Hermione Jean Granger was known throughout the magical world as a courageous spitfire of a witch that was sure to change the fabric of the wizarding world in her lifetime. One third of the golden trio, brightest witch of her age, war heroine and most surprisingly of all, fiance to one Draco Abraxas Malfoy. The relationship was a shock to the world and was met with resounding distaste from both sides of the war, but if people thought for one second that Hermione Granger was easily swayed or cowed from her desired course of action, then they obviously did not know the tenacious witch all that well. Draco, in his own right, was just a stubborn as his lover. Between the two of them, the world had no choice but to accept the relationship.

The night before the two were to be wed found the brunette in the icy fortress of Azkaban pushing back the chill of despair as she looked for one specific cell. The figure inside lay limp with greasy hair and a trademark sneer as the muggle born witch stopped in front of his cage.

"Come to gloat about helping my son fall from Grace?"

"No, rubbing salt in the wound is your specialty, not mine." She remarked, "I came because I want to believe that somewhere in that mangled heart of yours that you truly love your son, and I want you to know that he is happy."

The man scoffed, "you and your filthy blood have tainted him. You've Bewitched him somehow and now I've got no son." He hissed with a manic glitter in his eyes. "He'd be better off dead than with the likes of you."

The witch remained impassive as she gazed at the pitiful man before her. "You've caused your son enough pain throughout his life and I merely came to tell you that I will not stand for you to hurt him anymore." With a deep breath Hermione leaned into the metal bars and snared his eyes with her own and any pity or remorse that could have been found melted into contempt and barely concealed rage.

"I've lost too bloody much in a war that wasn't even mine to begin with to let you take him away from me. I love Draco, I am to be his wife, I will carry his children and I will always have his back." her chocolate eyes were earnest before going flat, voice like a knife as she continues. "So the next time you attempt to send an assassin to our home, I will owl them back to you in pieces. Good day, Mr. Malfoy."

The screams of an enraged man could be heard for miles as Hermione Jean Granger- soon to be Malfoy- left the desolate fortress.

The silk sheets ruffled slightly as the brunette slipped into bed next to the man who was fast asleep. Sighing in content as she rolled over and curled into his side she'd nearly fallen into her dreams before a voice pulled her awake, "where did you go?"

Snuggling closer she kissed the skin above his heart, "to take care of some loose ends."

The blonde grunted before pulling the woman closer, "How did he take the news?"

"Better than expected," she smiled. "I thought he was going to start throwing himself at the bars, but he settled for screaming obscenities."

Draco growled softly before kissing her temple, playing with the soft curls around her shoulders. "you can be awfully intimidating for someone so small." He joked, trademark smirk sliding across his face.

"Something you'd do well to remember in the coming years, husband of mine." She whispered back playfully.

"We're not married yet, Granger."

"No, we're not, now go to sleep so I can marry you sooner."

With a deep chuckle and kiss that seared her to her toes, the two unlikely lovers curled into each other's arms and fell asleep, knowing that in the morning they'd set off on a new journey leaving behind the pain and the torment of their childhood as they walked towards the future as husband and wife.

If Draco's hunch was correct, he expected there would be another adventure awaiting them sooner than expected.