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Chapter 1: New Spin

The world of heroes is a fantastical one. This world everyone is born with a quirk, a special power that with practice can give them the chance to be a hero. Heroes were worshipped, they were put on a pedestal like no other. The best hero in the world was All Might. A hero who always saved the day with a smile on his face. Everyone looked up to him, villains feared him and kids wanted to become him.

One child in particular wanted to grow and be a hero just like him. Izuku Midoriya had wanted to be like his hero, he had watched all of All Mights videos, bought all of his toys and planned to follow in his footsteps.

"Sorry kid it ain't going to happen." said the doctor, as he was pronounced quirkless. He would never be able to manifest a quirk, no matter what. In a world where quirks were everything. Being quirkless was a nightmare, a nightmare Izuku would have to deal with now for the rest of his life.

"Come on Izuku I know what would cheer you up," said Inko Midoryia, his mother who was trying her best to cheer up her son. "Come on let's get you a new toy or how about Ice cream."

Izuku was still too stunned to make a proper response, but in the end he nodded his head. Soon Izuku found himself in a small toy store near Musutafu park. It was a small shop, but had a wide range of toys. "Izuku grab whatever toy you want, I need to make a phone call."

Izuku mindlessly walked through the isles not really looking at any of the toys. He was moving as if he was walking in a dream or a really bad nightmare. He wasn't paying attention to any of his surroundings or anyone.

Izuku didn't even notice the old man he walked into. Izuku fell backwards but didn't hit the ground as the old man caught him. "Whao you okay there little man?" asked the old man. Though the man could clearly see that the boy was not alright. "Hey there dog what's wrong?"

"Nothing, sir." said Izuku, politely bowing at the man. When he did he noticed that the man had dropped something. "Oh you drop this." Izuku handed the toy to the man.

"Oh thanks dog. I was trying to find something similar to give to my grandson." Though when the old man looked Izuku was already walking away. He could tell Izuku wasn't trying to be rude, but was just too depressed. "Kid.." The old man wanted to help but it wasn't his place too. Though when he looked back at his hand, things changed. "It's glowing, it's chosen that boy."

Izuku was so lost in thought that he left the store without telling his mother and just walked across the street into the park. The park was practically abandoned, there were very few people around. Izuku found a bench near the rock gardens and sat down alone. He wanted to cry but a part of him just couldn't believe that everything he wanted was now impossible. As the tears were about to pour he heard footsteps approach him.

He looked to see the old man walking towards him. "Hey there my dude, you mind if I pop a squat here?" Izuku said nothing, so the old man sat down next to him. "So mind telling me why you're so blue?"

Izuku simply said "Quirkless."

The old man then nodded at that. "Ahh that would do it. All you youngins love your quirks don'tcha. I don't have a quirk myself but I do have something. I'll be honest I ain't one to beat around the bush but I may have something that can fix your problems." The old man then put something in Izuku's hands. "If it likes you, you can keep it."

Izuku just stared at the old man for a moment before looking at his hand. It was a toy made of plastic and metal. "A top?"

"Not just any top my dude." said the old man attaching the top to a device. "A Beyblade. Come on how about you give it a whirl."

Izuku was still in a daze and simply did as he was asked. WIthout really thinking about it, he pulled on the rip cord causing the top to spin and launch off of the launcher. To Izuku's surprise it kept spinning on the dirt. For a moment he kept his eyes on the top. For a moment he imagined the top spinning in circles if it was on pavement. Then to his surprise again the top began to spin in a circle. "Wha?" He then imagined it staying in one place and it did. He imagined it going left. It did. Then right. It was mimicking each thought Izuku was making. He could feel a connection with it. Now Izuku's mind was racing at what exactly he was looking at.

The old man could see Izuku was connecting the dots. "Hey dog. Try aiming it at that rock over there." said the old man pointing at the large rock in the garden.

Izuku then imagined it. The top sped up really fast and slammed into the rock at full force, shattering the rock into pieces. "WHAT?"

"HAHAHAHA. That was pretty awesome my dude." said the old man.

"Is this some kind of weapon?" asked Izuku, worried now that he maybe breaking the law.

