Logan disembarked the HPG jet, his heart pumping as if stepping into the battlefield. He'd done everything he knew. He'd asked Honor if he could stay with her without filling her in on the details just yet. There was no reply yet, but he had little reason to doubt in her willingness to help. He'd inquired into movers to assist him with packing up the things he needed to take with him, at least for the time being leaving the heavier items in a storage unit. He'd also contacted his lawyer and accountant to make the necessary adjustments for his move, and made sure how entangled he really was in the HPG legally and how much exactly he had to survive on if things went really south. He'd caught a few hours of sleep on the plane, but not nearly enough to actually feel rested, there was too much going on in his mind.

Mitchum was his first stop. He'd called ahead, making sure he was at the office, and that his secretary could squeeze him in between Mitchum's meetings. Mitchum however, was running late. Logan kept going through every scenario imaginable in his head, as he waited, his leg bouncing anxiously against the beige carpet in Mitchum's private waiting room.

"Logan, isn't this a surprise! I didn't think we had a meeting scheduled until next week," he greeted jolting Logan out of his thoughts.

"I need to talk to you about something else," Logan replied.

"Well come on in then. I only have fifteen minutes, the damn Hachette Livre took ages to consider our offer," he explained.

"Listen dad," he began, clearly already raising a red flag for Mitchum. He hardly ever referred to him as his dad these days, yet he'd intentionally chosen it to try to reason with him. "I am breaking the engagement with Odette and moving to the States," Logan blurted. It was out. Now he waited.

Mitchum continued to calmly unpack his suitcase placing his laptop and documents onto his desk neatly, thinking, delaying his response.

"Don't tell me you got the Gilmore girl pregnant?" Mitchum asked, adding, "You know there are other ways to handle situations like that." His father was a powerful man, whether he'd had him followed or he'd just guessed, but clearly he knew they had been seeing each other. He had seen them once in spring having lunch together after all and Logan had called in a favor on her behalf some time later. Maybe those things had been enough for him to place two and two together.

"Dad, Rory is not pregnant," he said. "But I've had it with this setup with Odette, I don't love her, and am done putting my own happiness on hold because it is convenient to you," he explained.

"You know it's more than convenience, Logan. There are deals that depend on this. You are a public figure and how you handle your relationships will have an effect on the business," he argued.

"I am sorry it's not something that fits your plans. I came to you first so we can do damage control beforehand. But this is what is happening, whether you like it or not. I'll leave the HPG if I have to," Logan explained.

"Logan, you can't be serious? All this because of a woman?" he added arrogantly, "Have I taught you nothing?"

"Rory isn't just a woman!" he argued, realizing quickly that it was an argument his father would not really understand, at least not in a way that he had meant it. He almost wanted to add that the most important thing his father had taught him was that he didn't want to end up like him - addicted to work, popping pills and barely tolerating his wife, but he knew that would not help in this case.

"Fine," Mitchum said after a lengthy pause, "You'll leave HPG for the time being after delegating your tasks, then you are on your own. If in the future it is convenient, we can revisit the topic concerning your involvement with the HPG. But right now, it's the only way I can explain your actions to our French partners," he relented.

Logan almost didn't believe what he was hearing. Was he actually letting him do what he wanted? But it did make sense - if he wasn't involved with the company, his marriage would have little more than a minor influence on the outcomes of the contracts Mitchum was after. There would be minor drama, unless of course Odette turned it into something bigger, that discussion still laid ahead.

"Thank you," he replied, before turning to leave. It was certainly the bizarrest thank you, he'd ever said - he was thanking his father for cutting him out of the family business.

"Just make sure you settle things with Odette in a civil manner," Mitchum added.

"I'll do what I can," he replied, nodding, before stepping out of his office.

He glanced down at his phone. It was still too early to call Rory, and he knew Odette would not be home yet by glancing at her calendar that she had shared with him. In that sense they had been like a real couple. They shared interests and even found each other funny to some extent, there was never any physical objection, but there just was no spark beyond that. At least nothing that would compare. He'd proposed on his father's suggestion, having already been seeing her for a year, on and off, and on paper she was perfect, hence he hadn't objected. It wasn't like there had been any other options on the table back then as Rory had insisted on "Vegas".

While he watched the hours tick past in his home office counting down to Odette's estimated arrival, he began to divide up his job assignments without sending out the e-mails just yet. As soon as he did that, people would know he was leaving, and that info was likely to reach further than just the company walls, potentially reaching Odette before he had a chance to talk to her. Twenty six e-mails waited to be sent out in his drafts folder including his official statement, when he heard Odette downstairs in the hallway.

