He could probably go talk to him before he became Pirate King.

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