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Chapter 2: Head Spin

For nearly ten years, Japan has had an interesting question, one that haunted a few. For years everyone has seen the top spin around and save the day. A top with powers and abilities that were impossible to explain. This top shows up out of nowhere and saves the day and then disappears without a trace. No one knew who controlled it or why it does what it does.

This top has changed so many lives, from the police, heroes that had to deal with its aftermath, the civilians its saved, the truth scientist try to uncover, and most of all the villains that it stopped, and at the moment all of these people were glued to their tvs has they heard the news. The top has been identified.


"GUYS GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" screamed Ragdoll, soon the rest of the wild wild pussy cats and the water Hose duo and their son rushed into the living room of the pussy cats rescue cabin. "Quick take a look at the tv."

"What's wrong did the TV special get cancelled." asked Pixie Bob.

Soon all of them were watching the news and the Water Hose duo both dropped their jaws as they saw the news. The only one slightly confused was their son Kota. "Mom, Dad what's going on?"

His parents looked at each other for a moment, neither of them told him how close they were to death a few months ago. "That boy on TV is the one that saved us."

"We have to do something to help him out." said Mr Izumi as he grabbed his phone. "He saved our buts. He doesn't deserve to be locked up in some prison."

Mrs Izumi put a hand on her husband's shoulder. "I completely agree, but what can we do?"

"I don't think you guys have to do much." said Mandalay as they all saw the TV.


"That's the boy that saved me." said Momo, staring at the TV screen in the back of her limo. She remembered when she almost died seven years ago. Her family's mansion was attacked by a group of villains and it ended with the mansion on fire with her stuck inside. She tried to escape but she had inhaled too much smoke and was losing consciousness. Before she did she saw the roof was collapsing and it was falling towards her before she heard someone yell Tiger Claw. The collapsing roof was then torn apart by something fast and the next thing she knew someone was carrying her out of the burning building. She later learned that her parents were saved by the vigilante that fights with a top. He was her reason to try and become a hero. To meet him someday. "He's my age." as she stared at his photo on the screen.


All of the teachers at UA were stunned as they looked at the TV. They were originally in a meeting until all of their phones blew up telling them that the top has been identified.

"Hey Aizawa, you were asked to hunt down the top, right?" Asked MIc. "Did you ever see him? Is he really a kid."

Aizawa was silent for a moment. "I was asked to look into the top case six years ago and we could never figure out who was controlling the thing. My quirk couldn't do anything to it and it was too fast to catch."

Power loader scratched his chin. "Well who would have guessed a kid was controlling the thing. I wonder if they'll let me take a look at the top."

Nezu began to clap. "Everyone, as interesting as this is, we need to get back to the meeting."


The heroes weren't the only ones watching the news. Stain sat in his hideout in a trance as he watched the news, he slowly brought his hand up to his cheek as he ran a finger over the long scar on the side of his face. The scar Izuku gave him four years ago, back when he went by Steindahl, when he was hunting down Yakuza members. "Well this makes things interesting. You better sharpen that top of yours cause I'm ready for a rematch."


Koichi and Kazuho along with the others in the vigilante gang were watching the TV. "This doesn't look good for Izuku."

"Well shouldn't we do something." asked Kazuho.

"Nah," said Soga. "He's always been able to get himself out of tight situations. He'll get himself out of this. So relax." Though clearly on all their faces they didn't calm down at all. "Look if you're that worried just call that number he gave you."

Koichi flinched at that, Kazuho on the other hand thought that would be a good idea. "Yeah we can call that one guy, Izuku said we could call him in case of an emergency."

Koichi began to scratch his cheek. "Well Izuku said to call him in a life or death emergency. I don't think Kai would take this that well." Koichi then began imagining him facing Kai again. 'He might actually hurt me this time. That guy is scary.'

"Don't bother." said Knuckleduster as he walked into the warehouse. "I just got done talking to Granger. He said everything is under control. We just have to wait and see."


Overhaul watched the news with some interests. He hadn't personally run into the top himself but he has heard stories and the abilities of the top. The abilities are what interested him the most. "Chrono," He said, getting the attention of his right hand man. "Once things calm down a little try and procure the files on that boy. There might be something interesting there."


