Chapter 10: A Cup of Tea to Soothe the Pain?

Three small explosions rocked the ground beneath him. It felt like his legs had been attacked by the razor-sharp teeth of a million piranhas. The blood that trickled down his ankles was warm, but his fingers felt so cold. He quickly ducked behind one of the turned-over metal tables. His breaths were quick and lively, his heart pumping a million miles an hour. He hadn't had a rush like this in years, a battle that truly tested his abilities. "Not bad, Bo. Been a while since I got a workout like this."

The archer drew back three more arrows, "Are you implying this battle is only training?"

"That depends, you tryna kill me?" Another volley of arrows collided with the metal circle. "I'll take that as a yes." Bull reloaded his shotgun, firing a few shells in Bo's direction to try and suppress him. Another explosion ripped the wood beside him, the sharp chips colliding with his skin were exhilarating.

He sent another spray of bullets in Bo's direction. Retreating behind his table as Bo sent back another set of arrows. Bull couldn't help but grin wildly, this was so much fun. A few daggers fell at his feet, followed by drops of blood. He looked to the rafters, his eyes trying to adjust to the lack of light.

He could vaguely make out the figures of the two assassins. The boy's green hoodie seemed to slip off one of the boards, his body dangling by a single hand. Crow leaped forward to stomp on his fingers, but the boy somehow flipped himself up again. Kicking Crow in the chest and smashing him against a support beam. Then as soon as he saw them, they vanished once again. 'Damn that looks cool.'

Another explosion landed beside him; he peaked his head noticing Bo slowly approaching. Another burst from his shotgun caused the chieftain to dip behind a set of overturned chairs.

Bull calmly reloaded his gun, his breaths were staggered but his blood was pumping. He hadn't had this much fun in years. Before he could peek his head a body slid towards him. Rosa's dark hair and purple clothes catching his eye.

She quickly slid behind the table, clutching her head as she groaned, "Bloody hell. Gonna have a proper tumor of a headache tonight." Bull could see a few growing bruises across her forearms and midsection. He assumed that her fight with Bibi hadn't been going so well.

She peeked over the edge muttering, "Who the hell are these people. First, I fight a damn demon bird with poison daggers. Now I gotta deal with this crazy bint." She slowly rubbed her neck, "Bout took my head off my shoulders." She blew an exasperated breath, "Haven't even dealt with that dodgy bloke Bull yet. A freak of nature that bastard is."

"Well, that's rude." Rosa flinched from his voice, quickly snapping her head in his direction. The larger man watched her from the corner of his eye as he casually reloaded his gun. "Freak of nature? I'd say I'm more of a force of nature."

The two silently sat there, both just watching the other. Bull could see Rosa's gloved fist balling up, the plant on her back growling at him. Rosa silently observed his free hand, a shell casually sitting between his fingers. Both quietly staring at the other, neither making any sudden moves. Both listening carefully to their surroundings.

On the other side of the table, Bo slowly approached them. The archer was unaware of Rosa's current position. A brash voice screamed from the side, "Get your ass back out here and take this beating like a woman." He saw the woman he had fought when he first arrived in a blind rage. The woman's left eye was swollen and a large bump forming on her right cheek. "You wanna take my baby girl?" She cupped her left breast, "You ain't got the tits to do it."

Bo slowly shook his head, "What a strange woman."

Bibi's ears barely picked up the sound, "You!" She pointed her bat at his skull, "I almost forgot about you."

His arrows naturally pointed at her core, "I did not forget you."

They stood off against one another, waiting for the other to make a move. Bibi knew she could catch him if he tried to run but getting in while under fire wasn't favorable. Bo, however, was worried about Bull. The diner's owner was a threat like none other. Several times he had shot Bull at point-blank range and that monster of a man kept coming. The torn flesh on Bull's body was nothing compared to the injures Bo had sustained. He hadn't trained his body to sustain modern weaponry. The knicks across his flesh were oozing those warm crimson colors.

Behind the table, Rosa and Bull both reacted to the sound of their allies' approaching clash. Their bodies tensing up when they heard Bibi's bat crashing against the floor. They heard her shout, "Round 2!" and the fights sparked anew.

She had grown impatient, standing around wasn't her forte. She was a woman of action and her current course of action was to fight. She ran full tilt towards the archer, his arrows frantically flying to try and stop her push. A few arrows hit their mark but she pushed through the pain. Bo tried his best to retreat but the woman's speed was more than he could handle. The sound of her metal cracking against his arm was truly cringe-worthy.