"I told you kid it's a beyblade," said the old man. "And it's yours now."

Izuku then stopped the beyblade. Making it slow down enough for him to grab it. To his surprise it was completely unscaved. It clearly wasn't made of high grade materials and yet it stood up to high speeds and hitting a rock. "What is this, exactly?"

"A Beyblade is your partner." said the old man examining the bey in Izuku's hand. "It helps you through thick and thin. It gets stronger the more you get stronger. WIth it you can perform feats that would be impossible. The possibilities with a Beyblade are endless."

Izuku stared down at the top getting a new hope that he was losing. "I got so many questions but first who are you?"

The old man blinked realizing he hadn't introduced himself. "Sorry about that my dude. Guess I got carried away there. The name's Tyson. Tyson Granger at your service."

"Hi Mr. Granger, I'm Izuku Midoryia." said Izuku. "My next question is why are you giving this to me? We just met."

"Easy that bey likes you. You think those are regular toys. Nah man. Those be ultra stuff right there. Beys pick, you spin them, not the other way around. When you handed back to me, it liked ya. So I introduced ya. Simple as that."

"Wait, this is alive," now Izuku was getting a little skeptical now. "How?"

Tyson grinned. "That's for you to find out my dude." Though Tyson saw Izuku giving him a confusing look. "Don't worry dog, I won't leave ya hanging." As he fished through his pocket. "Here is my business card for the Granger dojo, believe or not I teach Kendo like my grandfather before me." Izuku held the card for a moment as he now got a look at the old man who he could now see was wearing an hawaian shirt and wasn't exactly looking like a Kendo teacher. "Okay I have a few other people teach but the art of the blade does flow through my veins."

"Riiight." said Izuku, not really believing the funny man.

"Any way if you got any questions you can call or come by the dojo, but how about we go find your mom." said Tyson

"MOM," said Izuku now realizing he left his mom back at the store. The two ran back to a panicking Inko.


(One Week Later)

Tyson was just enjoying some tea while he watched the sunset. It was nice and relaxing. Only if it would last. The door to the dojo slammed open. "You gave it to a CHILD."

Tyson Sighed. "I don't remember saying you can come in here."

The young man didn't care. He stomped towards Tyson. "Have you gone senile? You just gave away one of the most powerful Beyblades that ever existed. It's not some toy. It could change the world and you gave it to a snot nosed brat."

Tyson put his tea down. As the power of the dragon filled the room. "One, never talks to me that way, boy. Two Izuku Midoryia is more than a snot nosed brat. If you would speak to him and see him spin his bey you could tell he is a lot more and worthy of that bey."

For a moment the young man didn't say anything. "Midoriya"

"That's the kiddo's name."

"Midoriya." he said now, remembering something as if it was long forgotten.

"Wait do you-" Tyson then realized he was already gone. "Hmmm. I see, then maybe it was destiny that led you to that bey, Izuku."


Izuku has been spending all of his time studying and figuring out his new beyblade. He has discovered so much and the more he learned the more he could feel something inside the beyblade. He was beginning to understand what Tyson was saying that there was something living inside the bey. Though the biggest thing that he discovered was all that he could do with it. He was successful kicking trash can around with it and if he focused really hard he was able to make a large dust devil. He was excited because he could tell he was scratching the surface. "If i work hard I wonder what else I will be able to do. So I gotta keep practicing."

Izuku launched his beyblade, sending it through an obstacle course he made in the alleyway of his apartment building. He was measuring his speed and strength by hitting trash at the end of the alley but first he had to get through the maze of trash cans. His bey whizzed through the cans and hit the trash bag with enough force to splatter against the wall.

"Whoa that had a lot of power. If I can control this then I can send the bad guys packing." said Izuku, smiling with hope.

"Who the fuck did that!?" yelled a voice at the end of the alley. A man came into view of the alley revealing a man in a white suit with a pist off look. Izuku could see some garbage slime on his shoulder. "Were you the one that did this?"

Izuku began to shake in fear. Even though Izuku found a new power he was still a four year old kid. "I uh uh I uh ….sorry."

The man whistled "Boys we got a little piece of shit to clean out." Soon four more men came into the alley. All of them looked mean and were willing to hurt Izuku. "Now brat do you know how much money this suit cost?" Izuku was too scared to say anything. "Well do you?"

