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Chapter 15 Love Rotation

Izuku sighed as he looked out over the sea, feeling a little bit bad about what he was about to do, but he knew it needed to happen. Izuku was currently at Daigoba beach waiting for a few others to arrive.

Izuku then looked over and saw the three girls he called, Ochako, Momo, and Kendo. "Hey, how are you three doing?" said Izuku greeting them with a smile.

The three stopped and looked at him. "Izuku, why'd you call the three of us here?" asked Ochako.

Izuku sighed as he looked at each of them he could tell that each of them somewhat knew why he'd called them here. "Okay, I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm not an idiot I know you three like me and I mean like me more than just a friend, but that can't happen we can't be more than friends."

"Why not?" said Kendo clearly heated and hurt by the statement.

"I'm dying," said Izuku staying calm he had predicted that he would be angry with him. "Before Kai brought me his new medicine, I was going to die in five years even with the new stuff, ten years is almost going to be impossible for me. I was born to be a weapon and anyone who is near me is a target, being in love with me will only bring you all pain."

Momo stepped forward with a single tear in her eye. "Just because you are dying doesn't me you can't spend the time you have left with others around you."

Izuku was quiet for a moment, "Momo, I can't do that and can you really say you love me, all I did was save you, years ago, can you really call the love."

"It's more than that," said Kendo as she stepped forward. "Sure it may have started like that but we care for you, I saw how amazing you were, I want to know you better."

"Look Kendo, I can't, I would just bring pain to any girl I date, not just you. They would be targeted and eventually, they would be left alone," said Izuku not backing down. "I couldn't do that to you guys."

"Then you do care about us," said Ochako.

"Of course I do, it's why I have to keep you guys away so you don't get hurt," said Izuku. "Honestly the more I think about I should have just stayed out of UA altogether," he added hoping it would drive his point home.

Ochako thought for a moment. "Then what if you dated all three of us?"

Izuku's brain ground to a halt, with a wrench, jammed into the gears. "Huh?"

Kendo turned a bright shade of red as she stared at Ochako. "Wait what you want all of us to date Izuku, uh I like you, girls, as friends but I don't think I can do that."

"All three of us date Izuku," Momo repeated as the thought ran through her head. "That would be a perfect idea."

Izuku's head started spinning, "WHAT!?"

"Think about it, if we all dated you then we wouldn't be on our own, not to mention it might even throw off those who are after you. It would also mean that if you do die, which is something we are going to stop but if it does happen then we can all comfort each other."

"Wha.. That…you can't…I mean.." Izuku's head was full of too much steam to properly think before he looked at Kendo who was looking at him with a fully flushed face. "Look if I can't date one of you what makes you think I can date all of you."

He looked at Kendo hoping she would back him but that wasn't why she was looking at him, she was looking at him because it seemed to be breaking through to him. 'It was such a shocking idea, it may actually get through to him.' Kendo gave the best flirting smile she could. "Oh what's wrong, does the big bad top, not think he can handle three girls."

Izuku could believe what he was hearing, it could be real, there was no way this was actually real life. 'I have to be dreaming.' That was the only conclusion he could come up with. 'Right?'


"So that's what happened," said Izuku as he recounted today's earlier events to Tyson, Rin, and Shoto who came by to train in hand-to-hand combat, the four of them were currently sitting in the middle of Tyson's dojo.

They all looked at him wide-eyed, "You are so lucky that Mei-Mei is out with Mrs. Granger or else she would be giving you a huge earful." said Rin as imagined how his mentor would react with her prior history of dealing with a womanizer.

"Well I can't really say I've ever had that problem myself," said Tyson as he tried to come up with some sort of advice to help out but he was drawing a blank. "My wife was really the only woman in my life and I doubt Hilary would be okay with such an idea. To be honest I don't think I would even want something like that."


"Oh yeah, my wife is one hell of a woman, I doubt I could handle any more. Those early years were exhausting to say the least." as he remembered when they first started dating. "Don't get me wrong I loved those days but her fiery temper was something else."

That did not help Izuku as he looked at the last person in the room. Shoto had no idea what to do. "I got nothing, I've never really been interested in having a girlfriend."

"Seriously?" Rin couldn't believe it, with the number of girls that he's heard talk about him.

"Don't be too surprised Rin," said Tyson. "There several youngsters out there more focused on their goals than getting a relationship. I know a few people who started like that. Ain't no shame focusing on your goals while you're young."

After that, there was a brief pause, "So any advice or ideas to my dating problem?"

"Uh not really," said Rin.

"I'm afraid not kiddo, my expertise is in battling, not romance," said Tyson

Shoto just simply shook his head, "I have no idea, the best I can say is call someone who might know a thing or two about dating. Do you know anyone our age that has dated multiple girls before?"

