The day where it all began

"Out of my way slowpokes!" a voice cried out as a young man pushed away people running into the middle of a busy street, full of salarymen going to their work and students hurrying to their school before the last bell rang.

The young man in question had roller blades in place of his feet, wore a raggy, black hoodie and faded jeans. He was clutching a big black bag as if his life depended on it.

He looked back for a brief second, spotting a few heroes trying to follow him, calling out and demanding his surrender. Gritting his teeth he began to run once again, pushing away people that got in his way, leaving behind as much chaos as he could.

He ducked into a quiet and deserted alley, stopping for a moment with his back against the wall, to see if the heroes were able to follow him. As he heard them run past his hiding spot, he grinned before he took off in a more sedate place. But before he could get far, large tentacles wrapped themselves around him. He was soon immobile and was held up in the air.

"What the-, let me go you freak! I don't want to be molested by a hentai tentacle of all things." he cried out in fright, kicking around his legs, trying to gain some fraction for his quirk but it only reported the limbs holding him tightening their hold."God damn it."

"How rude." a quiet monotone voice spoke up from behind the criminal prompting him to fall silent.

It was an older teen, dressed in a hero costume, frowning at him. He wore a black bodysuit decorated with gold plating around the arms and shoulders. Over that he had a white tunic as well as a matching cape and hood that featured more gold plating on the top of the hood. The cape connected to a scarf-like collar and a silver mask on the front. He also sported a purple mask over his face as well as a matching carrier vest with red straps. From behind the mask, tired-looking eyes stared at him with an intensity that frightened the criminal into silence. The tentacles that held him seemed to come from his right arm.

Without a further sound from him, the young hero swung the criminal in his hold around sending him into the arms of the big, rotund hero in the yellow getup. The criminal was soon caught in a bear hug from the BMI hero fatgum, his voice muffled as he was pulled into the fat making up most of the hero's body.

"Good job Suneater." Fat congratulated his sidekick with a wide smile as he carefully handed the now knocked out criminal to a nearby police officer."You certainly on fire today, going all out despite your anxiety." he turned back to his protégé only to find him still in the alley, facing a wall with a gloomy cloud around him."Forget I said anything." he exclaimed with a hearty laugh.

Suneater stood there for a second in silence before he turned to face his mentor, a rare, resolute look on his face.

"I'll try my best." he told him with a fierce determination."After all, today is the day."

Fat couldn't help but beam proudly at his protégé.


"You got what we asked for?" a gruff voice from the shadows questioned a young woman who nervously clutched a big case to herself. She had a thin frame covered by rags and various bruises with dirty, disheveled blonde hair falling on her back. The only noteworthy thing about her was a plastic clown mask on her face.

She was standing in a dusty, abandoned warehouse that saw better days. She was seemingly alone, until a moment later six figures stepped out of the shadows, surrounding her, though, despite her timid behavior, the woman didn't give any visible reaction.

"Of course, Mister H always provides the perfect service," she told them in a confident tone, in quite a big contrast to her body language, her voice almost painfully high. Some of the men around her shifted uneasily as she looked around.

They all looked like members of some kind of motor gang, with studded leather jackets and helmets. On their back, each one of them had a red boar's face. One of them was thrice as large and wide as a normal person with fangs jutting out of his face, reminiscent of orcs from fantasy games. He held a long chain in his left hand while the right had a suitcase. He seemed to be the leader and he walked closer to the girl with a cruel smirk on his face.

"You and your boss are new in town, you need rep if you want anyone to just trust your word," he told her, walking into her personal space, leering into her mask, huffing air at her. The girl, despite her trembling, remained mostly unaffected."Let's inspect the goods, shall we?" he smirked at her with a leer.

Suddenly the girl's body language changed, and she stood as if she was a completely different person. Not shying away from the boar-headed guy, the clown girl leaned forward, practically molding her body to his, giving out lewd noises as she did it, causing the youngest members of the gang to blush furiously. After a moment almost carelessly she tossed the bag she was holding in front of a lankier guy.

"Feel free to browse," she said in a sultry voice between moans.

While his men were getting slowly flustered, the leader looked on blankly, before he suddenly burst out laughing, completely ignoring the woman practically grinding herself on top of him.

"You are a cheeky one aren't you?" he asked in his deep voice, definitely amused. He subtly signaled one of his men who began to check out the contents of the bag.

In an instant the woman stiffened, her posture tensing as she stepped away from the boar-headed man, who raised an eyebrow in question. She assumed a straight, neutral posture like a soldier or some kind of robot, her earlier contradictory body language nowhere in sight.