"No Sir."

"Figure a brat like you wouldn't know. Brats don't understand what we adults do. You kids just keep playing hero, well let's show you what happens when you try to play hero." The men start to get close to Izuku.

Izuku pointed his launcher at the thugs. "Stay back. I'm warning you."

The five of them stopped and stared at Izuku for a moment. They all began to chuckle trying to hold in their laugh but soon all five of them began to bust out laughing uncontrollably. "HAHAHA LOOK AT THIS KID."

"He's so scared he's going to fight us with a toy."

"Stop it. I'm going to pee. HAHAHA."

Izuku's face began to turn red with anger. "Just a toy you say, then take this. LET IT RIP." Sending the bey flying.

"I got this, guys." said one of them as he put up a small barrier. The bey collided with the barrier and for a moment the thugs thought it was going to bounce off, but instead it stayed there slowly cracking the barrier. "Wha?" The barrier broke and the bey hit the thug in the face laying him flat out on his back.

"WHAT" said the remaining thugs. The moment the bey hit the ground it began dancing around the thugs at high speeds. The thugs tried to follow it but it was too fast. Then it bounced hitting a thug in the foot tripping him.

The leader was getting angry. "What are you fools doing. It's the one child."

"But the top thingy."

The leader grabbed a pipe from the ground. "It's his quirk, you morons. It must be the cause for this things' movements. If we attack the kid then this is all over."

Izuku began to sweat as they discovered that he himself was weak. "Uh oh.'

"Uh oh indeed brat." said the leader as he raised the pipe and brought it down directly on top of the Beyblade.

"OH NO." yelled Izuku

"Whoa boss how did you hit it?"

"See the boy is controlling it. The moment I told you to aim for him was the same moment this top thing slowed down." He then used the pipe as a golf club sending the beyblade past Izuku.

Izuku watched in horror as his bey landed motionless on the ground. "No."

"Not gonna lie brat, that was impressive." said the leader as the two other thugs picked their friends off the ground. "Maybe in a few years you might have been able to become something. Though I can tell letting you live now will only be bad for business."

Izuku was now shaking. For a moment he thought he could take them out but now he could see he was nothing more than a scared kid that was way over his head. "Please,"

"Huh are you begging?"

"Please someone HELP." yelled Izuku hoping someone would come.

The thugs were grinning while Izuku was crying, but as if a miracle from the heavens, red lightning struck right in front of them. "Quit your whining kid." Izuku had to rub his eyes not only from the tears but also from being blinded by the light. When he could see he saw a man wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black pants, his hair was white with a red streak in it and he looked very angry. "I don't know who you assholes are but this kid is with me, So beat it before I beat you."

The thugs were frozen for a moment but it did not last. "Well what are you waiting for, get him."

They all charged the new comer. "Wrong choice. L, Drago." In another blast of light Izuku witnessed a red flaming dragon appear and send all of the thugs flying. In a single moment this man had taken all of them out. Izuku couldn't tell how badly hurt they were but he could tell that they weren't getting up anytime soon. The man wasted no more with them and turned his attention to Izuku. "You, your name is Midoriya right?"

"Um yes sir." said Izuku as he grabbed his Beyblade. "Who are you? You don't look like a hero."

The man huffed in annoyance. "The name's Ryuga. We need to talk brat and I better not hear any more crying out of you."

That night changed Izuku's life forever. It opened his eyes to the world and made him train twice as hard to master his beyblade.


"Alright boys, it looks like we're home free." said the driver.

"You sure boss?"

"I haven't seen any heroes chasing us, or cop cars at all. How about any of you, see anything?'


"Nothing on this side."

"See we're home free." he said as they cheered before suddenly all the tires on the car popped. "What the." As the car skidded to a halt. "What was that?" as he and his men got out of the car. They looked around them seeing no one on the highway but them.

"Hey do you guys hear that?" said one of them as they all tracked the noise to something spinning on the ground.

As they went to examine it. It dashed straight at the car going under it before turning into a tornado. Sending the car flying through the air. All of the criminals ducked out of the way from the falling vehicle. The car landed upside down being completely unusable. It looked like it was thrown off of a cliff.