He rose, walking down the stairs to greet her.

"Salut!" he greeted.

"Mon chéri!" she exclaimed in greeting, clearly happy to see him, giving him a gentle kiss.

"Listen Odette, we need to talk," he said seriously, after she had hung up her coat.

"That doesn't sound good," she replied, walking over to the kitchen with the bag of sushi and placing it on the table.

"I apologize in advance, as I cannot imagine any scenario in which you'd consider this good news," he began.

"Go on then," she urged, standing next to the kitchen counter, her arms crossed defensively.

"I am terminating our engagement. I am sorry, but I cannot go through with it," Logan said bluntly, feeling there was no point circling around the issue. What he expected was a similarly bold reply involving several French profanities, but it never came. What came, hit him straight in the gut.

Odette's beautiful green eyes filled with tears and she sank down on the floor defeatedly.

"I am sorry," Logan said softly, squatting down next to her. This he had not expected. Odette was strong, independent and never in a million years would he have anticipated this reaction from her. This was the most emotion he'd ever seen from her.

"Just why, Logan?" she asked, sobbingly.

"I love someone else," he replied, biting his tongue. He hadn't meant to bring Rory into this, but her reaction had distracted him from the original plan. It was not like him to get sloppy.

"Are you sure? It isn't just an affair?" she asked, almost pleadingly. He could see from her face that she was indeed seriously hoping he would give them another chance. Affairs were common knowledge in French high society, hence her treating an affair as just a passing thing, didn't really surprise him. But indeed he had truly believed Odette's affection of him had just been the same as his, a convenient arrangement.

"I am sure. We have history," he replied shortly.

"Well I guess then it's just convenient that I lost our baby this week," she cried.

"A baby?" he asked. This was the first he was hearing of this.

"It was early. I was supposed to go to the doctor at the end of this week, but apparently now there is no reason to go, I was going to tell you after the appointment," she explained sobbingly.

"I am sorry, Odette," he said, sitting down next to her, "I didn't know," he added, taking her hand supportingly, but she pulled hers away.

"Would it have made a difference?" she asked.

Logan sighed, he didn't know how to respond to that. He'd never been in that situation before.

"I don't know," he finally replied. If he had known he might have reconsidered going to Stars Hollow in the first place, taking responsibility for his actions. He tried to recall a time he had not taken the precautions - he usually always did with her. After careful recollection he remembered an evening about a month ago - an awards ceremony after which the two of them had stumbled drunkenly up the stairs to the bedroom. He only recalled a few glimpses of the actual act. That night had left both of them heavily hung over the next morning, leaving Logan craving for tacos.

They sat there in silence for a significant amount of time, Odette's sobbing settling after a while to just an occasional whimper.

"Listen, you can turn this whole thing over to me if you want to, claim you broke up with me for whatever reason, make me the jerk in this - I don't care. I'm willing to compensate for your pain, if that is possible, I'll pay for all the wedding preparations that have already been made. You can stay here as long as you need to," he offered. "I am not proud to be doing this to you, but I honestly didn't think you cared and I didn't have any idea about the pregnancy," he added.

"I don't want your money, I have my own," she huffed, clearly switching from pain to anger. This he had expected, and in some ways felt better about, pushing the idea of a baby that never really was, to the back corner of his mind.

"Okay then, just let me know if you change your mind. I'm leaving for the States in a few days most likely. Today, I'll sleep in the study, you can have the bedroom," he added with a sigh, feeling there was little left for him to say, raising from the floor, and walking up the stairs. He was sorry, but he couldn't help to think the tears were more about the sheer disappointment of being dumped accompanied by the hormones from the miscarriage, like he'd seen it in Honor, when it happened to her once, rather than an actual broken heart. He sat back down at his desk, pressing send on the contents of his drafts folder and poured himself a scotch. He didn't feel like calling Rory, it would've felt disrespectful to Odette somehow, who apparently was still downstairs. Yet, he knew she would want to hear from him, so he texted:

Logan: "I've told them. I'll be a freelancer for a while but that I can handle. I'll let you know tomorrow if I can start making travel plans."

Rory replied: "Thanks for letting me know. I was worried."

Logan:"I love you."

The reply didn't come as quickly as had the previous one, leaving him a little hesitant. Perhaps they weren't quite there yet? He knew they loved each other, but was it okay to say it casually out loud as a real couple would? Thankfully a few seconds later his phone beeped.

Rory: "I love you too"