Izuku's face twisted as only one person came to mind. "I don't wanna, not him anyone but him, please."


The butler moved lively as he walked through the halls of the European mansion, with a cell phone on a fancy tray as he entered one of the many parlors of the mansion, where a young man was playing the piano with two others watching, one was a piano instructor the other an elderly gentleman. The elders, an old-looking gentleman who despite his age still had a full set of hair and good skin for his age in a casual suit noticed the butler and signaled for the boy to stop. "Yes, Mario what is it."

The butler bowed. "Forgive the intrusion master Giancarlo but your grandson has a phone call."

"Oh is it a lady?" asked Enrique Konzern.

"No, young master," said the butler dashing the boy's hope.

"Then tell them to forget it." as the boy got ready to start playing again. "I ain't interested unless it's a pretty girl."

"The young man said that you would say that," said the butler getting their attention, "The young man on the phone is an Izuku Midoriya from Japan."

"The boy Tyson trained!?" said Enrique Senor as he remembered his old rival slash friend from Japan.

Enrique junior paused for a moment as he thought for a moment why Izuku would call the manor directly instead of just calling his grandfather or uncle and that only left one conclusion as he jumped out of his chair and snatched the phone from the tray. "Okay, Izuku what's her name?"

Izuku didn't say a word as he already regretted the call. "This was a mistake."

"Oh come on buddy, don't be like that," said Enrique overjoyed already by this conversation. "Come tell me all the details brother. By the way, is your mom still single?"

"No my mom has a boyfriend now and stop fucking asking about her." roared Izuku over the phone.

"Okay, okay relax," said Enrique. "What'd you need my friend?"

Izuku took a deep breath, "How do you date multiple girls?"

Enrique froze as he slowly removed the phone from his ear and checked the caller ID making sure it was indeed Izuku's number, before returning it to his ear. "Uhh who the fuck are you?"

"Language boy." said his grandfather as he also leaned close to the phone curious.

"it's me moron, Izuku."

"Yeah but Izuku wouldn't say something so strange."

"A lot of crap has happened and I need some advice."

Enrique senior pulled the phone towards him, "How about you start at the beginning."

Izuku then told them a quick summary of the events earlier today. After they heard his story Enrique junior smiled. "Izuku, you dog, I knew you had in you, I just knew it. Hey, you want to make it a competition, see who can get more girls."

That just made Izuku feel worse. "I fucking hate you."

"I accept your challenge, so how many do you get right now, I can start from scratch if you want."

"I'm hanging up now."

"Wait Izuku," said Enrique Senior as he took the phone from his grandson, he put the phone to his ear before lettings out a sigh. "For starters let me apologize for my grandson, I'm afraid he was born with the same amount of talent his uncle and I were born with but haven't learned any manners yet."

"Yeah, I know."

"Any way back to your problem, I can safely say I know somewhat of what you're going through. In my youth, I was quite the charmer just like you are."

"Like me?"

"Oh yes, Izuku, like you. I knew the moment I met you that you were the type of man to stand above others, to be unique. Unfortunately, you were too caught up with your demons to see it. Back when I was your age I already had two girlfriends and Tyson met both of them when we first met, and I eventually married both of them."

"You did, wait why are you telling me this?"

"Simple, unlike my grandson that clearly needs to learn that women are much more than objects."

"HEY! I KNOW THAT!" yelled Enrique junior genuinely offended by the statement.

"The point I'm trying to make is that it is okay to love more than one person, relationships like that have been successful before, the important thing is that all of you are happy and that your hearts are full of love."

Izuku thought over his words, "But what if you don't love them, or you're not sure." Enrique was silent waiting for Izuku to explain himself. "I mean, I've known for years I'm not going to live a full life like everyone else, I'll be lucky to live to see my thirties."

Enrique's eyes widened as he overheard the call, "Hey what's he saying, is dying or something?" he asked his grandfather who gave him a grim look confirming what he'd heard.

"Oh yeah I guess, he didn't know that did he," said Izuku realizing that information hadn't been passed on to those in Europe. "Yeah tell him that with my body how it is chances are I'm dying in about ten years."

"I'll pass that along," said Enrique Senior, "But back to our previous conversation, I'd have to say you will need to figure out those feelings yourself and while it may be true that you don't have long to live as others, that doesn't mean you can't be happy and it also doesn't mean you can't enjoy that time you have left."

Izuku was silent, "Thanks, I'll think what you said over."

"You are welcome, Izuku." said the elder before noticing his grandson storming away. "Where are you going? Your piano lesson is not done yet."