"What the hell was that?" yelled one of them before the top spun around all of them really fast before dashing off the road into the bushies. "Seriously anyones see what that was?"

Sirens then blared as the police closed in on them. "Shit grab the guns and the money quick." They scrambled for the cash to try and make a quick escape.

"Hold it. Freeze." said an officer getting out of his vehicle. With more police behind him.

"Shut it ya pig." yelled one of them pointing his gun at the cop only to find something wrong with his weapon. "My gun is all chewed up." The other criminals all found their guns had been cut by some sort of chainsaw. They all quickly surrendered.


A man fired his machine gun into the ceiling. "Alright everyone stay calm and you all get to go home today." said an armed robber as he and his gang were robbing a grocery store. "Now get to the ground and unless we tell you personally stay there. We're going to go one by one, to get any valuables you may have. If you don't hand them over we will have a problem and trust me you don't want that."

Everyone complied and soon all the robbers had begun to strip everyone of their valuables. Things were going smoothly, no problems and so far no heroes or police. 'Looks like those new toys we bought really do jam emergency signals. Finally a nice easy operation.'

Suddenly something broke through the window moving so fast no one could make out what it was. It bounced through the aisle hitting every gunman. The gunman wasn't fast enough as the object hit their guns, disabling them and after hitting the guns began hitting the gunman in the head hard enough to knock them off their feet. It slammed them into the aisle racks and hit them hard enough to where they could have sworn to see the stars.

The leader quickly grabbed a hostage. "I don't know what you are but you better think twice or this lady here is going to get it."

"Please I have a son." pleaded Inko as she cried in fear with the gun to her head.

The object stopped in front of the man. "It's a top." For a moment though he thought he saw the eyes of a demon from the toy, before it disappeared. It then hit him so hard he flew out of the building with every bone in his body broken, but miraculously still alive.


Miruko was finally having an eventful day. "You dumbass ain't getting away that easily." As she began to speed up her hops after the white van.

"God dammit, bunny bitch is after us." said the one in the back.

"Relax man we have a hostage." said the man in the passenger seat as he turned to the girl who was tied up. "I've done this a few times so don't sweat rookie. If she comes near us will simply put a bullet into this girl's leg, say what's your name sweet heart."

He ripped the tape off of the girl's mouth. "When my dad gets here he's going to kick your ass."

The man smirked. "That's quite the mouth you got. But tell me something why the hell do you think we grabbed you. Huh? It's because your daddy is making life very hard for a few friends of ours. Which isn't very nice of him, but as you can see I'm trying to be very nice here so how about you tell us your name sweetie before I become very unnice."

"Is unnice even a word?" asked the driver.

"Can it. Keep your eyes on the road and make sure we don't hit anybody." said the man. "Well sweetie?"

The girl glared at the man hard but couldn't deny some part of her was scared. She gave in. "Itsuka Kendo."

"Hey she's getting closer." said the guy in the back seeing Miruko gaining on them.

"Oh for the love of." said the man as he leaned back and grabbed Kendo. "I need to ask for less green help next time." He opened the back window and pointed his gun at Kendo's head. Making a clear sign if Miruko tried anything then Kendo would get hurt. Miruko didn't like it but backed off a little. The man smiled. "See rookie, it's that simple."

As Kendo was facing the window she saw something chasing them. "The Top."

The man looked back outside seeing the infamous toy top gaining on them quick. "Shit that thing's here." The man was now somewhat concerned as he didn't know where the person controlling it was. He didn't know if he would even hear him. "Hey back off if you don't want this girl hurt. You're going to move that ass of a top away from here."

The top then disappeared out of sight. The man smiled for a moment thinking he had done it. "Boss it's up front now." said the Driver. The top was now in front of them. The top began to glow green as the ground around it began to turn into sand. Soon the whole road was a giant sand pit. The driver tried to slow the van down but when it hit the sand pit it began to sink as if it was in water.

Miruko landed in front of the sand pit only to watch the last part of the sand pit sink underground. "Shit what happened?" Miruko waited for a moment to see if anything was coming out, for a moment she thought they all just bit the dust when suddenly the men were sent flying out of the sand landing right in front of her. "Okay I did not see that coming. Wait where's the hostage?"

