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Operation Rescue Kaachan

Jirou Kyoka massaged her head trying to divert the oncoming headache. She was a young girl with short purple hair and two jacks extended from her earlobes. She was wearing the UA high school uniform and was sitting with a group of people in one of the many workshops the school has.

"Let me get this straight." she looked up, her sharp gaze surveying the room before resting on a green-haired freckled young man. He was a tall, muscled young man, wearing a green suit that had Kevlar added to it. He had red boots, white gloves that only extended to his wrist, and straps going over his shoulders, and on his back, he held a big circular shield. He was standing next to a wall with his arms crossed over his chest, giving Kyoka an encouraging look."Green bean over here was originally quirkless but took part in a secret military project that made him some kind of superhuman before the creator was killed and the serum they used on him was destroyed." she said all of that in one breath, then looked over said man to confirm she got everything right.

"It's the really short story, but it got the gist of it." nodded Midoriya Izuku, causing Jirou to look at the blonde girl sitting not far from him. She was a few years older than them, also looking incredibly fit, though a little shorter than Midoriya. She wore a sleeveless purple tight shirt that showed off her developed chest and muscles, along with purple shorts. She also wore a pair of glasses.

"Melissa here was also born quirkless and accepted into the same program. But she didn't get this superhuman serum, instead, from Green's blood, they tried to recreate it and administered it to you. That's not creepy at all." she deadpanned at the end, causing Melissa to blush a little in embarrassment and Midoriya to look away uncomfortably."And because of that, you could transform into a green, angry, female All Might." Melissa nodded in reply. Jirou turned to the other girl who stood next to Midoriya, nervously playing with her hands. She was a very developed girl with raven black hair in a spiky ponytail and black eyes. She was wearing a form-fitting black suit along with a belt that holds a collection of gadgets. She was looking everywhere but the other people in the room, a guilty expression on her face. Jirou regarded her for a little before stating in the blunted voice possible."You're a spy."

That got a reaction out of her. With a huff, her previous meek attitude disappeared as she looked back at the other girl, clearly offended.

"I'm not a spy. I may have been trained by the government to be able to utilize my quirk to its fullest potential and serve as a special forces agent, but that does not make me a spy." she crossed her arms beneath her chest, unintentionally or maybe intentionally drawing attention to her rather large assets. Jirou went red in the face but didn't look away and delivered her response.

"You were sent here to spy on Green." she retorted, causing Midoriya to chuckle softly.

"She got you there, Momo."

"My job was to keep an eye on you in case the serum had anything negative side effects." clarified Momo. "And it's not like I came to UA because of you, I originally intended to continue my schooling here." she said glaring a little angrily at the still chuckling man.

"It's still the same thing." declared Jirou, much to Momo's depression. Ignoring the sulking girl, she turned towards the other two occupants of the room. One was a girl with pink dreadlocks and funny-looking glasses on her face, busy working on some kind of machine in her lap. The other was a boy with spiky purple hair and eyebags that looked larger than it could be called healthy. He was wearing some kind of armored vest that left his arms bare and had a bow and a case full of arrows strapped his back. He was also smirking at her in a very infuriating way."What are two supposed to be again?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm their mechanic and creator of all of these useful babies." replied the girl, Mei Hagsume, not even looking up from her work.

The boy, Hitoshi Shinsou shrugged his shoulders.

"Sidekick. It's kind of fun." he answered lazily.

"Right." she deadpanned as she massages her head, trying to stop the oncoming headache. She gave a sidelong glance at Kirishima and Todoroki who stood next to her. Seeing her glance Kirishima quickly shook his head.

"Most of it is news to me too." he assured her."We're only here to help Bakugo." Todoroki mutely nodded.

Everyone immediately sobered up at the reminder. Not even twenty-four hours ago Bakugo was taken by the League of Villains from their summer training camp. Many students were injured and most of class B was still knocked out by the sleeping gas. The police and heroes were using every lead they could find, but it simply wasn't enough. That's why Midorya had gathered them here.

"And what is your plan exactly?" Jirou glared at Midoriya who remained unaffected. Instead, he only stepped into the center of the room, surveying each member of the room.

"Neither the police nor the heroes are any closer to finding him and every minute we wait, the chance that we can see him again lessens," he stated as he stood straight in a military fashion. He glanced at Momo who gave him a nod. "Momo placed a tracker on a Noumu but it's unreliable. With their warp quirk, the league can have any number of safe houses almost anywhere in the world. We need to know for sure where they keep Kacchan if we want any chance of rescuing him." he punctuated his statement with his right hand hitting the open palm of his left.

