Whumptober2020: Prompt 12 I Think I've Broken Something
Broken Down - How to Train Your Dragon

Disclaimer: it should be immediately obvious I did not write the books or direct the films, and don't own these lovely characters. Taking place after the first movie.

Yes, kicking the tree would hurt. Hiccup did it anyway. "Ow! Ow ow ow!" Toothless snorted, and Hiccup glanced over. "Oh, so you're not ignoring me now? Thanks, thanks a lot. You don't help at all when I'm trying to get us back in the air, but I hurt my toes, and suddenly, you're watching!" Toothless pointedly raised a wing so he couldn't see Hiccup anymore, and so Hiccup couldn't see Toothless. Hiccup sighed and went back to the damaged tail mechanism.

It had been all his fault, really. The new tail design should have allowed them to maximize Toothless's turning ability, but when they'd tested it out on an uninhabited island, something went wrong. Toothless ended up hitting the tree headfirst. The dragon had a hard head, and Hiccup wasn't worried, but Toothless wasn't planning on letting him fly again-at least not for the next few minutes.

"And we'd need a tail to fly with," Hiccup reminded himself. "Since our fall broke something in this one." The stupid bent metal piece wouldn't pop back into its hole, and after Hiccup pinched his finger for the sixth time trying to do what Toothless could have easily done, he'd resorted to getting up and kicking trees. Maybe if he did it again, the dragon would be in a good enough mood he'd sniff, and then stomp where Hiccup told him and fix the stupid tail. Hiccup glanced over at the raised wing.

Nope, still solidly in place. Well, he'd need a tool, he'd proven that much. If he got a sturdy enough branch for a lever, or maybe a rockā€¦

Hiccup wandered away.

The quiet bothered Toothless. The Boy was rarely quiet; he made sounds when he played with fire and hot dangerous things, sounds when he slept, sounds when the quick blond one hit him, sounds when she tried feeding him with her mouth in a way that didn't work, and sounds when the two slow blond ones did anything at all. The only time he was quiet was during flight or when he put cold fire marks on thin tree bark. They weren't flying, because the Boy had leaned too far to the side and Toothless hit a tree. And the black cold fire and thin tree bark were far away. The boy should not be quiet. Toothless lowered his wing.

The Boy was not working on the flapping-thing-that-was-not-a-tail. He was not making funny noises as the strong-as-bones line hit his fingers. He was not there at all.

Toothless thought about a nap. But he could not fly without the Boy, and he did not want to nap when it was not safe without the Boy to wake him with noises. So Toothless got to his feet, looking around. He bounced over a bush, poked his head around a tree, and sniffed the air. He heard a sound and his black head jerked up, ears perked.

Hiccup also heard the noise. He'd been trying to use his tiny toothpick weight to bend a branch off a tree, but when the rusting grew louder he let himself drop, too intrigued to notice the branch, which hadn't been bending in the least, beginning to shake right above his head. No, Hiccup was listening to the noise, which had added a strange series of rapid thumps to the rustling. They sounded like footsteps, all of them happening all at once. At that moment Hiccup noticed the rustling had actually been the trees around him shaking, and the branch, right above his head, cracked from the vibrations. It fell directly on the helmetless Viking's head. It hurt far worse than his foot had from the kick, bad enough it made Hiccup cross his eyes, yell, and blink, bad enough he didn't notice stampeding Changewings coming his direction.

Toothless heard the footsteps. The fear on the air was tangible to a dragon; the Changewings were being chased. WHERE WAS THE BOY?

There, a sound the boy made! Toothless jumped, running as fast as he could, dodging trees, heading straight for the noise! But the noise of the Changewings grew, chittering barks and stomping feet. Toothless broke into the open. They were headed straight for the Boy! Toothless roared, mouth fully open, and the Changewings swerved, dodging to the rocks and changing color. Toothless bounded over to the Boy.

He was on the ground, his eyes closed, and still quiet. He was hurt. Toothless nudged him in the shoulder, eyes waiting expectantly. Nothing.

Another sound! Toothless glanced up, tensing, because it was a thud, thud, thud of heavy things falling. Toothless glanced down at the Boy, and then bounded up to the nearest hill, jumping to the top of a tree and settling there.

A dragon the Boy called Timberjack! He flew through the forest, beheading the trees as he went, smashing the ground with wood trunks. Toothless glanced down at the ground, at the unmoving boy, at the other dragons who began running again, and jumped down. He grabbed the soft hide by the Boy's neck, pulling him, and began running backwards.

Toothless was quite smart for a dragon, and as he pulled faster and faster, he was already wondering how they were going to outrun or avoid the falling limbs when the danger was flying and they were on foot, thanks to the Boy's mistakes. The island itself answered him, and in the worst of ways.

Because suddenly Toothless was falling, the edge of the cliff already feet away, and the water below. Toothless hastily wrapped himself around the Boy with both wings, closing his eyes to guard them.

The Boy was not going to be flying until he apologised.

A/N: Was I the only one who read the title (after the "12") in Merry's voice?