Kendo slowly opened her eyes to see someone was carrying her. She remembered hitting the sand and then someone grabbing her and pulling her from the sand. It was the same person carrying her now. The person then gently put her down on a nearby bench. The last thing Kendo remembered seeing the back of a green hoodie and the top landing in their hand person's hand as he walked away.


The water hose duo were having a terrible day. They managed to run into the nastiest criminal they have ever seen in their hero careers. The man had already killed over thirty people that day and he was thirsty for more blood and guts. Their guts to be more precise. They had managed though to lead the man to an abandoned train yard.

"Oh come on is that all you two can do?" said the villain muscular. "That intern I killed had more bite than you two. Come on show me something. There's no one else here. So go all out, don't hold anything back."

The water hose duo couldn't help but feel that this was their end. "Mizu, I'm going to distract him. When I do run."

"I am not leaving you." said Mizu. "You're my husband and I am not going to leave you here to die."

"He already broke one of my legs and we can't make Koda an orphan." he said. 'SO please run."

Muscular just looked at them in disappointment. "Really, uuuuggghhh. I thought you two could be something. Oh well. If it makes you feel any better I'll still kill you if you run." As he jumped at them, he wrapped his fist in his muscle fibers, ready for the kill. "Time to die."

A flash of light cut between them cutting Muscular's arm fibers. "What was that?" They all looked over to see a top spinning on top of a train car. "It's the top!"

Muscular now was pissed. "Are you kidding me. I would love another hero to kill but I get the fucking vigilante thats too much of a coward to even show his face. This is bullshit. At least come out and fight me like a man." No response came. "Fine I'll just break your toy then."

The top then moved again this time it cut Musculars leg. The villain tried to catch it but it was too fast. It then cut his shoulder. Then his chest, back, continued to cut Muscular with each strike and began to pick up more and more speed to where it was moving too fast for anyone to see it. It was as if an invisible swordsman was cutting Muscular.

"THIS IS HORSE SHIT." he yelled as he now realized he was losing. 'This thing keeps cutting my fibers faster than I can make them. At this rate I'll pass out from blood loss.' Muscular now reached a new peak of anger. "No, I ain't losing to some toy." as he wrapped his fist with fiber and swung his arm in an upcut. Whether it be by luck or skill he was able to hit the top and send it flying into the sky.

"YEEEEEAAAAHHH." screamed Muscular in victory. "See that no way some fancy toy would beat me. Now where was I." as he remembered the water hose duo in front of him. He grinned as he began to approach them. Though he noticed that they weren't paying attention to him. He then looked up behind him seeing a blue light coming down from the sky. Like a meteorite entering the atmosphere. "No way." Muscular then covered his body with as many fibers as possible.

The top landed on Muscular in a blue ball of fire with so much force that the dust all around the area kicked up and for a moment the water hose duo thought a bomb went off. When the dust settled they could see a massive new crater in the ground with Muscular laying motionless in the center with the top spinning on his chest. The top then jumped off of him and dashed away. The Water Hose duo could only watch as the top disappeared into the night. "Hey, I don't know who you are but thank you for saving us."

"You think he heard you?" asked Mizu

"I don't know but I owe them big time, they just saved us and took down the villain."

Mizu thought how close they both were to death and how close Kota was to becoming an orphan. "Hopefully someday we can return the favor."


"Okay." said Naomasa who along with several police officers were in a meeting. "We still have no idea what this top thing is." as behind him a picture of the top was shown in super slow mo. "This thing has been doing our job for nearly ten years now and we still have no idea, what it is, who is controlling it, or even how it works."

"This is troubling," said detective Tanuma. "Nearly ten years and still nothing, not even sure what quirk it takes to make this thing work."

"Well maybe it's more than one quirk." said Officer Sansa. "It does have a variety of powers."

The chief of police Kenji Tsuragamae scratched his dog chin. "Lets just go over those powers one more time shall we. Maybe that will help us out."

"Unlikely." said Tanuma.

