Like husband and wife

In the beginning, Peter didn't understand why Aslan would give them their titles. High King Peter, the Magnificent. Queen Susan, the Gentle. King Edmund, the Just. Queen Lucy, the Valiant.

He didn't know what magnificent meant at the time, but it felt good. It stroked his pride in a way that made him say those words very low, in a whisper, before sleeping. Peter was very young when they started ruling Narnia, he wasn't sure exactly what they needed to do.

Peter looked at his right side and saw his sister Susan. He thought on her title and couldn't agree with it. Gentle? She was the opposite, he mused. She was always bossing them around and nothing seemed to be good enough for her, who would unceremoniously account all of their mistakes. She would pick on Peter the most, since he was the High King.

Susan would always repeat that Peter had a job to do, but he was only a child. Which was true, he thought, years later. She was right, but there were better ways of saying someone was doing things wrong.

He looked at his left and saw his brother Edmund. He was still only a child, how anyone say he was just? Especially after he betrayed all his family, hurting so many people. Peter couldn't understand why such a title would've been given to his brother.

Then he looked at Lucy, playing on the carpet. She was truly a baby. Her chubby cheeks and her giddy laughter couldn't deny her youth. Valiant? What had she done to prove herself so courageous? She had never even been in battle like he, Edmund and Susan had.

He just couldn't understand.

After Susan and Edmund retired to bed, Peter looked at Lucy and asked what she thought their titles meant. She replied that maybe Aslan wanted them to become those things. That they weren't magnificent, gentle, just or valiant yet, but if they worked hard, they could be one day. He agreed and he promised that he would do his best.

It quickly became evident that their realm needed help, though. The neighboring lands seemed to understand that Narnia was a savage country, free for the taking. Their forests would harbor danger, since there was no border and anyone could hide in them.

After years of battle, Narnia was beginning to be respected by the other realms around them. Edmund and Susan would work on diplomacy, avoiding more bloodshed. Peter was an excellent war strategist and he was confident in his army to win every battle, but he knew that maintaining peace was more important for his people, so he trusted Susan and Edmund.

When war was unavoidable, Peter trusted Susan especially, with her bow and arrow. But he learned in his travels and talking to allies that his home should never be empty. One of the siblings should always be in Cair Paravel, but Lucy was still too young to take care of anything and he couldn't abandon his army, so they decided that Susan would spend less and less time away from home.

When they returned home, she would always prepare for their arrival. Clean sheets, perfumed clothes, warm baths. It was all there waiting for them. It was then that Peter noticed that Susan's title matched her personality.

Their realm was still at war, but they had to come back and gather their allies. They were losing more people than they could afford, a different strategy had to be made, otherwise they would lose their land.

Those days when he came back, Susan cared for him the most. She had stayed with Peter during those trying times and she knew how responsible he felt for everything. Every death, every battle lost, every mistake was taken to his heart. Susan would come to his chambers and draw him a bath. She peeled his dirty clothes and he would enter the tub. She washed his hair with soap and clean water.

She was not alarmed by his nakedness, they had spent too many years on the road to even be bothered by that. Susan was only happy when she felt his shoulders relax and his eyes close.

"Thank you, Su." He would always say.

"You're welcome." She whispered leaving him enjoying his hot bath alone.

Susan was sixteen when the fateful letter arrived. The war was still raging and the siblings felt like they were losing.

Edmund was the one who delivered the news.

"They asked for Susan's hand." He said, plainly.

"As in marriage?" Peter asked, outraged.

"Yes. They say we can stop fighting and forge an alliance if you give Susan's hand to his prince." Edmund told Peter the content of the letter before handing him the piece of paper.

"Of course not!" he said. "I will never bargain my sister's heart."

"I guess I have no saying in that, do I?" Susan asked, as if they forgot she was in the room.

"Su, I will not have you decide this." Peter told her.

"It's still my decision!" She told him, fiercely.

Peter looked at her. His eyes were challenging hers. He would never allow Susan to marry without love. He ripped the letter and left the room.

Edmund thought on how many people would die, just because their King loved his sister too much.