"I aim for customer-friendly service," she replied in an unnerving, emotionless voice.

Meanwhile, the goon stopped inspecting the bag, showing a couple of small vials filled with purplish-green liquid to his boss. The man inspected it with a critical eye before giving a simple nod, prompting his subordinate to return them to the bag. With that, the leader turned back to the woman who was waiting patiently.

"Well, what do you know? It's the real deal. We may just continue this fruitful partnership if you keep providing the goods" he smirked at her before handing her his suitcase."The agreed payment."

She opened a case and inspected the money. After a moment she closed it with a happy laugh, turning to the gang members with a bounce in her step.

"Yay, you brought the money. That means I won't have to kill you." her sudden change in moods unnerved some of the other criminals, especially when she stopped, tilted her head, bringing a finger to her mask's lips."Wait, that's good news, right? Or not? Anyway, do your best, everyone." she continued to cheer at them as she twirled around with the briefcase full of money.

The leader looked at her blankly, trying to figure out whether to laugh or tell him to beat up the obviously deluded woman. Before he could come to a decision a voice beneath their feet diverted their attention, making them look down.

Out of the ground came out a young man's face with bright blue eyes and an almost comically large smile looking at them.

"Sorry for the interruption but I thought it would be polite to wait for you to finish your exchange. You are finished, yes?" he asked before his face suddenly got serious."In this case, you are under arrest."

The surrounding men didn't know how to react to such a brazen statement from a hero, because he was definitely one until the boar-headed thug began to laugh to himself. After a moment his men followed suit, dismissing the hero as anything harmful.

Unlike them the woman tensed up and subtly began to step away, distancing herself both from the gang and the unknown hero. The hero-in-question also started laughing as if he heard some great joke.

Soon he was the only one laughing, the others stopping and choosing to eye him warily, several of them pulling out various weapons, guns, knives, and baseball bats.

"Guess no more joking from now on?" he asked with a smile but beneath the joviality, there was a hard edge that made the thugs even more wary of him."It's time to get serious then." he declared, though he had yet to make a move.

"Are you mental?" the leader asked with a grin before lifting one of his legs. "I'll stomp that pretty face of-" he began to say before he was suddenly cut off.

The young hero suddenly launched from the ground, delivering a punch to the leader's jaw that sent him up in the air. For a long moment, everyone and everything stood still as they stared at the young man.

He had blonde hair styled in a cowlick, giving him an even note comical appearance. His hero suit consisted of a white top with the number 1 million on it, along with a green belt, blue trousers, and yellow boots. He also had a large, red cape on his back. And worst of all, after KOing their leader with only one punch he had the gall to smile at them with a thumbs up.

"Power!" he shouted and as if it was some kind of signal, the thugs near him began to rush at him with war cries of their own.

The nearest one, the lanky one who checked out the goods, swung a metal rod at Jim but to his surprise, the weapon went through the hero's head as if there was nothing there. Before he could do anything, he and the men around him were surrounded by bubbles of all things that when popped restrained them.

"What's going on?" one of them asked, who was able to get away from the bubbles but immediately cried out in pain as he found himself restrained by a giant centipede."G-get it off me!"

The masked woman watched impassively as the hero with some kind of intangibility proceeded to knock out the thugs one by one, while two other heroes showed up to shit down the rest of them.

Deciding to cut her losses, she grabbed the bag full of money and made a run for it, avoiding the bubbles sent her way with acrobatic jumps. Her escape route was one of the windows of the warehouse, her motor waiting for her on the other side.

"You won't get away so easily!" a female voice cried out. She was a young woman with blue skin and a breathing apparatus on her face. With a wave of her hand, she sent a new wave of large bubbles in her direction.

"Sorry to burst your bubble little girl but you are not in my league." the clown-faced woman commented before she threw a small peddle at her that detonated a moment later, taking out most of the bubbles and forcing the young hero back.

She was almost out, an inch away from getting away from the heroes with the money to boot, when a small object burst through her escape route, striking her in the chest. Despite its small size, it packed a punch because it easily punched out the air from her lungs and threw her backward.

Before she could try to gain some momentum to turn the sudden change in direction to her advantage she found herself in the arms of the young hero who first showed up, trapping her in a bear hug and leaving her defenseless.

"Let me go, you buffoon." she cried out, clearly nervous when she found she couldn't overpower him despite being clearly stronger than her frame would suggest.

"I'm sorry but this is the end of the line for you, Casablanca," an older man's voice told her, turning her attention in the direction she came from.