Naomasa ignored that and continued. "Well even though it appears to be a spinning top, it is capable of doing a lot more than that. We can confirm that it is able to move faster than the average eye can see and is able to cut steel with ease. Other powers include, fire, making water appear, earthquakes, turning the ground into sand, making tornados, electrical storms, we think it can also mess with gravity, oh and part the sea." as the projection showing the top saving people from a sinking ship by parting the sea all the way to the cost.

"We sure this thing ain't a god." said Tanuma

"Let's keep the ideas on the ground with reality."

"What it is in the end matters very little." said the chief. "Whoever has been controlling this thing has been making it do acts of vigilantism. That is against the law. We must find this person and arrest them no matter what. Even though he or she has been helping others we can;t ignore the fact that the law is being broken. As police officers we must fix this."


A middle school boy was on his way to school when he saw that there was a crowd blocking his path.

"Can you believe it, that guy just went full villain like that." said a man. "Right out in the open to."

"Ah man I'm going to be late for work." said another.

"Hey where are the heroes?" asked one girl.

Suddenly the giant villain on the railroad tracks began to break the power lines causing the top part to break off and fall near the crowd. Then a hero named Death arms came and caught the wreckages so it wouldn't do anymore damage. "Stand back citizens, let us handle this." said the hero Backdraft as he made a water fence to cut off the civilians from getting close to the heroes.

Several wooden branches seemed to wrap around the villain. "AAAAHHH Its Kamui Woods." Cheered the fan girls.

"Disrupting traffic and causing civil unrest." yelled the hero. "You are the definition of evil. Prepare for justice." Kamui woods prepared his signature move but he was too slow as the Beyblade came crashing down on the villains head knocking him out and causing MT. Lady to fly right past the villain.

MT. Lady stood up confused. "Wait, what happened?"

"The top!" as Kamui woods tried to catch it but missed. As it went under him and hopped off the railroad tracks and out of sight from everyone else. The middle school boy from early was now walking through an alley when his beyblade came and hopped into his hand. This boy was 14 year old Izuku Midoryia on his way to school.


Most people would say that Izuku was a troubled kid. Though many would chalk it up to him being quirkless. He was quiet and barely spoke to any of his classmates, in fact there would be some days where he wouldn't show up to class at all. Though he managed to keep good grades in all of his classes, except PE. He never even showed up for PE. Many knew the fate of a quirkless person wasn't kind and even his teachers gave up on any future for him. They all saw him as a zombie moving through everyday life. Which is exactly what he wanted them to think.

He went to class today though, Wearing a school uniform that was slightly bigger than normal so no one would suspect anything. He sat in his chair while reviewing his notes about his project. Just in case he did make it in a strange code so no one but him could read them or at least no one who didn't understand the constellations.

"Alright class right now I'm supposed to be handing out career path papers," said the teacher while holding a stack of papers, before throwing them in the air. "But why bother when you all want to go into the hero course." as the entire class erupted using their quirks. "Yes, yes. I know you all have amazing quirks but don't use them during class. Understand."

"Ha don't lump with these losers," said a blonde spiky hair boy named Bakugo. "Out of everyone here I have the top scores. Maybe one of these extras may become a sidekick to a third rate hero but I'll be the number one hero you hear."

"Oh shut up, Bakugo"
"Yeah just because you have a good quirk doesn't mean you're better than us."

"Yes I am" he said as he jumped onto his desk. "That's why I'm going to UA high."

That silences the class for a moment. "UA, that's the top school in the country.'

"Yeah they have a super low acceptance rate."

"Teach is that true?"

The teacher grabbed his clipboard. "Yep, Bakugo has only written one school he wants to go to is UA. Him and..." as he looked at his board he noticed another name was signed up to try and go to UA. "MIDORIYA."

The class was stunned silent for a moment. The silence actually made Izuku look up from his notes. He looked around to see that everyone was slowly looking at him.

"Who's he?"

"I forgot what's his quirk?"

"I don't know."

"If I remember right he doesn't have one."


"Yeah he's the quirkless kid."

"What the hell are you thinking?" asked Bakugo as he put one foot on the back of his desk to stand over Izuku.