Rikiya Yotsubashi or Re Destro was grinning from ear to ear as he looked at his television in his office. He ended his office meeting early to watch this and it couldn't give him more joy. He pressed a button on his desk, "Miyashita, cancel my meetings today, something unexpected has just occurred and if any of the infestors ask, this could be big."

"Yes sir." said his secretary over the intercom.

Re Destro then pulled out his phone and began to make a phone call. "Curious, please tell me you're going to report on the boy."

"The vigilante that was just revealed," said Chitose Kizuki. "Who do you think I am? Of course I'm on this one. This is the biggest thing to happen in all of Japan. The only thing that could possibly top this would be in another world war started right now. Though I'm guessing if you're calling me that means you like this boy."

Re Destro couldn't help but chuckle. "It's clear this boy has been using his quirk for a long time. Probably since he got it. You could say he's been liberated for years."

Curious knew where he was going. "Don't worry I'm going to get an interview with him, even if it kills me."


Shigarki was glued to his TV as it showed the footage of Izuku freezing the sludge villain. He was studying the kid, analysing each of his moves. 'Other than that Bey of his, he clearly has some physical skill as well.' "Sensei" he said, calling out to his mentor.

"Yes Tomura, I've heard of the boy as well. In your opinion, what do you think."

"He's skilled, clearly he's been practicing for years. Though I can't tell what foundation he has, this footage isn't enough to go on. Has he gone through the arrangement?"

"To be honest I don't know?" said his sensei, surprising him. "Are records are a bit scattered ten years ago, his Bey aside his name is Midoriya."

"Midoriya." Tomura hummed as he recognized that name. "Well this could be a problem."

"Indeed, I believe now is the time for you to get your arrangement done."

"Yes sensei."


The police chief Kenji was able to get his car into the Mustufa precinct. When he got there he was greeted by fellow officers. "Tell me we have him in custody." as he entered the building.

"Yes sir," said the officer. "He came quietly with us and gave little to no trouble."

"He's cooperating, good." they made their way into the back of the building. "Then do you have the top in lock down?"

The officer was nervous for a moment. "No sir."


"He wouldn't let go of it sir. Even Death Arms tried to pry his hand open but he wouldn't budge. Though the boy did say he would cooperate but he would die before handing over his Beyblade. That's what he calls the top. We were however able to secure the device he was using to launch it."

"Beyblade huh," the chief of police didn't like the idea that the vigilante has access to his weapon. "Did he say anything else?"

"Yes sir. He made a request that he speak with All Might."

"He wants to speak to All Might?"

"Yes but he never gave a reason why."

The police chief was silent as they went into the monitoring room. Where he saw other officers watching the boy through not only monitors but a one way glass. Inside the room were several detectives and heroes that were there on the scene when Izuku was brought in. On the other side of the glass he could see Izuku Midoriya cuffed and chained to the interrogation desk. "Ah Chief, you made it." said Detective Naomasa.

"So this is the vigilante who has been active for ten years." as he looked close at the boy. "He's still a child. Do we have any information on him?"

"Naomasa took a deep breath before reading off the information. "His name is Izuku Midoriya, age 14."

"14! You mean to tell me this boy has been a vigilante since he got his quirk."

"No," said Naomasa a bit quietly as he held a folder. "He's quirkless."


"That can't be right." said Death Arms. "There's no way that kid is quirkless. He was able to stop me from prying that thing from his hands and unless he has a strength or grip quirk I could have gotten it."

"He's right," said Kamui Wood. "I tried to use my branches to take it and he wouldn't let go. I would have used more force but I was afraid I would hurt him."

"That's what his records say on his birth certificate, his elementary school and middle school records. He has shown no sign of a quirk factory at any of his doctor visits. Even his own mother who I just got off the phone with just before you arrived sir, she said that he doesn't have a quirk at all. Also I sent a few officers to go pick her up, she should be here shortly."

The chief looked at the boy, who was sitting in the chair looking at his Beyblade. "Has anyone gone in and talked to the boy?"

"Yep," said detective Tanuma. "We've had quite a few officers go in there and try talking to him. He hasn't given us anything, other than basic information like his name and birthday. The only things he's asked for is some food and to speak with All Might."

