Trigger warning, this story is about the virus, author notes at the end.

The virus

I watched my wife as she fed our daughter, rocking backwards and forwards in the chair I'd built them with my own fair hands. Motherhood was the making of Brenda, she took to it so naturally, and effooBrtlessly. She smiled and talked softly to her, telling her all sorts of stories no doubt, our daughter suckling away making eye contact. Smiling unseen by them, propped up by the door, my thoughts traveled, it was to hard to believe how much our lives and those of our friends and families had changed in the last few years. We were young carefree and having the time of our lives, or so we thought.

I'd been dating Brenda pretty steady since we'd met, we'd had a few rocky patches and breaks ups, there was a time or two I'd thought I'd lost her for good, but we'd made up, and our makeups were fiery and passionate, they proved our love and connection was real and still there.

It all started, not long after we got back from Mexico, you know how you catch a bit of news on the radio while driving or a glance at a paper here and there. There was talk of some new virus, in the Far East, of lots of people coming down with it, and people being really ill. But it wasn't hugely on my or anyone's radar back then, it seemed far to far way to really be of any concern to me, or how it might affect my life, or those around me.

But, boy did it. It taught me lot about who I am, how to cope when the rug gets pulled out from under you, who people really are and how they behave and consider others. We lost people close to us, we know people who got really sick and managed to recover, to some degree.

So heres my story of what happened to me, and those around me back in that fateful spring and summer, when it all began, and the 18 months that followed.

I'm back, well sort of, well it's been a really strange and crappy year so far. My muse ran away and stole all my creative energy, I've not been able to write at all. To start with my brain was cloudy and foggy and trying to grasp what was happening around me, wondering what the heck was happening, and how people behaved, and their lack of care for others. Taking care of my family and wanting to stay safe. My mind couldn't concentrate to read FanFiction some days, let alone write it. Then my free time got taken over by watching married at first sight, the Australian version, which has been running in the UK most of the summer. It's been the perfect escapism tv and has give me lots of ideas for my story based on that show, when I can get back into writing.

Anyway I was on Instagram the other night, and someone posted what would the gang do, during Covid? This got me thinking, and creative juice rolling in my head. It gave me an idea, and my muse is so excited she came back. With loads of ideas, I'm still trying to decide which direction to go in (I have many ideas). I made a promise to myself at the start of the year that no more new stores would be posted until I had more than 10 chapters written, but I'm breaking that to bring you this.

Some of you might not want to read this, due to it being Covid centred that's ok, hopefully it will get me back into writing, and I can bring you other updates to. This will be a short story, only a few chapters long. And I'd like you to help, a few of the gang won't make it, and one will die (maybe more).

Please be kind, kind and helpful, reviews and DM's are appreciated. I have ideas on how, I think each character might react, (some might be biased on who my favourites are, and who I really don't like). I'd love to know your thoughts, on how you think they might react, leave a review or send me a DM. You never know you might change my mind.

This has not been beta'd so probably full of mistakes, this is also my first story told in the first person, which I think will be a struggle for me as a writer. I tend to avoid reading some first person stories (in other fandoms, not this one), as they tend to become an "I" fest, in that I did this, I said this, which I'm trying to really actively avoid doing, so any suggestions of how to stop it becoming a loaded paragraph or chapter, would be appreciated.

It's timehopped, it's sorta set, kinda now time wise, but the gang are still at high school. It's set sort of after Mexico, but they didn't get stopped at the boarder, so Jim didn't kick off. They haven't lived together yet. Paris etc won't happen for Brenda. I wanted

So should i continue, or should i ditch this idea?