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Losing Faith

Chapter 4

"Dropping out of hyperspace in 15 minutes sir!" One of the clones said

"Alright" Anakin Skywalker replied. "Prepare the men for planetfall."

They had decided to give Anakin command over the ships, while Ahsoka, Barriss and master Luminara went down to the planet. Once there, Ahsoka would take a large portion of the men, and disable the shield generator, so that reinforcements could arrive. Master Luminara would coordinate the efforts on the planet, while Barriss would oversee base camp and the medical station. If all went well, they would have a sizable foothold by the day's end.

Master Luminara Unduli was stood in the hanger bay, briefing the men on the plan. Ahsoka was stood on her left, while Barriss stood on the right side of her master. After the briefing, they all split up and went into their designated gunships. The three Jedi had decided to split into different gunships, so that if one got shot down the others would be on time.

Alarms went off, indicating that the ship was dropping out of hyperspace. The atmospheric shields on the docking bays were raised, so that the hangar doors could immediately open. The clones loaded up into the gunships, and Ahsoka followed them in. The door shut behind her, a red light on the ceiling illuminating them.

"All systems check, ready for take-off" the pilot said.

The men lurched forward as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. More alarms went off as the hanger doors opened. "All vessels, prepare for take-off" a voice rang over the comm. The engines started whirring. "May the force be with you." The ship then suddenly lurched forward and a few seconds later, they were out in space. There was no fighting yet, because there were no separatist ships here. Ahsoka estimated that it would take another 15 minutes for the planetary shields to be raised, leaving plenty of time for the initial wave of clones to land.

The gunships started to heat up from friction as they entered the atmosphere. A minute later, they were through into the clouds and the ship started shaking. "Brace yourselves, we are taking anti-aircraft fire" the pilot's voice rang. Ahsoka and the clones grabbed the handles, that were suspended from the roof, with one hand to keep themselves upright. "Incoming fighters, diving 30 degrees" the pilot said. The gunship took a shard dive. Ahsoka looked out of the window in the door and saw the gunships next to them diving as well. Above them, the clone fighters clashed with the vulture droids in streams of blaster bolts and explosions. "Arriving at the drop zone in T minus 60 seconds!" the pilot said. "Affirmative" Ahsoka answered, and she mentally prepared herself for the battle that was about to come. She still had a bad feeling about it all, but she shoved it aside and went over the plan in her head. "T minus 10 seconds!" the pilot's voice rang. Ahsoka grabbed her main saber in her right hand, still holding on to the bar on the roof with her left.

The doors sprang open. "Go go go!" Ahsoka yelled as she jumped out, immediately blocking the streams of blaster fire coming her way. The clones quickly jumped out as well, scrambling for cover. Ahsoka ignited he's shoto now as well, as the gunships above her provided covering fire. A pair of AT-TE's landed behind her and started firing their guns, the explosions of the shells cutting massive holes in the droid formation. More and more gunships landed, dropping their cargo of clones, walkers, supplies and cover structures all around. Ahsoka jumped behind cover and assessed the situation. It was going well. The AT-TE's provided cover and massive amounts of firepower, forming a circle around the landing zone. After a few minutes of heavy fighting, the landing zone was relatively secure, with only sporadical fighting. Barriss and Luminara arrived as well, having been delayed by a wave of fighters and more concentrated anti-aircraft fire. Ahsoka decided to rest for a few moments, seeing that she wasn't immediately needed anywhere.

"Ahsoka!" she looked up, finding the source of the voice to be master Luminara. "Good work" she said. "We will have set up a base and defensive positions in no time"

"Yeah, it went well" Ahsoka said. "A little to well for my liking." The uneasy feeling returned again.

"Well, as the clones say, if the operation goes smoothly, expect a trap" Luminara said. "But unfortunately, we have to go on."

"As my master always says," Ahsoka replied, "if you find a trap, you spring it"

"Well, I don't think anyone can deny his track record" Luminara replied. "Lets gather the men, it's time to disable that shield generator."


Ahsoka was walking through the streets of the city. The shield generator was located in the city centre, deep underground. They had only encountered small pockets of droid resistance thus far, but that could change at any moment. 2 AT-TE's went up front, being able to immediately provide cover for the clones, should the situation call for it. The clones were advancing into the city from three angles, with Ahsoka's column taking up the centre. They were approximately 3 kilometres from the city centre, and base camp was back 5 kilometres. (That's 2 and 3.3 miles respectively fro y'all Americans) Ahsoka still felt uneasy, and was on guard at all times. "Right flank, report" she called over the comm.

"Right flank, reporting in." The clone captain in charge of the right column answered.

"Left flank, report in" Ahsoka spoke again.

"Left flank, all clear" the other captain answered. All seemed to be going well. "Silence before the storm" Ahsoka thought. Yet, she continued her march, the lives of a hundreds of clone troopers lay in her hands.


Anakin was worried. Everything was quiet. Far to quiet. "Base camp, report in" he called over the comm.

"Base camp reporting in" the voice of master Luminara sounded.

"Assault group, report in" Anakin continued.

"Assault group, all quiet here" Ahsoka's voice returned. "To quiet" he heard her think over the bond, but she didn't say it.

"Revenant, report in" Anakin said.

"This is revenant, standing by" the captain of the ship answered.

Anakin was about to ask the other ship to report when a clone interrupted him. "Sir!" the clone yelled. "Enemy ships dropping out of hyperspace, 10 clicks ahead!"

"All ships, raise shields!" Anakin yelled. "Angle forward deflectors! Scramble fighters!"

"Affermative, general" the captain's of the other ships said simultaneously. Anakin watched in horror as 10 separatist battleships dropped out of hyperspace in front of him. "This is a trap" he realized. "There's no way we can win this." He quickly commed Ahsoka. "There is a massive enemy fleet up here, double time it Ahsoka!" he said. "we have to pull out of there as fast as possible!"


"Understood, master" Ahsoka said. Suddenly, a massive warning surged through the force. She jumped to the left, using the force to enhance her speed. Not even half a second later, a missile struck the place where she had been standing. She raised her sabers just as streams of red blaster bolts started raining down on the clones. "Take cover!"


Cue admiral Ackbar.

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