The Digidestined will be 4 years older than in the story, so people like Cody will be 13, Kari and TK 15, Yolei 16, and the others so fourth.

Chapter 1 A Evil Emperor, Meeting Again

The Digital World is a place made up of data that makes up an entire world, and what inhabits that world is full of creatures called Digimon short for 'Digital Monster'. Being made from data and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Years ago the Digital World was facing evil forces that wanted to take over the land, and that evil force made way to the Real World to try and rule that too.

However the Digital World and a wise man named Gennai chose protectors to help defend it and their own home.

8 special children.

Called Digidestined.

And their Digimon partners.

Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya, Digidestined of Courage, and his partner Agumon

Yamato 'Matt' Ishida, Digidestined of Friendship, and his partner Gabumon

Sora Takenouchi, Digidestined of Love, and her partner Biyomon

Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi, Digidestined of Knowledge, and his partner Tentomon

Mimi Tachikawa, Digidestined of Sincerity, and her partner Palmon

Jyou 'Joe' Kido, Digidestined of Reliability, and his partner Gomamon

Takeru 'TK' Takaishi, Digidestined of Hope, and his partner Patamon

Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, Digidestined of Light, and her partner Gatomon

Together they were able to defeat the evil forces and save both worlds.

And when all was said and done the Digidestined and Digimon went their separate ways and returned to their own worlds.

...But now a new evil has risen bent on ruling the Digital World just like the last evil doers.

And it's where our story begins.

In the Digital World the Digimon were running in fear away from black rings that were flying in the air and latching on to them making their eyes turn red signifying they were under someone's control.

Running away was a white cat with purple fur tipped ears and it's tail had purple stripes with blue eyes wearing yellow gloves that had four orange stripes on them and black claws and a golden tail ring. This was Gatomon, Kari's partner.

Gatomon looked behind her to see one of the black rings coming towards her but she lifted her tail as the ring hit her tail ring as it glowed and the black ring fell to the ground unmoving.

"Whew. That was close." Gatomon sighed in relief wiping her forehead.

"Aerial Attack!" Gatomon looked behind her to see a white horse with blonde mane and black wings wearing a metallic red mask that had a visor standing there. This was a Unimon, excepted it had a dark ring around its neck and the visor was glowing red showing it was under someone's control. And it was firing a white energy shot at Gatomon hitting her as she rolled on the ground.

"Dammit." Gatomon groaned sitting up. When she opened her eyes she noticed that her tailring was gone from her tail. "Oh no! My tail ring!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"Fall before the Digimon Emperor!" Unimon said coming towards Gatomon who could only back up with worry.

"Hyah!" Out from the bushes came a figure that slammed into the Unimon sending them flying through the air.

Gatomon could only stare as the figure rose up and turned to look at her.

With its shinning blue-green eyes.

In the Real World

"I really enjoyed being with you. This side adventure's been fun."

"I feel the same way, Kari-chan."

"Oh, look! I see my brother and the others!"

"Then I guess this is goodbye."

"Can't you come with me?"

"I can't. I must do whatever I can to help my world from the sides, while you must help it from the front."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"I'm positive we'll see each other again."

Dark brown eyes shot open before someone sat up in a bed.

The light from the window inside a bedroom showed it was a peach skinned 15 year old girl having brown hair that went to her shoulders having a slender figure with high C-cup to low D-cup breasts as signs of an early bloomer wearing only a pink bra and panties. This girl was a grown Kari Kamiya.

"I dreamt about him again." Kari sighed getting up out of bed.

Something shinned on her desk caught her attention. It was a black cord necklace that had a amber stone in the middle, and carved on the stone was the symbol of her crest, The Crest of Light.

Kari smiled softly at the necklace remember the important person of her life she meet.

After grabbing her clothes, taking a shower, and getting dressed, Kari came back in her room to get her things for the first day back to school.

For clothes she was wearing a white T-shirt with a dress collar, blue pants, and red tennis shoes.

Once she was dressed Kari grabbed the amber stone necklace and put it around her neck hiding it under her clothes, then grabbed her backpack and made way for the living room.