Izuku was shocked for a moment. Not out of fear but on the sheer fact that Bakugo spoke to him. He hasn't spoken to him since the beginning of middle school. It's been well over a year since they said a word to each other. Izuku raised an eyebrow. "How is me going to UA have anything to do with you?"

"Have you forgotten Deku, I'm the future number one hero." exclaimed Bakugo for the hundredth time. "I'm the only one whose going to UA here. Understand."

"You can see the future cool." said Izuku calmly, completely unfazed by Bakugo's threats. "Give me the next lotto numbers."

Bakugo was now pissed and was about to slam his fist on Izuku's table. Though to Izuku this was all going in slow motion. His reaction time was leagues better than the hotheads. Izuku kicked his leg out hitting the chair Bakugo was on causing him to fall and hit his head on the desk. Everyone in the class heard the slam of Bakugo's head on the desk.

To Izuku's surprise, Bakugo didn't scream in pain or even say ouch. He just began to growl before grabbing Izuku's table leg with his left hand. Izuku saw what was coming and quickly grabbed his notebook and closed it before Bakugo tossed aside the desk to throw an explosive right at Izuku. Izuku then using his notebook caught Izuku's attacking arm before putting a sharpie to Bakugo's neck.

The class was frozen in time as they saw the quirkless kid of class put a marker to the number one kids throat. Bakugo broke out of his stunned state and jumped backwards. "How the hell? You won't do that again."

Izuku didn't react at all and just grabbed his bag and put his things away. "If that's all, teach then I'm heading home."

Bakugo was now ready for a full blown fight. "Hey where are you going, get back here."

"I have something to tell you, Bakugo," said Izuku without turning around. Bakugo was silent as he waited for some declaration for a fight or him saying he was going to outdo him. "Before you leave school, you should probably wash your face."

"Huh?" Bakugo was confused as he watched Izuku leave. "What?"

"Uh dude your face." said a classmate trying not to laugh.

"Here." said a girl handing him a mirror. When Bakguo looked at it he saw what Izuku did. He gave him cat whiskers. Bakugo stared at his reflection as rage began to build up inside him. His rage stopped for a moment as he also saw a solid black line across his throat. It was a sign that if Izuku had a real knife he would have killed him. After realizing that his rage came back and he broke the mirror in his bare hands. "My mirror!"


Izuku walked back to his house to get changed and to begin another one of his walks. Which usually consisted of him going to some tall landmark and looking for crime he could launch his bey at. He changed out of his uniform and into his hoodie as he hid his bey and his launcher inside his hoodie so no one could see it. Then grabbed his fingerless gloves and double checked his gear and Bey. Before he left he saw that his mom left a note and was going shopping. "Let's hope she doesn't get into trouble again."

Izuku has been wandering around Musutafu. Looking for some action but found it really boring. "Man I guess I should have just used this day for training. Nothings happening here."

"DEKU," screamed Bakugo. Izuku looked over to see him and his posse, approaching him. "I finally found you."

"Bakugo, you were able to clean your face, that's good." said Izuku with not a care in the world. 'Maybe I can use him for practice. Nah I should just go and see if old man Tyson is willing to spar.'

"You're going to pay for what you did to me you quirkless asshole." said Bakugo as his cronies had Izuku surrounded. Though none of them moved, not just because of what he did in class, but also because they could see plain as day that there was no fear in his eyes. Only boredom.

'Maybe I should ask Merci about those part ideas I had, though I should deal with this first.' Izuku yawned. Which just pissed Bakugo off even more. "Look man I don't care about your ego so I'm just going to go."

"Oh hell no," siad Bakugo as he went off on one of his rants but Izuku ignored it as the police became active in the area. Izuku saw several police and heroes arrive in the area. They weren't stopping anyone and it looked like they were looking for something. Though it was clear that it wasn't him. "Pay attention when your betters are talking."

"Hey Bakugo maybe we should leave it for now. Heroes are watching." said one of his lackeys which received a glare from him.

Though Bakugo quickly realized that he was right as the place became filled with heroes for some reason. Even so his anger and pride wouldn't let him leave. He needed to send a message to Deku. He grabbed Izuku's collar. "We ain't finished yet."