"And how do you propose we find it if All Might and the other heroes couldn't?" challenged Jirou, but the one who answered her was Momo.

"The Hydra." stated the raven-haired spy. "A militaristic cult originating from Germany during world war two. Their goal is to unite the nations., to make a worldwide dictatorial utopia led by solely them. They worked behind the shadows for centuries, subtly manipulating events and gathering more power. Their leader, the Red Skull used an incomplete version of the serum that made Midoriya what he is today. He is an egotistical maniac but also extremely paranoid. Doubtless, he kept a close eye on the League. He is our only chance of getting any information."

"So, you mean to tell me, you spent most of the school year waging basically a one-man war on the side against some nutjobs and now we gonna walk up to them and ask them to tell where Bakugo is? And why are you involving me in this?" demanded Jirou. To her greatest surprise, Midoriya nodded.

"That's mostly the plan. "at her furious glare he elaborated."We knew the location of a big hydra base, but it's bound to be a trap. Still, Red Skull is the type to be there in person, and that is our window of opportunity. He will be excepting me, but not you." he looked at the people gathered together. "While they are busy dealing with me, you can get in and get the data we need. Jirou we need you if we want to pull this out stealthily."

"Just why are you so sure that we would find any info on where Bakugo is kept? she asked with narrowed eyes.

"Because we have an inside source who confirmed that the information is on their main servers, though they couldn't access it." Melissa was the one who answered, looking at Midoriya who gave an angry frown from the corner of her eyes."We trust their information so we devised the plan.

"You mean you trust their information." Momo cut her off with narrowed eyes. "we don't."

"Regardless." spoke up Midoriya with authority, "this is our only chance and we have to use it." he told them and the two girls pointedly looked away from each other.

"You are suicidal idiots. All of you." told them the punk girl, before groaning and resting her head in her hands." I'm in." she told them, causing Melissa and Kirishima to cheer and Momo to smile softly at her.

"Then let's get ready. Time is short, we move out in half an hour. "declared Midoriya looking more like a military leader than the shy, but earnest young boy he was usually.

Everyone nodded and dispersed, readying themselves for the upcoming battle. They knew what they were planning on doing was vigilantism but they were ready for the consequences. Because sometimes doing what was right was not the lawful way.

Jirou wandered over to Momo and Melissa and began to talk about what gear they had that she could use. Meanwhile, Mei walked over to Midoriya holding something resembling a backpack.

"Here." she said as she handed it to the soldier." It could help out with your mobility problem if you are stuck in a corner. But be careful, it's controls are delicate and it's only a prototype." she warned him with a seriousness that was unlike the typical Mei."There's also a magnetic lock on the back so you could store your shield there."

"Thanks. I will take good care of it." he said with a smile as he took he examined the backpack closer. Mei said nothing, only silently watching him, prompting Midoriya to look up at her in question. "What?"

"Don't you want to talk to her before you go out?" his friends asked, a worried frown on her face. Midoriya looked away in response, not meeting her eyes.

"She has enough things to worry about. Most of her class is either injured or unconscious from the gas."The super soldier laughed uneasily at himself."And after what happened, I doubt she would want to hear from me anyway. "

"You know this is not true. She is probably just as worried about you as you are about her. "she insisted. He didn't answer, only walking away to check on his gear for the last time." Stubborn idiot. "huffed Mei to herself.


Midoriya with his shield on his back and now wearing a green World War two helmet walked into an abandoned warehouse in the Kamino ward. He walked in cautiously with one hand keeping close to the shield in case he was attacked from the shadows.

The warehouse was abandoned, full of boxes of various sizes. The only light was the moon shining from outside, bathing most of the place in darkness. The super soldier crept forward, checking the boxes he came across. A few minutes later he found nothing at all, causing Midoriya to let out a frustrated sigh.

He ended up next to a pillar when he caught something on it. Walking closer he pulled out a small light, turning it towards the pillar. There, on the base of it was a small skull with seven snake tails coming out of the mouth of it. The sinister symbol of the Hydra.

"Damn!" he cursed as he heard a mechanical click and the sound of something turning.

He found the ground opening beneath him and he fell into a hole. As he fell he quickly angled his shield beneath him to absorb most of the impact when he landed.

After a longer than he would have liked fall Midoriya landed with a large thud. Thankfully the shield saved him from most of the damage, though his body felt a little sore from the impact.

"Welcome, Captain So nice of you to join me." a familiar voice called out, causing him to look around. He was in a large, dark room that seemed empty at first glance. Just as he turned his head towards the far side of the room a light turned on, illuminating a podium where a single figure stood. He wore some kind of black military uniform, with the symbol of Hydra proudly on his chest. His head was a red skull, the result of the incomplete serum.