As Bo's body flew into another set of seats, Rosa and Bull made their moves. The boss brought his shotgun to her chest but the botanist was faster. A stiff jab to the nose effectively turned his vision into fuzz, but his motions were set in stone.

As his shotgun rested a little lower Rosa landed two straight jabs to his jawline. His body leaned back but his arm stayed strong. His finger instinctually flexed, pulling back the trigger with ease. The deafening sound of his gun's modified power echoing through the room.

Rosa clutched her ears, being right beside that explosion of a shell was dangerous even if she wasn't shot. Then she felt it, a biting pain at her mid-section. She instinctually placed her hand on her stomach, trying to physically soothe the pain. Her hand felt oddly warm and moist.

She brought her hand to her face, blood staining her fingernails. She looked down at her stomach, her flesh mangled with several tiny holes around her left kidney. She tried to touch the wound, wincing away from her contact.

Bull shook the cobwebs from her attack. Clutching his golden nose ring and popping a bone back in place. He noticed Rosa clutching her stomach, the blood she was trying to hold back freely flowing through her fingertips. He allowed a smile to grace his face, but he didn't have time to gloat. After taking a punch like that, he knew she wasn't an opponent to play with.

He stood high above her, the woman still grasping her aching abdomen. He put the warm barrel of his gun to her head, Rosa hissing lightly from the heat. He took a second to observe her, this dark-skinned Brit that had battered Crow, battled Bibi and could live to tell the tale. He needed to get rid of her, she was far too powerful. The power she presented seemed like the future of Nita's power.

Then it hit him. Nita, the kid he decided to take under his wing. The only child he allowed to talk to him as if they were family. The girl that called him uncle. To Nita, this woman was her family. He thought to himself, 'What would Nita think if I killed her?'

Images played through his mind, Nita crying about the loss. Nita asking why he did it. Worst of all, Nita hating him for it. He couldn't imagine Nita hating him. This girl he had just met days ago had taken a special place in his heart, and he didn't want to lose his place in hers.

Bull sourly spoke to Rosa, "This is your last chance, leave now or die in my diner."

Rosa tried to talk, a little blood forming across her lips. After a small coughing fit, she smiled up at him. "Sure, just hand over the kid and we'll be out ya hair."

Bull enjoyed her enthusiasm, "Never happening."

"Guess we're never leaving."

"Guess you die."

Just as Bull pulled the trigger, Rosa mustered some extra strength. She pulled Bull's hand past her head, the triple barrel behemoth blasting the flooring beneath her. He quickly switched to his free hand, landing a jaw rocking blow to her chin. But this battling Brit refused to go down.

She threw another hook hoping to knock him out, but the boss wouldn't quit. For every blow that Rosa landed Bull matched her intensity. The two heavyweights trading punches professional boxers would duck from.

Bull got desperate, looking for a crushing overhead smash. Rosa's training shined like a diamond when she easily avoided his wild attack and returned with another blow to Bull's kidneys. The entire fight she was battling on two fronts. Externally she was fighting Bull and his raw power. This monstrous man keeping pace even with his immature fighting style. On the other hand, she was fighting this growing injury inside.

With every punch she landed, she needed to utilize her core for leverage. With her current status, that leverage had been halved. Bull switched back to his gun. Taking potshots at every opportunity. Even at point-blank range, Rosa was able to redirect most of the attacks, but her luck ran out quickly.

Bull's hands were faster than her eyes, his barrel seeming to cut through the air and directly into her chest. Her hands were able to use his momentum to her advantage, pointing his gun to the ground. However, Bull reacted to this, firing his gun a little early. The shells scattered into Rosa's right leg, the woman yelping on her way to the ground.

Bull didn't waste a second, landing an overhead blow to her skull. A few leaves floated to the ground beside her. The botanist's breaths were heavy and staggered. She had been beaten; she had been outboxed.

Her eyes painfully looked up at Bull, the boss of Retropolis grinning at her. He had bruises and scrapes across his face, a hand rubbing a sore forming along his liver. "Not bad, haven't had to go all out in years." He reloaded his gun, "Any last words?"