There she saw a tan skinned 18 year old boy sitting on a couch texting having big spiky brown hair with brown eyes having a fit figure wearing a skin tight orange short sleeved shirt, white round goggles with blue lenses that had a black strap around his neck, black pants, and white and blue shoes. This boy was a grown Tai Kamiya.

"Morning Tai." Kari greeted getting his attention.

"Morning Kari." Tai said.

"Texting Sora?" Kari asked going to the kitchen and grabbing a apple.

"It's only natural to text my girlfriend." Tai grinned.

"Honestly I thought you'd never tell Sora how you feel about her." Kari teased taking a bite out of her apple.

"Well you know what they say, "Never say never"." Tai chuckled.

"True." Kari said.

"Anyway now that you're up we should head on to school. I still can't believe they combined both our high and middle schools together." Tai said getting up and grabbed his backpack.

"You're telling me. Did Mom and Dad already leave for work?" Kari asked as the Kamiya siblings made their way to the door.

"Yeah. They said they would be off by the time we got home." Tai said.

The two exited out of their apartment, down the elevator, and on to the streets and started walking.

"Hey Tai." Kari said.

"Yeah?" Tai asked.

"You ever wonder that the exciting days may be over?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well don't get me wrong I'm glad we saved our world and the Digital World all those years ago. But I can't help but crave a little adventure, y'know?"

"I feel you. Even though the adventure in the Digital World was dangerous it gave you a certain thrill. Looking back on it all, I kind of miss it."

"So it's not just me?"

"Pretty sure the others feel like that in some way."

"Hey Tai! Kari!"

Tai and Kari looked ahead to see a lightly tan skinned 18 girl waving at them having shoulder length orange hair that flared at the sides with maroon eyes having a slim figure with D-cup breasts wearing a red sleeveless shirt with a white vest over it, black skirt, pink calf high socks, and brown dress shoes. This girl was a grown Sora Takenouchi.

"Hey Sora." Tai and Kari smiled as the two came to her with Sora and Kari hugging each other before she and Tai kissed one another.

"So how was your morning?" Sora asked as they all started walking.

"Uneventful. Actually Kari and I were thinking about the old days with the Digital World. Y'know when life was full of danger and excitement." Tai said.

"We were talking about how we missed it." Kari said.

"Y'know looking back on it now. I gotta agree with ya." Sora acknowledge agreeing with the Kamiya siblings.

When the three made it to school they separated and went to their classes. As Kari sat down she was wondering what this year would be like and if something interesting would happen.

The door opened and a teacher who was a male came and stood in front of his desk.

"Alright class, may I have your attention please?" He asked as the class quieted down. "Good. Now today we have two new students so treat them with respect." He said before looking at the door. "You can both come in now."

The door opened and two 15 year old's came through it.

The first one was a light skinned male having blonde hair that had a light beige bucket hat on it with blue eyes having a lean figure wearing a green long sleeved shirt with a yellow open short sleeved shirt over it, light brown khaki pants, and green shoes.

The second on was a peach skinned female having long blonde hair that had curls at the ends along with a red hairband over it with blue eyes having a slim figure with C-cup breasts wearing a black shirt, red pants, and cream colored shoes.

"Hello my name is Takeru Takaishi, but my friends call me TK." The male introduced.

"Bonjour(Hello), I'm Catherine Deneuve. I moved here from France so I hope you treat me well." The female introduced.

"Okay. You may both take your seats." The teacher said as TK and Catherine took seats beside and behind Kari.

"Nice to see you again after so long, Kari." TK smiled at her.

"The same, TK." Kari smiled back.

Digital World

In a forest was a orange reptile dinosaur with green eyes lightly banged up stumbling as he ran. This was Agumon, Tai's partner.

He fell to the ground exhausted and feel's like he can barley move.

"TAAAAAIII!" Agumon shouted for his best friend and partner.

Real World

Tai was walking through the halls before he heard a beeping sound and turned his head to look to see it was his Digivice beeping. "Agumon." He said feeling his partner call for him.

Later on the other side of the school

Kari was at her locker putting her stuff up thinking about the day she's been having.

After seeing TK again they talked about what the other's been up to while also reconnecting. Catherine even made it into their circle cause she felt like the two would be good friends, and the decision was well made as the three of them were really good friends. And that was only after getting to know each other today.