Later, at night, Peter was still brooding over the subject of his sister's marriage. Of course he wouldn't marry her off like she was an object. He was on his balcony when he heard his door opening without anyone knocking. It was Susan.

"Don't even start, Susan." He said, avoiding her touch.

"Peter, I would never agree to marry his son. It wouldn't be wise. You are not fighting over a woman, you're fighting over perimeter, land. If they have me, they'd have Narnia. I understand that. I would never give up on my country." She said looking at him, watching how relaxed he seemed when she said she wouldn't accept that proposal. "We will have to talk to Edmund, though, he was ready to ship me off to end this war."

"He's a fool." Peter said, but his eyes were kind.

"He's not a fool. He's tired of seeing his people die. I'm tired of that too. It's been two years, Peter. This has to end." She said, sitting on the bench in his balcony. He sat beside her.

Peter had both his hands on his face, as if hiding. "I don't know what to do." Susan felt her heart break listening to his confession. "Everywhere we go is harder than the other. Our army is not going to last. I wish I was stronger, wiser."

"Peter…" she whispered, holding him while he wailed.

Eventually, she carried him to his bed. He was going to leave at dawn with a new strategy and her heart was heavy, she didn't want him to go. "Let me stay with you, tonight, Peter. I miss you…" she said, already lying beside him. He didn't have the strength to fight her, or the desire.

Peter rested for the first time in two years. He woke up feeling differently, he felt hopeful. He looked at Susan, still asleep, and prepared to leave.

She woke up when he was choosing clean clothes to take with him and she observed how lighter her brother seemed. He hummed a song she couldn't recognize and she wondered if he had been listening to bards on taverns. Her thoughts were interrupted when Peter noticed that she was awake.

"Thank you for everything, Su." He said hugging her. "I'm leaving now. You don't have to see us off. Sleep a bit more." And he left.

The next time Susan saw her brother was months after that morning. They had won the last battle and felt confident they would win the war if their plan worked. When she heard that the Kings were coming back, she did what she would always do. Prepare their rooms and wait.

When she saw the royal cavalry arriving, her smile grew wider. Peter and Edmund approached at the same time and she greeted Edmund first, with a tight hug and words of love. Susan greeted Peter a little differently. Her hug was just as tight, but she allowed herself to kiss his face all over, his cheeks, his forehead and even on the corner of his lips. Of course he accepted her love and hugged her just as strongly.

She prepared him a bath, as usual. When he was inside the tub, Susan grabbed the soap and started to clean his hair, which was longer than she remembered. Susan felt her heart skip a beat when she saw leftover blood on his head, knowing that her brother was close to death every day. What would she do if she lost him? She washed his hair more fiercely, until it was completely clean.

"Are you okay, Su?" He asked feeling her hands on him a little bit too tightly.

"Are you in danger, Peter?" She asked, knowing the answer.

He turned to look at her and said "You know I am, Su." Peter watched as she got up and left him alone to his bath.

At night, Susan entered Peter's chambers quietly. He was already asleep. His room was completely dark, but she knew this place as if it was her own, so she swiftly got under his sheets, startling him.

"It's me. Your sister." Susan whispered, feeling him relax.

"I'm glad you came." He said simply, going back to sleep.

In the morning, Peter asked the servants to bring food for him and Susan in his chambers. He had something important to discuss with his sister.

"Susan, we may end this soon." He told her on his balcony, watching her eating a strawberry.


"I need you." He said and was a little taken aback by his own confession. "I mean, we need you on the battlefield."

"What? I haven't fought in years, Peter." She told him, feeling anxious.

"But I know you never stopped practicing."

"It's different, Peter, you know it is. Where is your captain, shouldn't we discuss this with him?"

"Susan… he's dead." Peter said regretfully. "We need someone to fill in his place. It's very important, Su. We need someone with your expertise, I know you haven't forgotten."

"Do I have time to think?" She asked, knowing she had already agreed.

"Not really, we have to leave tomorrow morning…" he answered her.

"So you only came to fetch me?" She asked a little annoyed.