"Why All Might? Has he given any hints or reasons to speak with him?"

Everyone in the room ether shook their heads or said no. "Maybe for publicity," said MT. Lady. "I mean lets be honest here the kids kind of a big deal, he's going to have like a million or so interviews when this is over. Maybe he thinks talking to All Might might help him somehow."

Kamui Woods didn't believe this. "You think he did this for publicity. He's been doing this for years and you think it was to become popular."

"Hey I don't hear you coming up with ideas." she shot back.

"Both of you stop. We need to be professional here." said Death Arms.

The chief thought for a moment. "The boy is clearly acting logical. I think it would be wise to hit him with the facts first and when he sees that his options are limited, he should hopefully cooperate and tell us what we would like to know."

Naomasa scratched his head. "Okay, so how should we proceed sir?"


Izuku was calmly waiting for the police to do what they do before they finally cave and brought him All Might. Infact if it wasn't for the cuffs he would have rather enjoyed the peace and quiet. Though it didn't last long. As the police chief. "Hello -"

"AAAAAAAHHHH" screamed Izuku, startling everyone. For a moment there was silence as Izuku stared at the chief. "Oh you're not Hokuto."

The chief of police quickly regained himself. "No I'm not. My name is Kenji Tsuragamae. I'm the chief of police and I've come to have a word with you."

"You wouldn't have a relative named Hokuto do you?"

"No, I don't. To be honest I'm a little surprised, with my dog head no one has ever mixed me up with another person before. Does this Hokuto person have a similar dog quirk."

"Umm yeah pretty much."

"Who is this Hokuto person?"

Izuku was calm now. "Can I get some food, I haven't had anything since lunch."

"Young man, do you have any idea how bad of a situation you're in right now?"

"Seriously I'll be good with a candy bar right now, you know just something to hold me over." said Izuku, not answering the questions.

The chief of police then snapped his fingers. When he did several officers came in with several folders labeled top on them. They came and kept staking the folders one after another. "These are just the files that are here in this precinct. This is only a fraction of what we have. Do you know what this means?"

Izuku looked over at the stack of papers. "It means that you guys need to go digital."

The chief decided to ignore that comment. "It means that you've broken the law several times, involving yourself in police investigations, interfering with the work of heroes and several hundreds more counts of vigilantism."

Izuku was silent for a moment as a look of confusion appeared on his face. "Oh okay, I get it. What I believe your trying to say is 'Thank you'"

"Thank you?"

"You're welcome."

The chief said nothing and his dog face remained passive. "Young man I know you're in a difficult situation, but please try to take this seriously."

"Oh I am," said Izuku now relaxing a little. "I helped you guys out, saved lives, I mean if you ask nicely I'll happily take a job for you guys."

A small tic mark appeared on the back of the police chief's head but he remained calm. "That isn't being serious."

Izuku nodded a bit. "Okay fine can I ask a serious question then?"

"Go ahead."

"Why do we call it Tuna fish." the room was silent so was the side room as they heard the question. "I mean Tuna is already a fish, we don't say beef mammal or chicken bird so why do emphasize the fact that Tuna is a fish?"

The police chief sat there and blinked a few times as his brain tried to reboot from the question that came from the depths of space itself. Finally he came back online and slowly put his hands on the table. "Clearly we aren't going to get anywhere like this." As he stood up.

"Well we would get somewhere if you brought me All Might."

The chief stopped for a moment. "You want to see All Might that much. Why? Do you believe he will be on your side?"

"No, I need to speak with him."


"Bring him here."

"What's it about?"

"How good is your smell?" asked Izuku, clearly trying to change the subject. "Can you smell bullshit?"

"Are you always this talkative?"

"Well for ten years I've been fighting from a good range so I never got a chance to talk and I think I like it."

"At least tell me why you won't tell us."

"Easy I don't trust you." said Izuku as if it was an obvious fact. "I don't trust you or anyone else here."

"You don't trust the police?"

"No, I trust the police. I trust them to protect and serve. I don't trust you and I definitely don't trust you people with the knowledge I have."

"Yet you trust All Might."

Izuku laughed. "No, I don't trust All Might. To be honest I rather not rely on the guy, but there is one thing about him I trust. His hate."

