Rory sat on the suite bed, her light cotton blouse unbuttoned, one of her nipples in Lee's mouth, as he swallowed hungrily, his hand resting against her skin. It was almost a physical high when he fed after having left a slightly longer pause than usual between his feedings, finally releasing the pressure in her breasts. It was almost funny how a tiny baby could be so hungry and also as efficient as Lee was already at one month of age. This was truly one part of motherhood Rory enjoyed, and it showed.

Lorelai had, somewhat reluctantly, taken Shira on a tour of the Inn on Logan's request, enabling him to catch up on a few e-mails, it being his workday after all, and Rory to feed Lee in peace. However, Logan almost found it impossible to concentrate, peeking continuously over to the bed. There just was something inherently sexy about what she was doign. It was almost like one of those impressionist paintings, romanticizing the act itself. Her hair was all pulled around to one side, every so slightly curly from being swirled into a bun earlier, her skin radiating, the fabric around her falling just right.

"What?" Rory asked quietly, catching him in though, his eyes on her.

"Nothing, you just look really beautiful like that," Logan replied, smilingly.

Rory blushed slightly. It wasn't like he had never said that to her before, she'd especially appreciated all the times he'd done it while she had not quite been feeling as such, like during her pregnancy. While in a way she wasn't still quite feeling like her former self, it was already a great improvement from being pregnant. She was even quite used to breastfeeding almost anywhere these days - cafes, doctor's office, car... thinking who were the others to deny the hungry baby when he needed it and she could offer it. But this was a little different - the way he looked at her was almost sensual, making the corner of her mouth rise and making her feel a little special.

"Do you mind if I take a picture of you?" he asked, feeling almost like an intruder in the moment.

"Logan..," she scolded playfully, then nodding, allowing him to snap the picture. She tried to look at Lee, trying to relax herself, allowing him to capture what he saw. These were the things she really wanted to remember.

It was half an hour later, Lee was now peacefully asleep in his stroller while Logan had lunch with Shira on the back porch of the Inn. Logan really hadn't expected Shira to want to stick around as long as she had, but interestingly he didn't mind.

Rory and Lorelai, however, were getting their pedicure.

"Are you sure that was just Shira Huntzberger out there? The same person Emily Gilmore, I believe, called a two-bit gold-digger, fresh off the bus from Hicksville, the same person who, I recall your words, told you have no idea what it takes to be in their family?" Lorelai blurted a little arrogantly.

"So I gather she behaved herself on your tour?" Rory inquired.

"She was milder than the present day Emily Gilmore, I seriously doubted she was the correct person for a while there," Lorelai replied, surprisedly.

"I guess she is adapting to a life without Mitchum. She has much fewer obligations these days, much less attention on her. There's a lot of similarities with Francine actually... It's a little scary, frankly, how much influence life-long husbands have left on their wives based on the examples we know," she notes.

"Grandma is not much different either. She did quite the turnaround. Though grandpa is incomparable to Mitchum or Straub," Lorelai commented.

"Why is it always the men that go first?" Rory wondered, after a few minutes.

"Now that just got morbid," she reacted.

"None of them really took good care of themselves," Rory pointed out one of the most likely reasons.

"Luke at least eats vegetables," Lorelai noted, thankfully.

"Logan used to exercise a lot more, and I bet I've corrupted his eating habits though," Rory added, suddenly feeling a little guilty.

"He still looks hot though," Lorelai commented.

"Mom!" Rory scolded.

"Have you guys, you know...?" she asked in a whisper, nudging her slightly.

Rory blushed again. Talking to her mother about her sex life was still awkward, depite being married. "No, mom, I'm not supposed to yet, I'm supposed to wait a few more weeks, or at least until I have my check-up. But I haven't neglected him, don't worry," she added quietly.

"Good," she repiled. "I never really thought about how long one was supposed to wait after having a baby. It took me a good 3-4 years to get back in the saddle," Lorelai confessed.

"Too much information, mom, " Rory blurted, trying to think of something else. Thankfully she was offered a choice of nail polish, choosing a lovely shade of bluish-grey.

Logan walked into the LH office feeling a little tired, the night had passed restlessly, soothing Lee, who had been a little fussier than usual, giving Rory a welcome break around 4 AM, after which he'd just instead of going to bed for 45 minutes just gone through his Yale tasks, so he could spend most of the day dealing with the LH instead.

The place looked like a real office now, with a touch of inviting and relaxed as opposed to what the HPG used to feel like. The open working space contained various spaces for working - standing tables for quick meetings, individual working nooks for those who didn't want to be disturbed, meeting couches, call-booths and transformable work benches enabling them the flexibility of alternating between meetings and personal workspace. He'd gone all out on the interior, the office image acting as part of the innovation, several walls covered in vertical vegetation instead of traditional artwork, the office kitchen providing the very best coffee and other beverages and a fridge full of food for the three. There was even a gym at the basement, free of his employees to use. It was like a miniature version of Google's office, with his own touch. It was all research based and Diego had done a great job at finding the most appropriate solutions, having Logan just briefly review the final options.

The place was set up for roughly twenty people, despite currently only three working there, including himself. But he wanted that to change quickly.

"Hi guys!" Logan greeted as he saw Diego and Zoe at her desk. Zoe had quickly proved her worth as well, his physical absence during her thesis writing having not only taught her to walk but to run with her ideas, having her work patented and already receiving offers to buy.

"Hey," the two greeted, stopping what they were doing, knowing Logan was there for a meeting with them.

"I just sent my app back to the testers," Zoe said as they walked over to the meeting table, before he had a chance to ask.

"That's great," he replied. "Everything going smoothly on your end, Diego?" he asked.

"Yea, everything is fine, I looked into the possible communication strategies for the competition idea you mentioned, though it might be good to get at least a consultation from a communications expert," Diego noted, feeling a little unsure of himself.

"How about you just check at some job ads for communication specialists to see what requirements they have there and post a job ad so we can hire one ourselves. We can make it maybe not full time but 30 hours a week or so for now. Offer, say, 10% more than the average salary in the field in Conneticut and set a one week deadline," Logan suggested.

"Alright," Diego replied, noting down the assignment.

"This is how we learn to do this - we stumble upon something we don't know, we figure out how vital it is for out operations and if it'll likely be a recurring need, we hire," Logan said.

"But now, let's talk strategy," he suggested, continuing their meeting. He wanted to make a innovation competitio. But to draw in the crowd in, he wanted to create a virtual board of problems needing to be fixed, followed by a few local hackathons trying to bring in people who did not yet know each other and immerse them in the these smaller challenges before he'd ask them to tackle the bigger issues. In a way this was the trial run. He hadn't been this excited about his work since he left to California a decade earlier.