"Well, I couldn't say no to a generous invite like that one." joked Midoriya, though he wasn't nearly as confident as he felt.

"I suppose we should spare the pleasantries." said Red Skull, causing Midoriya to stop smirking and eye the leader of hydra seriously."I know what you are seeking, Captain. The League of Villains." he looked down smugly at the young hero.

"And All for One." cut in the super-soldier seeing no point in beating around the bush."You are known to keep an eye on the concurrency and probably know where his little soldiers are hiding. And you want them gone as much as I do."

"Enemy of my enemy is my friend, that's how the saying goes." mused Red Skull eying Midoriya intently."You are right, Captain. Though," he smirked as the lights came on, showing around a dozen Nomu surrounding his arch-nemesis. "It appears you made an error, in who was the enemy and who the friend." he laughed evilly as the artificial monsters closed on the young hero.

"Guess it's time for Plan B." Midoriya said with a smirk before he threw his shield at the nearest Nomu like a frisbee."Bring it on!" he cried out as he ran toward the Red Skull.

The shield he threw caught a large nomu, one that looked very similar to the one he encountered in the attack on the USJ, in the chest making it fall on his back. The shield bounced back, as if it was some kind of pinball, striking another Nomu on the hand, one that had large leathery wings and prepared to dive down on Midoriya, only to be thrown off-course by the shield.

Meanwhile, the super-soldier used a Nomu that tried to charge at him as a springboard, jumping in the air and expertly caught his rebounding shield with his right hand, the shield quickly sticking to the magnet built into his arm brace.

He quickly dodged various attacks by the Nomus, some blindly charging at him, some using various abilities granted to them by their creator. He dodged some kind of water sword, ducked below a fireball flying towards him, blocked the lightning hurled at him with his shield, all the while he carefully maneuvered around, causing Nomus to get in each other's way and he got closer and close to Red Skull who watched on in frustration.

Thankfully what the Nomus seemed to have in numbers, strength, and abilities they lacked in intelligence. it was not an easy thing, but Midoriya soon found himself at the podium where the leader of the hydra waited for him.

"Don't think it would so easy, Captain." the skull roared as he pulled out a pistol and fired at him in quick succession. Midoriya placed his shield in front of himself, head low, trying to keep as much of himself behind the safety of the shield as he could.

As soon as he got close enough he lashed out with his left arm, but Red Skull reacted fast enough. Dropping the gun he caught Midoriya's fist with ease before he tightened his hold. causing the young hero to clench his teeth together, trying to force back his cry at the pain. He forgot for the moment that the Red Skull was a super soldier like him. His incomplete serum may have been responsible for his looks and mental state, but in a contest of strength, he could be stronger since he lacked the restraint and discipline Midoriya used daily.

His nemesis smirked at him before he kicked him in the chest, making him stagger back. Before Midoriya could react a Nomu who had the ability to stretch its limbs to a ridiculous degree attacked him from his blind spot, sending him flying off the podium and into the middle of the group off Nomus intent on beating him to death.

Midoriya landed with a painful thud, forgetting to use his shield in time to soften the landing. He got up with surprising ease, swiping away the small trail of blood from his mouth. He looked up just in time to see a Nomu about to strike him with a hammer hand.

Midoriya blocked it with his shield, the vibranium alloy able to completely absorb the kinetic energy. Still, he was not out of the woods yet. Without giving him a chance to get a breather, 3 more Nomu were on him in an instant, only his superior reflexes let him able to avoid and dodge them for a time.

But his luck had to run out at some point. A particularly big, brown-skinned Nomu with muscles rivaling All Might. was able to get behind him while he was too busy fending off a pair of artificial monsters with fire and ice powers respectively, and catch him a bear hug, forcing Midoriya to also let go of his shield in the process.

Red Skull, still standing on his podium began clapping as he watched the constant thorn in his side getting captured.

"Excellent, excellent work." he praised as the Nomus obediently stopped, the big one still holding Midoriya who struggled with all his strength to get out, achieving very little. "I had to admit, though it's not my preferred tactic, these Nomu can come in handy. Now then Captain, ready to meet your end?" he asked with a sinister smirk as he picked up his gun and aimed at the defenseless hero student.

"Not today." he smirked, feeling around his tight, giving a triumphant grin when he found a button. "Mei, don't leave me hanging now." he prayed to himself before pushing it on.

A pair of razor-sharp metal wings emerged from his backpack, cutting through the hands of the Nomu with ease shocking Midoriya. He grabbed a pair of handles on the underside of wings in reflex, finding it a little hard to balance with the wings' weight on his back before he was suddenly was sent flying into the air by the three thrusters built into the latest deathtrap Mei built for him.