Rosa groaned something; a word just barely audible due to Bull's proximity. "Dionaea"

"No idea who that is but," he placed his gun against her head. "I'll be sure to send them your regards." He pulled the trigger, obliterating Rosa's face. Nearly a geyser of blood flying into the air. As the smoke cleared, Rosa's body laid face down. Her pink plant seemed to swallow her head and wrap around her body. Bull decided to let the plant mourn its lost loved one rather than basking in his victory.

He looked around, realizing their entire bout happened behind the comfort of that circular table. He walked past to see the fight between Bibi and Bo. The chieftain was currently holding Bibi off as he used another table as cover.

"You coward!" Bibi shouted as she attempted another rush. Bo's arrows exploded at her feet causing the batter to retreat to safety.

"To call my strategy cowardly is a grievous misuse of the word coward."

"I'm about to grievously misuse my bat against your head," she shouted through gritted teeth. She peaked her head again only to recoil from another round of explosions.

"Yo, sup little cuz?" Bull casually strolled beside her, taking a seat against the table she hid behind. "How's it going?"

"Older than you, and…" another set of explosions shook their table. "How do you think it's going?"

Bull peaked his head over the edge, "Bo, my little cousin been giving ya some trouble?"

"She has been a worthy adversary. It's a shame that I must dispose of her."

Bull smiled at her, "I think he likes you."

"Put a sock in it!" She looked over the table, "What's the plan?"

Bull thought for a second, "Got a bubble?" She opened her mouth signally a lack of gum, "Damn. Then how about we take some advice from your old allies the Germans."


Bull chuckled, "I was thinking a war on two fronts but…" He ejected a steaming shell from his gun, "That works too."

They broke from their cover in opposite directions. Bibi taking the side closer to the exit while Bull rushed closer to the center of the diner. Bo was calm in his response, taking his time to focus his fire on Bibi. She was the faster opponent, slowing her down would make it easier to deal with Bull. However, Bull wasn't as slow as he seemed.

While his cousin had him beat in the speed department all that extra weight wasn't a hindrance to him, it was a handicap for everyone that fought him. He rushed forward, holding his gun close to his chest as he smiled in Bo's direction. He didn't know why Bo left him alone, but he was going to take full advantage.

He ran forward, taking a deep turn so he could see Bo before he turned the corner. Just as he got a look at his face, he paused his rush. Bo was looking at him out the corner of his eye, a smarmy smirk across his lips.

He paused at the sound of a faint ticking. A bright light emanating from under his feet. He looked downward, his body between two circular disks. When he looked back up, Bo waved at him then refocused on Bibi.

Bull smiled back, muttering, "Clever boy."

The explosions from these mines were three times as powerful as the tips of his arrows. The feeling of metal shards and brimstone puncturing his skin and tearing at his flesh was unbearable. The shockwave from the blast bounced him backward, the boss landing on his rear in a heap.

He reached backward to stand up, only for another time bomb to explode under his wrist. He stumbled away to gain some distance, his hand bloody and numb. He took a step, closely inspecting his surroundings. There didn't seem to be any more bombs insight.

He dropped to a knee, taking a short breather. When he looked back up, his face was assaulted by the explosive tips of Bo's arrows. Bo smiled his way as he returned his attention to Bibi's approaching assault.

Bull blindly walked backward, his body colliding with the bar's countertop. He spilled over the edge, laying behind the drinks cabinet. He tried to stand up, but his eyes were still blinded from the blast. A fuzzy image of the diner was the only thing he could make out. That alongside someone sitting at the counter before him.


He noticed his dark skin, his tattered clothes, and a pair of dark shades atop his head. "Brock?" he groaned.

"Wassup," the abandoned minion took a sip of his drink. "You're having fun."

"Useless bastard…" Bull tried to stand but his legs gave out under him. "Get out there and help-"

"I'm gonna stop ya right there," he hopped out of his seat, flicking some liquid into Bull's disgruntled face. The boss swung at the air, missing Brock wildly. "I'm not working for you anymore," he poured his drink out on Bull's head. "Consider that my official resignation."

He smoothly walked past the carnage of Bibi and Bo. He noticed Rosa's lifeless body, cringing from what he saw but choosing not to get involved. A few random blades fell to his feet but that didn't stop him, his destination was simple. A nearby wall that had been practically untouched and right next to an outlet. He plugged up his phone, sat back, and enjoyed the show.

Bull tried to get over the counter, but his body had given out long ago. All he could do was lay down and grumble his frustrations as he passed out.

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