A lean man was walking into the warehouse in an out-of-place white suit. He had side-swept green hair with a few blonde locks in the front. He had a very sharp and intimidating glare that even had her wary of him despite his lack of physical mass as he sent her way a frown.

"Mirio," he said, completely ignoring her much to her shock. "You almost blew the whole operation by moving too soon." he accused, his narrowed glare trained on the young hero who only chuckled sheepishly despite the glare that could send grown men crying.

"Sorry, Sir but I got a little excited there." he apologized with a smile, seemingly not even caring about the woman still struggling in his grasp."But you can't expect me not to get excited, after all, today's the day."


Innocent pedestrians jumped away in fright as a large truck drove through the busy street. It was a large, grey, reinforced with the logo of a local bank on its side, quickly followed by several police vehicles. As the shocked people began to gather their wits after the ongoing chase went away, they once again blinked in shock as a large shadow flew over them.

Overhead the large form of the Dragon Hero, Ryuko could be seen by curious bystanders as she followed after the truck without being too obvious, trying to find the perfect moment to strike. On her back, a young woman was sitting in a blue-green hero suit. She had long blue hair that reached down to her ankle and curled around her body, two locks forming horns on the top of her head. She had large blue eyes that looked around excitedly, in a constantly curious manner.

"Hey, hey Ryuko. Did you see that large advertisement? They are having a discount on various hair gels. Why would people want their hair to be even messier? Oh, do you hear the police sirens? How do you think they make their sirens sound in unison? Do you think they could do the same with All Might's theme?" the girl asked in quick succession, not even waiting for answers.

"Nejire-chan, please try to concentrate." the dragon hero gently scolded her intern with an amused tone as she flew closer to the truck.

Before Nejire could answer her, a man leaned out of the truck's window turning toward the chasing police cars. In a move that surprised anyone who might have caught it, his cheeks expanded outward before he burped out some kind of green blob that sailed toward the nearest police car. What had everyone in the vicinity drop their jaws was that the blob exploded with tremendous force as soon as it made contact with the ground, its initial target able to sway to the side in time.

Ryuko growled to herself at seeing things, before she suddenly began to dive down, Nejire loudly squealing as she barely held on to her back. Landing before the speeding truck with a force that shaped the ground under her, she gave a loud roar that would make any mythical dragon proud before grabbing the vehicle, holding and stopping it with one hand.

The thieves could only gape in shock at her, unable to do anything else. Only the green-skinned one had enough presence of mind to think of actually fighting back. He leaned out of the now broken window, cheeks already bulging, ready to spit his newest salvo of explosives but the hero smirked at him confidently before pointing in the direction of the sky.

"I would focus on her if I were you," she said in an amused tone.

"Hurricane-force!" cried out Nejire-chan, who let go of Ryuko while she was descending, as she let loose a double spiral of pure energy from her hands, slowing her descent as well.

Her attack found its target without any problem. It struck the truck, throwing up a large cloud of dust in the process. As the cloud slowly settled down, the blue-haired sidekick touched down on the ground, using the energy produced by her quirk to elegantly fly down, looking at her handiwork with interest.

The truck no longer resembled its original shape, it was split open and in pieces. The villains, all four of them, were out cold after they found themselves in the middle of the blast zone. It didn't help that the villain with the exploding burp quirk misfired his own attack at himself and his comrades when the hurricane-force landed.

"Excellent work Nejire-chan." Ryuko praised her sidekick as she returned to her human form, though she held a small frown. "But you almost missed your timing. I know you are excitable but you are usually more focused than that." she scolded her, but there was a softness in her tone, taking out most of its sting.

"Hehe, sorry, Ryuko but I guess I'm just too excited." the young girl apologized with a giggle, sticking her tongue out, making her look cuter. Ryuko was able to keep the stern glare up for a solid second before she couldn't hold back a smile any longer and shook her head.

"And what made you so excited? She asked with an indulgent smile, all too aware of Nejire's hyper personality.

"Today's the day. " she declared with a peace sign."Even Tamaki is excited, that's a reason in and of itself."


"Please, everyone, stay at a safe distance while we deal with the villain." a young, recently graduated hero cried out to the watching passersby as she used her quirk that created large, pink flower petals which she could move with her mind, using them to form a protective wall in case an attack headed in their direction. She wore a formal, pink-colored kimono which had a floral theme, indeed her whole outfit consisted of traditional Japanese clothes and accessories.

Just as said those words, her barrier was already put to test as the rampaging villain sent an overturned car into it, knocking away the heroes who tried to stop him. The barrier held but a strained look appeared on the hero's face.

