The title says it all.

So after I finished the main story, FF X KH, I still had a few ideas and stories to write so I created this story collection. And for a while, I loved it. Not just because it was an excuse to write more around this little universe, but because I had SOOO many ideas I wanted to do.

But recently with latest posts, slowly and very surely, I was losing motivation and now whenever I think about doing more, I just feel exhausted and even less motivated to do so. So I am sorry to say it, but I will be taking a break from this story.

I'm really sorry to the people who had ideas and suggestions, but its just not worth forcing myself to push out a half assed chapter and even less than decent request.

This doesn't mean I'm finished, I'm just taking a step back from posting. I will be doing other things and maybe a few shorts whenever the inspiration sparks.

I want to say thanks to the people whose read, reviewed, followed and favourite this story, really means a lot to me.

Stay awesome everyone but more importantly stay safe!