"Um, basically." He replied in good humor. "Let's go, we have to show you our strategy."

They spent the day talking about war and how important her part would be in this battle. Peter made sure to include in the plans her safe return when she finished her job, he didn't want to put her in more danger than she needed to be.

At night, Peter prepared his own bath and more and less waited for Susan so they could sleep together, as they had been doing for the last year, when he was rarely home. She didn't show up and he knew he needed to rest, so he forced himself to sleep without her by his side.

In the morning, he was ready to leave when Susan appeared next to him, mounting on her horse.

"You didn't come." He said simply. They weren't alone.

"I'm sorry." She said earnestly. "I fell asleep without even realizing. I was so tired."

"You don't need to apologize, Su. I just missed you. It's all." He said, regretting his own words. He wasn't her owner, she could sleep wherever she wanted to.

He mounted his horse and they left along with Edmund and the rest of their troops.

Susan felt a little unsure when she saw where she would have to position her archers. She had been at that very same spot years back, but the war destroyed everything, her country felt unrecognizable.

But Peter was trusting her, so she toughened up and did her part. There were some problems along the way, but nothing that would change their plans. She saw the opening she was waiting for and aimed in the correct spot, landing her arrow. She had just killed their enemy's colonel. Peter knew him and knew he would put himself in danger if he felt he had won the battle. They had killed Peter's captain, the one who commanded their archers, they would not expect a ranged attack so soon. It worked.

Without the colonel, the troops fell and Narnia prevailed.

At this point, Susan was already mounted on a centaur that she had met that very day, Jurr. She worried about Peter, but knew he was more likely to protect himself knowing he didn't have to protect her.

She waited.

She waited for two weeks after that day and she started to panic. There was no news, no one returned to tell her what happened after she left. Susan worried, but never cried. She would busy herself during the day, but at night her mind would imagine horrible outcomes of that battle.

"Su, if anything happened to them, we would have known, by now." Lucy told her on her thirteen-year-old cleverness. They had just finished dinner.

"What if there was no one left to tell anything, Lu?" She asked, feeling her heart drop.

"This is impossible, Susan. You know that…" Lucy said.

Susan never replied, she just went to Peter's room and regretted not going to his bed that night.

She slept on Peter's chambers, so when they went to find her to deliver a note, they didn't know where she was. Lucy worried and called for her sister outside, thinking she could be practicing.

Susan woke up with a distant voice calling her name.

She went to Peter's balcony and yelled Lucy's name. "I'm here." She said after she got her sister's attention. Lucy ran to Peter's room and they opened the note their brother had written her.

Dearest Su,

We are stuck in here formulating peace treaties. Please, do not worry anymore. We are safe and it is all because of your beautiful arrow.

We will come back home soon. For good this time.

I love you.

Forever yours,


"Sister, it seems a letter a husband would send to his wife…" Lucy said, but there wasn't malice in her voice. Susan nodded with her head.

"I'm just glad they're safe, Lucy." She responded honestly.

"I wish I had someone who would send me these kinds of letters…" she said and Susan looked at Lucy with disapproving eyes.

"Lucy! You shouldn't think of these things. You're very young." Susan said and Lucy disappeared giggling on the royal corridors.

Alone, she reread her brother's letter, under her brother's blankets, on her brother's bed. I love you, he wrote. Of course he loved her, she was his sister. She loved him too, very much. Too much. So much that sometimes her heart felt like it would explode when he left. She loved him so much that when he was home and they shared a bed, she would sleep more soundly, knowing he was beside her. She loved him so much that she peeked when she would draw his bath. She loved him so much that she noticed that Peter was a man, with his broad shoulders, his tight muscles and his callused hands.

Indeed, she loved him too much.

Forever yours, he wrote. Would he be forever hers, though? Wouldn't he fall in love with another queen and marry her, have children with her? Would she be left alone while he shared his chambers with someone else?

Susan didn't notice when her eyes started to water. She cried quietly, not knowing exactly why her heart felt suddenly heavy inside her chest. Was it because she missed her brothers? Of course it was. It certainly wasn't because she felt jealous of an imaginary woman who would sweep her brother off his feet.