"I'm going to Japan," stated Enrique junior. "Mario, call the airport and have one of the private planes ready to leave."

After the boy had left Mario turned to the Senior, "Do as he says, it might just be time to go visit some old friends."


"So, how'd that conversation go?" asked Tyson

"It's given me some ideas, but a few more questions." Said Izuku. "I...I think I need to go home and talk about it with my mom."

"Make sense to me."

Izuku then turned to the others, "Sorry, I know I said I would train with you guys but I can't not like this."

"It's okay," said Rin giving him a reassuring smile. "Go and clear your head."

"It's fine," said Shoto. "I'm sure I can learn plenty from the others."

"Oh yeah," said Tyson getting pumped up. "Me, Rin, and Ojiro will whip you into shape in no time."

"Ojiro?" as Izuku didn't see him around. "Was Ojiro supposed to be here?"

"Yeah he was supposed to be here, but I don't know what happened to him."

Then suddenly the dojo door slid open revealing an exhausted-looking Ojiro who had bruises all over. "I'm here." he then fell on the floor.

"OJIRO!" as the others rushed to his side. "Hey, dude what the hell happened?"


The others looked outside past the gate to see several young high schoolers standing outside of the dojo's walls. "Oh not them again," said Tyson with annoyance clear in his voice.

"Uh, who are they?" asked Rin.

"They all have wind quirks," said Ojiro as he laid on the ground, "They're from all over Japan when I told them I was trying to get through because I train here, some of them attacked me saying if they beat me, Mr. Granger would have to take them as a student."

Tyson screamed in annoyance as he scratched his head in frustration. "They've been coming around here every day, ever since that stupid lady put up that news report about Ryuga, I've had nonstop calls and several weirdos coming to my dojo and a lot of dumb kids asking me to train them."

"But you're training us," said Shoto.

"I only train those who get recommended to me."

"Wait, what news report?" asked Izuku.

Tyson's shoulders slacked as he looked at Izuku. "Come on I'll show ya." As he lead them all to the living room where he turned on the TV and patched Ojiro up.

The tv showed the new network as Chitose began to lead the next news segment, "As you all know the other day we had an incredible incident with a man who was able to push back the sea," They then showed the picture of Ryuga, "This man named Ryuga astonished the world but he isn't the only one that did, two other men appeared that day on the beach, Kyoya Tatgame and Tyson Granger." Both of their pictures were shown, "Kyoya was able to make several tornados that stopped the massive tidal wave that Ryuga caused, but Mr. Granger pulled off a feat even greater. After the tornados dispersed it revealed that every ocean vehicle that day were saved and no one was injured and it's all thanks to Mr. Granger, thanks to my recorder he gave a verbal confirmation that he was the one who had done this and this statement is backed up by the other two men who were present that day. Mr. Granger was able to pick up every single boat that was in the pathway of the tidal wave, keep them in the air for several minutes and we did confirm with the boat's GPS that he lifted them above into the sky and the workers on the boat confirmed that as well. They were up in the sky for minutes unaffected by cold or thin air. He then placed them down very carefully on the water without breaking a sweat. This is a feat that is unheard of. Even his grandson the American hero Windblade has never shown to have an ability this powerful. In one short day, these men have shown to have power even greater than All Might."

Izuku paused the footage at that point before turning to Tyson. "Well, that sucks."

"Ever since that crummy news network told everyone, I've had little shit for brains coming out of my ass asking me to teach them. The police and reporters were bad enough but these brats are persistent."

"Well, you are the guy that can rip the fabric of space apart if he wanted to."

"WAIT! WHAT?!" said Rin and Ojiro as they and Shoto just stared at Tyson in shock.

Tyson could just feel the headache coming on just looking at the three boys. "Izuku, you better get out of here before I knock you into the next dimension."

Izuku smiled. "Alright, I'm out, see you guys later."


Izuku sat down across from his mom and All Might and told them his dilemma. "So that's what happened today and I got to be honest I don't know what I should do."

Toshinori hummed for a moment, "Well that is an interesting issue, one that I've never experienced myself. I'm sorry young Midoryia but I don't know if we can help you with this one."

"I say do it," said Inko suddenly.

Izuku's eyes went wide. "You want me to do this?"

"Yes," said Inko as she locked eyes with her son. "Izuku when you had told me that you were going to die before me, I was torn. I felt like I had failed as a mother, a good parent only wants what's best for their children and right now, all I want is you to be happy, I don't want you to spend your remaining years on some mission." Inko began to start crying. "I want you to be as happy as possible, you've spent so much of your time keeping me in the dark to keep me happy and all I want is for you to live your life to the fullest." As she started sobbing.