Kari then sighed and reached under her shirt to pull out the amber stone necklace and looked at it as someone face entered her mind.

"I wonder if he's doing ok. I hope he thinks about and remembers me." Kari thought smiling.

"Hey Kari." Hearing her name be called Kari quickly put the necklace back under her shirt and turned to see TK and Catherine walking up to her.

"Hey guys." Kari greeted back closing her locker.

"Catherine asked if we wanted to hang out later. Want to come with?" TK asked.

"Yes it will be, how you say; Off the chain." Catherine said.

Kari giggled at that, knowing Catherine was picking up some of their slang. But before she could answer they were interrupted by someone.

"Excuse me, are you Kari Kamiya?" The group turned their heads to see a peach skinned 16 year old girl having long purple hair that had a blue bandana over it with brown eyes that had round glasses over them having a slim figure with C-cup breasts wearing a light purple long sleeved shirt, blue pants, and brown boots standing beside them. This girl was Yolei Inoue.

"Yes I am." Kari nodded.

"Hey Yolei." TK waved.

"Hey TK." Yolei waved back.

"You know each other?" Catherine asked.

"She's my neighbor." TK answered.

"Ah." Catherine said.

"Is Tai Kamiya your brother? Because he left an e-mail for you." Yolei said handing Kari a note.

Kari opened the note and read to see what is it.

Digital World

When she did Kari had a serious look on her face.

"Tai needs me." She said before running off as TK followed her as did Yolei and Catherine.

"What is it, Kari?" TK asked coming up beside her.

"This." Kari said showing TK the note making him gain a serious look on his face as well.

The gang made it to the computer room where they saw a light skinned 17 boy having short spiky red hair with dark eyes having a slim build wearing a purple and dark red long sleeved shirt, dark green pants, and purple and gray shoes in front of a computer. This boy was a grown Izzy Izumi.

"Izzy?" TK said as his eyes blinked.

"Hey TK. You sure have grown." Izzy smiled.

"Izzy what is my brother doing in Digital?" Kari asked frowning.

"There's new trouble." Izzy said.

"What kind?" TK asked.

"The kind that'll need us again." Izzy said.

"Excuse me, but what is Digital?" Yolei wondered.

"I would like to know as well." Catherine said.


Yolei turned to look behind her to see light skinned 13 year old boy having short brown hair in a bowl cut with green eyes having a slim build wearing a purple T-shirt with a button-up collar, grey shorts, and socks and cream colored shoes standing in the doorway. This boy was Cody Hida.

"Cody?" Yolei asked.

"I've been looking for you. You said you would help with my computer." Cody said.

"Oh right, sorry." Yolei said coming to Cody as they both walked out.

Izzy, Kari, and TK sighed with relief at that disaster avoid.

"Well?" Cathereine demanded.

Only to remember that Catherine was still here.

Before they could try to come up with a lie, the computer glowed catching their attention before a light green light came out towards Catherine and into her hands, just as a red and yellow light came out as well and went into the hallway.

When the light vanished it showed a white device with light green grips.

"W-What's this?" Catherine asked.

"It's a Digivice." TK breathed.

"But it's different from ours." Kari said as she, TK, and Izzy pulled out their own Digivices that were white square devices with the four corners bent in.

"Fascinating." Izzy said. "For Catherine to get a Digivice must mean that we're going to need her help."

"Well whatever. My brother needs me and I'm going!" Kari turned to the computer and pointed her Digivice at it before the screen glowed sucking her in it.

"What's going on, TK?" Catherine asked not understanding anything.

"I'll explain everything later. Right now just do what I do." TK said pointing his own Digivice to the screen.

"Like this?" Catherine said copying TK.

And just like Kari, TK and Catherine were sucked into the screen.

"Guess it's my turn." Izzy said about to follow.

"What's going on?!"

Izzy jumped looking at the door to see Yolei and Cody standing there holding Digivices like Catherine's only red and yellow.

"Oh boy." Izzy sighed.

Digital World

Kari, TK, and Catherine arrived in a forest area with a tv behind them.

"Whoa." Catherine said in awe.

"Welcome to the Digital World." TK grinned.

"Uh guys, I think we done got a wardrobe change." Kari said.