It took them another month until they were finally reunited. They sent a note ahead, saying they'd be home in a week. Susan couldn't be happier, she would smile and sigh and her heart would be fast thinking they would be finally home, for good this time, he wrote.

She sent people to clean their rooms and prepare Edmund a bath. She stood on her balcony daydreaming, thinking about Peter's I love you when she heard and saw her brothers' entourage. She was used to see them with ten, fifteen people at most. Now it seemed there were so many people she couldn't even count. They were coming home too, to their families. She smiled and left the balcony. She looked herself on the mirror and felt horrendous, she wished she had time to wear a different dress, tidy her hair. But they were home and she only thanked Aslan.

She yelled Lucy's name and both sisters ran to meet their brothers. They were still far away, so they waited until Susan could see Peter's horse. Behind him was Edmund. They rode safely, she thought. She wanted Peter to be reckless just this time so they would meet faster.

When they were finally close, she watched Peter dismount his horse and run towards her. She appreciated his anxiousness to meet her, she felt the same. They embraced under their whole realm's eyes, Susan kissed his face and lingered her lips on his cheek, too close to his mouth. He buried his face on her neck and breathed her in, enjoying the way she smelled.

Indeed, like a husband.

When they finally left each other's arms, Edmund was right behind Peter and Lucy was waiting to greet her older brother. She hugged Edmund just as strongly, but certainly not as passionately.

When they were inside the castle she told Edmund his bath was ready and walked Peter to his room, under Lucy's knowing eyes.

Inside his room, Susan started to prepare his bath. For the first time, Peter watched her doing this. He was so exhausted the other times he returned that his eyes would barely be open when she was taking care of him. She saw her this time. Saw when she poured hot water in the tub, mixed some flower extract and walked slowly towards him to peel his clothes.

She took off his vest, then unbuttoned his cotton chemise. He watched when she dropped to her knees and unlaced his trousers, revealing his underwear. She touched the white fabric and pushed down, like she had done so many times.

It felt different this time, though. Peter was watching her, she could feel. It was daylight, so she saw everything and he felt like revealing everything. She took his hand and led him to the tub. As always, she started to clean his hair, this time shorter than when they had last done this. Who cuts his hair, she wondered with foam on her hands.

Peter's breathing started to come up short, she felt herself in need of air too. She knew deep inside of her, she knew this day would be different. They hadn't uttered a word since they entered the King's chambers, but she knew.

She never lingered there when she finished washing his hair. That was the first time she saw him leaving the tub and walking to a cabinet to take a fluffy robe to cover his body. He looked at her, sitting right beside the tub and offered his hand to help her up. Peter never left her hand.

They sat on his bed and finally she spoke. "I should go. I'm sure you're tired." But before she could move, she felt soft lips over her own. She wasn't sure what to do, she never kissed anyone before, but she closed her eyes and felt her brother move a little on the bed. When he finally left her mouth, he looked at her and she still had her eyes closed, as if she wanted to hold on to that moment, remember the feeling of his lips pressed over hers.

"Peter… I love you." She confessed looking at him.

"I know, Su. I love you too."

"No, Peter. It's different. I don't love you like I love Ed, or Lucy. It's different, Peter." He slipped a hand on her waist.

"It's different for me too…" He told her, very low. He looked at her and felt like kissing her again. This time she was more responsive, mimicking the way his lips sucked hers.

When he left her lips, she was breathless and Peter asked himself if he was doing the right thing. He was so sure of his feelings, but maybe she just missed her brother very much and he was taking advantage of her longing.

Before he could say something in the lines of "It's better if you go" Susan leaned and kissed him. She didn't want him to leave her lips ever again. Peter was caught by surprise, but recovered quickly. Without thinking too much about it, Peter slid his tongue and touched her lips, startling her. She didn't know kissing involved tongues, so she looked at him surprised.

"Have you kissed other women, Peter?" She asked, suddenly realizing he knew too much for her liking.

