Your alive ! Sigourney said suprised.
Indeed and upgraded Frankie replied.

Suddenly the Rev10 turned on the machine.
No ! Dayton said

Your too late soon every machine will be under my control the rev 10 said.

You guys take care of the machine Andrew, Thomas , Frankie and I will hold off the androids Simone told them.

Ok Sigourney said as she and the others took care of the machine.

I can't allow that the rev 10 said turning his arm into a blade and lunging at Thomas but Thomas quickly countered the blade and broke it off and stabbed a android with it.

Frankie meanwhile used her new upgrades to slice through a bunch of androids easily.

Meanwhile Sigourney and the others were having trouble.
Only 6 minutes til it activates then we are powerless To do anything Sigourney said.

I hope we can stop it Cole said.

Meanwhile the rev 10 split between his two components and tackled both Simone and Thomas.

Get off me ! Thomas said throwing the exoskeleton off of him.

He quickly ran over to Simone and helped her. You alright he asked her.

Yeah Simone replied.

The Rev 10 quickly merged back into one being and lunged at them but Thomas grabbed a sledge hammer and swung it at the terminator.

Meanwhile Sigourney and the others were still having trouble shutting down the machine .

What do we do ? Dayton asked.

I don't know Sigourney replied.
We could fry it but we would need a power source powerful enough to fry it.

How about the Rev 10 ? Tammy suggested.

That could work Sigourney said.

Already heard that Thomas shouted.
Thomas grabbed the rev 10 and started to push him towards the device but the terminator was strong and was putting up a fight.

I need help !

Frankie , Simone and Andrew came to Thomas's aid.

With all their strength they pushed the terminator towards the device.
The rev 10 tried to lunge at Simone but Frankie stabbed him in the chest.

Thomas then grabbed him by the neck.

Hasta la vista baby Thomas said to him before throwing him into the device causing the rev 10 to fry as well as the device.

It's going to blow ! Sigourney shouted.
They all ran for cover as the device as well as the Rev 10 disintegrated leaving nothing behind.

Did we do it ? Cole asked.
Yeah Thomas replied as Tammy kissed him.

We did it ! Dayton said as she and cole hugged Frankie.

How did you survive I thought you died ? Sigourney asked Frankie.

The explosion blasted me into the liquid metal and upgraded me.
Made me stronger and more advanced. Frankie explained.

So your upgraded? Cole asked.
Yup Frankie said. I no longer need a charger and…
Frankie touched water from a pipe.
I'm waterproof.

That's good Sigourney said.
Let's go home .

Yeah the others agreed.

Note okay the next chapter is the last one.

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