Kari, TK, and Catherine looked to see they were wearing different clothes than what they were before.

Kari was wearing a pink unitard robe-like outfit with a white collar, yellow pockets, yellow lines on her midsection and yellow rings on the white lines of her shorts of the outfit with a white short sleeved hooded cloak-robe that had yellow lines going the shoulders and yellow trims on the hoodie, and white and blue boots. (Think Fabia's first outfit in Bakugan Gundalian Invaders but the pink and yellow replacing the yellow and orange)

TK was wearing a green sweatshirt with trim of sky whitish blue and has a trim of dark blue for pockets and a line on his jacket sleeves, an orange shirt that has two parts sticking out of his jacket, khaki shorts with navy blue lightning shaped lines going down, brown fingerless gloves, and green shoes with yellow trim and white socks. (Think Masamune Kadoya's outfit in Beyblade Metal series)

Catherine was wearing a black jacket, lined with pink rims over a lime green tank top, burgundy shorts held up by a black belt, long over-knee socks that are vertically split into soft pink and lavender half and trimmed black at the end, black fingerless gloves, and black boots with magenta scarps. (Ren Kurenai's outfit from Beyblade Shogun Steel)

"Well I like it." Catherine said twirling around.

"Yeah, these duds aren't bad." TK grinning clenching his fist.

"It is stylish." Kari thought before getting her thoughts together. "Anyway, let's move. Tai is waiting for us."

TK and Catherine nodded before they set off.

The trio were walking through the forest with Kari in the lead following the coordinates from her Digivice to locate her brother. As they were walking Catherine was amazed at the scenery she was seeing and could only look in wonder while TK chuckled at the look on her face.

When they got close, Kari looked up to see Tai and Agumon walking ahead along with Gatomon.

Flying with them was a creature resembling a guinea pig with light blue eyes, bat-like wings which could possibly be its ears, and a short, stubby tail. Its underside is a light cream color, while its back and head are orange. This was Patamon, TK's partner.

"Tai!" Kari shouted rushing towards her brother with TK and Catherine right behind her.

"Hey, sis." Tai waved as the groups came together.



Gatomon and Patamon exclaimed rushing towards their partners and hug them as they hugged them back.

"Patamon!" TK cheered happy to see his friend back.

"Gatomon, good to see ya!" Kari laughed holding her tight. It was then she noticed she was lacking something. "Wait, Gatomon, where's your tail ring?"

"I lost it while escaping from the Digimon Emperor's clutches." Gatomon said gloomy feeling sad about losing her tailring.

"Digimon Emperor?" Kari asked.

"A human bent on taking over the Digital World while turning every Digimon into his evil puppets." Patamon said.

"He controls you with these dark rings and makes these dark towers that prevent us from digivolving." Agumon said.

"How is he doing all this?" TK wondered.

"Apparently he has some new Digivice never been seen before." Tai said.

"Digivice never been seen before?" Kari frowned.

"Hey Catherine show them yours." TK said turning to her.

"O-Oh, right." Catherine nodded taking her Digivice out and showing it to them.

"Hey, that's the same one the Digimon Emperor has! Meaning you work for him!" Gatomon accused.

"Whoa! Easy, I don't work for anyone. I just found out about all this Digimon stuff today." Catherine said waving her hands.

"We can vouch for her. Catherine doesn't work for this new evil." TK assured Gatomon.

"Well, alright." Gatomon said.

"How did you even get a Digivice in the first place?" Tai asked.

"It was these three flashing lights that came right out at us and boom, I had one of these devices." Catherine explained.

"Flashes of light?" Patamon said tilting his head.

"Like the ones that came from the Digi-Egg I tried to move?" Tai said.

"What Digi-Egg?" Kari asked.

"Follow me. I'll show you." Tai said leading the group as they followed.

They came inside a cave where at the end of it was a egg sitting on the ground. It had flame designs on it that had a bladed spike on it with the symbol of the Crest of Courage under it.

"Never seen a Digi-Egg like that before." TK said.

"Yeah." Kari agreed.

"I tried to move, but it wouldn't budge. And that was when those lights came out of it before rushing away." Tai said.

"And giving Catherine her own Digivice." Kari said.

