Mosey M7 ATF AU

The ATF team known informally as 'The Magnificent Seven' were on their way back from a mandatory law-enforcement seminar in Las Vegas. Ezra had spent the final night in the high-stakes poker room, while Buck had said 'goodbye' to a buxom blonde he'd met at the pool on the first afternoon before the conference started. Vin and JD had chosen to ride the roller coaster at the New York-New York, while Chris, Josiah, and Nathan had walked the strip a bit after dinner to get in a little 'tourist' time before they left.

The group had gotten up at six a.m. to have a quick breakfast and then get on their way, since it was a thirteen hour or so trip back to Denver. When they were ready, Chris climbed in the driver's seat of the Escalade they'd gotten from the federal impound yard. Vin hopped in on the passenger side and Ezra took the back seat. Buck did the same in the Denali that came from the same place, JD riding shotgun and Josiah and Nathan sliding in behind the duo. They would all be taking turns driving, so as soon as the lights of Vegas were left behind and the two vehicles were well on their way, the passengers in both SUVs settled in to nap a little while.

About two and a half hours later, Buck pulled into a quick mart followed by the Cadillac. The two drivers had been cruising at around 80 mph and had made good time. The group got out to stretch, go to the restroom, and replenish some of the snacks and drinks that they'd used up. 'They' mostly being Vin in the Escalade and JD in the Denali, Chris noted with a shake of his head and an indulgent smirk as the sniper and electronics tech jogged in to purchase more. They'd already traveled around two hundred miles, so the drivers filled up the tanks as well. JD and Vin came back out with their arms loaded with plastic bags of chips, snack cakes, sodas, and a few relatively healthy options like nuts and dried fruit.

JD was chatting animatedly over his shoulder as he trotted toward the vehicles, not wanting to annoy Chris by taking too long. Vin followed at a slower pace, a smile on his handsome face as he listened to whatever the younger man was saying. A slender piece of jerky called a Slim-Jim was in the corner of his mouth and moved as the sniper chewed on the end. Josiah watched the pair for a second and then leaned over close to Chris.

"What do you call that walk Vin does? He certainly doesn't 'scurry' or 'perambulate'…"

The leader considered the slender tracker a minute, head to one side. "Amble?"

Buck overheard and leaned on the hood of the Escalade to study the jeans-clad Tanner. "Saunter maybe?"

Nathan joined in watching the loose-limbed figure, followed by Ezra.

"It's not exactly a stroll." opined the profiler.

"Meander?" suggested the medic, then shook his head as that didn't seem right.

"Texans do a slow strolling dance called the 'promenade', but that doesn't seem to fit either." drawled the undercover agent thoughtfully.

Tanner finally became aware of the scrutiny. Dropping his bags in the seat of the Escalade, he pulled out the half-eaten stick of jerky and raised his eyebrows.

"What are y'all lookin' at me like that for?"

"Just tryin' to decide what that walk you were doin' was called." answered Chris with a tilt to one corner of his mouth.

"We've rejected 'perambulate', 'amble', 'saunter', 'stroll', 'meander', and 'promenade'." added Standish with a glimpse of his gold tooth as he started putting the drinks in the cooler that sat in the floorboard next to him.

The sharpshooter gave a teasing grin. "Well, yer right…Tanner's don't 'perambu…' whatever that was, for sure." The sandy head tilted to the side in consideration. "Reckon that was a 'mosey', seein' we're from Texas."

Chris nodded. "Mosey…seems t' fit." He slowed his normal tones into a deeper drawl, making the others grin. Blond brows bobbed over his head in the tracker's patented move as the curve at the corner of his mouth got higher.

"Mosey. Damn fine word!" agreed Buck with a twitch of his mustache, glancing at JD, who often teased the bigger man about his 'cowboy' words and phrases and had done so once when Buck used that particular expression.

The Kid shook his head, while the rest of the group voiced approval of the chosen description with grins.

As Chris climbed back into the front seat, the rest of the group heard Josiah say "Okay, if Vin 'moseys' and I'd say Ezra 'perambulates'…what do the rest of us do?"

"Chris 'prowls' or 'stalks' a lot of the time…" mumbled the sniper with a wicked wink as he slid in on the passenger side.

Laughing, the rest of the men climbed into the vehicles, discussing what sort of distinctive walk each of them did as the SUVs pulled back out onto the highway. Vin just smirked. They all sounded good, but there wasn't anything quite like his distinctive mosey. And the fact was, that the ladies at the federal building would most definitely agree!