The Giant and the Titan

Sol System

Earth, New Phoenix

July 25, 2557

The Master Chief looked at the piles of ashes. His face etched into a neutral frown, unchanging despite knowing what the ashes were.

He then moved on, careful to not disturb the ash pile nor the ones beside it.

He had been wandering for hours now, the once bright sun now setting and night soon taking the throne of the sky.

Due to habit, his eyes continued to scan the buildings, searching for a sniper or any signs of a prepared ambush.

He was always ready, ready to spring at a moment's notice.

A little while away, a fireteam of marines equipped with scanning equipment watched the legendary spartan.

"You know, I always wondered what the Master Chief looked like," a marine remarked as he scanned an ash pile, his scanner identifying the owner. "Another kid..."

"My cousin went on a mission with the Chief, he also wondered what was underneath the suit," another marine responded. "To be honest, I am sure my cousin would cry himself into the grave if he knew I saw the Chief unmasked."

"Ain't we lucky," the first marine muttered.

The commlink then buzzed to life. "This is A.I. Hoover of UNSC Harbert to all forces currently in New Phoenix, an evacuation order has been issued, priority high.

"I repeat, all forces of in New Phoenix are to evacuate immediately."

Immediately afterward, their commlink buzzed up once more. "Hugo and Lin, do you got eyes on the Chief, over?" their fireteam leader asked.

The first marine, Lin, responded, "Yes, sir."

"Good, pretty sure he doesn't have a comm right now so relay the orders to him and head to extract. Over and out."

As they both jogged their way towards the Chief, the second marine, Hugo, noticed something particular.

"Hey Lin, did New Phoenix always had such an old gate?" he asked as he pointed something to his left.

Hugo ignored the question for now as they neared the Chief. "Hey, Chief! Evacuation orders!"

The Master Chief turned away from what he was looking at and at the two marines. His piercing gaze, making Hugo briefly nervous.

"Affirmative," he finally acknowledged before turning to what he was looking at before.

"Hugo... You got to see this..." Lin said his tone in disbelief.

Hugo finally turned to what Lin and the Master Chief were looking at.

A massive gate made of stone stood out of place from the tall metallic skyscrapers despite it looking snug in between.

To his knowledge, New Phoenix did not have such landmarks or architecture.

Now, what was more curious and concerning was the pitch-black canvas that laid in between its large stone pillars.

Then, he heard a distant inhuman shriek.

"Where is evac?" the Master Chief said suddenly, drawing the attention of the two marines.

Sol System


Admiral Hood stared at the spot on the Earth that was New Phoenix, an annoyed expression firmly in place. "Has Sierra-117 evacuated yet?" he asked.

"We have received confirmation that the Sierra-117 is en route to evac, sir," an ensign responded.

"Status on slipspace anomaly." Captain Lasky walked in, his breath slightly labored.

"It is stabilizing, sir," Roland responded.

"Give us a visual."

At Lasky's command, a holographic projector turned on and showcased a top view of New Phoenix with the anomaly as its focus.

"Sir, Sierra-117 has evacuated."

Admiral Hood's nod was barely noticeable. "I leave the observation, captain," he declared as he turned heel and exited the deck.

"Thank you, sir." Lasky turned to the screen once more. "Are those... Roland zoom in on the anomaly."

The screen then zoomed in on the said object, allowing everyone looking to see the beast exiting it.

"What in the world... How is the evacuation going?"

An ensign responded to his question. "All fireteams are accounted for and are in the process of evacuating."

Lasky nodded at the information before turning to Roland. "Give me a calculation on the collateral if the anomaly collapses."

"78% of the city would be expected to be damaged or destroyed based on the size and density of the anomaly," the WW-2 themed AI reported.

"Did the ground teams secure the city's AI?"

"Yes, I and a dozen others are currently sorting through the records of the Didact's attack."

"Good, send all relevant data to me and Admiral Hood."

"Oh, we have come to a consensus regarding the appearance of the anomaly."

Before Roland could say anything, Lasky noticed a change in the atmosphere on the deck. He noted that instead of the usual professional and hurried nature that came with an emergency, a sense of curiosity or perplexion was evident.

Turning to the projector, he immediately found why.

Not only had unknown flying beasts take to the skies but a whole army of humans clad in armor made its appearance.

Prologue End

Just a prologue so don't expect the short chapters to be the norm, hopefully.

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