"Now what?" Catherine said.

"Let me try to move it." TK said moving towards the egg to move it.

Only for it to not budge and inch.

"Step aside, this requires a woman's touch." Kari said giving it a try.

But the same thing happened.

"Too bad there's no woman around." TK teased.

Only to shout in pain as Catherine stepped on his foot making him jump up and down holding his foot.

"Thanks, Catherine." Kari smiled.

"De rien(Your welcome)." Catherine smiled back.

"You know you deserved that." Tai snickered.

TK only pouted before the pain in his foot went away.

"Let me see if I can remove it." Catherine said moving to the Digi-Egg to move it.

Only to get the same result.

"Nothing we do budges this thing." Kari frowned.

"But it must be a key-way to beating this Digimon Emperor if it made those flashes come out to give new Digivices." Tai said crossing his arms.

Unknown Location

Inside a dark room that was lit up by a number of screens we someone sitting in a chair observing a screen that displayed a live surveillance where the Digidestined were in the cave.

The person is a pale skinned 16 year old boy having spiky hair in varying shades of blue and light blue with yellow sunglasses with purple lenses having a slim fit figure wearing a blue, gray and white jumpsuit, black shoes, silver cuffs on his wrists and ankles, a dark gray belt with a yellow buckle on it, and also a blue cape with a yellow lining that looks very much like insect wings, with golden-yellow shoulder pads. This was the Digimon Emperor.

"Seems we have some noisy people in my backyard." The Digimon Emperor smirked. "But I can fix that." Just then a red holographic keyboard appeared before him and he pressed a button as a screen showed two of the same Digimon. Its a dinosaur resembling a monoclonius crassus as its upper face is covered by black armor that extends into bony frills with red stripes, the same armor all the way to the back reaching the tail, a greyish body, and its nose has a single large horn with green eyes. The dinosaurs has black rings around their bodies as there eyes were currently red signifying their control.

"Attack Monochromons!" The Digimon Emperor commanded.

Back with the Digi Gang

"Too bad it's not like we can ask the Digi-Egg for what." Gatomon said sarcastically.

"Either way we need to find a way to even the playfield to fight against the Digimon Emperor." Kari said.

"Especially since he can make our Digimon not digivolve." TK said.

"Sounds like a dire situation." Catherine said.

"You have no idea." Agumon and Patamon agreed.

Suddenly the whole place started shaking surprising everyone.

"What's going on? An earthquake?" Catherine asked.

"No look!" TK said pointing upwards.

The gang looked up above to see two Monochromons crashing in.

"Their Monochromons!" Kari exclaimed.

"Volcanic Strike!" The Monochromons opened their mouths and fired flames towards the group.

"RUN!" Tai said as everyone made their way towards the exit to get away from the attacks. Everyone was able to make it out but the attacks landed near them sending everyone flying. "Ouch." Tai groaned sitting up.

"You said it." Agumon said getting up as well.

"Patamon?" TK asked trying to sit up.

"I'm fine." Patamon said.

"Those are some mean dinosaurs." Catherine huffed shaking her head.

"Kari! Are you alright?" Gatomon aske her.

"Not so good, I twisted by ankle." Kari groaned holding her left leg.

Suddenly the Monochromons flew out the cave and headed towards Kari and Gatomon.

"KARI/GATOMON!" Tai, TK, Catherine, Agumon, and Patamon shouted.

"AAAHHH!" Kari and Gatomon screamed.

"I don't think so!"

"Not so fast!"

Suddenly two figures came rushing out towards the Monochromon's. One of the figures tackled the first Monochromon and the other figure landed in front of the other Monochromon stopping its charge cold before it was lifted up and thrown to his companion.

Everyone got a look at the figures who saved Kari and Gatomon.

The first one was a tall male blue skinned wingless dragon with red eyes and white coloration on his snout and belly wearing flame-like design armor on its face, chest, thighs, hands, and feet with a blade-like spike protruding from its mask that had a yellow V under it with yellow triangles by the edge of his eyes, three claws coming from the hands and feet, the Crest of Courage on the back of the armor, and black belts on his upper arms.