The villain was a large four-armed brute with a bald head, red skin, and four yellow eyes, his body the size of a small pickup truck. His shirt rested on him in pieces, probably by the sudden change in size his quirk activation caused. Thankfully his pants were holding up, barely.

As the civilians began to panic, the villain turned his attention toward the hero holding up the barrier who bravely didn't flinch even as her fellow heroes were unable to get up and she could do nothing if she wanted to keep up her barrier that protected the civilians.

None of them noticed a young teen walking through the petals casually until he walked past the young woman who called out to him in worry.

"It's not safe outside my barrier. Please return to a safe distance until we can defeat the villain." she cried out, raising a hand as if to stop him, even if she couldn't even step away from her barrier in fear it would collapse.

Only when said teen lazily turned to her, did she notice his features. He was a tall, worryingly pale boy with short, spiky red hair. He wore a purple skin-tight suit with a design that greatly resembled the suit of the number two hero, flame hero Endeavor, with the difference that the flame-like lines on his suit wore blue instead of orange-red. His deep, blue eyes reflected the equally blue fire he ignited in his hand as he held it up, a sharp smile on his face.

"Don't worry, roasting idiots like that is my specialty." he gave her a smile that sent actual chills down the spine of the young heroine before he turned toward the villain who didn't take kindly to being called an idiot.

"Just who do you think you are, you little twerp?" the red-skinned man roared as he began to charge at him, dropping the unconscious hero he was using as his personal punching bag in the process. Despite the large mass heading his way, the young man remained calm, only holding up a single hand in the direction of the villain.

"Burn!" the teen intoned before he sent a large stream of blue flames at the villain, whose form was soon swallowed by the flames. Behind him, several watchers gasped in shock, not used to seeing heroes use their powers with so little care for others.

He kept up the flames for a good ten seconds before slowly he shut it down. His hand was smoking, he had a pained grimace on his face and his palm appeared to be burned. He was about to lower it in exhaustion but as the flames dispersed, the villain stepped through, snarling angrily.

His skin was an even angrier shade of red and his body was littered with burns but he was still rearing for a fight. The onlookers cried out in surprise and fright while the young teen remained unimpressed.

"You think a puny flame, like yours is enough to hurt Armadillo? Think again, puny hero." the villain roared, readying himself for another charge.

"If you want another round just say please." the teen muttered with a sullen glare as he held up both hands, blue flames appearing in them, preparing to blast him off with twice the firepower.

Before he could do anything, another fire hit the villain from the side but this was the more normal orange-red shade and was coalesced into a single point instead of letting loose like the teen. The so-called Armadillo cried with pain before he was blasted back by the fire, into the pavement. As the smoke and debris dissipated l, he was revealed to be out cold, his quirk deactivated, once again taking the form of a normal human.

"It's Endeavor!" cried out someone in the sudden silence, though if it was in joy or terror, it was hard to tell.

Indeed, walking toward the commotion at a leisure pace, at least for him, was the current number two hero in Japan, Flame Hero Endeavor. His trademark scowl was visible on his face under his flaming beard as he looked at the defeated heroes, the villain, and even the civilians lingering around with disdain.

The sudden silence was broken when the teen with the flame quirk snapped at the number two with a scowl on his face.

"Hey, what gives? I was perfectly capable of taking care of that guy by myself." he snapped at the intimidating hero, further shocking heroes and civilians alike who were watching them.

Endeavor in response only narrowed his eyes, looking pointedly at the teen's still smoking, burnt hand that told a slightly different story.

"If that were the case you would have dealt with him with the first attack. I expect better of you Touya, after all, you represent me." the flame hero scolded him, before taking a look at the sole conscious hero who took down her barrier and was quietly directing the police to take the villain in custody and the medical personnel to look after her comrades."Pathetic" he stated, making no effort to keep his voice down. The young heroine reddened in indignation but made no move to talk back to the number two hero.

Touya on the other hand glowered at him, making no effort to hide his annoyance.

"Call me by my Hero name Spitfire. After all, you always go about proper protocol and all that," he said, looking Endeavor in the eye as unconsciously small flames formed in his hands.

Endeavor looked at him coldly but that only infuriated the young hero before turning away without a word and began to walk away.

"Stop wasting time with the small fry and let's get going before you make us late. I have more important things to do than babysitting you." the flame hero said without turning around, completely ignoring the reporters who tried and failed to ask him questions.

Spitfire snarled silently, before he visibly took a deep breath, trying his hardest to calm himself. Unfortunately, it was not an easy task for him.

"I won't let him anger me, not today. This is my day, he can't ruin my big chance. Today's the day." he murmured to himself, finally calming down at the end.