"Okay that is one hell of a gadget." he grinned as he wobbled in the air, the Nomu beneath him looking at him dumbly. A beeping sound in his ear diverted his attention before a small smile appeared on his face."Guess it's time for Plan C then."

Unfortunately with his unfamiliarity with the controls and his distraction caused him to lose control of the wings. Suddenly the wing on his right curled around himself and the thrusters on his back roared to life, sending him spinning around aimlessly. Crying out in surprise, he tried to gain back control and he was able to for a brief moment only to crash into one of the main concrete pillars.

He cleaved right through it, Midoriya once again losing that little amount of control he gained over his wings. He ended up closer to the ground and various Nomus tried to reach him but he was either too fast or they ended up at the wrong end of the sharp edge of his wings.

He was about to get nauseous with all that spinning around when he heard a small explosion from his back and the thrusters turned off instantly. Losing altitude he began to fall. Thinking quickly, he curled both of his wings around himself, trying to soften his landing. As he landed on the ground he rolled for a few meters before he finally stopped, thankfully he gained a bit of a distance from the group of Nomu intent on beating him up, giving him precious seconds to get up and get ready.

He got up with a painful groan, shaking his head a little to clear it. During his flying stunt, he seemed to lose his helmet. He tapped a button on his waist, the wings obediently folding back into their backpack form. He looked at the approaching Nomus, noticing the Red Skull nowhere in sight.

"Guess it's back to the basics." he said as he took a fighting stance, grinning confidently. He gave a ceiling a look as if he was waiting for something. "Any day now, guys." he murmured to himself just as he turned back to the first Nomu that reached him, another hulking musclehead.

As if on cue, a cry of feminine rage was heard before the ceiling suddenly caved in, a single figure falling down, landing on a couple of unfortunate Nomus who were too slow to get away in time. Midoriya shielded his face as the person landed with such force they generated a shockwave, sending everyone without a solid footing to the ground.

Lowering his arm, he couldn't help but grin as he saw Melissa's form in the middle of indisposed artificial monsters. She looked different right now. First off she was taller, her height easily rivaling All Might. Her body was muscled like a similar bodybuilder's. Her skintight purple clothes stretched without a problem to accommodate her increased size. But the most obvious change was that her skin turned to emerald green, while her hair turned black and developed green highlights. As she looked his way with a savage grin he could see her eyes similarly became green.

"Come and get me!" Melissa roared as she jumped in the direction of the nearest Nomu. For her, a simple jump was several times that of a normal, quirkless person.

'Just what did they do with my blood to change sweet, gentle Melissa into that?' he asked from himself with a sweatdrop. Thank god that Melissa had a lot of self-control.

Hearing something flying through the air, he looked up just in time to see the Nomu with wings that tried to use his distraction to attack from above have an arrow strike its face that promptly exploded a moment later. He grinned as he spotted Shinso jumping between the Nomus incapacitating one after another with his trick arrows supplied by Mei.

His getup was completed with black sunglasses that he knew were built with a HUD to give the archer a lot of help pinpointing targets and a black facemask that had a voice changer feature. Looking at him, Midoriya found it hard to recognize the slightly antagonistic and lethargic general education student he first met.

He quickly turned back his attention to his own fight, tilting his head and narrowly dodging the stretched arm of the Nomu that focused its attention on him. Three more Nomus joined that one, one that seemed to some kind of hydrokinesis ability, the other had metal-like skin. The last one was the same Nomu that got its arms sliced by his wings. Thankfully, it didn't seem to have any regeneration quirks, his arms only simple stumps, though it had an abnormally large tongue hanging out of its beak-like mouth.

Rushing forward he ducked below a whip of water aiming for his head before the metal Nomu appeared before him, sending a punch at him with a roar. Midoriya gave a quiet groan as the punch grazed him on his shoulder, almost sending him off the balance before he ran forward toward Stretchy Limbs.

These Nomus while not intelligent in any sense of the word, were capable of using rudimentary tactics. The two larger Nomus defended the two smaller ones that were able to attack him from a distance. Unfortunately, he was a close-range fighter first and foremost, he was always at the disadvantage against long-range fighters like Todoroki for example. Though he used his shield to compensate for that weakness, he lost it in the fight and didn't have the luxury to look around for it.

"Boss, catch" Shinso shouted as he used a Nomu as a springboard jumping into the air, holding Midoriya's shield in his free hand. Rotating around himself to gain a little more momentum, he threw it at the super-soldier.