The second one was someone who looked like a 15 year old teen with tan skin having spiky fire red hair that had blonde tips going to his shoulders with long purple bangs framing his face that had white swirls around them with blue-green eyes wearing a dark grey catsuit that had yellow chest armor with a heart symbol on the left that had the symbol of scorch in hot red, a red pauldron on his right shoulder, dark orange gauntlets gloves that had holes on the knuckles of the fist and back of the hand, two black studded belts around his waist in a X, dark orange greaves boots that had four silver exhaust pipes two for each heel, and in his right hand was a staff with the ends looking darker. (Aang's new Airbender staff)

Everyone was surprised by their entrance, but was even more surprising when Kari spoke.


The spiky fire red haired teen turned his head to looked at Kari and smiled.

"Nice to see you again after all these years, Kari." He smiled bringing Kari to tears.

"It is you." Kari said smiling happily as more tears came down her eyes.

"It's that guy who saved me from Unimon. He knows Kari?" Gatomon thought.

"Davis let's take care of these Monochromon first." The wingless flame armored dragon said getting his alley's attention.

"I hear you Flamedramon." The teen said as he and his friend got ready.

The Monochromons roared as they charged at the ones known as Flamedramon and Davis. Flamedramon grabbed one of the Monochromon and lifted him up over his head jumping in the air before turning around and slammed it into the ground.

Davis twirled around while spinning his staff and whacked it against the other Monochromon's head making it kneel on the ground before getting behind it, grabbed it's tail and spun around before throwing it into the other Monochromon as it was getting up knocking them both down to the ground.

"You two need to break the dark rings around them. It'll break the control over them." Gatomon said.

"Right!" Davis and Flamedramon nodded as they ran at the Monochromons.

"Volcanic Strike!" The Monochromons launched fireballs at the duo, but they didn't falter.

Flamedramon swiped the fireball with his claws extinguishing them and Davis whacked them out of existence with his staff.

The Monochromons then charged at the duo, but Flamedramon and Davis both leaped high in the air over them.

"Fire Rocket!" Flamedramon covered his body in flames.

"Scorching Spin!" Davis sprouted red fire from his knuckles, the back of his hands, and exhaust pipes before rolling himself in a ball.

Both then charged downwards heading to the Monochromons, who turned around, and nailed their dark rings destroying them as Flamedramon and Davis landed beside them extinguishing the fire around them as the Monochromons gain back control over themselves.

With the Digimon Emperor

"Tch, looks like conquering the Digital World won't be as easy as I thought." The Digimon Emperor growled softly before grinning. "No matter once I get those pests out the way, it'll make my victory all the sweeter."

Back with the gang

The Monochromon departed after being checked they were alright, the group turned to Flamedramon who glowed and shrunk before turning into a small male blue skinned wingless dragon with red eyes, a horn on his nose, white coloration on his snout and belly, a yellow V on his forehead with yellow triangles by the edge of his eyes, five fingers with white sharp nails, and three white clawed toes.

"Who are you?" Gatomon asked.

"The name's Veemon. Nice to meet ya." Veemon grinned waving.

"Veemon? I've heard of Veemon! Supposedly they're a fun-loving, adventure seeking Digimon that brings you good luck. But I thought they was just a legend." Agumon said.

"Sorry, but I'm the real deal." Veemon chuckled.

"But where did you come from?" Patamon wondered.

"I came from the Dig-Egg in the cave." Veemon said.

"But how?" TK said.

"Yeah we couldn't even budge that thing. How did you come from it?" Catherine asked.

"My pal Davis pulled it out. He was the one to put me there in the first place for protection." Veemon said.

"Davis?" Tai said confused.

Veemon pointed away from them and they turned to see Kari standing in front of the one called Davis.

Neither one said anything. Til Davis smiled at Kari.

"You've turned into a beautiful girl, Kari." Davis said.

Kari smiled happily with tears streaming down her face as she leaped and hugged Davis tightly.

"I knew I would see you again!" Kari cried in happiness.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Tai asked as the group came up to Davis and Kari.

"The name's Kogemon. But you can call me Davis." Davis said.

"And how do you and Kari know each other?" TK asked frowning.

Davis and Kari looked at each other and smiled before looking back at the others.

"That's actually one hell of a story." Davis and Kari said together.