This caused the chief and all those hearing to pause for a moment. The chief looked at the boy to see if he could find any hint that he was screwing with him. "His hate?"

"Yes, his hate." said Izuku as he simply stared back at the police chief.

The police chief kept looking back at Izuku before leaving the room and heading back to the monitoring room. When he entered he was met with several confused faces looking at him, including all thinking the same question. "What does that mean?"

The police and heroes began to discuss what to do next. The police chief assured the heroes that they were no longer needed here and should go back to the streets and leave the boy to them.

Naomasa then got a message on his phone. "Chief, his mother is here."

"Follow me." he said as he left the room. They walked down the hall until they saw a tall thin woman with green hair seating in one of the waiting chairs, with a few officers talking with her, trying to keep her calm. "Inko Midoriya." As she heard her name she turned to him. "I'm Kenji Tsuragamae the chief of police. We have some questions we would like you to answer."

Inko nodded. "Of course, but please tell me is my son okay."

"Don't worry he's just fine. He came willingly." said the chief calming her down. "I'll cut right to the chase ma'am, did you know what your son was doing?"

Inko shook her head. "No, he's always been quiet. I had no idea what he'd been up to. I just thought he found a new sport or dojo to hang out at."

"Hold it what do you mean by sports and dojos?"

"A few years ago I was held hostage at gunpoint when I was out grocery shopping. Afterwards me and Izuku began to take self defence classes and began to work out. It helped to get us both in shape, and I thought it helped get his mind off of the things that were happening at school."

"And what might that be?"

"The bullying." exclaimed Inko. "My son is quirkless. All throughout elementary school he was constantly teased and bullied for not having a quirk. He always brushed it off but I could tell something was wrong and I thought that getting him out of the house was helping. I never expected him to do something so dangerous." Inko's eyes began to fill with tears. "I'm so sorry for my son's actions. Can I please see him?"

"Of course ma'am." said the chief as he thought it might be a good idea. 'Hopefully if he sees you we might be able to get something out of him.'

The chief lead Inko to the interrogation room where Izuku was. "IZUKU." yelled Inko as she hugged her son. Izuku tried to return the hug as he could with his hands still chained to the table. "Are you alright, you're not hurt are you?"

Izuku smiled. "No mom, I'm fine. Really."

Inko then looked her son right in the eye. "Izuku please tell me what's going on. Since when did you have that top and why are you doing all of this?"

Izuku's smile faltered for a moment. "Mom I owe you of all people an explanation of what's going on." The police chief and everyone in the monitoring room were on the edge of their seats as they thought they were about to hear something about his reason or where he got the top. "Mom right now I need you to please do something. I need to speak with All Might so could you please go outside and tell the reporters All For One and One For All."

Naomasa felt a chill go down his spine. He looked to see that while he may know what's going on, his fellow officers were quite confused. All but the police chief. "Chief?"

"Get All Might here now."


Fortunately All Might was in the building, he was downstairs as Toshinori Yagi pretending to be working for a heroes agency just in case they needed to be called cause right now there was the infamous vigilante upstairs. Then he got a call from Naomasa saying the kid knew about All For One and that he requested to speak with him. Toshinori then made a quick bathroom trip before heading upstairs as All Might the number one hero.

When he made it upstairs he was greeted by several police officers and Izuku's mother, Inko, who was also greeting him and apologizing at the same time. "Don't worry, miss. Your son has helped a lot of people, I'm sure he's a good kid. Right now he just needs a little help." he made sure to reassure her before stepping into the room where he saw Izuku looking at his Bey before looking up and seeing All Might. "Hello there young man, I hear you have something you wanted to tell me."

"All Might," said Izuku with a smile before for the first time here putting his beyblade down on the table. "They made me wait quite awhile, now we can get moving." as he stood up, before anyone realized what he was doing, Izuku quickly whipped his hands so fast that they made a cracking noise, then his cuffs fell off. All Might then could see that Izuku's thumbs were now wiggling as Izuku dislocated both of his thumbs simultaneously to get the cuffs off. Izuku then slammed both of his thumbs on the table to relocate them again. "Okay let's go." as he grabbed his bey.