Izuku could feel something was wrong here. He's instincts were going off on full blasts, an attack was coming. He turned his head ignoring Bakugo, looking left and right but couldn't see anything, nor from above. That's when he realized too late. "Below."

The ground below the group of kids erupted by a giant mass of green slime, blew open the street capturing Izuku, Bakugo and all of his minions. "Nobody move or else these kids get it." said the giant sludge villain.


All Might in his skinny form finally made his way to the crime scene to see several heroes surrounding the giant sludge villain, none of them able to make a move as he now had hostages. "How the hell could I fail this badly." He said as he saw that the villain was using one of the student's blasts to keep the other heroes away. He also saw that in the mass of sludge there were other boys, some conscious and a few that were unconscious. "Dammit I'm pathetic. I have no time left. If only I caught him before he slipped away in the sewers."

Though inside the sludge something was happening. Izuku was waking up. For a moment he was wondering why he was stuck in some sort of sludge before he remembered that the ground busted open and one of the rocks hit him in the head knocking him out. 'No, no way am I going out like this.' as he could feel himself running out of air. He began to use all of his strength to push himself to the outer edge of the blob he was stuck in. 'Come on almost there.' Izuku pushed his head out of the villain's membrane and took a massive breath of air.

When he did the villain noticed and tried to push him back in. "Hey all hostages stay inside me." The sludge stopped when he felt a chill run through him. Izuku was glaring at him, which made him truly feel fear.

"Go to hell." as Izuku was able to rip his arm free and was able to throw something on the ground.

In slow motion the villain saw what he threw and couldn't believe his eyes. "Thats the top!"

The second the Beyblade hit the ground it began to spin fast. "Tanku: Leone style lion Gale force wall" A symbol of a tanuki glowed for a moment. The bey spun so fast it generated a massive tornado sending the slime and all of his hostages flying in the air. Izuku canceled the tornado before the hostages got too high to survive. Izuku was able to land on his feet as the others just crashed landed around him. He looked to make sure everyone got out. "You're going to pay for this."

The sludge villain reformed himself. "You're the top. You're the guy who's been using that top thing." He was in shock and so was everyone else who was watching.

"One it called a Beyblade and two let me show what it can really do." said Izuku as his bey landed in front of him. "Tanku: Wolborg style." The Tanuki symbol glowed for a moment before the air around it became chilly. "Hehehahaha. Novae Rog" Ice shards then appeared around Izuku as his Beyblade sent a wave of Ice at the sludge villain. The sludge villain tried to get away but the ice was too fast and froze him solid turning him into a giant sludgesicle.

Izuku bey flew back to him. "That will teach you." as he caught it. Though as he did he remembered something. He slowly turned and saw the crowd of people, heroes, police were all watching him including reporters and camera men. "Aaaaahhh Crap."

Okay so how did this story happen. Well a few weeks back. my grandfather was chopping wood when he tripped on one of the logs. He was able to catch himself but his neighbors thought he had a heart attack or something and called an ambulance. (Not saying what they did was wrong, I'm happy they were worried about my grandfather.) Though what really got all of us was that his facebook post was "chopping wood now i;m off to the hospital" which freaked all of us out. He still doesn't know how facebook works but anyway we all rushed back home to check to see how he was doing and while we were there my mother was cleaning out the basement where she found our old beyblades. I was wearing my Deku hoodie. Feeling a little nostalgic I decided to spin one for a bit. When my brother came by and saw what I was doing he said that Izuku wouldn't use Dranzer. Then me and my brother had an hour long debate on which bit beast Izuku would have and that led me to making this little fic here.

I couldn't decide to I made one of my own. Tanku the tanuki bit beast. It can copy the moves of other bit beasts as long as Izuku knows how they work.

Also while making this fic I realized that Beyblades are broken as FUCK. In one season they blew up a volcano destroyed a city and stopped tornedo's like holy shit how the hell could anyone let there kids play with weapons of mass destruction.

Any way that aside I'm very curious on what you guys think of this. Do you think I should continue writing this story. Let me know in the comments.

EDIT: It is reuploaded and a few things, one I will be taking Thanksgiving off, Two Izuku will have somewhat better physical strength than an average person but won't be super strong.

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