Chapter 3 'Sappy Reunion'

Wow, 3rd chapter already? I'm on fire! Please help, being on fire has been proven by numerous studies to be generally hazardous to your health.

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Also, you may notice a drop in writing quality in this story, particularly with dialogue. Well, that's intentional, as I don't want to write a whole paragraph or two for a line of dialogue.

Anyways, without further ado, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


While Blu and Eduardo were discussing Blu's future as the leader of the tribe, Jimothy and Susanne were making their way to their long-lost son's hollow, thanks to the directions from Mimi.

''That must be his hollow.'', Susanne spoke, looking at a rather large tree that is coincidentally next to trees.

''Yeah, that must be the one. Let's go over there.'', Jimothy said in agreement, and they both flew over to the hollow that is presumably their long-lost son's hollow.

They soon landed on the hollow entrance. The place was well decorated with flowers, bits of other flora, decorative rocks, some pictures and other décor. It seemed that their son loved well decorated hollows. After a few moments of looking at all the decorations, Jimothy decided to be the first to speak up.

''Hello?'', he called out. Soon, the two were greeted by a very beautiful bird, named Jewel.

''Oh, hey. Can I help you?'', she greeted the two older macaws.

''Yes, does Blu live here?'', Jimothy asked. Jewel cocked her head to the side for a moment,

''Uh, yes. He's my mate.'', she responded. Jimothy and Susanne smiled happily,

''Well, we believe that our son lives here.'', Susanne told Jewel. Jewel had a look of surprise and looked at the two macaws.

The male, Jimothy, was a slightly tall and rather handsome bird. He has the scruffy neck feathers that Blu has, as well as a similar physique and feather colour, though this bird's feathers were more faded due to age. His eyes were a very light brown, similar to fresh wood. Jewel smirked when she thought about how Blu may have inherited his father's handsomeness.

The female, Susanne, was a beautiful woman with chocolate brown eyes. Her plumage was similar to Jewel's, but darker in colour, but also faded due to age. Her head shape was a bit like Blu's.

Judging from their appearances, it seemed that they may be Blu's parents. Jewel felt a sensation of warmth surge through her body, and it wasn't piss.

''Wow, I guess you are Blu's parents. You certainly look like you are.'', Jewel spoke, ''Well, Blu's out with my father, and he should be back soon.''.

So, the three chatted with each other, waiting for Blu to get back.

Blu was flying and finally reached his hollow. He walked inside and was greeted by Jewel.

''Hey Jewel, I'm back.'', he greeted. Jewel walked up to Blu and hugged him,

''Are you going to do more of those trips? Because I like the muscles that you're getting from them…'', Jewel crooned. Blu sheepishly giggled,

''No, we just discussed things. I'll tell you later.'', Blu responded.

''Well, I've got something to show you. Wait here.'', Jewel told Blu. He was curious, but obeyed Jewel as he loved being her bitch sometimes.

Soon, Jewel came back, and two older macaws stood next to here.

''Jewel, who the hell are – '', Blu began, but silenced himself. The two older macaws and Blu stared at each other.

Blu's beak began to wobble like it was Haiti in 2010, and he began to babble like a baby. He eventually managed to form cohesive words.

''Mum… Dad… Is that you?'', he mumbled, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

''Blu… Oh, Blu!'', his parents cried, and they ran into each other's wings. The reunited family were in a tight embrace.

It took several minutes for them to regain composure, and they parted.

''Oh, my baby Blu's grown up! And you're so handsome!'', Susanne exclaimed, resting her wings on Blu's face as he blushed intensely.

''And you have a beautiful mate!'', Jimothy added, and Jewel smiled sheepishly.

''I also have 3 kids!'', Blu told them enthusiastically. He quickly took them over to meet their kids. Jewel brought them out, not telling them why, so it would be a surprise.

Soon, they saw Carla, Bia and Tiago. They sat in silence for a second,

''Who the hell are these old farts?'', Tiago rudely asked, cocking his head to the side. Carla slapped his head,

''Shut up!'', she hissed as if she was a snake or a weird homeless person.

''Carla, Bia, Tiago, meet your grandparents… My parents…'', Blu introduced them.

So, they all began to talk about things, getting to know each other better. Blu told them about Linda, and how she saved his ass from freezing to death, and he also told them about how he met his mate. Jimothy and Susanne were quite surprised that the only reason Blu and Jewel are together was because they were paired together so they can mate. Basically, Blu travelled to Rio so he can bang Jewel.

Carla, Bia and Tiago told them about all the things they've done, and Susanne and Jimothy told them about some of the things they've done. They had travelled around Brazil searching for their son, which Blu was a little bit confused why they would spend 19 years searching for a son they only had for a few months.

But that's parents (not the song by Budgie. Need to clarify that for the one person who could conceivably read this who listens to that band) for you, searching far and wide for their child. I guess it could be called 'Finding Blu'. Maybe it'll get a sequel 13 years later called 'Finding Jewel' or something.

However, things weren't sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere, as there was in fact places where it isn't sunny, where there aren't lollipops and rainbows everywhere. But there also is an evil bird lurking somewhere… In Rio…

His name is Nigel… Not to be confused with any good birds by the name of Nigel, but instead with some crusty, old, flightless boomer cockatoo that was ousted out of a role of an avian superstar, and now hates all 'pretty birds' with undying hatred all because a parakeet replaced him. What a loser, I'd hate to be that guy. I bet he reminded the teacher about homework.

What a dork.

But he is a dork who is quite dangerous, as he has in fact being thinking angry thoughts for years, and when he sees Blu, he will try to kill him.

And it just so happens to be that Blu and co. are going back to Rio... (Not to be confused with the Spanish word for river, or the song by English new wave band Duran Duran)

Well, that wraps up this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! If you didn't then I will have you hanged drawn and quartered. Sounds fair, right?

Regardless, I know this is a less comedic chapter, but I did want to include some more serious things. Most comedies are like that.

Anyways, next chapter should be out soon, judging from me writing 3 chapters in just over 24 hours.

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