"Su, I've been away a long time…" He said and she gasped, getting up. She was offended and felt betrayed. She moved to his door, but he never let her out, moving quickly to where she was and taking her hand. "Susan, it was just a kiss. And she wasn't a woman, she was a mermaid."

"Why are you telling me this? I don't want to know who you've been with…" she said pouting like a little girl.

"I'm just saying… I know what to do. Trust me, Su. I love you." She melted when he touched her lips again. This time she didn't pull away when she felt his tongue. It was hot and alive, seeking her own. It was just like a predator looking for a prey. She surrendered and let him take control of her body. He hugged her close and walked backwards bringing her with him, back to his bed. Peter felt Susan's hand explore his body too, but her touches were controlled and shy, knowing he only had a robe to cover himself.

He laid her on his bed and covered her body with his own. Peter wanted to do this and he was so ready, but he didn't know if Susan was.

"I want to make love to you, Susan." He whispered as soon as their lips parted.

"Make love… like a husband." She said.

"Yes, exactly like a husband." He repeated, looking at her. His face crumpled a little when Susan's eyes filled with water. "What is it, Su? Did I upset you?"

"Peter, you have done this before, haven't you?" She asked, not hiding her jealousy.

"Not this, Su. I'm yours." He said, very serious. "Trust me, my love." He begged.

Peter left his position on top of her to lie beside his sister, ready to reassure her of his love.

"I waited for you. I've loved you for so long. Not like a sister, more like a wife." He said drying her tears with his fingers.

"We are brother and sister. I don't understand this feeling." She said, breathing fast feeling herself being overwhelmed by his presence.

"I don't understand it either, Su. But I don't regret it. I will never regret loving you." He brought his lips to her cheek and kissed each side of her face. Susan felt so loved.

"Peter…" she started feeling herself blushing. She wanted to hide, but the sunlight brightened the room, exposing her to her brother. "I don't know anything about it."

"It?" he asked, not knowing what she was referring to.

"Lovemaking…" She whispered, feeling herself even hotter.

"Are you ready, Su? Are you ready for me?" He asked. His hands were cupping her face. He knew she wasn't.

"I don't know, Peter. Does it hurt? I don't know anything about it." She said suddenly feeling embarrassed. She should know by now. She's not a child. She's seventeen. Marriage proposals piled up on Peter's desk. Why wasn't she prepared?

"I don't know if it hurts for you, but I've heard it's the best feeling a man could ever feel." He said, hoping it was as good for her too.

"You believe it?" She asked.

"Yeah… I've… evidence…" He answered her, a little embarrassed himself.

"Evidence?!" She spoke a little louder. "So you've done it before!" She felt like she had caught him in a lie.

"Susan! You don't trust me. Why don't you trust me? When have I ever lied to you?" He looked so sad and Susan regretted her own words.

"You said it. Evidence…"

"In my body… Su, do you want to see my body?" He wanted her to know him, everything about him. She didn't say anything, she only nodded.

Still with his back on the mattress, he opened his robe revealing his skin to Susan. His chest had old and new scars, which reminded Susan that she could have lost him on those three years of war. His shoulders were broad and the muscles on his abdomen were well defined. Peter's body was a living history of this war. He carried all of it in himself, she thought.

"Can I touch it?" She asked, meaning his scars.

"I'm yours, Su." He said simply, making her blush.

She touched a fading scar that started on his bellybutton and ended on his chest. "You almost died." She said, knowing it.

"Several times, Su…" He said very honestly. When he started to understand his feelings for Susan, Peter wanted to say something. To declare himself, kiss her, hug her. But in the middle of the war it was impossible. He could die any day, it wouldn't have been fair to his sister.

"Oh, Peter!" She kissed him, desperately. His right hand tangled itself in her hair, pressing her face to him. Peter wanted her close, closer.

His robe was still open and his body there for her to see. This time her eyes traveled around the southern parts of him. Susan saw the bush of golden hair between his legs and found it strange when she saw something pointing up. She had seen it before, but it was never like this.

