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"Kaa-chan... are you okay today?"

The good news was that their mother, Fujimai, survied the fires that she ran into. Kuroka had managed to get to her in time while Naruto and Shirone escaped the building first. By a miracle, Kuroka knocked their mother out in her distressed/drugged state and dragged her out of the fires herself.

Fujimai survived, but her eyes had not.

Her eyes were dead to the world, and the woman operated purely on instinct at this point. She could see, hear, taste, and think somewhat, but her emotions were practically dead. Her opinions were gone, and everything that made her a person. Losing the person she loved had been enough to break her, because even though Fujimai was a kind woman, she was not a very good mother at heart, nor was her heart strong enough to withstand the loss of somebody who she had loved so dearly.

Even though he was a piece of human garbage.

"Leave her be Kuroka, you have training you need to finish. I expect you to become far stronger than this, considering I deemed you worthy of being part of my peerage." Nebiros stated, his face still having several burn scars on them. Even though the event that had scarred his face happened 2 years previously, since he lost perhaps the best scientist he had ever met, the scars remained to this day.

His Super Devil research was going at an extremely slow pace, because without that man, it was impossible for him to understand why the Nekoshou race was so important to artificially creating Super Devils. Since the explosion, he was ALSO under investigation to some degree for inhumane experiments against another species. Sure, the Nekoshou that were involved lived in the Underworld, but seeing as they were NOT devils in his peerage, he wasn't just allowed to do whatever he wanted with them.

Well, three of them that is.

He could do whatever he wanted with Kuroka, the sibling that in his opinion, had the greatest potential for evil. Nekoshou had natural semi-holy powers in that their chakra had purification qualities, but Kuroka's purification powers were lesser than her siblings. The youngest male had the smallest chakra amount, but the sheer holy attribute of his chakra outclassed his siblings by far. He had some seriously deep potential, more so than Kuroka did, which made it possible that he couldn't be reincarnated by any regular devil like himself. The middle child, Shirone, had stronger purification power than Kuroka, but smaller chakra levels than the woman, and was emotionally and mentally immature.

Unfit for training.

"... Yes Master." Kuroka's ears flattened to her head.

They had nowhere to go, and since they weren't exactly the most legal of residents in the Underworld, they weren't able to easily access the train to take them to the human realm. That had left her with no choice but to ally herself with Nebiros in order to provide for her family, and considering that her mother was emotionally dead and only did what she was told, she couldn't provide for her siblings AND care for her mother while also protecting everyone.

"Don't worry Kuroka, I've got her." Naruto stated as he hopped into Fujimai's lap, and her hands went up to the top of his head out of pure reaction. As long as Fujimai had something to touch, or something that would stimulate her senses, she would be fine. 'I'm just glad she lived, I could tell that she would be happy to burn to death to be with that bastard.' Naruto thought to himself as he actually enjoyed the head patting.

In two years, Shirone had started to mentally mature more now that she wasn't being experimented on. Still, her growth overall seemed to be slightly stunted, since she was smaller than a 4 year old girl her age was suppose to be.

Kuroka nodded to Naruto.

'... last time I made the mistake of not being strong enough to protect Kaa-chan when the explosion happened, this time I'm going to get stronger and stronger. The stronger I get, the less likely he will want to experiment on my siblings.' Kuroka turned and followed her master. She was forced to accept this situation she was in, but so long as her family was provided for then she would have no issues serving this man no matter what he expected of her personally.

The second that he made any moves towards her family, she would unleash all the power that he had trained into her. She was going to increase her Senjutsu skills and Youjutsu skills every single day until she got to the point that this man would never dream of messing with her family. She couldn't even report what he had done to any other Devils, since that would implicate her in attempting to murder him... while also murdering her father. There was no evidence that she could find of his crimes either.

*Gagging Sounds*

"GAH!? Who put this ice here, and why was there a dildo on the ground!?"

Naruto hid a grin as he felt smug satisfaction at watching Nebiros trip on the ice that he place on the ground in such a perfect way that he ended up deep-throating a dildo. Nobody ever knew who the mysterious prankster of Nebiros castle was, or that Naruto had decided to learn some super basic Ice Youjutsu and Wind Youjutsu. He wasn't training himself just yet, so that he could keep his promise with Sasuke, but that didn't mean he couldn't learn stuff that required so little training and had almost no power.

So he learned how to Freeze Surfaces and Adjust Fall Paths using Ice Youjutsu and Wind Youjutsu, so that he could make people trip and force them to fall in whatever way he wanted them to fall to the ground by adjusting the wind.

"Pffft." Kuroka turned her head and hid a laugh, or else she would get punished for it. She could sense the use of Youjutsu since it used chakra and NOT magic, so she knew exactly who the culprit behind these mysterious pranks was. She did not regret in the slightest that her little brother was perhaps the most wicked prankster among the entire Nekoshou race.