"How is Project Kr coming along, Doctor?" a deep voice that could have been called charismatic if not for the breather that accompanied it, came through the small monitor, snapping Doctor Midoriya Hisashi out of his work, causing the scientist to hastily stand up and turn toward the sound but the only thing that greeted him was an old TV with an audio only text on its screen.

He was an older man with curly green hair that had a few grey ones mixed in. On his forehead, his hairline thinned out considerably, a sign of esély signs of baldness. Other than that. he could be described as an average-looking scientist, a little thin, a little pale, obviously not a fan of physical work. He wore a pair of rectangular glasses that looked a moment away from falling down from his face.

Though the voice talked gently, it still caused fear in the greying doctor, a primal fear that no matter how he tried, he could nevét learn to control. Therefore he was visibly nervous as he tried to calm his racing heart and answer the voice.

"It's on schedule, sir. Project Kr responded positively to the last treatment and his life signs returned to normal, at least for him, state. Along with that, his powers are starting to stabilize, though with a slightly weaker output than we would have hoped for. Though, all signs show that with the continuation of the treatment, it should return to desired levels as the body slowly becomes accustomed to it." he was quick to add when he felt displeasure coming from his apparent boss through the audio feed.

The other side was quiet for a long moment, making the scientist break into a sweat as he waited to hear the verdict for his and his ambitious project's fate.

"I see. Better than I feared, though I expect you to deliver on what you said." his mysterious employer said, at last, causing the man to let out a long sigh of relief that the voice chose to ignore."How are the GenoMorphs working?"

At the question, the graying scientist's flickered to the desk next to him where a small implike creature sat patiently. It was a small thing, probably couldn't even reach the man's knees, its back hunched forward and it leaned in his elongated hands. It had dark grey skin with hair a slightly lighter shade of grey growing on its torso and head. It had large, unblinking red eyes that seemed to glow and small black horns on the top of his head.

"Ah, yes, the GenoMorphs. Marvelous creatures, I must say. Artificially created I presume?" he asked, his curiosity getting better of his fear of his employer.

"As you know doctor, you are not the only one in my employ. Though, for the safety of my organization, no one knows anyone aside from me. Now, if we can return to the previous topic?" the voice asked in an amused, patronizing way. As if he was talking to a child instead of a grown man.

"Yes, yes, of course. I only spoke of my admiration for the skill of their creator." the doctor was quick to add, not wanting his employer to think even for a moment that he was fishing for information. "They are working marvelously. They keep Project Kr docile and ready for instructions at all times while feeding him necessary information directly to his brain. Marvelously efficient. Currently, they have finished downloading battle tactics and basic information and are ready for more advanced education, including the information we have on various heroes. The planting of the keywords for indirect control iis currently underway. Thanks to them, the project could be combat-ready in a month, optimistically speaking." he reported, his pride visible, as was his anticipation of seeing his projects finally completed after 15 long years.

"It is indeed fortunate to hear that, Doctor." the reply came to the monitor, though the voice lacked any emotion."I hope to hear similar news at your next update."

"Of course," he replied nervously, knowing full well the consequences of failing.

A moment later the monitor darkened, signaling that the mysterious benefactor terminated the connection, leaving the greying scientist alone. With obvious relief he fell into his seat, clutching his trembling hands together.

"Thank God it's over. I feel like my life flashes in front of me several times whenever I have to talk to that man. My old heart could hardly keep up." he mumbled to himself as he reached up and wiped the sweat away from his forehead.

He sat there for a long time before he was finally able to calm himself down. Still, he was trembling slightly as he carefully stood up and walked to the other end of the room where a large pod stood.

It was state of the art equipment, hooked into various machines, life support, monitoring devices, and the like. In the middle of it stood two letters, a big k, and a little r, while on the top of it sat two GenoMorphs, their horns and eyes glowing an eerie red color.

Inside a pod, a very well-built sixteen-year-old slept, his form visible thanks to the artificial light that flooded the pod. He had messy green hair that reached his shoulders, a freckled, innocent-looking face and he wore a white, form-fitting suit that showed his wide shoulders and clearly defined muscles. On the chest, a large red S rested in a diamond crest.

Almost reverently, the scientist who looked remarkably a lot like the young teen inside the pod, put a hand on the glass of the pod, caressing it with an almost loving expression.

"Soon, you will take the words by a storm. The perfect being, eclipsed by none other." he murmured to the sleeping teen."My masterpiece, my little Izuku, you will make my name immortal. Rest until then, my prodigal son."