"Peter, what is this?" She said, pointing to his cock and he smiled a little.

"You have seen it, Su." Peter was amused and Susan blushed again.

"Never like this. Why is it like this?" She asked, but maybe she had an idea.

"Because of you… Because I love you." He said to her and she felt suddenly hot between her own legs, a feeling she had felt before, but never did anything about it.

"Can I touch it?" She asked suddenly, surprising Peter.

"I'm yours." He repeated.

She touched the hair that grew on his navel, very rare and the sun reflecting in it made it look a little red. Her fingers were gentle, soft against his skin and Peter felt a little self-conscious now. He gulped watching her little fingers following the hair down, it felt like she was tickling him, but he didn't want to laugh. The room seemed suddenly tense.

Susan tentatively touched his cock. It was so different from what she had seen before. It was saggy before, a little smaller. Now it felt too big and hard. She felt like it was alive, because it throbbed under her touch, reacting to her. She was so concentrated on that very part of her brother's body that the noise that came out of his mouth startled her, she wasn't expecting it.

Susan looked at Peter's face, as if asking if she had hurt him. But his eyes were closed and his mouth gaped, sucking air. His chest seemed bigger with the way he breathed. "Su…" he whispered, his eyes still closed. He knew he had her attention. "Hold it, hold it with your hand. Would you do that for me, my love?" He said, his voice was rougher and Susan felt again the tingle on her belly.

She held his cock with her hand, like he asked.

"Move your hand, up and down." He opened his eyes, he wanted to see it. "Yes, just like this, Su. Don't stop…" He started to breathe even faster, Susan noticed the way his chest moved. It was like an explosion was about to happen. "Can you move your hand faster, for me, my love…" he said whispering, but the way he spoke seemed urgent like a shout. She sped up her movements with her hand, which felt like it was instinct, because she had never experienced that before. She didn't know what would come next.

Suddenly, Peter yelled. A rough, open and throaty yell. It surprised her and Susan looked at his face, then felt her hand wet. She was still moving her hand, but slower, knowing somehow that this was what he was seeking. Her brother's open expression of pure satisfaction made her feel proud of herself, but she didn't know why. She hasn't done anything that he couldn't have done himself.

"Oh, Su… I'm sorry. I couldn't resist." He said, but she didn't know why. Was it wrong?

"Peter, why are you apologizing?" Susan asked and watched him getting up the bed and disappearing on his bathroom. It took him a few seconds before he came back with a bowl filled with water and a piece of cloth. He touched her hand and started to clean her fingers, he sat on the bed and cleaned his own body.

"They taught me at the barracks that I should never reach satisfaction before my lady. It's our first time and I already broke that rule." He said a little low, a little disappointed.

"Peter, I enjoyed doing it. The expression on your face…" She liked it.

"Oh, Su. When you are ready for me, I promise you will not regret it. I promise it will be as good for you as it was for me today." He hugged her and Susan held on to that promise.

When he let go of her, she looked at his cock again, curious about his anatomy. It was flaccid and smaller and she thought about when he had said it was pointing up because of her.

"What makes it change?" She asked, suddenly.

"What? My…" he pointed down. "Well, it's you… Always you, no one else." He reassured her once again.

"You said it was me, but how? My face? I don't understand…" she told him, feeling comfortable discussing this with her brother.

"Su, I don't know how to explain this. It just happens. Feeling you so close to me, your skin…" and she understood, because she felt the same. "Su, do you remember when we used to travel together?" He asked when she laid down next him. Her head on his bare chest, he touched her dark hair. She only nodded.

"The first time I felt like this was when I saw you bathing on a waterfall. You looked like a goddess and my body reacted so powerfully. That's when I noticed I loved you, Su. So long ago…" He confessed.

Susan tilted her head up and looked at his eyes. He was so sure of his feelings, he seemed so much more experienced than her. She wanted to reveal when she first knew she loved him, but couldn't tell. It was a feeling inside of her since forever, she couldn't remember the moment she started to look at him differently, love him more than just like a brother.

He leaned down and captured her lips again. She closed her eyes and her hands traveled on curve of his neck, touching his skin gently.