Not a very large race, considering that her family were the only known Nekoshou left in existence since they were an extremely rare breed of Nekomata. If their family were to be wiped out, that would be the end of the Nekoshou species as a whole more than likely.

"Hah! Hah hah!"

Shirone didn't hide her laughter.

"Kaa-chan, lets go get something to eat. We're hungry." Naruto stated to his mother. Since he could hear her stomach growling, and Shirone looked at her own stomach as it grumbled a little. She was always amazed how he could tell what she was feeling before it even registered in her own mind. It was like he just knew.

"... Do not leave this room children, I will have a maid bring you something to eat." Nebiros stated as he slammed the door behind him. He couldn't allow the precious Nekoshou to roam freely around the castle, so he always made sure to restrict them as much as he could without making it appear to the public like he was confining them against their will.

Naruto grinned.


The maids in the castle were all super hot, they were quite attractive women. While Naruto's body was unable to actually do anything that would allow him to enjoy himself or seduce the women, child's body was not fit for such acts. He COULD mess with the maids in such a way that he could enjoy himself in a different way.

That did mean-

-Years Later-

-he really loved to experiment with S&M stuff that he had no interest in, in his previous life. Now he was getting his practice in, and setting up rope traps that would get the maids caught in very sexual positions.


Naruto grinned to himself as a maid was hanging upside down in turtle bondage, having sprung his trap on her that he had experimented with. Just because he could not train, didn't mean that he was unable to practice some new skills that weren't related to battle. The maid squirmed, but the more she squirmed the more she would just pleasure herself. Naruto enjoyed himself to the fullest, even as he let the woman down.

"Bad Na-chan!"

Shirone smacked the back of his head when she saw what he had done, while the maid just fixed her clothes and glared at Naruto. She grabbed the empty food tray and huffed, before walking out of the room with indignity.

"Okay Kaa-chan, lets..." Naruto paused when Nebiros entered the room after the maid left.

"Shirone, follow me, we're going to do a check up to see how you're development is going. To see if any that happened to you will ever be fixed by itself." Nebiros stated as he offered his hand to the young girl. Who was now almost to the point where a child her age should be developed at. Her growth was still extremely slow, but to anyone it was extremely clear that the experiments wouldn't halt her growth completely.

This was a first as well.

Nebiros had never shown any interest in checking up on Shirone, to see how her growth was coming alone. Other than Kuroka, this man never showed any interest in any of them personally. After he learned that Fujimai was incapable of telling him data on the experiments, he even stopped caring about her.

*Gagging Noises*


Naruto was VERY consistent when it came to making sure a prank didn't die. At this point, the adult man was now deathly afraid of ice and dildos to the point that he had a serious trauma with them. Naruto had practice this prank to the point of absolute perfect.

Naruto grinned to himself.

He had a goal, that he was going to prank the hell out of the leaders of the devil race the first chance that he got. He already had a prank planned out for three of them, but he had no idea how he was going to get the Leviathan. He did not know how he would ever be in a situation where he COULD prank all of them, but he was going to make sure that it happened.

Still, as Shirone walked away with a very humiliated Nebiros, Naruto couldn't help the bad feeling that appeared in his gut.

He wondered how Sasuke was doing?

-With Sasuke-

"Wonderful, truly a heir worthy of the title of Vampire."
"A prodigy among prodigies!"

Sasuke smirked to himself as he relished the praises that he was being given. He had picked a Vampire host, and he picked a family with black hair. He did have a doll-like appearance he knew Naruto was going to mock him for, but he had picked a great host body for gaining power very quickly. Since his birth, training had been remarkably easy for him, all he needed to do was suck blood to increase his strength little by little, and then train in certain skills that he wanted to use.

Just like a smoking crater in front of him, and the dark skies in the sky.

"Lord Sasuke, wonderful work as always. Shall I draw you a bath?"

"No need, I will continue to train until the sun is about to rise. That dragon wasn't enough to prove how strong I had gotten. It was only a High-class dragon." Sasuke stated as some of the smoke cleared, and he bore witness to the charred bones of the dragon that he had slain. The vampires who had heard his declaration just clapped their hands.

They felt nothing but pride for their race.

Sasuke didn't care though, he had a goal that he was working towards, and every second he wasted was a second that he wasn't pushing his lead against Naruto. Naruto was a freak at training, and even though Naruto swore he would not train until he was 14 or 15, that meant that he had all this time to gather his strength before Naruto's strength started to grow. He wanted to get a couple of wins under his belt, maybe even solidiy the lead that he had completely, before that time came.

His rival took higher priority than ANYTHING these blood suckers cared about.

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