"Mom," as Izuku went to comfort his mother, as he hugged her, he felt guilty for all the lying but he knew it was for the best, but he couldn't deny he still felt guilt for all of it. While still hugging his mother he signaled for All Might to come over and give her a hug.

Inko quickly collected herself as she hugged her boys. "Thank you, both of you, I don't know came over me right there, we went through this already months ago."

"Like memories, certain emotions are hard to forget," said Toshinori as he too remembered the loss of his mentor. "Though a good meal can fix that up."

"Oh right, dinner, I'll get right on that," said Inko as she stood up only to be stopped by Toshinori.

"I meant we should go out and eat, my treat," explained Toshinori

"Oh, sure," said Inko. "Izuku?"

"Sure I don't mind, maybe some BBQ." Suggested Izuku.

"I'm down for that," said All Might liking the idea.

"Okay, let me go get ready," said Inko as she went to her room to grab her things.

"Hey, All Might." said Izuku, "If you and my mom are still together when I go, will you take care of her?"

"Of course I will, but you better not give up on living anytime soon," said Toshinori. "You're stuck here in the land of living until your mom says otherwise."

Izuku smiled. "That's a nice sentiment, All Might, but in our line of work, you know we can't exactly make that promise."

Toshinori was silent as he knew that was indeed the truth of the work of a hero, you never know when your time will come.


Shoto returned to the new house he and his sister Fuyumi lived in, it wasn't as big as the last house he lived in but in his opinion, it felt better, less of a sad atmosphere over the house. "I'm home," said Shoto as he walked into the house, he noticed that there were several sets of extra shoes. "Fuyumi who's here?" Asked Shoto as he entered the room where he froze as he saw a lizard guy, a guy with a small flame on his head, and a thug-looking guy eating a snack with a spike on the edge of his finger. Ice instantly covered his right side while a bit of flame came out of his left shoulder. "Who are you and what are you doing in our house?"

"WAIT!" As Koichi slide in front of Shoto. "They're with us."

Shoto blinked for a second recognizing the man, "Wait you work for Mr. Hiwatari, you work with my brother, right?"

"Yeah he does," Shoto then turned around to see his brother standing there with his sister next to him. "Hey, bro, how's it going?" he said nervously.

"Natsu." said Shoto not sure what to say, "Uh good I guess."

"Good, good," said Natsu trying his best not to be awkward and failing immeasurable. "I heard you were hanging out with your friends today."

"Yeah, Izuku introduced me to some people that could help me with my hand-to-hand combat," said Shoto as he instinctively shrugged his strained shoulder. "What are you doing here?"

Natsu then sent a glare past Shoto towards Koichi, "Someone convinced me it would be a good idea, sorry for showing up suddenly."

"No it's fine, if Fuyumi is okay with it then I'm okay with it," said Shoto surprising Natsu who expected some level of anger from his brother.

"Um okay, that's nice," said Natsu truly not knowing what he was supposed to do next.

Kazuho then stuck her head out from the kitchen. "Oh for the love of, just hug already."

"Who's she?" Asked Shoto.

"She kind of works with me," said Natsu scratching his head, "So are they." as he pointed at the thug trio in the living room. "Mr. Himawari is hiring them, apparently they all work for a hero called Knuckleduster and he helped him and Izuku out a few years back."

"That's why we're here," Said Soga. "We need to talk, and where the hell is Izuku, he was supposed to be here."

"Oh yeah," said Koichi as he took his phone, "He sent me a text saying something came up and he needs to talk to his mom, according to the last update he is currently getting some BBQ."

"What, he's getting BBQ, why aren't we getting BBQ?" Complaining Rapt.

"DO YOU WANT FOOD OR NOT?" Roared Kazuho from the kitchen.

"Dude, shut up, we're getting a free meal out of this." Said Moyuru.

"I think I should go and help her," said Fuyumi as she went to help Kazuho.

"So what's going on," asked Shoto, "If you're all here and asking for Izuku, then that means something big is going on."

"Well first, Koichi here wanted to make sure that our new friend Natsu was doing okay," said Soga which caused Koichi to smile and Natsu to groan. "Second we need to talk to Izuku about the USJ and Hades."

"You think he'll return soon."

Natsu shook his head. "Hate to tell ya, there's more than just Hades out there."


A young man wearing a hoodie watched as the sun began to rise in the east over the mountains and over the small town he calls home "You know you should have gotten some sleep last night." said the young man.

"You're one to talk," said another young man as he came out of an old country house. "Why are you up so early, Mercury?"

"You heard the same news I did, Hermes," said Mercury. "They met."

Hermes tilted his head, "Yeah, what about it?"

"I think it's time to return to Japan."

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