A time sphere opened up in 2018 and the t-800 model arrived naked in a terminator looked around and realized that he was not at the right destination.

Everything was hi tech.
The terminators first business was to get some clothes. He noticed a few smashing windows in a parking lot and walked over to them.

The kids noticed him coming and faced him. Hey dude where are your clothes? Nothing clean ? One of them said.

Nothing clean The terminator responded.
Now give me your clothes.
The two teens just laughed.

No way they replied. One of the teens pulled out a knife.
Now back off the teen with the knife shouted.
I will stab you in the throat if you don't leave !

The terminator grabbed the boy's hand that held the knife and crushed it.
The kid screamed in pain.

One of his buddies punched the terminator in the face put hurt his hand . The 3rd teen tried to pull a gun bit he crushed it.

Now give me your clothes he said.
The kid handed him his clothes and the terminator put them on.

He was wearing a black t shirt, Jean's ,sneakers and a baseball cap.

He picked up the knife and put it in his pocket.

Now to find out my location he said as he walked off.