They were startled when they heard Edmund's voice and a hard knock on Peter's door.

"Peter, are you there?" He yelled.

"Yes, Ed. I'm here. What do you want?" Peter replied impatiently.

"Have you seen Susan? Is she there? She isn't in her chambers, no one has seen her since we came back." Edmund sounded worried.

"I'm here, Ed. Don't worry." She yelled back.

"Ah, alright. Don't be too late for supper. We must catch up." He said and Susan felt a little guilty for forgetting her other brother.

"We must, Ed." She yelled back and he never said anything else. "See what you do? I even forgot my dear little brother." She told Peter with a smile.

"I do my best." And he kissed her again.

Later, at the table, Edmund was telling his sister all of his heroic action in the battlefield. He looked completely convinced that he was a hero, because he saved Peter from a mortal strike. Noticing how shocked her sisters were, Peter reassured them that Edmund was exaggerating, that he had everything under control. At least that one time.

When they finished eating, they moved to the sitting room so they could catch up a little more. Peter sat on a sofa with Susan next to him, they were so close that their thighs would touch and Peter always had his hands on Susan: on her shoulder, on her hand, on her left thigh, for a little while.

Edmund didn't seem to mind that they were particularly close that night, but Lucy knew what that meant. She observed her siblings and knew their relationship was different, the way they treated each other has been different. In the past, Susan and Peter would bicker nonstop, and Susan wouldn't give Peter a break, always pointing out his mistakes. But somewhere along the way, she started to treat him better, care for him, worry about him in a way that she didn't for Edmund or for herself. Lucy noticed that every time Peter was at home her sister would spend her nights on his chambers, not hers. Would she be sleeping with Peter from now on? She wanted to ask, but wasn't sure she was supposed to know these things.

Edmund went to bed early, claiming he hadn't slept a full night in three years. Lucy followed a little bit later, not really giving them an explanation.

Being suddenly left alone with her brother, Susan felt a little unsure. How were they supposed to treat each other now? Were they courting? She knew proper courting behavior and what happened upstairs wasn't exactly proper. Would they announce their relationship at least to their siblings?

Peter sensing Susan's doubts, took her hand and said "We're going to figure it out." He sounded so sure and his smile was so bright that her doubts vanished and all she wanted was to be kissed by him again.

"Peter, are we allowed to kiss outside your room?" She asked and he leaned to kiss her lips lightly.

"I'm High King, Susan, you are Narnia's Queen. I say we are allowed to do anything we want."

"Except we can't. Do you want to marry me?" She asked and he laughed.

"Forward, Su. Yes, I do, of course. But we have to see if it's even possible. Being siblings… it complicates things a little." He answered and saw Susan's face getting red through the candlelight.

"I wasn't proposing, I was just asking…" she explained herself.

"Don't be embarrassed. Trust me, we're going to figure this out." He reassured her again.

He got up his seat and offered his hand to lead her upstairs. When they reached the corridor, Peter and Susan stopped. His room was on the right and hers on the left, where would they go now? Susan wanted to spend the night with him, but knew things between them were different now. Sleep wouldn't be as innocent. Peter felt the same, he was a little unsure if he had the strength to spend the night with Susan as innocently as they had been doing.

"I'm going to my room, Peter. I think it's best." She told him and he nodded, agreeing.

"Good night, my love." He said over a tight hug.

"Good night, Peter." She responded, loving the new nickname.

In her room, Susan was changing into sleep clothes. She wore a linen, light dress to sleep. On bed, she started to recall what she and her brother had done that afternoon, the way they kissed – with tongue! – the way she touched him. The way his cock pointed up because of her, how hot and throbbing it was – because of her. Susan's cheeks were aflame, but inside her she could feel that itch.

She touched between her legs and noticed how damp it was and she wanted to wash it, but her fingers felt good for a moment so she left it there, moving only a little. Her breathing became a little erratic and she had this longing for something, but didn't know what. Peter would know, she thought.