All Might then realized something else. "You could have left whenever you wanted."

"Yeah but it would just be easier at this moment to have you come to me." said Izuku as he made his way to the door. When he got to the hallway he was instantly surrounded by the police. "Really?"

"You're not going anywhere." said the police chief. "You've broken the law, you can't just do whatever you want young man.

"Please, he's just a boy." yelled his mother who was being held back by a few officers. This caused Izuku to look down at Tanku and think if he should prove these idiots wrong.

Though as if reading his mind All Might acted. "Hold it all of you. Officers please let Mrs. Midoriya go." The officers looked at the police chief for a moment. "Don't worry, you can leave the boy to me. I'll have him back before too long."

The chief thought for a moment. "Very well All Might, but we will be tracking your location. Keep an eye on the boy or we will bring him back ourselves, and you." he said pointing to Izuku. "We know who you are now. You won't be getting away."

Izuku gave him a blank look. "You might be eating those words, just make sure my mom stays safe." He then turned to his mom. "Sorry mom, I promise I will take care of all of this."

"Izuku," said Inko right now a million thoughts were flying in her head as she didn't expect any of this to happen at all today. She had no idea what to say to her son, Part of her wondered if she really knew her son now. So she turned to All Might. "Please bring him back, safely."

All Might gave her his trademark smile. "Of course, there's no need to fear because I'm on the job."

"Come on All Might," said Izuku now making his way down the hall. "That faster we get this done the better. Though as he did he passed a window giving him a look outside. "WHAT THE" Outside was a huge crowd of people with a majority of them being reporters and news crews as they waited outside for something. "What are all of these people doing here? Hey All Might you might want to do something about your fans, they look a little restless."

The adults stared at the boy for a moment. Detective Tanuma stepped up to Izuku. "Hey genius, they're here for you."

Izuku looked back with a blank face before his eyes went wide. "WHAT? Why would they be here for me?"

"You're the vigilante, kid."

"Well I know that I just didn't think this many people would care."

"You've stopped like a hundred criminals and saved a dozen more. How can you take that so lightly?" asked the detective.

"I was just doing the right thing. That's all." said Izuku like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It made the adults realize that this kid really wasn't looking for fame.

This just caused All Might to give off a hearty laugh. "You know I'm beginning to like you young man." All Might then could feel his body give way. "Come let us move or else the press will be all over us." Soon both of them were on the roof as All Might put Izuku on his back as he took to the skies.


All Might landed on a building not too far from the police station. "So now that we are alone and away from prying eyes and ears tell me, what do you know about All For One." as All Might got to his knees to let Izuku off.

Izuku didn't move and stayed on his back. "Dagobah beach. Go to Dagobah beach, that's where I left the evidence. It will be easier for you to understand everything if you see it rather than just hear the words from my mouth."

These made All Might curious. "Very well. Hold on tight." It didn't take All Might long to reach the beach, when he landed he was met with the stench of the junkyard that had piled up on the beach. "Hiding your evidence among garbage, clever."

Izuku jumped off. "It's not hidden there," as he began walking to one of the trees in the parking lot of the beach. "I wouldn't leave something so important in a bunch of garbage. Someone might find it." As Izuku then to All Might's surprise kicked the tree hard enough to break it open revealing a small box.

"Well that was impressive. Nice kick. So you hid it in a tree."

"Nope." as he opened the box showing a strange device All Might didn't recognize. It looked like a wrist brace. "This is a spare wrist launcher. Since the police took my main launcher I'll just use this." He then put the launcher on his wrist and then attached his beyblade to the bottom of it. Then with a quick swing of his arm the device extended launching the beyblade into the air over the ocean. "Tanku: Grand Cetus Style: Part the Ocean." The Beyblade hit the waster and for a moment nothing happened until the water began to part, creating a path to a small sunken boat at the bottom of the ocean. Izuku jumped on the boat and lifted a compartment up revealing a giant trunk that had a high tech lock on it. Izuku pulled it out of the boat and it began to beep. "One second let me disarm the alarm before the box explodes."

"It will explode." said All Might surprised.

Izuku pushed a few buttons. "Nope not anymore." as the beeping stopped and he grabbed one handle of the box. "Mind helping me with this. We can look through this up at Gazebo on the pier."