With a grin he caught it and quickly sent it rocketing toward the Nomu with the water whip, catching it on the head, actually knocking it out. The shield on its rebound struck the tongue of the amputated one, knocking it off course as it tried to strike Midoriya when his back was turned.

He ran forward, picking up his shield on his way, dodging the remaining Nomus until he reached Shinso who was battling a big Nomu with four muscular arms. Stopping in front of the archer, he held up his shield, blocking a devastating attack meant for his much more fragile friend, before Shinsou let loose an explosive arrow to the Nomus face.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." he shared a grin with an archer before he looked around seeing most of the Nomus knocked out, Melissa trashing the remaining ones while she roared in rage. He held a hand to his ear, listening to something on the other hand."Looks like everything's according to plan."


"So the Red Skull got away?" Melissa asked as she changed back to her regular self, accepting a hoodie from Shinso.

After they defeated all the Nomus, the Red Skull nowhere in sight they left the warehouse, their part in the plan over. These Nomu were a lot weaker than the one in the USJ incident, no even the ones Midoriya faced in Hosu were stronger than a lot. It wasn't that surprising, All for One and Red Skull may have teamed up for one single instance, but they were still bitter enemies and even if the leader of hydra accused the real leader of the League of Villians of giving substandard help, the failure would weigh mainly on him.

They were out of the warehouse and went to the rendezvous point that was placed a few blocks away just in case. Thankfully it was the dead of the night and no one was on the streets, not even heroes since it was a deserted, industrial part of the ward. But being the cautious, rule-breaking students they were, all three of them stuck to the shadows.

"He probably got away when you guys arrived." said Midoriya, not letting his guard down even if they were far away from the site of their battle. "He was never one to fight a losing battle, and ultimately if the league fell he would win more than he lost." he said, sharing his suspicion with his friends.

"So he could say held up his and of the bargain, if the league gets away, but gave us a chance to finish off an enemy for him?" Shinso clarified, scoffing when his friend nodded."Covered all of his bases, didn't he? What a self-serving guy."

Before anything else could be said a black van pulled over and stopped before them. The side door opened revealed Jirou who have them a smirk.

"Hey guys, need a ride?" she asked cheekily, gaining a small giggle Melissa.

Midoriya only rolled his eyes good-naturedly before he and Melissa got into the van, closing the door behind them, while Shinso sat at the front, next to their driver Momo. Looking around the small van, he watched Mei furiously typing on a laptop, while Kirishima and Todoroki sat at the back, waving at him in greeting. All of them except for their favorite gearhead wore black clothes for stealth and looking unharmed. Kirishima fidgeted anxiously in his seat, while Todoroki and Jirou showed a much more calm front

"Everything went alright?" he asked as he sat down next to Mei who only grunted greeting before returning her attention to her work.

"Went without a hitch." the earphone jack user boasted, though he noticed the tired slump of her shoulders. In response, he only looked to the front where Momo was driving them and raised an eyebrow in question. The government-trained agent looked back at him from the rear-view mirror with an amused expression.

"We run into a few minor hindrances, but thankfully you guys diverted most of the attention so we had relatively few things to worry about. Mission accomplished without injury." Momo stated with a smile before turning back to the road.

"It's good to hear." he said, relieved, ignoring Jirou pouting him for not trusting her word. He turned to Mei as he put the backpack containing his new wings down next to him. "Your prototype is amazing Mei. It needs a little work, but it's very useful." he praised the inventor.

Mei made a humming sound, not at all paying attention to him. Midoriya only grinned at that, before he leaned back in his seat, trying to relax a little. While the fight was not that long or hard, the Nomus still got in a few good hits and even with enhanced physiology, he would need all the rest he could get for the next part of the plan.

"I got it" she cried out in triumph all of a sudden, jumping up in joy, almost knocking over Jirou who sat at her ofter side."Take that Hydra, your measly programming is no match for Mei Hatsume."

"Yosh! Then it means we finally ready." said Kirishima with a big grin, punching his fist into each other while he unconsciously activated his hardening on his arms."Time to go and rescue Bakugo." he declared. In response, Jirou grew visibly uncomfortable while Todoroki gave a calm nod. In the front Shinso sighed, meeting Momo's exasperated eyes.

"Hold your horses." Midoriya admonished him after he made Mei sit down since it was not advisable to jump around in a moving van. "There would be no point we anything we did until now if we just rush in without a plan. So buckle up." he leaned down, his hands on his knees, looking at everyone one after another with a serious look on his face."Now comes the hard part, so you better be ready."

Melissa gave a nod in agreement, and the others soon followed suit. As they drove into the night, they were getting ready for probably the biggest fight of their life. Operation Rescue Kaachan was underway.