As if making a decision, Susan left her bedroom, walked on the dark corridor and reached her brother's door. She pushed it open, lightly. Suddenly certain of what she wanted to do there.

"Peter…" She whispered. "Are you sleeping?"

"Su," he whispered back "I'm awake, come here." He patted the bed. She walked quickly and slid under his sheets. He hugged her and rested his face on her neck, breathing her in. "I missed you. Sleep with me, Su. I don't expect anything else…"

"Oh, Peter, I do." She said and she kissed him, for the first time sliding her tongue on his mouth. Peter seemed surprised, but he knew what to do immediately. His right hand pulled her closer to him, resting on her hips. He could feel her body through the light underwear covering her.

"What does this mean, Su?" He whispered, breathless.

"It means I'm yours, Peter. Guide me, please." She begged and Peter felt his body burning for her. He started to undress his sister, pulling her dress over her head, exposing her breasts. He wanted to see her, so he got up for a moment, abandoning her on the bed to light the candles on his room.

Standing up, Peter saw her naked and helpless on his bed. Desire written across her face. He leaned down and kissed her breasts, touching them with passion, and listened with attention the little moans leaving his sister's lips. Peter had never felt this before, never touched anyone's body like he was touching Susan's. He could only hope she was enjoying herself.

He moved his lips to her belly and licked the curve of her navel. He felt the way her hips shook and thought he was so close to her warmth that he might as well look at it, maybe even taste it a little with his lips. He loved the scent between her legs and enjoyed the gasp of surprise when he kissed her there with his tongue. It was just like he did with her mouth, but on different lips.

Peter started to touch her with his fingers, wanting to know exactly where to put his cock later and he finally found it. Susan was wet with pleasure and his saliva, her eyes were closed and her breathing was shallow, she had never felt like this before and wildly remembered his words about it being the best feeling a man could feel. It worked for her too. Though, it felt incomplete, she wanted more.

Peter felt that he had to finish this soon, otherwise he would finish alone again. He undressed and positioned himself between her legs. He looked at Susan, who looked back at him expectantly, not knowing what she was supposed to do now.

"Su, it might hurt a little, in the beginning." He said and watched her nod.

"Peter… wait." She said and he worried she wanted to stop. "Kiss me." And he did while he entered her. She gasped on his mouth, feeling the overwhelming sensation of being filled by something foreign ripping her apart. Peter groaned loudly, their reactions so different. Peter's sounds were of utterly pleasure, while hers were of pain. He noticed that, he wanted to reassure her, but couldn't concentrate on anything else. The only thing in his mind was him inside of his sister that moment.

Susan's breathing was shallow and fast. She wanted to recover, feel good, but it was so strange and new and it hurt. She felt Peter moving inside of her, slowly and her pain started to subside and a different, but ultimately familiar, sensation was starting to build in her. She felt like reaching for something, her gaped lips left sounds without her permission and she felt out of herself. Peter moved a little faster, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed in the room.

Her brother changed position a little bit, holding her right leg up and Susan reacted to the shift, she gasped feeling such pleasure that her chest felt like exploding. She looked up at Peter and he had his eyes closed, concentrated. Her breathing was short, fast and her moans became louder. She was close. So, so close. To what, she wondered when he hit the right spot and she came. "Peter…" she moaned, shocked with that overwhelming feeling. Her body throbbed out of control, she shivered as if she was cold and she felt nothing at all. She blacked out for a moment.

When she was back to herself, Peter was still on top of her, but he stopped. His eyes closed and she was aware of the slickness inside of her that wasn't there before.

Susan felt Peter removing himself from her, silently. He pressed his back on the mattress, both of them looking at the shadows dancing on the ceiling.

"Peter, that was…" Susan started. "Overwhelming. At the end, I felt so…" she didn't know the right words.

"Su, I understand. I feel the same." She turned her body and touched his face.

"I want to do this every day." And he laughed. He knew there was no going back from that. The softness of her touch, her kind eyes, her whispers in the dark. It all made him think that Aslan was right all along. Queen Susan, the Gentle.

Susan spent that night there and the following nights as well.

To be continued