All Might jumped up and landed on the pier. Izuku then called back Tanku. Izuku then opened the trunk, revealing several papers that were completely dry along with a laptop and a dozen flash drives. Izuku pulled out the computer and plugged one of the flash drives in. He then waited patiently as All Might began to go through the files on the computer. All Might began to be shocked at what he was seeing as he looked through the computer to the point he completely forgot about his time limit. He was completely focused on the computer as he began opening file after file, video after video. Some of which sickened him to his core.

Izuku took the time to clean Tanku and he watched as several police cruisers began to pass the beach. Izuku could tell several heroes were nearby, so were several police officers. Though it mattered little to him as he knew from All Might's face he could cut a good deal from all of this.

All Might then shut the laptop. "There is some serious evidence here, Young man. I have several questions. For starters why didn't you go to the police for this or find me sooner?"

"I tried that once," said Izuku remembering the first time he was in a warzone. "All For One has spies everywhere. When I tried the first time, people came after me, a friend had to pull me out. After that I went deeper and when I found out how closely my father was tied to all of this, I decided to try and figure it out on my own."

"Does your mother know about any of this?"

Izuku was quiet for a moment before shaking his head. "How could I tell her? How could I tell her that my father sold his soul to the devil. The same devil that screwed up your body. How could I?"

"Young Midoriya, do you know where your father is now?"

Izuku took a deep breath. "He's most likely dead. For as long as I could remember he would hardly come home. Only about once or twice a month. That was until about four years ago. I haven't seen him since. That's when letters started coming, I put them under a microscope and found out they weren't hand written, they must have used a good printer to mimic his hand writing. I even recorded his last phone call which was over three years ago and ran it by Dizzy and Merci, their A.I. computer programs and both say that the audio is fake." Izuku looked off in the distance. "I've known for years that he's a bad guy, he helped experiment on people, innocent kids, even myself, and I've come to terms with the fact that his deal with All For One has gotten him killed. Though part of me does want to avenge him for that. I guess you could say that was another reason I didn't want to tell anyone. I wanted to get some payback for my old man."

"I can understand that one, I lost someone to that man. She was like a mother to me." All Might could only stare at the boy in front of him, All Might could only imagine what this boy had to go through, the pain he's had to keep in. The destiny he tried to deny, to be a hero and not the weapon. "Young Midoriya, you have been through a lot and I've barely scratched the surface of everything you've done and have here. I promise you protection for you and your mother, but I will need to take this evidence in. I know some people who can be trusted with this. Though I have to tell you, you need to tell your mother about this. She deserves to know what has happened to her husband, she needs to know what you've been through."

Izuku wanted to argue against it but he knew it was time to come clean to his mother. He's known for a while he needed to tell her but he couldn't do it. He tried to tell her but everytime he just froze. "Okay," he said quietly as he nodded slowly. "Okay I'll tell her but I have a few conditions."

"Of course," said All Might as he began to pack the folders and laptop back into the trunk. "We can discuss them when we get back to the police, we have to get them on board or else you might have problems. We don't need to tell them everything, just enough to get them to understand the severity of the situation." Izuku nodded. "I'm curious though, what was your original plan anyway?"

"Easy right before the UA entrance exam I would somewhat crash UA to get your attention and make a deal with you and principal Nezu. It's why I specifically asked for you. You're a big name and with you on my side, I know I can get a better deal than if I just outright gave them the info."

"You are one terrifying kid, you know that." All Might paused for a moment. "Though that plan of yours might be the best solution here."


They quickly returned to the police station with a huge crowd still there, though a majority of them now were just news crews and people trying to get answers. Answers they would never fully hear. When they arrived All Might took the police chief aside and gave him a run down at what happened and informed him that Izuku did have solid reasons to do what he did.

While he did that Izuku took his mother aside and began the toughest conversation of his life. His mother sat quietly throughout the whole conversation, but he could see the utter horror in her face especially when Izuku showed her the evidence that his father and her husband were truly gone, and that he wasn't a good person. To say she was in shock would be an absolute understatement. After everyone who needed to know about the situation was caught up to speed, they began to plan for the future.

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